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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing Form 121 Mississippi Immunization 2008 2019 Online

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The Definite Guide to Form 121 Mississippi Immunization 2008 2019

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Check How to Enter the Form 121 Mississippi Immunization 2008 2019

this is a lecture from open tuition to.benefit from the lecture you should.download the free lecture notes from.open tuition comp well after the.previous session I asked you have it ago.at example one of the example two here.from within chapter seven example one.was a fairly straightforward exercise.there's only one issue to deal with out.but here our hero had chosen to carry.full with the loss when the.unincorporated trader carries forward is.unused trading loss it will go against.one thing and one thing alone future.trading profits of the same trade so.would have got here we had the loss.making period being the year to December.18 now that would have been assessed of.course in the 1819 tax either using our.cyb assessment basis a mat would have.equaled a nil assessment in the 1819 tax.year.carrying it forward it will gain go.against as we said the next available.future trading profit of the same trade.and the next such figure is 3000 pounds.now that means that the loss is bigger.than the available profit so the profit.is reduced to zero using 3000 of the.brought forward loss leaving a further.two thousand to carry forward that.remaining two things would then go.forward against the next future.available trading profit of ten thousand.ten is more than big enough of course to.consume all of the remaining loss of two.thousand pounds and that utilizes the.loss in that way when losses are carried.forward there is no prospect of partial.claims it will go against the next.future trading profit of the same trade.have a great or small that maybe you.can't make partial claims he'll go in.from against the future trading profit.now that's shown rather more I suppose.more literally here in terms of the.answer in the back of the book on your.answers to example one we've set it up.as we do when dealing with loss reliefs.in multiple tax years in a columnar.basis so across the top we've got our.tax years as far as this information.provided.would allow us from 1819 through 1920.and onto the 2021 tax year recall here.the trading income figures that we have.we've got a loss as we saw in 1819 and.then we had our profit of 3000 and our.future trading profit of 10 now.irrespective in those tax years of what.other inc and the tax payer may have and.hopefully deed does have the trading.loss carried forward will only go.against that future trading profit 5000.a lot lost memorandum here as you may.call just to keep a track on what we are.doing and where we are using that loss.the 5000 therefore carried forward the.carry forward relief in 1920 we use as.we see 3000 which will leave us equaling.2,000 to carry forward doesn't that far.to go into 2021 10,000 big enough to.again as we said consume that 2,000.pound loss port forward and that's an.end to the loss and we have our revised.trading incan assessments for those tax.years again as the note says here no.choice about how much loss you use you.cannot make a partial claim you use it.in full to the maximum extent possible.so that was a straightforward exercise.rather more interesting one dare I say.was example to where what they'd asked.us to do here was to compute each of the.tax years concerned we had to work that.out for ourselves but not difficult.what was the taxable income for each.such year and we had to use the trading.loss in the most beneficial way they.give us a note there that trading losses.will continue for the next few years now.that would be suggesting to you that.where as in the previous example 1 we.have carried forward the losses because.they were future trading profits here.the carry forward option we're gonna.have to wait around quite a long time.before any use of that loss would be had.so it would be rather better and it is a.usual object.of the use of losses to get relief at.the earliest available opportunity that.therefore would suggest that we want to.look at the possibility of those earlier.uses ie to set off the loss against the.total income of the current tax year.and/or the preceding tax year but of.course another objective other than just.get the earliest relief possible is that.we want to avoid wasting the personal.allowance problem we saw in the first.lecture was because this loss relief for.current and carry back claims goes.against total income and yet again there.are no partial claims available here.then if the loss is bigger than the.total income then that would mean that.we reduced the total income down to zero.and that would automatically waste the.personal allowance so we're juggling.here different objectives to try to get.the best overall outcome there is not.necessarily one absolutely perfect.outcome life is rarely like that but.there will be a best outcome when we.take all of our different objectives in.to account so in cash flow terms there's.little point in caring for the loss we.do not know at what future point in time.we'll be able to relieve that loss nor.indeed what the profits will be in those.years as regards whether we would even.then be wasting personal allowances.relief at the earliest available.opportunity we do have of course are.trading in configure in the previous.yeah