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hello everyone thank you for joining the.Office of Student Financial Aid for a.very first episode of financial aid.Friday we are excited to be joining you.every Friday live during June in July to.help you bring you financial aid.information we are so happy that you've.joined us and we want this to be an.interactive experience we want to hear.from you we want your questions we want.your comments and we have staff members.standing by to take a look at any.questions that you might want to put on.the Facebook event page or on YouTube.as well as for folks that don't have a.youtube account and can actually post.there directly to our email and if you.want to send us any questions that you.might have during this first episode we.would love to have them and we'll see.how many we can answer throughout this.this event so we're gonna go ahead and.start with just introducing you to us.we're gonna be your host for the next.two months on these financial aid Friday.webinars web series.I'm Jessica Hecker Nell and I'm joined.today with my co-host.my name is Simon fraud and Simon can you.tell us a little bit about yourself in.your journey to get to you Maine and.your journey to financial aid yeah you.know I'd love to do that I was fortunate.enough I actually grew up right around.here in the neighborhood right next to.horno Maine a small town called whole.town my father taught history here for.34 years so I've had the chance to watch.this campus evolve throughout my entire.life and something that that you know.the memories that I have what's really.stuck out for me is the sense of.community the sense of belonging just a.welcoming atmosphere and that includes.my interactions with the various offices.on campus I came in as an undergrad.interested in theater and mathematics.and whether it was you know watching a.football game going to see a hockey game.or actually seeing.and performing in live theatrical shows.really the the groups the people the.community on campus is what stands out.for me how about you Jessica what what.was your experience like coming here to.you main yeah so my journey actually.started back in 2006 I actually grew up.in upstate New York I'm in a little town.called from New York shout-out to.anybody watching in Rome New York today.so I came here fresh out of high school.and one of the stories I always like to.tell us the the first time I visited you.Maine and in and just knew that you.Maine was the place for me I had applied.to the University of Maine along with a.bunch of other schools in New York and.in the New England region and I applied.to Maine kinda I'm just like a a whim.and I wasn't really convinced I wanted.to go there but my parents had convinced.me that you know hey we should check it.out we took a road trip up to Orono.Maine and Simon let me tell you this is.the moment like I can remember so.vividly the moment that I just knew in.my heart and in my soul that you made.with the place for me I can remember we.were driving in the entrance of campus.and it was it's for those of you who've.been in the or know area it's over near.where the new gas station is and the.Bangor Savings Bank is but there's a.winding road to get onto campus and it's.lined with these tall pine trees and I.just remember driving through and then.all of a sudden we emerged onto campus.you can start seeing campuses buildings.and the Sun started shining and birds.started chirping and it was just like.this magical moment and I was like well.okay this is a contender and then I.started meeting the people on campus I.met the folks in my my program that I.wanted to go into and Simon I'm going to.echo what you said that sense of.community and the people that I met not.only in my undergraduate career but.they're the reason why I decided to stay.and.and create my career in the financial.aid office that's right that's right.that's a wonderful story wonderful story.and to be honest you know some of you.listening in may have already seen what.Jess and I are talking about with some.of the offices that you've interacted.with hopefully you've had a chance to.speak with some of the staff members.here in the office of financial aid and.I think that that might lead us into our.first topic for this evening which.entails the the different offices that.you might interact with as an incoming.student and what each office really does.so I'll start things off with the office.of financial aid we administer all.different types of aid from scholarships.to grants to federal work-study loans.waivers assistance ships you name it.we're we're your one-stop shop for all.things aid related we also provide.financial aid advising which is more.than just looking at the actual.financial aid award we want to provide a.really you know holistic full picture of.what you might need to make and achieve.your goals here on campus and then in.addition to that we helped coordinate.with other offices on campus throughout.all our aspects of student life so we.really try to help students in any way.that we can to get started and to.continue their joining and Simon's.speaking of the different offices that.we coordinate with quite frequently the.Bursar's Office is is one of those.offices I Simon I don't know if you know.this a lot of people don't really know.what the word Bursar's means so a lot of.the conversations we have especially.with incoming students is oh well I.don't really know what the Bursar's.Office is what does that mean okay.fun fact Simon in ancient times the word.bursar actually meant money purse I did.not know that.is a nice factoid thank you so.conveniently that's so funny.you know and it's convenient and it.makes sense because the Bursar's Office.is our billing office on campus they're.the ones who take out of pocket payments.there really anything to do with a.student account your charges tuition and.fee charges on campus for the board.charges you know setting up direct.deposit for any refunds that you may.receive they also help to administer the.financial side of our student health.insurance plan coordinating the opt-in.or opt-out process for that and also.help students set up payment plans for.as a financing option another office.that that we get several questions about.would be student employment and just you.know seeking job seeking and job.opportunities here on campus is.something that we discussed with.students and and the office of student.employment who we work with very.frequently they are there to help.students locate both you know jobs both.on and off campus and not just.work-study positions though they.certainly do assist with that but also.non federal work-study positions as well.they have a wide variety of resources.including a career link which is.actually the system that students can.use to access and search for available.job listings generally that's available.for students to start taking