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youtube video

How Do You Get Subcontractor Statement Form 11315116 and Sign It Online?

hey what's up guys it's Brian here.Brian's law maitenance alright today.we're gonna be answering a very popular.topic that you guys keep asking me about.and that is the subcontractor agreements.that mr. Mike Bedell put together and.made available as a resource also for.the lunker community we're just hanging.in the truck we're gonna shoot a quick.video for you guys stay tuned check it.out it's gonna be a lot of good info.let's check it out.[Music].all right guys what's up it's Brian here.also hanging with the the three amigos.right hey guys you got Mike Bedell you.got Brandon Boudreaux envision.landscaping solutions and Mike also runs.his company Bedell property management.so if you guys are new to my channel you.know I'm all about the basics helping.you guys grow it along your landscaping.business so you guys can go out there.and crush it so if you guys are new.don't forget to hit subscribe and click.the like button on the video right but a.question that overwhelmingly all three.of us have been getting asked a lot it.gets a little Posse here right is.subcontractor agreements or how do we.all work together so Mike's got some.talking points he wants to run through.some great things that he taught me in.the spring Brandon's gonna give his.perspective as well on how it helped him.with his business his first year in.business and that I wanted to just be.transparent with you guys as well and.show you how it's helped my business as.well so let's go into some talking.points what we're talking about in.general Mike maybe you can ad-lib in is.the subcontractor agreement what is it.where can they get it and how it helped.you with your business and then why.we're all using it now together.absolutely so as I business is grown.I've worked with different other larger.landscape companies is just part of the.growth of my company and something that.allowed us to do that and was impressed.upon me at the start of those.relationships was the necessity to set.up a subcontractor agreement that way.going into the beginning of the.relationship the expectations are.extraordinarily clear not only in terms.of price but just all the little X's and.O's all the fine details there's no oh I.thought you knew or.I didn't know it's entered into at the.beginning both companies sign off on the.bottom so as I met these guys and we all.grew as friends and wanted to start.integrating as a business relationship I.said guys this is real simple it's great.that we want to work together but it's.going to be beneficial to all three of.us if we set up subcontractor agreements.so Brian has one with me I have one with.Brian Brian is one with Brandon vice.versa and yeah it's some paperwork at.the beginning to set up but it takes the.guesswork out of everything well you.also gotta felt a w-9 get a 1099 yep.well you're gonna get a 1099 right yep.you're gonna fill out your yep yeah.exact thing we had to do as well w9 yep.that way they've got your tax.information because you're getting paid.as a subcontractor it's one business.entity paying another business entity.and that's where it supersedes just us.being good friends and willing to help.each other's businesses grow it takes.the guesswork out of it we we know what.those rates are going to be to help each.other at different levels it's really.really I mean honestly this was a.game-changer for my business because you.know like we'd always trade hours right.sometimes we just trade hours because.it's a pretty lateral trade right you.and I we have a different relationship.so like with us with our clean ups like.we didn't charge like get a set rate we.were just like hey look you got to make.money I got to make money we'll just cut.ties at this price right and what we did.is like hey let's say you work 20 hours.with me and I worked three with you he.would just pay me that 10 hour.difference it was kind of just training.hours and that's what a lot of guys so.you and I doing that they're question.about was just us trading hours and how.we did that and that's exactly how we.did it it's figured if it was let's say.20 bucks an hour we're each making and.you know I worked 20 hours with you and.you worked 10 hours with me then you're.just giving me that 10 hour difference.that's where the benefit of what Mike is.saying what brands Dane is having.agreed-upon rates because having having.like friendships where like dude I got.your back and that's cool but like we.run real businesses they have real costs.yeah every so we're gonna make money.yeah so that way.handshakes are cool but in gentlemen's.agreements are what they call it that's.fine.but it's just easier to run businesses.with agreed-upon rates and agreed-upon.numbers and that's where Mike Mike came.up with this you know just a while back.for his business and it made it tense.for us let me let me do it so for you.being your first year in business the.thing with the subcontractor agreements.was let's say Brian I needed Brian to go.mow lawn for me he's like hey I charge.32 bucks alone okay