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The Stepwise Tutorial to Jefferson National Beneficiary Form

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Tutorial as toJefferson National Beneficiary Form

fine.good evening friends good evening very.thankful.good evening to everyone today.we have with us uh srirama.i would like to introduce him uh sr.hiromet.is a very uh very very powerful.personality for people like us.when we just entered the social.uh field those days and those days it.was immediately after the emergency.there were we were looking for.people who could who could direct us.and then in karnataka we had.very few people and one of the most.important personality was.essentially he remembered.in those days it was.huge struggles that were happening in.karnataka.and mr hiramat was leading these.struggles most of the struggles were.on environment there was a huge.problem with the way the environment was.being.crushed in karnataka and we had.sriharimat.really leading that struggle he was also.a very.powerful advocate.for the self rule.but gandhi has very strongly advocated.so we had hirimar who had come.from abroad leaving everything there.settling in the village and working 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mentored a lot of people.so i would just like to tell you that.those were the days there when there.were.many ngos in karnataka and mr hiramat.was the person.who was able to bring all of them.together.under favored very powerful.all the ngos together all the cbo's.together.and fighting fighting everybody the.forces.which were against people and also.negotiating with the.government those days negotiation is.also.a very powerful tool that mr hiramat is.using you know.and he had a very powerful and effective.way of.doing it not like others he.would have very good relevant data with.him.and he would work from grassroot to the.top.that entire ladder he was able to.work with so that i think was the main.strength.he had and we we have seen him.all these years from those days till.today.the spirit is same it has not come down.at all.very powerful and other things you have.seen.which you have which has been circulated.all those things are there.but for us i would like to tell you that.he has been.a motivation for a mentor for us.so today he will be speaking to us on.non-violent direct action for social.justice.through his different engagement.and involvement in the struggles mostly.environmental and also social.so he's an activist basically so.let us listen to him sir we would like.to listen to you sir.thank you vanshanker for your kind words.and a very comprehensive introduction of.what friends like you and many others.and many contemporaries that we were.able to work together in those.very creative days in the 1980s.uh friends i would like to give you a.brief introduction.of where the interest.commitment and the firm determination.to utilize it in the actual situations.what he has called as non-violent.direct action for social change.for social justice now.when i was in the united states in the.corporate world.i had a desire to come back and.work with those who have been.less you know fortunate than what i have.been.because i myself came from a poor.background but.thanks to national grade scholarship.prizes and so on and so forth.i was able to do very well so i felt.just like we have many you know good.qualities like mature.and pitherium we take care of our.parents.and we respect our teachers.but as shuram karan the dawn of.literature.naan pete awadi once when i was studying.in high school in.bijaful district he said but most people.don't think of.samajran because if we are what we are.we derive a great deal from the society.around us.be that library be that.playground be that tank for our drinking.water.be that many many other things but.we must pay back the debt of society.so that the future generation will have.as good opportunities as we have had in.life with this simple motivation.and my mother when i was very young.speaking for.sharon prabhachanas and bhagavad-gita.i had very clear idea that when you are.doing the right thing.and you are doing it in a humble but.determined manner.you have nobodies to fear and it was.this quality.that helped me immensely when i was in.the united states.when mrs indira gandhi then prime.minister of india.declared a state of emergency on june 26.1975.just one month before one of the.karnataka.you know man of literature dr you are.anantha murthy.had come to university of chicago which.is a very powerful south asian studies.center and i met him and we had a.meeting in our house.he was able to give a very clear picture.of what was happening in india.how the authoritarian trends had.developed.how democratic institutions were.undermined and destroyed.what we are seeing today in the country.and how those who.wanted to work with people empower them.work for good governance work against.corruption.were undermined and as you know a man.who was also freedom movement hero in.1942.mr jay prakash narayan popularly known.as jp.he was leading a powerful student youth.movement.against the corruption and after the.situation in gujarat.then in bihar you know you led to the.emergency.it was during those days that i was very.much introduced.to our freedom movement and one of the.groups.that we came very close to in the united.states of america.where what are called as quakers who are.opposed to war.who believe in peace who believe always.resolving the conflicts.through negotiations who are committed.to equality who are committed to all.kinds of justice that we talk about.today.gender justice and many others and i was.very impressed.during the emergency time.many of us who felt that for whatever we.want to do at the grassroot level.it is extremely crucial that a.democratic framework.exists in the country and mrs gandhi.was a great menace to it.i am using the words most carefully.because.when she was found guilty of corrupt.practices by the allahabad high court.instead of resigning as prime minister.because she was no longer mp that was.set aside.and giving leadership to somebody else.she chose.to basically destroy the spirit and the.principles of our constitution.change the law so that she can continue.and the kinds of changes.including that infamous ruling.of adm javalpur versus shukla basically.saying that in emergency.we the citizens lose our fundamental.rights.if we are put in prison without giving.us.what grounds we don't have right to go.to the judiciary most fortunately.several high courts had ruled against.her government.and she was very very worried about it.and she had already.superseded three as judges who were to.become chief justice of india.including the father of our santosh.who was a you know great lokai.and who continues to basically among the.young.create awareness about corruption our.good governance and all that.and we were very concerned what was.going to happen and.what we expected did happen the.executive became too powerful.and started destroying our democratic.institutions one by one.imposing perhaps the most serious.press censorship that we have seen.more than 200 000 people were put in.prison.without access to justice and.judges who had given judgments in line.with the spirit and the letter of the.constitution were.transferred header center so.in these situations we felt that we must.bring out the truth.and it is that time or i was very much.attracted to gandhiji.and his methods of non-violence.and how we can deal with the most.difficult situations with it as he dealt.with the british empire.who were boasting that sun will never.set in our empire.what was the methods what was the theory.what were the dynamics or the something.that we were interested in.and these quaker friends had worked very.closely.with dr martin luther king and all you.know.martin luther king was very much and.deeply impressed.by the creative by the.unique freedom struggle that we led.particularly gandhi's.non-violent methods and he.contributed immensely to bringing.equality among the blacks.and the whites it is in those days.to bring out the very best in the.ordinary men and women.and to fight against those most racist.people.in the southern part of united states of.america.the alabama these friends.quakers both from american friends.service committee.as well as fellowship of reconciliation.did the training and that training.brings out the very best in common.people.as we see the destructive energy coming.out of an atom.similarly we come out the most creative.the most humane.energy from