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[Applause].whose habitat includes one of the.loudest college football study.the Ducks like the Michigan Wolverines.three-and-oh feeling they're a pretty.good football team with an opportunity.at hand.Michigan comes in ranked fifth and the.coaches Bowl.at 22nd they've not met since 1973 the.Wolverines are weary yes they have lost.in their last two trips to the west but.it's a powerful football team with the.troubling clouds of hype following them.this is a festival in the city of Eugene.colorful the Sun is out it's a glorious.afternoon Dan Fouts is with me and.alumnus of Oregon in NFL Hall of Famer.Todd Harris is on the field my name is.Jackson and I'm just passin through and.we're ready to kick it off referee.Gordon Reece ready to blow the whistle.and.to Michigan Oregon one the false they.want the ball there get it testing it.out the air drive line is Ryan Shaw he.is a pale back in he's out for the 30.[Applause].possessing the ball burst down the.quarterback for the Oregon Ducks as we.said they used to sophomore Kellen.Clemens goes out first he's had a very.good start on this season as a youngster.neither quarterback has thrown an.interception yet the Outback Steakhouse.starting lineup features some of the.great speedsters that you'll see as they.come out and with locating as to which.ones they're sending out for the first.snap of the ball game.Sammy Parker is out so I fill in all the.nucleus balloons as a youngster here.suddenly emerged they've got speed to.burn they go to the food and he takes.him down right at the line of scrimmage.now the Outback Steakhouse starting.lineup wide receiver Sammy Parker came.out of the Arizona game with his ankle.sprain worked through the week all right.Demetrius Williams we told you has.emerged there are four people who work.at tailback.the offensive line tackled the tackle is.big Dan Weaver a mere slip of a lad at.293 the acre and it'll be interesting to.see how well they can perform against.Michigan defense.they throw the ball.one thing with Sandy Parker and that.doesn't get in his.it's going to be third down and ten as.the other quarterback looser makes the.tackle michigan's defensive front all.seniors very quick seasoned and if they.do get pressure look out linebackers.Carl Diggs 43 the leader he's a senior.team captain and the DB's they're big an.active lesser and curry have looked very.good at corner and Jackson had six.tackles against go today we've already.seen the strength of this defense.tackling 100% improved according to.defensive coordinator Jim Herman.on third and ten.[Applause].the 41 your.and that was a rocket.one of the most colorful settings when.the Sun is out in the.of Oregon covering the grandstands and.the bleachers and wherever they can find.a place to stand because they do have.standing room only here I expect we will.have a crowd very close to 60,000 people.which will be the largest football.account ever in the fate of all be the.largest gathering period in the state of.Oregon back those Clemens looking gets a.little haters got a lot of green grass.in front of them and ago.up to the 48 yard line for your and.Jackson make the tackle.second down and four.on the 47 had.Mammon.for the first time today and the third.that the line will carry any opposed to.midfield and they were all in backwards.but the mark is going to be right near.the 50 that's Chris Vincent he is a 218.pounds from Philadelphia Pennsylvania.carry now in Vince it gives the Ducks is.a raw powerful running back and he's.just starting to get into game shape and.they're starting to see signs that.perhaps he may have the breakaway speed.that will make him the starter the Ducks.we use for running backs today they'll.use vincent whitehead Washington and.Shaw Vincent is the guy that want to.come and make the step up now on third.down and one the Wolverine go to a goal.they line up along the ticket outside.and they get the first time a good.effort by Chris Jensen the contact was.made short of the first down but the big.dumpling Filat took it over the marker.and moved the team this is an option.play by or again kind of a misdirection.option play if you will the shaman is.right here he's going to get sucked down.into the interior this line and the.pitch goes to the outside well executed.by the Ducks but again sure tackling by.the defensive backs of Michigan have.kept the Ducks from getting any big.plays yet that was Lawrence weave who.wrapped his legs on that play but it's.flushed down at the Michigan 47 yard.line.[Applause].back to the 48 yard line almost the.five-yard loss as Larry Harrison got the.penetration a sophomore out of Detroit.for the Wolverine that's not easy to get.a 5 yard near 5 yard loss on a running.play Harrison was late getting to his.position and that may have confused the.Oregon offensive line he had great.penetration 3-yard loss as the Sun come.out bright and clear at 62 degrees in.Eugene Oregon football weather.[Applause].they say 14.opening that customer for the canaanites.Clemens takes off and goes down.hard.in Jackson it'll be marked right on the.40 they'll need close to three yards to.get the first down.Oregon cut Michigan in a blitz that time.and they didn't get there from the.outside will come chaser another.defensive back from this side and that.leaves him open the middle wide open.good protection by the Ducks and heads.up by Clemens realizing that the Blitz.was on don't want to hang around that.pocket too long.third down and three ferrets Whitehead.is in the backfield now he may be a.little quicker.he's cutting to the outside and goes to.the 35.thirty-four.the sewer and works the Pecola Michigan.he blocked that time by fullback Luke.rally who's filling in for Matt clover.Riley is number 33.he's right in front of whiteness he's.going to lead them to the outside here.and this is some of that quickness that.you talked about Keith good move by wine.head to suck the defense to the inside.jumps outside picks up the first down go.put it on the 34 Oregon now has moved.the ball from there long 30 in the.opening possession of the ball game.[Applause].he actually had two people open but.Parker was the man all alone and Clemens.mystique he certainly had time to throw.there's no question about that this.offensive line does a super job it's one.of these slide protections that right.now he takes a while to get this one.underway and he's too late and when.you're too late you can't throw the ball.as high and let the receiver adjust to.it so he just airmailed Parker that.would have been a touchdown remember.that one that one got away same go back.put the full-back in football games.sweat head and hit coccyx close to a.first down.and Keith already Oregon has.accomplished something Notre Dame could.not do last week against Michigan the.best penetration last week for Notre.Dame's offense was Michigan's 37 yard.line that run takes the Ducks all the.way to the Michigan 25 I think it's very.important frankly Dan that Oregon get.the lead there's no question they've.been a very fast starting team this year.and in their recent history they've had.trouble hanging on to leads though the.brain crushed to the defense Jim Herman.the Court made her upstairs.Red's out the first down and they won't.get it because Michigan got there first.the Oregon player is waving their arms.on Brad let's help.actually there's same be quiet we want.to hear the play they're going to go for.it on fourth down buddy that's more than.a yard too.this crowd doesn't bother Oregon though.they're used.[Applause].some employees that is man over the tip.side.sniped outside nobody's payin attention.to it and he almost scored.great play-action fit bake Borgen here.he's going to sneak out of thee off the.line of scrimmage here and Clemens does.a nice job with a fake and then.delivering a catchable ball he knew he.just missed a touchdown on his last pass.he made sure on that one so Clemens.comes up with the key completion in its.first down and go Oregon at the Michigan.four yard line they stepped in he played.Sun last year but he succeeded with no.rights for here.[Music].[Applause].I had his deck that just combated gonna.give him the loss I think on the play as.Larry Stephens the senior defensive end.makes the hit on him Stevens was heavily.recruited by Oregon when he was in high.school up in Tacoma Washington.he chose Michigan and you know Stevens.and his mates are not used to having a.team drive the field at least not this.year this is the 15th play of this Drive.coming up and already the Ducks have.eaten up just about half of this first.quarter the wait a second down and goal.the ball of Mark back on the ship yard.line.let's see if this favor the line.coming back as the blocking back in.women.[Applause].Marcus Curie was the man who helped keep.him out of the endzone and hurry at 182.pounds is taking on a 268 pounder but.ferry got a little help at the last.moment and kept him out of there another.great job by Tim de to make the catch.and the Mille needs to get to the end.zone takes a shot there takes another.one takes three takes four shots and.sets the Ducks up inside the one they.need about a foot and a half.[Applause].that's easy money.[Applause].asking touchdown.third down.[Applause].I think they did get it going before he.hit the ground and he reached the ball.out and looked like he clip broke the.plane with the ball that is clearly a.touchdown and the Ducks get robbed at.home oh that's an alarm speaking watch.this follow he's not down the balls.across the plane that's a touchdown yeah.you're right it is they're going to go.for it.they'll eat about six inches yeah.quarterback sneak is an excellent call.here.him Dave are people my goodness.[Applause].now does this change the fume the Siegel.come in for a field goal drive that was.equal ascent Keith and it's important.obviously to get points on the board and.not worry about the fact that referees.the officials denied you a touchdown.Garrett's Eagle has had a very.successful career 30 out of 40 he's a.junior out of Sacramento Jason Fife the.quarterback is the holder.[Applause].[Laughter].[Applause].the block was by Marlon Jackson so the.garlic and ducks are knocking on the.door that tiny in who's then lose a.chance to stick it in the endzone have.to try to get down the field Michigan.bucks the field goal try and LeSueur.goes the other way for the touchdown.Wow.great job by Marlon Jackson jumping.through a gap between the Titan and the.wingman and then this smothering this.ball off the foot of Jared Siegel Adam.Finley dubbed the place-kicking and.today will also cut for the Wolverine.[Applause].Gutierrez is the holder visa California.[Applause].sixteen is holding.[Applause].that is a very unusual beginning not.only does Oregon have its pocket pick.and the question is whether its heart.was broken and now the Wolverines come.down and miss an extra point delayed six.nothing.[Music].an incredible turnaround.faith in this first quarter boy van Berg.will kick it off for Michigan he only.weighs 106 to 6 pounds but obviously he.gets pretty good velocity in here come.turn by just Infiniti who is a.quarterback and Tennessee will get it.out to about the 18 yard line.it is Michigan six and Oregon nothing.and the crowd is stunned.and Michigan leads at six nothing here.in the first quarter our Nissan Drive.summary will show you just what a.shocking turn of events that was for.Oregon 17 play Drive nine minutes and 18.seconds of offense and nothing to show.for.now the question is can they.psychologically bounce back there's a.very good question.Chris Vincent steps in at tailback he.started there and the quarterback.remains the starter Kellen Clemens.[Applause].picked ITIN had just moved over to the.right side.[Applause].our clothes and.on a safe hallway and Vincent was in the.territory but the passcode incomplete.yeah.Wolverines did a great job of smelling.out that screen pass that Clemens wanted.to throw the defensive line just.filtered down the line of scrimmage and.the heads up by Clemens realizing it and.just throwing that ball away this is a.complete Michigan football team peep.offense defense and special teams what a.great special teams play that was by.Marlon Jackson and Jeremy lisore.