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Tips: A Detailed Guidebook on Completing Wisconsin Associate Flock Enrollment Form Online

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The Stepwise Tutorial to Wisconsin Associate Flock Enrollment Form

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Must-knows concerningWisconsin Associate Flock Enrollment Form

that has just.joined in thank you so much for coming.um today our event um so let me just.introduce myself really quickly.so our international open university.uae student committee's next.big event that we just finished um last.week.so we're continuing on with our meeting.series we want to make sure.that we apply unique topics to.our um yeah line of events so welcome to.our master class this is for.all new students or even re-enrolling.students.we want to give you some advice.tips and tricks and we have an amazing.guest speaker as well who'll be speaking.um towards the middle of our session.so thank you all for joining this.meeting.is recorded and will be posted on the.iou youtube channel inshallah.very soon 24 to 48 hours uh but welcome.welcome so.if you are an iu student and just joined.in september say yes in the chat.so that we know who we're dealing with.inshallah those of you that are joining.and are rejoining the program and you're.starting your new semester just now and.you're 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next hania.and nodine um we got two of them not.here today so we're just gonna count the.ones that are here.and you will hear from them a lot in the.chat so.uh team members you can open your mic uh.go ahead.all right so let us continue.um so if you're new to iou um i'd love.to share with you.um i'll use main mission and.you'll find all these um all these.things on their website so if you don't.on the website we'll share them the link.in the chat below which are the link in.the chat below.inshallah so international open.university better known as iou.aims to grant universal access to.quality undergraduate.graduate and postgraduate level.education programs.for students at virtually no cost.all right so we're going to make sure.everyone's mics are closed.perfect okay so i use um.mission of course is to kind of create.that authentic islamic.knowledge um through my other degree.program so you might notice in.psychology degrees.that you will not only get if you check.the course list you will not only get.the regular.um you know science courses and then.psychological courses you also.get that islamic perspective which i.think is so important.so as a student studying psychology.right now i think i would have never.i never found something better than what.i'm doing right now through iou.definitely because of the system and the.layout so i hope you all.um you know join and um.have a great journey inshallah so some.of the main.programs um will be listed right here if.you go to the website that you see on.the screen.click on programs you should find all.the bachelor's.associate master's programs available.and if you have any questions on that.let us know in the chat and we would.love to help you out.so some of my main um.advice for you i call it what to keep in.your backpack although you're not really.going anywhere but you know just let's.just say.um it's your subconscious backpack okay.some of the main.five things that you should have in your.mind going.into any university career so you can be.an iu student you can be another.university student doesn't really matter.as long as you are.a school-going student right you can be.online you can be.brick-and-mortar it really has the same.concept surrounding it.so first off my advice to you and many.other people will give the same advice.is to know your course layout and follow.your syllabus.so oftentimes you'll find this within.your course.um individual courses and you click on.the course you will see oh.course syllabus course layout and.guys are familiar with those things.before you start.um if you have any questions on that you.will find those answers like what's my.schedule going to look like how am i.going to do things.it's all going to be the syllabus um and.your course layout in general.if you're a virtual student then it's a.course layout you can just scroll and.see.click around get yourself familiar with.everything don't um.don't hesitate to click around and see.how things work.my second tip for you um would be to.make a schedule guys i.um i'm doing two bachelor's degrees.parallel and one thing that i can tell.you right now.is if you're not organized in a sense.that you make you know.either it's a mental schedule or a.physical schedule.some sort of time management system.um and course management system you.might struggle a bit so i would suggest.that from now.find youtube videos go on google search.kind of schedules that work for you do.you like the time ones do you like the.course.ones you like the simple or colorful.find ones that work for you print it.keep it in front of you if you have a.phone.use the reminders make a schedule of.some sort.that way you will never fall behind and.it comes to my next point.deadlines keep track of deadlines.i'm sure those of you that have just.joined iou.you might find a dashboard in your.system and.in that dashboard if you scroll you will.see a little schedule.um off your term right here for semester.so what is the assignment deadline.what's the.module test deadline what are your exam.deadlines.um or week of your deadlines keep track.of that in.your schedule next tip would be to work.ahead as much as possible if you're a.busy person if you are a parent if you.are.juggling so many different things as we.all do um.working ahead can definitely go as your.advantage and will never be.disadvantaged for you because you'll.always be ahead of.the game so try to do that because the.more.uh work you can get done when you are.available the less stressed you will be.for everything else last and