well in the previous years so we.could make a carry back claim to that.preceding year and utilize it there but.we're only gonna know what is the best.outcome if again we lay the information.out in a way that will allow us to see.what those options are and to most.easily analyze the options and come up.with our conclusion so I said a little.look at what we've done will revert.through as I say to the answer in the.moment but again from the trading income.information their year to December 8.so there's your 1819 assessment.there's your 1920 assessment here's a.year of lost 2021 meaning that that very.significant amount of loss of eighty.four thousand pounds could be used.against total income of the current tax.year 2021 and all the preceding year.1920 we can't touch the thirty-two.thousand in 1819 we don't get to carry.back two years we can only go back one.tax year also now coming into this.problem is that Charles also has other.property income here in each tax year of.six thousand pounds so let's cut through.to the answer using the columnar basis.again we've initially stated in which.tax years those assessments will arise.and then we set up our columns for each.of the tax years concerned again not.really any requirement here for the 1819.thanks year because none of our loss.sustained in 2021 will be able to.relieve the 1819 tax year it is what it.is now that's where into Finance Act.nineteen at this point we've been told.to assume that the nineteen twenty say.there today we're into nineteen twenty.nine Finance Act ninety that the.personal outs are for nineteen twenty is.applicable across the board and that's a.general statement you get in such.questions so what have we got list at.the trading Inc of assessments where.there is a loss remember nil assessment.property income was the only other.income and that's a standard six.thousand in each tax year thus bringing.us to total income other than carry.forward the use of the loss immediately.was against total income of the current.tax year well there you go there is the.total income of the current tax here six.thousand pounds are we gonna make a loss.relief claim against that total income.no of course we're not we already have a.personal allowance of twelve and a half.thousand to go against their thinkin.we're already wasting some six and a.half thousand.of that personal allowance that we can't.do anything about we only have income of.6,000 so to make a claim here that could.only be 6000 because the loss is bigger.than that bigger the law stare at sir.what was that loss figure that we had.mean the loss figure of 84 thousand.pounds therefore the only option would.be a six thousand claim be pointless.you're just wasting six thousand pounds.worth of loss your taxable income here.will be nil you will make no current.period plane so the only possible claim.we might consider is the carry back.claim here to 1920 we do have a.significant total income 31,000 pounds.now of course we have a personal.allowance of twelve and a half thousand.pounds it would be lovely to be able to.restrict a claim when our loss is eighty.four thousand and the income against.which it will go will only be thirty one.but that is not an option that is.available to us the rule says set off.against total income if HMRC had wanted.us to be able to do what I've just.suggested they would have said set off.against taxable income that is not the.rule so it goes against total income so.yes by applying that loss relief here we.are wasting the personal allowance but.it's the best we can do.it's not a particularly good use but.it's the only immediate practical use.and it may still be better than any.carry for would lost relief claim that.we have because we do not know what the.income figures in the future will be so.in which case as the note says here a.claim against total income in 2021 would.waste the personal allowance for twenty.twenty-one and save no income tax so.with no claim in the current tax year if.we claim in the preceding tax year in.nineteen twenty then as we just said yes.it will waste the personal allowance but.it will generate a.repayment attacks at 20% on what would.otherwise have been a taxable income of.eighteen and a half thousand if we did.not claim that loss if that loss.disappeared.we'd have thirty one fares and less you.personal allowance we'd have had a.taxable income of eighteen thousand five.hundred that would have been taxed at.20% now the tax that we'd have paid on.that twenty percent of eighteen a half.will be what three thousand seven.hundred pounds.we are now able to get a repayment of.that tax because by now we will already.have paid that attacks and that would be.a welcome cash flow input there to the.individual getting some of that income.tax back at a time when such a.significant loss has been made the rest.of the loss eighty four thousand minus.thirty one thousand that balance of.fifty three thousand that only one thing.can happen to it it will be carried.forward against the future trading.profit of that business as and when it.arises as we said we can't touch 1819.two possible years current tax year.which we will not do there is no taxable.income as it stands would only be.wasting another six thousand pounds of.our loss if we were to make such a claim.instead nineteen twenty it does involve.wasting some of that loss because the.personal allowance would have removed.twelve and a half thousand of that.income but it's the best that we can do.we're getting relief at the earliest.available opportunity that