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City Of Wilmington Business License Form Demand Assistance

hello everyone and welcome to today's.webinar business license basics my name.is Annie Tribble Eddie and I will be.your moderator joining us today are.Brian Bart Nicky and Kayla Heath nice.Brian it's a senior business license.engine sales engineer at the forefront.assisting customers with their industry.specific requirements which range from.research portfolio management and.renewal services.brian has worked a CSC for more than a.decade offering his expertise in the.field of license compliance hey what is.a fail of engineer that supports the.corporate legal services group at CSC.and is based in Wilmington Delaware.since joining CSC in 2015 kayla has.focused on business and business.relationship management and consulting.to find solutions that best fit the.needs of new clients and with that.flipped look on Brian and Kayla Thank.You Annie Kayla and I would like to.thank everybody for joining the webinar.this afternoon will we begin I do want.to go over the agenda for what we are.going to cover for today's session first.we're going to briefly talk about who we.are as an organization from incorporate.calm and CSC perspective we're then.going to dive into what we mean actually.by business licenses the term is very.ambiguous.in the world of compliance and we get a.lot of questions that are asked to us.over and over again sort of in different.capacities so we really want to dive.into how that's defined in the.compliance world we're then going to.talk to some common questions that we.hear from many companies whether it's.you know how they cover what's required.or how they go through filings things of.that nature and then we're going to dive.into consequences things that could.potentially occur if you fail to have.the appropriate licenses for that are.related to your business and we're going.to conclude with diving into how CSC can.help in the license world and then we're.going to leave time at the end for a Q&A.for any of you that would like to ask.any questions but before we dive into.the meat of the webinar I do want to.highlight some information about who we.are again at CSC incorporate comm the.CSC we've been around since 1899 so.we've been around for literally two.millennium and three centuries so we're.very proud of that we're not going.anywhere we are privately held.organization we have over 2,500.employees worldwide all across the globe.many many offices and we represent.different types of companies small sole.proprietorships medium-sized companies.large organizations fortune 500 fortune.1000 many of our customers are law firms.financial institutions and and we do.many other things we you know we offer.the main services and other compliance.services as well so we are truly the.business behind business when it comes.to compliance so anything you could.think about behind the scenes when it.comes to corporate governance to.compliance just know that CSC is there.for you again we greatly appreciate your.time and hope that you find value in the.webinar today and thanks for going to.some insight about CSC Brian we really.wanted to start out by understanding.what we mean when we speak about.business licenses so as I mentioned by.definition business license can be a.very vague term it truly means many.different things across companies and.filing authorities but to us here at CSC.business licenses are requirements that.fall outside of the Secretary of State.jurisdiction so we're not talking about.things such as formations qualifications.or annual ports but really in our world.were speaking about anything that's.going to be locally driven or specific.to your industry and now you might be.asking yourself.what should I be looking for when we're.understanding what licences are required.for your business you might see turn.such as occupational tax receipt.privilege tax professional and these are.really just some of the most common.turns that you can run into when looking.at licensing from different local levels.where you're operating or things like.that as mentioned there could also be.some different industry specific.requirements that apply to you if you.own a food truck you might need a milk.or dairy permit if you are in the.construction world you might eat a.contractor's license or maybe even in.engineering license if you're selling.different products.we're reselling them you could.potentially need a resellers permit and.these are really just only a few.examples that come up in terms of.industry specific licenses but there's.so many industries and different.locations across the u.s. that it can.certainly be difficult to navigate all.of the requirements to make things worse.there are over 150,000 filing.authorities that could issue some type.of license and impact your business one.of the sort of things that kale and I.hear very frequently when companies are.either starting maybe they're brand new.or even if they've been in business for.just a few years some time or even five.ten years sometimes they don't know what.they need as it pertains to their.business and when it comes to that.there's some questions you know the.question that I hear most often is you.know how do I know what applies to me so.for example somebody might be in a.collection agency and they but they.might do passive debt buying they might.think that they need a collection.license when they may not need a.collection license some of you might be.a subcontractor you might be doing work.maybe the roofing.maybe residential contracting and you're.not sure if you need a general.contractor's license some of you in the.hospitality world you know maybe you're.going to open you have a restaurant and.you're not sure if you