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How to use The Blank Purchase Agreement Form?

they're come back all of you to the next.is program on a fusion a procurement.implementation we are not copied the CP.fine the PR CPA SPO combination now we.are going to see the BPA VR which is.exactly replicated as we have in.business so you're going to see about.how it has been implemented APIs and.then opposed you'll not come over here.in the power.so let us know see how this BPA BR has.been done in rebus it has been modified.as what BP SPO in this.so let me go inside and SRAM screen now.so here if you see the CPA SPO.combination fine.this has been enhanced and then with the.enhancement and then what happens it has.been extended also to PR so beer is PCB.our CPA SP you whereas here this.combination has been kept as such.finally you see this combination the.blanket purchase agreement we are and.there is no change at all find the.functionality ways what happens they.kept everything as saying and then only.thing is in the automation they made a.small change but that's ok that is how.it will be it is not going to behave.exactly as for the functionality of this.automation is exactly when you know them.so it would assist and then both of them.are independent pass this fan and this.pair what happens even if you sum it is.nothing no harm at all then all the.three paths are independent of each.other in there you miss here on this.given a feature find they don't cross.crisscross with any of those things set.up so now honestly the blanket purchase.agreement is remiss so let me go on the.make a purchase order now fine go there.so click on purchase orders so I'll now.make a purchase order it is j65.and then go at the one and then I'm not.going to make it as a blanket purchase.agreement drop it down to the blanket.and then put the item and then here.Automator justified and then person it.is when you attack it and offering it.before forget about the dinner tomorrow.today evening and no leaving for a till.another for a clear image actually so.tomorrow and after tomorrow will not be.having any class okay after this class.seven eight.I know that yeah okay okay okay only.only on Saturday will be having class.after because I'm not leaving for the.Miller today and then tomorrow def more.will not be having it will be going to.be readable sexual and then on Saturday.on you'll be having next class just.remaining you go there go to the BPM my.BP is no done fine to go there then in.the lines item what happened no putting.the idea wrong and then at one of the.description everything is coming for ice.cream so the BPA will not have the.quantity the PD as well as they do not.have anything and then go there it gets.copied into terms 24 cups so here what.happens whenever you are creating a BP.advisable to have the date fine even.though Dean's is remanded optional but.in the automation process sort of the.system is no expect you to put the dates.falls so here what happens having no put.whatever the limit has been brought over.here not from thousand meters come on.you know it so I don't know make a.change to 300 so it cannot be less than.thousand fine Yale cannot be less than.yay that is the standard one so it has.to be about the Tony so whatever I get.put thousand oh you know it cannot be.less than can be equal to or above al.cannot be less than a one and then I.think whatever there what happens at.Yale cannot be set at all you cannot set.anything about you have to set.everything with me on Ahmad agreed so.nicely done so that he won't fool around.with this one and I will not say the.supplier does not even limit the EMR is.the applicable one being in a BPA.whereas mr is applicable on a CPA also.in future infusion you can even have a.Amana PwC POS right that is a good.extension right there needed extension.actually funny because supply supply.will be giving you so he has now given a.minimum release of $50 that means what.every VR which is going to follow must.be a kiss for folks and then he has got.one more low limit mom this is not the.high limit all cumulative ers cannot.exceed the.the high limit limit given subject this.is a limit given by the company all.cumulative be us cannot exceed the.amount limit of its PP action and then.here what happens it has got one more.low limit if you put the agreement what.happens the supply is saying that what.happens if you go for what happens first.line it must be at least forty dollars.right there is a two columns quantity.agreed an amount agreed they are one.before information so infusion also the.quantity agreed an amount agreed and.then the quantity released and immorally.store only for information infusion also.here also what happens is only for.information purposes you will have idea.but how much is now agreed upon with it.and then against which how much has been.released you can have a look at it it.doesn't have any functional controls so.infusion also what happens these two.fields do not have any function so he's.not saying this not mind go there and.then what happens if we go to the terms.not you know the price breaks now price.mix can be given off and if on the page.breaks and then click on it on that here.if you buy more than their final goal it.you'll know give a 10% discount fine now.madam and then if you buy for more than.22-hundred know what hold it and then.here 20% is come down and then if you.buy more than 300 so price breaks are.very much possible estimate then here.there is a concept called cumulative you.know if you would like me to give me.device in the cumulative pricing what.happens if the cons are is saying that.what happens if you buy two parts what.happens you know get one shut free you.go and delete say last Dvorak purchased.one point now if I purchase one band.will he give a shirt free or not even.God will not give you so if such a thing.is given what happens that means what he.is now hollering your previous purchases.because some some shops what happens.they'll be having a book in which what.happens all your prior purchases are.written over there once with the.cumulative purchases exceed 5,000 rupees.what happens there.and then spoon something something in.long viewers of sweet gift at very low.end value but people will be more.attracted towards it so what happens.likewise what happens if he if the.suppliers look what