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How to Finish the Kentucky Cremation Authorization Form in 9 Steps on the Internet?

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Instruction of Finishing the Kentucky Cremation Authorization Form

now it's my pleasure to introduce our.presenter.for today doctor robert bennetti dr.minnetti is the president and owner of.manity cpa.llc he's a cpa cfe.cva maff cgma.cff crfa and is a licensed private.investigator in the state of arizona.dr benedi we'll turn the time over to.you well thank you very much for that.introduction so.let's review our objectives for today's.class.uh once you complete this class you're.going to be able to identify the.procedures and requirements for.conducting fraud investigations.and specifically looking at this.issues related to the covet 19 pandemic.now if we're going to talk about fraud.and if you've ever been in any of my.fraud courses you know you're not going.to get away without a slide on.dr donald cressy's fraud triangle now dr.cressie was actually a student of dr.edward sutherlands.who was one of the first people in the.united states to study fraud.dr sutherland actually coined the term.white-collar crime.to differentiate what he called crimes.of trust.like fraud from crimes of violence like.battery murder et cetera now dr cressy.wanted to find out.why people commit fraud so he actually.went.into the prisons and interviewed.hundreds of convicted fraudsters to find.out.why did they do it well the first reason.they did it was.pressure or what dr christie referred to.as an.unshareable financial need a need for.funds they couldn't come up with through.their ordinary.access to resources their paycheck their.savings etc.in today's world with covid19 there's a.lot of pressure.50 million people lost their jobs so.there were a lot of families were.affected not just the people.but their spouses their significant.others their children.their parents there was a lot of.pressure out there in the world today.we've had a lot of issues where people.are running short on cash we've seen.long lines at food kitchens.and food banks you know because people.don't have the money to pay for food.we've had to do eviction moratoriums.because people can't pay their rent.there's a lot of pressure out there that.we.need to look at now rationalization.is what people do to explain to.themselves why.something is okay i know i shouldn't do.it but.i'm gonna do it anyway we all.rationalize our behavior.i do it the most common time i.rationalize with my behavior is when it.comes to dessert.oh i'm going to eat that piece of apple.pie because that's a serving of fruit.and i'm supposed to have five servings.of.fruits and vegetables every day well i.know that they don't really mean apple.pie should be your serving of fruit i.think they want a fresh apple.but you know you rationalize your.behavior and you eat dessert anyway.now opportunity is the third part of the.fraud triangle and that's where we give.people.access to our funds to our accounts to.our.businesses you know we give them our.personal information.so they can commit identity theft access.our credit cards.access our bank accounts so these are.things that we need to consider when.we're looking at fraud and also trying.to.prevent fraud because if we can stop the.fraud from happening.well we're better off we don't have to.investigate it because.investigations are a long process and.they're.constantly processed for the victims.now when we talk about fraud we want to.look at the.basic legal elements of fraud first of.all there has to be some.act you have to do something you have to.steal something.thinking about a crime planning a crime.whether it's the most elaborate.fraud or ponzi scheme for device.if you don't actually do it it's not a.criminal offense.you know then we look at concealment.because the fact that they're concealing.the crime.helps to prove the intent because most.of the time when people are trying to.get caught with.fraud what's the first excuse they have.it was a mistake it was an.error well we don't hide errors when we.find a mistake if you make a mistake and.find it.you fix it you don't hide it the fact.that they hide it is what we can use to.show intent and conversion.where they converted what they stole.into something they could spend or use.and conversion sometimes you may even.have to convert cash by.laundering the money so that you can.place it in use.so these are the basic elements of fraud.that.have to be there now when we talk about.fraud we can look at the occupational.frauds.and you're probably already familiar.with these financial statement fraud or.cooking the books asset.misappropriations.sticky fingers the old five finger.discount or.corruption misusing your position.with your employer for your own personal.gain.now obviously asset misre appropriations.are the most common type of fraud.followed by corruption and financial.statement fraud.but financial statement fraud is the.most expensive to companies.usually because owners or senior.managers are involved.and the average cost according to the.acfe.is around a million dollars per fraud.when you're talking about.cooking the books now we also have.non-occupational frauds you know uh.medical insurance fraud unemployment.fraud which is.huge right now