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right now okay I'm recording now if I'll.start recording now as well are you.recording now mm-hmm how about now yes.still AM the button is impressed.excellent okay so it's a time I think it.is it's that time it might even be.commander time.[Music].welcome to commander time we are yet.another podcast about the Magic the.Gathering format known as commander you.already listened to commander and the.commands own commanders brew commander.cast commander master class single to.syndicate you watch commander versus.game nights laboratory maniacs commander.clash jumbo commander you read the.articles on EDH wreck commander society.gathering magic and wherever else jason.alters publishing today and you think to.yourself i want more commander content.well we are bringing you more if you.haven't ever thought you wanted more.commander content then what are you.doing listening to this go do something.else more productive but if you have.thought that then here we are.I am Nate Burgess formerly of the.commander and podcast and writer at ETH.recom I'm Dean Guti of idiot Rick Turco.I'm Patrick cipolla of also EDA Trek.comm yeah that's me.awesome so we are all writers on EDX.rekt comm and here we are doing a.podcast today we are getting started.with the basics of building a deck then.we might talk about some games we played.I'll tell you what my cats have been.doing you guys have pets yeah I got a.dog captain a dog over here alright so.we can talk about our pets and then.maybe you'll hear a goofy song but first.so patrick you identify as a johnny.combo type player yeah I say that was.aside but yeah that that is essentially.everything I play even my aggro decks.all tend to have.of something going on behind the scenes.it's always about finding that.interesting mechanic and then trying to.really push it to the limits that the.game can present itself with using a.massive amount of cards comboing with.each other uh yeah I mean ideally uh I.mean let's be frank sometimes two card.combos are you know they had their place.they can finish out games whenever a.game has gone on too far but on the.other hand they can also just finish the.game on turn four before everybody's.really had a chance to do anything the.more I can just kind of expand on the.basic idea that the better off I usually.feel about playing combo and EDH I want.everybody to have fun but I also just.kind of want to see a pile of dominoes.fall over yeah as far as the.psychographics go.I think Timmy's like individual cards.Jonny's like sets of four or more cards.and spikes are looking at the two cards.and they're trying to get as many.overlapping pairs of two card.combinations as there are yeah with.almond Kat coming out there's nest of.scarabs and plethora there's a like a.six card combo that I am desperately.trying to figure out if it's even worth.running in green black I'm leaning.towards probably not but you know there.is there's potential there that you can.just gray storm somebody out of the game.which is kind of cool hmm.Oh marionette master that could work.yeah something like that.with the implement and then mmm I don't.know there's there something there.though wha I actually got a foiled.date-stamped to Patra from one of the.extra pre-release kits I picked up nice.yeah like the week after the pre-release.just go to local game store and see if.they have any left over yeah that's.actually how I ended up with my.pre-release copy of gnar set mmm just.like I want I really wanted to open.another pecans packin there she was and.she sits in my binder for one one day.when I want to play a desk I combo deck.I was gonna say I'm surprised you're not.willing her now she's like the supreme.Jessica combo machine well the problem.is is that the best way to build her.lends to lots of extra terms in the.combat steps and it's very monotone in.terms of I get to do a bunch of stuff.and nobody else does well yeah well once.you've seen an are set player take and.you know essentially an infinite number.of turns.yes you you tend to target down the gnar.set on your next game and it my meta has.seen such an are set in days past and.even if I just say hey it's not that.kind of gnar set its and nobody ever.buys that argument and they really.shouldn't how many extra turns do they.need all of them mate they need all of.the extra turn don't need all of them I.should be able to win without needing.all of them well well but that's usually.how they win it's just by taking all the.turns and I have seen the first nurse at.combo duck I played against was actually.a Superfriends combo with the chain.ville and two fairy Oh gross.that was maybe interesting but it was.also really disgusting yeah I would just.rather run just guy send is he combo.just tapping on tap do some looting but.that's also still just you know I'm.doing a whole bunch of stuff what are.you gonna do about it.kind of a combo yes very not interactive.yeah so that's the major reason why it's.just sitting there in the binder waiting.for the day when I want to be degenerate.I think the problem with MRSA is that.she has expert a tably yeah that's right.she would be easy enough to deal with if.she didn't have that that's a problem.hmm.so should we start talking about.building a deck yeah let's start talking.about stuff.[Music].something public okay moving on to the.main topic of our episode building a.deck this is it the first in a series.that were calling back to basics where.we just go over basic topics with an.experienced diet this segment should not.be confused with the card back to basics.which is not a basic card mm-hmm.no that's a hate card yeah that card is.serious business yeah I like it hmm.note that this advice is how I.personally build a deck you may have.different rules for yourself if you do.let us know and we can learn from you.aye-aye-aye will certainly need that.help I I don't make great first first.graph decks I'll just be straight up.with you yeah I also tend to need to.play test my decks quite a bit before I.get them to do I want but Nate I.actually learned quite a bit when you.start your article series on UTA track.where you're taking all the partners mmm.partner focus you talk about how you use.EDA track as a deck building tool and.it's pretty fascinating how you use the.advanced filters to to hone in on the.cards that highlight the strategy you.want to use in your decks yeah thanks.yeah I don't know if I would call those.tunes decks though I mean looking back.at them I would make changes to a lot of.stuff maybe not to and but you do hone.in on exactly what you want to do even.if it's not the obvious thing if that.makes sense like you use a you find the.commanders that are the closest the next.closest thing to what you want to do and.then you filter by that and you find.cards that work with those strategies.that way yeah if I understand your.process correctly yeah sometimes I know.what I wanted to do beforehand and.sometimes I don't but yeah we can we can.make this a completely different episode.sure yes.so I'll reference some other content.makers the professor of tellurian.Community College had a video how to.build EDH in 2014 and if you're watching.this on youtube there's a link right.there there it is he got that one so as.an overview.he has 46 mana sources 38 or more of.them are lands 8 or more of them.our accelerants cards that ramp that are.not themselves lands he has 25 to 35.creatures and that leaves 18 the 28.cards remaining and the example he gave.was a cig river guide.white blue merfolk wizard tribal so.since he was going tribal they were all.filled with myrrh folks and wizards that.seems quite high on mana as a meta base.yeah that is I mean I could see that for.a control deck or if you're trying to.hit a whole bunch of outdrives.of drazi Titans but that is that is.really heavy on the mana how many lives.do you tend to run eight oh I'll get.into that in detail later but in general.yeah it does seem that does seem high.for me yeah but if you think that's a.lot well alright.the command zone a couple months ago had.a commander deck building template.episode this is 2017 and there's a link.right there if you're watching on.youtube they