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good morning or late morning today's a.really exciting day for me because I get.to go to Moorpark College and speak to.the students in their exotic animal.management training program I think.that's what it's called I should.probably look that up before I go so I'm.gonna take you guys with me hopefully be.able to show you tour of this amazing.school / zoo it is known as America's.teaching zoo and Kali will not be coming.okay so I got this opportunity to go.speak to all the students at Moorpark.College through one of their students on.Instagram she was following me and they.had played one of my videos on YouTube.by the way if someone's gonna ask this.is Cardinal hair product it's awesome.I've talked at colleges before who've.you know had questions about you know.animals zoos and aquariums or the ethics.and morality behind SeaWorld it's always.really fascinating to me to get the.feedback from this generations they're.the ones attempting to do as most.unbiased research as possible and I like.to hear their conclusions so that's.what's coming and I'm getting a haircut.tomorrow so this is like really I would.I wish I could have my hair looking.better for this but plus I have gray.hair I'm getting old guys I'm getting.old.it's gonna turn into a hair video real.quick that's gonna have to work.hi let's just just it's just how I look.alright I'm here at Moorpark College we.have Jackie and Hayley.we have training sessions going on.behind us with what Dalila the Blue.Crane not to be confused with delilah.the paint crane or any other color and.then tell me tell them what you were.just telling me about when the Park.first opened.so our edom program started back in the.70s down past that baseball diamond.there we're actually located on a.college campus which makes us unique.after a couple decades students moved.everything up here to where we are now.we don't have a maintenance staff so.students have built almost a lot of the.things that you will see here on the su.new projects all projects have been.built by former students so we're gonna.see what they built and I just guys I.want to show you guys Delilah real quick.he's 96 years old he's a Galapagos.tortoise right now he's inside because.it's cold out so he's gonna go.thermoregulate and his heated shed as an.example of something students have built.this year we have built a cement wallow.for him.tortoises like him love to wallow and.usually mud boat ours is with water so.students built that we also built other.forms of enrichment for him those logs.over there it's new terrain.he loves to walk over those and we.always put his food somewhere new and he.loves to push around that giant Weiner.ball over there - okay tell me about.this man or woman over here like I also.have this weird obsession with.alligators and crocodiles so this is.happy so I'm a current trainer.unhappy this semester we're actually.trying to just you can see he just woke.up he hears us talking about him right.now happy was actually someone used to.live in a bathtub so that's why we have.the bathtub as an example so people can.see that's the environment this animal.where is the bathroom is yeah we can go.down there see okay he literally lived.in a bath tiny alligator you can get.them when they're this big and they're.so cute when they're little and they.look like a big lizards so they put him.in this bathtub and as alligators do he.grew and got larger they do that.realized this is not a good pet so they.did the right thing instead of easily.just setting him free into their.backyard they brought him to a wildlife.rehabilitation facility.he lives with us where he gets checked.on hourly and has trainers every.semester and a balanced diet do you.think his growth was stunted at all.because we would say he's travel-sized.yeah travel size to fit and what what.have you trained happy to do happy is.actually trained to a target pool.explain what that is.a target pool is a stick we use and when.the animal touches the end of the stick.with in his case it would be his mouth.he gets bridged which we use a whistle.so we use a whistle as a bridge and the.reward is food so we use a second stick.because he's an alligator and I'm not.gonna stick my hand in there to hand.feed him we put the food on the stick we.use the target stick he'll come up out.of the water you know up real quick like.how alligators do he'll touch a target.pool we use the rip the whistle to.bridge and then he'll get the food on.the other stick yeah you know in a.bridge if you're if you've never heard.that word is basically like when you.tell your dog good they just use a.whistle instead of the word good now my.absolute favorite a parrot a macaw right.oh this is the best one yeah nice.so what is a single tree or animal it's.a sign to be her trainer only one.student and there's only two animals and.they can't blame it on anywhere nope and.if what