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Steps of Customizing the Medicare Supplement Forms

Medicare supplement plans explain if.you're researching Medicare and looking.for a video to help you understand.Medicare supplement plans and if they're.the right choice for you this is the.video that you need to see Medicare.supplement plans explained so stay tuned.hi i'm matthew claassen with.medigapseminars.org we are an.independent insurance broker helping.people with their Medicare needs from.Hawaii to Virginia and Alaska down to.the Florida Keys and we represent our.clients best interests not that of an.insurance company and best of all our.services are free to you the consumer.all you need do is ask so let's get.started so this video will be different.than other videos you may have seen on.Medicare supplement plans most videos.just go over the separate plans like.Medicare supplement plan G or plan and.so on without ever discussing the.underlying structure that's critical to.truly understanding these plans and if.they are the right plan for you and if.they're going to support your needs.that's what this video will focus on so.that you better understand these plans.and can make a more informed decision as.you know from my Medicare explained.video before you make any other.decisions with Medicare you must first.be an enrolled or eligible for both.Medicare Part A inpatient services and.enrolled in Medicare Part B outpatient.services Medicare Part A and B combined.to refer to as Original Medicare and.from there you can make one of three.choices now your first choice is to do.nothing just keep Medicare Part A and.Medicare Part B your Original Medicare.as your insurance coverage then add a.prescription drug coverage with Part D.of course with just Medicare Part A.Medicare Part B and no other coverage.you have unlimited financial risk should.you get sick or injured your portion of.the Medicare cost the Medicare bills can.still result in financial hardship now.most people are uncomfortable with.having unlimited financial risk in the.case of a medical event that's why we.have insurance so if you have a pen and.paper handy there's an important.Medicare insurance term that you should.be aware of and that term is your annual.maximum out-of-pocket expense that we.refer to as your mu p--.you're Moop is the most money that.you'll be liable for in medical bills.for inpatient or outpatient services.during any calendar year once you've.reached your plans move you have a.hundred percent insurance coverage for.the remainder of the calendar year now.it's a great way to measure the coverage.of one health insurance plan versus.another the plan with your lowest Mook.has the most insurance coverage because.your financial risk is the lowest so.it's important to know that your Moop.never includes the cost of prescription.drugs or the premiums that you pay for.insurance so insurance premiums and.prescription drugs are separate and then.your move resets every January one of.each and every year so your first choice.is to do nothing.just keep your Medicare Part A Medicare.Part B and if you do you have unlimited.financial risk for medical bills the.medical event can result in a financial.hardship your other two choices exist to.limit your Moop so that you have a.defined manageable financial risk and.that's important so your second option.increase your insurance coverage by.purchasing additional insurance and you.do that by enrolling in a Medicare.supplement plan and use that coverage in.addition to Medicare Parts A and.Medicare Part B when you have a Medicare.supplement plan Medicare pays first then.your supplement pays all or some of.what's left over a Medicare supplement.plan increases your insurance coverage.above and beyond Original Medicare so.third option is to trade in your.Medicare Part A in your Medicare Part B.for a Medicare Advantage plan to be.clear a Medicare Advantage plan is not a.medicare supplement it doesn't.supplement your Original Medicare it.doesn't build on your regimen Original.Medicare it replaces it you still must.pay your Medicare Part B monthly premium.to Medicare but you're no longer using.Original Medicare you don't use your red.white and blue.to care card the insurance company that.you've chosen for a Medicare Advantage.plan will issue you their own card for.the plan that you're enrolled in some.Medicare Advantage plan is simply.privatized Medicare a and B I have a.separate video titled Medicare Advantage.plans explain that goes into some very.intriguing detail about those plans so.what do most people do according to the.Kaiser Family Foundation research more.than seven out of ten people enrolling.in Medicare choose either option one.keeping just Original Medicare Parts A.and B or option two adding a Medicare.supplement as their secondary insurance.with Medicare Parts A and B being their.primary insurance coverage seven out of.ten.choose Original Medicare so the first.question you might have is why why.choose to add a Medicare supplement plan.to your Medicare Parts A and B over your.other choices if that's the choice that.seven out of 10 people make there must.be a compelling reason actually there.are two reasons the first is that.insurance companies have no say in what.is or is not covered by Medicare and.your supplement Medicare's intent is to.cover everything that's medically.necessary it's not like other insurance.products where they list out what is.covered and leave you guessing on what.isn't on the list with very few.exceptions if it's medically necessary.Medicare's intent is to cover it so how.does Medicare determine medical.necessity they ask your doctor now this.is unlike any other insurance products.that you've had in your lifetime in most.any other insurance that you've had in.your lifetime it's the insurance company.that makes the final judgement over what.is or is not covered insurance companies.don't ask your doctor so this is huge.with Original Medicare you and your.doctor control your healthcare not an.insurance company that's the first.benefit the second benefit of Original.Medicare that you get to keep with a.Medicare supplement is that you can see.any doctor or go to any hospital in the.United States or its territories you.have national coverage as long as they.accept Medicare your insurance will.cover you.there's no limiting network and.virtually every doctor in hospital in.the country and its territories accepts.medicare for most people those two.simple benefits are the most important.features of their health care so you.have the freedom of choice choosing any.doctor or hospital available to you and.you have control over your health care.because your doctor never has to get.their recommended there the recommended.procedures or tests approved by an.insurance company that's why more than.70% of the people starting Medicare.today keep their Original Medicare as.their primary insurance I should note.that Medicare preventive care is run.slightly differently than other care.preventive care is allowed on a specific.schedule set by Medicare some preventive.care tests can be done annually some.every other year and so on so with.preventive care the issue is that your.doctor can order a test not covered by.Medicare because it's not within that.time frame that Medicare advises I have.another video specifically on this.subject it's called avoid surprise.Medicare pills it's an important video.for anyone on Original Medicare and it's.linked