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Guide of Ncbe Character Report Form

hello everyone and welcome to the ethics.series webinar understanding the bard.mission form and the moral character and.fitness application this series is.brought to you by the ABA law student.division the Center for Professional.Responsibility and the young lawyer as a.reminder ABA membership is free for all.law students and law students also have.the option of upgrading to a premium ad.a membership to enjoy these exclusive.benefits for only $25 per year we're.going to start with introductions and.then kick off the presentation so my.name is Meredith small I'll be serving.as your moderator today I'm a 2l student.at Harvard Law School and I'm also the.law student division liaison for the.Center for Professional Responsibility.in the short time that I've been an ABA.member I found it very rewarding I've.been able to attend various conferences.and trainings and meet all sorts of.impressive students and professionals.from all over the country joining me.today are Dennis Randleman ethics.counsel with the American Bar.Association and Tom Clancy Secretary of.the Illinois Board of emissions to the.bar so Dennis let me pass it off to you.and you can introduce yourself and take.it from here Thank You Meredith and.hello everyone we're going to explore.some of the issues and questions that.arise surrounding the bar admissions and.character and fitness process obviously.because we're talking nationally we.won't delve into some of the specific.issues that arise in individual states.those types of things are things you'll.have to investigate on your own and.we're going to not take you on a.step-by-step line-by-line process.through all the various forms that are.involved but there is a resource the.basic Bible if you will for bar.admissions and that is published through.the National Conference.our examiner's it's available on this.website in a electronic form and I.believe you can also download a PDF of.it this is where you go to find the.information you're going to need.regarding your individual state but in a.general sense.there are various commonalities that.arise and it's important to you to.gather the information at an early stage.in your career or potential career now.my background in this area is.long-standing in my earlier life I was.counsel at the Illinois State Bar.Association and worked with the.Committee on legal education and.admissions to the bar from there I went.to the University of Illinois at.Springfield and served as pre-law and.now as ethics counsel here issues.relating to admissions and character and.fitness arise at least tangentially.though do arise through professionalism.committee which I previously staff so.I've been involved in this for much of.my legal career and have continued to.have an interest in these activities and.these issues now some of the resources.in addition to the Bible can be found at.these web addresses there is a model bar.admissions form and character and.fitness application available at these.websites through the National Conference.of Bar Examiners not all states utilize.the same form but increasingly there is.uniformity and use of not only.the application on a state-by-state.basis but there's also increasingly the.use of national investigative and review.forms and and services available to take.some of the administrative and.investigative burden off individual.states and there is a long history of.bar admissions practices going back to.Lincoln's day where to be admitted to.the bar in Illinois a first went in.March of 1836 to the clerk of Sangamon.County to register himself as a man of.good and moral character and this was.after he had been reading the law for a.couple of years with John Stewart and.then after that he passed an oral.examination by a panel of practicing.lawyers and appeared before two of the.Supreme Court justices at the time and.in in past received his law license in.September of 1836 and was enrolled.before the Supreme Court in April of.1837 so in a somewhat primitive way aids.admission to the bar was very similar to.what you will be going through seeking.your admission to the bar now the ABA.and the ncb II have various standards.and these are found in the front of the.book the Bible that I referenced earlier.that seek to give a philosophical basis.for this process.you know as you can see on the slide the.purposes concentrate on as does the.entire disciplinary admission process.protection of the public and the system.of justice.and the goal is to ensure that when you.are going through this process you.understand what is expected by the bar.examining Authority primarily the goal.is to ensure that because lawyers are.agents of their clients and agents of.the court that they are honest.trustworthy diligent and reliable in the.performance of their duties in.representing clients some of the types.of conduct that are suggested to be.considered in the standards for.character and fitness include some of.the things you would obviously suspect.and again I'm not going to repeat what.is on the slide but there are things.that you would expect and that you would.in seeking to hire a lawyer expect the.lawyer to demonstrate now these are.phrased in the negative so they're.things that you would expect a bar.applicant to have not engaged in.similarly they delve into matters that.go beyond the professional but also get.into personal matters and prior.professional activities and matters.but there is controversy one of the.ongoing and particularly current.critiques of the character and fitness.process is the question of are these.characteristics actually predictive of.an individual's