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The Information Guidance for Auto Sales Financing Form

The convenient way to draw up Auto Sales Financing Form online is by using a dedicated tool. While there are tons of it, CocoSign seems to be the best tool online. To use the tool, follow the tutorial given below.

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youtube video

Find out How to Write Down the Auto Sales Financing Form

hey everyone out there on YouTube its.Craig from flying wheels that f150 right.there was by far the hardest sale I have.ever had in my entire life why you may.ask.it wasn't the trucks fault it was the.buyers fault the buyer had low credit so.we had to get a low credit subprime we.call it fire financed and it was an.absolute nightmare but we did it and I'm.gonna tell you how we did it I'm gonna.tell you how you can get subprime.financing for your customers if you need.it most of the time they go to the buy.here pay here which is in house.financing so when people ask do you do.in-house financing that is buy here pay.here usually people pay per week so when.you see those advertisements you can own.this car for forty two dollars a week.that's a buy here pay here type dealer.they lend all their money out on credit.to them themselves part of the.interruption sales calls all day every.single freaking day.all day long I drop what I'm doing so I.can get more sales calls and pick up the.phone and they'd want to answer machine.one and sell me service so anyway back.to the back to work this f150 I sold it.to a subprime buyer most of the time.they go to the buy here pay here I am.NOT a buy here pay here I don't want to.be a buy here pay here I do not want to.finance people and then have to go.repossess a pregnant lady's minivan.that's not what I want to do I just want.to sell cars typically I picked the.low-hanging fruit cash buyers it's the.easiest sale I'm willing to take less.money if you have cash just because it's.so simple this is the by far the most.difficult work and I'm going to show you.why so I am NOT a direct lender direct.lender means you go to TD Bank you go to.Bank of America you go to your local.credit union you get financed they are a.direct lender I am an indirect lender.however I have a banker's license so I.you can apply for a loan on my website I.submit the application to my lenders my.lenders send me the application you come.in you sign all your paperwork and then.the lender gives me a check and you.leave with your vehicle everything's.good so you can do everything in-house.so when I say in-house financing yes I.do do in-house financing you could.finance through me and my you buy here.pay here no I am NOT a buy here pay here.so anyway this vehicle has subprime.financing and it was by far the most.work if you have good credit my number.one choice is cash buyers my next choice.is good credit if you have good credit.and a deposit it's even better.or a down payment it's even better.because they can just send the loan.application you go to the credit union.you get your loan at your paperwork in.they give you a check you bring it to me.and it's as good as cash and you leave.with your vehicle that's my second.preference lastly is subprime financing.it is so much work because you have low.credit you need your firstborn you need.your last five years addresses that you.have debt you need five references I'm.going to show you the whole application.it's ridiculous but anyway let's get.over into my office I'll show you what.we need to do to get them financed so.just to start with no exaggeration this.right here is all the paperwork needed.to send out to my bank to get this guy.financed it was so much literally look.at look how thicknesses all of these.documents were required to help get this.guy financed it took me all day Saturday.all day Monday and all day today to make.this deal go through why did I do it.well.I typically turn them down I typically.say no thank you I just it's not worth.the sale to me but a sale is a sale and.money's money and sometimes you gotta.pay your bills and sometimes you've had.a vehicle longer than you want well I.have had a vehicle longer than I prefer.it's that f-150 I should have sold that.a lot sooner and I haven't so I want to.sell it so this guy has bad credit so I.know go directly to my subprime bank so.I submit the credit application I submit.the vehicle information and then they.come back with an offer an offer means.they don't give me what I want they give.you what they want so basically the ball.is in their court a hundred percent.because if this customer wants a loan.and can't get approved anywhere else it.doesn't matter they just want their loan.so they get their twenty five percent.interest rate and they pay the bare.minimum for the next four years and they.have their car they get completely taken.advantage of.I tell them right upfront you are going.to get taken advantage of it's the bank.that knows you need a vehicle and.they're going to hit you hard it's not.my fault I get take advantage of - so.now here's why I get taken advantage.so I want that sale well I'm willing to.do pretty much anything to get that sale.and make it work so I do do that so this.customer has bad credit I send the.application I might have sold that truck.for $10,000 me and the buyers say all.right $10,000 that's what we agree upon.I write up a bill of sale I send it out.to the subprime bank well they call me.back and say no we will only approve.that sale for $7,000 that's where it's.worth that's what trade-in is so they do.trade-in plus ten percent so it's just.awful now I'm getting taken advantage of.because the buyer has bad credit so I.have to pay for the buyers bad credit so.how does he how do you make that work.well they'll pay out say seven grand.plus I want 20% down so 20% down would.be 1400 now we're at eighty four hundred.or I want 30% down so with that 2,100 so.now we're at seven eight ninety one.hundred dollars so if that customer has.30% down we'll say it's 20 we'll say.it's ninety one hundred dollars we're.gonna sell the vehicle for now I ride.the bill of sale up for ninety one.hundred instead of that 10 grand so I.take a $900 loss on top of that are you.ready for this the bank has a twelve.percent fee a surcharge that I cannot.pass on to the buyer they have a twelve.percent surcharge that they take out of.my cut so if they offer me seventy four.hundred dollars on loan for that car.take twelve percent off of that that's.750 so they'll take 750 and change off.of that seventy four hundred so I get a.check for sixty nine hundred so that.vehicle that I sold for $10,000 I will.now get a check for sixty nine hundred.dollars plus 20% 30% a little high.people don't usually have 30 percent in.cash especially if they have bad credit.so I get 20% normally so that $10,000.truck I might walk away with eight.thousand eighty five hundred dollars.just to make this deal work so I tell.the customer anytime I know they have.bad credit I say listen this is how much.the car is going to be the bank has fees.I have to get my money for the car the.selling price of this car is this much.forget what you saw it for online it.isn't this much and that's how it much.is going to cost because this Bank.as fees and they are going to punish you.for your low credit it's not your fault.it's not my fault it's not their fault.it's off you know we want to make it.happen this is what we have to do so we.do it well next is what the