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How to Customize the Medicaregov Form Sf 5510 in Detailed Guide on Mobile?

CocoSign gives assistance to each user to simplify the workflow and raise work productivity by having a better management of the files. Read the below steps to have a better understanding of how to fill out Medicaregov Form Sf 5510 more rapidly.

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  1. Upload the clear form and click to view the whole document.
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  3. Fill in your personal info in the blank form.
  4. Choose a form field and place a check mark if you see a demanded blue box.
  5. Check the whole form once again to see if there's anything you exclude.
  6. Select the sign tools to place your signature or initial at the end of the form.
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  8. After fill out the document, you are free to print, download, and send the form.
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By working with CocoSign, you can fill in Medicaregov Form Sf 5510 and place your digital signature instantly. It will definetely raise your productivity and make your life much easier.

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Steps of Customizing the Medicaregov Form Sf 5510

Richard you see the screen awesome good.deal so we're just waiting on a couple.more people and we'll go ahead and get.this party started.so how are you from this morning Richard.great we just give it a couple more.minutes here we're going to go ahead and.get started here take a look the sequel.confirmed.Eddie hook Nicole all right cool.all right countdown one minute.alright let's go ahead and get started.so today we're going to go over Medicare.gov medicare.gov is an online website.that one time by the federal government.for consumers and actually anyone can.actually go on this site was.particularly tailored for consumers and.medicare brokers to be able to go on.here and get as much education.information as possible as a release to.Medicare this is a home screen here.we're going to cover what the home.screen looks like on this home screen.there's several things that you can do.if you notice these boxes right here at.the very top when you click on them it.will give you an array of different.options of things that you can kind of.explore everything from getting started.with Medicare information on you know.what do people have to do to get their.process complain how do they qualify for.Parts A and B if they have employer.coverage does that affect them they can.also apply for Medicare online here.which is a very easy process.you know when can they join into a.health or drug plan you know that goes.it's a relation to their going periods.education all types of different.Medicare health plans and then also this.icon on here if you ever run into.somebody who you're wondering whether or.not they lis and my life is a low-income.subsidy prescription drugs and or you.just want to check you know what their.Medicare slices you can actually click.on here and it's very simple you type in.the zip code America number their last.name date of birth and their factor day.for Part A and once you put that.information here click continue and it.will take you to a screen a tour so V.their Medicare status if they're on the.Medicare Advantage plan it will tell you.what Medicare Advantage plan they are on.they have any type of medical debility.it'll you if they're full dual eligible.they have lis at all.show you if they have down low income.subsidy okay here you're going to find.different information with regards to.Part A and Part B a lot of stuff can.come in really handy a lot of this.information you learn you're a hip but.you can always access it here in for me.to be able to get to where I'm at now.this was very helpful because for.example if you ever had somebody ask for.you hey you know what I don't have any.credits for for Medicare but you know.can I purchase Medicare the answer would.be yes you know how much would my part.it cost me if I don't have any credits.at that point you can say hey well let.me look that up for you you can look it.up and it'll tell you right here Part A.will cost them four hundred and thirty.seven dollars a month if they have less.than thirty quarters if they you know.they may have some quarters and they.have between 31 and less than 40.quarters then they would pay two hundred.and forty dollars so this is the main.information that becomes so valuable and.you know maybe you don't know it by.heart and you don't have to but at the.very least you have to be able to know.where to get that information and in the.event that your asses if you are asking.if you can given the information which.guess what that builds trust between.your client and yourself and Trust is.the foundation of everything that we do.if they don't trust you you know it's.going to be hard for them to allow you.to guide them as to what they should do.but the more information that you can.share with them by answering their.questions or helping them find those.answers then