moral character to be a.trustworthy lawyer recently professor.Leslie Levin has been doing some.scholarly research into the standards.and traditional character qualities that.are identified that have been identified.and you see a citation to to her article.here but one of the most significant.findings is that few elements of an.applicant's history predict or correlate.with eventual attorney discipline and.that is something that is of concern to.the both disciplinary Council and the.bar in general because if we are looking.at what we should be considering in.admitting lawyers one of the things one.of the primary goals is admitting.lawyers who will or admitting.individuals to be lawyers so they will.not be engaging in conduct that could.result in subsequent lawyer discipline.and so far the research is showing that.there are no clear correlations between.the standards for character and fitness.and subsequent lawyer discipline there.were very very weak correlations just.slightly better than random on being.male graduating from a quote unquote low.ranked Law School and I'm not sure what.low ranked and the quality of the.rankings are to begin with having a low.class rank or low grades and having.credit problems or high student loan.debt which is a whole nother topic for.another day there were no correlations.between bankruptcy mental health.treatment substance abuse or academic.dishonesty and all of those areas are.significant issues for that have been.going on for debate particularly.questions that exist on character and.fitness forms regarding revelation of.mental health treatment there has been a.great deal of debate about the impact of.that question those questions on.individuals who declined to seek mental.health treatment while in law school.because they may have to reveal it on.their character and fitness application.there is significant issues in that area.and it varies from state to state to.state.some states are no longer asking those.questions but that is a significant.impact the same thing with substance.abuse we know that in the legal.profession substance abuse is higher.than in other professions but is that.something that should be a determinative.on admission to the bar and finally.the ongoing issue is the question of.revealing any type of criminal or.juvenile activity that has been expunged.there again is no correlation with that.to future discipline.legally something that is expunged does.not exist and what is the philosophical.basis to have the character and fitness.process of our admissions process.require disclosure of something that has.been legally expunged it seems to be.rather contradictory and an intrusion.into legal rights that are otherwise.protected for the rest of the public on.the other hand there is the general.principle that disclosure of much of.this information whether it correlates.or not is a benefit to the public.increases public trust in lawyers.emphasizes to applicants the sense of.responsibility that they have and.reinvent sizes to applicants the.expectation that is there for lawyers to.be responsible and trustworthy so it.serves not only a symbolic role but is.akin to the lawyer's oath in emphasizing.how important the lawyer role in the.judicial system and in serving clients.is but that doesn't mean there are also.aren't some hiccups along the way.recently there have been two anomalous.opinions that that illustrate some of.the concerns in this Jarrett case the.applicant had in.lated grades on a resume and had failed.to disclose certain traffic citations.from out-of-state and the Wisconsin.Supreme Court reversed the bar of.Admissions and ordered a supervised.admission based on the conduct.subsequent to law school at the same.time in the brown case the Maryland.Court did flip-flopped exactly the.opposite direction where the board of.Admissions had recommended admission for.someone who had inflated her grades and.a prior earlier youthful indiscretion it.sounds worse than it was a felony theft.charge and voted to deny admission so.you've got two different states two.different board of Admissions one going.one way one going the other and the.courts in each state reversing the.boards of admissions so you can see.everything is very state oriented there.are other cases that caused me concern.I've included some citations to other.ones that you can review at your leisure.but the reasoning in some of them I'll.let you draw your own conclusions and.let you discuss those in your own time.but one of the other problems is that.there's a ongoing issue regarding the.bar admission and law school admission.and increasingly the bar admission.process is also going back to review the.law school admissions and that requires.you.to be particularly attentive to what you.may have disclosed on your Law School.Admission and make sure that it is.consistent with your admission to the.bar and character and fitness forms.there have been times where people have.failed to be as accurate in their law.school admissions as they need to be on.their character and fishness admissions.and may need to go back and revise and.correct your law school admissions.papers indeed there have been some law.schools there was one in Georgia a few.years ago that as part of their.orientation for new law school students.offered the students a chance to correct.information that was improperly placed.on their law school application so that.there would not be a discrepancy later.on because for most states nowadays if.you are admitted to law school for all.practical purposes you are treated as.being governed by the lawyer's Rules of.Professional Conduct and your behavior.is considered to be the same as a.lawyer's and expected