a look.right around mid summer so certainly if.you are in any way interested in working.on our on off campus and would like some.assistance with the job search process.and anything student employment related.they are a wonderful team a wonderful.group of people and they are there to.help with exactly that function so Simon.I would say that that's a pretty good.overview of the three major offices that.we really are major players in the money.matters piece of being a student at the.universe.you mean and really financing an.education at the University of Maine and.so I think the next thing that'll be.good to talk about is really interacting.with these three offices are there any.sort of requirements that students or.families need to submit to these offices.in order for us to be able to just.discuss account information yes and and.that is a wonderful question because.quite frankly that's something that it's.so important to do ahead of time.incoming students were allowed to.discuss the financial aid process and.the specifics of a student account with.parents up until August 15 but after.that point once students are officially.active students here on campus FERPA.guidelines which are the regulations.that protect student privacy and you.know student specific information they.dictate that we need a student's consent.to release information in other words of.students permission to discuss these.details with you know the family members.that they choose so there is a formas if.it's labeled student consent to release.information it is available on the.student records website but certainly.you can contact our office and request.that form as well and you know it's a.very simple document once filled out.once completed then we are able to and.the other offices here on campus are.able to discuss the specifics with.parents and family members and they have.made a fillable PDF that is able to get.an electronic signature so to make it.easier for families who may not have.access to a printer at this time you.know you can sign it electronically in.an email at rate.so Jess what are some things that.students should be thinking about right.now as they approach the the start of.you know the next academic year in what.I call the financial aid cycle there's a.couple things that hopefully by now.students have checked off their list.hopefully by this time students have.applied for admission to the University.of Maine.so I've submitted you know either their.common app or the University of Maine.admissions application to our office of.admissions hopefully by this time a.student has submitted their financial.aid application which is the FAFSA the.Free Application for Federal Student Aid.we do have a prior to filing deadline of.March 1st for our FAFSA but that doesn't.mean if you haven't filed your FAFSA yet.you still aren't able to do it you can.you can still submit that FAFSA so if.you haven't done that yet that's.definitely should be on your list in.addition if you have submitted your.FAFSA and there was additional.information we needed what we call.verification documents which you would.have found out through your Mainstreet.student portal which we'll talk a little.bit more about later on then hopefully.you've gotten those documents to us as.well and once those steps are completed.if whether or not you were selected for.verification if you if you completed.that step if you were then at that point.you'd be eligible to receive your.financial aid award we do send those.communications out as a physical letter.in fact an entire financial aid award.package and hopefully some of you have.know what I'm talking about that will.provide you with all the details related.to your particular financial aid award.as well as some of the estimated charges.that you can expect assuming certain.things like full-time enrollment status.once you receive that you can then.confirm that particular award there are.places on your through your main street.account where you can accept or decline.some of those award.you would also want at this stage or.once that that particular item is done.anyway.to confirm your enrollment you can reach.out to your department if you have an.advisor assigned to you or there's also.the advising center here on campus that.you know many of their staff members.deal with incoming students and they.have some wonderful resources they.really are a blessing with with just.getting students started and helping.students to navigate the actual course.enrollment and the course options for.their particular program once that is.done some of these other items are just.things that maybe we want you to start.thinking about reporting outside.scholarships outside aid some students.might you know apply for external.scholarships or receive some through.their high school or other organizations.in their local area we we would like to.know about that so that we can place it.and process it in on your account and.that way your bill properly reflects.that outside aid and then another item.related to scholarships in particular.would be to inquire about a scholarship.release form which would be through our.office and enables us to provide certain.information to different scholarship.donors and and just open up scholarship.opportunities great so Simon before we.move into taking questions from folks I.think I do just want to touch on the.importance of the Main Street student.portal in terms of communications.I think 1a as a new student there's lots.of setup of different systems.specifically your email address or at.mean that etu email address in addition.we have an online student portal which.is called Main Street and that's going.to be really important if you have not.yet logged in to your Main Street.account make sure you get into that as.soon as possible our office as well as.the purchase office and other offices on.campus as well they use that Main Street.student portal as a communicate.so if there's additional information.those offices need you know if there's.important notifications about your.student account that is going to be that.central location where you're going to.want to be monitoring frequently for.that information that's a very good.point there's a lot of information in.that in that student portal and it's.it's certainly important that students.gain access to it and sort of get used.to navigating around that and taking a.look the information that's available.there because there's there's a lot.there that can help answer some of the.questions that you might have in.addition it might be important too and.we'll certainly provide this information.at the end of this particular episode as.well but how do you contact us right so.you if you want to reach out to our.particular office you can do so over the.phone our number is two zero seven five.eight one thirteen twenty four in.addition to that there are multiple ways.to contact us over our website