final tip.before we move on.to our next slide communication there's.so many ways to communicate.iu is amazing at that there's so much.support for you there's a live chat.there are emails there are you know.there's so many ways to communicate.but the reason why i put the word.communication is because.if you voice your problems or your.concerns.that's how things get fixed you know so.if you have an issue you're not.communicating with everybody anybody.that you.uh in the university anybody to know.they won't know how to fix it or help.you.so find um ways that you can do that and.there's.so so many ways and this student.committee that you're.in right now is actually a form of.communication because we are.all group of students coming together to.bring you.some insightful content so hopefully if.you want.to take a snapshot of the slide save it.it's very important to have these five.basic things on hand.and that's basically my bit of speaking.so.you have any questions again i'll be on.chat to see.but i'm very excited to now introduce.our guest speaker and student affairs.officer at.u sister sana sheikh who i'll now be.passing the mic.over to sister sana can you open your.mind tell us a bit more about you.inshallah.everyone um i hope you can hear me loud.and clear.inshallah uh so if yes then i would like.to see some thumbs ups there.so that i'm sure that you know uh yeah.okay great.so yeah a bit about me um i.am the student affairs officer at the.international open university i.i take care of certain aspects of the.student affairs office.i am also the officer at the help desk.and.you will see my name often there in you.know responding to your queries and i'm.also the.communica you know the community service.coordinator.so that's from my side and also i am a.student at iou alhamdulillah for the.past.many years and um currently i.am pursuing my masters um alhamdulillah.and islamic studies.so that's all from my side with my.introduction.um can we move on to uh.next slide yeah so very quickly i'm.going to take you through these things.um.most of these things may be many of you.are already aware if you have already uh.spent a few semesters.at iou but for it's always good to uh.you know go through these once again and.for the new ones uh definitely this.will be really helpful i hope controller.so.um yeah so the first thing that you know.very quickly we are going to.uh you know have an overview is of the.enrollment you know.um you know there are two kinds of.enrollments that happen at iou.i'm sure you must be aware of this the.first is the course enrollment.which is the normal enrollment period.and the other one is the early.enrollment period so um.as we know that iou works in two.semester patterns we have a spring.semester and a fall semester.so the spring semester commences in.march and the fall semester is the one.that we're in right now which begins in.september.so the normal enrollments are generally.referred to enrollments which are done.within the first month of the semester.so for spring it is march so from march.1st to the 30th of march is considered.as the normal enrollment period for.a particular semester and for the fall.semester it's like you know from the 1st.of september to the 30th of september.any other enrollments that are done.throughout the year.are considered as early enrollments for.the upcoming semester.okay so uh at that point in time so what.what this basically means is.when you are an early enrolled student.like for example.um let's take the fall semester uh 30th.september is over.and a student you know pays the fee and.he or she comes up and says that oh you.know i missed the deadlines what do i do.now.so iou has this facility where you can.enroll early for the next semester which.is the spring semester.and you can you know get a head start to.your studies of course you will not be.able to access the tests.or the exams or the assignments but you.can definitely you know go through the.modules and the lectures and prepare.yourself and you know go through the.text matter.so that's that uh the next thing is.uh the course overview so uh course.overview is basically when you log into.your.dashboard on the top left hand corner.you can see something called as my.courses.uh you know many times i get a lot of.queries at the help desk you know.students are like oh i've enrolled but i.can't see my courses anywhere.so when when a student clicks on my.courses.you will get a list of the courses that.you've enrolled in.and when you click on each it will take.you to the respective course page.and then you can have you know um all.the.details of that course on that.particular course page.so at the very beginning you know you.will find um you know.the forums the different forums that we.have you will also find.uh the syllabus the textbook and.uh the modules that are to be followed.uh.also for each module there is a you know.some you know again you know students.keep coming to the help desk and you.know they ask us that what are we.supposed to study.you know so everything is mentioned in.the syllabus everything is mentioned you.know the reading assignments have been.specified and um.you know um all of this is mentioned so.the page numbers and everything is given.you know what are you expected to study.and um also we are asked this question.very often that.um you know uh what about the textbook.uh can't be printed can't we take a copy.yes you can you can definitely print it.out.but that copy cannot be given to.somebody else right.that copy is only for your personal use.so you can download the copy the pdf.that is provided you can make.a copy for yourself and you can keep it.uh you know for.for the study purpose for yourself only.that cannot be distributed.right so um that's about.uh yeah we also have supplementary uh.materials which are you know the.replaced form of live.sessions you know earlier we used to.have live sessions but now we have live.sessions.only twice in a