have ten mana ramp cards.accelerants they have ten card draw.cards five single removals five board.wipes so yeah that's a pretty good.amount of removal yeah thirty-eight.lands as well and that leaves 31.remaining cards and we'll get into that.in a sec but the point is they're using.48 mana sources yeah between wrap and.and Leia's yeah but it was this is this.is a general guideline I remember.listening to the episode and it was very.key that it was all about what you are.going to be doing with your mana if you.have huge mana dumps they suggest even.more mana ramp and I mean if you're.running a real low curve that tops out.around like 4 or something like that.that is probably way too much definitely.yeah the mana curve graph if you're.using something like deck stats or.tapped out that's very important so I.know that the command zone has pretty.much always had the standard of 10 ramp.and 10 draw though I don't know if I.knew that they always recommended.running 38 lands I still think that.seems high.generally around 36 yeah 36 is pretty.good usually um yeah I have a couple.decks that do run closer to 40 but I.mean it's usually for big mana decks.they have to have a reason to like my.kozilek deck probably it runs 40 lands.just straight up and then it has.probably probably twelve like artifact.ramp cards yeah interesting to see for.me for my I also have a cosmic deck and.I run 36 lands there but I just upped.the number of mana rocks especially the.ones that you can cycle from play so.like commander's fear commander's fear.mine stone um he'd run archive and dream.stone he drawn cards that you can either.tap for extra mana or you can pay mana.and sacrifice them to draw cards so.those are especially good and Nicole.it's big mana deck or any really any.pigmented deck I think the biggest.reason why I ended up running so much.land in mine is I made my cause like.right as wastes was introduced mm-hmm I.realized that my meadow ran a lot of.like path to exiles or like everybody.ramps cards with basic lands yeah with.basic lands and I really wanted to be.able to actually capitalize on that if.possible absolutely yeah I actually.found the fun interaction with wastes.and extra player lens where you exile.basically any control and all of those.basically ins tap for extra mana of the.same type not the same color so usually.people run snow lands with extra player.lens so that their opponents can't get.the same benefit from explainer lens but.it actually works with wastes as well.and very few people run wastes except in.dedicated colorless decks hmm yeah all.right I hadn't I actually had never.considered wastes as a target for that.huh yeah well when I got the card I was.like do I put it in this deck not too.many colors what about this deck and I.just ultimately decided I couldn't.because I didn't have any snow lands to.put.in any of my two or one color decks so I.check the wording and realize that it.worked with wastes so that's where.that's where it lives.my Chucky da trick real quick sure oh I.think EDA track filters out the basic.lands we're not going to see wastes and.extra planar lens lists hmm well you can.look it up you can look it up in the.reverse way though and extra planner.lens is not used in the signature cards.or top cards huh you might have found.something there did I do.yeah the key word there is whenever.Elaine with the same name as the.imprinted card is top four minutes.controller adds one minute his or her.mana pool of any type that man reduced.because type includes colorless whereas.color of course is color specific yeah.it's not even under the artifacts there.that is a you found a pro tip right.there game I think so though I think.some of the more cutthroat colorless.decks just run utility labs and they.don't even bother us with waste so that.might be why you're seeing that hmm all.right but for me I think on average 38.land sounds about right.oh yeah I do have a formula for it so my.formula for the number of lands it's 31.plus the converted mana cost of your.commander plus the number of colors in.your color identity Oh interesting so on.commander and I said start with a.constant of 30 but looking back at some.of my decks I think it should be 31 and.that's only if they plan on actually.casting their commander okay as an.addendum to that if you are playing in a.meta with a partial Paris Mulligan.subtract two interesting yeah for me I.usually tend to just jam land lands in I.think I usually start off around 36 just.to be yeah I also tend to build decks.with as few colors as possible usually.it just tends to save money in the long.run in terms of land bases.yeah and the formula that I've heard on.pretty much I think every commander.podcast I listen to is start with 40.lands and then for every two mana rocks.and or ramp spells that you add you take.a land out so you usually end up with.about eight mana rocks or ramp spells.and 36 lands ish yeah I tried that and I.never been a huge fan of the way it.curves out that way I always end up with.too many mana rocks in hand and then I.really don't know what I'm going to be.doing with all of this I'd much rather.have a proactive creature or something.like that on the board yeah but then you.can't cast it because you don't have the.land well it really I mean it's it's all.about it's all about what you're trying.to do I think it comes down to I guess.to me I would rather take a turn off and.not be a target then I put down too many.manor rocks and be like oh he has so.much men on turn three is just like I'm.gonna I'm gonna play it a little safe.here hmm it's kind of like the the.opportunity cost.the first mana rock is great the second.one is also pretty great and then on the.third and fourth one you're usually.pretty unhappy having them or you just.have them in your hand as a backup in.case there's that mass org light against.artifacts that's kind of why I really.don't like overextending myself that way.if I I can avoid it.hmm well I mean there's always cultivate.too but I guess that's the same problem.is it i cultivate is generally better.because math land destruction is uh.usually pretty heavily frowned upon it.and uh no matter what community you seem.to be running in generally unless you're.running at a very spiky very cutthroat.meta punishment meta yes if you're in a.single color you don't need as many.lands and if you have a low CMC.commander then you don't need as many.lands so some like ISA Maru Hound of.Kondo if you look on EDA Truckee.averages at thirty-four lands.yeah I remember back in the back in the.days of partial Paris Mulligan's where.every deck could afford to run 34 lambs.you know I had the good deal oh yes dad.more bombs my mana black rat stack at.that time was running 30 lands which was.did you have more relentless rats than.lands actually I've only ever run about.20 relentless rats in any of my deck and.it's probably wrong but you know 10.relentless rats on a board at a time is.usually pretty good yeah pretty good the.deck that I run up the fewest plans is.probably a 3 oz with I think 31 lambs.and 30 shadow board apostles Wow.31 lands 31 minutes so a very little.curved deck yeah I guess so but what's.the highest CMC card in your deck.um sometimes at six hmm interesting.but I run a couple of sessions I run on.what is it expedition map and a few.other fetch cards that can find land if.I need it for Nick those runs and Nick's.cabal coppers and crypto bag Adeem which.I'll tap for massive amounts of mana.yeah crypto bag Adeem gets up there.mm-hmm if your graveyard is filled stuff.full of black creature specifically.mm-hmm like China born apostles like.shadow boat apostles going back to my.formula if you're using partners hey I.got too many numbers here I got two.commanders with different cmcs and there.are too many numbers to fit into the.equation where do you put the numbers.while you start with 31 and you take the.highest CMC partner and the total number.of unique colors and then do you deduct.from that formula for any added mana.rocks.I do not okay do you know what you have.rich for mana rocks or rare spells in.your decks I think it's actually a lot.lower interesting it might be around.sighs yeah I mean if you're running at.that