ordinary men and women.so this is what i was very impressed and.i was very much committed to.but where do we begin we began with.integrated rural development work in a.cluster of 21 villages.in the district of dharavar and.with my family i settled down in a.village called midlari.where my children went to school and all.that and those.five years in the integrated rural.development work.where we came closest to people and to.the realities.in the rural life and the kind of.deprivations.as supreme court time and again has said.right to life.is a right to life with a.dignified life so if the dignity has to.be there.then there must be right to work so we.worked even in the 80s.for this so-called employment guarantee.scheme.in fact in the state of maharashtra then.mr page who was also a freedom fighter.had introduced.this and there was appreciation all.around including from.overseas uh organizations and all that.so we felt.this should be done so these were.various ideas we had.if i can sum up briefly the philosophy.of samash parivartan.to you people need to.and can develop a macro that is a larger.perspective of a free democratic.secular egalitarian non-violent.non-exploitative and just society.while working towards it on various.issues in the micro situations and by.trying to build linkages with different.sections of the society at various.levels.in another way i greatly benefited.by one doctor ef schumacher in fact some.friends.in maharashtra were working at the.village level but given me an.article called unemployment problem in.india and it was by doctrine of.schumacher.so i got his address i wrote to him he.said if you are so impressed by it.i have a book has just come out and i.will send it to you and this was in 1973.and that small is beautiful its subtitle.is.economics as if people mattered.the way the world is going on now is.economics.people center it is farthest from it.what is happening today in our country.you see.is that starting with uttar pradesh.madhya pradesh gujarat karnataka.they're all dismantling the labour laws.which they have fought for decades with.great courage.and we are able to achieve now it is.being undone.similarly the environmental laws the.great.union environment minister while we are.all homebound.thanks to this coronavirus pandemic.and he is approving.one after the other most destructive.environmental projects.for example in canada in one of the.heart of the western ghats which is one.of the eight ecological hot spots in the.country.he is allowing this tunneling project in.sharavathi valley.which is the most distracted and so also.huberty to ankola.railway line which is absolutely.unnecessary because they're all parallel.lines and all that.so we are living in a situation.where our political our economic.and our social freedoms are.in great peril friends if we remember.after that creative wonderful.freedom movement where we evolved.a vision of life in closing.and keeping the last person in mind as.gandhiji used to say.now we are going exactly in the opposite.direction.you saw when our prime minister very.recently.with only four hours notice.ordered the lockdown one of the worst in.the whole world.millions and millions of migrant.laborers were in great.peril in great difficulties they had no.work.they had nothing to pay for their end no.food.and they were coming from long distances.like bihar up.west bengal and so on and what did our.government do.three major pils were coming up in the.supreme court of india.and the supreme court most unfortunately.did not do justice as they should have.and look the other way around only when.these images came all over the country.then they woke up and they had a slow.motto.and there's a long long way to go.friends why i'm saying all this.is that today more than ever before.there is a great need for our people.to be fearless for our people.to earn their rights and to fight for.their rights.and people like you and i have a great.and important role to play if you.remember.the 1942 quit india movement resolution.of.mahatma ghandi what does he say.true building up of sraj that.self-government.consists in the millions of india.wholeheartedly working for a.constructive program.it is our duty always to wipe out our.unemployment.to bridge the gulf between the rich and.the poor which is.now accelerated the gap.is increasing like never before.to banish communal strife to exercise.the demon of untouchability to reform.the decoys.and today there are 43 percent persons.with criminal records.in our parliament and legislatures and.save the people from them.now we have to save the people from.these people if scores of people do not.take a living interest in this.nation-building work.freedom must remain a dream and it will.these ideals and the most memorial.memorable great speech that dr ambedkar.gave.on november 26 1949 the last day of our.constitutional constituent assembly.constitution making.he says on january 26.we are going to enter into a life of.contradictions.in the political sphere one man one vote.and one value be that mukesh ambani.living in filthy rich situations in.balbara hills.or a migrant laborer you have seen.the kind of situations that young lady.jyoti from bihar.with only thousand rupees he had has to.buy a second-hand.bicycle and carry her sick father to her.village in.bihar from haryana and 16 migrant.laborers.died 20 kilometers from aurangabad.and that migrant woman who was dead on a.mujafar.railway station her child two-year-old.trying to wake her.these are the kinds of situations we are.living and more than ever before.we need those gandhi's methods of.non-violent.direct action and the principles the.truth and non-violence.with which he fought the mighty empire.and showed the way now believe me these.friends in.when i came back and started working in.the villages.we were most you know happy.about what middle-aged women.who would only work for six hours a day.as a voluntary basis.with very little enumeration and go.to six households and do the health.education.and within two years the health status.of those were.so much better because we kept all these.statistics and all that.similar thing was the dairy cooperatives.similar things were the others.but in these 21 villages.nine of them were on the bank of the.punggabadra river.and tungabhadra river which had a very.classic saying called.tungapanna gangasanan and it was so.wonderful waters they were all poisoned.by these two industries the rear.polyfiber.and gasoline division and we took up.that.first major battle and as umashinkar.said.i'm a person who believes basically.bringing all people who are inspired by.the same ideals.have the same vision of a just society.and who are working together.so we were able to bring together more.than 50 groups.which increased 130 later on called.federation of voluntary organizations.for rural development in karnatak.it was the time that the youngsters like.and many others you know joined this and.it became a very powerful force to.reconvey now.we were able to deal with this situation.because we started.in a humble manner and we had the.background.with the quakers who had done this.training for non-violent.attraction and we had with us an.educationist.jyoti bhai desai from gandhi with.diabetes.where our women teams went we went we.got training and then we came back.held our camps on the banks of the.thungavadra river on both the side there.were six talo cars affected.and we basically trained them as to what.the situation is what they can do.even though they were reluctant.initially we said that you have that.power within you.all we need to do is to bring it out.through.our own commitment and cycle and.very well planned training.and here we have a cycle.we theorize means we develop a plan.first.and we do the action and many times.people rush back to.plan no there is a reflection what we.have done we must reflect upon.what has been good in it what has been.shortcomings and who we can improve upon.and we had learned very basic.foundations of this action of.you know politics of non-violence or.politics of non-violent action.that it is the people's power that we.have to.bring out and this can be done by this.training is what we had learned.and in that training when we did it when.thousand people stood in front of.career qualifiers on october 2nd.this was in 1984 it had a dramatic.impact on the government they had to.send a delegation by the chairman of the.pollution control board.now in a very changed situation like.this.how can we fight these forces and fight.effectively for this we call.non-violent