require an.outside Cafe license to have seating.outside there are so many different.types of industries but it's really the.true uncertainty this is not just what.you're doing it's how you're doing it.and not just how you're doing it where.are you doing it you know Kayla.mentioned that there's over a hundred.and fifty thousand governing authorities.across America and it's not just city.county state in some places such as.Pennsylvania and New Jersey.you might even run two townships.boroughs villages some places like.Alabama you may just physically drive.your vehicle through it and they think.that that does in their world that's.constituting business so what truly.applies to you and those really the.biggest question and I get from.customers in all industries most.frequently and everyone on the phone or.everyone on the webinar today I'm sure.has many responsibilities whether it's.you know financial accounting on your.company maybe you're in sales maybe.you're in legal maybe you're in physical.tack tax compliance you probably don't.have the time to really spend and wreath.to research what applies to you all the.laws ordinances everything from all.levels of government that truly applies.to your business it's the true unknown.and it's something that's incredibly.incredibly challenging so it's.absolutely challenging to understand.what you may need or what applies to.your business in terms of licenses but.the challenge does not does not stop.there which leads us into our key.question that we hear again our second.step all the time.one.to know what you need how do you get.that more or how do you move forward so.the common problem that we come across.is really how do you even get.applications for these licenses that you.find do you have to do more research do.you have to visit your local offices do.you have to you know log into a portal.something like that or once you have.those applications are they really clear.about everything else that is required.to go along with that license is there.supporting documents that you need to.provide maybe in the construction world.you might need a bond but how do you.find out how much that bond needs to be.for or do you need to provide a.certificate of good standing and where.can you get that these are just some.common questions that come along when.going through that application process.we also might not know what process are.associated with the license and really.just instructions themselves could be.unclear about how to submit that license.it's absolutely not uncommon to face.these types of problems while you're.trying to go through that application.and filing process and as we know the.challenges along the way.they still don't stop so which leads us.into our third step and understanding.once you have what you need how do you.move forward with the management of that.so what do you do I would say again you.finally figure out what licenses you.need and you get them you have the.copies but now you're faced with the.maintenance behind those so what do you.do with the copy that you have now do.you have to store it in a certain place.you have posting measures that have did.your licenses come with instructions do.you know where to put it then on top of.that.when's your renewal is it something that.could be perpetual or do you have to.file something again every year every.other year and.as Brian mentioned when you are moving.into other places or you have multiple.locations it gets increasingly harder to.understand what you need but it also.gets increasingly harder to maintain and.follow all of the renewals there every.license is going to have a different.requirement which definitely makes it.hard to have a uniform maintenance.fashion behind your licenses now with.that I'll turn it back over to Annie to.take us through a poll question Thank.You Kayla so folks throughout our.presentation today you will see some.poll questions appear on your screen and.we invite you to participate them so.that we can learn a little bit more.about you and your business license.needs or where you might be in your.process today so on your screen you.should see our first question that is.asking where have you experienced.challenges through the license process.there's a number of answers on your.screen available you can select one of.them or you could select all of the.above at the bottom so please take a.moment to make your selections and while.you're doing that I will tap into our.presenters knowledge base here so Brian.based on what you hear from people all.the time and based on the options that.are on the screen for everybody which of.these do you think will be the most.popular response amongst our audience.today I think it's going to be the.researching license requirements just.off of everyone's wearing multiple hats.and the sheer unknown where to go I.think that's probably going to be the.most popular and then second I would.probably say just really filing for the.licenses whether it be due or renewals I.think those would be the most common.answers great thank you for that um so.we'll take a look and see if the results.are saying and it actually is a very.close hi almost between researching and.permit requirements and all of the above.for taking the top spot um.although we've got answers for each of.these options so we really appreciate.everyone taking this time to fill out.that poll for us so we've covered a lot.of problems and questions that companies.just like yours experience on a daily.basis when it comes to licensing but we.really want to focus on why it's.important to make sure that you have.everything that you need and that all of.those licenses and permits stay current.so we're going to review some of the.consequences of not staying compliant.our first repercussion would