particular semester.um so that's one before the midterm.exams and one before the final exams.there are.some exceptional courses where we still.have live sessions.and uh you know if there is a new course.for that matter you know like for.example.um computer 101 which you know recently.had a revised syllabus.so you will find live sessions for that.course now so there are just you know.and.there is one course in mais which has um.live sessions so you know here and there.but.overall if you see that you know we have.the recorded live live sessions which.you can go through.and if there are any routes that you.have you have always you know.uh can contact your course teacher again.the.the details of the course teacher will.be present on your course page.on the top right hand corner if you see.there's a course block.you know if you just click on that you.will get the details of the email id of.the teacher and inshallah you can.email them and get your doubts clarified.that's that um so.how do you study again a very common.question that you know that.uh that we are approached with is uh you.know for the midterm what is covered.what it what what we study for the.finals you know so midterms is basically.you study all the pre-meta modules which.are usually 15 in number.it may differ from in in certain courses.where you might have 12 or 10 that's.rare but generally you have 15 modules.which are pre-midterm and 15 modules.which are.postmid term right so premature modules.are supposed to be studied for the.midterm exams.the post term modules are to be studied.for the final exams but.um some portion like let's say 15 20 of.the.of the first term i mean the pre midterm.portion can also be asked in the final.exam so the final exam is not purely.your post.modules right so you need to be aware of.what you've studied.prior to your midterm exams.then we also have the assignments and.for this semester again.uh the assignments will be released.after 20th september inshallah you can.definitely.um go there and.click on that uh you know i can which is.there again on on the respective course.page and you will be.taken to your assignment for that.particular semester.um assignments uh also again keep the.deadlines in mind uh like.uh you know it was mentioned earlier.that.we have the schedule that is present on.the dashboard.the event schedule is mentioned in brief.and if you see the blue banner.you know on the on the dashboard if you.just click on that blue banner it takes.you to a detailed pdf document which.gives you all.all the dates you know that are required.for your particular course you know so.in charlotte you can go through that and.it will really really help you.to um manage your studies and basically.plan your studies you know and to know.and it's very important as an existing.student of iu i would always.like to remind you know all the students.that always keep their deadlines in mind.it's very very important to work around.them it helps you to plan your studies.better.but perhaps you could keep a copy or at.your at your you know.study desk or maybe you could just take.you know a screenshot of.of the main event uh i mean all the.important dates.take a print and maybe just put it.somewhere where you can see it regularly.so you know you know you don't miss any.important dates here and there.right so that's very very crucial you.know um well still study.um not only at iu for that matter but.for you know for any other.program right and then on the main.dashboard again if you just scroll down.to the bottom there are a lot of things.that you can see you know you have the.academics block you have the support.where you know you can uh or you have.all the faqs then you have the student.applications you know.where you have the community community.service portal you have the.the tv the application portfolio the.exemption request portal so they're.different portals.you can definitely go through them and.you will get an idea of.what um iou has to offer and um you know.uh what are the different things that.you know we look into like you know like.under the academics block you have.course drop you have course waiver.all of that you can definitely take a.look at.okay also we have the various forums um.[Music].these forums are again on your course.page and.you have asked the teacher forum wherein.you can post your questions and.you know the teacher answers in the.event that you don't get an answer in a.day or two.or maybe three maximum you can.definitely inform the help desk.and we will get you connected to the.teacher uh also the students discussion.forums is again where you can put your.um you know where students discuss you.know something related to.the to the subject and in charlotte you.can benefit from that.the news forum is basically the forum.where all the announcements are made.so you know if the exam center deadline.is approaching where you have to.register for an exam center.you will get an announcement there so.it's important to keep checking the news.forum as often as you can.the technical feedback forum is again a.forum where.if you have any issues related any.technical issues you know maybe some.audio is not working with some problem.in the.video or anything of that sort you can.mention it there.right exams now again a very common.question that comes to the help desk.very often is that oh you know.exams so all our exams how do we give.the exams where do we give the exams you.know.exam center means you know do i have to.give all my exams at the exam center.no you have to just give your final.exams at the registered exam center.all the other exams are to be given at.home and all the exams are close book.okay and or even the midterm exams for.that matter have to be given at home.the general um time that is given uh you.know usually allotted for.a midterm or a final exam is 1 hour 15.minutes.this might change for some arabic.courses where a little more time is.given.and generally you just have