so you.can visit you maine.edu slash Stu aid.that's st u AI d on our website we do.have options for requesting zoom.advising sessions for example so there's.a form that you can fill out in order to.request to schedule an advising session.with one of our staff members and we'd.be more than happy to help answer.questions that way as well we'll provide.some more of that information at the end.I think we're ready to move into some.questions from our viewers we've got a.question here if my financial aid is not.enough to pay for everything how do we.make up the difference that's an.excellent question you know that's.something that a lot of students and.their parents and families are certainly.curious about and want to know what.options are available to folks to cover.that that gap between the financial aid.and the actual cost to attend there are.several options that we want.students and families to consider some.of them we've mentioned already which.would be external scholarships that's.something that personally I wish I had.taken advantage of more as an.undergraduate which would be looking for.different scholarship opportunities.online or locally through your local.organizations through your high school.speaking with a guidance counselor about.the scholarship opportunities but there.certainly are databases out there with.both local regional state and national.scholarship options some of them require.students to fill out applications or.write an essay or have different.components to them but really all of.them are worth attempting if you meet.the criteria for a particular.scholarship it's certainly worth filling.out that application in addition to that.there are additional loan options that.can be reviewed to see if you know a.particular student or family member is.eligible.there are both or generally two.different types of loans that we deal.with quite frequently anyway the most.common I should say our student.alternative loans which are in the.students name which you know we can.provide a resource online at elm select.comm I don't like the tree and you can.take a look at some of the different.lenders that are that you know we've.dealt with in the past so that can help.additionally Parent PLUS loans are loans.that are federal and are taken out in.the parents name and in order to help.supplement that student's aid and help.to fill that gap and then lastly as.previously touched on students should.consider you know if a student if you.feel like student employment might be an.option that you might consider I think.that that's certainly a way to go as.well and so I mean I think it's also.worth mentioning our installment payment.plan options at the Bursar's Office.as an additional resource to help.students with you know paying any.remaining balance after after the.financial aid is applied to the charges.that's a very good point very good point.we do have a second question here well I.get a letter in the mail with my.financial aid award yes that's a great.question so once you have submitted your.financial aid application so that FAFSA.and you've submitted any other required.information though that we may be asking.for then we are actually able to figure.out what your financial aid eligibility.is based on that information.once we do that you're going to be able.to see that award in two different.places the first is going to be you will.receive an actual paper letter in the.mail it'll list out all of your the.different types of financial aid that.you've been offered in the amounts in.addition it'll also estimate some of.your expenses for you so based on you.know your residency whether you're an.in-state and out-of-state student you.know whether you're living on campus or.with parents it'll help to estimate some.of those expenses for you so you can get.a rough idea as to what you're going to.be looking at for remaining expenses.after your financial aid does apply so.you receive a big-old folder in the mail.it'll have lots of supporting.information to help you read that.financial aid letter in addition you'll.also be able to view that financial aid.information on your main street student.portal so I do just want to make one.note about that so you'll receive that.nice that first paper letter financial.aid award your first year once you.continue with us as a student on for.your second third and fourth year you'll.actually be able to view your financial.aid on your main street account and.that'll be the primary place for you to.receive those notifications about your.financial aid and before we move on to.the third question I just like to point.out for those of you who have received.that financial aid the packet and and.have seen the the the handy work that.went into May.making that Jessica here had was.extremely influential in the development.of that package and I would just like to.say you did a fantastic job Jess and.that the staff here in the financial aid.office we hand stuff those folders so.all the different materials you see in.there nicely laid out per my.instructions those are you know they're.hand put together so you know we.definitely like to take the time to you.know make sure that you know our.first-year students are getting the.information that they need to make those.important financial aid.decisions so I think we have another.question here from our viewers Simon can.you tell us what is the deadline for.FAFSA absolutely so the deadline the.priority filing deadline for FAFSA is.March 1st so it would have been March.1st of 2020 for this upcoming academic.year but as just mentioned that does not.mean just because we're beyond that date.that there's no point to filing a FAFSA.we absolutely still would recommend that.you file a FAFSA if you haven't done so.and yet because there are still several.types of financial aid that a student.might be eligible for even beyond that.particular deadline so there's still.time and if you haven't filled out your.FAFSA you haven't completed it we would.absolutely encourage you to do so and if.you're having any you know if you have.any questions about filling out the.FAFSA or navigating the the FAFSA itself.our staff members are here to help you.with that we'd love to help answer any.questions and walk you through that.process so there is absolutely still.time and please fill that out.oh and one one note here the deadline.for for transfer students would be June.1st so that that's slightly different.depending on what sort of student how.your.you know coming into you me alright.another question here what should I do.if my financial circumstances change.mid-year yeah so that's definitely a.really common question that we get so.what would you like to start with is you.know we we based a lot of the financial.aid eligibility on that FAFSA.information so that at that financial.aid application and that and that FAFSA.form is that it's a very black-and-white.form you know it's