as a matter of fact i got.caught up in that uh.i got a debit card from a bank in.pennsylvania.and it had 6 800 in it and i called the.bank and i said what's this for why.would you send me a.prepaid debit card with 6 800 on it they.said well that's for your.pennsylvania unemployment and i said.what pennsylvania unemployment i'm not.employed.i don't live in pennsylvania i've never.lived in pennsylvania as an adult.i've never worked in pennsylvania why in.the world would i get unemployment so we.started to do research.found out that my personal information.had been compromised with the equifax.data breach.and criminals had used that to try to.get money from the state by filing.a false unemployment claim claiming i.was unemployed living in pennsylvania.and i needed money so i had them cancel.the card i contacted.you know the state of pennsylvania and.told them that this was fraud that i.didn't want that and.if you do get these don't just let it go.you do need to file the fraud report.and make sure everybody knows because if.the claimants get away with it if you.don't catch it and they.you know in this case they sent the card.to my home address which was good.had they sent it to the address that the.fraudsters had put in there.i may never have known about it until i.got the uh you know.statement at the end of the year for the.uninsurance and that i needed to pay.taxes on it.because most people don't realize.uninsured unemployment insurance is.taxable and so when that fraud occurs.it's not a harmless fraud because now.you've got to deal with the irs.explaining why you never got those.unemployment benefits.we've also seen workers compensation.fraud going up.people claiming they got the virus work.or from a co-worker that's been one of.the.issues that we see there's also issues.with product liability fraud.advertising fraud identity theft we're.all familiar with credit card frauds.you've either had or know someone who's.experienced credit card fraud various.internet frauds employment frauds.and you know those things don't go away.simply because there's a.virus out there as a matter of fact many.of them are being.exploited one of the things we've seen.and i've got two.articles here for you to look at if you.want uh ones from cnn the other ones.from fox.i make sure i cover both ends of the.spectrum so that we.don't bring politics into any of these.training courses.but basically what are we talking about.criminals are taking.advantage of the coronavirus.you know in order to go out there and.commit.fraud they're trying to expand their.network.of committing fraud how they're able to.commit frauds how they're able to con.you into it.and in just a moment after we do our.first polling question.i'll show you some of the things that.they're doing.but we do have to do these polling.questions in order to meet nasba.guidelines.so our first polling question fraudsters.are taking advantage of the covid19.pandemic.to increase cyber fraud scams true or.false.i always want to give you just a moment.to answer that.and of course the answer is true.now some of the specific frauds that are.tied to covet 19.that we might be investigating one is.testing scams.where they're selling fake testing kits.or at home.testing kits some of these things oh.just breathe in here and it'll tell you.whether or not you have the virus i.don't believe we have anything that.sophisticated yet.they're really good ones they still have.to stick a swab halfway down your.nostrils.to make sure that that's uh that whether.or not you have.the virus so that they can do that now.what we're looking at is.you know we're proving an intent is.pretty easy to prove here.yeah the test was fake you knew it was.fake or you should have known it was.fake the hard part.when we're dealing with finding the.individuals who are selling these.fake tests you know and usually.especially when they're doing it online.many of these individuals are located.outside the united states so it becomes.very difficult to.locate them another fraud we've been.seeing since the.covet 19 started was insurance frauds.now here we have fraudsters they're.actually.contacting individuals telling them that.their company insurance policy doesn't.cover.covid19 because it wasn't discovered.until after the policy went into effect.so apparently new viruses are not.covered by insurance according to.prospers and they're claiming that.telling people your current coverage.doesn't cover.coven 19 so we need you to buy a cova 19.supplement or a writer or a separate.covid19.insurance policy and of course what do.they want your name your address your.social security number.your date of birth lots of personal.information.and then of course people are paying.them for these policies.which are basically worthless there's no.real.health insurance companies out there.selling covid19.only coverage it's covered in your.normal.health insurance also the government has.appropriated.literally billions of dollars to cover.covet 19 testing for people who.don't have insurance coverage.so for the most part those tests should.either be covered by your current health.insurance.or they're going to be covered by the.government so when people.pay money for these scams we need to.investigate and once again the hardest.part is.finding the individuals who are doing it.especially