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Instructions regardingRecover Fund Fill Form

hello everyone my name is spring porter.and i recently started a company at home.we're recovering unclaimed funds from.the states and the bankruptcy courts to.people that are owed money so I noticed.that there's not a lot of information.out there on YouTube.pertaining to unclaimed funds for.bankruptcy cases so this is what this.video is about I do want to preface the.conversation with I'm not an attorney.this is not considered or indicated as.legal advice if you do need legal.assistance or a you know legal.representation please contact a local.attorney in your area this is just basic.information on where to look and where.to find things pertaining to unclaimed.funds so for this particular you know.job you're going to need to go to this.site UCF dot US courts gov this is a.free site this is where all of the court.cases in bankruptcy with unclaimed funds.are held and then you're also going to.need ECF pacer UCF pacer is a court.website where you file district courts.and bankruptcy matters and all the.documents and case searches and are.listed here and this pacer is not a free.site you do have to sign up with a.credit card.I believe it's ten cents a page every.time you download a document so keep.this in mind that that site is not free.so the information is here excuse me on.the UCF US courts go so you pull this up.and you come to this screen so you have.a court section you have a creditor.section a debtor section case number and.then a box here for amounts so you could.search by any one of these you can leave.it blank and do a search it'll pull up.nationwide all the cases where they are.unclaimed funds held you can search by.creditor let's say I type IRS and here.you have 777.where the IRS filed claims and people's.bankruptcy cases and they never got.their money they never followed up on it.if you click amount twice it'll pull up.the highest claim so in this case we.have the IRS filed a claim for thirty.thousand dollars for this in this case.it's a company and when you see the case.number the first two digits indicate the.year so it's 2010 when this case was.filed the court to shows the.jurisdiction this was Nevada where this.case was filed so you could work this.[Music].when click the envelope it'll show you.the last known address the problem with.trying to reach out to a government.agency I mean as we already know it's.tax season time trying to get somebody.on the phone to talk about an unclaimed.fun when they are busy they're not gonna.you're gonna have a hard time getting.through to this claim it would be nice.to get you know an IRS claim done or to.because then that you have a lot more.claims that could come your way.potentially but this is tricky I.wouldn't use I wouldn't try to collect.on this one I have in the past I've just.sent numerous emails and left messages.and no one ever calls me back one of.these days hopefully they will come back.but that's one way that you could check.this it pulls up the Department of.Treasury and you could essentially work.this if you you know knew somebody maybe.that worked in the IRS or you had some.kind of contact or you had a way in you.could certainly do that you could search.by debtors name in this case I usually.like just like to search by state so.let's do Southern District of Florida.okay and search.so here when I pull that up I have.eleven thousand eight hundred and eighty.two cases and this is all for one.district a Southern District of Florida.has this many bankruptcy cases where.there is money left over so again.court-case creditor-debtor let's go.ahead and click amount twice that's.gonna bring us up to the highest claim.because you don't want to be working.claims that are like five four dollars.that's gonna be a waste of everybody's.time uh this is a good one is that this.pulled up first because this is.something that I would not work you see.that this amount it's low lovely it's a.hundred and seventy seven thousand.dollars but this case is from 97 and.there are multiple claimants so this is.a monster case it was an Atlas.environment a big corporation filed.bankruptcy they have a lot of claims a.lot of claimants if I click in this if I.go into pacer and I pull this up which I.don't want to do because it's going to.bring me a lot of documents that I have.to pay for you would see essentially.hundreds and hundreds of claimants on.here totaling up to this amount so I.would have to essentially go after the.higher claim some claims may only be.three hundred four hundred dollars per.person some may be maybe ten or fifteen.thousand so you would be although you'd.be working in one particular case you.would have lots of claimants and lots of.paperwork to go through this would be a.massive project that could be working.worth it if you have a time and money to.work it I wouldn't do that for the sake.of time I would want something a little.bit more straightforward so again go.back to this alright so let's click into.another page just trying to find the.right claim on something that kind of.sticks out you could one tricky thing.about contacting chase bank or a credit.union or a loan servicing company is.that they usually have attorneys that.handle matters for them when it comes to.anything legal so and essentially you.would either have to contact their.attorney for hey do you want to work.with me on trying to recover this.unclaimed funds and they're going to be.I can just do it myself so you could go.the route of trying to contact the.attorney and trying to get them to help.you on this particular case or you can.call chase themselves which is going to.be tricky because again