I must considering.your previous purchases against every.slab to say 494 if you buy more than.hundred you.but if the so if you know after getting.this even the.you know having a price of ten so I'm.not having a second line in this what.happens second line what happens you.know giving a limit of rapido.so apart from that terms level limit of.fifty dollars for each and every be are.fine it will be a fifty dollar limit we.have a line level limits on the first.line if you are ordering on your BR what.happens it must be at least four dollars.under if you are ordering for the second.man that we are yours.so these are all the main level.right so we have one terms level limit.and then one line level so there are two.limits of them I know it means every.line can have so there are too low.limits and then one high limit so in Eve.is infusion also we have the same.concept we have one high limiter than.two low levels so one low limit is there.in the terminal and then one is on the.line my immoral the lights so he's all.so future is also having the same.concept there is no change at all the.concepts of it and then what happens you.know completed Frank of it and then.there be a blanket purchase anybody so.created it has got two lines stuffing so.first like having this the similar thing.is what the quantity P D and NB d will.be grayed out fine because if you be.having any price breaks so you know.disco discuss up a four hour the price.breaks or basically what all the.location-specific money when you give.this all the location what happens.you'll be getting this it is not or.otherwise for each and every combination.of all the location what happens if you.have a place behind close it now and let.me improve it since six five - I'm going.to prove it so the VP is now pro right.now what happens against which I'm not.going to crater BR we get along and.we're the tools the move the closes the.form so that market any open now what.happens you go to the purchase orders.and then put the releases so in this.version of I'm knocking on one point two.point six not you see my version is.twelve point two point six here whatever.the position orders come in the bottom.at you so I'm no two point six actually.so I go the releases not go there since.six by two is the one I go there so six.it's five to one on you attack so how is.I'm nobody the first rule is not least.number one I am going to create no.critic at least number one I go there.and then click on it and I don't you.line number one line number one we go.there it is m1 here what happens I go.there I will not give only one quality.if you try to commit it will not come it.at all because what happens your.purchase order must have a shipment your.shipment needs what or your location.your quantity as well as States one of.the need is a mandatory is there the PDR.in brief but this is not created shuttle.estimation no say come on you don't give.it this one so either a PD or a NBD is.required for a plan date when you are.saying so what happens.so here we see in the line the line so.you can see there are two is also in.this line and then one for the $10 and.then one for the $20.now what happens I would add one more.line I will not say line number two and.go there you know add one more line it's.a one-point Imani.this is also one different.so that is also mute your mics because.your mix is not no it's not fine mute.all so that's okay fine good so only two.errors are coming with this cell this.put together cumulative you what happen.for line two with no meaning $20 he goes.it if you go for 11th continue a tap and.then community there will be only one.error because whatever this is on the.line level it is not that Emma on the.terms button is only give you move it.and then click on what happens for 51.not now what happened there is it.so what happens we are not tested.thought EMR on there what's called a.more on the terms button as well as here.more on the lines will be green so six.six five - I - one is a br which is not.getting 500 us now we know test the high.level not find me look moment is the.high level so I don't know make one more.one if you click on the agreement madam.if you click on that button here what.happens it will show you the total and.then it will no indicate to you the Yemm.are the terms but an EMR and then they.mal no EMR and Yael the term product.will be listed on that freebo's.the agreement page both m and C is not.in this place but I was you go there.we'll see it's not fine if you click on.the agreement but after they cannot see.their EMR as well as the Yale on that.agreement but not the line level limits.the line level limits of ten in 2d with.not to show my overall Domino show you.these things now cumulatively what.happens we can now go up to thousand.dollars something has been released so.if you go for higher control down arrow.six it's fine to give it that secondly.this is no getting me to it and then go.for that and he wrote a memo say was.nine or 1300 no because what happens.this is not going to enjoy the discount.of this thing oh that.so 9090 plus seventy what happens in.beginning of the high-level limit will.be giving a problem so the agreement.amount limit when the AL is not a.millimeter previously what happens the.minimum release was coming in now.agreement amount the medicinal creators.so what happens if you make it less so.you know go with it no make it a.thousand two hundred and you're a tap.now what happens eight forty plus.seventy one is okay I click on approve.what happens you cannot see and then the.fruit what happens if you keep an eye on.B never has been released so Emma is two.things so this is how the BP ABR.combination works and then there also it.works exactly like in the infusion also.exactly like this.and then here what happens before they.even close it close it and here we query.there's no one close it on and we query.movie please sit over here a fine so you.cannot see this no fine no if you go to.the agreement opinion you know and say.what happens the total release what is.one thousand wonderful payment that.would release this much for the line so.we have we have practically agreed upon.some quantity and some amount and then.we can even make a comparison over is.this how much has be refused he doesn't.have any any function of the quality.agreed amount agreed another.Lisa model is one of any