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Tips: A Detailed Guidebook on Signing Proof Of Funds Letter Template Form Online

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The Stepwise Tutorial to Proof Of Funds Letter Template Form

youtube video

Instruction of Proof Of Funds Letter Template Form

hey what's up everyone might kill the.wholesaler Titan here today I'm going to.talk to you about proof of funds letters.why you need them as a wholesaler where.you can get them and how to make them.work for you.two topic that's discussed a lot online.can find it on multiple forums so the.fact that you are grabbing this familiar.here kicking it with me it's pretty dope.let's cool them I really appreciate you.guys being here so let's kind of jump.into this thing I got some notes here so.I don't miss anything as usual I want to.be efficient with this video I got a.date to get to JD and I are going to see.Moana new new Disney movie and like to.get there on time the best seats watch.the previews all that good stuff so.proof of also let me show off a little.bit my new my latest addition to the.wardrobe I did some shopping this week.new suit couple you know new clothes and.stuff this is what I'm most proud of if.you don't recognize this the 10x rule I.got that from uncle G Grant Cardone if.you guys are unfamiliar with this work.amazing I mean lifestyle money real.estate motivation awesome awesome stuff.check out the back don't be a little. I think it's pretty cool this is.the latest book right here be obsessed.or be averaged amazing to read it two.three days.I also recommend the 10x rule and sell.or be sold by Grant Cardone amazing.amazing stuff funny enough my mom came.over Jays grandma and she said you know.you're putting that around Jade I kind.of forgot and Jade said uh-oh you know.don't worry grandma I know it's a bad.word but it just means whiner because I.had this on audiobook we listened to in.the car on the way to school so she gets.it she gets it don't be a little.alright so so let's just jump into this.proof of funds right let me kind of.layout where I want this video to go.right so first I just want to talk about.what a proof of funds letter is then I.want to show you some different samples.and where you can get these things we'll.talk about why you need them also but if.you're already familiar with this or.even familiar with some of these.examples and letters and I'm going to.show you I'm going to encourage you to.still kind of stick around until the.very end or you know fast forward to the.end because I'm going to show you some.things that will actually improve your.chance.is of getting these letters acceptable.or how to make them work for you again.every agent every deal is a little bit.different so there's no guarantee that.all these will always work but you know.there cases where a letter will work for.me that wouldn't work for a newbie.because of how I present it so I'm going.to kind of stress that so please you.know stay tuned and watch that part and.also just in the last minute of the.video last 30 seconds or so I just want.to share with you some some cool stuff.I'm doing in my life and I think you'd.really benefit from so if you can stick.around for that that would be freaking.cool all right so let's talk about it.real quick what is a proof of funds.letter when you're wholesaling basically.you're telling the by the seller that.you're going to be purchasing their.house their property for cash and what.are they going to say show me the money.so it's just a means a letter to show.them that you do have those funds.available to close now here's the thing.there are different levels of proof of.funds and on my blog which is here I've.got opened up here the wholesaling Titan.calm little plug we go check it out I go.into detail on some of this stuff but I.kind of make the analogy this is kind of.like a I'm a video game nerd obviously.or at least grew up that way if you've.played an RPG or you know something like.Zelda you know you start off with.without the items and then slowly you.build and so you know I'm going to show.you their letters that are free they.don't work as well and you can pay for.other levels and you know kind of keep.leveling up so ideally what you want to.do is get to the point where you just.have a checking statement a line of.credit will work too if you have that.but ideally you just want one of your.accounts have a checking account where.the cash is there got a sample here so.right here's one of my taste accounts.boom and it's just a checking account.you can you can you zoom in here you.just block out the account number they.don't need all that information you just.want to show that the money is available.it should be dated within the last 30.days tonight that's pretty simple but.now you're saying well hold up like what.if I don't have that money available.then it's cool let's look at a couple of.options right so the first place you can.go let's exit onto this here hop on and.close the whole program no I didn't okay.so the first place you can go best.transaction funding comm this is.that I found I think just by googling.and this is where you can get a free.proof of funds letter so you just click.here and say proof of funds come on.basically you just put in your.information pop pop up just like that.you press send submit and they will.email you a letter looks like this right.now my opinion this letter kind of sucks.like it's a it's very generic I don't.really like the website I mean it looks.like kind of one of those cookie cutter.sites not a big fan of the layout if you.kind of look up the company the way a.proper you know asset manager or