you're calling a.banking institution you don't have a.full social of the debtor and you don't.have our full tax ID number in this case.and you don't have a you know a full.account number for this particular.account with Chase so it's hard to get.someone in a big corporation you know.that right person on the phone it's.gonna give you a headache I've been.there I've done that trying to read and.hunt down the right person but it's not.easy I typically look for smaller.companies or maybe a single creditor.maybe I'm landlord or some smaller you.know company or an individual who gets.money back so in this case I'm not gonna.have called this guy already and it was.a headache he talked to me for 30.minutes about some other issues that.he's unhappy with but for the purpose of.this video this Larry Williams is a.person who filed bankruptcy and here he.is as the creditor because he's getting.money back to him and this case is.pretty old 2009 I've actually tried to.call him and he's jaded about the way.the case went and he is aware of this.$19,000 but he actually should have got.like a billion dollars I think he had a.lot of real estate that went bad and I.think his area is being gentrified and.he was owed less on something that he.shouldn't gotten more from so he's jaded.and he's really not concerned with this.amount when he knows that there's more.out there and I think his case was.dismissed so he's not interested.long story short don't contact Larry.Williams it was a headache to talk to.him let's try to find someone that's a.little bit more straightforward I've.tried to call tech Cheryl wall does.somebody's already working on that both.her and her husband.alright so let's try Jeff redial this is.from 2017 I think I've tried to contact.him before too but for the purpose of.this video let's just go ahead and do.this so you can see how it's done click.on the case number so there's only one.amount that is owed to him in this.amount of $10,000 and then this is ready.used to live so from here I would do a.hundred percent let's see three people.search comm skip-tracing.you want to know what the last address.is for this individual so I have.Geoffrey weigh-in dial and he last his.last known address was in Hollywood okay.so this is his last address and it.hasn't been updated but we do have.telephone numbers here for him so this.would be a good one we have email.addresses that we could call we have.family members possible associates.possible relatives okay and then all of.that is here if you click on the name.Linda Keller she's 74 maybe that's an.aunt of his or grandma so here we have.an amar qez she lives in Florida as well.and this is her information so you could.call family members associates you could.send him an email you have email.addresses here too provided that they.were there is something called.background report or you could pull a.report and it would have all this.information I mean we don't really need.his age his arrest records who he was.married to and divorced to that's not.important.I suppose this would be important if you.if he didn't file bankruptcy and you're.trying to find him because you want to.put a lien on his house or you want to.garnish wages or find assets in this.case we have assets for him so we don't.really need a background report for this.essentially the telephone number and.associates would be sufficient enough so.we have something so from here on.let's go to paster before you call him.you want to make sure that you know if.the funds are still there so again use.ECF pacer after you log in you put your.credit card number in and all that you.set up a user name you're going to go to.new search find cases is where you need.to go find cases under case search and.then you're gonna put in the case number.so you go back to the US courts.unclaimed funds locator you type in the.case number and in this case it should.be highlighted because I think I've.contacted yeah I see his number pops up.I've contacted him already or tried to.at least so let's see it's important to.notice we put in this case number and I.think I put in the wrong case number 17.two three one six eight bankruptcy let's.just well yeah and narrow it down okay.so that as you see as I typed in that.case number which is usually isn't the.case you usually just get a few this one.has so many of the same case numbers but.you're only concerned with the ones that.are in Florida okay so you don't want to.be clicking on somebody else's case.click on that and then your docket.report and then you run report you don't.have to click anything else just run.report this is going to show you good.information we have the style of the.case we have a we know that he's pro se.we know that he was once represented by.an attorney but then it was terminated.for some reason and then he ended up.doing it himself that's what we can see.from here we see that it was a chapter 7.has an asset case so he did get a.discharge but for some reason let's see.and another thing before you contact.people and especially debtors you want.to make sure that the case is discharged.closed or dismissed when a case is.discharged that means that they are no.longer.possible for paying that certain.creditors and they're kind of free and.clear and they have that Fresh Start.that everybody talks about with.bankruptcy okay when the case is closed.it is closed so it's okay to contact.them then it's okay to contact when it's.discharged when a case is dismissed it's.usually because they didn't have enough.money or they filed something you know.wrong or they didn't file something.right and the case has been dismissed.it's almost as if it never happened.the creditors at that point can contact.them everybody