the more they're going to.trust in you and you know in what you.are doing okay.so different parts of Medicare you.should already know that was part a.cover you know this gives you.information as to what it covers.you know inpatient hospital care.particular closer look in here these are.very important numbers here so if.somebody would ask you hey well all I.have is part.in Part B but I mean do I really need to.get a supplemental where I really did.get a Medicare Advantage plan and you.say well you know that's a great.question but let's just say in order to.be hospitalized you were hospitalized.for the first 60 days you're going to.have a deductible that's one thousand.three hundred and sixty four dollars and.you know that's going to open thrice if.you in the hospital more than 60 days.and from b61 to D 90 you can open up the.internet forty one dollars per day in.the number 191 days then you are six.hundred eighty two dollars so a lot of.valuable information you can get on this.website okay let's look at Part B what.happens if you run into somebody who.tells you hey you know what Carlos I'm.really considering going on Medicare.clearly I mean I'm going to be turning.65 soon but my you know my employer.covers my insurance my plan I'm working.for at least another year.so my employer insurance right now is.costing me just about $300 a month but.you know my dad he's on Medicare and.he's not one of these Medicare Advantage.programs and all you know this required.for him to get is for him a party in.Part B you know this party's about $135.so it sounds pretty good because I mean.the coverage looks pretty good and just.comparable to what I have at work but.it's a couple hundred dollars less than.what I pay at work and then I was here.some plain yes you know that's actually.correct however there is this rule.called OMA and what earth dictates were.most a source in community mostly.adjustment amount what it says is that.if your income is above a certain level.then you're going to pay more for Part B.so if your income is over eighty-five.thousand dollars a year as an individual.or one hundred and seventy thousand.dollars a year as a couple filing.jointly.they're going to charge you more for.Part B final 400 interesting okay it's.just so hard to where I pay well what is.your income will be king a wife and I.were about three hundred fifty thousand.dollars here okay that puts you right.here in this Brad.okay okay that means that your Part B.premium is going to be about four.hundred and thirty four dollars per.month then this guy's going to say wow.that's much more than the one if five.dollars I thought I was going to pay and.it's definitely more than what I'm.paying for my employer insurance I did.not know that I think I'm going to go.ahead and continue with my employer plan.as long as I can because I mean look.like that Part B is going to cost him.more than I thought I was going to cost.me.so again become familiar with this site.explore it because you can find a lot of.valuable information on here the way.that I learned everything on here was.just by exploring going on here and.clicking in every single one of these.icons and seeing what what what's on.here what it's all about.okay this information here regarding you.know prescription drug coverage is.twelve B if you know I'm dealing with.somebody who has a high income and you.want to know how that affects them then.you know right here we can see that the.prescription drug even though there are.not there a Medicare Advantage plan with.no premium is their income is over that.certain level like I just mentioned in.this case it was in this bracket right.here between just over fifty thousand.dollars a year then Part D Medicare is.going to add a premium adjustment even.though the plan has no premium they're.going to receive a premium adjustment.which means they'll have a premium in.this case it would be close to seventy.one dollars per month so we fill out an.application there is a section where it.asks you if you have a late enrollment.penalty or if we determine that you have.a Medicare premium adjustment because of.Burma how would you like to pay that.well this is what they're referring to.okay again if they have an income that's.above this level these are the.adjustments okay so become familiar with.how to access this information because.you know eventually you're going to run.into somebody who has that situation and.all the tools are on this side to be.able to help you give them answers all.right.other things you can file here forms you.know Medicare forms there's all kinds of.different forms they have in here it's a.really good form right here I have Part.A I want to apply for Part B this form.right here let's say you run into.somebody who delayed Part B enrollment.because the we have employer insurance.and now there are 68 69 years old ready.to leave their employer insurance and go.on to Medicare so most people will tell.them go to Social Security office tell.me when to sign up for Medicare you're.going to go stand in line at Social.Security for a couple of hours I'm going.to see an agent and