if your boy for this semester.where Christmas is honors you has.multiple trainer so you can get days off.with that animal was it less times when.people want to work with animals that.you really never have it full day off.there's always the risk to work you are.beautiful they not only have rocks the.macaw they have a lot of other parents.too they're everywhere.we're in the bird world right now we're.gonna show you some more parrots and.then the rumor is that we're gonna.there's Tigers coming out but we're also.gonna meet a pig - also I was just not.recording this so we don't just train.our animals fun behaviors like please.say Aloha so those are cute and fun.behaviors but we also train husbandry.behaviors and husbandry behaviors are.when the animals participating in their.own care so very important because it.can minimize the stress that the animal.may go through visit to a vet can be.scary no I don't like going to the.doctor but I get a lollipop when I go to.the doctor and it just makes me so I've.been training a behavior with cowboy to.potentially get blood okay so you're.Winx so though that behavior looks fun.it's the start - wait this behavior.where I can touch under his wing where.his vein would be right there under my.finger so if the vet ever needed to get.blood from cowboy who may not be so.scared if they come into his personal.space which would be his wing or.touching his bee.where is he can't see your foot you.shake my hand oh thank you one thing I.think it's really important is that.husbandry and health care behaviors.allow the animal to voluntarily take.part in necessary veterinarian exams all.these things and so by training so so by.starting with the target I can do a beak.touch so I can actually file food I can.actually file Cowboys deep in the nail.file to maintain his beak you same shape.I can actually file his toes too so.though it may seem like fun like.something like waving cowboy will you.wait I can see the bottom of his feet.here to make sure he doesn't have.bumbles it something that parents often.get if their parents are not good pets.they are rehomed average of all right if.you guys know what this bird is put it.in the comments section if you can.identify that bird.turkey vulture small do you go so that's.why we have a lot of searching going.from the ground up to where their flight.muscles would be that's the bone that's.right here in a bird for humans is flat.but for birds this way in order to touch.the bird's peel that's how we can tell.if they've lost too much weight that.bone will feel very sharp against our.hand so with our birds an important.other husbandry behavior though it's fun.to give them a little scratch on the.chest we can actually check their keel.to make sure they're not losing too much.weight or muscle mass in that area and.that's what she's training on elbow.right now tomorrow.and what he's doing is he's trying to.offer you his friends so in the wild.these guys will offer but beaker here is.actually raised completely by human so.he was imprinted on them so except so he.tries to offer food or toys or anything.you can find to people all right we are.in the reptile we probably need to go.see that snake again oh yeah come come.with us to look at this snake it's super.small I don't know if you'll be able to.see it so really yeah I like really look.now do you see it right in there I was.being sarcastic guys it's huge.so 14 feet is not miniscule by any means.her name is Morticia she's a Burmese.python anyway pina who's our Florida.king snake she's on the go all right.let's go look at the other reptiles and.there's some parrots behind us my.favorite Moluccan cockatoo right there.that's a project so they're just doing.what reptiles do their fun in a one spot.we have a colony of Madagascan nice for.Valentine's Day we just had a special.where you could give a couple bucks and.name the cockroach after your ex.so for those of you who follow me on.instagram you might have seen in my.story that while I was about to do a.session for a client I was walking down.the street and there is this gigantic.pig off leash and the pig was somebody's.pet and so here they also have a pig and.what is her bridge good or good pig this.is the messiest kid she is our home and.rice Jackie's going in there right now.to do training session with her this.semester we're just training our animals.of fun behavior so nyonyas news behavior.yep so and oh and the verbal cue for the.behavior it's like.Wow you trained that.Wow.and I spent a lot of time at SeaWorld.San Diego I went to high school and said.I am never going to work with marine.animals because I want to be rich and.marine animal trainers are very not rich.and so I went to school for business and.I studied business and I got into real.estate and on my 21st birthday like 10.of my friends Bobby trainer for a day at.SeaWorld San Diego and when that day was.over I called my dad and I said hey I