to be the same as.a lawyer's so any misconduct during law.school is going to be held against you.or to be evaluated on your admission to.the bar so basically what we need to do.when we're going through all of this.process is remember two rules don't lie.what.it is and if you did don't deny it.display regret and sincere humility and.shame and that will go a long long way.to alleviate any impact that the.misstatements misconduct that you may.have engaged in will appear before those.that will evaluate you and your.admission now we have a special.opportunity today to avoid anymore of my.talking head though since you can't see.me I guess it's more a disembodied voice.to have a distinguished member and.Secretary of the Illinois Board of.admissions to the bar one of those.people who gets to contribute to the.final decision-making in admissions to.the bar tom clancy's a distinguished.lawyer concentrated most of his career.in personal injury and practice and was.active in the Illinois State Bar.Association was the president and there.and a longtime friend and Tom are you.still with us yes by phone lovely thank.you and Tom I'd please please for the.the crowd just describe briefly what you.do at on the board of admissions to the.bar well in Illinois there's seven.members of the.bored which pointed by a Supreme Court.justice and really we're were the arm of.the Supreme Court as far as admitting.people everything we do is to their.approval well the first thing it's most.obvious probably is we run the bar exam.which means we rent the rooms and hire.the Proctor's and rent the laptops and.buy the pencils unpack the exams from.that mostly from the National Conference.of Bar Examiners and for instance on the.multi-state process all the applications.we decide what number will be the pass.rate for our state for a given time.period and then there's the other.administrative things the staff has a.budget trying to follow the budget the.board approves it and we cooperate and.do different things with the National.Conference of Bar Examiners we grade the.tests we have professional graders in.Illinois I don't think every state is.like that we decide what some people get.added assistance when they're taking the.bar exam we just we decide on that.whether I have ADHD or they might be.breastfeeding or they might have some.other psychological or physical problem.that they need more time they need.privacy those go to the board usually.with the consultant there believe it or.not there's professionals who consults.in that area and it's an important area.for some people maybe some people in.this webinar we approved transit waivers.from other states technically we're in.charge of character and fitness so that.arm is very independent so that's that.one's out our duties that was my next.question was what's the relationship.between the board of Admissions and the.character and fitness character and.fitness if you had.if you diagram the sentence it would be.an arm of the of the bar admissions but.a very independent one in Illinois so.we're technically their supervisor but.we don't do too much you know day two.days for supervising them they have.their traditions and their rules and.very long-standing volunteers committed.people from they've been on committees.reviewing people and supervising for.many many years and it's very well runs.we don't know much responsibility there.now the the biggest case of character.and fitness that I recall over the past.thirty years is of course the Matthew.Hale case which for those in our.audience was the white supremacist - who.saw it admission but that that's.certainly an outlier type of case what.are the cases that that you recall or.that you've been involved in in a.general sense is there any trend or any.similarity between them or are are they.are also a generous as far as character.and fitness I was here and admission.well I'd say the main problem is the.character and fitness the size people.having trouble and I would can only.reiterate what you already so clearly.enunciated that people will get turned.down online mostly they were not candid.with the board in some way or other.usually I shouldn't say usually.sometimes it's a definite ly purposeful.other times it's other things that they.got caught on they probably maybe they.forgot about it and secondly after.they're caught as you said they don't.take responsibility.through their actions and they don't.seem which as you said partly includes.contrition and acknowledgement and that.has to be evaluated expose how much your.contrition you show you know you can you.can tell by the way they apply.themselves so switching before and after.it behooves the person to acknowledge.their as you said with also an.acknowledgement and some kind of.contrition for doing it even if it was.years of years ago something you did in.high school or freshman year of college.orientation week went crazy and you know.you're a different person but you've got.to admit it own up to it and take the.responsibility we turned down maybe one.in two hundred applicants which.statistically doesn't seem like that.much I was trying to picture it.sometimes in Illinois we'll have a.roomful of eighteen hundred people.taking the bar 1500 1600 so that would.mean seven or eight people in that room.are not going to pass character and.fitness when you look at it that way it.seems like a lot you know like one any.section are going to get turned down at.least the first time so in Illinois we.also have conditional acceptance for.somebody perhaps is rehabbing from.substance abuse problems or their.reorganize their financial situation or.they're dealing with a mental health.issue that is continuing but