then the age is.going to tell them here are these two.forms one of them is going to be.followed by your employer which is this.form right here the other one is going.to be to a plot for Part B and that's.this form right here okay so actually.the first one is the application for.partly the second one is the one that's.the employer forum so these two forms.are very important I would advise you to.click on this link and save them on your.computer or print some copy see that.album handy so if you versus me with an.appointment with somebody who is going.to be enrolling in Part B late you have.these forms because guess what happens.if you help them avoid having to go into.Social Security twice they're really.going to appreciate you and and part of.our job in our role is to help make this.transition easy for them okay all right.so another one of the probably in fact.the primary tool that medicare.gov.provides is the ability to look at.prescription medications and look.compare health plans so what you would.do that is.let's say I have a client who taken some.medications and they're with the.Riverside medical clinic first thing I.want to do is I want to know I want to.be familiar with the planet over to.Riverside medical clinic and let the.contract with eight different companies.there so so long as I'm familiar with.that information that can go ahead and.navigate through here and be able to.find a good platform so first we're.going to click on find health and drug.plants I'm going to punch in the zip.code where they live very important that.you don't just take any zip code in.their area you want to narrow it down.because what happen is it's going to.take a super ace that has pharmacies.closest to them.all right so they click on Original.Medicare I always click on Original.Medicare and if they get extra help from.Medicaid or LS then regardless it will.plan the enrollment to that extra help.is going to apply okay but I always.click on I don't need extra help would.you like to add your drugs now I'm going.to say yes continue to plan results all.right so this is a section we're going.to input our medications we want to be.very detailed about this we want to make.sure that we are precise and accurate.best practice is to look at the actual.medication bottles because we may be.taking a generic sometimes they think.it's a brand name and if you quote them.a price given on a brand name and they.may say you know what now you're that's.way more than what I pay now and again.best practice is take a look at the.bottles so we're putting a couple.implications in here that are commonly.used medications there's a blood.pressure medication lowest and we'll.always take it to the most commonly.prescribed medication okay in this.medications usually prescribe it you.know 30 day supply so 30 here that this.medication is taken once a day if you.look at the bottle in the medications.that's twice a day then you're going to.want to click 60 on here okay the reason.why we want to be accurate here is.because.even though the cope is going to be the.same for 60 pills or 30 days for excuse.me 60 pills at 30 pills for a 30-day.supply because of the drug to the.insurance going to be different.obviously the more pills that are.dispensed the greater the cost okay so I.always leave it here to fall everyone.every month I get it from retail.pharmacy alright so now we're going to.add another medication here let's go.ahead and add some insulin with Lantis.okay so notice there's two Lance's here.so let's start a pin which makes it very.convenient for them to inject in regular.lapses a while there's an additional.syringe type of injection so the start.is always going to be more expensive if.we're willing to pay a higher price for.the solostar just keep in mind that the.greater the cough the greater the chance.that they may go into the dome over the.cap okay so there's only comes with one.variation again comes in one package ten.milliliter Wow okay so multiply all.right so let's add another medication.here so at a high cost medication call.the Koza.all right so the gate once again comes.in the package sold three or a package.sold of two is how it's going to take.you both commonly used all right so we.got some medications on here.if you look here it'll tell us generics.available for Lance's louis at solution.generic because are not available in the.generic okay so right here the second.we're going to want write down this.information down on the paper some.people there's going to be attached to.their file or to your records you can.put maybe on the backside of the.application anywhere that is going to.match in your files along with the.profile so we got address ID the.password date these are very important.because if you ever have to back in here.and pull up the drug list you need this.information here and the reason why that.is is important because let's just say.that the other medications that they had.you look up and quote the money.surprises and several months down the.road they call you back and they tell.you listen i just went to the pharmacy.and you know they're charging