at the top corner of this video.and you should watch it but not yet it's.also important to understand that a.Medicare supplement plan is a guaranteed.renewable contract what does that mean.it means that your benefits can never.change they are guaranteed to renew each.year exactly as they are now.once you have a Medicare supplement plan.no one can cancel your coverage no one.can change your coverage or your.benefits you have that plan and those.benefits that it offers for as long as.you pay your premium not even an act of.Congress can change your plan or take it.away from you now they can change it for.people in the future who don't have a.Medicare supplement yet but they can't.change yours and this is why you don't.have an annual election period or an.open enrollment period for your Medicare.supplement plan those annual periods are.only for those plans in Medicare with.benefits that change annually so.Medicare's position is that if the.benefits change annually then you should.have the right to shop for a new plan.annually and since your Medicare.supplement benefits never change there.is no need for an annual election period.or an open enrollment period you have no.need to reshape your plan during any.annual election period so instead you.can reshape your plan any day of the.year 365 days a year.you just have to qualify medically to do.so if you wish to change your Medicare.supplement plan outside of the initial.or special enrollment period the.insurance company has the right to look.at your medical history and can deny.your coverage can't deny your change if.you have a recent history of critical or.chronic illness and that's what's.referred to as medical underwriting and.we're gonna have more on that later now.we know the benefits of Original.Medicare that are passed on to a.Medicare supplement plan and this is why.all Medicare supplement plans have these.benefits they come from Original.Medicare so the next question to answer.of course is by how much can a person.limit their financial risk before we.move on I would like to ask that if you.find this information helpful please.press the like button below and consider.subscribing to my channel to see my.other videos of course also please.leave a comment or question if you have.one we will answer your questions when.YouTube ranks these videos to decide.which ones are displayed or easy to find.they look at how many people press the.like button subscribed and commented and.shared so when you do you make this.video easier to find for others who also.want Medicare supplement plans explained.to know if they're right for them now.you may have noticed I do not monetize.these videos there are no advertisements.I don't generate any income by your just.watching this video I make these videos.to help you understand your Medicare.choices and the advantages of working.with me and my agency so please like.share comment or subscribe and reach out.to us if you would like our help in.selecting or managing your Medicare now.back to Medicare supplement plans.explained now there are more than 10.different Medicare supplement plans to.choose from but they're usually only.three or four whose price and benefits.are worth considering within those.options you can limit your financial.exposure to medical bills down to zero.or just a few hundred dollars in a.calendar year or limit your financial.risk to about two and a half thousand.dollars any calendar year if you choose.one of the two high deductible Medicare.supplement plans now think about them.with a Medicare supplement plan you have.national coverage you can see any doctor.go to any hospital in the entire country.as long as they accept Medicare plus you.and your doctor control your healthcare.not an insurance company and you can.limit your financial risk your annual.maximum out-of-pocket for medical bills.your move as I mentioned earlier down to.near zero now one point of confusion is.with the Medicare supplement plan.benefit table that and your backs of.them out of pocket your move so let me.take a moment to clear that up because.there is a lot of confused.the Medicare supplement plan benefit.table only illustrates an out-of-pocket.limit on two of the Medicare supplement.plans and this is Medicare supplement.plan Kay and Medicare supplement plan L.this is a poorly conceived illustration.and leaves most people to believe that.only these two plans have a maximum.out-of-pocket limit in truth the.out-of-pocket limit noted on this table.is because these two Medicare supplement.plans don't have a hundred percent.coverage for Medicare Part A and.Medicare Part B coinsurance or.co-payments can come from all of the.other medicare supplement plans cover.those categories a hundred percent.anyway as you go through the videos.specific to these plans you'll find that.Medicare supplement plan F has a hundred.percent coverage for everything the move.is zero Medicare supplement plans G has.a move equal to whatever the Medicare.Part B annual deductible is it's a.hundred and eighty-five dollars in 2019.and will likely be less than two hundred.and fifty over the next decade so please.check out the video on each plan for a.lot more detail the bottom line is that.seven out of ten people choose Original.Medicare for the unique benefits it.offers having no limiting network no.insurance company interference with your.health care they then add a Medicare.supplement on top of Original Medicare.so that their out-of-pocket financial.exposure is minimized so the next.question you might be asking yourself is.which Medicare supplement plan is right.for you well first understand that all.of these plans are good plans the.Medicare benefits of each Medicare.supplement plan are written into Social.Security law so they do not vary from.one insurance company to another.in addition none of the Medicare.supplement insurance companies has any.say in what is or is not covered or how.much is paid Medicare.calls the shots and makes all the.decisions so it works like this you go.to the doctor and they're going to copy.both your red white.blue Medicare card and your Medicare.supplement card but the doctor only.bills Medicare Medicare pays its portion.and then sends an electronic.communication to your supplement plan.instructing them on what to pay who to.pay when the Medicare supplement.insurance company simply does as.instructed.if after these payments there's still.money due then it's likely a copay or a.deductible that your Medicare supplement.plan doesn't cover by design and that.would be the amount that you will so in.choosing a Medicare supplement plan you.need to ask yourself how much insurance.do you want and how much can you afford.the Medicare supplement plan that is.right for you is the one that fits both.your needs and your budget so I strongly.suggest that in evaluating these plans.these Medicare plans choose the one that.you're going to want to have when you're.seriously sick or injured don't just.consider your health condition today.once your health deteriorates you'll not.likely be able to change plans or.improve your coverage it's that simple.now I have videos on each of the.Medicare supplement plans that you.should consider simply subscribe to my.channel to find the videos comparing the.Medicare supplement plan G and plan an.and so on and you'll also find them on.my new to Medicare playlist here on.youtube and on my website prices the.prices on Medicare supplement plans can.vary by a hundred percent or