asking for parent tax.information if applicable student tax.information and that information is then.helped to create what we call an EFC an.expected Family Contribution the other.component with the FAFSA is that it's.also based on two year prior so for.example for this upcoming academic year.for the 2020 2021 academic year the.FAFSA requested 2018 tax information so.certainly a lot can happen between 2018.and 2020 in terms of family.circumstances a lot of the think common.questions we get is you know if there's.a loss of income a reduction of income.unforeseen medical expenses things like.that so those are things that definitely.if that is the situation that you and.your family are in you should absolutely.reach out directly to our office the.office of student financial aid what we.will want to do is one of our financial.aid advisors will actually want to talk.with you about the changes that that.you've experienced when those changes.occurred because what we would want to.do is compare that to the actual FAFSA.information to see if you know we are.able to recognize those changes in.circumstance does that affect that EFC.that expected Family Contribution number.that then in turn could potentially.affect your financial aid eligibility so.if you your financial circumstances have.changed in the middle of a year please.reach out to our office and have that.conversation with one of our financial.aid advisors so looks like we have.another question here how does federal.work-study work excellent so that is.also a question that we get rather.frequently because some some of our.students will see that as part of their.financial aid package and and generally.if that's the question that we can sort.of how does that work is it automatic.does it work like other you know aid.types like scholarships or grants so.federal work-study is an award that is.provided to certain students that meet.particular eligibility criteria as part.of the FAFSA and it is an allotment that.is available to students to sort of dip.into should they choose to so it does.not automatically go towards the bill.it's not a scholarship and you know in.that sense or anything like that what it.is is that if a student let's say.communicates with the office of student.employment and seeks a work-study.position they can work a you know a.regular job here on campus for example a.work-study eligible position and their.paycheck is coming out of that.allocation so if a student had you know.two thousand dollars in federal.work-study funds then every paycheck.that they receive let's say bi-weekly.will be deducted from that amount as.long as that that that fund is available.so that is something that students can.quite frequently use to sort of pay for.those additional expenses that are not.directly linked or at least that's what.a lot of students will do that are not.directly linked to tuition and fee costs.or room and board costs generally these.are you know ways that students can have.supplemental income to pay for whatever.they might need throughout the semester.as opposed to at the at the beginning of.the semester with those initial charges.so it is not something that gets applied.towards the bill automatically it is.something that students sort of opt into.by deciding that they do want to.utilize that particular fund as part of.their eight throughout their semester or.throughout the academic year wonderful.question and as mentioned if you do have.any questions about work-study positions.or seeking them out or whether or not.you're eligible for for work-study you.certainly for that you can contact our.office but the office of student.employment would be a wonderful resource.for you to inquire about available.work-study positions here on campus.another question here if I need to.change something on my FAFSA can I just.log back in and change it on the FAFSA.itself just want to answer that one it's.actually kind of connected to that the.last question that I answered about if.your circumstances change in the middle.of the year so once you have submitted.the FAFSA we recommend not going back in.to make any adjustments what can happen.is you know making multiple adjustments.especially you know through the awarding.process it may you know require us to.ask for additional information you may.see multiple versions of your financial.aid award so what I usually always.recommend to students is once you've.filed your FAFSA then you don't have to.go back out onto that government website.yeah you can come contact our office and.we'll talk through on those Corrections.that you you wanted to make you were you.were thinking you needed to make on the.FAFSA again a lot of times it's because.of these situations where the family.circumstance has changed since the FAFSA.was filed so our financial aid advisors.can can walk you through you know the.different changes that we can recognize.and most often most times we are able to.do that without you having to actually.log back into the FAFSA and resubmit an.adjustment to the FAFSA good questions.okay so Simon looks like we have another.question here do outside scholarships.affect my financial aid award excellent.excellent.so this.actually why it's important or we.certainly encourage students and family.members that are aware of these sort of.outside or external scholarships to log.on to that Main Street portal and report.that outside aid because they do or can.affect your financial aid eligibility.because they are considered part of your.aid package so if any outside.scholarship that a student receives.whether it be you know whether we're.made aware of it ahead of time or or.during the academic year that's that's.fine but it is considered aid and it.does sort of roll into the financial aid.package and can affect certain items.that are based on sort of a student's.overall financial you know award and.financial picture picture all right do I.have to pay back my grants so there's a.couple different types of financial aid.that you'll actually see on your your.your award that you could potentially.see on your award.you know scholarship grants and loans.are in and work-study those are the the.big areas of aid in terms of.scholarships whenever you see the word.scholarship or grants that means that.that is free money so that's money that.you are not required to pay back you.know usually you know you for.scholarships there's a merit component.so you've earned that based on grades or.test scores and with grants a lot of.time that's based on the information.from the FAFSA so scholarships and.grants are our types of aid that you do.not have to pay back and again Simon.explained how work-study works you know.those are actual funds that you're.earning and then loans whenever you see.the word loan no matter what kind of.loan it is that does imply that there is.a repayment required so grants and.scholarships free money don't have to.pay it back