functional tone.indication purposes got it not quite so.this is how the BPA beer box Sydnor what.happens in a busines.any doubts on this good that the officer.did find a logo for automation now a.logo for automation.so for automating it what happens the.terms whatever I will know go then.remove this not cause any problem at all.and then the line level limits also is.no remove that so in ordination in.reality what happens if he be as see.this is a limit given by the company and.then this is a limit given by the.supplier and then here also what happens.this will be the supplier so for.automation demonstrated so we enter all.of the supplies requirement visible but.one of us for the motion NW so what.happens it requires ready approval and.click on approve so to automate it what.happens as we have a process here we'll.show you get automatic document creation.the good the automatic documentation on.your document find our fee for it open.it up - so - what a minute.what happens we have one thing called.what happens this is the one when there.are three types of automation czar left.one is the blanket one one is the big.coat one and then one is the contract.one now what happens only one is come in.future this is the only thing it is so.here you notice we have to make a srna's.ASL MVP so if you make all the four what.happens as soon as the approved purchase.requisition comes and hits this ad see.what happens upon running the faidley's.program what happens you'll be getting a.beer so this is going to the blanket one.so let us send the four components on.the ADCs reas reas I'll give it no go on.and so six six five to the one remember.it is not having any limits we are.remove the limits only for testing.purposes not but in reality so we no go.then make the SR.go there go to the supply base and then.what so sinkholes the navigation so we.are now going to be the sourcing tool.double click on it now and again.0-60 fire understory sorry and then this.for all Lots from date and here type is.by from and then go there supplier is J.six different person and the scientist.control L and goof on it yes no infusion.we cannot make this esse unless arrays.you have the value chain planning.license it has all been shifted to.planning actually and so what happens.only when you have that license you'll.be able to pin yes sir yes sir cannot be.created in fusion if you don't have the.license of BCP vzp license is a must.otherwise this system is not having it.now and so what happened is not be able.to create this so we need that traces I.close it now and then afterwards what.happens if words are signs those in goes.double click on it so in the same.sourcing rules I would be having one.thing called supplier scheduling now so.these are saying words supplier of.scheduling so we would agree here what.happens I go to begin in control donor I.will know make a entry at the item level.here whatever this is what j65.person taken only would have the item.what if I only would navigate now this.purchase orders control flow since its.fight will be coming the latest.purchases on will be coming in or they.are giving equally not to stomach so you.go there and then here was shift your.fight and then go rate I will now put PG.65.posit engine on your backpack present a.given percentage what I if i underscore.is 16 so once when you have a sourcing.rule in place so this source signal is.pointing to a supplier and the item is.pointing the social node so item.supplier relationship gets established.items of regulation it is established.and so what happens you're going to test.account so we made an entry on this item.this item is now point to the sourcing.load the so signal is finding.so player and so what happens I am.supplier relationship is established.able to make a check or become I go.there you open the requisition so the.moment you put the item over here j68.person is you put it you cannot see what.happens it has got a blanket agreement.no say and then the supplier is no.coming and then the source document what.happens you will be getting this VPN a.browser so for getting these two.informations on your requisition what.happens you must have the SSR and a.subset for which what happens we have.that BCT license required in future if.there is not that what happens to you.and you have to manually populate this.number the more you put the number the.supplier is like to be coming but if you.are the places you can very well.configure your sirness.and so animals as soon as you put the.item over here on the requisition form.will be getting there some player.getting populated the sauce noodles also.will be coming so this I'm not going to.do it manually but when you learn PCP.what happens when the instance is having.the places then it will all be totally.order I know that there are towards what.happens you go there and then we look.great what one yes the supply basically.this printer click on it and then here.what I j60 French puzzle it anyway dad.so I will read Amira and then click on.the supplier j65.percentage j60 point but some be done on.you attack and then site is this one and.then make it as up do not move the.record it is the global as yes not.commit and then click on the other.attributes not find keep your cursor if.you are keeping your cursor on the top.what happens you won't be having.anything here and then here what happens.you cannot see it is not there are three.tapes of EDC's or ever be here automatic.documentation there are three did not.when they only bps thumb the remaining.addicted and then the number line number.is one and then here's release mother I.am gonna make it as automatic use.automatic weights which ones are you be.greedy so infusion also we are having.almost as similarly a self but not to.this extent the power of E which has not.come out so if you go there in the close.it so yes LBP a set up it is almost.similar to what we have in it but the.full power of our a business not got.plenty of things are there the profile.control so many things wrong it's not so.we are not completed what selling of.this ad seen a sorry a sorry.now once when a requisition is approved.if you more than if you don't hit the.ADC and then runs in here and the create.lease program automatically the purchase.order market is ago I was to go there.so we don't do this not go there.so a sell VB is now complete so let us.go