therefore is.good for cash flow the price we pay we.have to waste the personal allowance in.the process now when we've used that.loss there of thirty one thousand there.was a point made in the introductory.lecture in lecture one on losses then.I'll just take you back to that referred.to a cap if relief against total income.is taken the loss must be set off to the.maximum possible extent which we have.seen.subject to a cap on income tax released.now that awaits us after the review here.of this particular example that's coming.up in Section C which is next on the.agenda there but I'll be taking you.through that in terms of the last year's.lecture in just a few minutes time but.as regards this particular question it.is irrelevant here as the total non.trading income for the tax year 1920 is.only 6,000 that is less than this fifty.thousand pound cap on the income tax.loss relief so on the income test so the.ingot tax loss of it is not relevant.again explained in Section four Part C.of this chapter so we'll see that next.what it does is to put this cap on how.much loss can be used against total.income in either a current or carry-back.claim as soon as you saw that the loss.to be used here was 31,000 pounds that.is less than 50,000 so this wasn't ever.going to be an issue what we'll discover.in the next section which we'll come to.as I say in the moment time is that the.cap that applies will be the higher of.50,000 or this other figure 25% a.person's adjusted total income so the.smallest it will be is 50,000 it'll only.be relevant in relation to non-trading.income but that story awaits you in a.few moments time where again as I said.we'll be reverting back to the Finance.Act 18 lecture where again nothing has.changed the only issue is in terms of.any examples then if we might see the.use of an old personal allowance an.asset but of that the system is exactly.the same okay I'll see you again after.that so that will continue with last.year's lecture and deal with to begin.with at least what this cap is before.progressing to pass just now okay.let us therefore now return to our notes.and deal indeed with the next part and.that is this cap that applies on the.amount of lost belief that you can set.against the person's total income now.this of course is going to be relevant.in either the current tax year or the.preceding tax year preceding the tax.year of loss that is and it's only going.to be applicable where we see that we.hang of income in excess of fifty.thousand pounds.well I say income in excess of fifty.thousand the cap that applies here that.limits the amount of loss relief.available against the person's total.income is the higher of their fifty.thousand pounds or twenty five percent.of a person's adjusted total income now.we'll come to what adjusted total income.is in a moment.you know what total income is already of.course now you think it's the higher of.those two figures well 25 percent times.two hundred thousand is 50 thousand.pounds and you know therefore that.you're guaranteed that the cap is going.to be no lower than fifty thousand so.for this one to be higher than that.adjusted total income then have to be.more than two hundred thousand and that.is very very unlikely examiner's to make.up whatever numbers they want to of.course so you need to be aware but it's.very unlikely to be a situation what is.this adjusted total income adjusted.means that it's after deducting from the.total income the gross amount of any.personal pension contributions we've.seen before haven't we back in Chapter.two how personal pension contributions.may impact in terms of the income tax.computation and the calculation of tax.they don't of course feature as a.deduction on that income tax computation.that is why here we've got a compute an.adjusted total income because total.income as with net income does not take.account of any deduction of personal.pension contributions so the adjusted.total income is total income less the.gross personal pension contribution.figure now again it is incredibly.unlikely that that adjusted total income.is going to exceed 200,000 so the.maximum in the vast majority of.circumstances is going to be 50,000 now.that importantly the cap does not apply.to any trading profits within the total.income figure this would be relevant to.a claim made in respect of the preceding.tax year remember in the current tax.year.what is the trading income assessments.that's the tax year of loss the current.tax year.what is the trading income assessment it.is nil so the only income the only total.adjusted total income that we have is.other non trading income but if in the.preceding texture we had been profitable.then there'll be a trading income.assessment of course and when you go.back to and apply it needs be this cap.in relation to the preceding tax year.the 50,000 is against other income it.doesn't apply to trading profits any.amount of loss can be set-off against.any amount of trading income within your.total dinkum so what we have as we've.noted before in these nodes in our.previous lecture together was that the.cap would basically for the preceding.year be made up of the trading profit.plus 50,000 pounds.that's basically what it would come to.the cap that exists in reality applies.over above just what we see it as here.in the current tax year or more likely.in the preceding taxed yeah it applies.in other relief.and for other deductions indeed prom.total income but none of those are.within our syllabus so you were only.seed here the application of the