well I have a.subcontractor because I don't do any.lawn mowing yeah Nancy she my buddy.Brian at Brian's lumpiness can come.through or Bedell Mike with Bedell.property management you know 32 bucks to.cut I already know what they charge so I.can give her a price on the spot okay.great sounds good I'll get you in.contact with them okay or like you know.I'm gone and I need Mike or whoever to.go deliver me you know ten yards of.mulch oh it's gonna be $45 per delivery.because or if I need somebody helping me.install mulch we're puttin pavers or.trimmed shrubs hey my rates thirty five.bucks an hour so I know I got this let's.say I got a full day at work and I'm.like okay it's gonna cost me in labor.thirty five bucks an hour for micro.Brian okay it's gonna be three hundred.fifty dollars for labor that day am i.renting equipment am i renting their.equipment or am i using their equipment.they're all set rates so I know what to.factor in when doing a proposal so give.them some ideas of typical set rates we.have because we have it all spelled out.and that's what's in the form just.basically you know if it's just like me.and my hand tools let's say it's like.thirty five bucks an hour later right.yep per hour so then if you want to rent.the tractor from my tractor we'll say.you know if it's a hundred bucks hundred.fifty bucks whatever you guys charge if.you still owe on that piece of equipment.you still want to make sure you're.making your payment's some of the rates.are hourly some of them are by the day.and everybody's different and if you do.everything different if you know you.know a guy have a lot of equipment and.you need equipment hey what would it.cost me to rent your skills here for the.week oh it's gonna cost you five hundred.bucks cool well you know so now when.you're going to do that paver install or.you're pitting that paver job you know.hey I'm gonna be here about a week it's.gonna cost me 500 bucks to do this job.just with the machine now if I have.another guy for a week at ten hours a.day 35 bucks an hour it's gonna cost me.350 bucks in labor.for that week and then you know to.factor that into your cost so you know.you're making money your costs are paid.for and your subcontractors making money.and like you you were saying it's okay.to kind of do the hybrid at the both.it's important that you start out and.have have the paper document in place.because we live in a litigious society.and it's really for your protection as a.business owner to have those things set.up and yes it does make it easier in.terms of pricing things out there that's.the ongoing benefits of having that.agreement in place and then if you want.to get into more the gentlemen's.agreement.helping friends out it's it's really on.you guys if you want to say yeah I.labored was 40 bucks an hour or whatever.it is but hey we're pals were helping.each other out or I know you've been in.a tough situation recently then if you.want to deviate and go you know it but.it's only 20 bucks for the day or you.know I just help me out on a project.next week or good that's great but that.doesn't mean that you shouldn't have.that agreement in place it takes the.awkwardness out of it absolutely there's.no guess it gives you the opportunity to.be nice and help someone out but at the.same time there's no missed handshake.you're not left guessing so like a good.like a simple example was I did a.landscape job I didn't shoot any video.on it it's a new commercial account I.didn't want to put it on YouTube we did.a like a $2,800 landscape job in like.six hours but in that $2,800 I knew what.I wanted to make but then I also knew.Mike for the tractor rental I had my.material cost I had Brandon for labor.and his expertise to create a couple.loads to the dump on the top so we had a.couple those of the for disposal.disposal costs I knew Mike's delivery.fee that because we have it all itemized.in line-item now you can negotiate back.and forth with each other what that is.like for Mike and I may be with our.whole hundred thousand dollar rig coming.down the road for landscaping and leaf.cleanup by the way it's raining right.now sir if there's a little bit of noise.this is what happens you just make stuff.up right but again yeah so Mike and I.when I bring my rig down the road it.might be $75 an hour for Mike to.subcontract me out in the fall for leaf.cleanup so when he's doing a leaf.cleanup job for $450.he already has my costs factored into.that job.so he knows what he's making what he.wants to make etc I think I got to go in.a little rant here because a lot of you.guys know I always plug affiliate links.and I'm always talking about that and.here's the exact reason why let me give.you a for instance and why I tell you.that doing YouTube when you have 1000.subscribers there's no big deal when I.went out to I'm gonna use a really.relative relevant example when I went.out to Steel's headquarters believe it.or not although it was a free trip and.although I got a free backpack blower.out of it.I don't even care the reality is that.that trip ended up costing me $1,100 to.go for free and when I tell you guys.that YouTube takes investment