work-study you're earning.those funds and loans those ones you do.have to pay back okay so we have another.question here I got an email about a.change to my award why did it change.Simon can you take that one excellent so.there are a few different reasons that.that that changes to a to a financial.aid award can occur and certainly if any.of these happened and we will reach out.and communicate with with students and.families about that particular change so.for example if we're notified about a.change in students housing you know.sometimes students are listed as living.on campus as a default but in fact their.parents live within ten miles and.they're going to be living with their.parents that can actually change your.eligibility so sometimes we'll get you.know an updated you know housing.information or as I mentioned earlier.outside scholarship notifications can.also impact your award.changes in eligibility those sorts of.items can sort of change your financial.aid landscape of what you are actually.eligible as a student so those types of.changes if they indeed impact your.financial aid then we do send out a.communication we want to make sure that.we reach out to you and that you're made.aware of not only the change itself but.also why that change is is occurring.let's see here are the percentage rates.generally better for student alternative.loans or Parent PLUS loans so let's.start with on Parent PLUS loans so those.are federal Parent PLUS loans through.the federal government the federal.Department of Education that are in the.parents name those are credit based.loans and with the federal Parent PLUS.loans those um percentage rates the.interest rates those are actually.unfixed each year currently for the.current interest rate for the federal.Parent PLUS loan is seven point zero.eight percent and again that's a fixed.rate no matter you know what your credit.is.or whatnot now with the student.alternative loans again alternative.loans those are those private loans to.me there are a lender or a bank.those are loans in the student's name.they again are also credit based loans.and since most students don't have any.established credit yet they do usually.require credit where the cosigner.now with these since they're private.loans being applied through through.whichever lender or bank that you choose.those rates are variable so there is a.there is a chance that you know when.you're applying for an alternative loan.that you would see a lower interest rate.then that federal Parent PLUS loan so.well my recommendation usually is to.folks is to do your research and loan.research can be very tedious sometimes.but luckily we've got some really great.resources inside I mentioned this.briefly but for alternative loans.especially can get really confusing it's.comparing you know different interest.rates for for lenders you know different.credit requirements things like that.so we have an online tool it's called.elm select again elm like the tree elem.select calm and you can actually go.right on there we've got a list of.commonly used lenders and there's just a.lot of really great information to help.you compare those different lenders so.you can really choose the best loan for.you in your own situation so I guess.that's my advice so potentially there.may be some one of the ones that have a.lower interest rate than PLUS loans but.really your your best bet is to do as.much research as possible collect all.the information regarding you know the.lender if you may be looking at for.alternative loans and and kind of just.sit down and write it out to figure out.what your best options gonna be and just.to piggyback off of that if I may to.share a little bit from from my own.experience so the researching of loans.while I agree can cancel diabetes but.looking at.those terms and conditions can be very.important and Elm select you can sort of.drill down into some of those conditions.and you know if you have the time for a.little late night reading you feel like.it I highly encourage you to take a look.because some of those loans offer.different sort of conditions different.features if you will that others don't.so there are some loans that allow.students to drop the cosigner after you.know X number of successful consecutive.payments others provide longer grace.periods so after a student graduates or.grows well below you know halftime.status or whatever the case may be.generally you know there are six months.as a grace period for example from.federal to recomm owns some of those.alternative loans offer extended grace.periods that go beyond that thing can.offer you nine months or twelve months.of the grace period so there are some.features that are certainly desirable.out of those loans there are even some.loans that some alternative student.loans I mean that are available for.students in less than half time.enrollment status you know many of them.require half time so if you're if you.are in that particular situation where.you're going you know ahead of time.you're going you're planning on being.you know less than a half time you may.be taking one summer class for example.and you want to inquire about a loan.there are some that exists that offer.that you just want to take the time to.really look at some of those terms and.conditions I'm just going to piggyback.off of your piggyback I will say that.you don't have to be a loan expert or.super knowledgeable to utilize that.Ellen select tool I there are folks in.our office who definitely love.spreadsheets and love looking at.cough-cough Simon really really enjoy.going through those details and but.unselect really allows you know.simplifies that process they use a lot.of bullet points so the information is.very clear and it's really easy to.compare tools but what I will sort of in.this little the answer to this question.on is if you do need assistance if.you're if you're feeling super.overwhelmed and you know you're just.feeling out of your element looking at.all the loan details and trying to.figure out you know what the what's the.best product we can't tell you which.which loan to apply for but we can.certainly we're here to certainly help.you walk you through the process and you.know help you with that comparison.process so that you are choosing you.know doing some smart borrowing.decisions.okay so Simon actually looks like we.have a follow-up question from one of.your previous answers here.when you say scholarship could affect.financial aid are you talking about.scholarships from the University of.Maine or outside scholarships excellent.question and thank you for posting that.on on YouTube so any type of scholarship.that a student is awarded can.potentially alter you know their their.overall their aid and what is allocated.as a sort of need-based aid and.therefore effect some of the other items.so it actually is both so if a student.is awarded let's say a departmental.scholarship