one exam.each.but there might be some papers like one.of the papers in bais.or the bachelor's in islamic studies one.of the fake papers has two parts the.final exam has two parts.and so you know you will have of course.have different.time time timings allotted for that.particular for each of the parts a and.part b.so that's very rare but the general uh.the general format that is followed is.there's just one exam each.so that's that was very quickly and very.briefly for.you know about iou and its workings.basically uh from my side and um.if you have any more questions or.anything i'll be happy to answer them.and show them.here thank you so much for.um giving such an in-depth view in such.little time.those of you that are here that are.wanting to see how.you know it's a screen shared version.inshallah we're going to be making a lot.more sessions based on this very session.that way you can have a better idea so.we'll do like one whole thing.enrollment one whole thing on course.just if you're confused.um however if you just continue we are.going to be spending another five seven.minutes and.um sister maryam here today one of our.great team members.who meant their facebook is going to be.asking.senator some questions and you know just.like a.short interview so sister money if you.can open your mic.and uh get that going that'll be great.inshallah.yes there are many questions posed by.new students it's a little overwhelming.to study in an online uni.and since you work in the help desk.uh what are the three most uh.asked questions to you top three.okay the three most common questions.that are asked is.one is with regards to uh um like i said.you know the courses you know i can see.the course.i've enrolled in the courses but i can't.see them so.so that's what um you know um uh we just.discussed you know that.um so for your courses once you enroll.all you have to do is go to my courses.which is there on the dashboard on the.top left hand side.and students can click on that and you.will all you will just see the list of.courses.again yeah another associated question.with this one is you know students come.to us and they're like you know i want.to drop a course and i want to take some.some other course in its place can i do.that.so there is a certain stipulated period.during which this can be permitted in a.semester.because you know if the student comes in.really late into the semester of course.that cannot be done.but in these initial days definitely.they can so there is a portal which is.called as the course drop portal.the student can drop that particular.course then go to the normal enrollment.page.and then select that one course that the.student has to take not you know.reselecting all the courses once again.just that one course which the student.intends to take instead.and so you know the for the course that.was dropped earlier so that's one.you know query which you know often.comes to the help desk the other is.you know how do i study how do i study.so that's that's the very.common question that comes in that what.do i do you know with the module so you.you basically have to listen to the.module either the video or the audio.whatever you're comfortable with.you take down notes for yourselves we.also have a notes section.uh for i think most of this course.especially the old courses.and uh there are notes that are you know.updated by the previous students you can.also go through them.and then you go through the main text.that's the most important thing the.reading assignment that is given for.each module that has to be read.and in case you have any queries you can.definitely.email your course teacher because you.know any course related queries that you.have with regards to a subject.uh we often see that you know these.queries also directed to the help desk.the help desk.you know it basically takes care of the.admin aspect you know it will not be.able to answer.the course related queries like for.example you know there is some um some.topic in the course that you're studying.okay.let's say cognitive sciences i'm just.giving an example you know.that's a topic that is you cannot you.know a student cannot ask that question.to the help desk.because the help desk is the admin side.so that question has to be directed to.the teacher.yes if the teacher is not responding to.the student you know maybe it's three.days or four days there is no response.then definitely the.student can come to us and we will get.the student connected.that's one question the other is like i.mentioned earlier.as regarding exams you know students are.confused that which exam.are we supposed to give at the center so.it's only the final exams so yeah so.these are the three most common.questions that i can think of at this.point.yes that was very helpful and the.student notes mashallah they're very.nice and you can just download the pdf.and add in your notes as you go on.so that's very helpful alhamdulillah.another thing is usually people ask.about.accreditation like is it accredited.in the country that they're in so yes.what about it.yeah so yeah that's another question.that comes in um.uh you know uh and we're supposed to.address and that is you know they they.have to check it with.their respective country that they're.deciding in because you know uh.requirements change from country to.country and what we advise them to.do is that you know they check it you.know with their own uh you know edu.education body that they have in their.respective country.and you know they can verify it with.them whether this particular.degree from io is is acceptable to them.or not.so because we will not be able to.mention specifically for each country.yeah yes that's true it depends on each.country.and another thing i wanted to ask is.there is the discussion forum for the.students.but if a student wants to talk to.another student.like uh on a one-on-one how can they.connect to each other.is there any platform yeah.okay so