am.NOT going to do business anymore I am.going to work with sea lions and he's.like I always knew that would be the.case so I applied to work at Sea Life.Park in Hawaii a real estate agent slash.business major with no practical animal.experience and I was like good point.good point so I went and got some animal.experience and then reapplied and but so.I go and I get this internship at Sea.Life Park and I meet this other intern.and her name's Shannon and she went on.to work at the Navy Marine Mammal.program but her and I are chatting I.know nobody none of us know anyone and.she goes well I was at the Amata.conference I couldn't make it I I.thought she said I was at the I know.and it was some like self-esteem thing.that she was like really proud of and so.then later someone who said I Matta.again and I figure out what it was like.oh my god I have a lot of work to do I'm.going to even be allowed to stay here so.the internship star was about 45 people.after two weeks it went down to about 28.people those people quit and I lived in.a house with 21 girls marine mammal.industry great industry if you are a.heterosexual male and so I live in a.house with 19 or 20 girls I didn't have.a room I had a little part of the house.it was just like this hallway this.section is for Kyle and I pay a lot of.money to work for free and it was the.happiest most exciting I was I did not.have a car I took the bus I bought a.bike for $40 and biked everywhere I.worked almost seven days a week.I never went home and I was supposed to.I just I just loved it and at the end of.my internship they offered me a job and.I said yes so I started there the.trainer I worked there for two years.with penguins Hawaiian monk seals.dolphins what else harbor seals sea.lions lots of different animals it was.really great and my friend Mary who runs.Talia training in Los Angeles has anyone.heard of that doctrine company total.ease training you guys should write that.down.if you ever are interested in doing dog.training working for a doctrine company.they are the best they hired a lot of.she actually is a trainer there I called.her this morning what she actually works.at telescreen it's a great great coming.anyway she told me she said Kyle.SeaWorld is hiring you should apply and.I said South Africa so I went home and I.applied online and I felt other cold.freakin application takes forever and.then I click Submit and it was like.error so I go back to the next day and.Merritt is like did you apply I go - no.she's like why I go I go home and go.apply so I applied and I got it I got.asked to swim test and I fly out to.Florida after practicing every day and I.wake up February 24th to go into the.swim test and the interview and all over.the news was the incident of dawn and.I'm happy to talk about that if people.have questions about that but we show up.they say you need to go back home okay.back to Hawaii and they call me three.weeks later they say okay now you can.come up with swim test.I swim test I mic test I interview on.the last person interview I in my.interview I walk outside and they one of.the HR people follows me outside he's.like hey when is your flight back I.regularly in six hours is I could just.stay here.and so then he came back it's like.you're hired you're going to start at.Shamu in three weeks.[Music].and then they're like actually like then.when I started they said we would really.need someone with all that experience or.gonna work at dolphins I don't need a.said okay give my resume but I worked.there for three years with dolphins and.false killer whales and pilot whales and.parrots and I met salsa just like don't.they smell so good.so I so I and so they did once I was at.wetland all for a while I went to.shampoo now when I was at SeaWorld it.was a very different culture than it was.the day before I was originally supposed.to swim test.there was no water work the rules.changed and I'm not exaggerating.almost every three to four hours so you.come into work at 9:00 and they're like.you can slap the water with your hand.then you go to lunch and you come back.and they're like hey you can't slap the.water with your hand anymore we can't.even recall not even with a target poll.okay and I mean just constant it was it.was instinct and sanity and I was there.a year black fish came out and I didn't.watch it because I was busy with my job.it wasn't even like even on my radar I.heard about it I people calling me you.see this movie at Sundance and like no I.think I don't have money so I get some.sleep with these amazing animals and.when you are a killer whale trainer.specifically at sea water land.who specifically work with telecom.because I got promoted over everybody.and black this was the biggest move to.here everybody has a question for you.your mom's best friends so I decided to.make this video now before I go into.that.does anyone here go alright I love all.animals but I really just want to