direct action as the engine.now we have to supplement it with the.new innovations.we did not have constitution when the.britishers were here but we have the.constitution.we have the article 32 and.those pioneers krishna bhagavati and.many others.who have all the public interest.litigations basically gave us the local.standard.earlier only affected people could go to.the highest court on the land.but here we could go on behalf of them.and we can fight them.we can do the same thing in high court.so first.major public interest litigation was.filed.in the high court of karnataka thanks to.many wonderful advocates and others who.supported us.and then we made sure.that an expert committee was formed and.all the wrong things that the birlas.were doing.was brought out lo and behold.the methods of gandhiji non-violence and.truth.not only bring out the best in you that.you change yourself.and you become a wonderful better human.being.more effective but you bring about.change in your adversaries.when we have people with us and when we.train them in these things and how do we.do training.not in a very serious and all that.manner.these are through place through.you know communications for example two.rows of people stand each other.and one row holds their hand you know.with a fist.how do you open it many people try to.open it by their force and just doing a.namaste.open side or many other things so such.very creative tools of.developing that mental.attitude and commitment towards.non-violence.and bringing the truth as he said.through documents and other things.and whole societies for us as gandhiji.did.many people like dr shivram karan.and justice liam chandrasekhar who.who has been the chief minister earlier.and a sitting.minister called abdul nazir who is a.pioneer of panchayat raj.so we are such wonderful people so when.we did this all.militant very effective struggles on one.hand.it always brought our adversaries out so.close.and those who were responsible for.enforcing.the water act the water prevention of.pollution act 1974.the air act of 1981 and the environment.you know control act of 1986.so all these things in the court of law.brought a big very effective impact.on the industries now.environmentalists are known to always.don't do this.don't do big dams don't do big pleasure.no we always believe.in working creative alternatives this.was what gandhi.did while he fought the british empire.he also dealt with untouchability.the kind of debates that ensued between.dr ambedkar and dr gandhi.and how the indian national congress was.transformed so was gandhi so.when they were looking for somebody.international expert in constitution.to lead our constitution making gandhi.said look.as the kannada saying goes you have the.child in your arm while you're searching.all over the place.here is a great great constitutional.expert.who has wonderful tremendous background.of standing with the most downtrodden.and working and devoting his entire life.for them.and you know how all those things have.happened so friends by training these.common villagers and also bringing our.urban.people supporters we were able to bring.the kind of.effective pressure on the adversary.that they will have to see the light in.what we are seeking for example what we.are seeking.we're seeking that pollution control.board in bangalore or the regional.office.should not be who should be controlling.the pollution it should be the local.watchdog committee.and the government agreed for it low and.behold and our.president you know mrs shobha.she was made the first chairman of the.local committee.similarly we fought for forest lands in.four districts.because 75 000 acres of land were given.by mr ram krishna.government in 1984 to the same polluting.carrier qualifiers.and formed a joint sector company 51.government.and 49 here qualifiers and 30 crores.rupees coming from the public banks.how this capital is i'm sorry.not all capitalists but unscrupulous.people.how they use all these things and not do.their duties operation control.first time the lady who was.our environment secretary sarasova.and i was on the pollution control road.because our methods and all that.brought us close to the government and.others and i was appointed to the.pollution control board.for the first time in the history of our.pollution control board in 1974.they were able to pass a unanimous.resolution and.file a criminal case against berlash so.all the time.by bribing this official that official.this minister that minister.who always used to have the hospitality.on the way at career.all stop and that is what i was telling.in fact high court of karnataka.appreciated our public in this.litigation said.it's a great service they are done as a.token we are.ordering the factory to give 25 000.rupees the token of our appreciation.so similarly when shivram current and we.filed in the supreme court for the 75.000.acres of land because five.lakh people were adversely affected.because fodder for their cattle.failed for their cooking small timber.for agricultural implement and housing.and variety of non-forest produce.friends courts are always double-edged.when we lost in the court and our state.order which was a great support in the.beginning was modified by the supreme.court we said.we are not going to look up to the.supreme court for justice.so instead we trade people in.non-violent interaction.and there is a pluck and plant.satyagraha in kusnur village.in hangal taluka and that opened the.eyes of the whole karnataka.and as mashankar was saying brought.tremendous powerful support for us.and we saw to it that the banks stopped.lending it to that company because they.were involving so.many illegalities particularly 38.000 acres of land transferred while the.state order the supreme court was in.so we saw to it that 500 satyagraha's.100 cyclists from eight districts went.to bangalore.we came back with a cabinet order of.closing down that company it was a.political victory.which supreme court accepted and gave an.order now.friends in all these things when we say.that don't give it to them then who.should do it.people should do it we should do it how.do we do it.we must change the policies.19 sorry 1894 when the draconian land.acquisition act was formulated by the.british.so was the forest policy to meet their.industrial and commercial.needs so we have to dramatically change.that we worked with a.network just like in karnataka all over.the country to change our national.forest policy.where the ordinary men and women.the rural poor not as beneficiaries as.decision makers in protecting the forest.in developing them and in just sharing.of the produce.and then we started forming village.forest communities and this was so.impressed to the sir durability tata.trust.of you know in bombay and they were to.support us.and the way through the most inexpensive.methods of five principles.of social fancy.seed dribbling by students teachers and.all that going to the schools and.creating awareness.soil and water conservation measures.voluntary warden watch and then finally.fire lines because in summer there are.violence now you are seeing in.australia in united states and so on so.and this.became a very wonderful thing so we.changed the national forest policy.we changed the laws we even drafted.a forest act which ultimately led to the.forest rights act as you know.later on friends i think i have given.you the glimpses of the various things.that.we have done and the methodology we have.adopted.and particularly the central piece.non-violent retraction.which brings out the very best just.before i conclude.in the same year 1973 when schumacher.published his book called small is.beautiful economics.as if mattered a harvard.person called gene sharp.had a three volume thing called politics.of non-violence theory methods.and dynamics what is the theory.particularly many people believe that.they.become the government they become chief.minister they found the government they.have the power in their hands.gandhi said no britishers are here.not because they are powerful and all.that because we have allowed them.and the moment we start our.non-cooperation with them.they will have to not only take.notice of it but deal with it in a very.responsible manner.because this violence of the state far.exceeds.these other violences and i'm not.talking about gandhi's.but ghandi's belief in this because.ultimately political solutions.will have to be by the political methods.not by.violence and so on so forth so methods.for 2000 year history.so many people including 1917 