be fines.and penalties if you're operating.without a license or your license.expires it's going to absolutely incur.financial penalties that will far.surpass the cost of getting that license.or even just maintaining it to begin.with I had been previously working with.a client that was operating in Alabama.and they accidentally let their license.lapse however they did not cease.operation and they actually incurred a.seventy thousand dollar penalty for that.length of time that they have been.operating without a license.or with an expired license and when.looking back on it the fine actually.ended up being three hundred and fifty.times the original amount of the license.renewal it's really important to.understand that the fines and penalties.aren't just a one-time thing they can.absolutely look back on how long you've.been doing business there and there can.be additional repercussion versus just.that one-time fee and all in all staying.in compliance can actually save you.money in the long run along with those.fines you can face lawsuits and legal.judgments if you're conducting business.without the appropriate licenses.impartment again along with that.right back in to find some penalties you.will incur them and it's just something.that isn't great with when you're.operating on lawfully and then a lot of.companies can also face a harsh reality.of having to shut their doors and close.their business whether it's something.that happens temporarily until you can.comply with the regulation or if it's.something that becomes permanent from.all of those other factors it's.definitely not something that any.business owner would want to experience.so having the appropriate licenses and.permits in place at all times really.will help mitigate that from happening.one of the most extreme examples that.sometimes seems just unbelievable and.can't be true but it is I would be.actually arrests sometimes you know.companies believe it or not if they're.shut down or they were going to be.licensed appropriately people within.locations can be arrested and that.business closure would course into their.after but it's a way for governing.authorities to obtain is some type of.collateral to really understand that.they're taking it seriously and they.want businesses to be compliant you know.as it pertains to those rules and.regulations there's a sort of a story.that I have gone from a client has.happened about two years ago where a.former employee at a retail location.used to manage a particular store and.they actually left the business they.left the company they got a new job.the location actually when negligent in.renewing the license for quite some time.and the former employee was actually.driving on a highway and got pulled over.for a speeding ticket and this.individual was actually the person of.responsibility listed on the license for.her former employer and there was.because of that and there was a war.now for her arrest and she was actually.arrested for a license from a former.employer and she ended up having to sue.her former employer which incurred.actual fines penalties lawsuits pretty.much everything that was related to.these prior consequences all for simply.just neglecting to file a license for.their location for many years so it's a.very real thing some other items that.come into play for those of you in the.trade world maybe you're in construction.architecture engineering you're looking.to bid on opportunities some of you I.don't know if you ever come across this.but many times business is moving.quickly you need to have a license.yesterday but you're unable to get a.temporary license a lot of governing.authorities or a lot of businesses.you're trying to win or sell to if it's.a new in a new jurisdiction.maybe you can't physically do the work.and so you have a license that's going.to be required if you do to be compliant.in that jurisdiction whether it's a.general contractor's license maybe it's.a local license it can really prevent.you from bidding on opportunities or.really expanding into new markets if you.don't if you're not taking that.proactive approach and understanding.what's required any of you that are in.the manufacturing world distribution.supply you might may run it warehousing.if you're ever you know distributing.items and you're going into new market.potentially and you don't have something.licensed appropriately you may not be.able to actually distribute or do that.work because it can't be introduced into.the new market so just keep in mind.again these are things that might not be.on you know do you think about.immediately but just know you could run.into issues when it comes to launching.and your reputation negative press your.reputation as an organization no matter.who you are whether you're a sole.proprietor or you have your own.franchise.and whether you're a middle-sized.company or a large company your.reputation is everything.now the last thing you want to do if.you're a restaurant right is maybe miss.to renew your health permit or you just.something happens and you you something.you fail to schedule an inspection or.you're maybe you're in DC and you fail.to post a license and the inspector.comes and closes your location you know.you don't want other consumers to see.that you're closed due to some other.licensing violation sometimes it could.be taken to the extreme it could have a.negative effect on that consumer coming.back to your business in any capacity.and we really want to ensure that it.does not happen at any given time so.with that I do want to turn it over to.Annie to go over the next poll question.great thank you so much Brian so folks.we have another poll question that will.appear on your screen in just a second.this one is asking you how you're.managing your