when they're hiding on the.internet or selling it through the.internet.or through phone calls we're not going.to have any pictures of them we don't.know what they look like there's no.opportunity to do facial recognition.and many times the names that they're.using are false.where they're giving fake names in order.to sell the items.now just like any other disaster we're.seeing.charity scams people saying hey we can.get help with the covet 19. we're almost.at a point where we can have a cure we.need a few more dollars wouldn't you.like to.save the world from covid19.with your donation well guess what.people fall for that and they send their.donations now.those charity scams in today's world.aren't limited to covet 19..we're seeing charity scams for victims.of civil unrest.oh businesses are being burned and.ransacked wouldn't you like to.donate to help those victims of that.civil unrest.gee we had a hurricane in louisiana and.texas wouldn't you like to be able to.take advantage of helping these people.and go ahead and make sure that those.people get some money you know we have.fires in.california and of course the question is.what happens to all the people in oregon.arizona california.washington that are being burned out.because of these wildfires in the.western united states.wouldn't you like to donate to help them.a lot of these charities are.scams now if you're donating to.well-known charities that you've done.business with for years you're probably.okay.but many individuals are being.victimized and.many times they're giving their credit.cards and not only do they run the.credit card for the donation but if.there's any balance on the credit card.left after that they run.more charges on the card in order to try.to wipe the victims out for as much as.they can.another fraud we've seen tied to the.covid19 virus is quarantined scams.and this is where they're calling asking.for money because a relative.a friend somebody else has gone through.quarantine.they can't get home they need airfare.hotel money buzzfare.they're not able to work they're not.able to.you know go to work they have to spend.time at home so.we're looking at these situations and.trying to find out you know.what is out there so we're trying to.make sure we get the information and.the the fraudsters are pretty good.because where are they finding the.information they're getting it from.social media.they have information on your relatives.your friends your co-workers other.people.that information is easy for them to.obtain so they don't have to.dig very far for it.another fraud we've been seeing a lot of.is fraud's having to do with the.uh two weeks of paid vacation employees.can get.because of the coronavirus stimulus.packages.you know and in this case the fbi is.warning companies of employees.faking coronavirus claiming that they.had the virus.or that they've been advised to stay.quarantined.in order to take two weeks off with pay.now of course since the government is.subsidizing.you know these particular uh sick days.you know they're the ones that are.investigating it if you're stealing from.the government whether it's.you know and we're seeing issues with.fraud in the ppp loans the payment.protection loans.the eidl loans with the sick leave with.other government benefits.tied to the stimulus package we're still.seeing large amounts of.fraud in those areas so these are things.that we're.setting to investigate now we're also.seeing.prevention scams we can help you.uh prevent you from.getting coronavirus my favorite.is the coronavirus fan that you put it.in your window and it blows all the.viruses.out your window serious who falls for.that yeah we do have people who have.oh that makes sense you know the fan can.detect the virus in the room and it'll.blow it outside so i can't get infected.in my house.you know for 29.95 you can get a.coronavirus fan.it's totally worthless because the fan.can't tell the difference with air with.virus in it and air without virus in it.but they're selling fake prevention.scams including drugs.online supplements herbal medicines.you know and fans that will protect you.from the virus.none of these items have been approved.by the.fda to say that they will do.any good at all so these are usually.pretty easy to say yeah they had intent.because these items were useless and we.knew they were useless.once again part of the hard part is.finding the individuals.to make sure we know who we can go after.we've also seen people selling fake.treatments.you know using fake cures and that we.can help you and.cure it or prevent it and sometimes what.they're doing.in this case hiring or using.well-known people or semi-well-known.people politicians.celebrities actors actresses.sports figures to you know sell.their fake items in this case the fbi.uh arrested keith middlebrook who's an.actor uh.you know for peddling bogus coronavirus.cures you know stuff that didn't.work so we know these issues are out.there.things that we need to be aware of and.we need to look out for.another one we're seeing is people.selling fake.uh supplies uh mass that don't work and.you know the the cnn reported a case.where they had you know 39 million n95.mass that really were.useless they wouldn't stop anything they.were just you know very light pieces of.paper.you know so we've seen