work.with marina did would anyone be like no.I okay so and I'm not only gonna try to.talk for a little bit so it can be more.Q&A because there's no reason for me to.discuss something that isn't beneficial.to you guys so I just made a video with.my ex at the time and I said let's make.this video everyone's asking me all.these questions I'll just make a video.I'll put it out there and my walk so we.make this video and we put it out there.and oh I watched blackfish first.I sit and I sit down and I watch it and.I'm like it was mind-blowing to me not.because it was my boy to me because I.didn't realize how far from the truth it.was based on my experience working with.Tilikum and working with the whales if.that's how it was in 78 well then that's.on the trainers who were there in 78 my.experience was nothing like was depicted.and and I remember my boyfriend had said.to me later he said I watch.he watched blackfish - I was like he had.this perception but when we got to watch.it together and I was constantly.interrupting the film and saying that's.not true or that's not the way it is or.I've never even heard of that like brand.new to me he realized he's a three-time.Emmy award-winning journalist he.realized wow this is really not true so.we made this video and the video is 17.minutes long you can go to my website.Kyle Kyle CENTCOM Marine Mammal trained.I run Marine Mammal trainer comm if any.of you have been there you can watch the.video if you'd like but when we.published it I thought I texted.we don't know 500 people like I know.what is the first day it had 25,000.views and my phone was going every part.of my social media is blowing up and it.quickly went to a million views and and.it first was the best because it first.made its way through the what I what I.consider it my return the logical animal.advocates people are likely and they're.sharing it it's a lot of positive.feedback I got a lot of emails of like.that's awesome good job I'm glad you're.doing this people at SeaWorld called me.and I will quote them verbatim there had.a PR called me at the time and he said.this video has done more for us than.anything we've ever done and I was like.more shame on you I had a camera and 17.minutes and you have billions of dollars.so and don't get me Sarah.so I so that was the first round it was.all very positive it was great nice.getting us to speak wonderful but then.it reached the the second tier of people.who watch blackfish and believe it to be.true and at first I was so angry at them.I was like ha I am Telling You I was.there and I did this and I worked with.silicon why do you not why do you.believe the movie over me but when I.finally took myself out of my ego tist.achill state and looked at it as.obviously as possible there is no reason.for anybody to believe a film that's.being promoted as a documentary that's.appearing on CNN to be anything other.than fact so if I I really do believe.this if I had never worked at SeaWorld.if I had only worked at Sea Life Park.especially if I'd never work with.animals but if I only ever worked uh Sea.Life Park and I watch blackfish I think.I wouldn't what you guys are doing is.wrong the truth is that 85% in my.experience of what is depicted in black.fish is mislead or an outright lie it.makes a great film and about 15% is true.I did not advocate for SeaWorld and I.can say that now because they pay me.more and they barely sent me a paycheck.and I do not advocate for blackfish I.only advocate for the animals and.blackfish has ruined the lives of the.animals who live at SeaWorld and because.of that it has subsequently affected and.will continue to affect the future lives.of animals were out in the wild you guys.know this.and that uses an aquarium do the most.wildlife conservation work they are the.ones who are called when animals need.help in the wild while the rest of.humanity is destroying the ocean and.destroying forests and hurting these.animals zoos and grams come in to try to.balance that out meanwhile other.organizations or other zoos and.aquariums that maybe aren't doing a lot.of good work go unnoticed because we're.over here really focused on 22 killer.whales who live at SeaWorld and we're.not focusing on the animals that maybe.actually are not being cared for.correctly or the terrible things are.going so I always come from a place of.what is best for the animals I will.share a personal story when I was.actually a mu it was dry the entire time.I think I saw a trainer in the water.twice in a Med pool doing decent water.work and that was it very I hate that I.want the trainer's to be in the water.with the whales.and I talked to I think it was my.supervisor and I said what was it like.the day after the incident for the.whales and she said the day after Don.died and she said it was normal for the.whales they we did the show it was dry.and we had sometimes done dry shows just.to mix it up and keep things novel for.them