more from.one insurance company to another and.from one state to another for example.the price of a Medicare supplement plan.for a 65 year old in New York or Miami.can cost three times the same plan in.Virginia or the Carolinas the same can.also be said about prices between.insurance companies there's no.difference in medical benefits between.one insurance company and the other but.there's a big difference in insurance.companies and there's a big difference.in the prices from one insurance company.to another so choosing the right.insurance company.is important and it's not just today's.price it's not just the price they're.going to charge you at age 65 there are.insurance companies who intentionally.lowball the entry price for people.between 65 and 70 with the intent of.raising them each and every year knowing.that most people will simply stay or.think that everybody's going up at that.rate the best value for you is not.today's cheapest policy it's the one.that's going to charge you the least.over your lifetime I have a video that.goes over the subject of insurance.companies in detail and gives examples.the videos called Medicare supplement.plans benefits and hidden risks and I've.linked it just above my left shoulder go.to the 23 minute 45 second mark of that.video and listen from there you'll be.glad you did 2345 but not right now.we're not quite done here yet so the.next thing that you need to know about.Medicare supplement plans is that many.states have created laws that override.Medicare to the benefit of the consumer.some states have annual Special.Enrollment periods some states outlaw.certain medicare charges which favors.one plan over another and so on these.laws can impact your decision on which.Medicare supplement plan is right for.you and which ones you're better value.trying to find out if your state has.specific laws however can take hours of.internet sleuthing I know I've done it.but to make it easy for you we include a.couple paragraphs discussing your.state's rules if there are any in our.email to you whenever you request a free.Medicare supplement plan quote from us.so use our free Medicare supplement plan.quote request and we're going to provide.you that information for free so next.from this Medicare supplement plans.explained video you're going to want to.understand enrollment periods the.enrollment period for a Medicare.supplement plan is different than the.enrollment period for any.other part of Medicare and that's.important first you can enroll in a.Medicare supplement plan months before.it is to start you're simply getting the.process out of the way in most states.you can enroll up to six months ahead of.time in some states it's no sooner than.90 days before your actual birthday and.a couple others at sixty days but this.is what's important your federal.Medicare supplement initial enrollment.period lasts for six months and it.starts the day your Medicare Part B.becomes effective that initial.enrollment period is when you can get.any plan that's available to you without.any medical questions regardless of your.health you can get any plan at the best.price that it's offered for example.let's say that your Medicare Part B.starts on July 1 right in the very.middle of the year now in most states.you can apply for a Medicare supplement.plan and get the application process.completed starting the previous January.1 and you can still apply without any.medical questions asked all the way up.to December 31 and that gives you the.entire year to complete the process no.medical questions asked no one can deny.you coverage now after you've been on.Medicare Part B for more than six months.you can still apply for Medicare.supplement plan any day of the year you.can switch plans you can switch.insurance companies do anything you want.as often as you wish however in order to.do so you must qualify medically the.insurance company that you're applying.to has the right to deny your request if.your current or recent medical history.shows any serious critical or chronic.illness they can deny your request and.in which case you just keep what you.have three important points to build on.this one is don't assume that your.health condition if you have one will.disqualify you you can be two years.cancer-free or had open heart surgery.ten years ago and still qualify.every insurance company has a different.set of underwriting guidelines but we.help with this so just ask so to an.insurance company is very likely to.request underwriting even if you're.changing plans within the same insurance.company that's standard if your.insurance company says that they'll let.you switch plans at any time without.underwriting be careful of what they are.not saying what they're not saying is at.what price they leave you to assume it's.at the same price as if you qualified.medically it's not those companies have.a separate price table for non.underwritten changes and it's much.higher for people who switch plans.without underwriting I know our work.with these companies of course some.states have special rules that allow a.person with a Medicare supplement to.change without medical questions as I.mentioned earlier third there is no.annual election or open enrollment.period for Medicare supplement plans now.we mentioned this earlier too but it's.important enough to repeat the annual.election or open enrollment period only.pertains to Medicare Advantage plans and.Medicare Part D prescription drug plans.and the reason is because the Medicare.Advantage and Part D plan benefits.change annually your Medicare supplement.benefits never change and lastly in most.states you can become subject to a.period of pre-existing conditions when.switching a Medicare supplement plan now.this confuses a lot of people so please.understand it's very easy to avoid any.pre-existing condition Clause because.one of two conditions must exist before.you can be subject to any pre-existing.conditions and it must be outside of.your initial enrollment period first you.must have a gap in your Medicare.coverage of at least 63 days.or if you try to switch your Medicare.supplement plans without holding on to.the first one for at least six months.now one of these two conditions has to.apply after your Medicare supplement.initial enrollment period in order to be.subject to pre-existing conditions now.there are even further restrictions but.it's really too much for this video and.that's something that's best consulted.on a one-on-one basis if you have a.concern so there it is.Medicare supplement plans explained your.next step is to either check out my.Medicare Advantage plans explained video.or one of the other videos on some of.the specific Medicare supplement plans.that I mentioned earlier so now it's.your turn I make these videos for you.now YouTube ranks these videos based on.the number of likes comments and people.who subscribe so if you've found this.video helpful and you believe that.others would find it helpful to please.press the like button hit the bell icon.and that way you'll be notified when I.do publish more videos and then please.leave a comment or a question anything.let me know how you feel about this.video or if you have a question please.share it below but just don't leave.anything personal and when you like or.comment or share and interact with this.video you help others who would benefit.from watching this just as much as you.have.so I'm Matthew Clawson with.medigapseminars.org thank you for.watching.