them selling fake.masks uh uh respirators.uh you know face shields gloves uh hair.nets.hand sanitizer toilet paper other things.that were high demand.the stores are rationing these items so.they're selling them on the internet.they may or may not be delivered they.may or may not be the quality that you.need.they may or may not be able to prevent.you from getting.the virus these are things that we need.to take a look at.now another one that's kind of fun and.it's the fact that there's a app scam.out there.now this one's kind of interesting.because what they're selling.is an app that says we can tell you.where the virus is.we're tracking the virus seriously how.do you put a gps device on a virus i.don't think we.have any gps devices.small enough to put on a virus so.that's something that we're not able to.do.now what happens is they're saying well.we can track individuals who have the.virus because.that's all reported yes it's reported to.the cdc and the state.health department but they're not.allowed to go out and tell everybody.who has the virus and who doesn't don't.forget the hippa laws are still in place.you have a right to privacy on your.personal medical information.and so does everybody else and the last.one that i loved.was the sniffer app that it could sniff.out the virus so if you're going into a.building.and somebody in there has the virus.it'll sound an alert on your cell phone.to tell you there's virus in the.building so you can stay out.okay yeah no that's not real either it's.a.fake but it's amazing when people are.scared.and let's be honest there are a lot of.people who are scared right now.millions and millions of people are.hunkering down in their homes they won't.leave their house.their groceries are being delivered.they're working from home.they haven't i know people who haven't.left their house.since march you know they haven't gone.outside they won't take a walk in the.park they won't do anything.and when they're scared they're more.likely to fall for these.cons they're also more likely to be on.the internet.and become susceptible to these cons.now we also want to remember don't.forget the good old-fashioned.fishing scams fishing fishing and.smishing.these are also taking place so that we.need to be aware of these.you know and they're sending out emails.that look like they're coming from the.world health organization.the cdc the fda hospitals.state health agencies you know trying to.gather.information about you and you know we.all understand how.phishing emails work at some point in.your life you or somebody you know.has received an email from a nigerian.prince who wants to put three million.dollars in your bank account.hopefully you've never given said.nigerian prince.any of your money because you know.that's when they go ahead and wipe out.your bank account.we've also seen a number of provider.scams.in this case the scammers are contacting.people.by phone or text messages or emails.they're pretending to be doctors for.hospitals that treated a.friend or a relative or a co-worker from.covid19.but you know they didn't have enough.money to cover the treatment they.couldn't cover their co-pay deductible.etc.would you be willing to help sometimes.they even set up gofundme accounts.or other types of you know open accounts.where people can donate.to these causes and it's not just for.the.sick they also are trying to say people.are dying.and they're going for the funeral and.cremation scams.you know somebody you know has passed.away there's not enough money to.bury them you know in order to have them.buried in a mass grave.somewhere would you like to help them.get buried with.dignity that's exactly what the email.says would you.like your relative to be buried with.dignity who's going to say.no to that and in some cases they've.actually been collecting money for.people who.aren't dead yes they're still alive and.they're going to bury them.or cremate them either way that's a bad.idea we don't do that to living people.so that should trigger right away oops.we got an issue.here you know first thing you do when.someone calls you for money for a burial.call your relative and make sure that.they have actually deceased and they're.not still alive.because we've had many cases of this.reported where people sent the money and.then found out oh wait a minute.they're still living how are they going.to marry them you know so we've got.these criminals they're just.looking to take advantage of the.situation they're going to try to.tug on your emotions they want you to.act emotionally.rather than logically.obviously we've seen a number of.investment scams fraudsters.are doing pump and dumps they're selling.investments these companies are coming.out with.cures don't you want to be in on the.ground floor.they're going to make millions of.dollars once they.roll out the vaccine cure etc.you can get in on the ground floor of.these stocks by.buying now well we all know how these.pump and dumps and.and fake investment scams work they're.they're nothing more than ponzi.scams or or pyramid schemes and most of.them are going to crash eventually.because they're going to run out of.money because they're spending all the.money themselves.we saw a huge number of uh bailout scams.uh where people were contacted by.fraudsters.pretending to be from.we need