agent.or seller would do the company.description is kind of sketchy it's like.two employees of a net worth of like a.hundred thousand a year it doesn't look.too great and then if you look at the.letter I'm really not even a fan of this.header I think it looks a little kind of.cheesy my personal opinion and then the.letter is not too great but and it.doesn't include a any type of bank.statement doesn't show the funds.available so you can try this this might.work in my opinion it's not a great.option but it would probably work for an.individual direct seller especially if.they're highly motivated it could work.with a listed property probably not but.possible I mean why not you could always.send it and then with this does work.surprisingly it's hubzu I've had a lot.of students that have gotten deals on.hubzu back in the day I use this um.hubzu as well because a lot of times you.know they ask you for proof of funds you.have to submit it right you can't do.absolute deal without submitting but a.lot of times this information is.outsourced to you you know some folks.maybe in India or something and they.just have a checklist where they just go.through and it says proof of funds.letters they'll look at it if it's there.boom they check it off and this will.work as of right now for hubzu deals so.it's your first option it's completely.free as you can see just logon takes two.seconds and you've got that at least.worth to try especially if you're.working on a budget now the other thing.that this company offers which at least.looks kind of cool let's go back here is.in addition to this free proof of funds.they do have this verification of.deposit which is essentially a bank.statement that shows that the funds are.available I haven't used this I find the.asking price a little bit high probably.from a.people its $495 and that is good for a.month but haven't used it so I can't.really say but just want to let you know.that that option is out there but so.that's like the base base like first.level and not really highly recommended.but you know if you're working with.nothing give it a give it a shot and.again it does work on hubs II so the.next option you have here is this.company just called coal go capital and.I like the layout of the website looks a.little bit better but the same way you.look at the website like Len I'm sorry.sellers and stuff they'll look it up and.say wow this is easy to get so again.it's not a perfect solution but again.we're just looking at options sometimes.it'll work sometimes it won't so again.you just throw your information in here.these letters are a little bit better.because if you live for remember when we.look at this plan the investment it's.just very very generic right now when.you when you go over to this letter that.we've got here and let's zoom in just a.little bit we've got a nicer looking.header it's a private money company.that's what it says there I like the way.the letter is phrased and written a.little bit better you can read through.that here and again it's specific here.to the this I'm sorry it's it's specific.to the address of the property that.you're looking at so that's kind of cool.now it doesn't include a bank statement.but it does say I believe somewhere on.here up up up up okay so actual proof of.funds available upon request so.basically what this says is if you have.this letter let's say you submit it to.your seller if they call the number here.then someone will answer the phone and.say yes we do confirm that these funds.are available will that always work no.it won't but are the chances a little.bit better than the last one I showed.you yes they are.this letter is $4.95 per letter so if.you're doing a lot of these it can be.very costly can add up but again like.we're going to layer so you know you.don't even if your first proof of funds.get rejected by the way you can submit.another one so if the free one gets.rejected say oh you know well I use I.use that one before but I have another.lender I work with let me uh you know.check this letter out and send it to.them it might work might not but again.okay so that's kind of your next option.and something I kind of want to mention.here and going off on a tangent if I.paid attention to my list I would have.stated this first but if you look on the.web about like how to find proof of.funds letters you're going to find a lot.of different forums one of the bigger.ones is BiggerPockets comm it's a great.forum for informational real estate I'm.a member there I participate from time.to time but one thing you're going to.find on there is there a lot of.naysayers especially when it comes to.wholesaling and a part of that is that.there have you know there are a lot of.people that give wholesaling a bad name.and they cancel contracts all the time.they do things kind of unethically and.they've been a lot of cash buyers a lot.of realtors burned by these guys so it.tends to be like some backlash but one.thing if you look up proof of funds.letters on there most people are going.to tell you not this can't be done like.you can't the proof of funds letter.method is outdated it doesn't work.anymore and then yet myself and I have.students and you know that are using.these letters and we're closing our.deals and I'm like okay you're saying.something's not possible at all and.here's a wire you know that they have.from a deal I just closed using proof of.funds letters so again like one thing.with a wholesaler successful wholesaler.is that we're problem solvers and I.don't don't let even a couple of nose or.board naysayers anything you read online.discourage you from using these I give.them a shot these things will work.sometimes