then and then I'm going to create.what happens a requisition take on the.requisition in the question so.requisition will be for what it is j65.person they turn on your tap right I go.there the message is coming your one.message is coming so get up it and go.for that and I hear whatever the no one.not quite positive and then go there and.then they need be read I'm going to give.it both I mean it on the statement was.so 33 so if you give the timing as this.one if you say what happen the timing is.very sensitive not why it must be after.the today's time so there's no so the.needed has been given a file was pretty.weak and then one of us if you see the.discount is not coming because the.discounts are basically all the.locations then put it seattle.manufacturing location is m1 so if you.give it the discount or I remember.position will be comparing against each.and every small break breaks or not it.not be cumulative be committed so you.know given but really what happens there.we are now cross the point 30% discount.also so you'll be getting 30% because we.already crossed it right totally this is.what cannot see on the on the purchase.order find go there go to the purchase.orders here what happens if you see the.total is just now cross dispatcher so.here what happens we cannot see how much.as we can.the total leaves has no cross the 891 so.that means what we already crossed the.limits of fine put the price breaks and.then here what happens we already.crossed all the discount is no cross and.so one of us will be eligible for what's.called a yeah 30% is corny ones but.reckless this will be comparing against.each and every new they're only the.positions are compared against each.anybody do the roni so hundred means.what you won't be showing the 30% is.gone it will not compare against each.other but on the release.and so one five nine one phase there and.let me take you forward on the chicken.so I know more than a bit okay no it is.not man vanished no so you go there go.to the requisition somebody I'm gonna.have a look at it not quite the.requisition somebody and encoding for.that position.you've pasted it over here than you can.find no so one think we need show you it.is approved and then go to the tools so.that view approval through up flow find.tools you up to throw approach we go on.and hear it now it will show you how.much it has progressed on the web format.so you Neve is what happens we hello up.flow monitoring and then they're here.what happens it is also there but in a.different direction basing it you won't.be able to see such thing but it is a.Java enabled 180 of ADF is the.technologies for doing the song but the.technical can do also like this no gone.gone gone no going over here what.happens it is not waiting for the.background process to object right now.the moment you've run the create release.so now let's move on that run the create.is so you go there close it now so sorry.more they close it and then we will know.open up the requisition some a purchase.order somebody force it's it's Phi 2 so.6 6 Phi 2.then you would add view the releases.also click on the view reasons and think.I'm fine now so once when you find it.out there are two releases there now let.us run the crane is programmed so once.when an approved requisition comes and.then hits is a tizzy and upon running.the creative this program what happens.API so idea are tender known the cream.is so said create movies so grab it now.so fine so once when this is completed.what happened you can all see a be are.coming out of this third beer for one.not one quantities that position was.saying appointment place here automobile.beginning odd price of point someone 30.percent of everybody so you go they take.over and they make a query on this place.from FICO that create the third release.is out.and then click on open and then hero.rapidly cannot see the price will be 0.7.because we have any caused the slap.because cumulative raising is enabled so.this completes the automation in the.automation process what happens that we.are transit areas infusion no need to.run this concurrent at all as soon as.the approved purchase requisition what.happens is no then and then once with.this entire setup is then along with one.more set up it will require apart from.sree sree a still BP and then once when.you know all the setups the beer or the.SPO will be coming out automatically.find no need to do anything find there's.one more which is required and then if.you do it there is no such creative ease.content program infusion at all once all.the requisition comes on and heels is a.DC what happens the beer or the SPO out.with one more set of action is it clear.enables not find this automation process.any doubts on this one this is most of.you knows Phoebus very well so you may.be knowing this well okay now here what.happens there are there's one more setup.which is required infusion find that is.not required in e-business do with it.you go to set up some additional.purchasing options in the purchasing.options what happens there it is a.configure cook human business function.here what happens there is a buyer there.is a bias enough so this is only when.you put it what happens then only what.happens in the system you know create.what happens is this ESP you.automatically a part of the SR is a.nasal beep it up we have to populate the.buyer on that.configure the Cuban business function.here it is purchasing options but in.Eva's only one such a business process.needs a buyer anybody knows it.which business process meet the buyer.there is one business process which.needs the buyer at the what happens at.this level fine at this purchasing.options level or and the item item is.also having it default item also means.that before they're good items fine if.you go there here what happens the.purchasing there will be a B for there.so we have two specific items specific.buyers or common by a Ferran.that there's only one business process.which needs this which one it is mean is.anybody a part of that for automation.purposes we don't need a buy it right.there now what happens that this is.processes it to come in future anybody.which business process needs a buyer.information on there what happens newer.purchasing options okay I'll tell you.it's VMI so we have a vendor managed.inventory vendor managed inventory will.not work if by a