to verify your bank account.information and social security.information.for you to get your 1200 stimulus check.those stimulus checks were a big chance.for criminals to come in and say hey.we're gonna steal your money.and in some cases here's one that the.fbi from san diego put up the one on the.right.where costco sent out oh gee here's a.hundred dollar.bounty from costco yeah.costco had to limit the number of people.going in their store they had lines.around the building.you waited an hour and a half to get to.go into the store.and they were gonna give you a hundred.dollars because they wanted more.shoppers.really not happening one key.thing if you look on there you'll see.that kind of mini.url the shortened url the criminals use.that to hide the.real url that you're going to so anytime.you see something in an email or a text.message.that has one of those mini links to it.pretty much figure it's fraud and it.probably is.now another one they're going after is.the business loan scams we've seen them.filing loans for.ppp loans and eidl loans for businesses.you know even though they weren't the.owners of the businesses they were.filing those loans.trying to get that information you know.we.trying to get government stimulus funds.we've seen people.file for businesses that didn't exist.you know people taking their stimulus.money in one case somebody used it to.buy a car.another case they used it to pay off.their.child surpassed due child support by.jewelry and other items.one case used it to take a fancy.vacation.none of these were items that were.allowable under the eidl or ppp program.but the criminals are out there.committing the frauds.excuse me and so we need to be aware of.that and these are some of the things.we're.going to be asked to investigate.so let's go ahead and take a moment.and jump into our second polling.question.fraudsters take advantages of.individuals and businesses.true or false.[Music].i'll give you just a moment to answer.that.and of course the answer is true i'll go.ahead and leave that up for a little bit.so that everybody has a chance to.answer.now we look at some of the fraud.examiner rules.you know we can be working for a client.uh.pre-litigation which means you know.before the litigation starts or during.the litigation period.we can be working for a client as an.employee.before litigation or after the.litigation is commenced.we can work directly for an attorney we.can work as a special master.for the courts which means we're.appointed by the court to.do the work obviously law enforcement.officers have.a significant role in looking for.white-collar crime and of course we.could be working on.legal holds for potential litigation or.regulatory investigations for various.companies or.individuals and how they acted or things.that they did.now when we look at this we need to.understand.you know uh making sure that if you're a.consulting expert.you can technically be covered under.attorney work products so you're working.directly for.the attorney usually and the client's.going to pay you but the attorney.supervises your work.and summer all of that work could be.excluded from.discovery if you're a testifying expert.and you're going to testify.obviously all of your investigative work.is discoverable.and if you're working as a special.master for the court.again everything you have is.discoverable.now when you go to accept an engagement.things you want to consider.a conflict check both the litigants and.the attorneys.do you have any uh conflicts of interest.don't forget to look at conflicts with.suspects or witnesses.obviously if it turns out you have a.relationship with the suspect.that's going to really admire your.testimony or your fraud investigation.do his skills assessment review do you.have the background and knowledge.to conduct this type of fraud.examination.or do you need to bring in help do you.need to bring in a mentor somebody to.help you out.make sure you determine the scope of the.engagement and keep it as narrow as.possible.remember you know when you're under.cross examination if it ends up in court.they're always going to ask you why.didn't you do this.and the best answer you can have for why.you didn't do something is.it was outside the scope of my.engagement i was not.paid to do that always add that last.part i wasn't paid to do it because the.jury.doesn't understand scope of the.engagement most jurors think scope is so.mouthwash.i wasn't paid to do something every.juror understands that.you don't pay me i don't work real.simple.make sure you have an engagement letter.i know.that all the major professional.associations say.you can have a verbal agreement but when.you're dealing with.criminals you're dealing with a fraud.examination you.may end up in court and if you end up in.court and people are litigating.you want to have a written engagement.letter as a best.practice another best practice is.getting a retainer up front.because if it turns out you didn't find.any fraud.it was just an error you can't prove it.nothing's going to be recoverable.yeah some clients don't want to pay you.at that point so always make sure.you look into that you also want to make.sure.you need a pi license for doing.certain types of investigations you.might need a pi license depending on the.state you're in.you may have noticed