russian.revolution it was a bloodless revolution.that you know.when people say enough is enough and.they start cooperating.those dictators those regimes fall like.a deck of cards.you know what happened in 1977 thanks to.the non-violent methods of jay prakash.narayan.not only indira gandhi and her notorious.gandhi lost lost their mp elections.two-thirds of the cabinet went out of.power the congress for the first time.went out of power at the center.so that in my mind is the power of.non-violence people like martin luther.king people like nelson mandela.the great leaders along with gandhiji on.the world map.have used it and used it most.effectively.creatively successfully in changing.societies in a peaceful manner.so friends i think it is one of the.greatest.innovations is to fight.injustice to fight suppression to fight.exploitation.by nonviolent methods because it is.female.it changes your adversary it changes you.and it changes the atmosphere in the.things that is the third volume called.dynamics.of politics of non-violence so it is.that theory.it is these various practices in some of.the most difficult decisions.as i said when the supreme court.vacation bench.modified our stay order and gave it to.them another three thousand hectares out.of the seventy five thousand because.this was seven thousand five hundred.acres.three hundred the hectares means and we.said.we are not going to give an inch of land.and not a paisa from the public land.because they are indulged in.illegalities and those illegalities.irregularities and.criminalities we systematically.documented.brought it before the supreme court.brought it before the public.and we used the commitment.of the ordinary men and women to bring.out.the most creative and powerful force in.them for social change.that is non-violent inattention i thank.martian current his colleagues and ajim.kramzy foundation.for giving me an opportunity to share.our experiences of last 40 years.and the learnings that i did during the.11 year stay in the united states of.america particularly from our.friends quakers who were opposed slavery.were opposed.war and who were for creative.non-violence were awarded the nobel.peace prize in i think 1947 the same.year that.we became independent thank you very.much.thank you sir that was a.very comprehensive thing comprehensive.thing from the.understanding of that concept you were.not.able to actually share everything that.you did.because that will take a lot of time.yeah so but.basically the essence we have been able.to.get water does so let us see.there will be a few questions uh.people are posing uh let us see what are.the first questions.can you so.this is from c gopinath have you been.able to transmit and translate your.experience into.learning and training modules that can.spread these ideas.so gopinath is asking this i think it is.a very.very important question because.ultimately.like they say test of the pudding is in.eating it.and if we are able and able to.effectively use this non-violent.methodology and the theory behind it the.methods and the dynamics.it is very important that we develop.training models.we had a powerful training team.and it was headed by jyothi by the side.and my wife shamala was an american.and who was very knowledgeable over the.civil rights movements and so on.dr george willaby was a quaker one of.the founders of our organization.and dilip kamath you know my.contemporary slightly younger but the.more.powerful trainer from belgaum.so we not only have developed these.things.we did develop modules we did.you know do it in a effective manner but.believe me.it should not be too much academized on.one hand.but it should not be too much of.only oral thing so we have done in our.way.and there are excellent training modules.on this matter.but what is ultimately the.touchstone of effectiveness of these.modules.is how you communicate with the people.and they feel confident and they learn.it.and they lead to the action so the short.answer is.yes and one of the modules that dilip.has recently brought about is what is.called.community learning movement.clm and these kinds of things in.different settings have been done.but we have had these training modules.even when i was 60 years.i'm talking about 16 years ago i went.for a 21 day.most enjoyable most wonderful training.in non-violence.that took place in canada and two of our.friends to.us and we went to jyoti bhai they says.gandhi.with their feet and many many others who.have been.involved in such trainings have come to.us seen our people in action.and see what we have done for example.ajith bhattacharya.who is considered the bhishmachari of.you know uh the press.um uh in the country and he's no more.now.but when he saw these moments he was.very deeply impressed and he wrote.articles in deccan herod prajavani.and then after 20 years when he went.there the same.hillocks who did not have many trees and.all that.you know now a thick forest it is.because again people's power.you talk about not only non-violence in.opposing what the government had done.wrong.but how do the people use their.community lands forest lands around them.in an effective manner so the shortest.you know thing i can say is we have done.it in action we have done it in things.and any people who are interested can.contact us.this is once again what is the name of.the organization through which you.execute your activities how do you get.in fact with them.you may not believe yeah sorry name of.the organization.was earlier training international.center for training.for non-violence but it was the idea.with which you started.but in order to do it on the ground.do learn from our experience and all.that.we called it.in other words society for social.transformation.this is the major organizations working.at the grassroot level.but in a situation like today.as our friend has already told you.mahashankar.favored k that is this federation of.voluntary organizations for rural.development or social change or social.action groups.was the larger support group and.were also dialogues not only with the.governments and others.we had contacts with all other states.for example central science and.environment when they conducted a.very good you know seminar for two days.and they produced a book and.that is where i wrote how to tackle.a corporate giant how to fight a.corporate giant in terms of pollution.so it is this.is favored at the state level and.ncpnr national committee for the.protection.of natural resources in which central.science and environment bombay natural.history society.the associated in the himalayas.and many many others across the country.provided the backdrop.for our changes in the national forest.policy.changes to make this joint forest.management and to move towards.community forest management and so on.later on.and we had genovic of the activists all.over the country.so this grassroot group working at the.micro level connected with all.others with think tanks of academics.scholars social scientists advocates and.others.providing powerful support for this.moment this all together.made the difference and made the impact.next question yeah there is a question.on.strategy sir your strategy of working.was very unique and effective.can you elaborate on that because you.were taking huge giants.mafat these type of huge people.and uh also collecting a lot of people.from the ground grassroot.so what is what was this strategy.well you know as i was saying.earlier from these quakers.where we had a human rights walk during.the emergency from.philadelphia the independence hall.fair thomas jefferson wrote that most.famous.declaration of independence in 1776 from.that to the united nations.so the work that we did the various.you know kinds of people that we.interacted.we developed a 10 point formula for that.one is we begin with what people have.with the local resources.where the situation is then we work as a.catalyst.in other words we never preach we never.lecture.we only bring out what is the best in.them through.questions through our training.methodologies that.we have talked about then we believe.in creating a network of people.committed to social justice as you.correctly said from the village level.like midlari or kusunov where the. plants took place incidentally.it was in cbsc.you know textbooks and all that and.we were able to get across others.because as you do this.many people are impressed and come for.example.india today had a two-page article.called.bacon of hope and justice bhagavati.who was one of the persons who had.initiated this pile in