reception he has to be.presently Ethan on the purchasing.options or on the item.fine now what happens the VMA is not it.come and so what happens they are no.integrated it along with the automation.process here not having automation.process you have the specific buyer.either on the configure requisitioning.bustle functions or other based on.tighter so then only what happens this.automation will work and then it does.not need any country got it now you go.them say no so you know go to jump it.diffusion and then see what how to set.it up on - let us go there the jumpy.diffusion of then see this movement go.there and then let me go there and then.login so we'll know create a BP you know.nobody gonna BP.j65 underscore empty one let us know go.then create a BP know so you're going to.get a BP fine go that click on the.frequent icon some of them I am going to.leave it as a lab X's ones when you do.it will be understand everything I'm not.going to us it's not right some of them.would be a lab X is for you click on it.so you try this one if you have any.doubt on the purchasing now let me make.a big DPM go they click on it and here.what happens we pick on what happens.create a dream click on created it if.you click on the create agreement what.happens you put the supplier is no hero.Thomas I click on create.so go for that nothing here or no put up.on that lead free.I won't limit is absent actually but a.mood limit is absent as in the CP CP.also cannot see the amount emitted all.the terms but think about see the amount.the EMR in the terms button find is a.lab exits for the for you you put the.Amana and make a check of it I will now.show you this limit not the most richest.limit this is a lab X is for you put a.limit and then see how its function you.go there I will now add that up right.click on plus one I'm going to add the.camels nose under let me add on it off.when it is g65 for the night so let me.admit I go there I am putting the item.it will not have any quantity it not.have any PD if you don't have any.impedance PD an imperial absent yet you.know that so only this much will be.there with it and then after what he put.the controls the controls and then leave.alone all the controls actually they're.interactive racing ever not commit to.come back and becoming Remicade so leave.the choices as such not do that.retroactively raising was very nicely.done in Debus.but the full functionality has not been.brought over and that I do not.understand why they are bringing partial.functionality and this partial.functionality is meaningless many.company heebie-jeebies has got a excel.function so many things are to come they.saying they're coming coming coming.this is the defaults and then now what.happens he go and then say once every.three thousand one is a BPA no we throw.some to the BPA and then here what.happens in the place I'm not giving only.one limit so I will now go to the line.level them give the lipid stops wine I.don't show you you you serve the line.and then I read you select the line and.then click on edit no sudden the line.isn't keen on in it and then here what.happens you have a line level limit ox.tended to day I gave not find a more on.the lines level there is all a big sis.1m all of the terms but up as well as.more on the lines level exist amount.agreement about an agreement quantity on.all one defy information purposes just.like we have in his name is also what.they're all information purposes you.know that here what happens this move.degree quantity agreed motor information.purposes against which how much he.released he can only make a comparison.they don't have any functionality so.here also what happens if you see what I.was about that green agreement about our.agreement quality is only for.information functional go then here what.happens I add one price break on it and.then here also what happens resolve all.the locations specific organizational.what see if I want and then the.locations in this location g6 differing.under spoke law from the sport is one.give it so this is to be law and the.support I need to give at a free showing.all the locations visit come on it has.to show me some of the things when they.entered it will be showing but some of.them it doesn't show their quantity if.you buy more than hundred what happens.I'm not going to give it 20 members in.this form only one discount right here.cumulative raising is exactly same like.this cumulative ability exactly see the.prior purchases of simulated there's.also a lab axis you create multiple.levels of discourse and then check for.the cumulative I don't give me one level.so what happens if you go for more than.holidays beginning a price of one point.five it will be one point one two five.one be the whole craze was one point.five and then the one point two five is.the new price if you are buying only one.level I am now giving you humilation is.a lambic size and then mr the lines but.on the syllabic says mr the terms but on.the syllabic signs fine to eat comes.from it so go there so it's no company.now what happens you go and then make.the a cylinder right here what happens.yes rnas or i cannot do it in this.instance not because whatever this.instance is not having the ECBC license.and so yes sir on the acer can be done.only when you have the BCP lists so now.whatever the ASL deviated it is almost.similar to what we have in.Jebus but with a reduced click on this.icon.these icons you go they managed approach.supply restricted he's the supreme is we.have the ASA so there also we can.against of babies only we are having it.so supply base and then managed approach.supply list in please let me have it so.click on plus icon click on the plus.icon there is a clear deck on a click on.plus icon so once when you give on the.price icon remember the splits icon will.come only when you have the procurement.manager role the procurement manager is.not that discipline is what j65.is almost similar to what we have status.is what approved go there make this this.is the proof and then here what have you.come there supply side also you drop.down and choose it choose it supplier.inside a choose and statuses are pruned.off and go there and then here what.happens in the global document what.happens you go on an action add map so.we had just save it this time when the +.is not coming because we have to save it.now so