when they did my.bio they didn't mention that i had a pi.license in the state of arizona for.certain types of investigations.fraud investigations that i do yes i've.had to.use that so every state is different so.make sure you look at the licensing.requirements of your state.before you launch into doing a fraud.investigation.now when we're planning the.investigation.once again the first thing we need to do.is determine the scope what's the.scope of the investigation create your.search outline who are you going to talk.to.who are the potential subjects who are.your witnesses who are you going to want.to.interview how are you going to capture.information that you find.online in social media emails etc.how are you going to document the.information that you find.if you get look at web addresses make.sure you notate the date and time.who found the information and screen.print everything.because things change people post stuff.on social media.they take it down they post stuff on.websites and they.take it down make sure you remember the.client's budget don't go blowing up the.budget going down the rabbit hole.because clients don't like paying for.that another thing we have to plan in.our investigation in today's world.is social distancing and infection risk.is it.safe to go into the client's location.you know sometimes when we've been.searching for individuals.you know like i'll give you an example.when we're trying to find people who.have skipped out on child support.you know we may go into bars where their.co-workers or friends work.talking about them to try to gather.information many places those bars are.now closed or if you go into them you.need to be very careful.so what do we have to consider with.where we go to conduct the investigation.how safe do i have to be what personal.protective gear.should you be wearing not just to.protect yourself.but to protect your clients and you know.their employees to make sure that we.have that covered when we start the.investigation.you know what are we looking for that.evidence of fraud and remember.red flags don't always mean there's.fraud.sometimes they're just errors it does.happen.you know we're looking for the stolen.assets can we.find the assets many times i've gone in.when we're dealing with inventory or.fixed asset frauds and we find that.employees are selling the items on.you know ebay or craigslist or somewhere.on the.internet yeah if we're dealing with.stolen data credit card information.social security numbers employee.information customer information.are we looking for information on.suspects are we trying to find.hidden assets what did they do with the.stuff.after they sold it we may need to go.back and look up.information on corporations charities.not-for-profits llcs trusts.you know we're looking for associates of.the suspect.people we can talk to try to gather.information.we're looking at lifestyle information.are they spending more than they can.really afford to spend.are they living some extravagant.lifestyle on a tight budget.you know now when we talk about.interviewing suspects i'm bringing this.up because it's really changed the way.we do business you know normally would.use the.basic interviewing methods the read.methods predominantly used in north.america.the peace method came out of great.britain the psychologists talk about.motivational and uh interviewing of.course we don't do.physically coerced confessions anymore.there's no more.shining lights and rubber hoses but.when you're doing interviews today you.have to consider social distancing.infection risk somebody's going to be.wearing a mask.you know those facial expressions that.we've been taught to observe.yeah how do you see those through a mask.body language is going to change.and this is something most people.haven't thought about you know.the simple fact that if you're in alarm.alone with the suspect.that social distancing the risk factor.for the virus.that's going to change how they react in.the in the interview it could give you.false.positives that the person's trying to.mislead you because they're.nervous they're upset they're.apprehensive and you're going to.pick up on that you need to be aware of.that also the fact.many times in today's world we're now.recording conversations.why because we're doing them over the.internet with.zoom or go to meeting or other things or.if we're doing them individually we're.video recording the conversations.because we don't have that.third person in the room who used to be.there where would have an extra person.in the room to take notes and write.things down.why because of virus fears you know and.and the fact that the.people are going to be nervous now if.you do have a conversation or a phone.call.under federal law as long as one party.to the conversation can sense.it's okay to record the call and that.includes doing an.audio or video recording.some states require for audio recordings.that you have.two-party consent and i've given you a.list of those states here so you know.which ones that you.have to do you know if you do need.consent make sure you.get it in writing now.we also do surveillance and that can be.you know putting up cameras in the.client's location.following suspects we you know people.who are claiming to have.on-the-job injuries we follow them and.take pictures of