[Applause].but offensive and the Wolverines will.give him yard and that's all and it's a.grudging one that pierre woods junior at.a Cleveland number 99 making the hip or.number 22 Chris pencil you see the.Wolverines are shuttling in and out.their defensive line keeping them fresh.early in this game again I was a nine.minute drive that Oregon had that might.have worn out some of the bigger guys.one of the great strengths of the.Michigan team is where I sit is the.number of people that quality that got.played they can rotate people who lose.nothing.fabrics we play.making the catch.at the 34-yard line it is Kevin Taylor.give them a first down that's the.33-yard line.[Music].[Applause].the sideline.you've got the chain gang and everybody.involved there for a moment and it looks.like everybody's going to get up and.walk away all right and everything but a.penalty flag obviously these duck fans.we're looking for but when they check it.out the replay board given to the.officials one more.the quick to Mike Bilotti he's being.told that Oregon had a wide receiver in.that mix was blocking on a defensive.back and that might have added to the.collision on the sidelines second down.and.[Applause].Clemens quickly.consider the cutter and Samy.chains again so those quick shirt shots.being delivered by Kellen Clemens.continues to file up movement for them.the still this Michigan six to nothing.on the scoreboard at four minutes in 22.seconds to play in the first quarter.well if lemon Stein passes only to have.been incomplete we saw the one where he.threw away on the screen pass to.remember he missed a touchdown pass to.Sammy Parker earlier on that first drive.so he's a hot quarterback right now and.I like the way he's moving around in the.pocket buying extra time.[Applause].Michigan Cornish come right up on car.the fascist.the planet.onto the field from that side of the.field the sewer was covering Demetrius.Williams that may be where the.infraction occurred the field judge.threw the play that's a good idea that.covered Demetrius Williams he had three.touchdown receptions last week against.Arizona as Sammy Parker was injured.early in that game.this is sent this is Demetrius Williams.number six from De La Salle High School.and conquered melody not on Jeremy loose.or on another receiver in the area Curry.on Parker I think was worth it might.have been just a pickup golf pick one.yeah you better stay close to Sammy.Parker he runs the hundred meters in.10.1 a world class.all is just inside the 45 yard line.automatic first down.[Applause].the ground what's this Vincent right at.the line of scrimmage maybe even what.happy yard loss on the play I'll tell.you one thing there is no room in the.middle now and this man Chris Perry is.wondering hey when do I get to play I'm.a Heisman Trophy get it look what I did.last week these records are still.cleaned up you go to the second quarter.he'll be almost 50 you know I hated this.when I was a player Keith when the other.team just took the ball and and kept it.away from this year and come out of.locker room you're all warmed up you're.all hyped up you're ready to roll you.know what place we want to run and here.you sit in the shade I've never seen.that I don't think we're three minutes.to go in the quarter.have no section yet they'll eat the game.six to nothing nothing there either they.go to fight head on it who has come back.in at tailback then he's hit right at.the line of scrimmage with Irish Stevens.right there.yeah I Larry Steve Stevens is their pass.rush specialist but he's shown a couple.of times in this first quarter that he.can play the run extremely well he's a.character strange to see it.defensive anywhere number thirteen but.he was a linebacker earlier in his.career great pass rusher with the.typical pass rusher personality third.down and ten.[Applause].brought the 45.[Applause].look for the past.women steps away clothes on.to the receiver again he had Parker.beginning to break clean be to put a.lotta air under it and let Simon track.it that might have been six but the.pressure was all over him and he got rid.of him and no question in Jim Herman.wanted to put pressure on Clements can't.give him time to find these speedy.receivers Marcus curry is back to.receive the punt of Paul Martinez and he.takes it about the 13 goes down.fifteen Kellan Taylor on special teams.down to make the play on him it was a 31.yard punt and a three yard return.we finally get to do the Michigan.offensive starting lineup.as the team captain started at the.subfloor he's at.but he holds two records now for.completions attempts and yards and.here's his first snap to the ball game.with Chris Perry the deep back.the bar stands up the throat of the.sidelines and it's a little too high for.Braylon Edwards the Outback Steakhouse.starting lineup backs and receivers sail.back Chris Perry has started the season.like a rocket averaging right at 7 yards.on ad carries in three games he's also. 10 passes and the man you saw.there reaching for the ball wide out.Raylan Edwards has 13 catches but here's.the reason that Chris Perry has run so.well and so far 300 pounders tackled the.tackle and a season.[Applause].goes to ferry and he escapes around a.bit and finds daylight and gets across.the 22 the 21 Harley Tucker gonna tackle.the Oregon defensive front lost tackle.not a-- to a knee injury the people.though have played well without him and.today it's michigan depth that may.present the problem and lack of depth on.the part of Oregon's linebackers always.fly around senior Kevin Mitchell ISM the.secondary they were battered last year.but they're a little bit bigger this.year some people have been moved and.they're determining Steve Bushkin agenda.he's excited.but he missed him.Jason Avant was running free and Navarre.overthrew it you know Keith that's.almost a product of work and having the.ball so much in that first quarter it's.been about a half hour since John.Navarre is throwing a pass under rhythm.in pregame warm-ups so you can see his.first two passes a little bit high.perhaps heads works should have had the.first one that second one was way to go.too far.Adam Finley.in the front.run it for Oregon Finley gets a lot of.air under the ball he forces a lot of.fair technique like that.the Oregon will receive the ball and.take over first down at the 41 though.the Ducks get good field position for.this possession and their 40 yard line.and they go with Chris Vincent as the.deep pack he's got it bounces around.looking.there isn't up the middle Familia he's.running in the cellar against this.Michigan defensive front so far Carl dig.is on that tackle this is unusual first.quarter for our Pacific Life game.summary Kellen Clemens with an American.bold the go to the one-yard line.Marlon Jackson with the block Jeremy.laforce 78 yards.Finley's wide right 6-nothing michigan.you just sent equipment to about me.about me fired right.second down and ten.Clemens with a little time gets you past.completed he's got two minutes Eric's.white-haired the tailback he's on the.Michigan side of the field.at the 41-yard line earnings days are.the taco organs one of the best teams in.the country at screen passes they have a.wide variety and andy ludwig offensive.coordinator calls the right one this.time because after whitehead comes over.here there is nobody in the secondary.that has him good job up front by the.line sites with a shield block there and.then white heads across midfield great.until position continues for Pilates.ducks 41 yard line first down for oregon.[Applause].short fast dr. Williams and as he wanted.to cut back to the inside he falls down.and we have played a quarter in Michigan.has hardly seen the ball but they lead.six to nothing.this is mind-boggling but it's the truth.Julie recorded legally Michigan had.three offensive plays in the first.quarter gained five yards unbelievable.turn around and left in the ballgame.they've got two sticks and the Ducks.have got the second down now.and seven for Oregon they're still.looking to run it as Whitehead will pick.up a couple yards down most of the 35.yard line well man who is going to make.a huge difference in that UCLA football.team.[Applause].inside the 20.[Applause].Jackson he gets he just will never know.how tough and how great that throw was.by Kellen Clemens.running literally for his life three.Wolverines in his face and he's running.away from the line of scrimmage at that.angle and he puts this ball on a line I.thought that Gorton Reece was reaching.for his flag the referee as he looked at.the Argonne offensive lineman tried to.hold off one of the defenders but he.didn't pull it bad job of Holden.first down at the 19-yard line.that today the tight end.ball was thrown behind him.it was Lea Broten Nate Lea fronting that.a double tied in in there and the ball.was a little behind him here Scott.Harris well Keith the Michigan sideline.is in the shade right now but Lloyd Carr.was livid he was hot given the officials.all they can handle because it happened.right in from that home they got away.with meanwhile John the Bart who's only.been in before place is sitting on the.sidelines and is about 10 degrees cooler.on this side at the new Oregon bench so.it's really chilly I'm surprised don't.have him up and throwing play till.November.second down and ten.[Applause].scorn against the Wolverines.in the first.and only the sixteenth points.but Whitehead on a trap up the middle.behind Dan Weaver the center.and the first time ever that Oregon has.scored on Michigan I wasn't going to.mention that key.firstly games.get out the kick Dorgan believe Jared.Siegel.the first pass.Oregon's seven.[Applause].[Music].cardigans Garrett sigil will get.he's waiting watching his drifting.coming up to the 20.couple of things to look at on this.touchdown this is a wide receiver and.he's going to come around this side that.affects Michigan and then the block in.the middle by Center Dan Weaver and.Terrence Whitehead will go 19 yards.literally untouched right through the.heart of the Michigan defense.then Weber incidentally was a walk-on.he's a graduating senior.[Applause].20 yard line for Michigan.Navarre.Michigan insurer would like to pound.away on the Oregon defender for a while.and wear them down some.CIE brings down.[Music].oddly.[Applause].[Music].from his defensive tackle spot because.of the play of junior Seavey.not as out for the seasons of the Ducks.guys.[Applause].jr. Cynthia Chris Ala Moana.for the player.no person gets hit just as he throws and.the fascists completed the brayla.Network and that bridge has got a big.play for the Wolverines to put it on the.Oregon's 49 yard line but that was a.great job of John debar hanging in and.hanging into the pocket here and.searching for Edwards Edwards is on a.crossing route he's got to clear the.linebacker right there and now watch.this effort by Edwards to keep his.balance and almost go all the way if.Tennessee doesn't show up there.Michigan's in the end zone they're going.to mark it inside the 48 where he went.out of bounds and it's first down for.the Wolverines this is their first.offensive thrust of the ballgame only.the second time they've had it.that's Western in motion.the outside the rest in here is less.pigs to be very much like end to being.Carter you've got to see a lot of this.young fella during the course of the.season he's a sophomore I don't know.about it Pennsylvania already made his.presence felt on the punt return team.he's only 6 1 and 175.so the private line about that 175 but.he has explosive speed and very little.hesitation in this game.[Music].back into the traffic.and we'll get a couple the yard he.talked about this offensive line being.the straight.Wolverine ballclub david Basit left.guard and Tony pate.especially at Dave Pearson.here's been so effective.top of the screen single back.organ blitzing get some heat on him.missed his man he had him open Kevin.Mitchell looping from the outside got in.his face and he missed this passive its.fourth down yeah it's a well-designed.blitz by Nick Aliotti he brought the.linebacker Mitchell but he also brought.the strong safety fluid here is Mitchell.here.these feet belong to Lewis watch this.Mitchell goes up the field Lewis will.come underneath and that forced Navarre.to miss and wide open tight in family in.for a second but out of that 39 yards on.his first win.