amount of of lands in general I.think height is probably fine it's not.like you need to accelerate out you're.eight drops or nine drops small so that.it's usually about waiting for the right.time to drop those um you just kind of.want to get there as fast as you can.sometimes but you don't need to get.there at like hyper speed yeah mm-hmm.and also if your commander has the word.land in the rules text then you might.want to add a few more the get rod.monster averages 41 lands and titania.protector of Argos averages 39 now after.these lands that leaves around 60 to 65.cards for the rest of your deck so.what's next and creatures are probably.good maybe some spells creatures and.spells yes so for the rest of the deck I.would start with the card type by what.your commander is doing so creatures are.usually the next largest category after.lands on average we don't have the.numbers from dawn on idiot rec on how.many creatures the average deck has not.partitioned by commander I think that.would be a custom search across.everything just across all decks ever.made ya know he would probably cry in a.corner for how long that would take.based on what I know about SQL might.take well but I would say look at the.rules text of your commander look for.phrases like if it refers to creatures.you control or creatures you cast then.add more creatures for example an Ammar.soul of elements has the highest average.of 46 since it cares about the creatures.you cast and the more creatures you cast.the better the cumulative effects NMR.gives you recto slow to riots averages.at 33 creatures which i think is way too.low.hmm that's a lot of creatures in a deck.though mate how many would you run I.would run closer to 40 in rack DOS yeah.you want to get as much of discount as.you can that's true you know that's.about mana efficiency that's true yeah.because with the practice the more.creatures you run the more cards you get.a discount on so if you're running 32.pictures you get 33 discounts that you.run 40 creatures you're going to get.discount on 40 different cards in your.deck yeah so 40 percent of my deck you.know about that synergizes directly with.my commander.yeah and that's what I'm looking for.yeah so if they're real sex refers to.creatures your opponents control or uses.the words control and the phrase target.creature then maybe you don't need so.many creatures in your deck for example.mariachi rebury and Reuben eeeh soul.singer they have averages of 20 and 23.creatures respectively since they just.take everyone else's creatures they do.that's I've played against Romero Arabic.mm-hmm my gonti deck only runs 16 yeah.some commanders really don't care about.creatures at all if the rules text.refers to a particular card type that is.not a creature that type should probably.be the bulk of your deck for example you.lay vanaf a Lea scourge musics of V is.Magnus want instance and sorceries.instead of creatures they have an.average of only 10 and 7 creatures.respectively but 37 and 45 total.instants and sorceries most of the.creatures they do use also have the.phrase instant or sorcery in their rules.text hmm yeah absolutely.what about commanders that don't care.about a particular thing or don't.synergize with anything in particular.like a Pinilla legendary creature no not.quite like that.like proof like crew fix got a Verizon's.for example well in that case he talks.about mana so you might want to put.anything that produces boatloads of mana.or uses boatloads yeah I think you're.saying all the types of cards can create.mana and so they synergize with crew fix.that way right.yes artifacts or creatures or spells.yeah that kind of commander probably.works better for how I build decks which.we'll get to after we're finished with.this section all right yeah moving on to.different examples bruna light of.alabaster has an average of 14 creatures.and 24 enchantments sir the enchanter.has averaged nine creatures and 22.enchantments but both of those.enchantment numbers seem low to me note.that many of those that are counted as.creatures are enchantment creatures and.they get counted in the creature bucket.not the enchantment bucket like.artifacts menarche for example has an.average of 21 creatures and 21 artifacts.and most of those creatures are either.artifact creatures or have the word.artifact in their rules text makes.perfect sense if you think about it.don't think about it and most websites.most deck-building websites like Dec.stats and tapped-out do as you said.sort multi type cards that are creature.and something else into the creature.bucket mm-hmm.so your artifact creatures they might.not be counted as artifacts so sad.giving the data the illusion that your.deck does not synergize as well as it.actually does right also for one land.creature that exists Dryad Arbor in a.getrag arrest tonia deck those would.probably get that also get sorted to.creature rather than land interestingly.Dryad Arbor it's like it's like.enchantment artifacts you know which it.what is it it's both but it gets sorted.into one or the other I think it's just.it sort of door effect actually mmm I.don't know actually laughs ask dawn them.done we demand data all right so what's.the next section this is how I build X.it's very research intensive or.front-loaded in terms of research.because frankly a lot of combos don't.come out and jump and say hey I'm a.great combo you kind of have to tease.that the rules and kind of take it piece.by piece and really figure out what's.going on and to actually understand how.to build the deck correctly the first.step is of course to find something that.looks fun that's really what we're in.you to play magic for so you know do.something that looks fun to you and the.rest should kind of follow and then you.start with the cards that are the bare.minimum needed to do the combo for.instance if we were running karmic guide.and Rev allarakha we would have to put.those two cards in there I did not put.those cards in there would be kind of.silly if we are making a deck based.around it then the research kind of.starts we find I literally go through.EDH wreck and I write down every single.card that is like a top card or the.generals or anything like that and see.any particular interaction in there is.interesting to me this is often where.you find the enhancers and enablers from.the command zone at this point in time I.very rarely think about if anything is.good or bad it's more about what I can.do with it and see if I can best.maximize those ideas I also go through a.lot of scribe fall searches it's.probably the best search engine I found.in terms of how quickly I'm able to.iterate on my searches yeah it just.being able to search out type an ID and.just by going like through the Oracle.text specifically I'm able to kind of.tease out the the phrasing I need to.find the cards I want I mean we can.always go over that at some other point.but that's it that's something else.I've never used Skype oh yeah it's it's.pretty nice it turns out yeah yeah but.after that I try to find any tutors or.ramp cards that might be ideal like.ideal cases for for the combo and then I.add the land it still like all those.last two cards what would you use to.tutor out a Revell arc and karma guide.uh well now that protein Hulk is uh it.will find both of them on both um okay -. yeah you could um no you couldn't.find both with protein hope you could.always find one half of it if you're in.black any pretty much any tutor will.will will hit you at that point.otherwise you're looking at the.recruiter of the guard I think it is the.white guy from conspiracy - yeah yeah.he's he's going to.be able to find you what you need to.otherwise you might need to focus on.just drawing a whole bunch of cards if.that if you can't really find the pieces.you're looking for it's sort of a very.direct rudimentary way of tutoring yeah.I roll my whole deck I tutor for.everything and that's why necklace art.does not run very many tutors right yes.hmm.so if we consider tutors to be card draw.are you using about ten card draw I at.least on the first draft that I probably.end up with ten card draw in in that.case reason being is that it's kind of.hard to know if something is fun