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Tutorial as toYo San Irb Form

(light music).- I'm incredibly.grateful to be at Yo San..Yo San's given me a community..Yo San has given me the tools to.help myself in my everyday life..When people need help.I now have answers..I have tools to help.you empower yourself.and help you live.life in a healthier.and meaningful way..- We cannot stay the same..We must be better every.single generation..That's how we can get better..That's how the society.can get better..That's how civilization.can improve..And that's our goal..How do we teach the next.generation of practitioners.that's gonna be better than.the previous generation?.The goal of Chinese Medicine.and what we strive to.do in Yo San University.is to empower people.so that they and their.healing capabilities.can be awakened..Yo San founded the school.in China.at the turn of the last century..This was very unusual.for a medical family.to open its doors and say.if you want to be a doctor,.and if you want to.help heal the world,.come and we will teach you.what we've known.for all these years..And so he opened a school..So it was our father OmNi,.my brother, Dr. Dao and myself..The three of us working together.to fulfill Yo San's vision..When we opened Yo.San University,.we decided that.not only are we going to.name the school after him,.we were going to.continue his legacy,.which were three parts..One was he did direct healing,.which is what we're doing.through the Tao of Wellness..Number two, he was going.to educate students.to become doctors..So that's what we're doing.through Yo San University..And three, we're going to be.a resource in the community,.by providing low-cost.or free services.for those who can't afford it,.and therefore out community.outreach programs..And this is.our way of thanking him..(lively piano music).- The first time I.walked into Yo San,.I felt....that there was a place.that would be able to teach me.what I wanted to.manifest in life..And what I want to.manifest in life is.giving, not just healing.through herbs, but through.tender care and love..- The Yo San University.Blount Community Clinic.is most important part.of the university..We must take care.of our community..We must take care because we.are part of the community..And there's a Taoist Principle,.you must always give back to.a community that you live in..- The Blount Community.Clinic offers the community.low-cost acupuncture,.Chinese Medicine treatment..It's on campus at.the university..And it provides a resource.for the community to come in,.for not only treatments.but anything related to.Chinese Medicine and wellness..And for the students.it's important because.being a low-cost.community clinic,.it draws in a large.amount of patients.and that would give them a.lot of patients to work with.during their clinical training..- We have programs at.Children's Hospital,.Venice Family Clinic,.Wise & Healthy Aging,.The Wellness Center,.and Being Alive, HIV clinic..These are just some of the.many programs that we.have in the community..And the goal of this.is that number one,.we as an institution.want to be a resource.for the community..We are committed to.helping people get well..We're also committed.to helping our students.become better doctors,.become the best.that they can be..And our students have.opportunities to go out.into these externship programs.where they can fulfill.their requirement.and working at the.community level.with Western Medical.professionals,.specialists,.psychologist, social.workers, and others.to really provide the.service that is needed..- So we've been.working with Yo San.for over nine years in this.integrated medicine program..This is a great.opportunity for them to see.how powerful their.medicine can be.and to be able to.establish relationships.with very appreciative patients.who otherwise have never.had this kind of treatment.and may never have this.kind of treatment again..So it ends up being a.very rich experience,.not only medically.and therapeutically.but also psychologically.and socially I think..- Being Alive is a really.great place to work.because for one, the.community really needs it..You deal with.desperately sick people..You see patterns that.we don't really see.in a regular clinical setting..But it's not only that.the patients there.are greatly helped..But the students have a great.learning experience as well..The majority of our.patients has I mentioned.do not have insurance.and also are very low income,.very low resources to be.able to pay out of pocket.for this kind of a,.really medically.necessary procedure..Here, it's offered for free.which is a tremendous.opportunity for patients.to be able to access something.they would probably otherwise.not be able to access..But that in fact is actually.oftentimes more effective.than prescription medications.for the management of pain..