relief.against total income beat against.current aksha or more likely against.preceding tax year let's look at what.we've got little demonstration here.right Louise sir yes Lou to her friends.Lucifer has always prepared accounts to.the 31st of March in each year in.respect to the trade while also.receiving his good news employment.income of 60,000 pounds each tax year.matter of her business for the.accounting here ended 31st of March 19.she made a trading loss of a hundred.twenty-five thousand pounds having made.a trading profit of twenty thousand in.the year ended 31st of March 18 right.first thing we need to do therefore is.determine the in relation to the loss.what is the tax year of loss well the.loss of hundred twenty-five thousand was.the accounting year ended 31st of March.19 so year indeed 31st of March two.thousand ninety in which tax does that.accounting year end date for hopefully.of course will have realized that that.he's 1890 so in 1819 we have a loss of.one to five that will be a nil.assessment for that tax year we're told.of course that we did make a trading.profit of twenty thousand in the year.ended 31st of March 18 that of course.will be assessed in 1780 so those are.our two taxes the tax year of loss 1819.the preceding tax year 1718 now of.course what we have here although there.is very little if any in the way a.trading profit is a very substantial.employment income figure making of.course the use of the loss No.within the current tax year a rather.better option that it might otherwise.have be if of course we had employment.income here of say ten thousand pounds.then there would be no point making any.lost relief claim here because our.personal allowance would already cover.that ten thousand but it isn't ten.thousand it's this rather larger number.of sixty thousand pounds.now of course in the current tax year.the trading income assessment is new.therefore your adjusted total ingot on.your adjusted total income is sixty.thousand pounds and we know that 25% of.adjusted total income twenty five.percent of sixty is very obviously a lot.lower than fifty thousand pounds.therefore the fifty thousand pound cap.applies now it applies against non.trading income and that's what that.sixty thousand employment income is its.non trading income so fifty thousand is.the maximum that cannot be used again.here loss relief claim in 1819 is capped.at fifty thousand as this is higher than.25 percent of the adjusted total income.that being sixty would give you fifteen.thousand pounds in two thousand.seventeen eighteen the loss relief claim.is made in full against the trading.profit of the twenty thousand so there's.no restriction when we go against total.income here the loss relief is against.your total income in there that is total.income there's no restriction when that.loss goes against the trading profit of.20 it is as it was in the current year.only applicable against non trading yet.again that is employment income sixty.but we can't take out all of the 60.we're limited to the cap of fifty hence.therefore in fall against the trading.profit twenty thousand but the cap of.fifty thousand Ben applies.against the remaining total income ie.that is employment income of 60,000.pounds so we've got twenty thousand plus.fifty thousand equals seventy thousand.pounds as the maximum lost relief.available now of course having applied.fifty thousand they're working out what.lost belief was available we started.with the loss of one to five we use.fifty thousand in the current year that.left you with seventy-five thousand.we then used seventy thousand of it in.the preceding year there is the seventy.thousand so that still leaves five.thousand pounds of the law still.remaining there's only one option of.course that can be used for it it's.carried forward to start off against the.next available trading profits of the.business there now they a restriction as.regards the use of the loss.now we normally think of any such.restriction in our ability to use a loss.as being a bad thing we'd like to use as.much loss as possible but actually no.here as in this note stated there it's.actually done us a favor because it has.left in each of these two tax years ten.thousand pounds worth of the employment.income still chargeable post the loss.reliefs the current and preceding year.claims being made and what that means is.is that rather than wasting all of these.figures of personal allowance.we've only wasted a small part of that.some one thousand eight hundred and.fifty pounds of it so actually the camp.has done us a favor again that to be an.advantage to leave Louise as it leaves.efficient total income in both years to.absorb not all but the majority of the.available personal allowance so actually.it's preserved loss to be used against.income that would otherwise have been a.taxable not the least we've got five.thousand to carry forward against future.trading profits at the.same trait okay now not a big deal again.probably not a mainline area but given.that we've got all those objective.questions in subject to testing.questions in Section a it's just the.sort of thing that they might put in.there as one of the more challenging.such questions make sure therefore that.you're able to deal with it okay.again one a lot of pause at this point.and just go back through the exercise is.there and make sure that you are happy.with it but once done we then progress.to Section D of this part of our notes.which now brings in a new application of.loss relief relief of a trading loss