and then she said but about day.three four or five when the cues in the.show would come along and win those.points in the show or a trainer would be.stepping on to a whale's back or diving.into the water the whales will be.swimming up to this to the edge of the.pool and arching their back out of the.water in front of the trainer to be like.and that that was really sad to me not.be I don't I don't feel for the Train.but I do feel for the whale because it.was such an enriching stimulating part.of their lives that is no longer there.and it has it has caused trainers have.to get very creative on how to fulfill.that but I don't think you can.I was never bonded to one of the whales.I worked with the same way I was bonded.to a dolphin or a sea lion or a parrot.because you can't get in their world I.get in the Dolphins world I get in the.parents were like it in a seal and the.world even the false killer whales and.pilot we get in their world but when it.came to killer whales I was always in my.world and they were and there that we.had a transaction and that type of.relationship is not what's best for the.animals in my opinion so that's been.really really hard to to watch that.being said the whales are in great care.they have a ton of enrichment and.stimulation and the people there are are.the most passionate people in the world.I was talking to Jackie and Haley they.were here on Christmas right and you.guys when you take when you have your.animal it's your birthday you know this.also doesn't care so die so I understand.those people are still there doing a lot.of great work that isn't that's that's.just like my quick overview so we have.some sort of context to have a.discussion I'm happy to answer any.questions from getting a job.interviewing swim testing to blackfish.the film the ethics morality with.animals under the care of man or you.know Britney Spears as to or dates this.summer she's finally going on tour again.let's try to stick with animals are.there any questions or concerns or.comments it came out after I was fired.and it came out while I was working at.Shannon yeah so it was something in my.peripheral I remember getting a phone.call from my dad at lunch he's like have.you heard of this movie blackfish no he.goes all look about a whale out of land.oh okay and I didn't think anything of.it remember we had to code before then.and I believe that sea world's reaction.to blackfish was inspired by the.reaction to the cove coat came out they.made no response nothing memorable at.least and it kind of went away but then.they make a reason you know Blackledge.comes out they think alright we'll make.a will not respond again and maybe this.will just go away and it didn't it very.much did not go away blackfish want for.sure it won't and that sucks.because it's not true one thing I.correlated to is what's that documentary.about the guy who ate McDonald's for 30.days supersizing so eats McDonald's for.30 days and then they're like and guess.what.it was watch this for two hours so we.can show you how if you only give.McDonald's for three days it's unhealthy.and America was like what.shut it like shut it duh we didn't even.documentary to tell us that's McDonald's.everyday is that so.McDonald's then comes in and says hey.I'm going to we're going to pivot we.can't just be pushing Vic Max and then.that's when they came out with salads.and milks and apple slices right so.they're like seed we're not yeah we have.bad stuff but we also have good stuff.and they were able to read back from.that blackfish cut and supersize means.it's true like I didn't fact check.supersize me but we know the.fundamentals eating macabre blackfish.comes out and is largely true to the.extent things about me that were untrue.like the things in blackness that aren't.true I would probably call the water it.would be like I don't beat people up you.know or whatever you're telling you.saying about me it's not true.and Cyril makes that sensually no.response now what does that tell you I'm.the public I'd be like I was guilty.because it doesn't make any sense to me.because eating McDonald's as bad is true.and McDonald's was like but we'll fix it.blackfish is not true 85 percent not.true and see what is like it doesn't.makes it so I understand I just so so so.understand when people are like I would.never notice I think that's terrible.I get it I understand why they think.that would the the dangerous part is.that when people stop going to make.SeaWorld they stop going to aquariums.altogether they they stop they everyone.always use the extreme right that's why.that's why Super Size Me works it was an.extreme documentary if it was hey if you.eat McDonald's in moderation and it's.not great but it won't kill you that's.not true many will not.but it has to be an extreme case so.having I just lost my train of thought.an extreme documentary what was I gonna.say well an extreme documentary about.like tilikum story