how is.that possible well when that was there.for three days I have a Monday through.Thursday route somebody had to cover.Wednesday somebody had to cover Thursday.and thank God I had business does not.stop it does not stop so I knew there's.so many ways I can take this but I knew.what it was gonna cost for these two.guys build me out on a Wednesday and I.knew that it was let's say $30 an hour.for him and $35 meant for him it was $75.an hour times seven hours I knew.whatever it was gonna cost me four.hundred fifty five hundred bucks and now.my revenue for the day think he was like.eight nine hundred dollars so I still.kind of made money but then on the.Thursday route which I ended up getting.cut on Saturday because it was a double.rainout day Brandon and Alex Laika built.me out as well and like up and I'm.really good do but we did not have an.akan tractor at agreement between us and.when I was thinking it was gonna be $35.an hour like his rig and cost were a lot.more than what I had expected.and he had to come from Livonia and over.in it and I were like five minutes on.these accounts and so but you didn't.know and it wasn't set up ahead of time.and thankfully I we have a couple bucks.like it didn't really need it but it was.more awkward after catching up with him.when I returned home they say hey bro.what do I owe you and he's like XYZ 500.I was like whoa I thought it'd be 375 or.something like that but that's why you.take that awkward and that's how you.don't ruin friendships by the way so how.is the the three amigos still friends.and buddies well getting a relationship.started business or personal is easy.keeping it together takes 25 times more.effort and this right here takes the.awkwardness out of anytime we do work so.when we split profit on a job its.whoever's job it is keeps the lion sure.keeps the money makes the.so if it's Brandon's job he knows I'm.there for 10 hours at $35 an hour it's a.350 day rate Mike is doing that but he.brought the tractor and he's got to.dispose one time so it's a you know four.and a quarter or 500 Brandon does a.$2,100 landscape job like I did a 2,800.our job that's still my job that's still.Brandon's job that's still Mike's profit.so we never like split the profit three.ways it's we have agreed-upon rates and.that's how Mike said you don't make it.awkward you keep it.gentleman agreements are good but you.know official paperwork is even better.just to fall back on just as in case so.that's why I appreciate personal sort.when you guys buy equipment defender.racks and Kujo shoes it's not just.because I make 5 percent I don't need.it's more that if I want to leave and.bring you guys the latest and greatest.it costs money it cost me $1,100 to go.to steel in Baltimore for three days.craftsman you guys might see the newest.coolest stuff from Craftsman that cost.me similarly nine hundred you're like.well you're doing it for YouTube and.your mate trust me the lines don't cross.that well yeah on YouTube maybe one day.it well but I need you guys to partner.back and forth to cover just the base.line of my business to bring you guys.this stuff and I know you guys.appreciate it and I know you guys are.thankful and it's a - and you guys do.use the codes and I appreciate it but.it's not just about Bryan's ten right.which we always laugh about now it's.about it's about succeeding together.it's a partnership on my channel and if.you appreciate that you get it okay if.you get if you don't get it and you just.want to whine I get it because it sounds.needy or greedy but the reality is that.it's a it's a partnership I mean how.else is this info and content coming.back to you guys so that's it and it's.it's that was my rant you want and.you're smart to recognize as a business.owner that whether it's in enroll.reality it's your clients who are paying.for someone like Brandon and I to be out.there but it's your missed opportunity.cost between those couple trips and that.was a couple thousand dollars that you.likely couldn't it could have kept for.yourself not out late to YouTube didn't.subcontractors they and that's the.things yet the weight lifted off your.shoulder those three days you're out of.town because you knew two guys who.trusted they were going to do.good you know they do good work they.know what they're doing who knows I'm.just saying like you had the weight.lifted off your shoulder for those three.days out of town right now and your.business is still up and running your.customers are being taken care of right.Mike and I and Alex as well how to cut.lawns or whatever the job was and you.weren't worried about some $15 an hour.guy out there tearing up lawns or.throwing a rock through a window or.whatever it might be very I mean it.takes the pressure off when you have.good people number one yeah but then we.also have good agreements number two.right um I got to do a plug for the debt.free landscaper so that's Mike's.business and he's seriously taking his.expertise and knowledge and throwing it.out there for you guys definitely.landscaper calm yeah I think Bryan's 10.does work on it so hundred percent is it.which saves you guys ten percent and