they won't but you got to keep.trying all right so my little tangent.there let's go let's yeah let's hit the.next one all right so the next one my.next favorite as we're leveling up is a.I'm sorry I forgot one this is do hard.money calm you can see the letter is.pretty similar it's like probably little.step above these guys charge like 50.bucks a month and then you can pull.unlimited letters again it's not great.but this is a hard money lender hard.money lending company so it could work.for you again we're just walking through.the options I wasn't going to tell you.another thing when you look on bigger.pockets I saw a form is basically saying.like you can't use proof of funds letter.the only way to do it is to get a proof.qualification letter and write your.contract as contingent on financing.dude if you do that like you're not.going to be a whole city you're not.going to get your deals accepted like.granted on paper that sounds like the.better thing to do but you need to mark.your contracts as cash is not contingent.on financing even if this is hard money.I know it doesn't make sense but just do.it because it works and and you know use.a proof of funds letter if you need to.sometimes you don't always need to we'll.talk about that in like two more minutes.but I'm going to get through a to the.next one all right so next one is from.my homie Keith.Keith Yackey he's got a site called get.POF dot-com let's actually go back a.little bit here alright so this we.looked at this is the website for do.hard money calm they do actually lend.and again they offer that proof of funds.for like 50 bucks a month I love they.have a trial discount and you realize.that so give it a shot okay so get POF.calm now this one is cool and I'll show.you why now again remember the first.letter this one's free this one's five.dollars per letter.this one's fifty bucks a month we can.get a month free Keeks letters a little.bit more expensive here things I like.about it here's things I don't this is a.sample right here so the cool thing is.you know your company name goes here now.it does not list a specific property so.a lot of these proof of funds letter you.know they will put the actual property.name into your letter this one doesn't.so that's kind of the thing I don't like.about this letter the weakness there but.check this out as we keep scrolling down.the cool thing here is they attach a.bank statement right so that's really.really cool and that's going to help you.get your offers accepted which makes of.the four letters I just showed you that.makes this the best option now I spoke.to Keith a couple months back because on.his website this is listed as 399.annually which might be a lot for some.people but again annually you know I.mean you can do five ten twenty thousand.on one deal so at the end of the day if.399 hope you get a deal accepted.you only get one and you know you're.making that money when you can use it.for the whole year so my opinion it's.more than worth the amount now you know.I work with people who just I don't have.that so I'm like okay.you can still do deals but like when you.get that money remember to take your.profits reinvest it back into your.business so I do highly recommend this.but a little secret if you email Keith.you know email these guys that get hard.I'm sorry get POF comm and you only have.$69 you can pay for it for the month and.he don't advertise that's not on the.site so I don't know if there's a number.listed I don't remember or if you have.to email but if you just ask sometimes.it helps to ask you know you can pay the.$69 you can get the proof of funds.letter and work your ass off get a deal.done so then you'll have some money so.you can you know buy the letter for 399.but this one's good man it's got the.verifiable funds right there ideally.like I said the way you want for your.own proof funds out of your own checking.account it's got it there for you so I'm.really like Keith's letter again let's.get POF dot-com alright so let's look at.another one this is a hard sorry give me.one second okay so this is another.letter that I've used here this comes.from a hard money lender an actual hard.money lender and they they're not in the.business of selling proof of funds.letters their business is lending money.now if you notice I probably won't read.through the whole thing but again my.name is here and the way they write this.up is they'll lend 80% of the purchase.price not to exceed a dollar limit of.and then actually you can change this up.three hundred thousand or whatever it is.the loan will be intended for business.purposes only subject to limited borrow.qualification borrower qualification and.then they're you know a couple little.contingencies in there and then the cool.thing is here attached is our current.bank statement evidence in the existence.of our available funds also this company.is a hard money lender in my target.market like where I do deal so it makes.you look a lot more legit and if your.proof of funds letter is coming from.somewhere halfway across the country and.again we can see here you know they're.showing the balance statement so you can.see like all the money in in this this.accounts got like two mil in there or.something like that so this this has.worked really really well for me now.you're saying like okay how do I get.this like these guys don't advertise.this they probably don't do this for.or you know the masses for most people I.got this through relationship building.this is what's so important again as a.wholesaler like two things you got to.have right well a lot of things you got.to have but the two things I do focus on.a lot one is a high tolerance