if you.don't play it and on the first like.iteration of a deck I want to be able to.hit my combo as soon as I can and see if.it's actually fun once it's on the board.so that's kind of why front-load my.first version of a deck with so many.tutors is just to find out is it.something I actually want to be doing in.a game if it isn't then hey I don't have.to spend the time to tuning it and.finding like the right amount of tutors.or anything like that I can just take.deck apart and find something else to do.yeah you tried short cutting that before.Patrick by just having like a practice.game where you your open hand has some.of the pieces or all the pieces that you.need to do the thing that you want to do.or is that too fast like does that one.of those fun it's interesting because it.comes down to I think at this point in.time that might be good to do if you're.really looking to cut down on the amount.of time you're looking to go with like.if we had like a tournament we had to go.to if there was like a pro tour of.commander I I might I might be looking.to do that maybe someday yeah but the.second matter is is I play every week I.can go through and change my deck fast.enough within the the week and if I can.hit the combo I can see it happen in a.real game and that's where I usually.find out the strengths and weaknesses.most notably it's why I'm always so.afraid of you know merciless eviction.that'll just nettle disease everything.yeah.and so I I like exiling thing yeah.couple players played against a plug-in.mill before Patrick yeah yeah justjust.just the other day impact was that oona.or someone else I believe that was Donny.okay okay oh yeah we'll talk about that.in the gap but when I'm making cuts.initially I would try really really hard.not to cut pet cards like it usually.ends up where my land base is really on.the light side on my first draft just.because I really don't want to cut off.cut out like armor throw or something.like that I really want to put on that.plus one plus to counter on something.that's pretty obscure hmm I was I may.have been looking at scribes all the.other night and looking for a black.counter spell and it popped up and.reminded me that I really want to make a.Thrall tribal deck so yourself in.commander at 2017 hey it could happen.that would certainly be unexpected right.yeah throws instead of zombies yeah well.they've had plenty of zombies lately.yeah more zombies I mean who wants more.zombies they're all so predictable you.come back from the graveyard.I mean trolls have all of the the.bonuses of being disposable with none of.the recursion it sounds fantastic yeah I.think zombie players one more zone yeah.exactly I mean I'm a troll guy at heart.I got a B you know you please just be.let's just be honest with ourselves.aren't we all just roles in the great.COG work of life.Crispo nope maybe come on Mauro give us.a more throw throw of April treble.anyway as we as after the first test run.that's usually where we find out where.our deck is the weakest.my first relentless rats deck had.exactly no way to protect or recur.thrumming stone uh yeah that was a.mistake.buried ruin it's your friend yeah yeah.the first time somebody who destroyed my.throwing stone before I cast the.relentless rats it felt like somebody.punched me in the stomach it was it was.it was not fun then you know you're.going to be sitting there watching the.rest of the game while you turn by.battle yeah turn by turn casting one.relentless rat and then maybe a second.one if I get up to six mana but you know.it's not a great feeling.so that just I mean but it gets easier.as you make you make more decks and you.learn to protect your combo or build.redundant combos yeah that book that's.always nice too and then I pretty much.once I have a deck built to this stage.I've usually figured out if it's.something I actually want to keep doing.so at this point it's just about.iterating on the same deck over and over.again and seeing what I can best do to.make the cards work together always try.to make the sum of the parts much better.so you find more overlapping synergy.exactly and over time you do figure out.what is the best way to go about the.strategy maybe the initial concept was.wrong but the but some other kind of.like weird thing you did along the way.kind of took you in in a much better.path than what you had initially thought.and so long as you're okay with never.having really of like a quote-unquote.complete deck you just keep making.changes I mean they're always printing.cards so they're printing cards and.you're always learning new things mm-hmm.so you start out with tutors to get the.main pieces of your combo but then in.later iterations you take them out I'll.end up cutting them yeah.yep just keep cutting them until you get.probably one or two is usually where I.end up just so that I have a way to and.if the game just goes wrong go sideways.or maybe it's our four of stalemate and.everybody still at 30 life you know it.would be really nice if somebody had an.infinite combo to finish the game it.would be really nice and you know that's.why that's my personal reason why I'm.not against infinite combos is just so.long as you're not trying to get there.on turn four just having one in the deck.is nice just to finish out a game mmm.yeah I think I think new players tend to.be a little bit more afraid of infinite.combos just because it's hard for them.to see the infinite combo coming hmm if.you're coming into the game for the.first time and you're not very familiar.with magic you don't understand.why greville arc and karma guide are.threatening until you see them go off.yeah with the rest of the things that.make that combos go yeah you have to.build up your magic vocabulary and get.familiar with what's going to happen.with the other decks are going to do.right when you're just starting out you.you're reading every card as people are.playing them like what does that do oh.sorry okay can I see that one and it can.be a little bit intimidating.so for newer players I think generally.aggro is the most easily understood.strategy.I just turned creature sideways and.attack with them it's easy to drive yes.and then you can just watch that the.table rotates back to you and then you.get to turn your creature sideways again.mm-hmm so Patrick how would you make.tutoring or comboing friendlier to newer.players well if it's at all possible if.I actually know that I'm playing against.somebody new I will explicitly say if.you have something that will interact.with this particular piece like say same.Queen Bond I would be like hey just let.you know this is part of my combo of my.deck and I play this other card that's a.problem so you want to keep an eye out.for that and any out kind of.interaction I'm just letting you know.just so that there's kind of a level.playing field it's pretty obvious at.this point that I'm not a huge spike but.you know I'm not I'm not there to win.I'm there to have fun and I want to make.sure as many people have fun at the.table as possible I've played against.your combo decks they're probably the.most 75% combo Tudor decks I've ever.played against okay well thank you yes.yes I mean that is a compliment of.course all right Aladin do you have a.comments on your process my process.varies pre pretty widely I built decks a.lot of different ways I have decided on.a basic archetype and just going to EDA.track and almost just copied good cards.over into into a deck list from the.recommended commander page I have done.searches similar to what you've talked.about me based on what the commander.does based on creatures enchantments.artifacts and so on I have built around.combos I couldn't say that I have a.specific process for most of my decks it.really does depend on what my starting.concept is if I want to build around the.commander if I want to build around a.combo or if I just want to not really.think about it and kind of just build a.deck and see how fun it is alright.you have a example deck you want to talk.about or I could talk about a deck like.how did you build your crew fix deck.yeah okay all right so my crew fix deck.was a deck that I built up around the.the idea of group hug so you started.with the