the supreme court.told the principle of her law college in.dharwad.where i had gone for the inauguration of.the student union.that who is this man you know please.request him and i want to.meet him because these are the new.freedom fighters you know this was the.kind of encouragement and things that.people got so i met with him.and when karnataka government had asked.me to write an article.on community environment management i.told them how can i do it unless.i have access to the facts so they give.5000 rupees.and they give access to all the files so.two students.one sharla gopal who has grown into a.wonderful activist since he's a writer.and another fellow fellow who was a.lawyer.and we got all this information and when.i showed this to.justice bhagavati was so impressed i.told him.we are basically doing from hand to.mouth because rule development was a.different kind of thing and this.environment is a.different political centric issue even.though it has all the other things.so he gave 15 000 rupees from the.committee for implementing legal aid.schemes and.further support and we got support from.various.other people including our adversaries.so in other words.the qualities.and the foundations on which you base.your non-violent direct action.is the very important instrument.for bringing together the best in.everybody else.for example when i began in.you know fight against the most powerful.mining mafia.they were controlling the cheapness of.karnataka and.andhra pradesh why rashika radian andhra.his brother and sriramulu we were able.to.fight this mining mafia and send the.kingpin of the mining.mafia day everybody else to jail and so.on so forth.you have to as i was saying plan.action reflection that reflection.holds the key to the question that you.are asking so.when we study that we came to the.conclusion there is no point in going to.high court because it is in two states.we can go to the supreme court.and when you go to the supreme court.under article 32.and we are a man like prashanth who is.now in the storm of the eye.who is a personification of courage.against the judiciaries.you know in my mind very wrong moves he.took it up.and we were able to get sagar of.hyderabad serena foundation to make a.study of.mining affected people and environment.so supreme court can.set aside 15 000 crores which is a lot.of money.for mining affected people and.restoration of ny in other words.every time in your life you keep your.eyes and ears.open you see all kinds of opportunities.and whenever you approach as such.that you are interested in making life.better for the most deprived.not you're treating them as as equals.as partners in non-violent interaction.and all that.all these kinds of things come there's a.saying in canada.some who have done it they have seen it.all we can gain from their experience.some who know about it we invite them so.we consider non-violent direct action.non-violent training and interaction.with people.who are dealing with the policies and.the lawyers who are dealing with the.supreme court.and people like shuram karan justice uh.bm chandrasekhar bhagavati and so on so.forth they were all very much supported.in fact i am the national president of.citizens for democracy that jp founded.in 1974 to bring.people like justice mlmc chagla.professor john and vm tarkunde.then kulip nayar i'm the sixth president.now so.you need to see all these opportunities.because jay prakash narayan had come to.america for treatment and we went to.honor him so he asked me.what are you going to do i said i'm.going to come to india what are you.going to do in india i said i'm going to.go to the village and celebrate he was.deeply impressed.he said you must see me before you go.and when i met him in 1979.june it was the most touching experience.so i asked him.look the dictator mrs gandhi is coming.back again what can we do he said join.citizens for democracy so in other words.while you have your eyes and your things.on the.grass root level we have a living.relationship wonderful relationship with.them.you think the world the saying.that think globally act locally.has been the basis sorry for a longer.answer.no no that was good answer let us see.what is the next question coming up sir.this is from cinemas uh kulkarni.kindly give one suggestion on how a.school teacher can help in.eradicating corruption through classroom.teaching.and his or self-practice.well this is for the slightly different.from this education in school this is.wonderful.but you know i would like our friend.srinivas kulkarni to devise this.but what i can tell him is that when we.began.the most difficult battle against the.pollution of tungawa.river how did we spend the day in the.camp.we worked with school students.primary students from fifth standard to.their standard.what did they do testing soil how it is.affected by the pollution.how did we spend the afternoon we went.to the small marginal farmers landless.laborers in the village.and have discussions with them and in.the evening.it was entertainment entertainment.enlightening entertainment.and that was ivan ilich.ivan the fool sorry uh tolstoy's.evander which gandhiji had translated in.gujarat and then.also bashmasul today's science and.technology.are taking over us they are not.providing our basic needs and all that.they are empowering somebody else so we.have to see.that the science the technology and the.others.economics they should serve the needs of.the people.so similarly when we were trying to.regreen our common lands.we went to the schools talked about.environment with the teachers.and we asked teachers to participate in.the question and answers to do it.and we ask children to collect.seeds be that mango be that.name be there anything else and very.first monsoons when they come.they will come and we would have set.aside 50 acre of land through social.fencing you know social mensa means.there is no fencing.they don't allow cattle to grow and in.that.they dribble the seeds and they speak on.environment.it was covered on a tv in karnataka and.it was the most celebrated thing.so what we did for the natural.regeneration in the most inexpensive.manner.coming up the natural forest and i think.we can certainly do it.in the corruption because today.even though my commitment has been to.environment what i call a gel jungle.germain.kane's beach and their protection.and to let these multinational.corporations who are like dinosaurs go.away and be replaced.by the farmers cooperating within the.home because.people's power in organizing has to come.forth.this is what schumacher was saying.another thing the kind of alternate.just and equal society we think.ecologically and all that.we must think of our needs not greed.so we must fight corruption because.43 percent criminals are there as.our famous nan pete awardee and the.national poet kuamp was saying.that politics has not become the last.resort of.first resource councils so we have to.fight.corruption and this is what we have done.and.in the corruption first thing we teach.the.students as my mother used to say.protection.even if you see with your own eyes you.have to.test what is the evidence and so on and.so forth so it is this kind of.very scrupulous work that we do.which we can teach like training modules.you talked about nonviolent action to.the teachers.and have a dialogue with the students.because nobody likes corruption because.all.makes the life of common man very.miserable.so i think the way that we have done it.is.first be truthful and also your own.qualities.like gandhi used to say be the change.you want to see in the world you know.it doesn't begin from others it begins.from you.and if we look at these things and we go.to the children.like now i go to any college and.anything people know.that i have fought this mining mafia as.i fought.timber mafia in uh bustler region of you.know what is now chachis girl.again with supreme court here it was a.ban on mining for one year.it was a ban on failing of trees for.three years no.mining nothing and lives of the tribals.and the forests.you know were protected very well so in.other words.when you go to the teacher you think.through sit with them.plan with them and then analyze with.them what is to be done.and see how this you can do like what we.did in the environmental.camp that i was mentioning it may be in.principle as a comparison.but i don't have that direct experience.that i can share with you.even though i have a lot of direct.experience in fighting corruption in.high places.and the most powerful to be sent to jail.or to be.cut