alhamdulillah from the last.semester what we've started doing is.started having.official whatsapp groups for each uh.stream i would say i would not mention.course because then students get.confused you know it's like is it for a.particular course it's not for a.particular course it's for a particular.stream.so let's say if it's psychology so you.have all psychology students in a group.you know and what we have done is we.have segregated the groups.into males and females so as to have no.interaction basically to minimize that.what happens on discussion forums we are.regularly checking the forums i.uh you know um we usually you know.all the time you know whenever there's a.post that is done uh on the forums we.are definitely we allow interactions.there but then.you know it should if it at times you.know it um.does not serve the purpose and it goes.off topic then the the forum i mean.sorry the uh in any post that is there.which is not relevant it is removed.so what we've done now is the you know.we've instead of uh you know.at times so happens that uh students may.not get a response on the discussion.forum and it's not really helpful so.what we've done is.we have the whatsapp groups now so these.whatsapp groups are.really really helpful in a way because.you have the senior students mixed with.the new ones and the junior students so.you know they can share their.experiences.so that way um and these have been very.beneficial you know and.many students have benefited from that.because it's always nice to learn from a.senior.because you know they are they have you.know they're in the same shoes as.you know you are so it basically helps.them in a better way.so we have done that so we hope that all.all these uh all.the you know audiences that we have.today with us have joined those groups.if not then please email the.help desk and we can send you the link.to join the official whatsapp.inshallah alhamdulillah thank you for.all this information and hope everyone.benefits from it.[Music].amazing to hear all that all those.questions come in and everything.so we are having a flow of questions and.um so i think we're going to open up q a.for now just to kind of.get everybody's questions coming in.um but before i do that so we don't have.much time left in our free meeting.so if you um have any questions for.sister sana today um join back to this.same link once the as you can see.there's a timer going off.i have you have four minutes till this.meeting ends just come back to the same.link we're gonna answer your questions.before the meeting ends um i would like.to talk to you all about.just really quickly before it ends um a.charity so we always share.a charity one of our events um that.relates to covet 19 in some way.so i'm happy to tell you all that i'm.actually a part of.this um water project so um there's a.homeschool association in abu dhabi it's.called abu dhabi homeschool association.um which is right here atsa and we have.created.um the ad cell water initiative where we.come we try to donate as much as we can.to um because there's so many areas in.africa as you can see from the board.um that have no first of all don't have.access to clean and safe water.that's one thing let alone hand washing.stations because of covet.so we um you know made this fundraiser.and everything.and if you have ever felt that oh how.can i contribute to someone.during this time of me during this time.where you people may not have as much as.i do.um well you're in luck because mariam.just post a link.you can use this link um it's uh yellow.give it's.it's all legal hopefully um where you.today as much as you possibly can to.this initiative.where all your that money will go to a.place.where people can make hand washing.stations available.for families and other people in.different areas of sub-saharan africa.so we would really appreciate it if you.can.um do that honor and if you do end up.using the charity and end up donating.send us a snapshot i would love to.have your snapshots of you sending the.money or whatever on our uh next event.or so.you can also follow the etsa uh water.initiative in our instagram so it's.linked right there.at the at water initiative where we.stream a lot of new because it's all of.us team.they're teenagers coming together to.spread the word about water and the.importance of it inshallah.so that's very quickly that was it and.if you are able to contribute in some.way.it's a small small way from little as.two five their homes to.as much as you possibly can um that'll.be amazing you can actually we can link.what um ends up happening with the money.you've sent in.and inshallah may it help those people.that are struggling in the world right.now i mean um.for that okay so one minute left um.what you can do is join back to the same.meeting link in a minute and it will.still be here and sister sana will still.be here and we will take 10 minutes of.just answering questions inshallah.so while the timer still going off there.was one question.if you're still here um so someone.mentioned.when are we supposed to register for our.exam center i know that cover 19 has.disrupted the exam center thing and so.we didn't have to go.to an exam center to do our final exams.does that still apply for.this uh fall term let us know inshallah.um yes so for this semester there is.just uh the registrations have opened.you can.uh you know it opened on the 16th so.inshallah you can definitely go ahead.and uh.you know register a center for now uh.the management has not taken a decision.um as of yet whether the the exams and.will be taken.at home or will will they be at the.center so for now uh the students are.being asked to register for the exam.centers.and in case in the event um if things.don't improve.um we pray to a lot of things do improve.but in the event that this does not.happen.then um you know the management will.take.the correct decision then so for now.you are to register for your centers.inshallah.