idea first yes I started with.the idea of group hug and then I.searched for all the group hug cards.that could work in the deck some of the.cards that ended up in the deck are.temple bell which you can tap and.everyone draws a card call me of the.crescent moon at the beginning of.everyone's off the case they draw an.extra card so how a mine type affects.and then once I had those I wanted to.capitalize on crew fixedness ability.which he gives you know maximum hand.side.and also he keeps your mana pool full.across terms and phases so you you never.lose any mana that you get so I was.going to let everybody else have lands.and mana and cards but I was going to.capitalize on it more than they could by.having no maximum hand size and all the.mana that I get I just keep so I went.and looked for things that ramped really.big and I ended up with things like.collective voyage which you pay a green.and everyone can pay as much man as they.want and everyone goes and finds.basically that number of basic lands and.puts them into play and new frontiers.which is the same thing except only you.can pay into it and and then I read.stuff that doubles mana like heartbeat.of spring and dictate of Charon Metra it.doubles it for everyone so usually it's.a little bit cheaper like harpy the.spring is just three minutes Delta.everyone's mana hmm from Land's I don't.know about that what do you mean I I.don't I don't think I would play that.card I don't want them to have mana.no yeah but you get to keep all that.manner yeah but everybody else gets mana.- mmm yeah well oh we have we have.answers for that name we have counter.spells and removals oh yes we've got.things like void slime and the newly.printed didn't allow disallow yep.counter target spell activated ability.or triggered ability and we've got.bounce spells galore like capsized which.says return target permit to its owner's.hand and it has buyback three so you pay.an extra three you get to put it back in.your hand what else you gonna do with.all the extra crew fix man you have.lying around you know cast a Hydra no.missus doer development any eldrazi.hydras aren't very good when you can.just uh you know wipe it away which is.return turret permit to its owner's hand.for one blue blue but it's got a split.second so you can't even combo off in a.response and then a lot of map.spouse returned all creatures to their.owners hands yeah I would use more of.that because so your deck is based on.getting more efficiency out of the mana.that everyone's getting yes so your.removal has to be more efficient than.everyone else's cards then three other.players cards so yes.single target removal loop isn't going.to be that efficient for you correct I I.do run some single target removal.counter spells are better than bounce.spells because they either exile or put.into the graveyard and then mass bounce.is a form of permanent removal because I.have a lot of flashing up later so I can.cast the bounce spells at instant speed.if I can bounce stuff after at the end.of someone's turn they're gonna have to.discard down and they'll only be able to.keep their seven best cards generally.unless they have a reliquary to are out.or crew fix or crew fix sure like me so.what you're saying is that your group.hug deck is not so much a group hug so.much as like a bouncy castle you really.want to make sure everybody is uh having.fun in a very contained way yes it's.exactly like that everyone can have as.much fun as they want so long as they.don't try to break some of the little.try to win the game or kill me but if.they do that they're going to have all.their stuff bounced and then countered.or destroyed it Oh or they kill you yeah.if they can get past all the counter.spells all right well let me introduce.you to a card that was just printed.prowling sepal card.yeah hey I don't know about that guy but.you know what he can be bounce to him.hmm.yeah maybe point taken you can sure all.right so our next subtopic this might be.a controversial one these are the auto.includes and each of us is going to have.our own list of Auto includes.but I would say look at your commanders.rules text and if they have certain.phrases on them here are some colorless.cards that can go into any deck so if.your commanders have something to do.with drawing cards.you probably want a reliquary tower.maybe you want a thought vessel - if.your commander says attack or combat has.something to do with combat you might.want a rogue's passage and swift foot.grieves both of them swift with boots.and lightning Greaves.if the commander says target arcane.lighthouse.summit in there or glaring spotlight.yeah well arcane lighthouse gives you.mana though that's true yeah you would.have to be a like have a real specific.reason for needing heck spur of hate for.both hi yeah yeah well I do run both in.my 10 deck because the deck is all about.that or painful or targeted creatures.that's a very good reason.mm-hmm if your commander just requires.you to Bram but you're not in green.myriads landscape it works for blue.decks works for black deck wears for red.decks oh yeah yeah I would save me red.landscape for mono color decks person.yeah I agree it's quite slow and it.doesn't really fix your mana the way you.would want it to it won't find for.example a mountain and an island it will.only find two islands or two mountains.which is a little bit unwieldy I think.if you're running a deck that has a lot.of pips in it you might want to consider.it too just because like a like a.brunette deck or something like that if.I ever tried to hard cast one of the.enchantments things can get rough unless.I'm able to actually get the basics that.I want out of the deck but but you're.playing brutal why are you hard casting.anything well generally I'm not but.sometimes you know life needs you just.need to do something yeah I guess that's.I guess somebody's countered you're.you're traumatized or no or maybe you.know somebody decided that.to play a fog against her or something.like that and I just need to do.something else you know there's there's.a when games don't go to the plan you.sometimes just need to hard cast.something than noise yeah that's air.enough I still think Mira live Escape is.too slow even for most multicolored.decks it takes two turns off to do the.landscape or it can take two turns off.depending on how light the game is hmm.yeah okay so moving on to some good.stuff staples if you go to EDH recom.slash top like the sensei's divining top.it will show a list of the commonly used.cards in every color and you can see.that soul ring is in around four out of.every five decks which seems low to me.yeah I was very surprised when you gave.me that statistic and I would think it.would be closer to like nine out of.every ten decks or more yeah I don't.know what's going on it seems wrong I.mean I mean raw I mean the whoever wrong.in in that whoever's not running a soul.ring is probably wrong yeah I would say.so even if your commander doesn't have.any generic or colorless men and their.CMC soul ring still covers the command.zone tax if you have to cast your.commander more than once who has to cast.their commander moon the ones people who.have commanders that other people want.to remove oh yeah oh yeah like like.bruna or kozilek or gnar say yeah oh.hell I'll eat it took effects will hit.her yeah yeah that's about it.arcane Lighthouse moving on that.cyclonic rift swords to plowshares and.eternal witness are in around half the.decks that have the colors to play them.it seems correct yeah probably I think.cyclonic Grif seems not actually I think.that seems low yeah to be actually for.rift maybe but sort of a witness sound.about correct all right maybe the next.tier around a third approximately of the.decks that can run them you.Sun Titan counterspell demonic tutor.cultivate kodamas reach Sakura tribe.elder lightning grieves and various to.color cygnets and some of these seem low.to me but the Signet seem high.really I don't you sing it's a lot yeah.oh I think I run cygnets about as often.as I can.I like them they are probably not the.best fixing in the world but they are.too mana that's kind of really where.they're they're ideal it's something.where you can do