only when you save it but the +.we come oh um is not j65.then you have to put the item on so the.one of the moon put the j68.what is it ok this is known as so not me.it is a setting so the moment you put.the item whatever the plus symbol.becoming oh yeah you don't need to save.as it's the plus will be coming only way.the item is present on this new item is.not done now in the process coming click.on the plus not know what happens you go.there agreement number 3000 won now when.you attack an agreement line is one.that's getting order when you get.populated.that's it right in the ear is whatever.we have three levels of automation.oh then here is the playlist right you.could easily mr. query for this item J.65% able to create what we have the.statuses appropriable the attributes.what happen we have three levels no only.one and then the release mother's also.so in this combination is going to work.now clear what I mean there's no such.release button here right so we have the.statuses upload to the top finder is a.item is a supply site is there and then.this bottom what happens we are now.adding this why this is going to supply.an item attributes let's go to something.reduced functionality when you make the.global source agreement is more than.sufficient so a cell BPA entry is now.complete but with the reduced function.feed on segment plus now we go more than.pays acquisition normally here what.happens again what happens it begins.with what happens requisition of mine.for the purchase requisition.now go on then do it on the requisition.line intake now automation is not.complete infusion mode.now what happens what we have done is.here if you see when I was yes LBP 8.p.m. 8 of course yes our ASR is not that.because since it is not there if you go.and then populate my item we cannot.write the supplier and ID Lehman numbers.will not be but if you have the s RNAs.are set what happens it will no Ottoman.live in Omen BP the agreement upper.class and everything will come because I.don't have a license to this BCP license.is required for automatic population of.what happened agreement type a given.number supplier and sign a be like.separate go there no go on it is not and.then now what happens I will not add to.the requisition so here what happens a.SL b PF but this is not sufficient for.an automation there here there is no.concurrent at all like pre please right.but what happens the buyer information.is required on there was called.configure good-humoured business.function on a night if you don't specify.the where both places automation will.fail both F so click on activate.position when I am giving everything.everything is coming down at the.requisition so is no reference will the.three thousand one you go there pick on.a deer in Summit and then here what.happens if you go on then submit it will.be getting of I hope that nobody has.modified it single level approval of.some other levels.okay when somebody is not done with j68.family they're testing it wrong I let me.go on then disable this not fine let me.disable it go the control t let me.disable the top so whenever it is not.working please.the mega Chekhovian on one panel is.looking serious still not working I.don't know what exactly the problem.somebody might have Crips and somewhere.else.so you go there and I'm going to manage.requisition of course much percentage.approval personally my posit so this is.no enable/disable it now disable this.the parallel visit so here for the.hierarchy serial in this one I think we.made one thing enable the red rarity.three we have a automatic approval I.think this place in the community most.severely autistic is there or not one of.us get ahead on k3 it has two guna.anything does go on now.we have one rule always up is there and.then you can go later and seen the board.of its automatic of profile so we have.this rule no fine go there so entire arc.III has got let me enable the room not.yet continue I would rather act if we.have been able to get no it takes.something and then here order on you go.in the visible so it's not disabled no.need to deploy it fine for such enabling.and disabling morning but only when you.make a change here go back and then see.whether application developers coming or.not fine click on manage rules so the.application developer has to come over.here now so application others coming.click on submit it will be getting a.book 1 0 2 3 will be submitting for.prove us which we get and now what.happens they purchase order has to come.automatically but it did not come at all.click on it calm.so the bus is order will not come at all.because the automation is not fully.signature but there is no pending.approval and go to it click on it now so.click on back now move it so wait for.some time.so it says what application developer.has approved it and the task is going to.be completed to find the process of.getting completed and offline go there.click on turn off and then if you come.out and then see this no order will be.having done and then come out of it.under here O'Donnell seems it's all true.now what happens the buyer has to pick.it up and then perform the operation.since we have the hazel India where we.hit whatever you know see a small lake.on becoming by air is not processing it.takes from time 0 to 3 again ie a con.will come over here indicating that the.buyer is now going to pick it up on that.process this and then that I a count.will be permanent because what happens.there we are not specific buyer at all.so otherwise what happens you beginning.what happens the purchase order getting.created automatically so if you go to.the purchasing and then go to the.process requisition for 1 0 to 3 if you.go on the neck query click on it and.then you're going to make a putting on.the process requisition switch the.positions and then here move it the.requisition number is 1 0 2 3 and then.your app and then remove the buyer you.know it will now say it failed.automation it trained automation that.position has line failed automation.because a buyer could not be determined.in CPU also similar thing is coming but.once when you provide the buyer it.cannot be still automated the CP there.is a question which I told you find here.the moment I put the dryer or a fuzzy be.able to automate it and then this is now.coming over here the purchasing again it.takes some time there also