but.against capital gains never we at the.beginning of our introduction to this.chapter spoke about the two main relief.claims that were available to us and.those with these that you see here.they were the carry forward and the.current current tax iya and preceding.tax yet claims against total England we.may have seen that and we've also seen.the cap that applies but what we're now.told about is this one that and note.will cease in the detail knows in a.moment.following a claim in B above so against.total income if any trading loss still.remains the taxpayer may choose to.extend the loss claim choose to extend.so this is not compulsory against.chargeable gains of that tax you so it's.allowing here the individual to take a.trading loss from within the income tax.system and set it off against chargeable.gains within the CGT system we've got a.cross over from one tax income tax to a.different tax CGT.now other than our brief introduction at.the very beginning of the course we.don't know anything about capital gains.tax that awaits us in Chapter twelve in.the not-too-distant future there and.we'll see the details of how it is we.compute chargeable gains allowable.losses and how we are set losses against.gain so though it will be a little bit.difficult for you to comprehend all of.those issues now we'll deal with this in.relation to this chapter and you'll see.then in greater detail as regards how we.offset capital losses against capital.gains the very early part of chapter 12.there was a look at what we have right.coming back therefore to this note okay.relief a trading loss against capital.gains the relief is an extension to a.current year and or carry back relief.claim what that means here is that any.such claim must firstly have been made.be the current year be the preceding.year against total income and this.extension claimed to go against capital.gains may only be claimed after such a.claim against total income has been made.be that of whichever tax your claim it.may be remember we can claim our relief.against total income in the current tax.year and/or in the preceding tax year.all that is required here to allow this.extension claim against chargeable gains.to be made is that for the tax year in.which you wish to make this claim.against your capital gains then put that.tax year and that tax year alone.you must already have made a claim.against total income and obviously then.had to be lost left over that loss.originally must have been bigger than.the total income now that should.immediately make you aware.there's always a price to pay to access.this extension claim against capital.gains because you must first have made.your full claim against the total income.of the tax year in question be the.current tax year be at the proceeding.tax year you must have made a full claim.against total income which means that by.definition you will have wasted for that.tax year it's personal allowance there's.the price that you're going to have to.pay to access this extension claim.against capital gains but all that is.required for this claim to be made is.that for the tax year whether it is the.current tax year whether it's the.preceding tax year for the tax year in.which you wish to make the claim you.must firstly have made the claim against.total binkham right.if you've made that claim against total.income and the still loss left over a.trading loss may be relieved against.capital gains as we said only after the.total income of the tax year in question.has been reduced to zero like the.training loss under a normal claim and.an unrelieved law still remains the.remaining unruly trading loss.well restricted to a maximum loss figure.assume below we'll see that in a moment.of time but subject to that maximum loss.then the remaining on relief trading.loss following the claim against total.income within the income tax system that.figure is then what can be extended over.into your CGT computation and used as a.loss to set off against games so that.vigor is then deducted from the net.gains of the tax year you don't know it.yet but for individuals they will have a.CGT computation just like income tax.though it is separate to income tax.they'll have a capital gains tax.computation again.for the tax year whether that's the 18.19 17 18 19 20 whatever tax year that is.and of course just like when you go into.business there is no guarantee of making.a trading profit every year hence this.chapter divvy me trading losses so it is.in terms of the disposals of your.chargeable assets as we'll come to know.them in chapter 12 the chargeable assets.those that may give rise to a chargeable.gain but so it is with the disposal of.charge of assets that of course you.don't necessarily always own assets that.are guaranteed to go up in value and.therefore to generate a chargeable gain.when sold sometimes they may be go down.in value and hence there may be losses.so what we'll have to do in chapter 12.is to for each disposal made within the.tax year compute either chargeable game.or allowable loss and then we net the.gains against those losses so it's the.gains less the losses it's the net gains.of the tax year that's what we need to.establish now this deduction is made.before then deducting any capital losses.brought forward so these net gains were.of the tax year so in the current tax.year what gains what loss is net them.out the net gains but this deduction is.now made before deducting any capital.losses brought forward so we've got a.bit of a bad track record here it.appears that in