[Applause].just goes totally arrived yeah of.equipment to the man snapping at work.life well it hit Scott McClintock in the.Netscape he is the personal protector.and the snap by Doug Ross man here watch.this.I've seen it all now where they trying.to snap it to him and and run for it.maybe it was the first trick play of the.day well it has certainly appeared that.Finley was trying to attract the.attention of Oregon by jumping in the.air giving them the look that the ball.is snapped over his head but man just.snapped that ball way too hard off the.helmet of Scott makuta Jason Fife comes.into the ballgame now for his first.appearance of the day at quarterback and.Oregon has called a timeout at least.they're being charged with it maybe they.didn't have the right combination of.people we've had some freaky things.happen so don't go away.[Music].let's go back to the fake punt that went.arrived this is Thompson right here.number 35 watch he was going to go out.here in block they had a nice hole for.the full-back McClintock the personal.protector to run through but Ross man.just snapped that ball way too hard off.the side of the very famous Wolverine.helmet it happened too quick it was hard.from the side view to tell whether it.was a mistake of whether it was intended.because this Wham hit him right between.the eyes.special teams one great play for the.Wolverines and one disastrous one.perhaps well you can call all the play.it was a perfect play call yep it would.work but you got to execute it and.sometimes the two don't always go.together and that Jason 5 was the.quarterback for Gannon and what he.brings his senior leadership and he will.run the hurry up or the no huddle.offense rather and perhaps they'll do it.with this field that would be wise to do.especially when you consider that.Michigan.for over 15 minutes in this game already.now we're told that Oregon is not.charged with that turn up.[Applause].as he crashes down at about the 46 yard.line.Jason pipes a big guy six for 222 pounds.and they're going with a no-huddle.offense here trying to catch Michigan in.a disorganized circumstance but the.thinks along getting the play called.Michigan's defense is all set now there.show blitz and five back they're looking.to put some heat oh he throw is.perfectly on target for ten days.[Applause].to the 15-yard line.save the touchdown boy that ship no.hesitation adjacent life's game as he.got back quickly and let this ball go to.his tie it in.tim day now three catches 57 yards.little corner out that's the matchup.mortgage looking for get their tight.ends on their linebackers in michigan.all the writers wrote about and all the.people talked about worse and a partner.sammy Parker but it's ten day has been.the big target for the Oregon for.tobacco farmer found of the fifteen.see our yellow at Autzen Stadium Negro.with joy as fat enters into the corner.this is what he brings to the team he.changes the tempo he's got senior.experience in this offense and he was.originally one of the better option.quarterbacks that organ recruited say.goal for the point five whole ship.three days 49 yards 42 seconds.[Applause].you're watching ABC Sports Championships.televisions Oregon 14 Michigan 6.stunning numbers to ponder.and so is the scoreboard 14 to 6 Oregon.with 10 minutes to go in the first half.and it could be twenty one sip.[Applause].Michigan gets the ball out in 35 yard.lines well that's a big mistake by.Siegel trying probably to hit it too.hard.a bad kick.that it gives Michigan.this possession.the ballgame.[Applause].people moving everywhere and Navarre.covers it.he better cover it because he dropped it.right now the Wolverines will generate.their just out of sync.Dave Pearson that's why the bar had.trouble.everybody else was moving but the ball.and there's a loss to the yard on the.[Music].the receiver to the bottom of the.picture.[Applause].and it's a very good.his plays on the backside he's the.senior linebacker and the leader of that.group.yeah he's the leading tackler for Oregon.they call him the mini backer because.he's only 511 nothing more like five.nine but he's a great open field tackle.or as he showed that time if he doesn't.make that tackle Harry has a lot of room.down the sideline and the ball is back.now.we're down at 16.the family.in the back of the quarter.younger brother-in-law.a year ago at Washington State and Devon.lon picks up his fourth back of the year.defensive men with the motors of his.older brother Ryan number 92 working.against Tony pate with a great move to.the inside splits the blocker Matt Lynch.couldn't get over there and that's his.reward the quarterback sack for Devon.long.repeat cake who'd be the good one.[Applause].out of there by Phegley Goodwin.[Applause].the boys been very good at returning.punts they've had people like.but the trademark return has always been.the middle return as they executed.perfectly that time 61-yard.[Applause].he kept expecting.and at 7:52 go on the first stab.[Applause].Michigan and six national teams knows.Robin Roth said that Stephen Moore is.our returner he has know Keenan Howry.but he catches the ball well and that's.most important and he's fearless to run.right up the middle of his days coverage.team you have to be fearless and the.lower body strength those strong thick.thighs pulled him out of that tackle and.then he's got nobody in front of him to.the end zone.I guess the question of whether Oregon.can bounce back psychologically from the.Kellen Clemens non touchdown on that.first drive has been answered this hit.but at the time it was a legitimate.question so this was a moment of serious.denial.[Music].special teams play we've seen three.already four actually in this game.contributed to this wacky first-half.they missed extra point.a botch fake.and then the great country turned by.Steven war.[Applause].[Music].our endless sewer would be back there to.receive the kickoff from the Oregon.Ducks as they're flying pretty high on.their sideline right now.[Applause].he's jerked that amount and it comes out.to the 35-yard line.and Keith Jarrett seagulls doing a good.job at taking this great crowd out of.the game with those kickoffs so you can.see the difference here this is the big.house Michigan Stadium and then you come.to the nuthouse.Watson Stadium half the size but every.bit the energy and excitement and noise.these cratis crowd is very very close to.the field but Oregon was at the end of.the journey West.so fertilize it it'll grow.2:35.quickly close to Edwards and Edwards got.a little we've got sitting at the.40-yard line that's a quick pin dump of.five maybe six yards now Michigan knows.that Oregon recently has had real.trouble.guarding fleet tall wide receivers such.as Braylon Edwards Edwards is a sub 11.second guy the 100 meters and each.should be a big target for the bar.if you can eat something.dyspepsia right now.all attended the peri-peri crashed.and a long tour and he's hit by very.Mexican taken down after a yard.[Music].big third down play coming up for.Michigan and doesn't this crowd know it.we've got a double tight in Tim.Massaquoi in there.at the other one perform for Michigan so.they're gonna call timeout and make sure.on this third down conversion try third.down the long three coming up for the.Wolverines with Oregon leading 21 the.six.[Music].now time for the Aflac trivia question.and this week which coaches share the.record for the most Rose Bowl game.victories.that wasn't me folks.I want that we got.Lavar all day to throw and.at Oregon secondary doing a great job at.taking away new VARs primary receiver.forcing him to wait and wait and wait.then the pressure comes and he's got.nothing down the field all three of the.wide receivers on one side of the field.the Ducks are in a combination coverage.and you can see that's as good as Oregon.can possibly do and it doesn't a long.time covering three fast wide receiver.and that brings up another Michigan punt.with Adam Finley on waiting as Steven.Moore.at 61 yards for a touchdown.[Applause].it gives away.fair catch called up to 26.[Applause].the first half all of them yep.Jason five-second.and this ball away.jumps all over into a yard lost one of.the things you notice about that.defensive front when when they come and.they get you you usually a short of the.line of scrimmage the quickness in their.size and combination.it's almost unstoppable and get you on.your heels make you pay.that gave Watson at 3:37 right here.just being off the field here.and he had his man to the receiver had.broken off the pattern Sammy Parker had.come inside and he was available.[Applause].this is an important defensive stand and.series for Michigan Oregon is backed up.in bad field position Lisa for this.first half think of course a punt after.this play they'll give their offense a.chance with good field position about.cooking along.six minutes to go in the first half 21.to ship Florida.third down 11.quickly pass has completed but it's well.short of the first down the Kellerman.taylor taylor sliding is he made the.catch and that leads him through yards.short four yard short that's two poor.passes by five in a row.Miss Parker on the previous plan then.that one was thrown so far behind Taylor.he was unable to keep his feet and pick.up the first down.go into punt he is Paul Martinez and mr..excitement is waiting to receive it.speed buster.[Music].[Applause].can force to leave.and it's gonna roll dead inside the five.yard.that's an incredibly successful band.foot it's just a matter of perception.here Keith that ball hit the ground at.about the 32 it ends up on the 230 role.Young's that's roll.goodness the God the football gods were.in the yellow and green which cultures.share the record for the most Rose Bowl.game victories the Aflac trivia question.and the answer is John Mackay Southern.California and his predecessor by some.years.also.the tailback.from the tea the Ducks form over.hysteria and stopped in just about the.line of scrimmage baby oh yard.yeah the amazing thing about Mike.Bellotti is as you look at this graphic.it's in his ninth season here at Oregon.and all the other packs head coaches.three years or less you look at Dirk.cutter at Jeff Tedford former.coordinators here under Mike Bellotti.Perry's carrot six times.[Applause].it's the FAFSA way it is caught by.Braylon Edwards up around the school.even more good job all the way around by.Navarre and Edwards and the coverage by.Moore he knows that Edwards can fly he.was laying off him about six yards let.him catch the ball and then closed in a.hurry and made a sure tackle Weston goes.back in.[Applause].they're together.[Applause].gets quicker gets the boiled off ball.fork and he's got just enough it was the.strength of six foot three 210 pound.Edwards against five nine 180 more about.Nick Aliotti defense coordinator is.going to bring pressure watch this is.from Keith Lewis and watch who picks him.up and allows Navarre to have the time.to make this completion that's Chris.Perry with an outstanding block on Lewis.taking his legs out and eliminating him.as a factor.got the first down over at the 15-yard.line.it was intended from Reston and that.maybe an inexperienced to move there by.Breaston that's that bubble screen where.he's got a wide receivers going to block.for him but he put one hand up for this.ball and almost popped it up in the air.where finis E if he was a more aware.might have picked it off and walked into.the end zone.very dangerous play 315 and out of play.Victor two-year in the first half.[Music].[Applause].this is fish period going to the outside.cutting back to the tonight team to it.and the Oregon defense pursuing.yeah how about that.that newspaper man sat on it for two.years.third down and seven.pressure steps away from it plays into.the middle of the field the pass.intended the message boy that tied in.and victim cannot come down with it as.Mitchell and Matson pinched him knocked.it away and Massaquoi has had a little.bit of trouble this afternoon in fact.the VARs had trouble finding anybody but.Braylon Edwards to catch his passes five.completions for Navarre out of 11 four.of them have gone to Edwards walk down.on another front and this is the fourth.of the ball game.the way.a tight spiral.did not fair catch it and was.immediately taken down the halo rule is.gone now remember this year just give.him a chance to catch it and then you.can whack it I don't see a cloud and.that's rare no no no not this time of.year Keith football time here it's.always sunny here in Eugene right.Clemens is back to the quarterback.