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The Implementation Guide for Dl 51 Form California Dmv

The easy way to fill in Dl 51 Form California Dmv online is by using a dedicated tool. While there are tons of it, CocoSign seems to be the most convenient tool online. To use the tool, follow the process given below.

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  4. Now you can fill in the blanks.
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youtube video

Guide of Dl 51 Form California Dmv

hey everyone this is Ryder from skip and.I have a new video for you about the.revamped California DMV website and.they've made some big changes which are.important to know about whether you live.in California or not the DMV probably.affects you whether you have ever gotten.a driver's license or you need to.register your car or you just have a bad.impression of the DMV in general I think.this video might change your mind and.give you hope for your DMV again whether.you're in California or somewhere else.this is a great example of what's.possible with the DMV and with other.private partners and with good.technology so I'm going to dive into.this I'm gonna share some details about.why this is important for your state why.this is important for California and how.this can help you specifically if you're.one of the 30-plus million people in.California who have a driver's license.so let's dive in the reason why this is.so important is California of course is.the largest state in the u.s. and it has.the DMV has over 1 billion dollar budget.in California so that's a massive budget.and frankly it like most dnb's across.the country has always gotten criticized.you know for better or worse the DMV has.always been the antiquated government.agency I worked in the public sector for.about 4 years so I've been involved in.the public sector now obviously what.skip we're trying to help catalyze.change with government services and help.improve government services so it's.amazing to see the California DMV make.big changes like this so let me just.show you here you know kind of the.design the look in the feel of their.homepage which is which is great two.weeks ago.June 1st this is how their website.looked you know not very inviting and.just not not very good hierarchy and.that's changed obviously you know.doesn't take much to have good design.and they they clearly found a great.illustrator and a great design and.thought about organization a lot which.is amazing and I think one of the things.I want to point out is in the age of.kovat right now I think there was been.the time and the renewed incentive to.basically build out the online.experience given that we don't know what.the future is going to hold in terms of.going to DMV offices what the limits are.gonna be I think California and Florida.and New York and some other states who.have made good website improvements in.the past couple months we've noticed are.really taking this to heart they're.saying well if now if we're going to put.our services online now is the time.you know I pulled up Oh California DMV.also has 9,000 employees you know the.California DMV this is a list of.countries but basically they support.over 30 million people which is more.than around 200 countries so just by.comparison we're talking about a big a.large number of people and this is the.total number of licensed drivers in the.US by state in California's number one.and then Texas then Florida then New.York and I just want to show you that.Florida and New York by the way at least.from a homepage perspective right I.haven't gone as deep as I have in the.California DMV but the Florida DMV has.improved a lot if you saw the Florida.DMV website a few months ago it you know.it was not like this it did not look.good.what's interesting is that you know this.is the Texas website the DMV website and.again this is the second largest.AMV in the country behind california so.i do expect that many states and many by.the way the vast majority of states look.like this you know something that was.designed frankly probably 20 20 or 30.years ago.most of the site says but so many are.modernizing and that's the good news.that I want to pull out of this site and.I want to give a lot of credit to the.California DMV so let's dive in so one.of the things that we've helped people.with when they want to go to the DMV is.you know mainly they need to get the.Real ID which is the of course enhanced.driver's license that everyone in the.country to varying degrees has to get by.Oh many had to get it by this October of.course it was extended until next.October 2021 but that required in-person.visits getting your permit taking your.permit test requires in prison visit.taking your behind-the-wheel test.requires an in-person visit right all of.these things were you had to be verified.by an employee or evaluated or take a.test required you to go in person for.security reasons but now with the.technology we have so many of the.renewals there especially for vehicles.right can be done online and that's.basically what the California is.emphasizing has emphasized so just going.to show you that you know they first of.all the these informational pages look.good they're very clear they have clear.bullets on what what applies to you what.doesn't apply to you and if you need it.let's see descriptions of what the.driver's license is you can start the.application online for the driver's.license so you don't have to do it in.person at the DMV this is a change they.made two years ago now where you could.you could start a lot ahead of time now.I'm gonna get to talk about the Real ID.though cuz this is what most people.think and.would still have to go into the DMV.office by the way you have another year.now which is good but based on our.surveys around 3/4 of people still have.not gotten their real ID they've been.putting it off yeah you know with the.pandemic you have an extra year but it's.still it's a huge need so you can fill.up the online application.gather your documents then visit a DMV.office now what happens when you click.visit at the MB office you can search.for your DMV like let's say in a search.for Oakland this is a big change by the.way before they had a drop down that was.not intuitive