an earlier tax year we.made more losses than there were games.so not all of the capital losses could.be relieved against gains in that yeah.well I know it's another new fact here.but it's not a complex one if you do.have net capital losses for the tax year.then those losses may be carried forward.details of which await us in our.detailed lecture on chapter 12.what we also do the deduction is made.before deducting capital losses brought.forward and it is also before the.deduction of something called our annual.exempt amount again in Chapter 12 we'll.see that abbreviated to AE a the annual.exempt amount and all that is is a level.of tax-free gains in income tax we have.a level of tax-free income it's the.personal allowance while the equivalent.to batting CGT so you don't immediately.make a pound of capital gain or a.hundred pounds or indeed a thousand.pounds of capital gains you don't.immediately face a charge ability to CGT.because each tax year we have available.an annual exempt a man again you can.note it at this particular point but the.be in the chapter but you're going to.see it used in answer to this example.here in a moment of time that AE a for.our tax year is eleven thousand seven.hundred pounds so very similar but not.quite the same as the personal allowance.that goes on our income tax computation.but we have an AE a which for our nine.1819 tax year is set as a level of 11700.the maximum loss again if there's gonna.be an awkward section a objective.testing question then this may be.involved that rather than all of the.loss still remaining after you've made.the claim against total income for the.relevant tax year that maybe not all of.that loss will actually be allowed to be.used against capital gains because there.is a maximum loss.now again I'm afraid not now but going.forward is something you're gonna have.to learn here but that maximum loss is.computed as the net gains of the tax.year.well we'd already know that to give.anyway the net games of the tax year but.less any capital loss is brought forward.now this is not a part of the.application of the loss relief this is a.working in determining how much loss is.able to be used we've already given the.order in which deductions will be made.from the net games of the year if we.have this extension claim for a trading.loss against capital gains this bit here.is simply a working with in the.calculation of how much loss how much.trading loss is actually available to be.relieved in it this way so do not.confuse this with this this was how.having got the figure of loss available.to be relieved how and where you would.use it this bit is actually computing.the amount of such loss that will be.available to be relieved in it that way.so computing as the net gains of the tax.year ie gains less losses of the year.were reduced by any capital losses.brought forward that's it well back to.Finance Act 2019 that's a bit of video.that goes with it as well what you've.just seen in the illustration stands.true for Finance Act 19 the only.difference of course being that down.here the personal allowance as we know.as we suggested is that of the current.year twelve and a half thousand pounds.all it means is we're wasting a bit more.of that personal allowance but now the.calculations that we do down here in the.context of applying this cap in relation.to the current or carry back claims none.of those things change it all the same.we've just got a bit more unused.personal allowance coming down to the.extension claim we're having remember.made we must must firstly firstly fake.no we must firstly make a claim against.toke.you can beat that for the current.texture beat and all for the preceding.texture and for a year in which that.claim against total income has been made.if there is still some loss left over at.that point you can if you choose then.extend against capital gains the only.thing that is different to what you.heard on that previous lecture is of.course what you already know about your.personal allowance of eleven a fifty is.now twelve thousand five hundred but it.also refered of course here to an annual.exempt amount now we know with that ease.from that previous lecture it's a level.of tax regains its the CGT equivalent to.the personal allowance that we have in.terms of income tax free income the.figure back in 1819 was the 11700 that.we saw reference that are noted at this.point in time on the pages of those.notes that figure is in fact now for the.nineteen twenty texture we'll be looking.at that number in a moment's time it's.twelve thousand all of which is dealt.with and I'll take you to again when we.talk through Chapter twelve.but the AEA for the current tax year.nineteen twenty is in fact twelve.thousand pounds okay we've now got this.example to have a look at where we got.to calculate Kathy's taxable gains for.1920 so after making any and all.deductions that are possible the taxable.gains assuming that Kathy does make this.loss relief plane so this extension.claim as we may refer to it as extending.the trading loss that is unused post.either the current or carry back claims.being made for the tax year to extend.that against gains but now what did we.find out about this loss that goes.against it goes against the net gains of.the tax year in question net games being.any games less losses we're actually.told that number here for 1920 Kathy has.net gains of 44 you might simply be.given a list of disposals maybe two of.them gains one of.los you met them and you have the net.gain figure for the tax