for.rejection so like I said even with these.proof of funds letters a lot of them are.going to get rejected that cannot.discourage you got to keep pushing.forward in the second one here is a good.wholesaler is creative they're creative.problem solver so again this is coming.from a hard money lender now I have done.a rehab so and I do meet the.qualifications to actually get hard.money loans and so a lot of my deals I.you work with these guys now in that.context you know cuz I'm looking at.properties trying to you know do some.other stuff in my business but let's say.you're not right you're just a.wholesaler well this is one of the.golden rules everybody's looking to get.get get like you can call a hard money.lender hey can I get a proof of funds.letter like always you want to be.offering value first you know what can.you do for them up why why should anyone.help you make it worth their while so.one thing you can do is approach hard.money lenders and essentially two things.you can do you can tell them you know.you are looking to rehab or you're.looking to get into investing you're.looking at a couple properties will they.you know lend you money and that these.guys are in the business to loan money.they want to loan you money they got a.shitload of money just sitting there.that they need to lend so they can make.some money on this they want to do that.so you know that's one way to do it you.can go ahead and get a proof of funds.letter remember these are people like.just call talk to people be a little bit.creative you know the other thing you.can do is say look I'm a wholesaler I.deal.you know I got a cash buyers list of a.thousand ten thousand whatever it is and.these guys are looking for money they're.asking me for referrals you know I like.to refer them to you but could you help.me with this proof of funds letter so I.can get these properties on the contract.give them to you and then I send them.your way so you can lend them the money.like why not and then if they say no be.a Salesman or woman and say hey here's a.sample letter you know you can take the.template from this the letter I'm.showing you here and say look you're not.in any trouble as you can see this.letter is essentially I'm sending it to.the seller but it's contingent on my.inspection period on you know all these.different things that you're going to.loan only eighty percent or have.you want to phrase it you can write the.letter say hey could you just sign this.and give me a balanced statement maybe.they will maybe they won't they're.hundreds of hard money lenders so call.all of them call them once a month say.hey you want to help me with that proof.of funds letter hey you know just be.creative and you know maybe just maybe.if you present it white right if you.make it beneficial for them if you start.sending them some referrals if you do.business with them.you know it's probably a lot easier than.you think to get this done another thing.you can do this letter has worked for me.in the past very very well amazing and.there have been times where people have.not that where has been rejected right.so another thing you can do is another.option for you is as you can see there's.a managing member I'm going to blur this.out so I'm not going to say the name but.of this company right this hard money.lending company what I was able to do I.called that guy and said hey they're not.accepting the the hard money lender even.though it's got the bank saying because.my name is not on it would you mind if I.put you as a co buyer you can even say.hey can I put you as a co buyer and.we'll split the deal and it wasn't a.problem in this case at all and I sent.them the contract he signed as a co.buyer and we get the deal done it's like.that simple and sometimes it requires.some creative thinking think outside the.box but you can do that you can do that.with other wholesalers there are other.wholesalers you know in your area that.I'm more successful than you they're.doing big things you present yourself to.them as a bird dog dude I'm getting I'm.out there you know sending mail I'm out.there making 20 calls 20 offers a day I.don't have to find some kind of news new.to the game can i list you as a co buyer.and then I'll split you the deal what.you're essentially saying to another.wholesaler hey sign a piece of paper.where you really don't have much.liability you know you can uh they might.be concerned with like earnest money and.stuff like that but talk them through it.like sell it a little bit and.essentially you're saying to them just.sign this with me or you know give me a.letter saying you'll loan me the money.directly you'll be my private lender or.whatever just be a little bit creative.and most time and I'll give you half.this profit I'll give you ten G's like.who's gonna say no to that some people.might but call more people like just be.creative guys this just kind of probably.beat that one a. I won't beat it to death already.okay so add them as a buyer offer to.give value alright okay so now we're.getting to the end of this video I'm.getting ready to wrap up here and I want.to talk to you about making this work.attitude and frame now the first thing I.put here is essentially the proof of.funds a letter in most cases is a.screener from a lot of times the listing.agent or you know the yeah the agent now.think about it this way right in some.cases like if you're doing a short sale.or an REO I guess that's coming directly.from the bank they're like we have to.see the proof of funds letter and you.got to get it done if these letters are.not a lot of times even with Oreos I've.used some of these letters and they've.worked particularly its