turn one soul ring into.a signet and be yeah I mean that's.that's how you make yourself a big.target but on the other hand you're also.you know if you're it's also the fact of.the matter is is that for color.commanders are very popular and if you.are going to run a four color commander.you want to be able to actually cast.them I figure yeah I think they're.pretty essential from the four color.commanders because the biggest upside.for the cygnets is that they're.colorless ramp to men a colorless ramp.if you're playing rampant growth you.need at least one green and I've seen.decks do that where they they run ramp.spells but the deck like if it's a three.or four codec they run ramps bells and.then they skew their land base towards.green so that they can cast their.cultivates on their could almost reaches.and ramp into their other colors red.black green whatever right there but.then you just have a slightly antelope I.feel like the meta base is a little bit.too bent not quite the way you would.actually want in real life well I think.I do.wait towards the forests if I'm using.those forest tutoring cards hmm yeah.sky struck lame is nice with uh being.able to tutor up Forest Islands or you.know dual actual dual color actual dual.lands true dual lands non-basic forests.right exactly.and of course it's probably important to.mention that that the top most played.cygnets are the non green ones in the.first place so these are I mean so you.have because it's Cigna.the rack doe Signet horizont and Boris.are Boris and then azureus and Damir.these I mean you don't even get a green.one until you're looking at below 30%.yeah that makes them interesting that.those are good for those played signals.so you guys like multiple cygnets in a.multicolored deck I mean not just the.not just the commanders that only have.colored pips but any multicolored.commander I actually cut back on some of.my ramp spells like rapid growth and.cultivate in prash because I was running.so many utility lands that I was having.trouble getting the colored manner that.I needed to cast those cells and the.cygnets were a nice way to to get those.colors when I I didn't have the colors.in the lands that I needed okay if I'm.running anything more than a two color.commander I'll run probably one or two.of the cygnets depending on if I'm.skewed towards one color more than the.other like in a neck who's our deck I'm.mostly Lu red but the black cards I am.running are very pip heavy so like I'm.running a underworld dreams or something.like that that's three black I need to.make sure I hit my my black pips as much.as possible so I do run the the rack doe.Cygnet and the addameer signet in that.deck and then you have colored mana left.over for something else exactly yeah I.only use cygnets if the commander has a.two-color ability like Riku I'll use the.cygnets for riku's ability colors or if.the commander says the word artifact.sure so you don't run them in say jalaja.nope hmm what do you use for rampant.that or do you not write much I don't.need to rant much because I'm not paying.the mana to cast nulls oh yeah that that.makes sense yeah what's the most you've.ever had to pay for delay than a game.effort with grandeur tax oh I got her up.- she exiled 16 cards.so sixteen mana Wow and casting that.time milled someone out exile and the.remainder of their library I have never.seen that happen before with delaila.yeah as far as the Signet I would.consider that one flexible slot in a.two-color deck I would run a signet in a.one-color deck that becomes a medallion.and then three or more color deck it's a.chromatic Lantern yep and or dark steel.ingots maybe a commander's fear if my.commander says draw a card oh I like.commander sir better than ingot.personally just just because you get to.cycle cycle it from play once you've hit.enough mana yeah I mean if I am looking.for fixing I'll I'll literally run all.three of them.once you hit three mana for four men.Iraq you have a lot of options for.what's wrong with ya a lot of.competition and a lot of things it.really a lot of options in terms of what.you're trying to do at free mana you can.start thinking about like a thread.Dynamo I think that one's the three mana.one grim now that one's for Ben above me.okay then nice it's one of the better.ones yeah maybe like criminal it's.that's for two and it really you're.picking at a man and you look at my it's.the three minute one that comes into.play tab to test for to Power Stone yes.warm power star horn power stone that's.the one if you're just looking for lots.of mana that's a good one to go for but.like in my gonti deck I I really want to.live the dream of you know activating.abilities of creatures I've stolen or.something like that so I run chromatic.Lantern in that deck it doesn't endorse.Tlingit which types are exactly yeah.exactly so it's it's it's a once you get.to about three it comes down to what are.you really trying to do with your your.mana anything less than that it's about.casting your commander pretty much yeah.I mean I guess is uh probably another.auto include if we're just talking you.know ramp in mana fixing its columns.simulacrum back yeah sad robot that's a.pretty hotly contested one actually hmm.on the ebh subreddit a lot of people.will argue with him that he's quite bad.but most you can recur him repeatedly.I've heard people so that they've been.taking him out a deck or just don't.include him in their builds poor.simulacra I mean he is sad for a reason.and I mean the I think the only time.I've never run him is in a mono green.deck that seems like a good time doctor.oh yeah your services are not needed.here said robot I have I have three cast.spells that will find me lands yep yeah.two two lands yeah at the same time hmm.all right how about removal and.disruption and hate bears I would say.the amount that you add depends on the.meta mm-hmm absolutely the best removal.is either instant speed or it's some.kind of board wipe in your favor.cyclonic rift for example is both.crackling doom yeah in Gehrig's wake.destroys all your opponent's creatures.and plants walkers you know that's an.expensive one though or if you want to.be a little fancy you could do with.plague wind which is in garrix wake -.the Planeswalkers.but also I think they can't be.regenerated yes if that's ever important.in your meta why not both I mean one of.live headache and I think maybe one.other thing that ear removal should be.is is flexible which could fall into one.side of your flavor like merciless.eviction where you get the option of.getting rid of the thing that you need.to get rid of which probably usually.equals out to being one sided in your.favor but sometimes not it really comes.down to making sure that you get to keep.clean if somebody's going off or if.somebody's about to attack you for the.win you want to be able to do something.about it mm-hmm definitely.yes oh speaking of the meta on the.YouTube channels when commander versus.was asking commander in for community.decks they specifically said they did.not want decks with infinite combos they.also did not want things like cyclonic.rift since their intention is to make a.watchable episode that lasts between one.and two hours they want a game that.lasts for about that long and doesn't.end too quickly or drag on too late and.a game that ends on turn three isn't.going to fill an entire episode for them.and on the other end of the spectrum a.game that durdle for 20 turns might.become somewhat boring to watch I can't.imagine why a 20 turn game might be.boring to wash mm-hmm now another show.laboratory maniacs on the other hand.they play highly competitive games.sometimes with a relaxed band list and.there are usually infinite combos in.every deck stacks decks are accepted in.that group life totals sometimes become.irrelevant because the games can end.with an infinite combo that eliminates.all three opponents at the same time.they stop and analyze their opening hand.to see if they have a turn three win.with all the zero cost mana rocks and.whatever combos they already have Orkin.tutor and they can fit multiple five to.20-minute games into one-hour episode so.the design of your deck is rightfully.going to be influenced