here on campus that is taken.into consideration as their available.financial aid and the same thing goes.for external scholarships or those.outside scholarships basically anything.that is going to be used to help assist.a student in meaning their their.financial aid need is taken into some of.those calculations that happen behind.the scenes and can but not always but.can impact financial aid eligibility.that great question all right next.question we have here how long do you.have to live in Maine to have in-state.status.I just want send its shout-out to our.YouTube viewers right now thanks for the.great questions there's another really.great question as well.so in terms of residency so whether.you're considered an in-state or Odyssey.student that's determined at the time.that your admissions application is.reviewed so um if you are looking to try.to move your residency status and most.commonly that's go from out of state to.an in-state resident generally you have.to be living in the state of Maine for a.minimum of a year for non educational.purposes so unfortunately a lot of.people get sort of confused where okay.so I'll just live in Maine and take.classes at the same time that would not.qualify you for a change in residency.status and qualify you for in-state.residents rates what I would say is if.you think you have a special.circumstance that you know qualifies you.for in-state resident an in-state.resident rate so at this time admissions.is still still the office you're going.to want to communicate with in terms of.change potentially changing that.residency once you're actually here in.the fall that's when you'll actually.want to start contacting the Bursar's.Office for residency questions and.something to mention for those of you.that are you know how to Steven or.non-residents and I bring this up just.as an option because there are some.students and families that may not be.aware if you're from a New England state.there is a program that's so that we.abbreviate as nevi it's the New England.Board of Higher Education now certain.states in New England have certain you.know there are programs that students.can take here that they can major in.that provide reduced tuition or reduced.tuition rate which is less than the.out-of-state of the non-resident.rate and now it depends on what state.you actually are a resident of and what.program in particular there is.information on nebby org and that's n e.bh e dot org but those programs are.generally ones that are not really found.or at least not common in that.particular state but it's a program that.that we offer so you can certainly.inquire about that and I would never.recommend a student change their major.away from what their heart desires.simply due to the financing I would say.you know I'm bringing this up simply so.that you know that it exists but.certainly something to look into what is.the difference between the subsidized.and the unsubsidized loans excellent.excellent.okay so both of these loans generally.when we hear subsidized or unsubsidized.we're generally discussing the Federal.Direct Loans so after student files the.FAFSA and they receive the financial aid.award students are generally eligible.for these Federal Direct Loan programs.and depending on the EFC that expected.Family Contribution that is the result.of the FAFSA some of that sort of.allocation some of them might be.subsidized loan and a portion might be.unsubsidized and the difference between.those two items is all about interest so.the subsidized loan is not actively.accruing any interest while the student.is enrolled in school at least halftime.or at least it's being subsidized it's.being paid for by the government so.that's why it's called subsidized loan.whereas the unsubsidized loan while a.student is enrolled they're not they.don't need to make payments but it is.actively accruing interest so that is.effectively the difference between those.two so certainly if you're looking at.you know if you've been offered both of.them generally the subsidized would be.to the beneficial one because of course.you're not having to deal with any.accrued interest while you're actively.enrolled here on campus and just a.follow-up to that well students be able.to look I see on their award how much of.the subsidized unsubsidized yes.absolutely and certainly going back to.the Main Street port of the student.portal that's sort of why we wants you.to you know actively interact with that.particular resource because when you go.on to your student portal and into your.Student Center you can actually there's.a link that says view financial aid and.it will show you sort of a breakdown of.some of those those financial aid items.that you've been awarded now it'll be.the same items that you would have.received in a form of your financial aid.award letter but that's another place.where you can find that information and.you'll be able to see how much you've.been offered if any and in federal.subsidized loan and how much you've been.offered in federal unsubsidized loan now.again the the subsidized is not.automatic that portion is based on that.the portion that's based on your EFC.your expected Family Contribution so.depending on your particular need or.your eligibility some students will have.both as being offered and some students.will only have that unsubsidized loan as.offered and it really depends on your.particular situation and what's been.reported through your FAFSA okay next.question here what do I have to do to.get my student loans yes yeah so I'm.just gonna focus right on those Direct.unsubsidized and subsidized loans that.we just discussed.so as Simon mentioned you can see those.loans right on your your financial aid.award I mean on your main street student.center.so again loans are a type of financial.aid that you have to repay so in order.the first step in order to get those.loans is you actually have to log on to.your main street account and accept.those loans so you are not required to.accept those loans and you're not.required to accept the maximum.amount that you were offered but it is.there as a resource if you need to so.first step is to accept the loans and.then for first-time borrowers there are.some additional requirements that you.would need to complete in order to.receive those funds once we actually.start applying financial aid to students.are jiz the first is called a master.promissory note or a loan agreement and.that's basically the contract between.you and the Department of Education.saying yep I acknowledge that this is a.loan and I promise to pay it back on one.summer buyer - and then the other piece.is called entrance counseling and this.is a requirement through the Department.of Education it's basically a little.mini course that just talks about what a.loan is I'm talking about interest and.starts to talk about the different.repayment options that are available.through federal