but.obviously we think is resolving or.control or whatever so they let them in.and condition and review it and check on.their ability to to control it.I should mention Dennis if you want me.to please I'm the mental health issue in.Illinois we don't have a question about.there are cases that distinguish what.you are allowed to ask and when you read.the cases and if the case in the other.states read the cases and found them.they probably wouldn't put anything out.in either but basic rule is you're.allowed to ask about some things with.regard to mental health and not others.you can't ask about a diagnosis you can.ask about some forms of treatment the.main rule is if you use it as a as I.don't like you is or the excuse but say.so a reason that you want to do.something say you need more time on the.bar because you some kind of phobia.well that phobia then will be examined.and reviewed and investigated to see if.it's proper or if you say that you had a.drinking problem in college and now.that's resolved or a drug a drug problem.well then you've opened the door for.that to be thoroughly investigated but.it is not in itself a bar to joining the.the legal profession thank you I.appreciate that clarification I I was.not as clear as I should have been in.raising that so I I just have I stopped.before I try to say the exact lines it's.worth anybody who has had content or.whatever to study what that line is and.see what you have to say you don't have.to say in any state but I think the I.sure I can speak for our board that we.would want somebody to seek counseling.to make their law school more enjoyable.and more bearable and their life better.rather than hide it or frustrated just.for fear that you may be required to put.it on some states form because it's it's.just that's the better way to go.yes exactly no no yeah and I think that.is accurate yeah like I said I think I.glossed over.a little bit without giving then the.nuance and the clarity and at this point.I think we'll open up for questions.Meredith do you have any questions for.us I do have several questions and.people can still submit more in the.questions box but we'll start with what.we have the first question is in terms.of previous employment issues if someone.was fired for misconduct nothing.criminal but just alleged misconduct.what kinds of documents would that.person need to show and what what.exactly would be investigated well in.all likelihood you know you on the form.as I recall there is a disclosure of.prior employment depending on the nature.of the situation I think it's going to.be something where you are going to want.to disclose and elaborate on what the.nature of the situation was but it's.going to depend on what the claims were.as to how much you know you you know.present if you will how many of the.documents or anything of that nature.from the employer yeah if if you in your.narrative response and this is going to.be something where you're more than.likely going to want to attach you know.do a see attachment to your application.in order to elaborate on it and and Tom.jump in at any time.the particular sometimes.helps even in a 50 state plus Union in.Illinois we don't ask if you were fired.or discharged at a problem but we do ask.very detail about every job that you've.ever had even unpaid internships unpaid.jobs of less than six months duration on.anything temporary.so we will be checking with anybody that.you reveal but to answer your question I.would say that you would try to get.ahead of the game if you fear that it's.going to say that they fired you for.whatever reason not showing up I mean if.it was a high school job and you forgot.to tell them you weren't coming in.anymore or more serious things you.should try to get ahead of it on your.application and I'd put a subsection.they don't even ask for so they don't.find it first.no annoy they will find out about it.yeah exactly I don't think they nobody.asked you to file the the records the.buyer will get the records right okay we.have a lot of questions now so jump to.Vince let's jump to the next one which.is given findings that mental health.related disclosures do not correlate.with later bar discipline and may.prevent law students from seeking needed.mental health services do you anticipate.the ABA recommending that states remove.this line of questioning and you know.why or why not I think we already kind.of answered that with with Tom's.discussion of a recent case law and the.limitations that are there now so I'd go.back and check your state form to see.whether you're in a state that has.revised their form or not and I don't.know what if the ABA had before the ABA.doesn't really recommend it's more the.NCE that has the model form okay as I.recall right next question is that you.know you said that law school admission.applications must be consistent with bar.applications.does that apply only to the school that.you attended or all the schools that you.applied to.mmm I will I'm go ahead ahead Tom no I I.shouldn't okay I'll be recording I would.say you'd you should you should get them.all because remember they're going to.ask for your friend.investigators going to talk to the.friends or relatives of that relative.that you've given them and they might.say he almost went she almost went to.school with me here at State U but at.the last you know change they they will.find out I would go back and try to.check on all of them because it's just.such an obvious thing it's the first.step of your legal career and the.laziest investigator will go back and.look for some conformity there but once.again at least in Illinois I'm sure we.would be forgiving for a proper attitude.toward it I think a young