is after them again the.way they were before they filed so you.want to contact the debtor in those.conditions you don't want to contact.them.when the case is open and they're.represented by an attorney you're gonna.get a nasty email call from an attorney.say why are you calling my client so.make sure that the case is closed before.you call people so in this case he filed.pro se and the case has been discharged.it's okay to call him bankruptcy is.tricky there are a lot of moving parts.here you have to be aware of that's why.again I recommend someone doing this who.has maybe been a paralegal before or is.familiar with legal may be a process.server or some or a clerk in the.bankruptcy court or you know in a.regular civil court someone who is kind.of familiar with these types of rules.you don't want to make a big mistake and.that will cost you all right so we have.parties here to the case that maybe I.can get into a later detail with another.video so once you get here you go down.you were searching for a letter or an.order of unclaimed funds so here we go.it's right here and it's highlighted.because I've already tried to research.this guy and I think I didn't get.anywhere so yeah the money is there you.click on this again this is 20 cents.because it's two pages and here we have.it the trustee has a balance of ten.thousand eight seventy eight and.basically is just saying that you know I.tried to send this member a check or.this debtor a check and it came back.returned and I'm sending it to the court.us all.document means all right so from this.point you want to save it because if you.end up getting this deal and the debtor.says yeah I want this money can you help.me you're gonna have to submit this.document as supporting information along.with your application for unclaimed.funds so let's save this and then from.here on you are wanting to go to again.we're in the Southern District of.Florida so after you got maybe an.updated telephone number and email.something worked and you called him and.you got your document from the court now.you are going to find your documents.that you need so you go to Eastern or.Southern District I'm sorry Southern.District of bankruptcy bankruptcy court.less says Illinois.I should type in Florida right of.Florida in every state every district.that has bankruptcy which they all do.they're gonna have this website so you.go here all of them haven't unclaimed.funds information and contact and you.look here go to search unclaimed funds.and here you have it you have.information this says clerk's.instructions for deposits into and.withdrawals from unclaimed funds so.withdrawals from unclaimed funds so here.you have it you have individuals.applying as original claimants you have.fun locators attorneys or employees we.would be considered in this instance the.fun locator so you would use everything.after this number two you would follow.these instructions you need a power of.attorney you need an affidavit of.claimant you need the application itself.you need to documentation the proof of.idea you need that.that's also from the court so you need.an w9 I have registered my business so I.would attach a w-9 to this but for this.particular state it looks like maybe.they have this form a 0 to 1 3 right and.that's interesting because again Federal.Rule should be the same all over the.states but for bankruptcy but they have.their local interpretations in Maryland.I don't need this little form here but.in the Southern District of Florida you.do so it's important to know the local.rules go through here and it's a simple.checklist it's not that difficult it.tells you how to submit the application.where to mail it to you're essentially.not filing it in the court online you're.essentially mailing it so that they can.review the documents they review the.documents you have the debtor sign.everything that they needed to sign and.you mean you're good to go provided that.you don't need to give any additional.information you should receive the money.if there is a deficiency in the actual.application documents are missing then.you would have to submit them you.probably need to contact the dead or.back or email them and say hey you know.the court is missing this you're going.to have to give this to me by a certain.date so every process along the way I.mean you'll you'll know you can always.come back after this has been sent to.the court go back to the court docket.and see what's missing so that way.you're on top of it before they even.send you a letter you can just sense.really go back to the court case after.some time after a week or two and go.down and see hey did they you know give.me the order on this or what's going on.with this so you can do that yourself.try to do that and get the money back so.you are helping people you're helping.people in the sense that they filed.bankruptcy they're not aware of the.money and you're helping them claim what.is theirs so it is rewarding the process.is simple but it is difficult to get you.know people to trust you and to believe.this is not a.clearly you have court documentation.that is here so it's not a scam I think.that may be searching for state claims.would be trickier because there is no.documentation that you have liked from a.court that shows you know in black and.white what was sent to them or mailed to.them but this is how you would do this.for unclaimed funds for the bankruptcy I.hope this was helpful to you please let.me know in the comments if this was.helpful if what other videos that you.would like to see pertaining to this.type of thing be more than willing to do.another one so thank you and have a good.day.

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