phenomenal.like for this drug and I'm pretty upset.because you didn't tell me this was.going to be the concert of drug and once.you get to a point where you deal with.so many people you're not going to.remember like okay what drug said I look.up from so this will be able to help you.pull up this Driftless on number one so.you can identify what medications you.looked up for your client and if you can.confirm that the medication he's giving.you that on this list well hey.you get proof has happened to me before.when I say you know mr. Jones I just.looked up your medication listen that.medication that you just gave me is not.on the little drug that we looked up is.this thing a drug that you just started.recently taking or what's going on here.and mr. Jones guess what he said you.know what yeah actually it just got.prescribed oh okay so this was in the.medic.the licked up for you prior correct yes.okay that changes everything.so this is here to protect you okay from.any type of allegation because this.provides proof of the medications that.you looked up all right so we're going.to click on my drug list is complete and.this is where the zip code search is.also very important because now it's.going to pull up the pharmacies closer.to their zip code okay so best practice.always take the CVS and it needs a Rite.Aid or Walgreens if you don't know by.now there are some plans that have.preferred pharmacies versus just regular.some pharmacies our standard pharmacies.I should say they will always get a.better copy at the preferred pharmacy.then at the standard pharmacy so well.one way that you can find out depending.on the health plan as to what the.pharmacies prefer or select pharmacy.standard pharmacy by checking up the.plant okay so on this page here we have.different options okay we have.prescription drug plans only this is for.people who want a Medicare supplement.plan so let's take a look and see what.this shows us here click on here is.going to take us to a page where it's.going to show you different Part D plans.is party only okay it's going to give.you an estimated drug Huff contingent.upon when you're doing the search so.this is the estimated drug costs for the.remainder of the year.this is a monthly premium okay excuse.variation in premiums and costs right.this beauty the star readings also 2 out.of 5 stars.well not that great huh then they have a.low star reading because of the fact.that they're very new to the market okay.so.first thing you do when you get on this.page click on View all since we use the.entire list of prescription drug plans.the vices is going to give you a handful.and you want me to make sure that you.can kind of look at all their options.there's a ton of only now this Aetna.Medicare rx select plan seems to be.pretty good if you notice the premiums.only just over $19 per month I would say.people tend to be pretty happy with this.Medicaid or excuse me this prescription.drug plan but there are several options.here as well too so you would definitely.want to have at least three or four.prescription drug plan available to you.and but I might go twos are usually in a.blue steel Humana and anthem okay again.had drugless IDs here because it's.continue to populate in the past would.be also very important so we were to.click on one of these plans let's go.down to the Aetna.okay so only 19 bucks from us we're.going to click on here drug cost and.drug coverage so CVS is preferred.pharmacy with that now okay first we're.going to see is that those Lance's is.actually not covered all right so if.it's not covered let's scroll down and.see what they got not off formulary okay.this means that they're going to have to.submit authorization for this medication.for Nova for it to be covered the.lovastatin has a zero copay and looks.like the Victoza is also not covered.with all which means that they're going.to submit authorization to get this drug.covered okay now you notice that the.Aetna premium is very low right well the.result of it being very low is that.these high cost medications are not.going to be covered so let's go back to.our plan results just click on a plan.that has a higher premium okay so let's.see here.let's take a look at this Humana and.have that okay so our premium just.quadrupled okay we're from about 20.bucks to $80 per month let's see what.happens when we click on here first.thing is that the annual deductible for.medications is eliminated okay okay this.uses all pharmacies standard pharmacies.so The Lancet is covered on this plant.at a forty seven dollar copay the lowest.setting has a five dollar copay and the.Victoza is also covered at a forty seven.dollar copay you can see the difference.by paying more per month I didn't have.to they're going to eliminate the.headache of having to have that.medication authorized and usually when.medications get up their eyes on a plan.that does not work usually if it's a.brand-name drug they usually get.authorized as a tier 4 and tier fours.are usually around 100 all.co-pay so whatever thought they thought.they were going to save in that planet.