[Applause].this and five had his chief possession.cebollas hampered the fight.[Applause].first time.mr. Shaye's or makes the tuckle a good.run by whitehead an unusual first half.to say the least.Marlon Jackson with the black field goal.that Jeremy LeSueur goes 78 yards.Terrence Whitehead on this 19 yard.how about Jason.the option played from 15 yards out and.then Steve.this chicken.those 61 yards 21-6 ducks.and first down Michigan 45.the first.[Applause].she's outside spin.flying in his wake from the referee that.might very well be a hole at least the.plot in the back oh not many penalty.flags in the ballgame that's what the.second one is the second flag yeah and.that's something that Oregon has had.problems with penalties way too many of.them.the lottery knows to beat Michigan you.have to play a perfect game offense ten.yards from the previous spot still first.down put it on the 35 yard line after.the hole call we give you the other.fischels if the can while we get a.moment here at Gordon release we told.you the referee out Renato the umpire.Jim Randy is the head linesman Mike.battlin is the line judge Brad Glenside.judge field judge McGill 'christ.and Terry Wilson is your backyard pac-10.[Applause].me too Clinton's rolls out and throws.complete to Leah Brunton Nathan you.brought in the sophomore out of Bend.Oregon that's your neighborhood then.yeah his first catch of the year and a.pretty good one again Clemons showing.his arm strength and mobility as he.rolls away from this great fake to.Whitehead that pulled Michigan off the.tight end Leah Broughton but again he's.running away from the line of scrimmage.and still able to get enough on the ball.to get the completion there is Stephen.Drew the big guy chasing him.[Applause].[Music].Whitehead he's a sophomore out of Los.Angeles and last year as a freshman.running behind Onterrio Smith I thought.it became quite clear he was the heir.apparent but others have surfaced here.and what you really have going at.tailback for Oregon is a four-man.quartet yeah with Vincent you've got a.bigger back who's got power Whitehead.gives you the shiftiness and the moves.and Washington has a little bit of a.combination of the two and so is Shaw so.none of the forest really separated.themselves although whiteheads touchdown.looks pretty good right now.[Applause].and it looked like changed or might very.well have done the hand on it deflected.him now's a great play by earnest chaser.as if he is a six inches farther towards.this ball he picks it off and scores.it's a quick style there is chaser right.there watch he reads the eyes and can.fairly get his hand on that ball he's a.big safety in 64 almost got a pick in.the punter now Martinez his third of the.day.[Applause].the corner found a hit.it's into the endzone for he almost had.that thing in coffin corner I won but.now I worked on Harris well Keith Autzen.Stadium versus Dan likes to call it the.nuthouse is a tale of two stadiums when.the Ducks have the ball it's quite.enough to sing hail to the victors of.the 50-yard line and you can actually.actually hear yourself but when the.Ducks are on defense and Michigan has it.is absolutely deafening down here the.difference being the stadium the big.house is the sound doesn't go anywhere.it seems to be right on top and talking.to the coaches before the game maybe.were mostly concerned with the noise and.the crown on the field Keith's pods.travelling Expo is back with us today is.in the becoming the second half and make.sure that you turn on your recorders we.don't want to miss.somebody doesn't miss.eBay tomorrow.to think.[Applause].incomplete forward pass.Milton Perry had no question about that.keep the only question did Perry have.position of the ball the officials say.no no replay so no played in a complete.fast but this is a heck of the hit by.Kevin Mitchell right here it's got Perry.man-for-man he breaks on it fast.that's close close Igor Ocean ski from.st. Ignatius high school pounces on that.ball into Mitchell the big play.he's from the Ukraine via chanting.facial size.second down and ten.seconds to go in the first half Chris.Perry friended get outside and his legs.are taken away by Stephen Moore who has.had a big first BAP at quarterback for.Oregon now Nick Aliotti has got to be.Nick's got to be happy with the work of.his troops here in the first half yeah I.would I would think Keith he's been.under a lot of fire last year but he.sticks to his guns he knows that his.players appreciate the job that he.doesn't in it he has an attacking style.he's gonna put eight nine men up in the.box he's gonna force you to throw the.ball he's gonna live with the results it.is an Armageddon timeout.39 for Michigan after 21 crowd comes up.Oh Chris Perry that first guy is Keith.Lewis number 16 a strong safety organ.calls timeout with 18 seconds to go.watch for them to try now to put.pressure on the punter Adam Finley and.watch number 16 Keith Lewis.he has blocked seven kicks in his career.here at Oregon.[Music].heaven I remember Jared Siegel has a.career-best of 59 yards that's what the.Ducks are thinking now three more points.on the board.[Applause].at the first pass.it's even more.[Applause].the front is very short that takes a.trendy bounce for Michigan and more.isn't gonna mess with it he's gonna let.her.rolled well down to about the 38 yard.line.and so with five seconds to play I don't.think a cannon would get it over the.crossbar.now that fortunate role we've seen.Martinez get a good role for Oregon and.now Finley gets a big role and that.takes any thought of a field goal out of.the equation but it's always a chance.for that old Hail Mary play well.remember now that half will not end on a.defensive penalty yeah Oregon's just.going to kneel down go to the locker.room be thankful and happy Michigan they.got to go to a locker room and get to.work I don't think I would want to get.through here.to make it mad there's the need time.runs out.Spanish first half will play here it's.Oregon 21 and Michigan six and here is.Mike Bellotti with Todd Harris.well coach you've got to be happy the.way to rebounded after that great Drive.and then come up empty yeah I'm fun.pleased that could take some wind out of.your sails when you do what we did and.then give up a touchdown on a block late.but again I'm happy both sides the ball.really contributed back offense defense.and special teams only a half though.there's a lot of game left everyone.seems to be executed and you got the.nuthouse into the game well yeah we.talked about getting our fans into it.and let them cut it loose a little bit.they're doing a great job all right.Thank You coach in second out Keith all.right Todd thanks very much.so at 21 to 6 there in the clubhouse.Oregon leading coming up next the.Valvoline halftime show the Times Square.Stadium.[Music].as startling as the halftime score is.the game stats are even more so Pacific.Life game summary what a difference one.week makes last week against Notre Dame.total dominance by the Wolverines in.every category especially the final one.the 38 nothing but this week against.Oregon it's been all Oregon and you look.at the bottom nope almost two thirds of.the first half Oregon was on offense now.the question I have that sir is keep.Michigan out of their rhythm.well they were never able to get in any.type of rhythm on offense or on defense.Oregon had him off-balance on both sides.of the ball and then when we factor in.the special teams with the miscues and.the great punt return Oregon has made.the perfect first half question is can.they do it in the second their history.is strong first sometimes not so strong.second we'll see meantime here's Todd.Harris with coach lured carp.so was the noise and knots and.everything you thought it would be.well it's significant and we knew that.coming in here would you tell the guys.at halftime bounce back and get missile.we've got plenty of time we've got a.do a better job of offensive when they.running the football.we didn't protect the passer very well.we drop some better but we've gotta.settle down and play thirty minutes of.football we've got plenty of time.Thanks.Jared sigil kicking off yeah that was.one of those boots punts and it really.confused the return team and also took.them out of you know we just talked.about rhythm well a kickoff return team.has a certain rhythm and with that short.kick off by Siegel that took the.Wolverines.everything they could do to just hang on.to that signal was dispatched out here.to do some extra work after hoping to.kick off of.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].here Michigan now.the second half 21 to switch Oregon's.Johnny Navarre.dr. Freud standing at the prow.incomplete it was intended for Chris.Perry coming out of the backfield David.Martin ran into the play and as shake.his head a little when he got up because.he took the whack the bar coming off his.tight end look at Massaquoi in the.middle here running free but when it the.bar goes to look to him for some reason.doesn't.steady fine.[Applause].Edwards is the man.shocked at the 10-yard.we're near the quill that was just in.fantasy coming off the corner.Tennessee with his second sack of the.season it's a corner blitz and you have.gotten to have great speed to be able to.pull this off.Michigan's not ready to pick up the.corner nobody there to pick up Fennessy.Infiniti has a struggle with the big.John the bar at six six to a 35 but he.gets him down.for Michigan.Stadium.[Applause].let's it go to Edward ZENIT's run a.little behind him man incomplete Marley.Tucker was covering home the play.perfect pass works that that was not a.perfect fence you know what he might beg.to differ with you that to me was a.perfect pass for some reason Edwards.only put one hand up to catch the ball.the ball was right out in front of him.Navarre throws a hard ball but you gotta.throw it hard especially across the.middle there was better than I thought.yeah I think that Marlee Tucker may have.been pulling on that other arm and.that's why Edwards couldn't get two.hands on the ball but we'll be inside.the five full Findlay.[Applause].and it's a bad kick.morning.so that's a 29-yard functions and my.glottis two quarterback system continues.to work you can see the numbers there.the big one down here for both of them.no interceptions in three and a half.ballgame so far this year and great.field position for the lucky quarterback.that comes out first Kellen Clemens big.opportunity here the ball is on the 41.yard line up michigan for their first.snap of the second half.Oh sick.[Applause].Vincent and then took the bigger of the.tailbacks will wiggle around and pick up.a couple of three yards as treasurer.makes the tackle for the Wolverine.Heiser is such a good tackler along with.Marla Jackson at the safety position.they come up crowd the box and what.they're looking for is that cutback run.that time Vincent refused to go where.the ball was originally designed to be.run cut back in there with Shay's er and.he lost two yards second and 12.that's the stack and goes inside the 30.to the 34 and so Vincent redeems himself.a bit there.turns into Gudrun eight first trip to.Oregon Floyd fire the Wolverines you can.see that the Big Ten has had problems.when they come to the west coast to play.the facts in but I'm sure if you look at.the we look at the other way around that.the pac-10 has probably struggled just.as much they've gone back to Big Ten.country yes they have.[Applause].Michigan losing to Washington and.women's.[Applause].50 stands of the mentally might.you know sewer makes the tackle.Clemens was real tempted to take off.runnin wasn't he the others will see it.anxiousness to to get out of the pocket.his first guy is not open there he sees.the pressure coming but that is a sign.of a quarterback that is maturing first.job to throw the ball second job is to.get out of the pocket and run but when.you've got these fast quick receivers as.he has to work with that's a good choice.Paul is just inside the 20 it's first.down Oregon.