person coming.out of college and not sure what they're.going to do they apply to grad school in.English they apply to law school maybe.they think they're going to get an MBA.at night so they find all these.applications a lot of time consuming.during finals week you don't do it as.carefully I'm not talking about definite.lives but you forget about a job you.forget about some crime and or you think.that because it was expunged I don't.have to mention it you're not in that.legal mode that you're rising above the.ordinary person and they're you know and.trustworthiness so it I think you'd.better go back and check on answer the.question I've never heard it come up.other than the school that you're.graduating from so yeah you know that I.suppose nowadays when people applied to.so many schools and with the form will.be on the computer and they're you know.gonna say most most of the forms are now.done through the LSA see very few of the.law schools have their own individual.forms now so it may be that going back.through.the LS AC and correcting it there.corrects it for everyone I don't know I.mean at some point it becomes you know.ad absurdum you know if you have to go.back and change something you may have.said in the essay that you sent to.podunk law school because you misstated.something about you know some experience.and and yeah at some point it becomes.you know over overdone because also at.some point you know character and.fitness people go over the top as well.alright next question are there any.written guidelines for help people who.have passed the bar but but if not yet.been sworn in can identify their job.status on social media sites like.LinkedIn you're a JD until you're sworn.in anything else is a risk easy enough I.think so.next question is there any guidance on.states where medical marijuana use with.the prescription is permitted despite.the substance still being regulated by.federal law and and has this come up as.a fitness issue.I've never heard of this situation.arising it's still developing.yeah I think it's to news but if you.live in Colorado or even Illinois it's.going to be it the issue is going to.come up if you are coming from one of.those states to a state that doesn't.have any type of medical marijuana or.recreational use and that I haven't seen.yet the only case I know of is North the.only ethics opinion I've seen is in.North Dakota where a lawyer from North.Dakota and who also lived in Minnesota.had medical marijuana prescription for.Minnesota and North Dakota I believe the.phrasing was that it was a violation of.the North Dakota rules because North.Dakota did not have but that's the only.thing I've seen you know if you're in a.state that has and you're applying in.that state I've not heard from the.admissions authorities but the.Disciplinary authorities are are not.pursuing anything to my knowledge if it.wasn't a crime in the state that you're.doing it I don't think you'll know I.would even ask you about it right all.right we have several questions about.discrepancies between your disclosures.for law school and your disclosures for.the bar so let me just give you a couple.examples one is what if your bar.disclosure is inconsistent with your law.school application due to the fact that.the bar disclosed you're asked for.broader disclosure and another example.is if a conviction was not yet eligible.for expungement.and that was revealed on your law school.application does it make sense to get it.expunged now won't the board notice too.discrepancy I would be hesitant to try.and and delve into something too.specific like that I you know I I think.the the general rule of thumb is that.the cover-up is greater than the crime.following the Nixonian principle that if.you had just disclosed it no one's going.to look ii take a second glance at it if.you don't disclose it there's a tendency.to you know think there's more there.than there is i go back to the the title.of Leslie Levin's article the folly of.expecting evil there's a tendency to.think there's more there on something.that's not fully disclosed then there.ever really is but I'm hesitant to get.into anything specific except to say you.know generally speaking you're better.off saying it's there because then they.can't ever say you were hiding anything.if it's expungeable I think expunge it.in most states you'd probably reveal it.anyway but at least the expunging would.show that you respect the system and you.want to have a clean record but whether.or not you could get it under your.obligation you have to read the kid the.question very carefully in your.individual state or territory can I just.comment on Laurie 11 Dennis Meredith it.just interrupt for two seconds yeah okay.I did not read her whole article about.the correlation but I think the.character and fitness there's an awful.lot of actions that a lawyer can take.there will never get to the attention of.a disciplinary and get into her study.where if somebody cut the corner or lies.to a judge or lies to an opponent this.go on and there never escalate to a.problems with the things but this is.what you're trying to emphasize and I.think you said it by making them answer.questions that you know in a different.profession you don't lie even though.you'll never ever get caught and your.day-to-day practice is not supervised.even if you're in a big firm the partner.will not know everything you do we're.trying to raise the standards of the.people so I think most people get in.discipline because because of substance.abuse and from disorganization so really.and the bar character and fitness should.be asking you are you disorganized can.you keep a docket can you keep a diary.but we don't do