to their size and put in their place.i think the question that you are asking.you know how do we imbibe.the values of non-violent action into.the present-day youth.i think the best way.as we have experienced in 40 years and.earlier.is to involve them to engage them.in democratic debates and discussions.first.and to see what are their concerns.because we never.when we went to the village we imposed.any of our ideas on the people.we ask them what are your needs what are.your problems.then we developed a methodology through.questioning.how they can organize we were the.pioneers in self-help groups.particularly of women because.if the economically poor people like.landless laborers.marginal farmers small farmers are.worse off but social.deprivation is far more serious.particularly with women.scheduled cars and scheduled tribes so.in my mind we engage them in discussions.we see where they are coming from what.are their concerns.and how do we take them in a very.natural manner.towards how do we solve these problems.and we can ask them do you know in.history what has been done.you remember the question of asharay.kripalani.to that young lawyer from south africa.gandhi says i am a professor of history.i haven't.read any big country large country which.is subcontinent like india.win against a empire which is you know.through most parts of the world by truth.and non-violence.and what was that man's reaction with a.chuckle.with a smile he said professor has the.last chapter been written.so in other words we have to think.through.we have to use our creativity we have to.deal with this.youth you know just like we deal with.answers in our own family.in our own friends houses and others.engage them in the dialogue.and see what their concerns and take.them towards what you want to do.they will come believe me it has been my.experience.this is glad sensor saying interesting.talk.how do you see the virtue of patience in.non-violence action.how can the youth be encouraged in doing.it.this is about patience you know.first of all hearing.we must listen to the people including.our adversaries.second thing is we should never be in.hurry.we should have all the patience in the.world.[Music].and we should have the perseverance we.have to have a day of faith.within ourselves within the basic.values of non-violent internet action.fear you don't treat.your opposite people as your enemies.even they are adversaries.they're part of democracy they have.their viewpoint and they have their.weight.and we have to open their eyes to what.has happened.how has it impacted the society how has.it impacted them.how has it impacted their own children.like when kali is an open lady was.taken to jail in the most.unbelievable way by the cbi.his two children did not go to school.for two weeks.so we must always keep in mind our.adversaries and over this.they are as human beings as we are.they also are watching how you are being.and so on so forth.because when i went to.balari and use the word like they are.rooting.press people would say you won't last.here for a few weeks.how did we begin we did not go and you.know we of course shared with them what.we were doing but.we started in the village in the.heritage you know in the.dalit people women and others and we.built from it.just like gandhi did from his ashram you.know.the sword satyagraha it was.the occupants or the you know the.satyagraha.ashram that we had on sabramathi you.know.uh sure they participated because he.felt.that this society has supported them and.they embody these values.learning from chorizo and the disaster.of violence.he did it in such a wonderful manner.and what it happened is.you know the rest is history as they say.he was the man of the year on time.magazine.and the empire was very badly shaken.more than 13 imports of foreign cloth.had stopped because.people were bipoding so in other words.have a comprehensive thing.both constructive activities and both.struggle depending on.militant non-violent direct action.because this is what in my opinion is.not.as widespread among our activists and.voluntary agencies as it should be.and they are go to up to a point and.then they become afraid of the.establishment afraid of the powerful.people you have nothing to be afraid of.so long as you watch yourself.the transformation the change as gandhi.says be the change you want you begin.and you conduct yourself in a way so the.question that you asked about the role.of patients.and all these other virtues are.extremely important because.these 12th century sharanas particularly.baswarna in canada there is a saying.buddha.and america these were the people.who devoted their life for equality.who treated all human beings as equal.men women.all different characters and everything.and they evolved.a way of life which was absolutely.exemplary.lifted them we call work.[Music].they are full of wisdom and this country.has had.centuries of such people but.it still has the greatest terrible.unequal things like cast and all that.and ambedkar's seminal one annihilation.of caste.we all must read it to me it is a very.essential thing.just like hindu swaraj of gandhi prison.diary of.jay prakash narayan and even the adobe.graphic omc.chagla who played a very important role.during the emergency he was our.education minister and he was chief.justice of bombay high court.and all that a very wonderful man how he.dealt with the first corruption case.in india through a open hearing while he.was still the.chief justice of bombay high court and.that is called.roses in december and it has seen 15.editions.so there are so many such wonderful.resources.we can draw upon and we can.you know make our life more fruitful.more satisfied and this learning process.is a lifelong process until the last.minute of our life thank you sir let us.see.this is quite a interesting one uh.this is from bijunegi one can fight the.corporations collectively.but have you faced internal conflicts.within the organization your own.organization.when you face that type of thing how do.you resolve it.it's quite a question this perhaps.is the most practical.it has happened in fayetteville.it has happened in january.and is happened in personal lives.so my answer to that is the same quicker.answers.have patience as you talked about.earlier.never stop dialogue but at the same time.always test what would you have done.if you were in their place many a times.these simple but most important traits.help us resolve conflict in a.non-violent.in a mutually beneficially as i said.theory.methods and dynamics of politics of.non-violence.equally applies here believe me there is.no problem that you cannot solve.but if you go with the idea that you.know everything.what you say is right then you have.stopped growing.your life is not any more.learning any more satisfying so these.with these qualities.i have faced at all these levels and.there comes a time also.like in favored k when as the chairman.of the committee on environment i was.asked.to investigate what happened in the.water project funded by the world bank.and when i did that i brought what the.truth was.along with my colleagues in the.community.gali zanardhan lady my greatest opponent.in mining mafia.or in buster in nobody had.called me even threatening call these my.colleagues called.what are you doing this in your old age.and all that i said look here.you kindly use words properly.i have not insulted anybody in my life.when it comes.in a democratic functioning in these.organizations.i have not ventured to bring this out as.the first president of the organization.has person committed his life for.environment you have asked me.i have brought out the truth if it is.not palatable.please let us discuss it we discussed it.and since many people had already.changed and going about the.corrupt manner i thought it was not.worthwhile to continue to invest time.but you never give up.there is a great poet.in my days the hindi films i am talking.about very liberative.very creative things they played a.wonderful life.just like in a film that says.and i'm sure you all understand that.similarly.in a film called.he says.when it becomes an irreconcilable thing.we should not push it and break it.we should take a different term and.believe it or not.when it happened in early 2000 exactly a.decade later.new people who came in favor cave who.wanted to rejuvenate.they were again coming to me as well as.dr jerry pious.and many of my wonderful friends in.favor okay.we help them together so in other words.you don't burn your bridges.you don't burn your relationship but