[Applause].no hole there this time just bury him.I'm not sure he gained the yard they.haven't had a lot of success in the.middle of the Michigan defense except.for whiteheads touchdown run which came.on a similar play as that one Michigan.ignored the wide receiver on the end.around finger Whitehead is back in now.at the tailback position as Vincent.leaves and he has a single back in this.formation.they've got three receivers up there at.the top of the formation and Winslow.incomplete Williams running for the.corner and Kellen Clemens did not get.the ball where he could catch it but he.actually had him available that's a hard.pass what the angle is difficult the the.receiver is running away from you at it.and a difficult angle you your margin.for error is about a yard that time he.was off by two or three third down.coming up now for the Ducks.all is on the 19 yard line of Michigan.Parker.they're the quick ones.[Applause].laughter and he's got.way and he's outside the tackle he's.able to throw em in the vicinity of.Williams an eligible receiver and so he.saves a huge huge loss that would have.taken him out of field goal range or.really tested Jared Siegel Clemens lucky.to get this ball off great pressure by.the Wolverines lucky that Paul carrier.all the way to the line of scrimmage.so single is in now and this looks like.it'll be a 36 yarder the junior out of.Sacramento had his first time first try.today blocked resulted in the Michigan.touchdown.this one's on its way.[Applause].and it's Oregon 24 and Michigan 6.in the third quarter.[Music].the joint sniffing in Eugene Oregon as.the Ducks lead Michigan 24 to 6 here in.the third quarter of play the whole.world is yellow right now.siga will kick it off.we've been hooking it today you saw in.the start the second half.[Applause].rusted short notice to hash mark the far.side.but what did you do.[Applause].thirty Lesure for a moment had funnel.and he almost got to it brought down at.the 32 yard line minutes to go in the.third.points.to crank it up a bit now.that's eternity the passes away there.the holding Paul sending that there.back at the 30-yard line forget solving.cold.[Applause].[Music].well the way things are going right now.Michigan is helping Oregon.[Music].you have the interception back it's put.at the 33.[Applause].sorry the hold was on Ravi Valenzuela.who got great pressure on the bar.ignored the blaming you can ignore blame.fakes when you're up by 18.here's Edwards working against Stevie.Moore who's running to the pattern here.looks like Stevie Moore's running the.pattern he saw that play the whole way.that's getting into your PlayBook.preparing for your opponent and knowing.where Michigan wanted to attack the.Oregon defense great play by Steven.Warren his second one of the day.Moore's had four tackles an interception.and a 69 yard punt return for a.touchdown.[Applause].2:33 the Ducks go to work with.behind the line of scrimmage and drop.for a three-yard loss and Larry Stephen.that did most of the damage.and the states lost the marshal I guess.the biggest upset of the day they played.in the rain and mud Virginia Tech today.at him the other night.and Tennessee won a game at Florida.hallelujah.on second down and 12 Clemens ball is.going well too.[Applause].the 38-yard line.they've got to go to the 43 to get their.first down.[Music].did a great job again to get the ball.under arrest.watch the pressure from behind never.sees this pressure coming big number 99.his pierre woods and heat thrills the.quarterback but it's in too late for the.Wolverine Clemens throws a hard ball if.we've got good rotation on the but they.doesn't feel that hard but it it really.has carried zinger third down and six if.calling it.the penalty flag look out for this one.that's what's coming back you're gonna.go holding against Oregon.that's why Clements got away White has.had a big block for him but that's from.off.quarterback draw designed all the way.for Pilates offense there a number of.ducks it could have been called for.holding on this play son Adam Stites.holding on Pierre woods holding offense.10 yards for the spot of the foul still.third down number 74 is Stites there is.99 woods watch the right hand as.Clements breaks to the outside Woods.tries to go with them but that that will.get called every time spot a foul.penalty it'll be third down and 8 after.an 8 yard pickup at a 10 yard penalty.you know when you run a two quarterback.system you're more readily we'll call.him a quarterback draw or an option play.both these quarterbacks run very well.Clemens and.[Applause].third Nate.back house great job by Martinez curry.we saw Stephen Moore do the same thing.and intercept in the bar well curry read.that route to the post pattern was.coming and if that ball was better.thrown by Clemens it might have been.picked up but the ball was poorly thrown.low into the inside.Marcus Maxwell was the intended receiver.number 15 from Michigan that's questions.deeper than bull martinis standing back.at his 20 hit it around the 24 25 snaps.a little high but he gets it out.[Applause].makes it after 28 and gets punished at.about the 32 with Taylor.38-yard punt return.[Music].the tribe today a new auction stadium.record fifty nine thousand twenty three.they're keen.Vorenus to the attack from the 30 to the.bar steps up throws to the sidelines.going up to get it is Edwards and he's.got a first down.time for our dodge defensive playbook is.that corner blitz by just a Tennessee.but the key on this play is watch Devon.long he crashes to the inside as.finished he goes he's got too much speed.for the tackle to come off and try to.block him.Tennessee's second sack of the year.that's quite unusual for a cornerback.but that's the Nick Aliotti system.eight and a half minutes to go into.third.[Applause].Perry Kris Perry gets back into the.middle and Chris has a first down after.about a four yard second down after.about a four yard pickup.[Applause].the bars.and didn't complete the bar goes up the.slap it out of the reach of those big.linemen of Oregon CIB II was the man who.slept to the side big Junior 6-4 320.pounds and in two inches shorter than.John de far the Navarre has a low.delivery comes right off the shoulder.number of passes in his career knocked.down by defensive lineman heads up by.the Fargo.[Music].catch it and take a lot.[Applause].it says third down in five.but it's alone.the penalty for the bar is here the pass.is incomplete intended for oh and.it was old sense fear that planted the.Michigan quarterback.we talked about Igor Olshansky being a.converted defensive tackle here he is.right here.watch him get to the inside working.against the vent geminus that's a big.look for a big man and he punishes the.bar watch the bars head snap back and.hit the turf that hurts.and so the Wolverines will put again.this is number seven Finley.under this one they'll leave it alone.and it's bound around.after two so the ball hit softly on the.field turn didn't kick into the end zone.didn't kick it off.[Applause].he's almost second in the endzone wiggle.loose just enough to get out to about.the three and I'm sure my head was the.man giving him fits back there and had.his arms around him that may be one of.the better one yard or mill yard runs.you'll ever see a quarterback make some.about testing the patience and the time.he had to throw fairly got out of that.end zone.avoiding that sack Hemi Parker's off the.field and so is deleterious William.white head he's the tailback.he gets the ball.goodness he tripped and fell down just.when he had about a 45-yard opening and.might very well have picked up a first.down but he's tripped by Adam Schneider.the winds going around in fact if they.have to kick them here they're gonna.give Michigan very good field position.[Applause].clemont's frozen all competed the.whitehead.Wolverine's take him down at the 10 he's.short of the first down by two yards.this is what Michigan has in mind for.rushing the passer they have the ability.with their front four to get pressure on.the quarterback that allows them to drop.seven in the secondary makes it tough.for the quarterback to find a receiver.but to place in a road now for Clemens.knowing where the pressure is and get.rid of the ball or picking up yardage.fifth punt of the ball game now for.Martinez and he needs the kick of his.life right here.[Applause].not a particularly good fit.didn't pop forward inspected backed up.on him and it's it's going to be money.down at the 34-yard line.that was a 24-yard fund and Wendy talked.about Keith just killed that ball if.you're kicking into a win like that.two things one.you have it too tight spin.the more chance to give a great return.like Preston a chance to make a big play.he is however a freshman so cut him some.slack oh yes this in Michigan's best.starting position of the ball game.starting with possession at the Oregon.34.[Applause].to help the defense.he was going to put it up.the Hummer and it is caught by blazer.networks reach higher to get it and.we'll get it down on the ground at the.29 Matson the middle linebacker was with.him there great catch by Edwards and you.can see that Michigan has thrown the.ball because that's not a misprint then.1 yard rushing today remember there's.been a couple of sacks and that botch.fake punt will go down as a running play.so trouble for Chris Perry and the.Wolverines on the ground second down and.5.he looking left he throws it left and.the pass is complete on his knees it's.Jason Avant.we making the catch that's close to a.first down.it is Navarre now is completed eight.passes out of 20 throws six of them have.gone to Edwards that's the first one to.lay another wide receiver.for at the 23.what's.[Applause].Edwards over more but it doesn't work.that's not a bad idea.this Edwards at 6-3 is a high jumpers.those seven feet for the track team put.it up nice and soft like this and let.the athlete go up and get it but Stephen.Moore is having a career day number four.he gives away a bunch of inches at just.five foot nine he may came up with a big.play that time.second antenna.to the right side.Navarro's it's the other way.[Applause].on the other side the official across.the way called touchdown and they give.it to Jason Obama but I think they're.going to talk about it Keith because one.official is adamant who was not a.touchdown but I bought number eight.right here it's going to come across the.middle and then with great strength.Tennessee can't hold it no he can't he.had him at the five yard line.but look at this determination and Lake.Drive but he's out in he's down.[Applause].the guy across the way who couldn't.they saw the ball go across but it.didn't see the rest of the money and.he's the one who called the touchdown.show the Wolverines finally get a.touchdown at 4:03 to go in the third.quarter we might have a good one for the.finish.[Music].nine Burt.boy 9 Berg kicks off for the Michigan.Wolverines after their touchdown and he.knocks this one will back into the end.zone beyond the field of play the wind.is definitely helping carry the ball.left to right so Oregon comes up to the.20.now a 24-13 ballgame Ducks lead Michigan.took advantage of that 24 yard punt by.Martinez again great field position and.then threw the ball on every down to get.in the end zone.Jason Fife comes up now at quarterback.for Oregon his turn played well when he.was in.[Applause].Whitehead is the tailback.according at the right guard of Oregon.as having moved higher who's playing.with a rubber protection on his hand.pointing at Reynoso that ball offside.defense offside Michigan.lawyers really howling about it up to.the 25 for the first and five now for.the Ducks.I justify here.that's a 33-yard line.submiss reading play for the Ducks in a.long time it comes.just power this is type of power play.that Michigan likes to run as Reynoso is.the pulling guard behind in front of the.tailback here's Renault so coming here.watch also Luke rally get inside here.and give Whitehead a nice hole and he.bobbles breaks it loose 13 Karen's.59-yard touchdown for why did he cuts.back in the traffic then time and gets.pinned by Patrick Messi picked up on the.plays about three yards oregon going.with the no huddle which end very happy.with the way that Jason Fife executes.says that he's not hurry the play clock.will be following this map normal time.that is keeping Michigan.[Applause].here's the primitive life.Marcus Curie was.they both had their arms on each other.usually neck case it goes against the.defense that ball was a wounded duck by.five yeah he misjudged the strength of.the wind I think I think you're right.and he got the ball out of spiral goes.against Murray but the ball was so.poorly thrown look how far Parker was.behind curry but it's various left arm.on Parker's right arm they got to fly.bunch of reach out.