that but I'm going to.read that erekle more carefully and.maybe suggested through Illinois I say.that I say that there's miling but it.isn't smiling we know those are very.good points because those are the.characteristics that get people in.trouble and get their clients in trouble.I'm sorry to interrupt go ahead no your.that that's that's very good points and.and I think that's one of the things.that was unspoken is that it's not just.this character and fitness ask the wrong.questions but are there better questions.that need to be asked that can focus on.some of the issues that really are.problems in the Disciplinary you know.and certainly as Tom knows you know the.the thing that is most likely to get a.lawyer disciplined it relates to.handling of clients property.particularly money and there's not that.much in terms of either training or eval.you how people act as a how lawyers act.as the the third party money holder and.that's a significant problem but perhaps.we're getting into an area that's for.our leaders to deal with a little bit.consumed I'm sorry I interrupted no that.was a very cogent point get back to the.applicants who have individual questions.sorry.all right let me know it's just a couple.more and then we'll wrap it up and then.there's a lot more questions and we can.get to and so what we'll try to do is to.go through in the next day or two and.post answers to the rapid webinar recap.page on wwa be a fellow student comm.site so if you didn't get your question.asked.look back there in a couple days let me.ask this question though a lot of people.have written in with questions basically.getting to you know how small to be into.the infractions how big did the.infection seem to be before you report.them so for example do you need to.disclose parking tickets or someone else.wrote you know if something was.disclosed to the law school and they.essentially said not to worry about it.due to the small degree of severity is.it okay to rely on that judgment when.completed completing the bard mission.form and and moral character and fitness.application okay I just identified.because they got to be too many answers.in Illinois they asked every state that.you were licensed in the last ten years.and then they asked about outstanding.parking violations not past ones that.have been dealt with and I think they.you know some law schools around a bad.corner and somebody will have five.hundred tickets by the time they.graduate that is not good for making an.application do you have any outstanding.explain the number of tickets the.authority why you're contesting them if.you are at cetera so once again that.would go down to the particular question.and I don't know what the end CBE is in.there but if in too much doubt I'd go.all the way down and it would be it.would be a badge of honor that you that.you talked about a small thing on your.application I concur that's right okay.we'll wrap up with this last question.which is is what is the trend if any.amongst character and fitness boards on.social media so.you know for example this person.suggests that social media contains a.rich source of data that may allow a.board to draw no useful inferences but.are there any requirement that.applicants turn over access to social.media or content on social media Dennis.I would just well we illustrate whitter.account whatever but I know at the.beginning of some law school careers.that the administration will warn you.about your social media and it's smaller.schools I'm sure they undergrads are.advised somebody my age is not active in.social media is stunned.absolutely I'm timeout stunned stopped.in my tracks what people will put on.social media for to be seen by everybody.and investigators know how to go into.social media and know how to go beyond.you know what's been canceled I would.caution you probably won't have to.reveal it but somebody's going to find.it and suppose you should try to take it.down as a first step if you people were.very proud of their party prowess or.what where they were when they got.blasted but I would be very very.cautious with it and if you haven't been.till now I definitely may all seen here.very cautious with what you put up there.either in comments or in the absolute.worst just the photos of people put on.and if I wear the right tractor I would.just add to that that that I don't think.you have any solely a ssin of evidence.issues but more than the character and.fitness.you've got employers and employers.potential employers have no hesitation.about trolling for your social media so.you're going to want to go out there and.scrub all your social me.of anything except your shaking hands.with the Pope because you know many.people view that and a lie different.than you and your friends do and it's.worth doing that just because all right.it's probably not going to be well I.shouldn't say bro me I can only say for.one's day we don't ask and so is Dennis.Enders no crime and trying to clean it.up that's a very good question there.might be the best question of the day it.Tom will be expiring that I wish I don't.think happy yeah I'm too old to have be.sensitive to it but that was an.excellent excellent question and.anything we said in response to it is.one of our more important answers as.well great blend it there a reminder to.everyone to check out the webinar a wrap.up on the ABA for law students website.and thank you Tom and Dennis for.presenting and thank you everyone for.attending today's webinar we hope you.will join us for these upcoming ethics.series webinars.

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Ncbe Character Report Form FAQs

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