on my on my website I.have about five or six thousand word.article that is unpublished and saved.under drafts and I wrote it after I had.a very frank conversation with someone.who gave me some information and a.streaming off the record that was so.shocking to me i I'm gonna write about.that and I did and then I didn't publish.it because it wasn't it wasn't a.position I wanted just be gone at the.time I think I will I will give you some.facts real quick right now if you go on.the HS Us website there is an entire.page dedicated to shutting down.cetaceans and marine animals and a.partner.like salsa so so you tell me what's.going on with the partnership where one.is like we want your companies we want.companies like yours and yours to be.shut down and this one going cool let's.let's work on that it doesn't make sense.to me and win things logically don't.make sense to me I make the assumption.that something else is going on and I.believe something else is going on and I.[Music].but I I think there's something else.going on and I think it's a joke I think.it's a joke I think SeaWorld needs to if.I were in charge of SeaWorld I also have.that same of the draft it was a 13 point.plan for C we partnering with American.Humane I wouldn't be partying partnering.with HS us and now we have hsus me this.is different now because the ACA was.getting involved with that and something.what what is going on here because what.shows up on the front page of the paper.or shows up in an email list to us and a.newsletter is unlikely the conversations.that are going on and I'm not here to.strike fear or be like some you know.like I want people to leave here and go.WOW corrupt I'm just saying that it is.up to the exact people in this room to.decide what is important to you when you.go into this field because we know it's.not honey we know it's not time off we.know it's not.it usually comes down to animals and if.you keep putting the animals first then.I think you're a winner and I'm worried.that some of these big power players are.losing sight of that.I think SeaWorld on the ground level has.lost sight of that at all I have two.words see little any time since I've.left and all three parks and the work.they do is just substantial now we don't.know anything about it because they're.marketing PR team is over here tweeting.about something irrelevant but like the.word they do really is substantial so.what do I think about the partnership I.think it's stupid I don't think they.should have done but I don't have an MBA.and I'm just the guy.well first of all I applaud you for.actually know what's going on everyone.has an opinion and nobody knows what's.going on it's crazy and especially in.the animal world if you guys are part of.all the Facebook groups of aspiring.keepers and trainers everyone has this.opinion I'm like what do you even know.what's going on and she is right we've.had great success in Hawaii I submitted.my name I did something but when you say.do you think old things will happen do.you mean like water workable things or.more of the same in recent history.yeah I think the direction that well I.think the direction of moving forward.will be no water work with killer whales.ever again ever anywhere in the United.States yes we have Lolita and Florida.but that's like I mean SeaWorld is the.killer whale place and that will never.happen again.which again from just a side note from a.safety standpoint that's ridiculous.because someone's gonna fall melodica.when I was at Sonoma Kyle before.mikail brand-new Ford whale never seen a.person in the water ever and his life is.not part of his reality so what happens.when not if it's slippery.you're my pools all day long you fall.into a pool with mikail he doesn't know.if that happened ten years ago there.will be like roller.but now with the whale who's never.experienced that stimulus so they I.think from a safety standpoint they.should be doing water work even if they.don't put it in show I think the.direction it will they're likely to go.is 100% conservation rescue animal.welfare and also look at all of our.amazing roller coasters they're going to.turn into a big big theme park and when.you go there and spend money at the.theme park to ride a roller coaster you.know that you're helping their sea lion.rescue at the beach that is I think the.direction they're going to go and I.don't see another way whether we like it.or not whether it's right or not the.direction things are going are no.animals zoos and aquariums now that's.not everywhere you go to Texas it's a.little different we live in California.so we get a little of that so it's uh.but that's but that's the direction so.they have to make that pivot just like.McDonald's pivots to healthier food.options the Zoological community has to.pivot their marketing to show the public.what they've been doing all along it's.not like zoos and aquariums don't do.this and now we have to start