bank.requires the bank requires proof of.address if you haven't been there for.five years they require all of your.addresses for the last five years they.need five references so five names and.phone numbers why because when you stop.paying for your car because you have.subprime credit low credit chances are.you had a foreclosure you had a.bankruptcy you had a repossession once.in your life which means you're willing.to give up whatever you signed your name.on previously his chances are you're.willing to do it again so they want.secure that loan best they can so they.get five names five phone numbers of.your closest relatives and friends so.they know when you stop answering your.phone who they can call the track down.your vehicle that's the next one then.they want driver's license passport they.want utility bills they want bank.statements everything they can get to.prove you are who you are and you can.afford this payment so the documentation.alone took me all day on Saturday and.half of yesterday on top of that they.have this thing right here this is.called a lender systems I pay so it has.four digits on it you plug it into the.car and every month when your payment is.due it blinks red when you start your.car if your payment has been made you.get a text message with a four five six.digit PIN you punch it in on the first.of the month your truck runs for the.next thirty days then when your payments.do you make your payment you get a new.PIN PIN number text it to you and you.punch it in every single month till your.loan is paid off it's a GPS tracker and.immobilizer so it doesn't allow you to.start and run your vehicle unless you.make that payment there's a 14 day grace.period ten to fourteen day grace period.so if you're late on a payment it blinks.every day they don't like yellow it'll.blink green yellow and then red means.you're done you haven't made your.payment we're stopping your vehicle they.won't allow you to start it I know where.you're thinking we'll just unplug it you.can't if you unplug it they get notified.it's like one of those wristbands or.ankle.bracelets that the cops have when you.get in trouble when you're on house.arrest if you unplug it your loan is due.immediately immediately that vehicle.gets right repossessed or your loan is.due so everything you paid up to this.point gets it's gone it's lost so you do.not want to unplug this immobilizer okay.the immobilizer well no big deal they'll.install it wrong the dealer installs it.so when I say this is the hardest I've.ever worked to make a sale the.documentation I don't mind sitting on my.butt in the chair in my office and doing.some hard work on the computer today I.was physically unmai on my back.underneath the car wiring up this.immobilizer from the starter up to the.wiring harness underneath the dash.tearing things apart took me eight full.hours today to install this immobilizer.for someone else so I am always being.punished for people subprime bad credit.but do I want to make the sale or denial.when want to make the sale if I didn't.do all this work for the past three days.that truck would still be sitting in my.parking lot so I'm still gonna turn a.profit on the vehicle I know I want to.sell it I know I want it out of here I'm.gonna liquidate some cash buy some more.vehicles it took me three days of hard.work but it's gone I moved some cars and.move some inventory I can move on to the.next car so let's go over the truck and.gonna show you what the immobilizer look.so I just finished working on this truck.so that's why it's so filthy in here but.I'm gonna show you right here here is.our mobilizer you'll see you'll see it.blinking green so I can start the truck.if I take the key turn on the truck will.start and everything's great if it's.blinking red it means it will not start.it will not allow you to start so that.is a starter interrupter it sends a.signal to the starter that it actually.just allows the signal being sent to the.starter to say okay let's start the.vehicle if it's red it shuts the.connection off and won't allow that.signal that connection to be made to the.starter again if you unplug that thing.your payment is due on the spot on the.spot so 10 grand up front now give it to.me and you lost your 20% deposit and you.lost all of your payments.when I say give it to me don't give it.to me the bank says give it to me not me.I wish I got it the good thing about it.why do I want to do this you might ask.why do I want to use the immobilizer.well there is no recourse what is.recourse.ah well recourse is the next thing.so this Bank in particular uses these.immobilizers other banks use recourse.what is recourse well if a customer.doesn't make their first payment the.bank can call the loan due on the dealer.so it's up to the dealer to make sure.that customers making their first.payment if they're not the bank calls me.and says hey Craig from flying wheels.you all west 7000 dollars and we need it.back we're gonna take it right out of.your bank account you know that account.that we direct deposit the money in.we're gonna ACH it right out so I hope.it's in there you're gonna go negative.so that is another problem with.financing for subprime financers they.may not this bank uses the immobilizer.other banks may not use the immobilizer.but the banks that don't use the.immobilizer have recourse which means if.that customer doesn't make their first.payment you are responsible for making.the car payment in full and then going.to repossess the vehicle well is there a.benefit to that kind of yeah so that.customer put down 20% it's always.mandatory required subprime has to put.down 20%.so they put down $1,400 on a seven.thousand dollar car you go repossess it.you own that truck again and you got to.keep your downpayment of $1,400 so you.made $1400 and you had to go repo a car.so it stinks I don't want to go.repossess cars not in the repo business.I can go pay a repo guy to go get it for.me and I still get to keep my $1,400 but.I don't I don't want to do that I just.want to sell cars and move on to the.next one and then the next one and then.the next one and get turnover I don't.want the deal to continue to follow me.after the fact so that is the decision I.made to go with this Bank versus a.recourse Bank so that's what you can.expect when you get a subprime when you.get a subprime buyer as soon as they say.they have bad credit roll your eyes not.in front of them because it's gonna be a.lot of work for you for you but you want.to make that sale or do you not want to.make that sale.is that car a gem that you know you can.sell to somebody for all the money that.has good credit then hang on to it but.if there's something you've been sitting.on for a while if it's something that.you want to get rid of or you need a.liquidate then sometimes it's worth all.of this work all of this headache and it.looks like it's as easy as just.installing nothing and plugging it in no.I need a hardwire to the wiring harness.and find very specific wires and every.vehicle has different colored wires and.you have to figure out which wire does.what there's so much work I'm sick of.doing it I'm tired I want to go home but.I did want to show you how much work it.was so you understand what you're in for.if you do want to finance low credit.buyers hey this video is at all.entertaining or helpful smash that like.button so other people get to see it do.me a favor to subscribe for more car.tips tricks videos etc I'll see you guys.later.adios.