last one I.showed you but if you know if it's from.a regular seller or something like that.a lot of times this request for proof of.funds is coming from the realtor and.just a quick little screener and they.may not even be paying much attention to.it but maybe they've been burned in the.past people have cancelled or you know.they find out the funds are there.whatever reason and they're basically.just screening you now kind of the.analogy I want to make here is like I.used to bounce for a club back in.college right and when kids come up.using a fake ID like yeah you know all.the things to look for and this is.before you had the scanner like we just.did it by hand dating myself right but.most of the time it's not even India the.idea itself but it's in a presentation.so if you're over 21 if someone's ever.idg like maybe you're flattered but a.lot of times you kind of look at them.especially if you're an older person you.like seriously like seriously the idea.me right now and they'll even almost.feel bad about it right it's kind of the.same way right and again back to the.fake ID a lot of people if they're using.a fake if they just are cool about it.and I says no be do or like Pharrell all.right man cool and they give you give it.to you it plays a lot better than you.know that person that's real nervous and.they keep looking at you to see how you.react and whatever and maybe I'm not.good with these analogies but like.when you are presenting a letter if you.if if you're getting screened really.hard a lot of times you probably just.kind of up in the beginning and.the way you presented yourself you maybe.came off as like this is my first.wholesale dealing like I'm very nervous.and I'm have a lot of you gotta get this.deal done it's like so important to me.or it's my first deal I'm really nervous.or like you know there might be this air.of desperation about you or if you're.uncertain about things if it's not even.that you have to know what you're.talking about a lot of times you can.answer like a politician you know you.look at politicians when they don't know.the answer they don't a good one they.won't get really flustered just talk.about some of the so you know what.do you think about this uh I don't know.abortion or something and they'll just.be like that you know I think I think.kids are great.and then they maybe never really answer.your question right so again it's not.about having to know all the right.answers but if an listing agent or.whoever asks you something and you get.really nervous or your freezie act like.you don't know what you're talking about.you're gonna have them on high alert.like what's going on here like the vibe.just isn't right like something does it.feel right but you go in even if you.don't know what you're saying you get.the air of confidence about you and.you're like yeah a no big deal where's.the proof funds that I send it man you.know I'm busy we're working on ten of.the deals right now but I get it to you.don't worry about it's cool relax chill.I got you were going to close you know.something like that man the way you.present yourself so often I think about.it like this if someone like a Donald.Trump a Robert Kiyosaki Grant Cardone.these big guys even if you didn't know.who they were like imagine them like.sitting in a boardroom we're dealing on.a deal you know or whether you know who.they are not right how would they act.how would they present themselves do you.think a listing agent is really going to.be like sweating them and I talked about.this when I talked about even earnest.money deposit if you're like really not.sure like acting weird about it they're.going to be like where's the.deposit like where is it you're gonna.call you they're gonna harass you when.you're just like do we do this all the.time relax it's on the way I gotta check.on my partner when I'm traveling this.week I'm really busy I get it too you.just chill like the money is there it's.cool right when you're cool about it.you're calm you're collected your.demeanor is like that much easier to get.through and I've done tons of deals I'm.telling you where the proof of funds has.either been one of these letters back in.the day.especially that wasn't that legit or.I've done deals without even when.they've asked for it without the proof.of funds letter just by being reassuring.being cold being calm collected I'll.send it send me the contract I get it to.you you know it's cool we're gonna we're.going to close right so that's the first.thing again I'm kind of beating some of.these things and but important so again.it's just having that presence and from.the beginning your interaction should.always be that of someone who doesn't.know what they're doing someone who is.highly confident someone who is putting.them at ease because you're not so.reactive and you're not desperate either.and you give the impression that you.have done this before sometimes it's.going to be a little bit fake it till.you make it but again you can still do.that and be you know confident about.your deal without being all having them.like be very skeptical of you so.presentation even as far as I presenting.to yourself being bought in it's very.important you want to have that it's.just not a big deal frame the next thing.is they say no you know they look at.your proof of funds letter and they say.no and a lot of students have had.they're like okay and they let the deal.die so if they say no you have to act.almost offended so they say no you're.like why why not well this proof of.funds letter is not acceptable well who.said that well the seller why okay well.I use that on the last ten deals that I.didn't it wasn't a problem listen