[Applause].they're gone either way though.the penalty gives Oregon a first down.ball is just inside that the Michigan 49.yard line.the third course.[Applause].right gets his bass away.[Applause].but.he made the catch encouraged saying he.puts me.now to permit defensive warning for.Michigan's going to bring the pressure.on fight that vibes a senior he's been.in that position before the sparker get.away with the push here curry thought so.great concentration not only to catch.the ball but to know where his feet are.especially with the Sun bearing down on.him and his first down at the Michigan.24 the Ducks.[Applause].making the low and is ordering a never.answering Michigan score going with the.no-huddle offense keeping the.substitutions to a minimum for Michigan.and executing that pass protection that.time was beautiful for five he had all.day to find that receiver.[Applause].looking for the 10 in the first.[Applause].barold Diggs had ahold of him.right hand is strong is 207 pounds that.he puts it on the nine first and goal.Oregon has a great tackle by Dix because.if he doesn't bring down whitehead.that's another Oregon touchdown.[Applause].Marcus to the left.against curry.[Applause].and gets to the 6-pin up three yards.Lawrence Reid has had a big day today.for the Michigan defense made a lot of.time it's a big guy that got trying to.break down to my close about 225 as.we've seen very good at running the.option toward last week against Arizona.on a similar type of play the matrix.Williams goes out now the smaller man.Kelvin Taylor is in at six one.190.goes up to the right side.[Applause].and here's the pitch the right hair.after the 10 by Jeremy Lu sewer he had.no chance there were three Wolverines on.him and he used his head he knew he had.nothing there don't try to get something.out of that nothing that leads to a.disaster that's a smart play by.whitehead just going down.[Applause].so it's third and goal from the ten.Danny Parker.right here then they'll take you down.close to the 5-yard line put it on the.near hashmark it'll bring up fourth and.goal.and here comes Jared Siegel it's almost.as if Milani is going to play for the.field goal to give the Ducks a 14-point.lead here and also work on the clock as.I'm sure this ball will not be snapped.before the end of the quarter not only.that but he'll be kicking with the wind.at its back five going to the sidelines.and that's a dip off that they're going.to let the clock run off so we've done.three quarters of play where the Oregon.Ducks leading 24 213 and.where they can get some more.[Applause].24:13 or a Gooden ABC sports.presentations college football back.after this message manure from our ABC.stations.[Music].Sportback quarters you see Michigan.blocking the field.running from the touchdown led 6-nothing.then Oregon responded 21 points in the.second quarter and led 21 6 at halftime.and here's your field goal try now from.22 yards.[Applause].and they are turned away with no points.seagull.running the ball you wonder if Seagal.might have tipped it off by changing his.approach to the ball he moves at the.last second watch them right here moved.to the inside here trying to run the.play in.but not the speed.with three points and the 14 point.that's a terrible fall.that's too much of the risk against.seemed like Michigan.gust of wind now of Navarra stands and.throw is completely to Edwards and that.woods will have it out for a first down.at the 16 yard line you know the other.thing about that is they had the break.between the quarters to come up with.that play and you know the Michigan is.on the sidelines reminding their players.they're not going to come with an.all-out walk they're going to be looking.for the fake google in Oregon the block.the night of the 17th.[Music].told us that yesterday he's got this one.octave.as men the hunted today will think I'm.two yards block to protection man not a.bounds at the 31 yard line is Jason I.vomit and I Vox the man who hadn't the.touchdown and the far is really getting.in a rhythm now Michigan not running the.ball at all but they're putting it right.on John DeMars shoulders and he's.responding no hesitation that time at.all got back quickly got it out.touching up.at the fallback position and cook.back in the ball game.no pressure on him he gets it away the.patches completed to a farm again.and Oregon hasn't been able to handle.him very well lately Kevin Mitchell made.that tackle in its first down at the 47.[Applause].Michigan on the move.the bar dumps it off over the middle and.as a five yard gain for Edwards again.and he's looking for Edwards on every.play Keith Lewis made the tackle that's.not a bad idea to look for Edwards on.each play that he catches now for 82.yards but this doesn't look like.Michigan to me 11 straight passes for.Navarre and their movement in that.offensive line is controlling the line.of scrimmage and he's got time to throw.and it's the first time today.with authority.[Applause].that's where the ball is thrown.beep pattern Breaston over-the-shoulder.good day Anthony grunts was the man that.nailed the bar but the big guys shook it.off he's just shown great leadership in.performance watch the shot he sees.trucks coming all the way to trucks hits.him right on the chin but doesn't knock.them down look at this ball how good is.this.at the 27-yard line a first down for the.Wolverines.navarre gives this to ferry and Chris.Perry battles his way to the 25 picking.up two yards and includes so it'll be.second down and eight and now you look.at these two teams Oregon players have.got their hands on their hips that tells.me they're getting worn down this.defensive line has been rushing the.passer.be very very aware of Chris Perry.and they've just had taken safari off.now we look.ducks have 10 men on the field right now.yeah they had the to go off and one came.on so it's it's a tired group and they.need to rest.[Music].second down and seven from.the Sheraton completes the coverage by.Justin fantasy they've battled all day.and that time the ball was a fraction.high and Edwards had his hands on it but.couldn't reel it in the wind is very.gusty right now and this ball beginning.gets out of spiral and it's gonna float.on the bar.he's got Edwards Edwards has a touchdown.here.long enough and.so it is third down.Lavar looks down the middle looks to the.right goes to the right and that's.incomplete.time to pick and choose he went shopping.and he missed Edwards again but Edwards.by getting one hand up on that ball.prevented Oregon from picking it off.there were two duck defenders behind.Edwards but by going up high at six foot.three watch number one here and as this.ball comes in look at the two ducks.behind them if they pick it up they.might score Garant Revis is on the field.for Michigan to try a field goal from 42.yards into the wind.[Applause].Carrie cookie area.burned apart yeah they did or you talk.about a critical mistake.his career long is 43 yards this'll put.some better.now I might go to punished.and that's exactly what Lloyd Carr.thinking.kennel deep.but on the sidelines the offense is.gathering the bar right in the middle of.this huddle and here comes to Michigan.offense.on 4th and Twitter.quick please heaven.for either side..[Applause].by Edwards right in front of Tennessee.and it works for Michigan it wasn't a.trick play at all he just simply dropped.back looked for Edwards threw it - as he.couldn't defend it move the chain.great job buying the farm real Guddi.called by Lloyd Carr and Terry Malone.offensive coordinator there's trucks.again hitting the quarterback Edwards.bottling the ball hanging on picking up.a huge first down at the 14 of Oregon.[Applause].good the Edwards again.[Applause].the piece of a shirt coming off actually.and the helmet hits his headband that he.wears under his helmet and I will tell.you something about the ferocity of the.hip again the rhythm is therefore in the.bar five steps and let it go.[Applause].as he loses his headgear.maybe I could say.[Applause].Edwards is out of there right now.[Applause].[Music].second down.and seven for the Wolverines.[Applause].navarre looks left goes down the middle.[Music].beyond the field of play Jason Avant.well that was close now let's see just.how close good heart spiral by the bar a.bunch not about his feet.good position by the.official they're right on the spot.it is third now.him but they don't he goes the other way.Steve.[Applause].another michigan receiver on that.sidekick.[Applause].you know the wolverines did this in a.hurry there's over 11 minutes to go on.this in this quarter.how about 98 yards through the air.primarily and it doesn't hurt to get a.little bit lucky at times.between Tennessee and more rested gives.us first.Michigan's going for two.at the 2419 ball game.they hurt.look at what's coming back toward the.boil.we closed it toward.[Applause].Edwards is a big guy six three to ten.and he falls on the goal line just far.enough to get the call.and so it is now Oregon 24 and Michigan.21 crowd reacting they think that.Edwards knees may have been down before.he reached out.[Applause].Kevin Mitchell with the tackle but too.late as the far playing in the hot hand.leads Michigan back into this game I.mean again passes as Edwards caught them.him he's caught ten balls.that's close man yeah there have been a.number of close place and they've all.seem to have gone Michigan's way.when it comes down to the goal line.[Applause].I did a three-point.to try to save what has been a valiant.effort called in.and what a time seemed astounding that.decision to go for the fake field goal.took all the momentum away from an.Oregon football team and Michigan as we.spotted like true champs that's a short.high kick off let it go on about four.men and then you'll get the ball at the.35 and that's where they'll get it.so Oregon has the ball at the 35 but.Oregon must now come then with purpose.if they are to hang on.Vincent seem to see what Pilates choice.at quarterback he's going to go with a.senior Jason Fife the interesting thing.apart about the Oregon offense will they.go with the no-huddle which pipe execute.better.parents Whitehead is the deep back.double wide top of the picture give the.ball in the Whitehead he finds.across the forty six maybe seven yards.and a good first down gain now you watch.whitehead and he's almost making too.many moves instead of just running.straight ahead and going north and south.that little cut there it may have cost.him the first down.don't we need to be to tooling around.when you can just go in this case east.and west this field is laid out east and.west.five.[Music].and he thinks it inside the Michigan 40.yard line.[Applause].I'm gonna put it right on the 40 where.he hits the chalk.go Rosario.comes out of the back deal in the.full-back position the freshman from.Dayton Oregon's that's a big play.Jason 5 coming up working well and is.moving the team with 10 minutes from 20.seconds to play.the first downstate.[Applause].partner it'll be second down and ten for.Oregon on the Michigan 40-yard line with.Oregon leading 24 21 in the ballgame and.10 minutes and 13 seconds to play Oregon.had the big lead at one time 21 to 6 at.halftime but Michigan is starting to.come back here in the second half we.welcome those of you who've been.watching the UCLA Oklahoma game with the.Sooners out in front for 42 to 24 this.has been an exciting football game we've.had some weird things happen in it and.time permitting an opportunity.permitting we show you some of them.Oregon now fighting trying to hang on.[Applause].defending demetrius williams on that.play and the crowd is open about it.Keith our Pacific Life game summary.puzzle wacky plays in this one Oregon.with a controversial decision.this field goal on 4th and goal from the.five-yard line would have given the.Ducks a 13-point lead.but Siegel has stopped short of the end.zone after 90.dragna Barnet's Richmond Steve Breaston.for that touchdown and then Raylan.Edwards for the two-point dispersion for.a three-point ball game Edwards has had.a huge second hat he's got ten balls.today for Michigan he had been the.primary target and a timeout is called.here by Jason five the Oregon.quarterback so Oregon will have one.timeout remaining.at 10:06 to play in the ball game.Michigan coming in ranked fifth in the.country Oregon 22nd then the coaches for.