them doing things that.the.injury wouldn't allow them to do like.playing football.you know golfing etc when they have such.back pain they.can't show up to work you know doing.other types of electronic surveillance.but make sure you know the law.in your state where there's uh where.we're allowed to make audio and video.recordings.now for the most part video recordings.without.sound are usually legal unless there's.an.expectation of privacy no.taking videos in changing rooms.restrooms et cetera we all know those.rules.you know now the obtaining evidence.still we're predominantly looking at you.know consent if the.client gives us the information.obviously we can use it.using subpoenas or for law enforcement.warrants.doing depositions though we're still.finding people who are leery.of doing depositions and that's a great.excuse for someone to put off.oh i don't want to get the virus i'm not.willing to leave my house i'll only do a.deposition.if i can do it via video which makes it.harder to watch their body language or.gain their reaction or look at.you know what they may be looking at as.far as notes or other things.that they have in front of them during.the deposition because it's off screen.it's not in front of the camera.using interrogatories looking for things.in the public domain.including social media we've already.talked about the changes we've done in.conducting interviews.including the use of videotaping.interviews.and of course the freedom of information.act requests have pretty much stayed the.same.you know we can still file those with.the federal government and the state.trying to get government information.now we also do a lot of times searching.public records.driving records criminal records real.estate bankruptcy.court records uh the internet company.filing.social media there's a lot of.information most of that hasn't changed.because we're still doing it online.so covid19 hasn't really changed public.records.unless you're dealing with small.communities that haven't gone online yet.and there are some of those but they're.still pretty rare.now i do remind you you know where some.items you have to have consent.you know if we're doing the research.credit reports.medical records tax records academic.records.clue reports all of those require the.consent.of the person that we're doing the.search on so you can't just.jump out there and order these reports.without making sure that you get their.consent and again.if you are going to get consent get it.in writing.it's not required consent is consent.technically.written consent is not required.but it's highly recommended why.suspects forget verbal conversations.especially.after they talk to their attorney i.didn't understand i wasn't really giving.consent you confused me that isn't what.i.intended to say you misunderstood the.intent of what i told you.i wasn't giving you consent i was just.saying acknowledging yes that i.understood you.wanted to look at the stuff i never.actually gave you permission to look at.it.that written consent can allow us to.include.that information in our investigation.turn it over to law enforcement.if we're going for a criminal.investigation presented in court.you know to make sure that the.information is.out there.now there are certain items that we.simply can't do trespassing going on to.somebody's property now that was all.that would be even more dangerous now.with covid19.it's quarantined and staying home you.don't want to be sneaking into their.property.wiretapping tampering with mail is one.i've seen get some.investigators in trouble which is why i.bring it up because they see it on the.tv shows.magnum pi walks up to somebody's house.sort through their mail opens an.envelope and finds a clue.well you just committed a felony but.they don't put that on tv.you know so they don't talk about those.felonies when we're on tv but we need to.be aware of that.hacking i get a lot of things well.couldn't you yo they hacked us can't you.hack them back.can i yes is it legal absolutely not.two wrongs don't make a right and two.legal activities don't keep you out of.jail.the fact that somebody stole from you.doesn't mean you can steal from them.even stealing your own stuff back can be.problematic.obviously bribing the.information you know not only the fact.that bribery would of course mean the.information is very.unreliable and you can't impersonate a.law enforcement officer.that's a thing that people have gotten.in trouble for pretending to be.oh i'm with the irs or letting people.assume.you're with some type of government.agency.so let's go ahead and do a third polling.question.hacking trespassing and bribery are okay.as long as you have a pi license true or.false.