by your meta if.you're playing at work during your lunch.break or between rounds at a magic event.then maybe you don't actually have time.to play a game that lasts for an hour on.the other hand if you're planning on.settling into a comfortable table for a.few hours maybe you want to more.leisurely dare I say casual game yeah.let me why I always try to make my decks.to the point where people are having fun.it's also important to consider the.actual act of shuffling your cards that.just text is so much time on to to so.many things and it's why I'm slowly.cutting back on such lands on many decks.I'll just put in a basic in favor of it.just be.as I don't want to have to shuffle my.deck every two or three minutes right so.you're cutting down on tutors for.practical reasons exactly all right I.think that closes out our talking about.building a deck mm-hmm for now okay so.yeah all right so moving on to our next.subtopic our last game Oh last game so I.was playing a modified version of my.dummy Oh sage of stone deck that is.landfall based dean you are playing your.crew fix group hug deck and Patrick you.are playing Maron with rat.he'll relent the threats it was my first.eth deck and it took me a while to.actually get it into a place where it is.oddly resilient oddly resilient you did.die last I yeah that's true.so some highlights from the game I'll.say that trigon predator is an early.game star Dean you mentioned you cut.that from crew fix I and by that ah I.don't know I cut it because I I was.never drawing it so I never really had a.chance to use it.and I ended up putting propaganda and.instead I'm not sure yet I have a fair.amount of removal besides it but it.could go back in all right.another highlight of the game was a.right of replication on a consuming.aberration and I had a bunch of low mana.spells in my hands so I could cast a.bunch of spells and then everybody else.grinds a bunch of lands they enter.graveyard yeah it turned out it wasn't.so bad for me yeah not until the bazooka.bog and the relic of virginities that.came along later yeah and exiled your 63.card graveyard and then I played an.oblivion sower and gone a bunch of lands.and a mine grind yeah you did win I I.will I will admit this but um I I kept a.very what I considered a good hand it.was it was a one Lander but it had soul.ring.it had soul ring and in general the kind.of the wall of CMC in my deck is three.so I only needed to draw one black.source and I was going to be set to cast.a lot of things but I just kept drawing.nan lian on land not in land for quite.some time in fact I had to beseech the.Queen for cabal coffers you know is that.we got so yeah I remember you doing that.was yeah I was on two I had two swamps.and a and the soul ring so I had to I.had to look for something with a to CMC.or lower and I'm pretty sure I looked.for the vault coffers just so I might be.able to if I ever draw into another.swamp that will actually be positive on.mana at that point try to catch up a.little all right it looks like I kept a.four land hand and temple Bell was one.of my early plays temple Bell is pretty.good for me that game but I ended up.losing to Nate first I don't know if.I'll say it early but it was definitely.first well I wasn't much of a threat at.that point and I don't think I was much.of a threat and in general until the end.of the game and one of the reasons why.did the muck did it you know getting.grinded so heavily wasn't such a bad.thing for me is that every time at.late-game whenever you would cast a.spell Nate I would just flip a land.immediately because I had so few out.already.oh so it sends your deck yeah you you.only you would only like hit me for one.or two of her per spell you were casting.because it was I just had like four.lands out and that was it so I still had.30-some lands in my deck at that point.okay so I guess it's the opposite of.sending your deck up your deck was thick.of lands yeah it was very thick of lands.and I towards the end just ended up with.a couple ramp spells in hand that I was.just like is probably not a great idea.to cast these at this point hmm so have.you made any changes to davia since that.game yeah I've swapped out the baleful.Strix fourth ratios triton hero in the.two.drops lots because he's a repeatable.coiling Oracle style landfall and the.deck has landfall is looking for.landfall triggers I'm looking to try out.calf net the mindful in Adhamiya deck.because da Mia puts seven cards in your.hand which enables calf net to join in.combat if you don't guess anything and.at three mana five five can't hurt ya.he's flying daily destroy ya.and calf Nets ability enables more.landfall triggers because it can put a.landed back in my hand he do you raha do.you run picture of the moon in that.technique no too much mana yeah that.costs way too much his mana cost is too.high Matt Koff is just too high but I'll.pay three mana for a 5/5 flying.indestructible oh for sure it seems.totally reasonable.so our next topic the pets updates okay.and I'll say for my pets refrigerator.magnets are not permitted if it.protrudes from the refrigerator that's.not completely flush with the surface.she will jump off the ground and snatch.it down she'll get on the counter to the.side and pot it or she'll get on top of.the refrigerator and slide it off the.front of it or the side and then she'll.carry it around like a trophy well.that's exactly what it is at that point.mm-hmm.in terms of my my pet my dog he's a bit.lonely at daycare these days he played a.little bit too rough with one of the.dogs there and she's been ignoring him.oh they were kind of anymore well he's.trying his best to win her heart back at.this point and for my cat I guess.blankets are the thing she likes to go.try to fall asleep with my daughter's.comfort blanket and that hasn't been.done over well with my daughter.she's been telling the cat off no no.that's my blanket that's mine.getting territorial yes alright so on.the next commander time hey did you guys.hear about protein Holt getting unbanned.wouldn't be led since when.ya labels out protein Hulk's talking you.know so what are we all going to do.about that next time we will jump into.the first offering in a series about.evolving your meta if your opponents are.playing problematic cards then how do we.deal with that the first subject for.evolving your meta will be the color.green find out how to deal with all.those pesky opponents who insist on.playing what is arguably the strongest.color in commander green listeners of.the commander and podcast may remember.my message of the week segment that.talks about a hateful card the wrecks of.strategy this will be an entire episode.of that about the color green we're.looking forward to bringing that to you.guys.mm-hmm get out bro do you know yeah but.but he's my friend he's gonna get me two.rounds he's gonna get super exiled.mm-hmm there's there's gonna be things.that are gonna happen to that guy.there's ways around that yeah yeah I.will have to take those away from no one.I'm sorry so if you like the show.consider supporting us at patreon.com.slash commander time there are a few.reward levels up there on twitter we are.at command time on email it's commander.time at gmail.com youtube the URL is a.garbled mess go to youtube search bar.insight commander time follow me on.twitter at detective armas otherwise you.can read my articles at eth wreck.I am the combo corner guy yeah fine.meals that are also at grub fellow my.articles are the big Q time series on e.da Trek where I take us back to a past.set of magic and find some of the hidden.treasures that maybe don't see enough.play these days treasures.on Twitter I met mr. plug and on EDH.wreck I am writing the partner focus.series where I look at all the partner.commanders and make text forum so we'll.close out with some 80's rock based on.one of my own favorite Auto include.cards random enemies is it at but rocks.on all these are the fact wanna kill his.mom and wonder I wanna cook I.in your art bag big bother me too many.for my chat retreat oh those are some.nice man a rock with no fan let's add.some time.I just can't reel bandulus.then why.understand.acts on your side of the board towel.[Music].