[Applause].what was called by most of the athletic.director door again the premier football.game of the decade for the Ducks and.perhaps for the whole state of Oregon.and it's it's been a good one a crowd of.50 9023 a stadium record crowd the.return of Oregon to Michigan to complete.the home and home arrangement will take.place in 2007 because Lord it was.supposed to be last year Lord car did.not want to play Oregon last year he had.too much of an on gun buttload as it was.now a moment with Don Harris defenses.match word right now Don Pelham loved.the spirited conversation with his.linebacker crew in his defense he said.we have to find the man on pass coverage.you got to fly the ball with Oregon's.penchant for failing and baiting excuse.me in the second half he said we cannot.die we've got 10 minutes to win this.game Keith and they're looking at third.down and 10 right now they can pick up.the first down.might have signals to give him a chance.for the three points that they.from the backside.Larry Stephens the second man and the.ducks lose all the way back the midfield.and that will be punting time for Oregon.and that's only the first sack for.Michigan this afternoon and what a great.time for it if you're a Wolverine fan.because that pushes the ducks back they.had decent field position there but.that's about a nine yard loss for fight.Paul Martinez a freshman punter is in.Marcus curry is backing up the wind will.be helping Martinez he'd like to kill it.be 50 foot gets it out of there gets it.up into the minutes a good-looking.[Music].[Applause].they can Michigan back inside the five.demetria's William this one down but yet.the more so the freshman delivers a.tremendous effort a 44-yard fought and.killed it on the four yard line.well the good news is around the 4 yard.line last time Michigan took over they.were on the 2 that didn't stop him they.went 98 this would be unbelievable if.they were to go 96 this time but they've.got a chance to make history.and welcome to those of you watching.Florida State.in his 2421 Hornet in Michigan from.their own.first down.[Applause].that is incomplete Braylon edu' it's.covered by justin fantasy running down.the sidelines could not get to it and.that history I was talking about Keith.the biggest comeback in Michigan school.history is 17 points against Virginia 95.the season opener that year they trailed.by 1824 to 6 in this third quarter.[Applause].but the middle of the third quarter they.started to find themselves and they're.beginning to look.the Michigan team everybody was.anticipating.under us.that's decent Navarre has been for.with Albania close one more time and.attending some quick Kevin Mitchell in.all the coverage the linebacker on that.side Todd Harris talked about how Oregon.has failed to hold on to lead.history you can see last year.[Music].four top opponents in the.back here before.here was the only loss in that great.senior season of Joey Harrington.third down and ten from the.this could be a big play here Navarre.working cutting in plays and.Jason Avant who has had a big second.half he scored the first touchdown for.the Wolverines.he ran free that time right in front of.Rodney woods and made the catch without.the bars a pocket passer and his.offensive line is giving him a foolproof.pocket this afternoon.look at that nope ducked within five.yards in the bar and new defensive back.Rodney woods gets turned around by a.bunt and schooled as Michigan convert.second.[Applause].that's a big day too.on first down from the 27.not a second get him back inside the.20-yard line its rugged Valenzuela.that get to it the long season.[Applause].goes outside with it the best to me and.Weston is tackled right about the.original line of scrimmage by Keith.Lewis.[Applause].Michigan really is a.the top 10 team that went on the.24:21 with 720 to play third down.Lavar looking around and he lets it go.and this time the guns had two people.Lewisohn would woods needs help he can't.handle it.no a very few defensive backs can handle.again I think the wind really affected.that past as well.great job by Edwards turning around the.defensive back wall kinds up kind of.floats and finally the duck skip would.some help with key blue is coming over.Adam friendly in the punt it'll be his.eighth of the ballgame.[Laughter].[Applause].we talked about that's it.[Applause].gets in there and takes the ball the.foot.I think Oregon has just been hit with a.celebration flag but failed ticket.came off the bench to congratulate Keith.Lewis number 16 is Louis look at this.job here he takes a personal protector.and delivers them to the punter.now the ball is loose and finally.his curtain carry a true freshman out of.Olympia Washington made that recovery.finally looked like it was a hot rock.and nobody wanted it finally they've got.control of it Gordon reached the.referees talking to Michigan right now.giving him the option I think where they.want this penalty to be about this game.you and I and he said something about.special teams did yep I believe.[Applause].so they'll take the penalty on the.kickoff which way Oregon if they convert.here will the kick it'll go for a ten.point lead if they go for two and then.it'll be an 11 point lead but they I.think doing the smart thing they're.gonna kick it and I think Michigan is.doing a smart thing by making where he.kicked off of the 20-yard line.[Applause].dick is good so single gets it through.and at 6 minutes and 55 seconds to play.in a bowl game.[Applause].Forte the Oregon Ducks today have set a.new stadium record at home 50 9023 of.course they've renovated and enlarged it.this was a big ballgame for the whole.state of Oregon and this is the way the.scoring has evolved across the day you.can see with 2116 one time it was twenty.four to six and then Michigan started to.crank it up now it's a ten point lead.for Oregon with six minutes and 55.seconds to play just as a matter of.reference here they had over 111,000.last week for Michigan so today.speed ahead let detect an NCAA record.the world of fumble inside the five.very mature.masu coming up the salvage of the.it's all the way out to the 42 yard line.before the place kicker Jared Siegel.knocks him down and Siegel with a pretty.good lick from him.[Music].we had a penalty flag on the return.[Music].a very common occurrence it seems these.days and most of the time it's the same.old fall walking in the back that was a.great pickoff by Segal then he kicked it.so low it allowed Lasorda get a big.return but part of that reason for that.return was holding against Michigan.that'll put him back inside the 20.so the good field position not beyond.the 40.the ball is put down on the 18 yard line.the vara sets him up with Terry behind.it.terry has been controlled so far today.the ball was thrown to the sidelines.again it is a trip set we're two outs.and a penalty flag over near where the.quarterback released the ball he's.holding against Michigan for the wolf.got themselves in the foot twice.with mistakes.after the kickoff they had the ball out.here the 40 yard line two flags will.push it back to the 10th.going against the wind and against the.clock.[Applause].the football is moved back down the.field to the nine year.how big was that flock fun.came to touch.it also gave him back.give his first gun and.penalty flag that might be an offside in.folks would at least Oregon I thought.the defensive left in got into the.neutral zone that passes completed to.Massaquoi the tied in.[Music].it is an offside call against Oregon and.our Chevrolet drive summary this is.Michigan in the second half started off.terribly but then got a couple of.touchdowns this was an incredible Drive.after the fake gilgul try by Oregon.[Music].if the Oregon Ducks hold on and win this.ballgame it will be one of the biggest.wins of the school system there's no.question about that Keith perhaps more.than compared to it would be the Ducks.win against Colorado.[Applause].first and 14.before.go shopping now close it down takes off.in depth across the 20 near the 22.before Kevin Mitchell brings him down.sometimes when your back is quarterback.the things just open up for it kind of.like the Red Sea parting but Oregon will.invite this all day long.the bar trying to run it an attack.second down and six now.he lets it go.Steve Breaston men from Pennsylvania.making another catch and that's going to.be a first down so at 553 to play the.clock stopping to move the chains.the.trailing by 10 points 31.the shotgun.just go to the shotgun and.he's lucky to get that one back Paul.Steven more needed was event of two.inches of hiking he's got it.he's only five nine Keith so he's very.disappointed and picked that one off the.bar got lucky there threw the ball high.as he has done most of the day how about.Chris Perry leading the nation coming.into this game.[Applause].back in intent bomba 32.the bars pass is for.completed two breasts anew all of a.sudden Doc's paying special attention to.Edwards and Breaston is stepping up.Reston and a month have been the two.guys have stepped up for Michigan in.this fourth quarter and you put a number.one on number 15 here and he does.resemble Anthony Carter a great deal.especially a disability.at the 43 of Oregon's first down in.Michigan Yvonne no question gets it away.so it's the Preston and Marshall right.now that tackle by Fennessy they've been.picking on Justin all day he's held up.quite well and you know the other thing.he's after every pass in college.football every passage completed Corey.doing a great job making completions and.conserving.get him off his rhythm somehow.Oregon comes in and got almost everybody.up on the line of scrimmage eight people.move on.to the sidelines and that renews.intersected by Justin Tennison.he got his fun aggressiveness.look what I found.I can only think that Novartis did not.see.[Applause].because fantasy was between him and the.quarterback and then the receiver rather.so timeout to the play in the ball game.Oregon has the ball in their possession.John Navarre anguishing over that.interception he just threw giving Oregon.the ball first down at their own 25 502.Oregon leading by 10 points Kellen.Clemens is now in at quarterback Jason 5.ran the last.my future's.[Applause].to the outside hurry by pierre woods and.to pick up a body yard on the play.great job by pierre woods is he just.drove out and tackled whitehead from.behind and he had to come a long way to.make that tackle Michigan is now called.timeout they have to times out for.remaining in the ball game and Oregon is.happy to get it the Oregon defense is.very happy to get well now.cluck-cluck-cluck that's the thing.everybody's got an eye on here and.nobody's gone home all 50 9023 who came.are still here as we have 455 to play in.the ball game in the second down and.nine for the Oregon Ducks leading.Michigan 31 to 21.[Applause].a flag is thrown back for the.quarterback was turned upside down let's.see about that it's going to be roughing.the passer.or that's a big one because the pass was.completed well up the field that's a.late shot by Scott McClintock.as he works out his frustrations number.36 there with the late hint but a great.throw by Clemens right leading.maintenance perfectly the big plane will.get 15 more yards for the personal foul.roughing the passer.so they're gonna go from there 26 yard.line all the way to the Michigan 37.seven penalties against Michigan but.three here in the fourth quarter.one on special teams one on the offense.and now the defense gets in.that's a 37-yard net on that play.at this point the game.[Music].[Applause].Clement gives it to whitehead.DeeDee Moe the Wolverines can use their.time out here hey they have because now.Oregon's thinking three points they got.a great field goal kicker in Jared.Siegel and he will have the wind at his.back if they try a long field goal.the two oregon quarterbacks clemens on.the left Fife on the right you can see.the system that Mike Bilotti very.courageously has used all year is.working you know it works against.Mississippi State in Nevada in Arizona.but he's talking about stepping up in.class well these two men to their credit.have made it work this afternoon no.interceptions in almost four games now.to Oregon quarterbacks 31 20.and it's second down.Flemington spins Oregon's last time out.and that's inexcusable because they had.time because the Wolverines just called.timeout they spent too much time get the.play called in the huddle didn't want to.thank the hip on the penalty.