[Music].obviously those are all illegal.activities so the answer is.false.now when we're gathering evidence.we have to look at both direct and.circumstantial evidence.many times in a fraud examination we're.going to prove our case with.circumstantial evidence.wow twenty thousand dollars went missing.from the company bank account.the suspect had twenty thousand dollars.deposit electronically transferred into.their bank account.which they took out in cash and went and.spent well there's.you know we may not be able to directly.trace.because it may have gone through.multiple accounts it didn't go directly.from the company account to the.employees account.if it did that's direct evidence that's.real easy but it went from you know five.or ten different accounts and banks.and eventually ended up in the company's.account or you know we don't have the.evidence that the money went into their.bank account.but the money went missing from the.company and suddenly the employee buys a.new.car you know those are circumstantial.evidence.now when we look at the different types.of evidence we look at.documentary evidence which is you know.paper evidence or electronic evidence.things.stored on a computer physical evidence.actual cell phones disk drives.fingerprints other information.testimonial.evidence from suspects and witnesses.and our personal observation.as investigators we can testify on that.as well.when you're documenting the evidence.make sure you include.a case or reference number uh.bates number uh location where the.evidence uh.uh was collected who collected it the.name.uh the date and time a description of.the evidence.you want to make sure that you don't.alter the evidence that you.have it properly documented put paper.documents and clear sheet protectors and.seal them.use evidence bags for your physical.evidence like disk drives.cell phones etc make sure all of your.evidence is secure.any electronic data should be password.protected.you want to encrypt the files that you.send over the internet.and store your backups in a separate.location.make sure you have a good inventory of.your evidence so you know where it is.make sure you have a chain of custody.that chain of custody is there to make.sure you can show.you know the who had care custody and.control.of the evidence from the time that you.took it into.your custody until you turn it over to.the court or.present it to law enforcement that chain.of custody especially in a.criminal case can be very important we.need to be able to.document that in writing everybody who.touches the evidence.signs for it and.we need to make sure that we.preserve the evidence that we you know.try to do verification from multiple.sources.that we have backup copies because we.have had cases where.criminals have come in and what have.they tried to do they've tried to you.know steal the information back.take back the evidence try to hold on to.that evidence.you know we want to make sure if you.have sensitive information.credit card numbers social security.numbers birth dates.other personal information that that is.encrypted.remember once you have that information.you're responsible for securing that.information state and federal laws.require you to keep that information.confidential you can't just.throw it out on your server and hope.everything works out okay.remember the rules for discovery you.know and and the federal rules.for evidence don't delete stuff.if you gathered it you got to hold on to.it the worst thing you can do.is go through and start deleting files.because when you get hit on.cross-examination.they're going to assume that everything.you deleted would have.you'll help the uh defendant and in that.case.it's going to look bad why didn't you.keep this information.the jury's going to wander that as well.so they're gonna look at that and.they're gonna say well gee.we don't understand why you didn't hold.on to that information.what were the issues so we want to make.sure we do that because eventually.anytime you're doing a fraud examination.whether it's in the pandemic or you know.after the pandemic is gone.you know we're still going to have to.remember that we may have to show up in.court and testify.and we want to do our final polling.question.you know physical evidence includes.electronic devices.fingerprints and photos true or false.now because of the shortness of time.we weren't able to take questions during.the presentation so you can feel free to.send me any questions via email.or you can also send me those questions.by hooking up with me on linkedin i.always accept linkedin requests.from anybody who attended one of my.webinars.just notate that you were in the webinar.and you'd like to link up and then feel.free to.ask me any questions you can also send.the questions uh.directly to the nacda and they will.forward them to me and i'll get back to.you now.for questions i'm just going to let you.know most of the questions because of.the volume we're expecting.and we've got a number of presentations.coming between now and the weekend.most of your answers will probably get.back to you on monday just so you know.that.so i want to make sure everybody's had a.chance to.you know answer all the polling.questions and if you have anything you.want to ask me.feel free to let me know and and just so.every everybody knows there's only three.questions so that last one you can.disregard there is no fourth question.thank you colin i appreciate that i i.threw that fourth one in there i always.liked the final one but let's just make.sure everybody gets credit today.yeah that's the most important thing.guys i want to thank.everybody for attending the webinar.today we got another great one going on.tomorrow.talking about economic damages from the.covet virus if you're interested in that.otherwise i hope to see you in one of.our webinars in the future.have a great day.

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