mister.seller mr. agent hey check this out I.know it's a private loan or hard money.loan or whatever but you know on the day.of closing this thing comes in is cash.comes in same as cash it's not a big.deal we closed all of our deals that's.what it really shouldn't be a problem.sorry if you guys haven't done it this.way before but it's how I do all my.deals it's just easier for us to do it.that way but trust me the money is going.to be there whether I check this box on.a contract this boss it's not contingent.the day of closing we're going to close.that money's going to be in the account.your commission checks going to get cut.like what's up let's do the deal so be.persuasive and that has worked believe.it or not it's worked for me a lot of.times actually so again ask questions.say why not be convincing be persuasive.if they say no again no again then you.know next one is okay I am real sorry.that one didn't work for you guys I do.work with another private money line.another hard money guy some of my cash.is tied up in a deal that I have going.right now let me send that one to you.and it shouldn't be a problem you need.kind of plant then it shouldn't be a.problem and try send them when these.other letters and it might work.be creative and guess what sometimes it.won't work and they just say no and you.fight fight fight I don't just take the.first note but if it doesn't work.understand okay well that won't work and.you do have to keep leveling up so you.have the cash available yourself but you.tried you got the reference experience.you know how to deal with sellers and.deal with agents and maybe present a.little bit better sometimes it's just.nothing you can do which is why it's.important to always have that steady.pipeline of deals of leads listed.unlisted marketing you know the free.stuff all different things I talked.about constantly coming in and also when.you do have that you have this abundance.of deals so when you're negotiating when.you're talking to people when you're.presenting you don't have this like.desperation like oh I gotta get this.deal done so I can eat this week right.it's just like okay okay that doesn't.work for you another deal down the block.school you want to get paid you trying.to get commissioned as a an agent Oh.desperate seller motivated seller are.you trying to get paid because if not I.go here and a lot of times there's a.human element where these people are.deciding the gatekeepers like I said.with short sales and stuff that's a.little bit more stiff maybe not but give.it a try matter of fact I did a short.sale which I was sold was impossible I.flipped a short sale and this is not.even this maybe like two or three years.ago without ever putting up an earnest.money deposit I don't even know how that.happened but I did it.so again just never know so and then.when they say no to your stuff you act.almost offended you're like like.seriously why not right so I offended.that was my next one okay another.technique now what you can do is again.be calm be cool but if they say it is.proof of funds letter is not there I.need a new one say yeah yeah we're.whatever excuses I'll get you another.one my partner will send it from another.account we got to move some money we got.a transfer stall on the proof of funds.letter but convince them and make them.very confident through your demeanor and.your sense of confidence that the proof.of funds letter is on the way and then.you ask them to send you executed.contract so it's like yeah I had proof.funds letters on the way by the way.we're trying to get the.contracted to come over whatever key.make sure you get me that contract.tonight and then I'll get you the proof.of funds letter what what that hat does.is a lot of times again not always.depends if it's a short sale and there's.some kind of contingencies in there that.the contracts contingent on showing.proof of funds but in most contracts.specially if you're dealing with like.this regular listed property maybe it's.vacant is holes in the roof and all kind.of or direct seller once the.contract is executed it's not most times.contingent or proof of funds as I said.that's a screener to get the contract so.if you can convince them to get you the.contract and get it executed then you.have an executed contract you have that.deal is yours and then you could go.ahead and send them the plan D or best.transactional funding piece of.garbage proof most generic proof of.funds letter ever after the fact and.whether they like it or not you have.your contract there and you just need to.flip it so that's the next thing I want.to mention another thing on the on the.topic of why some people are not even.comfortable doing this a lot of.wholesalers they feel that it's not.authentic and that makes that shows.because they're like I'm saying I'm a.cash buyer but I'm not really a cash.buyer and I feel kind of weird about.this and I get that because there's a.huge problem for me I felt kind of like.I was lying right and something that.really helped me with this as a mindset. yeah my head shift in that most of.my cash buyers right now my cash buyers.si got thousands of buyers on there when.they buy for me they do use hard money.if you've ever read any of Kiyosaki's.books Rich Dad Poor Dad you'll know that.the elite the rich the wealthy they use.and leverage other people's money when.people send me a contract to buy from me.cash and I get paid on a double closing.or an assignment a lot of times these.guys are getting their money from.private lenders or hard money just.because you call yourself a cash buyer.doesn't mean that you have hundreds of.thousands of dollars in the banks the.way you look