$19 per month they're going to end up.paying back in number one the stress of.having to get things authorized because.the drug is not covered so let's go back.to refine your plan results.ok so now we're going to click on make.it help us with drug coverage shows 38.different plans now these are your.Medicare Advantage programs MAPD.Medicare Advantage Plus prescription.drug coverage okay first thing we're.going to click on leave all all right.Bruce at medical clinic the top-selling.plan there has been central health plan.so let's look at what this plan can do.for them so first we're gonna do is go.to drugs and coverage okay that Lantis.big difference they're covering that.Lantis be a $10 copay.that's because central health plan has.actually six tiers available to their.patient most times only have tiers one.through five to one being preferred.generics your two beam and engineering.to three beams preferred brand to four.be not preferred drugs tier five main.specialty drugs and usually that's it.this land appears sticks and under tier.six is a select here where they can find.certain medications at a very affordable.copay.so that lantus is in a costume ten bucks.for a thirty day supply the lowest.statin is zero cocaine in the Victoza is.a $35 copay for de-ball this is a lot.better than having a get these.authorized any planet there's not have.them in the formulary and then.authorizes them at $100 copay or so for.a 30-day supply.now we scroll down here we're going to.notice we have these this calendar okay.Janet to December from month to month is.gonna show their twelve out of pocket.cost of the drug and if they're in the.green then that means that they they.have their in their initial coverage.stage okay if they go to the red that.means that they have exceeded their.allowance.now what we you can kind of forecast.call that can happen if we.look at the screen right here it's going.to show the actual full cost of the bug.look at this lanterns of Santa's around.two hundred and seventy-six dollars for.a thirty day supply even though their.copay is only ten the entire two hundred.and seventy six dollars is going to come.off their three thousand eight hundred.and twenty dollar initial coverage limit.the lowest stats is no big deal it's.only about three bucks.the Victoza look at the Victoza the.Victoza has a standard retail cost of.just under nine hundred dollars for a 30.day supply we add up the entire totals.we're looking at one thousand one.hundred and seventy-five dollars every.month just going to come off on their.own Alex so it's going to take them just.over three months to exhaust their.allowance what happens next is that they.go into the donut hole or the gap that's.why they're in the red here now one of.the things to consider also is that when.they're in the donut over the gap even.though you're paying 25% mikasa terrific.which would be these numbers here.25% of Lantis would be just under $70.25% of the Victoza would be just about.$125 per month even though they're only.paying this much 25% of the cost of the.drugs not only does the 25% of they're.paying out of pocket count towards their.catastrophic limit but the discount that.the insurance is paying on their behalf.also counts towards their catastrophic.limit and it actually helps them go.through that gap faster okay now this is.always only going to show information.based upon what time of the year we are.taken but if we were doing this analysis.like let's say for the following year.during the Medicare annual enrollment.period this which shows a complete.calendar and it'll tell us when they.would be going into the gap very.important that you become familiar with.this if they do hit the $5,100.catastrophic limit then at that point.for from that point forward they're.going to pay your very very low co-pays.for.education now usually for medications.that are between superior to one through.three it will be paying between thirty.dollars and forty cents and less than.nine dollars medication print 30-day.supply but on the high cost medications.they're going to pain.five percent of the cost of the drug.that five percent is what this is right.here now central health plan uses all.standard pharmacies so class is going to.be virtually the same kind of promise.you to go okay.for whatever reason you've done this.search and also to say oh you knew it I.forgot to add one of the medications.that I'm taking you can always go down.here and add medications okay very easy.okay now I'm going to show you something.else let's say you know individualists.says oh you know what really.considerating Kaiser and so do you so.crazy.I actually don't sell Kaiser Kaiser does.not have any outside representation but.I can show you guys are right here on.Medicare that I'll go so let's go ahead.and scroll down a Kaiser and probably.all the way towards the bump here you.are.I'm going to click on then we're going.to compare them with central health plan.okay so whole time Dennis no even I.chose the wrong central.now we're going to do the comparison so.you can have a side-by-side comparison.between Kaiser and central health plan.okay neither plans and lovely