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  2. Register for an account either by your email address or via social account of Facebook or Google.
  3. Upload the document that needs to be signed.
  4. Select the section where you want to sign and press the option 'Insert Signature'.
  5. Type your signature as you prefer and place it in the document.
  6. You can email it or upload the document on the Cloud.

How to create an electronic signature for the Form Ct 1 on Android?

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  5. Save the changes.
  6. Load and share your document, as desired.

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Form Ct 1 FAQs

Some of the confused FAQs related to the Form Ct 1 are:

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How many people fill out Form 1099 each year?

There are a few different ways of estimating the numbers and thinking about this question. Data from the most recent years are not available—at least not from a reliable source with rigorous methodology—but here is what I can tell you: The most popular type of 1099 is Form 1099-MISC—the form used to report non-employee income including those for self-employed independent contractors (as well as various other types of “miscellaneous” income) Since 2015, there have been just under 16 million self-employed workers (including incorporated and unincorporated contractor businesses). And the data from the BLS seems to suggest this number has been largely consistent from one year to the next: Table A-9. Selected employment indicators Now, the total number of 1099-MISC forms has been inching up each year—along with W-2 form filings—and may have surpassed 100 million filing forms. RE: Evaluating the Growth of the 1099 Workforce But this data only goes to 2014 because, again, it’s hard to find reliable data from recent tax years. In terms of the total number of Form 1099s, you’d have to include Interest and Dividend 1099 forms, real estate and rental income, health and education savings accounts, retirement accounts, etc. I’m sure the total number of all 1099 forms surely ranges in the hundreds of millions. Finally, not everybody who is supposed to get a 1099 form gets one. So if you’re asking about the total number of freelancers, the estimates range from about 7.6 million people who primarily rely on self-employed 1099 income and 53 million people who have some type of supplemental income. If you’re someone who’s responsible for filing Form 1099s to the IRS and payee/recipients, I recommend Advanced Micro Solutions for most small-to-medium accounting service needs. It’s basic but very intuitive and cheap. $79 1099 Software Filer & W2 Software for Small Businesses

Do I need to file CT income tax return?

Most taxpayers do not have to fill in a tax return. If HMRC thinks you are paying the right amount of tax through the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system on your wages or salary, or on an occupational pension, they will not send you a tax return. However, HMRC will issue annual tax returns if you: are self-employed. are a company director. have other income which is not taxed before you get it and the tax cannot be collected through the PAYE system. have rental or other income from property.

How do I fill out Address Line 1 on an Online Form?

Your question is unclear. That said …. Generally, Address Line 1 refers to the house/building number and the street on which it is located, and may include an apartment/suite/unit number, though that can also be on Line 2. (Line 3 is typically the city, country and postal/ZIP code.)

What disgusts you about the current medical education, especially the MBBS curriculum in India?

I feel 1..ATLS 2. BLS 3. ACLS Should be taught and students from first yr only should be rigorously trained for these. Military men (Aged 19-21) are employed and deployed at inhospitable circumstances, so what is wrong in training young newly joined MBBS students in these most important skill development (for emergencies) programs. This is not emphasized in old or new MBBS curriculam. 4. Tuberculosis is rampant in our country with increasing MDr and XDr TB cases, every MBBS passout should know about this, diagnosis has to be emphasised. 5. Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry should be cut short and Continue Reading

How do you know if you need to fill out a 1099 form?

It can also be that he used the wrong form and will still be deducting taxes as he should be. Using the wrong form and doing the right thing isnt exactly a federal offense

What is taxable income in CT?

You will pay NJ income taxes and file a non-resident tax return for NY State. Company HQ is irrelevant. NJ will give you a credit for taxes paid to NY State.

Who Must File Form CT 1040nr PY?

Unfortunately, the IRS does not accept NR returns (1040NR and 1040EZ-NR) online[1]. While you can find the forms on the IRS website[2] , you have to print and mail them in via snail mail. Footnotes [1] How to file Form 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, 1040NR, 1040NR-EZ [2] https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f1040nr.pdf

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