How to generate an electronic signature for the Medicare Supplement Forms online

You must into a adaptable solution to electronic signatures for Medicare Supplement Forms . CocoSign will provide you with what you have been Finding, a single online app that does not need any other installation.

You just need to have a high quality internet connection and your preferred device to work with. Follow this instructions to e-sign Medicare Supplement Forms easily:

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  3. Select the types of signatures you need to place. It can be drawn, typed, or uploaded signatures.
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Here are the basic key elements you need to follow:

  1. Note the CocoSign extension on Chrome Webstore and choose the option 'Add'.
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Mailing documents is so useful that majority of businesses have gone paperless. Therefore, it will be a great selection if one can esign form online from Gmail in a straight line. You can do it by adding a CocoSign extension on your Chrome. Here is what you need to do:

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Medicare Supplement Forms FAQs

Note answers to questions about Medicare Supplement Forms . View the most useful topics and more.

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You Don't Get The Premium Channels Because they are not the children of the School nor of the State, they are citizens. While it is necessary, it is not done because YOUR family should do this for you, should be making an effort to understand how. The assumption that school is to teach a person about the immensity of life is ridiculous and one of the ways that society leans on school (government) rather than self-empowerment. You get what you pay for. If school is a free public service than you can’t have the premium channels. Now that omission might screw up the usage of those skills but schoo Continue Reading

How do you fill out tax forms?

Depending on what information you have, you can do it your self, not recommended, hire a professional in desending qualifications: CPA, Enrolled Agent, Kitchen table preparer, or anyone who says he’s a tax preparer.

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