business licenses today.whether you're using an actual physical.filing cabinet you might track them on.Excel maybe you're waiting for the.jurisdiction to remind you that your.licenses are due or you're doing.something a little different than.posting a reminder on the wall or on.your desk so please take a moment to.make a selection based on how you are.currently managing your licenses and.while you're doing that I will ask Kayla.what she thinks will be the most popular.response here thanks Annie I definitely.think that we'll see a lot of responses.for waiting for jurisdictional reminders.and then also if you have quite a few.licenses or maybe have been in business.for a while you probably result in to.your Excel spreadsheets great thanks for.that insight Kayla and we will take a.look and see what the audience had to.say Kayla today must be a good day for.you and your guessing game well most.people said wait for the jurisdiction to.remind them.okay well we went over some questions.concerns and absolutely those.consequences behind licenses so we.really want to focus now on how CSC can.tackle those types of uncertainties for.your business through our ESG licensing.services earlier we had identified.really three main steps in a license.process through different types of.questions that you might ask yourself.along the way just to start with step.one and refer back to that question.about what licenses apply to my company.and what licenses apply to me.so CFC has research services that can.absolutely help you answer that question.if you have just started your business.maybe you've expanded your footprint or.even have plans to do so we have a type.of research that we would consider new.location research that will uncover all.the license requirements that are.related to your specific business.activities and we'll find these on a.state city and as Brian mentioned those.county or local municipality levels that.could have a different type of filing.authority so this research package will.encompass anything that could be general.in nature just to operate as a business.within those different locations or.anything industry specific that will.apply directly to your business and the.business activities we also have a.separate research package for any.locations that you already have.pre-existing so we consider that.existing location research this package.will do the same to understand your.requirements however we'll take it a.little bit of a step further to mind the.gaps of the licenses that you already.have and find anything that could be.missing and then also looking at what.you have but maybe in identifying things.that you don't necessarily need and we.research this the.some information that you provide to us.through industry specific questionnaires.and other questions that we might ask.about the business we then report back.our findings to you so answering those.questions about all the uncertainty.behind the application process.instructions fees and anything of that.nature our report will come with all of.the applications that you could possibly.need for the licenses that apply to you.further instructions on how to complete.them if there's anything supporting that.you need to supply different types of.fee schedules related to those licenses.and any additional information that will.absolutely help you tackle that next.step of getting what you need and some.of the other questions that we talked.about right we're pertaining to where do.I file well how do I go about doing it.and then the actual maintenance of those.and that really falls directly into the.capstone of CSU's offering which is the.management and the renewal of the.service we would actually give you a.dedicated contact here at CSC that.individual would be responsible for.managing your account you would receive.notifications from us whenever we're.renewing your licenses 60 days in.advance your dedicated contact would.proactively obtain all the necessary.applications you would not have to worry.about sending anything to them because.we would change the mailing address Bron.notices our renewals to come here to our.headquarters in Wilmington Delaware.after we prepared the license we would.use a filing questionnaire that you.would complete we'd have a profile with.that information we would then go ahead.and after preparation we would also pay.the government in fee and submit that on.your behalf and then when we get the.license back we would go ahead and.upload it into your account there's.going to be I'll talk to in a little bit.the actual online portfolio.- always will have transparency into.your licenses archive the historical.ones and then we'll send the original.licenses to your office's with posting.instructions that way you know make sure.we're letting you know when things have.to be posted you don't have to again.worry about the unknown of getting a.violation or something as minor as that.so just know that we will actually give.you the ability to have a total.transparent view of what we're doing and.if you have other services with us it's.going to be a separate section within.your existing DSC account and you know I.mentioned you will have a portfolio it's.a digital platform it's you have access.to it 24/7 you could have as many users.as you would like but with that.notification I mentioned you will always.receive those alerts you'll get a report.knowing what we are handling that you.have coming due and it's really going to.eliminate the unknown you don't have to.worry about getting those fines and.those penalties because you'll always.have peace of mind you know that CSC is.in turn your partner in crime right you.know the business behind business in.helping you through that endeavor.

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