- So what we want to.do is to create these.sets of treatments and.help to a community.that's affordable,.that is safe,.and that's effective..- And I love the tradition.that the school brings.to their specialties..So on my first day,.it was years of.anticipation built up.and I walked into.our classroom and.immediately all of the.members of our class.made this instant connection.and we just had this.incredible community.that has developed..- I think one of the.most important parts.of the Yo San.University education.is helping students to.discover who they are,.to discover their energetics,.and to discover.their deficiencies.and act just like a patient..Just like sensing a patient,.you need to know.who you are first..You need to know.your health status..And a lot of times it.starts with lifestyle..- We firmly believe.in the actualization.of the student.becomes the medicine..Meaning the doctor.needs to develop him or herself..Students go through.their program.and they are required to.learn and practice and master.a Tai Chi form,.or a Chi Gong form,.or a meditation,.so that they can.develop themselves,.mentally, spiritually,.and physically..- You know, Chi is an.interesting notion..Basically we could say.that Chi is energy..And in a way it's.a bit like the wind.because can we.really see the wind?.Not exactly but we can.see evidence of it..And so Chi is something that.we have inside our body..It has all these characteristics.and there's ways to recognize it.but at the same time we.can't see it and bottle it..- Chi and Chi Gong are.meditative practice..And you can also learn.a lot about yourself.because your energy will show up.in your movement..And if you can allow.that to be your teacher,.you can learn so much about life.and so much about yourself..- It's not just.getting an education.but their goal is to help you..They want to give you the tools.to heal yourself as a person..Because in order to.heal other people,.in order to help other.people and their health.emotionally and physically,.you have to be in a good place..- But what's interesting is,.as you graduate and.you start practicing,.and you realize you want to be.a better practitioner each day,.it always comes.back to the self..How centered are you?.How calm are you?.How much can you shut.out the external noises.and the social.pressures and all that?.- I remember very clearly.the day when I walked.into Yo San University.for the first time..I was welcomed by this.beautiful smiles of.Mark who was at the.bookstore at that time.and Dr. Mao who gave.me a hug and said.welcome to the family..And I was so impressed.because I didn't even know.who he was at that time..But he gave me a big hug.and I immediately.felt so welcome.and so wonderful..And I just knew,.this is where I'm.supposed to be..- Yo San University really.expects the students.to come with an open mind..And we are here to help them.to really create a.strong curriculum.and path for themselves..Each student develop in a.different speed, different ways..But the most important.is to teach them how to.critically analyze,.critically think about.manners in their self..Understand for example,.they must learn.the fundamentals,.which are your theories..They need to learn about herbs,.and also acupuncture treatments..They need to understand.how the body works,.the different points,.different meridian that.runs throughout the body,.and obviously.understand the etiology,.the epidemiology,.as well as the pathology.of each disease,.are rudimentary to become.a very good healer..But beyond that.really at the end,.all this knowledge.that you learn,.most critical part is actually.to become a lifetime learner..We teach our students to.actually have the skillsets.to learn on their own.once they graduate..I think that's fundamentally.the most important.skillset you can ever have..- Our expectations.for our students.is that we would like them.to obviously master.the knowledge.of the practice of.Chinese Medicine..They need to be well versed.in being able to.diagnose correctly.patients when they come.in with their problems..They need to be.able to recognize.not just in Chinese.Medical theories.but also Western.clinical medicine..They need to.recognize if there is.a situation that calls for.a second opinion..- I teach the basic.principles courses..And my approach to it is,.and I tell the.students immediately.that the objective.of the course is.to try to get them to.think like Chinese doctors..And I tell them this is.a whole new way of thinking..Chinese thought isn't linear..And you can't really.approach it the same way.you've approached all.your studies in the past..- Well for one thing,.we bring in the herbs..So there's a lot to.look at, compare,.they have to smell.them, taste them..I make tea..So I know some herbal teachers.just teach with words..But to me that's just.such a missed opportunity..So there's just a.lot to look at and.what they say is I'm.so excited about herbs.so they're excited about herbs..I'll never stop being.excited about herbs.because it's just my world..I just love it so much..