at is you're saying to the.seller look I'm down to close on this of.course I brought in the contract an.inspection period it has to meet my.criteria to make sure I can make money.on it they know you're you're an.investor and that's what you're trying.to do is make money whether you flip it.in five minutes after you buy it or five.years after you buy it's not really.there.turn and all you need to know is that at.the end of the day cash will be in their.account and at the same time like you.are legit a cash buyer in that sense.because the funds don't have to be yours.the same way your end buyer might not.use cash that's his or hers so hopefully.that mindset shift helps you kind of.think about that a little bit and feel a.little bit more authentic and.comfortable using these letters because.that's what they're there for.so on that note I think I'm pretty much.wrapped if you guys have questions.please leave them in the comments also.on intro I keep saying this is Mike Hill.the wholesale Italian I want to give.this up I want to make this a show and I.want to have a name for it so you guys.could help me out like the flipping show.the Titans show something cool leave in.the comment that'd be cool I appreciate.that it's a dead for Thanksgiving so.have a happy Thanksgiving if you're.watching this around this time enjoy the.holidays be safe thank you again for.watching if you're not subscribed please.subscribe and then the other two things.I'm going to talk about now again.holidays this week so two things I'm.considering doing for starting next week.so whatever I think Monday to 28th and.I'll post I'll also post the links for.all these these letters and stuff in the.description so check that out so you can.find that probably and stuff I love the.guys so remember check those out huge.inspiration of my life.and I'll post a link to my facebook.group check it out because I'm going to.announce the times and details of what I.want to tell you about right now two.things so the first thing is that I get.a shitload of like comments and.questions and stuff like that YouTube.Facebook whatever I'm not the best with.social media that's one thing I kind of.didn't want to outsource I'd almost want.to have like a second page outsource but.like people ask me something like what.you did I want to answer it because I.feel like no I just like doing it and my.answers are sometimes the same as the.industry and sometimes very different.but with the volume kind of increasing.it's like a good problem to have and I.get I try to get back to almost everyone.but sometimes you'll notice if you hit.me up there like I might not get back to.you for a week two weeks something like.that and I know a lot of your deals are.like kind of time-sensitive so the thing.you can do or that I want to do is two.things.well first you could join my mentoring.for.now plug that up my mentors that's.highest priority for me why because I.want to be a good coach obviously but I.want to do deals with students obviously.I want to make it a win-win I had.someone say to me once I do you just.want to get like bird dogs to bring you.program uh deals all night yeah yes I.want to do and when you wholesaling.business is up and coming you find.someone who makes a good mentee and you.can teach them teach them and when they.bring you deals make money off them you.should have a bird dog and your bird.dogs have a bird dog and this line.should keep keep going.but anyway so yeah drama program but.that's that's for interested people.matter oh I don't want people who like.I'm gonna be the best and then they quit.after much um but it was I saying okay.so so another thing that I do is my.phone like if when people call me I.typically don't pick this thing up.why because I learned a long time ago.that I like to control my day and how it.goes and if I as soon as the email comes.or a phone call comes if I pick it up or.respond with the exception students for.the most part I won't get anything done.so I do chunk my time so my voicemail is.very clear when people call me as I do.I'm probably not going to pick this up.or my voicemail comes on I'd remember.what it says but it's essentially uh if.you want me to call you back leave me a.voicemail or text me and I'll do it I.add a convenient block of time if you.don't leave me a voicemail I will not.call you back right so and then I chunk.it so then I look at all my voicemails.and I just get on the phone boom boom.boom and call everyone back like that.now with some of these responses on.Facebook and YouTube and stuff sometimes.the response I'm like gasps I just said.this on a phone call would be so much.faster but it takes me a long time to.like write and respond to some of those.I try do try to get detailed and give.good stuff.so what I'm going to do I think and it's.going to be kind of a trial thing but.I'm going to post a number and I think.for like maybe 9:00 to 9:30 9:15 or 9:30.Monday through Thursday maybe Monday.through Friday I'm gonna let people call.and just with a wholesaling question I'm.just going to take your question right.there like live on the phone I think.that'd be cool because in that way I.could get back to people faster and give.some value doesn't take a huge chunk of.my time I know it's going to.look this 15 or 30 minutes a day I'm.allocating to this boom and then if you.call maybe I'll just sit in front of the.camera and answer it in that way it'd be.valuable to me too because then I can.answer it record it and throw it up here.on YouTube and use it as some more.content some more videos to put out so I.think that'd be cool I'm going to start.doing that.that'd be nine to nine let's start with.nine fifteen