you.try to resolve it.in an honest responsible.understanding and caring way the same.theory the same methods and the dynamic.non-violence.apply here in my mind and my experience.very effectively.thank you sir let us see what is the.i think this is a very conceptual one.he's asking krishna he's asking please.relate corruption.non-violence and peace.i think you see.when i was studying in engineering.college i became.most fascinated with modern physics.because i was a student of mathematics i.loved mathematics.when einstein came up in very simple.terms e is equal to m c.square the theory of relativity and all.that.a man deproglio from france.for his phd thesis wrote a few page.dissertation which not only gave him phd.but gave him the nobel prize.so in other words what does it all teach.us.it teaches that in the final analysis.in the ultimate analysis the truths.are simple now.going back to your question these all.three are related a person.who has the basic qualities of.non-violent retraction.can not be ever corrupt.and peace is the only solution.war is not this is the statement of the.quakers.and these quakers who believed in.equality.who were against slavery who were.against.this gender injustice is most prevalent.and women quakers were.ministers and you know priests in the.early days.and they were driven out of england they.came there.and horace alexander was the head of the.indian national congress in london.he was fortunately settled in swarthmore.pennsylvania.who was with us when we began the 120.mile march from the hall of independence.in philadelphia where the declaration of.independence by jefferson was done to.the united nations.headquarters you know these were people.when you have that qualities.the non-violence goes away the violence.goes away.and all those qualities come so in my.mind these are all very interrelated.they need to be discussed they need to.be discussed in real life situations.not theoretically and all that.ultimately the essence of life.is living your values living your.principles.and that is what gives your life meaning.and that is what you will give.satisfaction because after all we have.one life.and we have to enjoy it fully in the.fullest sense of the term.and we have to make.the most out of this life one life that.we have.and i have learned that when you take.this path.of non-violence you understand the.principle underneath it.and you conduct your life like that this.corruption.you are never afraid you know as a umash.anchor would.probably watch for it when a letter with.the investigation.and everything done goes to vidan sauda.the corrupts start trembling.the kind of public interest litigations.we have fought.and i had a debate with one of the most.corrupt fellows who is now congress.head in karnataka dk show kumar and.those youngsters who have seen me.in youtube no matter what the other.person says.you are committed to your values you.talk with confidence.and with your internal firm.determination.and you uphold your principles no matter.in whatever.situation you come so this is.what has taught us this non-violence.principle the truth.and the non-violence what gandhiji you.know.stood all his life and experimented in.so many creative ways.and you know showed new ways i was very.happy.that when the millennium time magazine.came it was gandhi.and it was einstein we were the one who.most influenced that millennium of.you know 1000 years.sir basically i think we are in the.last stage we have a few minutes now.to conclude so you have spoken about.everything.but i know that you have been a very.powerful.force in karnataka in empowering the.local governance.and panchayat institutions we have seen.that.on that you have not spoken till now so.i would like you to.tell us something about that and then.you can conclude your talk sir.well you know panchayati raj what gandhi.used to talk about village.republics it is basically.that the power should not be.concentrated and it should not be the.central government of the state.government.or those most important 29 subjects have.been devoted to the panchayats.and when ashok mehta's committee came.siddharaj data was a member of it.he said that foundation is not here what.is the foundation foundation.is the gram server grams above here is.people come.face to face and they talk about things.and the most significant changes like.non-violent reduction.we have seen when village women.particularly and also.men come in the gram sabha.ask the most serious and important.questions affecting their lives.there is not much room for falsehood and.other things.and to me if this country for that.matter the world.has to go towards a holistic development.which calls.harmonious relationship between nature.society and culture.it has to be and it must be done at the.local level.and most fortunately abdul nazir saw was.a very close friend.who did some of the best you know.decisions of our cabinet.when he was a minister there and also.for the police against pollution he.supported us fully.two-day dialogue he had with the favored.king he laid the foundation.he was a wise man he had two major.revolutionary changes one is those women.who with limited budget manage their.houses.they must be in the panchayats that 25.now has gone up to.50 and so on so now what is needed.is not so much the governments and.others those of us who are working.who are all my colleagues who are now.here you know in this webinar.we need as gandhiji said millions of.people.involved in the nation building and that.nation-building foundation.has to be on the they call.decentralization of power.and all things that affect our lives.education.health drinking water agriculture.uh horticulture everything that we.should be able to do.to me this is where we.the middle class we the activists.who have the confidence of the people.who have a living relationship with them.we need to.basically involve them in this kind of.debate as the earlier one person talked.about training.and see that they have this power.ultimately.we are the masters whether it is prime.minister.chief minister.justice of the supreme court mlamp.they're all public servants in our.constitution we are the masters.so we need to learn how to govern.ourselves.and the most effective manner as.abdulmajir.used to say what can be done at a given.level.can never be done at a higher level and.this is a very long long way to go.and i've worked with a wonderful man.called elsi jain.we had so many activities across.karnataka.from empowerment of the graham sava.first time in the whole country the law.was changed.to have the powers for the gram server.but it is one thing to have laws on the.paper.it is another thing to translate them in.the meaningful way at the grassroot.level.and this is what all of us you know who.are now.part of this webinar involved and we.need to.take up that challenge in a major way.and we founded in 1999 what is called.vedic that was another thing that i did.not mention because.in the limited time and all that i'm.sorry that i did not mention that was.one of the most creative most satisfying.things that i have been involved.lc zain and i were there in many parts.of.the state and contributed to it in our.own way.including before the legislature joint.committee and.so on and so forth thank you i hope i.extend my two minutes.thank you so much sir this was a very.interesting and very.touching talk basically touching our.conscious.our heart so people who are in the field.are there today.and definitely it will give us a lot of.motivation.and power to go back to the people to go.back to the grassroot.and start our work this is basically.you have shown us as an activist.but being a very good activist activist.who is a learner activist.activists who can negotiate with the.giant powers.bring them down negotiate with the.government also.and that type of mentoring you have done.with us.so this will take us a lot forward.so thank you thank you for coming and.thank you for sharing so.sharing was so beautiful thank you so.much.and i also thank all the members who.have come.from all over india and who have.participated very actively.i am sorry that we can take all the.questions we have selected a few.questions.and we have taken it so i apologize for.not taking all the question.all the more with some of the questions.if you have we you can definitely give.us.and we will forward it to mr sr hiramat.and he will definitely.answer so thank you once again and thank.you for our team.also who have helped us uh bakul and.mundeep so all the ways thank you sir.thank you so much.thanks again.