loans so both of these.items that master promissory note and.that entrance counseling can be done.directly through the Department of.Education website at student aid gov so.again once you go through that.acceptance process you'll actually get a.little message on your main street.account that says hey don't forget you.need to complete the master promise.there you know an entrance counseling if.we're talking about additional types of.loans how to get those first for this.alternative loans those private loans.you actually have to apply directly.through the lender to initiate that.process and so again hopefully you're.using on select as a tool to help you.figure out which lender you want to go.through and you would actually contact.that lender complete an application.through them get approved and then we.get the notification of that of that.loan so we can apply that to your.charges and then it's a similar process.for that Parent PLUS loan the federal.Parent PLUS loan again where it's a.federal loan you're applying directly.through the Department of Education for.that the parent is and you would.actually apply directly through student.aid gov.and then again we'll get notification of.that one so we can apply it to the.charges okay so we our next question.here for sophomore year and beyond do we.only have to complete the FAFSA does the.university automatically award financial.aid from the FAFSA or do we have to do.something extra excellent excellent.so it sounds like there's sort of two.different two different items from this.question that I'd like to address so.first the FAFSA is something that if.you're interested in receiving your your.full you know financial aid award all.that you could potentially get through.through that item anyway beyond not.including external sources of aid you.would want to complete a FAFSA each year.and in fact we have students that you.know depending on their their particular.aid I've seen students who didn't.initially complete a FAFSA their.sophomore year and then contact their.office you know should I shouldn't I.and we always recommend that you do even.if your your financial situation has.changed in either direction because that.is actually what allows us to fully.package you which means that you get the.most out of what you might be eligible.for federally speaking so you know.different federal grant programs state.grant programs your Federal Direct Loan.options the only items that are going to.be sort of automatic would be any merit.scholarship that you might have been.awarded during the admissions process so.certainly you would have received you.know in addition to your acceptance.letter a letter indicating what you.might have met for the criteria in terms.of your your your merit scholarship that.item where it's offered through the.admissions process and it's directly.from us we will automatically post that.to your account whether or not you have.filed a FAFSA as long as you still meet.the eligibility criteria for that.particular program merit scholarships.generally have you know a GPA criteria.element associated with them for.continuing students as well as sort of a.lifetime.in terms of a number of semesters that a.student is eligible to receive that.particular scholarship generally you.know four years eight semesters worth so.assuming that students meet that.criteria then we will automatically post.that particular scholarship or.scholarships to the student award but.anything else you know that we do.recommend for other aid anyway we do.recommend filling out that FAFSA every.single year because as just mentioned.right now for this upcoming academic.year we're looking at 2018 tax profile.and so the the next year if you're an.incoming freshman and when you're going.into your sophomore year then we're.going to be looking at 2019 information.so that information is is is changing.year over year and we do want to.encourage students to fill out that.FAFSA each year wonderful question.all right is the UMaine early action.award an annual award or just for the.first year just you want to discuss that.particular program yeah absolutely so.that humain early action award is.awarded through the admissions office.and that is a one-time award so that is.not a renewable type of scholarship that.students are gonna see each year so.you'll see it your first year and you'll.you would have seen it on your financial.aid award package but then your second.year you will not see that okay so Simon.I think we have come to the end of our.question segment here we're just about.ready to wrap up here the episode we.made it through our first episode can.you believe it and I just want to thank.everyone who tuned in and certainly.those of you who have been submitting.your questions this you know it's a.series that we're certainly working hard.to make successful and we want to be.here for you to help provide you the.vital you know financial aid information.that you might need as an incoming.student or as a family member we realize.how difficult some of this can can be.when there's so many moving parts or you.different different elements different.items to really think about so we're.here to make that process you know as.smooth as possible for you we want to.help you with this we want to answer.your questions and really we want to be.here for you to advise in any way that.we can yeah we're hoping that this live.on web series coming to you every Friday.and June and July is really gonna help.to provide some of that more on general.information to help put those puzzle.pieces together so you can really just.start to create your individual.financing plan so we've got some really.great topics coming up here in the next.two months Simon in addition you know.next week we're going to be talking.about estimating expenses we have an.episode about additional financing.options and Simon get ready for this um.we have a couple episodes where we're.gonna have some very special guests do.you indeed who might we see yeah I I.don't want to I don't want to give away.too much of - but one of those guests is.definitely gonna be the director of.financial aid so I mean so our viewers.are just gonna have to tune in every.week and you know who knows who you're.gonna see here with us so I guess with.that I think we can go ahead and give.some of our contact information so that.folks can jot that down and so I'm do.you want to do our contact information.yes I believe we actually have it on on.our closing slide but before we do close.I just wanted to mention any questions.that we either didn't get to or that are.posted after the fact we will make every.effort to include and in our next.episode or or try to answer directly to.that particular comment so if we didn't.actually get to your question we.certainly will make every attempt to do.so and again thank you so very very much.yeah okay and so our contact information.would be.you.