what happens.you'll be getting information that when.the buyer has not taken up processing.but by it's not there it ok since buyer.is not specific it is not even taking a.formation since we are taking a.formation so we go there and then.manually click on process you go there.go to the process requisition 1 0 2 3 1.0 and then remove is not and then click.on search.now I will now select the line and then.I had to document with her at Adama.builder and then go there under here so.here what happens the source number can.be given because BPA is a document man.what happens we can automate it also so.what happens for a CPA we cannot do the.source number 3000 we cannot be gone but.three thousand one is coming okay and.then we have to give the source number.also the BP and then click on what click.on create now so what happens it's not.created and then there is no one Danube.and it isn't up to it so the document.purchase order was created not validate.number so good actions are then go to.validate no errors font click on submit.and 2004 against one zero and then that.will be getting updated on the main.screen no not so we do not take some.purchase requisition for a zero order.against one zero two three you can now.see the order of 2004 coming up for you.it takes something already.so the man only of creation now let me.go and then populate my buyer on that.configure requisitioning business.function here it will be coming so let.me go there and then configure makes.positioning business will go there here.click on done now and then come out of.it now and then here what I'm going to.do is I will go to the configure.requisitioning business function it is.configured my first which kind of.purchasing could cumin cumin renew yes.and business function to the one so what.is the conjugate working on business.function and then here I don't use my.one since the scope searched is yet what.happens really not have to go by our.projects actually no need at all and you.can do is go there j65.I'm putting it on okay here I am going.to put default manner so the buyer must.be available here if this is a buyer.what happens if it be common for all the.items if you want to have items specific.where you feel specific item that will.no supersede the buyer so this is being.hired as an automation one here this is.required eBay's only for BMI.the mp3 mp3 come on Jacek Steven come on.so last name comma bursting what is also.emp1.EMP one then Jesus different so so if.the buyer is there in item also items.buyer will know superseded there what.happens your procurement configuration.business functions fire if you want to.have items will be go ahead differently.you can even configure and if you are.putting the buyer over there light up.what happens let me know supersede this.so this is now what happens we go there.you know make a requisition now here.we'll see at least what happens we have.already given what 1 0 2 3 it is for how.much quantities whatever Duty quantities.the purchase order number is also so if.you go for 80 count is yourself will not.get a discount because cumulation so let.me go for 81 qualities the $100 will be.coming Franco that position line entry.and then this time what happens I am.going to go for 81 quantities so go the.item is what j65 and then give a damn.so item 1 click on ok if you go and then.put the quantity is 81.what happens I must get the discount now.I am NOT getting the discount anybody.say convert it will be a way that.discount is not coming it has to come.because stimulation craze is anybody by.the way the discount is not coming the.quantity is less than 100 no no though I.told you huh yeah already purchased in.the previous requisition protocol it is.so 81 plus 20 is hunter is now causing.hunter ed you must get the discount.because stimulation price is enable is.cumulative but it's not still coming.anybody it has to come now that 25%.discount so it will be 1 point 1 2 way.or something like that something is.missing in this place what is missing.location location location just have a.look at it now how keen look on it one.big thing is missing here now no.authorization will never come in the.requisition form at our location is no.agreement s exactly who is this English.Harry.so so so the.example if you click on it what happens.an icon will be coming oh yeah it says.that buyer is now taken up for boxing.click on this 1 0 to 4.here you see an ie icon is there it says.what the buyer is now processing this so.we have a default by over here the line.is being processed by the way so.afterwards what happens once when you.process the orders created what happens.the icon will code it says the buyer is.not exposing so for automation purposes.we have to specify only the buyer yeah.either on the configure configure.procurement options or raise Aniyah.item level buyer will no supersede there.what happens the purchase options buyer.remember ok click on done now and then.here whatever if you go then see this.place put the purchasing and the Auto.criteria it will not be visible at all.because the buyer is I will be taken off.of the position if you.then annoyed and then click on search.now you will be able to see this at all.you want defining in finding you oh.there and then zero see the purchase.orders and go to automatically created 1.dg2 person faces come yes.so if you go there and then see the.purchase order and then what happens.this will be going as a release to the.purchase order click on the manage.agreements mop fine go there where's the.manager agreements and then here I go.see against three thousand one two.thousand five will be released no mm Phi.is erased by two thousand three thousand.one is it again switch what happens if.you click on this release amount for a.position to go Surprise Ariz so if I.create anything which is no exceeding.the thousand what happens it will no.will no see what happens.we will now create mm Phi is the one one.one 2004 is not for this at all no.weights now if we create anything which.is the sealy thousand what happens you.do not see what happens you go there we.will now go there and then create a.requisition which now exceeds thousand.on the purchase requisition and then go.they click on the requisition line entry.j65.then item one and go to cool it know.populate your VP of three thousand one.there is a high limit which I will test.is the high