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You will notice that CocoSign has made efforts to make your Chrome signing experience as joyful and relax as possible, by adding a wide range of handy features, like merging PDF files, adding multiple signers, and so on.

How to create an electronic signature for the Jefferson National Beneficiary Form in Gmail?

Email is the major method to transfer documents in recent, and going paperless has a lot of superiority, speed being the main one. You can sign a document and have your partner receive it right away.

Your email recipient is one click away. This simple process can be applied to any files that needs a signature: contracts, tax forms, and all kinds of agreements or declarations.

The great thing about CocoSign is that it helps you sign online the Jefferson National Beneficiary Form in your Gmail, without having any other equipments involved. You can do that using the CocoSign Chrome extension. There are only five simple instructions you need to follow to sign your form right in your Gmail account:

  1. Find the CocoSign extension in the Chrome Web Store, and place it to your browser.
  2. Log into your Gmail account.
  3. Navigate to the Inbox and find the email containing the form you need to sign.
  4. On the sidebar, you will find the button 'Sign'; click it and design your designed e-signature.
  5. Once you press 'Done,' the signature will be completed, and the signed document will be automatically saved in a draft email generated by the CocoSign application.

Quick was the primary concern behind the efforts made by CocoSign to develop a simple and fast application that can allow you to forgo signing documents physically.

Once you try the application, you will right away become one of the lots of satisfied clients who are enjoying the superiority of e-signing their documents right from their Gmail account.

How to create an e-signature for the Jefferson National Beneficiary Form straight from your smartphone?

Smartphones and tablets are so evolved in recent, that you can make use of them for anything what you can do on your laptop and PC. That's why more and more people are signing documents from these mobile devices, saving even more time.

It's also a huge benefit work at home. As long as your internet connection is stable, you can conduct your business everywhere.

When you need to sign a Jefferson National Beneficiary Form , and you're outside, the CocoSign web application is the answer. Signing and sending a legally binding document will take seconds. Here is what you need to do to sign a document on your phone:

  1. Use your browser to go to CocoSign and log in. If you don't already have an account, you need to register.
  2. Notice the document that needs to be signed on the device and select it.
  3. Open the document and go to the page to add your signature.
  4. Press on 'My Signature'.
  5. Design your personalized signature, then place it on the page.
  6. Once you have done, check the document finally, press 'Done'.

All these instructions won't take long period, and once the document is signed, you decide the next step. You can either download it to the device or share it in an email or using a link.

A significant superiority of CocoSign is that it's adaptable with any mobile device, regardless of the operating system. It's the ideal choice, and it simplifies workflow, it's paperless.

How to create an e-signature for the Jefferson National Beneficiary Form on iOS?

Creating an electronic signature on a iOS devices is not at all complex. You can sign the Jefferson National Beneficiary Form on your iPhone or iPad, using a PDF file. You will notice the application CocoSign has created especially for iOS users. Just go to check CocoSign.

These are the guides you need to sign the form right from your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Place the CocoSign app on your iOS device.
  2. Utilize your email to design an account, or sign in with Google or Facebook.
  3. Notice the PDF that needs to be signed on the iOS devices or pull it from the cloud.
  4. Notice the section where you want to put the signature; press 'Insert initials' and 'Insert signature'.
  5. Draw your initials or signature, place them correctly, and save changes to the document.

After finishing, the document is ready for the next step. You can download it to your iPhone and fax it. As long as you have a good internet connection, you can sign and send documents immediately.

How to create an electronic signature for the Jefferson National Beneficiary Form on Android?

iOS has a large number of of users, there's no doubt of that, but most mobile users have an Android operating system. To serve the needs, CocoSign has developed the application, especially for Android users.

You can acquire the app on Play Market, install it, and you are capable to start signing documents. These are the instructions to sign a form on your Android device:

  1. If you already have a CocoSign account, sign in. If you don't have one yet, you can sign in using Google or Facebook.
  2. Press on '+' to select the document you want to sign, from cloud storage or using your camera.
  3. Notice the section where the signature must be placed and then use the popup window to write down your signature.
  4. Put down it on the page, confirm, and save the changes.
  5. The final step is to email the signed document.

To send the signed form, just attach it to an email, and it will reach your recipients immediately. CocoSign is the best way to sign a large number of docs every day, all at a cost-efficient price. It's time to forget all about signing docs with pen and keep it all electronic.

Jefferson National Beneficiary Form FAQs

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