[Music].as we come back to arts instead iam in.Eugene Oregon the home team the Ducks.lead 31 21 for minutes and 21 seconds to.play in the ballgame it is second down.and nine with the football resting at.the 36 yard line on the Michigan side of.the field Oregon now with no times out.remaining and a Michigan has one left.Wolverines have flea turnovers and three.penalties.they heard of.[Applause].give me three.the 30 he's a burner but the Wolverines.reacting well and reading the play will.stop him and a timeout by Michigan is so.that will be their last and right now if.the Ducks are going to try a field goal.it would be about a 49 yarder special.teams have been a big factor to say the.least in this game today.first corner this block dildo by Marlon.Jackson was returned by Jeremy the sewer.and now the Oregon's gonna cry and make.a field goal from the five-yard line.and then Keith Lewis delivers the.personal protection to the putter.it falls on the ball eventually in the.end zone for there.thirty one thirty one twenty ones to.score and we didn't even include the.botched fake punt by Michigan or the.punt return of 69 yards by Steven Moore.for the touchdown.or the block of the field goal.at the outset we took the lead 60.there's been all kinds of freaky things.going on.and perhaps on the minds of the.pollsters and the minds of the pundits.in the minds of the faithful of the.wolverines the worst story is up there.on the scoreboard the number 5 team in.the coaches polls trailing by 10 points.if Oregon had kicked that field goal.down here instead of trying to run it in.for a touchdown they've been meeting the.13 points for Team Michigan to think 2.touchdowns instead a possibility at the.time of the touchdown and field goal if.if if he's playing Runyan s football.here there's a whole bag of this in this.one.[Applause].[Music].not Kipling yes but money honest because.it's too wild and unpredictable to be.Kiplinger's third down three.[Applause].to get his first down he does it he.dusted activist I am ten day and.goes inside the Michigan tan.a penalty flag has been thrown hold the.phone and they should have called de for.holding but they're gonna call Horgan.for an illegal man downfield ineligible.downfield offense that's five yards from.the previous spot still third down so.the Ducks separate themselves with a.mistake let's watch number 85 Tim de.here working against the linebacker and.gets away with it they lose a 23 yard.gain and a first and goal field position.with that penalty follows back at the 35.and it's now third down and eight.[Applause].momentum interests my hand goes down.right a mountainful line of scrimmage.masseur pinned him down and I don't know.that got a let's easy gonna be a field.goal or do they just pooch it I think.the smart thing would be to put you.don't want to kick it in the endzone and.give them the ball on the 20 try to kill.that thing as deep as you can if you go.for a field goal then you're going to.give the ball over if you miss it at the.35 and right now they're on the field.and it looks to me like they're going to.need the team with a timeout remaining.so he's going to come to the line of.scrimmage and set there probably and try.to get something Michigan to move or.something I they gotta work on that.clock Keith and work the clock I doubt.that they snapped this ball I don't.think they will but they did the fan and.[Applause].Michigan will get control of the.football at the 34 yard line that makes.no sense at all that is two decisions.today that I just do not understand by.Mike Bellotti you're not put that ball.now let's check in with John in New York.well Keith you want to see an.unbelievable performance and Tonio.Perkins takes this one and go 75 yards.in the punt return it's third touchdown.of the game that is a record in the NCAA.277 total yards also record combination.working again getting another first down.for the Wolverines up at the 47 yard.line the only thing I could think keith.is that we've had such wacky plays on.special teams today that Bilotti just.didn't want to put a special team out.there and risk eight a punt block or a.field goal block but that is so puzzling.that they didn't just let the clock run.out take the five-yard penalty.push them back a little bit.in Michigan.when change a move Michigan 30 by.47 d'Ivoire working.Edwardsburg that firm is in complete.fantasy.depending on the play depending upon.Avon and Weston have been very.successful over the last five or six.minutes in this ball game and fired at.that time it's been.Edwards combination that is going for a.cunning in the fourth quarter.well if the part 24 completions 22 of.them have been to those three men you.just mentioned.second down and ten.when you're throwing the bowl along with.[Music].goes to Edwards again and it's complete.in front of more Stephen Lord not quite.big enough to get him on that pattern.and it's another first down for Michigan.great pass by the barky excuse me and.the bonus is you get out of bounds to.stop the clock and get to rest your big.hog horses up front and offensive line.again is in control giving the bar time.to find these receivers 36 yard line of.Oregon the first down Michigan 235 the.play.[Music].[Applause].Raven Edwards against Justin fantasy and.Edwards got one hand on it it looked.like the ball just died at the end.dived into the turf good comforts.thereby fantasy like to see Edwards.layout.that'd be tired himself you know we talk.about the big guys getting tired widen.receivers he's coming up.yeah.12 catches for.132 yards Fred.Phil Michigan fresh legs blitz coming.busting them question is funny he's gone.he got away from.made a terrible play.Weston cook the ball turned it was.nobody between him and the goal line.[Applause].pal Michigan do they go one or do they.go to.so get it down to a three point game.you're gonna go one but you never know.they might fake it again there's always.all the time.[Applause].[Music].quarterback on the holder.[Applause].good luck.what else can happen now Michigan's got.an onside kick coming up Keith that.could happen next.Yegor six-foot-six right in the middle.of the pile.[Applause].he's an easy guy to find to write about.there watch him push and get up and.stuff this ball and keep the lead at.four he doesn't even get penetration.that ball was kicked to low hip way down.I keep you talked about Rodney woods.he's a junior college transfer the Blitz.by Oregon they get burned because they.do not have a corner at this point right.here to make this play Breaston with a.sharp cut no hesitation up the field.into the end zone Michigan has missed.two extra points today of course after.touchdown if you will.so you figured on sidekick here so here.comes all the good hands people out to.Oregon.200 yards for the Wolverines.that's all over here and sitting here.absolutely as Preston goes over 100.yards receiving just 6 patches two of.them resulting in touchdowns.[Applause].Michigan goes home to play Indiana next.week.Oregon is home to play Washington State.scrimp and it's offered in Michigan.Michigan's gonna Braylon Edwards has a.Keith.[Applause].wide receiver on the kick the onside.kick team.in Oregon came up before the line tried.to make the catch and that's a mistake.under special teams.somebody got one hand out there trying.to grab it the ball.[Applause].pretty clumsy right here watch this man.crossed the line here you don't have to.do this you can wait for the ball to.come to you.ten day it looked like.it's first down Michigan the ballgame in.the.at the 44-yard.they're in a shotgun.looking around with no pressure close.amok words available because Fennessy.was given him about three yards.and keep because of that missed extra.point the bar and the Wolverines have to.get this ball in the endzone they could.not hit the field goal to tie the game.and they have no timeouts with which to.work.second down and ten.navara looking left roads at left.attending complete intended for him ah.as give Randy Woodson quit at that time.he was in the back pocket of Jason.upon't.and the bar had to throw it away.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].here in Eugene Oregon it's 3127 Oregon.leading Michigan with two minutes to two.seconds to play we met other people from.other regions join us new welcome you.this has been clinic this fourth quarter.it's been mostly Michigan except for.buck buck than an Oregon touchdown.they're hiking the ball claim to the.side and it's completed incredible catch.by Braylon Edward but that's been the.combination in the fourth quarter that's.gone for more than 200 yards Stephen.Lauren just simply not tall enough to.defend this it is very bested more but.so did Edwards his 13th catch 144 yards.redwoods and it's pushed down just.inside the 45 Navarre Michigan 45.book through.horrigan LED it one time twenty four to.six in the third quarter.induction trying to get fresh troops out.there Keith used a new defensive line I.need to rest.Navarre gets his pass away that is.as they know Steve Breaston they say no.well that's it and that's an amazing.call by the officials because there were.three officials a lot closer than the.man who eventually makes the call the.man looking right down the barrel at it.was the man who made the call and he.could see the ball and the body boy he.ran.Louis first given him half as Lloyd puts.in a 30 yard dash.the other team with the timeout.remaining.Michigan divorce pass is thrown.underneath all the coverage from the.pumping and is completed to Massacre the.tied in and he will get to the 41 yard.line that's a smart play by Navarre.you're not going to pick up all 19 yards.throw it to and underneath the receiver.let him run fourth good tackle by Rodney.woods as he bounces back.clock running inside 50 seconds no time.they don't stop at the merciful.move the chains.and attain complete intended for.it is fourth down.a record crowd of 50 9023 is over cake.it's over.yep ducks will get the ball Michigan can.not stop the clock no timeout they used.them all up.but a heck of an effort by Michigan to.fight back.on the fourth down play that was a.difficult play to complete.Braylon Edwards what a day he's in this.couldn't gather enough strength to get.up and make another fantastic catch.so with 33 seconds and no times out.remaining.just breeze the ball.and get the clock running and win the.ballgame a huge upset today's Chevrolet.players of the game are Braylon Edwards.and Steven Moore Edwards of Michigan.more Morrigan recognition their efforts.Chevrolet making $1,000 contribution to.each University of general scholarship.fund Raven Edwards 13 catches for a.hundred and forty four yard remarkable.it's over.and Oregon upsets Michigan 31 to 27.an incredible win for this program Pete.and for the state of Oregon first of all.to get Michigan that's willing to come.out to play in this tiny little stadium.and then to take the champions to the.very end great game by both teams now.here's Todd Harris well coach you gave.the fans one heck of a game I think.there could be a lot of cardiologists.busy this afternoon holds the key to the.victory today.I think the key was never giving up I.think our defense really stepped up big.at the end we Louisville threw us a.couple times but we need to team up with.big play Justin finishes interception.Keith Louis's block of the punt for the.touchdown I mean those are used with.this is truly a team effort I mean.offense defense and special teams all.stepped up you talked about Michigan.coming in here you said we aren't.playing the helmet we're not playing the.tradition we're just playing Michigan.your kids bought into that special teams.were huge for you well that's why you.got to play the game it's not about.tradition it's not about the uniform we.talked a lot about that and I have great.respect for Michigan but very proud of.my ducks today congratulations we'll see.you next week Thank You Keith so for.Mike Bilotti a major mark in his career.ninth season at the University of Oregon.once again your final score.Oregon 31 and Michigan 27.

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