- I have been teaching at.Yo San for about 20 years..But I love teaching and.it's always you learn you know..Sort of teaching and you.learn a lot from my student..From some point I.am their teacher.but from the other point.they are my teacher..They taught me a lot..- I always tell.them it's important.that you are now a.community of healers..And it's important.to help each other,.support each other,.and really be authentic there..And learn to really.put your energy.and your heart now is no longer.just in Yo San,.your heart is now.with the world..- First time I walked in here,.it was like,.it was so peaceful.and so welcoming..I immediately felt like I.was experiencing healing.just being in the building..I couldn't stop smiling..I just knew it felt like.home as soon as I came here..- The successes of our graduates.are tremendously.satisfying to us..Because we are the 38th.generation practitioner family.and so every one of.our students represents.the next generation healers..And so they're the.39th generation..So it really pleases us to see.that they are.successful and thriving..- So alumni to me they.are family members to me..And we always keep.in constant contact..I think that's critical.for us to continue.to learn together..- The way that Yo San.has affected my life.and practicing Chinese Medicine,.I would say one thing for sure..When I wake up in the morning,.not most days but every day,.I feel great about.what I do for a living..And so I'm excited about.coming to work you know..Even 20 years later..There's always something.new to learn about it..And for me, I don't know,.I don't tire from it..It's exciting to see.that I'm actually having.a direct impact.in people's lives..- What I learned from.the Yo San program.is to be an affective.practitioner,.I needed to be.technically well adept which.means when I do these things.it shouldn't hurt..The medicine should.go down easily..And I should be nice,.which is really.what this is about..It's about having a patient,.practitioner relationship.that's based on trust..Some would say that.that's not teachable..But I would disagree in that.the program that they've set up.at Yo San is very,.very much teachable,.which does not mean.that you're gonna change.somebody's personality..But you're definitely going.to make it the best it can be..- It was really hard for.sure, those four years..I mean really, really hard..Almost as hard as giving birth..But it was worth it..It really was..It was a great experience..- I would like to,.if the universe allows it,.start my own practice..That would be wonderful..I would really like.to continue being part.of a nonprofit..Because doing the.externship here at.The Venice Family Pain Clinic,.allows me to reach a.different kind of patient.group that I'm not able to.reach in a private practice..- We are in an era of.integrated medicine..It's very important to learn.from all aspects of medicine.that are best for the world..Understanding genetics.is equally as important.to understand how.acupuncture works..Understanding about pathology.in the molecular level.is equally as important.as how the whole parts.put together work together..You need both..Today's physician.cannot be a technician,.cannot just be a scientist..They also has to be.somebody who's a counselor,.who understands human nature,.who also understands how things.work together as a whole..So integrative medicine.is not about integrating.different modality.of treatments..It's about integrating.your thought process..It's also about integrating.how you do medicine..It's about seeing.the whole picture..- The future model of healthcare.is to be able to be in.all medical setting,.where there is the.Western medical care.and there is the traditional.Chinese medical care..And together we.can serve patients.of all backgrounds and all needs.in a way that's most effective.and also preventative.and respects the patient.as a person..Because we are.addressing their issues.in terms of mind,.body, and spirit..- As we had more and.more patients in common,.we started to realize.that there were.so many facets to breast health.that could benefit from.all of the modalities.he was providing..Be it through herbs.or acupuncture,.teaching meditation,.better nutrition..And a lot of patients who just.basically for example.maybe a little higher risk,.I needed to whip them off.their hormone replacement.so they're miserable.in menopause.with their hot flashes.and mood swings..And low and behold after just.a couple of visits with him,.they would feel fine..And all of that risk of taking.hormones was eliminated..And all of their misery in.menopause was abolished..And so we thought, wow,.we really have something here..It can work on multiple levels..It's not just for.the cancer patient..