did not have a map they.finally have embedded Google Maps and.pinned locations of all the field.offices and given details about wait.times and I'm not sure what this is but.maybe I mean this is a cool chart I'm.not sure the data that's input into this.but to show historical wait times so.just like this is great stuff that you.know third parties like us tried to do.because it was lacking on the DMV.website so we said well like if it's not.there we want to make it more intuitive.for the user and now we say look this.the California DMV has done it done many.things so visit their site I mean yeah.this is you know this is great they.clearly spent a lot of time on this now.what what is missing right now and I'm.not sure why okay here we go it's at the.top the interrupted services of closure.information but it's above the yeah I'm.not sure why they didn't put it down on.the you know on the actual here on the.actual office information but they.basically say DMV offices are open to.assist customers with existing.appointments only so you there are no.walk-ins allowed now it's not clear what.happens if you do walk in if you are.turned away.but California DMV has been sharing this.on their Twitter accounts that they're.live they have limited openings for.people who had appointments before but.work but were cancelled because of the.pandemic that they've been rescheduling.all of all of those folks now here's.like for example here is a press release.from last week starting last Thursday.hundred six ten locations and that's I.think that's missing one or two field.offices will serve customers with.appointments offering limited services.so what that means is don't show up to.the DMV right now if you are in a panic.about what you need to have done you can.go to their website and I'm gonna show.you their chat bot right now which we.poked around with like many chat BOTS it.has its drawbacks I mean it's a kind of.more advanced FAQ but I did put in this.is the question the vast majority of.people ask is the end open something.like that and so it does pick up on all.right enough it does pick up on that it.was a question about the idiom the.offices and and it gives the latest.information so that's good instead of.calling in and spending an hour two.hours waiting for a call back on the.phone you can get that answer right away.so that's that's huge again so much of I.mean the mission behind wanting to start.this company to help people with.government services was because so many.DM bees had these two three four awaits.and you know my experience in Oakland.was trying to transfer a title I had to.I tried three or four times spent about.four total days trying to get the right.answers the fact that this is finally.happening or you can get quick answers.is really really great and the last.thing I wanted to point out was the the.sign in flow so you can create an.account very easily and this is another.big improvement and big change so for.those of you who had who had DMV.accounts in the in the old system you.probably remembered.selecting five security questions with.the most random questions ever what was.your high school mask out what was the.star of your high school football team.who did you go to eighth grade prom with.literally those were like some of the.questions just these like very random.questions that you know now that we have.text verifications but you know and yeah.but no one does those question anymore.so they finally got rid of those.questions.because the most difficult powers were.remembering those security questions.because they were random and you had to.think of like okay what's the yeah a.good answer.many of the questions that apply to you.so with the current flow you can.actually create an account in a few.minutes it's basically if you have a.driver's license in California you put.in your license information the last.four of your social which verifies who.you are and your email and you and you.enter a six digit code to verify that.you did put in a valid email and boom.you have an account you create your.password and you are registered and then.you can do many of the online.transactions so the last thing I'll.point out here are these driver guides.which are also great resources that are.new a basically if you're a new.California resident again you moved here.so many of the questions we answered.over the past few years we're helping.people navigate as a new California.resident what they needed to do now they.have some nice nice guides for this what.to do to register your vehicle and.details on the new registration renewing.replacing so they've clearly spent a.good amount of time putting together.content which is really really fantastic.and you know there there are times when.you still have specific questions to.your situation and of course you'll be.able to call or visit field offices for.that we also still have people who know.a lot of these things who can help.answer questions if you can't find the.answers here we are also around to help.so you know sometimes things aren't.updated here that we'll know about and.of course with road tests and general.appointment booking general question.answering we're here to help and even.send reminders for registrations which.the DMV now does too as well so this is.a great model for other states many.states are coming along you know in this.new era of modernized DMVs hey Texas we.hope you're next to help all your.millions of residents and thanks for.watching we hope this is helpful and if.you're one of the people who've been.emailing us panicking about expiring.documents and not being able to get into.the DMV we hope this gives you a little.bit of peace of mind poke around on.their website you know at least they.have some nice graphics that highlight.the Golden Gate Bridge and Bart and and.miles the chat box so thanks again if.you found this helpful please subscribe.we're going to be posting more videos on.the DMV as well as a lot of our other.financial loan grant and stimulus videos.especially in the era we're in with.coronavirus we're recovering a lot and.posting daily be well stay healthy and.take care.

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Dl 51 Form California Dmv FAQs

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