yeah and what we.also have which is an important figure a.capital loss brought forward of 4000.pounds we've already done in this.example the claim for trading loss.against total income because we're told.that she still has a trading loss.remaining at 24,000 after a claim has.been made against the total income of.the tax year so for this texture we've.made a claim against total income that.means it has to be in full the total.income must have been reduced to zero.therefore and we've still got an unused.loss of 24,000 and we're now going to.make the extended claim against games.well why not.we got net gains there of 44,000 pounds.now of course before we make that claim.we have as we see an available loss a.trading loss or remaining loss of 24,000.but there was this point here when we.discussed it that there is a limitation.a maximum loss that may be used in this.particular claim what was it the maximum.loss computed as the net gains of the.tax year we know what that is that is.44,000 less any capital losses brought.forward that is four thousand forty four.minus four equals forty thousand not a.problem therefore no restriction in the.amount of loss that remains to be used.against capital gains all twenty four.thousand is available to us so it's now.simply a matter of lining up in the.correct order.all the possible deductions that are.available to go against that net gain of.the year of forty four we have this.extended loss.relief claim our trading loss coming.over and being treated as a capital loss.we have an AEA an annual exempt amount.we also have a capital loss brought.forward so any question.is in what order do we make those.deductions against those net games well.if we look at the answer to this we will.see we pick up first of all of course.the net games of the year and as we said.in the notes this loss relief plane will.go against those net gains of the.current year this takes priority and.that therefore brings down the net gains.of the year to 20,000.there are now two more things available.to be deducted if we haven't used our a.EA on any other games well we know these.are the net games of the year we have.available are a EA and we have the.capital last brought forward now if.you've seen this before in a previous.year the order of the deduction of these.two items would have been the other way.around it's now much more sensible and.much more straightforward so what we now.do is to do firstly the AE a and OB then.would we come in with the deduction for.the capital loss brought forward now the.relevance of that order of set-off will.again become more clear more transparent.when we move to chapter 12 and you deal.with all of the details of CGT it's not.an issue here because even when we.deducted 12 and 4 we were deducting from.20,000 net gabe post the trading loss.relief extension claim and that still.leaves us with taxable gains for the.year of 4,000 pounds so we'll revisit.this once we get into chapter 12 and we.see how it is we bring gains and losses.together for the year.how if necessary we then bring in the.income tax trading loss relief and then.with against what remains firstly deduct.the ATA for the tax year 12,000 pounds.so far as our 1920 texture is concerned.and then our capital loss brought.forward that therefore will still leave.us with our 4,000 pounds gained for this.particular.yeah okay that's as example three sorted.there that's therefore clears that.particular issue a means that in our.next lecture together that will again be.to begin with a reference back to the.last year's Finance Act 18 claims and.loss relief lectures because the rules.are exactly the same again the only.thing that may change if it is at all.relevant is the fact that we've got a.different personal allowance no to what.we had then so the system that we'll see.I'm gonna hand you back now to me at.least in audio books or in their next.lecture in audio form there are them now.to take you through what on how.specialist loss reliefs the loss reliefs.we've seen so far the current year the.preceding year the carry forward so long.as the business continues to trade those.are available for any tax year in which.the loss arises we're going to see now.some specialist loss release in the next.lecture losses in opening years remember.this is a little bit like chapter 6.where we saw what's the normal basis of.assessment for a business on an ongoing.business current year basis but then of.course there were specific issues about.basis of assessment that would apply you.know minions and in closing is so we had.special issues to deal with and so it is.when it comes to dealing with loss.reliefs that there's a specialist lost.relief a new one over and above what we.seen so far that is only available where.losses are sustained in opening years.then we'll move through after that to.look at probably not that way will be.indeed in our final lecture together on.this particular subject terminal lost.belief which by its name obviously is.dealing with a loss success their sucess.as a sustained on the cessation of.trading there so those two specialists.lost reliefs to come but starting.firstly and holding and rather taking.you back to last year our opening years.relief losses in opening years that is.next on our agenda and I'll say I look.forward to seeing you then there will be.some brief little introductions and add.Eden's safar s fa fa 19 is concern but.the bulk of it is again taken from last.year.nothing's changed again enjoy.

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