- There's been multiple studies.published in Western literature.looking at the benefits of.herbal acupuncture medicine.in proper prospective.Western medical trials..And so the data's out there..They just have to.at some point say.okay it's real and.I'll accept it..- I do refer extensively.to doctor's Mao and Dao-Ni.who I've known for years.because since my first.encounters with them,.they like myself have.always been open minded.to each others'.portfolio of tools..And I have open.respect for that..And that is the benchmark to me.of a patient-centered clinician,.where they're putting.the patient first,.not their own agenda..- I've treated people,.for example in.cancer chemotherapy,.with Chinese herbs..And they have done.so much better.than most people.do in chemotherapy..- That's where traditional.Chinese medicine.has a tremendous.impact on many lives.as they're introduced.to this whole entire.philosophy of.wellness and balance.that they had never.achieved before..So they feel empowered by that..There is something I can do..- When there are.couples that come in.wanting to have a child,.in some ways it's based on love..It's based on this.beautiful love.that you want to.create something..The fruit of two people's love..And so trying to help.someone to get pregnant.probably to me is one.of the most sacred work.that I can ever do..- Over the last 35.years we've just.had a very common.ground experience.and the patients have.benefited from it..I had a woman I remember.that had fibroids,.just really active.growing fibroids,.uterine fibroids..And she'd had several operations.and I was sitting.here and I'm thinking,.we're gonna have to.do another surgery..A young woman and I was worried.about uterine.function after that..And I talked to Dao and I said.this lady is really a tough case.and I don't know whether.you can do anything.with these fibroids..They seem to be super sensitive.to her hormone changes..And he said well let me.work with her for a while..And I had done.several ultrasounds.and measured all of.them and there were.five or six fibroids that.were significant in size..I didn't see her.for three months..She came back in and she said.Dr. Dao wanted me to come in.and get another ultrasound..I said, yeah let's take a.look, see how bad they are..And I looked, and I.looked, and I looked..And I said did you have surgery?.She said no Dao has.just been working on it..I said I can't believe this but.you've got one tiny.little fibroid here.but all the rest of.them have disappeared..I said they really have..And I said I never believed.that I'd see.something like that..And if I hadn't.done her ultrasounds.before I sent her over there,.I would have believed that.that was just all nonsense..But that was kind of.a big awakening for me.as to this is really.powerful stuff..- So I definitely see.integrative medicine.becoming more.mainstream in a way.but maybe not even called.integrative medicine,.just called good medicine..(lively piano music).- You matter here..You're automatically.part of a community.once you're here..- Everyone's got an.interesting life story.as to how they got here..So everyone's got something.unique that they bring.to the medicine..And it's exciting to be with.a group of like-minded,.intelligent, interesting people,.studying something so profound..- No one else is.doing as comprehensive.an integrative medicine program.in a low income.community as we are..Yo San is a very valuable,.fundamental and early.on part of that program..We couldn't be doing this.program without Yo San..- They have an amazing center..I just can't say.enough about it..I've seen a lot of the.people that they've trained.and I totally accept them..I've never questioned.their abilities.if they come from those guys..To me they're good to go..- My vision for the future.of Yo San University.is that we're able.to collaborate.just like the way we practice.with Western medical.professionals..It's that we can affiliate.with educational institutions,.hospitals and research centers.so that we can produce.more availability,.so that we can.serve more people,.and at the same time.this knowledge can filter.into medical schools..- Yo San University is all about.to give the world.to become a safer place,.to become more integrated place,.not just in the.sense of medicine,.but in sense of good health,.in sense of good nurturer.of our environment.at the same time..So by practicing.integrative medicine,.by using as much as possible.natural ways on how.we can heal our body,.we hope to create a world.with less chemicals..We hope to create a world.with a better health.status for all..

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Yo San Irb Form FAQs

Here are the answers to some common problems regarding Yo San Irb Form . Let us know if you have any other problems.

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