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Wisconsin Associate Flock Enrollment Form FAQs

Read the below common problems about Wisconsin Associate Flock Enrollment Form . Speak to directly if you still have other queries.

Need help? Contact support

Can we fill out an M.Com DU form again if we wrote an incorrect enrollment number?

I’m afraid you will have to ask the authority to whom you are submitting the form, the answer to that question. It is not one of those “universal questions” whose answers are the same everywhere.

Do military members have to pay any fee for leave or fiancee forms?

First off there are no fees for leaves or requests for leave in any branch of the United States military. Second there is no such thing as a fiancée form in the U.S. military. There is however a form for applying for a fiancée visa (K-1 Visa)that is available from the Immigration and Customs Service (Fiancé(e) Visas ) which would be processed by the U.S. State Department at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy overseas. However these fiancée visas are for foreigners wishing to enter the United States for the purpose of marriage and are valid for 90 days. They have nothing to do with the military and are Continue Reading

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NCC (National Cadet Corps) is a voluntary organization which recruits cadets from high schools, colleges and universities all over India. To enroll yourself to it, Contact to your college/school office, they will give you forms and other necessary information about NCC. Every school/college have a person dedicated to NCC, He/She will guide you further. For NCC, your school/college should fulfill the requisite pre-conditions are as follows : (a) Availability of students for enrollment. (b) Availability of eligible teachers to be appointed as Associate NCC Officer(ANO). One ANO per school/college for Junior Division or Senior Division cadets. (c) Availability of parade ground, storeroom for NCC. (d) Short Range for firing in the vicinity. (e) Supplementing financial resources (in case of Govt aided institutions). Private institutions are required to bear entire expenditure of the State’s share. Details will be available with nearest NCC Bn HQ.

Can I upload a photo and my signature after filling out the enrollment form in RGPV?

You need to upload your photo and signature during RGPV Smart Card generation process(included in enrollment process). Photograph size should be 100*100 pixel.

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