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Office Of Student Financial Aid Nau FAQs

Here are some questions along with their answers to clear up the doubts that you might have.

Need help? Contact support

How can I apply to financial aid as an international student as I'm wanting to apply to UNC and they ask you to fill the form in the common app?

Which form? There is no financial form in the Common App. Common App is an application form for college admissions. There is a question whether you are going to apply for financial aid, but that’s it. For international admissions to UNC, read the information here: International Students . Paying for Carolina : International students are not eligible to receive need-based financial aid and should be prepared to pay the full cost of attendance for non-resident students. If you are admitted, we’ll ask you to provide documentation that you have sufficient funds to cover the total cost of attendance for one academic year. For 2017-2018, the cost is $53,100. We consider all students, including international students, for a limited number of merit-based scholarships. There is no separate application for these scholarships—just by applying for admission, you’ll automatically be considered for these opportunities. Because these are quite limited in number, we encourage all students to be prepared to pay the full cost of attendance. Since international students are ineligible for financial aid at UNC, there is no application for it. No separate application is needed for merit scholarships, since applicants are considered based on their qualifications presented in the Common App.

Do I have to fill out both the FAFSA (since I'm a US citizen living abroad) and a CSS profile form to get financial aid for colleges?

All colleges require FAFSA for aid. Some require CSS Profile too (an expanded look at your financials for more generous schools). If you school requires CSS then you need to file it if you want any aid from them. Otherwise you can only get the federal aid, which is not much.

If you are disowned by your family before college at age 18, how would you fill out the financial aid form?

that you are independent just you; also its different if the disowning is formal or informal; if you are really separated and need the aid make sure its formal ; i would say go to your guidance counselor ; there are also in every state development offices for youth; programs for young people; and they will help you; my dad came out of a similar circumstance; went back to high school at 25 and got a phd from the number one program in his discipline and a post doc degree and had a great life; dont despair; your circumstances are unfortunate but many have gone through similar and have come out ha Continue Reading

Student Financial Aid: How accurate does information have to be on the Collegeboard CSS Profile form?

Fudge? Not sure what you mean by that. Lie, low-ball, hide? Whatever the ruse, it sure doesn't make a lot of sense to do something like that. The numbers you enter will be verified against your tax returns when they're available and any irregularities, mistakes or outright lies will be caught and the awards, if any, adjusted with the correct, current figures. What is more, if they deem the misinformation intentional, you've pretty much blown your chances across the board. Bonehead move really.

Student Loans and Debt: How do I convince the financial aid office to increase my COA?

Cost of Attendance is generally limited to items classified as part of the student budget. The student budget includes: • Transportation Costs • Medical Expenses • Medical or Religious Dietary Restrictions • Dependent Care • Disability Related Expenses • Co-op Related Expenses • Education Related Loan Fees • Books and Other Supplies Including Computers So if you live further from the college than the average student you could request additional transportation costs be factored into your COA. Or if your prospective major requires additional expenses above and beyond the averages students such as Continue Reading

How does the government aid office decide if a student should get a financial aid based on the information he/she provided on the FAFSA form?

The FAFSA uses calculations and table determined by Congress. Want the details of how those calculations and tables work this year? See IFAP - 16–17 EFC Formula Guide

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