premium as.if I has a deductible both each of those.as it has a higher maximum out-of-pocket.at 4900 or central health plan is only.fifty four hundred they go say oh okay.inpatient hospitalization kaisers two.hundred eighty five dollars per day for.the first seven days since you're.helping and zero copay though okay.that's a big difference.outpatient surgery guys is going to be.two hundred fifty dollars per visit with.central planning is no copay.doctor business Kaiser is going to be.thirty dollars per hundred thirty two.dollars for specialists since your help.I'm so comfy either or primary or.specialist but at this point no reason.at all exam when it's kind of so much.more expensive here you can do a.thorough comparison for them and you'll.see that Wow.do I really really do want either okay.so again no matter becoming familiar on.how to do comparison and how to present.these benefit okay to control costs and.coverage.okay so this is showing us some really.whack the Kaiser because please not.showing us the Kaiser pharmacy so first.thing we would have to do here is also.select a Kaiser pharmacy so back here.moving to another name Walgreens.I'm going to expand our distance.Oh coming up we have to expand it you.know further.so again we're looking for the kinds of.pharmacy there is at pharmacy we got two.pharmacies on the kind of CVS to do a.better idea so we can give them a.thorough comparison and forcing view all.with a click central hall and we'll.scroll it down we try to go.Jocelyn's recovers so if the creator.medications at Kaiser we're looking at.this is for the best of the year about.816 dollars out-of-pocket costs with a.central plan we're looking at about half.of that about two hundred eighty one.dollars big difference that's contingent.on the left right Messer over here we.multiply these numbers times three.looking at 2,400 2,500 dollars.out-of-pocket with Kaiser where we're.looking at just under 1,200 with central.health plan.so big difference with a lot of these.plants okay.all right so let's go back to your plan.solicitously that they realized okay.well kaiser is not not an option what.else do we have.well for example to reverse a medical.clinic or 17 a medical clinic they do.have several good ops trees sponsor.helpline as well and another good option.would be a plant as alignment health.client so let's take a look at alignment.how to plan a plan on plan this is going.to be very close.look at the drill cause here.okay I still have the Kaiser pharmacy.here so just disregard that but um so.you can see that central health plan.still have a better total out-of-pocket.cuts then even alignment health plan.okay all right so.let's take a look at this Golden State.plan the state plan has a very small.network but if they're taking high-cost.medications they may say hey you know.what well I'm willing to change my.doctor I mean these medications have to.take on no matter what you know with my.is life and life or death so there any.parameter that will kind of give me a.better deal on these medications well.let's take them it Golden State Health.Plan $10 okay for the medications the.llantas end of the coda and if they go.to the gap which go down from 10 to 3.that is on believable this is insane for.these high cosmetic cases look at this.Victoza it's almost a thousand dollars.and if we go into the gap 25 percent of.a thousand bucks would be $250 and.they're curing it at a three dollar.copay that is just amazing but problem.is we have to switch the primary on to.about the status plan so if you know.sometimes push shove and it's a matter.of finances and this is this is all they.can do and this would be a great.solution for them okay we're going to.check something here.okay so Richard do you have any.questions.okay good.and this is patty I respond here and I.think patty may have locked up yes so.this become familiar with design Richard.because this is a very very instrumental.going to help you in turn when it comes.to being able to set your clients in.review make sure that you look the.medications he always this drug list ID.number here and the password date is.very important because these are going.to and this is allow you to log back in.here and look at these this information.anytime so that way the server the.client that tells you hey you know what.that's not what you quoted me you can.always go back and pull this information.that'll be able that looks exactly what.I quoted you okay.so you don't have any for the questions.and that looking shaking a clip from the.beginning to enjoy this thing if you.look okay alright so let's start from.the beginning.alright so again in review Medicare.delft this is where we start okay and.then you're going to go to fine health.and your plants I'm going to type in the.zip code over nine two five zero four.time.you know we're going to click on.Original Medicare I don't get it help.would you like to hide your dress now.say yes.this will add your medications with that.a different one this time the Brazil.okay make sure that we are accurate.because if the be accurate with the demo.footage quality once a month let's go.with um here a tour of a statin until.the status you see Jim therefore lipitor.valid commonly use Emily Legrand okay.and is that another expensive medication.here store a most commonly used one in.ten milligram per liter supply 30 pills.notice that I detected Crestor and is.telling me hey are you sure you don't.want to eat with that Razoo this.resistance is generic restore okay so.again that's why it's always important.to take a look at the bottle in this.case if they are taking crest or which.will just example in where we are you.driveling ID password date.and let's click up righty and yes okay.we're going to go to continue to plan.results medical plans would throw a.wrench and you all.okay so estimated drug cost with anthem.