if.you want these agreements and these.contracts and everything Mike offers he.is way more formal way more X's and O's.by the book than I am again I'm learning.every day and he's been a huge resource.for me you won't ever want to want to.know why brandon has done so well he's.married a lot of knowledge for Mike and.maybe a little bit of knowledge from a.more Mike and then hard work and Brandon.succeeded on his own but brain and it's.all about getting out and doing the work.that's the biggest learning curve but.it's also surrounding yourself with.people that you know are in the business.and know what they're doing and they can.help you you know along your way as well.yeah so totally subcontractor agreement.and a bunch of other contracts available.on his website for him check him out.support it and you're not gonna get it.anywhere else in lawn care community.right now that's that's a fact so it's.what I use in my business a lot of my.stuff by paperwork my back and he's.helping me polish that up on because I.was just a little bit thrown my butt up.against the wall to see what said you.can grow a six-figure business have no.clue what you're doing I'm telling you.but I want to make sure I would don't.suppose agree to that but it's true.you're gonna hit a point in your.business where anybody who wants to get.out there and work really hard you'll.create opportunity for yourself but.you'll plateau with that the opportunity.will take you only so far and it's at.that point knowing your costs your.professionalism.that's what puts you over that Plateau.and and that's the beauty of seeing.somebody like Brandon we got to watch.him just climb right over that so.knowing your worth no matter like I've.said in previous videos if you're.pulling up you know in a Volkswagen with.the wheelbarrow strapped to the top or.you're pulling up in $100,000 you know. trailer you know whether you know.your goals you know what targets you're.trying to hit so you got a like.everybody does reverse engineer and.figure out what it costs you and what.you need to make every day you know to.hit 100 grand a year 200 grand a year.and that's how I've set myself up and.that's what gets best for me we're those.costs that are built into that.subcontractor agreement come from there.not just numbers that sounded good to us.right there numbers names that we take.really seriously because they're not.just fictitious numbers Brandon needs.that hourly rate because as a business.owner he has all these expenses if Brian.goes to an event that doesn't mean that.his liability isn't there of getting the.work done or the liability that comes in.there with doing the work all your.overhead costs they're still existent so.I don't know your numbers it's a thing.too it's like how do you figure out what.you should get two hours per hour for.subcontracting is like we're saying know.your numbers like okay like this year if.you're making 25 bucks an hour okay well.this year it was okay but now knowing.what I know and going into next year.it's like okay well now my rates going.up you know five ten bucks whatever.might be and that's a good point Brandon.because those agreements it's really.only valid for one year yeah you could.enter into a multi-year agreement and.right they're just going to be different.windows there might be times where.you're only gonna enter into an.agreement with with someone for a month.or two and that's the beauty of all the.documents that definitely landscaper.comm they're really easy to adjust.they're just simple Word documents and.Excel documents that allow you to.customize yeah exactly to whatever your.situation is but to go off your point we.those were a one-year agreement so.coming up in the next month or so here.we're gonna have some lunch and and I.fully expect that both of these guys.rates will have gone up because I know.my rates have gone up Mike.the business has not decreased in the.economy again.Brandon kick-butt this year because he's.he's smart he knew what he was doing but.these guys spent all spring and summer.together doing landscape jobs together.and subcontracting each other out I.didn't really need too much of that for.lawn maintenance because I run a lawn.maintenance business ninety percent of.that but the more I picked both of these.guys ran I learned from Brandon's first.year I learned from Mike for sure then.10 11 years in so you guys know that I'm.a student I'm still learning I don't.have it all figured out but it's awesome.being able to bring resources like this.to you guys into the community so any.final thoughts parting thoughts if not.we're wrapping it up I think this is.hopefully answers everyone's question as.to how we accomplished working together.and if you guys have any questions.obviously go ahead comment below we're.all able to answer or shoot us a message.on Instagram we love chatting with all.you guys cool alright guys well over and.out we'll catch you guys on the next one.peace see ya.

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Some of the confused FAQs related to the Subcontractor Statement Form 11315116 are:

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