How to generate an electronic signature for the Auto Sales Financing Form online

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Auto Sales Financing Form FAQs

Here are the answers to some common inquiries regarding Auto Sales Financing Form. Let us know if you have any other confusion.

Need help? Contact support

I've received a job contract and have been instructed to sign, fill out some forms and mail it back. Should I include a cover letter with that? If so, what do I need to include in the cover letter?

No need to - from the sound of it, you already have the job, so I'd stop worrying about trying to make the best possible impression since the decision has already been made. But if you feel compelled to, a brief "Dear (whoever) - please find enclosed the forms you requested". And even that can be on a sticky note, rather than stationary. Relax. You have the job already. Exhale.

How can I create an auto respond to emails with specific files depending on the form filled in on my site?

The answer depends on the language and platform that the web site runs on, as well as on the particulars of the web site itself. I do not mean to insult you, but if you take on professional work without the slightest idea on how to achieve your goal and where to look for leads on solutions, then maybe you are in the wrong business. If you are a “web designer” and need to supplement your skills with professional development, you can always find professional help on the freelancing web sites, and learn from the solutions you get.

What is wrong with the hiring process and how could it be fixed? Endless forms have to be filled out, nothing is unified, and GitHub, StackOverflow (for developers) or Dribbble (for designers) are not taken into consideration.

I’m not sure that anything is inherently wrong with the hiring process. There are many different ways to go about talent acquisition, and some may prove better than others in better situations. HR professionals want to be psychic, sometimes, and (admittedly) they have to be slightly so. However, it is impossible to know if George is going to have a breakdown 2 months after you hired him as your PR person. People fluctuate in all different periods of their lives, and although you can see warning signs of a bad candidate, it is almost impossible to predict their future behavior exactly. With that Continue Reading

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