$108 edna's about 400 creator Valley wow.that's a preferred choice to fill.central solace I'm gonna click on sound.real quick the central health plan looks.like we don't cover Crestor okay your.tour bisetta zero copay your members of.zero cooperate with the crisp get.authorized if it's authorized you're.going to give it as a Tier four which.would be a seventy five dollar copay so.I notice that anthem had it actually for.a lesser amount so lipstick Lucy would.anthem many will select how they cover.it I know that amber made it loose to.let another planet the Riverside Medical.Clinic.let's take a look to see what they do.for us they're covering crest or at a.forty seven dollar copay which is less.than the seventy five dollars that.Senator health plan would have to get it.authorized for more likely the drugs.you're going to have to get authorized.but it is in their formula so it's going.to be easier to authorize we're going to.central health plan client may have to.request if we Larry exceptions to cover.the drug.it looks like he'd be in the green for.the rest of the year that crisps is.around two hundred seventy dollars for.thirty day supply.but for plan results and let's see who.else is that okay let's take a look at.alignment health plan a little I mean.health plan another planet at the.Riverside medical clinic.let me explain does not cover crystal.okay let's check up well if we got here.and it really helped to see what they do.for us intervallic health plan I'm.looking at talk of it they don't cover.it either okay okay that's kind of gives.us a little bit of issues getting.authorized.this isn't like a UnitedHealthcare even.though they have a $18 monthly premium.here okay I'm gonna pay more for my pump.and what does that mean that I'm going.to get better coverage for my.prescription drugs well let's see let's.see how they cover that Chris store they.don't cover it either not unfortunately.more likely they're going to want the.client to take that rasuu exception and.if you want a client that doesn't want.to have to hassle with authorization.then depending on who the providers are.and we'll plant a constant in this cases.where we lose I'm Clinic then this.anthem plan is going to work great let's.take a look at Kaiser just for see what.they got going on.that's right searches pharmacy.this will kind of coverage kaiser for.lots for this Crestor.it looks like they are covering it but.they're doing it as a tier 4.non-preferred drug but they are covering.it but it's still $100 for 30 supply so.again in this situation it looks like.anthem would be a better choice for them.if they're with the Riverside medical.point this plan is also accepted I.believe by Regal Medical Group and I.believe primary care of Riverside also.takes this plan okay let's see here yep.$42 at CVS so actually CVS as a.preferred pharmacy earlier we had to.write it up here and with writing it was.47 dollars from that because Rite Aid is.in my preferred pharmacy breeches are.definitely better than that hundred.dollars at Kaiser has been alright.and yes Richard Wright the drug list ID.number in your records and the records.that are attached to the application you.can actually whenever you submit an.application this submitted with a cover.sheet and on that covers on the lower.right hand corner there's a section you.can add drug information you can write.the drug list ID number on there and if.you like to keep files copies of your.applications and that's definitely the.place where you want to write it again.it's not just the drug list ID number.but it self password date both the rules.are very important because you won't be.able to proceed without having both of.those and it will not allow you to pull.up that drugless ID plus you have them.both okay do you have a further question.is Richard okay great well that.concludes this Medicare one-on-one.training thanks for stopping by if you.have any further questions you have my.number reach out do reach out to me.again I would spend some time and.navigate to the website you're going to.be using the website for primarily.looking up medications but you can also.look it up for a lot of other thing is.it for a lot of other things as well too.alright so thanks again for stopping by.and this concludes the medicare.gov.presentation have a wonderful day.

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