limit so I know that I don't.go for is a 1200 so 1000 doing it.there's no getting the price now fine.the cumulative Li what happens is no.exceeding this nor mine is no exceeding.this say go there click on add to that.click on activate position exceeding.this limits no fine so the limit is what.thousand dollars and then put together.what happens this and then the previous.one put together is you know see what.happens so once you know to face there.is submitted what happens it will be.taken up for us so one zero two five is.not taken out for processing now on zero.to V is not a crossing and wait for some.time now go there one zero to five.so the waters we have already know so.here the next batch has to start at 8:00.the next no rushing for it actually do.that and here what happens know that.it's not pending approval I make it.could equally again it will be approved.now is approved fine click on it we.don't see the icon as a constant bias.against the browser might mean no see.what happens is the buyer is not process.by the way we go there than how the very.top and click on done not know see this.one we go there go to the purchasing.area and then query for this one zero to.Phi now you go there click on it click.on the process requisitions click on the.process acquisition one zero two five.one zero clean fight when we were tap.delete everything you can search not.then nothing is available he does be.converted into a purchase order actually.it has been converted by doramas is not.going offroad so it doesn't stop in the.auto green area at all even though what.happens is exceeding limits so what.happens if you go they wouldn't see the.song go to manage orders and then since.it has converted that into a Pivo but.because it is exceeding limits what.happens it's a requisition is what one.zero two five so you know william the.requisition click on search north so I'm.not putting the requisition and.searching it but the orders created but.it will be named completion it click on.search now so the orders creating 2006.is now created but it is named complete. is the incompletion is because one.of us approval cannot be done because.what happens is exceeding so go there.and then click on actions and then put.it now and then go then validate it will.not beginning validated.so the automation processes work in.creating the people but what happens.after all is not taken Franco to the.Bandit you can see the requisition my.agreement numbers are coming.your order will cause the total amount.released against this agreement this.doesn't exceed the amount limit amount.limit is not editable at all here when.the amount agreed can be now tell me you.will know increase the amount limit or.otherwise you lost the requested to.reduce the party which will do if the.requested is is the quantity also what.happens it can be done easily so which.one you will do.you know increase the amount limit of.the BPA or always reduce the quantity.the requisition which one you know.recommend increase the amount limit.exactly.I wanna meet our so you have to modify.only that purchasing documents are not.you should not touch the requests are.usually done often so this completes the.PR DPA SPO combination is it clear MA.I'm not doing it friend so there are.three lab exercises there one is what.I'm greement level Lima and then line.level Emma and then this also is three.thousand one you go and improve it and.then again come back to 2008 the changes.only on the purchasing side is it clear.can you do this indefinitely big boss.will take with this is basically with.this what happens we are not completing.the activities on the purchase orders.now we are going to begin receiving on.Saturday the next class will be on.Saturday.so bye for now la Vida sorry thank you.my.

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Blank Purchase Agreement Form FAQs

Here you can get responses to the most FAQs about Blank Purchase Agreement Form. If you have specific problems, select 'Contact Us' at the top of the page.

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Contract employee do not have any employee employer relationship and hence the income a contract employee earn will not be taxable under the head salary . As the income is not taxable under the head salary a contract employee cannot file ITR 1 The income earned shall be taxable under the head Profit and Gains from business or Profession. Hence you are required to file ITR 3 (FY 17–18, FY 18–19). Expenses incurred for earning the given income can be claimed as deduction. Expenses like commuting expenses , Telephone charges etc. PGBP= Income earned as contract employee- expenses incurred for earnin Continue Reading

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How do I fill out the SS-4 form for a new Delaware C-Corp to get an EIN?

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Who prepares the purchase and sale agreement?

I'll answer this question in two parts Cost of preparing the sale agreement: Ask your lawyer to prepare one they charge around 5–10k depending on his level. Don't try to save money here. Make sure all names, pan numbers and other details are correct check thrice before finalising. Ensure he puts proper indemnity clauses to protect you from future litigation. payment details like cheque/DD number must be added Cost of registration: It ranges from city to city. could be as low as 4% to as high as 11% Go to the sub registrar and catch hold of a document writer he will act as your agent/consultant for the process. Pay him his fees after the job is done. Make sure you get all the copies of the documents and a copy of the latest EC immediately after registration. Your name should reflect in the EC. Hope that helped

What is a property purchase agreement?

One, I know would be the listing agreement contract (i.e.) the Sales Agreement Contract, and the other is the Purchase Agreement Contract, where both parties agree on the sales price, terms of escrow, etc.

Do I need a lawyer to review real estate contract?

“The due diligence is the burden of the buyer.” Do you know what you don’t know? Talk to the local title company. Have them suggest a buyer’s agent to represent you. They work with them all. They know the good ones. The seller has already offered to pay that commission.

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