we'll probably go over but.9:00 to 9:15 Eastern Standard Time here.in Florida and maybe I'll throw some of.those calls up on a youtube live or.Facebook live I haven't played with that.yet okay so that would that's.announcement like number one announcer.number two don't want to make is not.necessarily related to wholesaling out.I'm going to try and wrap quick give me.30 more seconds right I'm gonna post the.name of a new Facebook group that I want.to create and but essentially back in.the day was going back maybe about four.years one of the most rewarding.experiences I had in my life is actually.teaching teaching high school kids and.for the most part a lot of these kids.were like disenfranchised kids from you.know like low sir lower socioeconomic.backgrounds that kind of lower income.but these are some of the most.passionate most fun like you can see the.most potential like great kids and I.wasn't teaching real estate or anything.like that just to I was teaching like.film and stuff like that but like that.was so fulfilling to me to this day I'm.cool with some of these kids and I see.them with their own kids and we stay in.touch and that just makes me feel really.good and particularly like a lot of the.guys I work with you know where a lot of.people I work with for young men and so.I've always wanted to get involved like.mentoring and you know time can say.stuff like that some of it excuses I.want to get out a little bit more but.what I wanted to do is create something.maybe online virtually like a virtual.mentor and kind of thing and so I just.kind of I'm going to commit starting not.this Sunday but Sunday after that every.Sunday and it's why I'm envisioning I'll.put post details but essentially I want.to have like a big brother group where.anyone could come men women whatever but.like the the I think ideal person is.going to maybe made for is essentially.like a young man probably in his I don't.know from teens to early 30s I don't.know like young men who kind of try to.find themselves in the world and you.know throughout my life even recently.like I've had challenges tribulations.triumphs and areas.business entrepreneurship money.relationships women's spirituality all.these different things and I just want.to make a comfortable place I noticed a.lot of my old students they have no one.to talk to some of these guys don't have.dads uncles people in your family and.when I met them they would they have so.much potential and some of them have.lived have done very very well but you.kind of feel ideas even just you know.even myself anymore we could use mentors.and people to talk to and stuff like.that so if you're interested jump in the.group Facebook group I'm going to try to.keep some of that stuff on one hand like.anonymous so people could feel.comfortable asking stuff but make it.accessible so I'll figure that out what.I'm thinking and just in my head is like.I want to start like a Google Hangouts.we're like up to 25 people can call and.we can see each other and talk and chat.and if you want to be anonymous maybe.open like Facebook live or YouTube or.something like that we can ask questions.anonymously we'll figure it out but I.want it to be a place where people can.just feel very like comfortable talking.about like the different issues in their.lives and again this is separate from.real estate so it's still here for real.estate stuff you could probably like to.now should have internet but like I said.I want it to be like a virtual kind of.Big Brother thing which I do like I just.had this bad breakup man I get my kid or.something like that I don't have all the.answers but I just want to make an.environment that I think would be really.helpful so as right now I'm thinking.that's going to be every Sunday like 3.p.m. it's going to be like my own kind.of like I don't even wanna say Church.not religion but I'm kind of mentoring.group and again this is all in my head.so just rambling off the top I don't.know exactly what it's going to look.like but it's just something I really.want to do and play with an experiment.see how grow so if you're interested in.something like that or maybe have a.little cousin little nephew who needs.some guidance or just need some help.maybe they want to be an entrepreneur.and everyone's tell them they can't do.it.you know maybe they have challenging.relationships I'm going to have.challenges at school maybe they don't.know what to do with their lives maybe.they keep getting into trouble maybe.they're into drugs I don't know what it.is but I would like to have a support.group of myself maybe you know some.other people that are doing very well in.life I could get them to come in maybe.other people that experience and similar.things and we could just have this.mastermind of what it means to just be.successful and you know again like I.said women ladies everybody's welcome.but the target audience will be.manhood training group just so we can be.the absolute best versions of ourselves.so as usual I'm a little long-winded for.some reason in some of these videos but.I hope you guys got some value from it.thank you again for joining I really do.appreciate that.please subscribe tell some people about.me leave some comments let me know what.you want to see next sometimes I'm just.like I don't even know what to do the.next video on because like I said I do.want to start pumping out some more.stuff so let me know in the comments I.do read them I will check them out I'll.make some videos if you have some.questions for me and enjoy enjoy.Thanksgiving the holidays thanks again.and subscribe appreciate you guys peace.

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