they've.been doing it the entire time but nobody.knows that when if you tell a normal.person at Starbucks if you give the word.zoo they're gonna think prison they.don't think constant but you tell them a.wildlife preserve or elephant sanctuary.and they think paradise okay there is no.difference between this elephant.sanctuary or Billy the elephant I Los.Angeles do but there's a way difference.in the marketing of those two things.organs ooh has a great marketing PR.department they are one of the.ooh zoological organizations actually.killing it and delivering the message.baby hippo rape market okay they are.they are showing people what the zoo.does did you guys know that 40 years ago.SeaWorld donated ten million dollars to.allow killer whale research so more park.teaching zoo for exotic animal.management and training y'all didn't.know that the largest marine animal you.know facility in the world donated ten.million dollars for research whose fault.is that it's not more parts that's not.yours at SeaWorld when I got that.information I called three trainers two.who worked at SeaWorld one who work at.Discovery Cove and I said what do you.think about that didn't even think about.emailing the trainer who talked to the.public every day it's it's because they.never had to they were like Shamu that.doesn't work anymore now you want to go.to a zoo and feel like I made a.difference yes when I when I spend this.money and I clap for this educational.talk the show whatever it is I'm helping.animals and people don't get that.feeling anymore they feel the opposite.they feel when I spend money and clap.I'm I'm a bad human I'm a bad person and.so the most successful Zoological.settings I believe over the next twenty.and fifty years will be the ones with a.great marketing and PR deferment now.they've gotta have the animals they've.got to have all of us to go in there and.provide what the zoo is gonna say they.provide but if nobody knows about it.then it doesn't matter this is my this.is I'm not a teacher.okay there's no textbook here this is.just my opinion but I have been in this.Brown because when I left SeaWorld I.kind of was able to break free from.following any rules that they had and I.had a lot of rules and so I was like I.was gonna do and say whatever I want to.do and say and I'll go on TV and say.this and I'll go on and pure and say.this and I'll talk to whoever and I'll.be like tell me the real deal.and then this is this that these are my.good yeah but it should also be a very.exciting time because you are going to.be a part of the new generation whatever.it is of zoos and aquariums that's it.it's not going to be like it wasn't the.80s just like the 90s everyday decade.were different and so now we're going to.be different it doesn't mean it's going.to be less fun less cool less impactful.it just means you have to know what your.purpose is going in and how you're going.to deliver on you have to know when that.you work at SeaWorld or somewhere and.they say oh but I just couldn't do that.because they torture animals you have to.know how to respond to that and it's not.an eye-roll in a walk away you know it.there's a there's a correct way to now.deliver that message about wildlife.conservation and about the good that.ensues and agreeance - not all of them.but at least the ones that we would you.know align ourselves two reasons the big.reason was that I was like all right.either I'm literally gonna do this.forever or I'm gonna not and I chose the.not it was the best time of my life will.probably always be the best time of my.life.but I wanted to do other things and I.wanted I wanted there are so many.moments when I worked with animals and.had the connection with other people.that made me.like when you do the make-a-wish or when.that kid you know wants to really show.you those connections with people.through animals many times just like.made it all worth it and I wanted to.have that but on a bigger stage so I.originally came out to LA to shoot a.pilot for this animal show and never.went anywhere but I but I would I would.love to do something like that because I.can perform in front of 5,000 people and.that's awesome and do that five times a.day that's 25,000 people or you know if.I could have a bigger platform I want.that the second reason is that the rules.the changing rules at Shamu was so.difficult for me it was difficult for.everyone but it was I think if they had.put me in sea lion or dolphin or to have.the government come in and tell you how.to do your job I would never go up to a.heart surgeon and be like hey I know you.botched that last surgery so let me cuz.I had no idea what I'm doing but these.people who have they go they don't have.any idea what they're doing they've read.a lot of words they've no idea what.they're doing are telling me wanted to.do so how about questions a very.specific moment in blackfish they talked.about in Puget Sound.SeaWorld by name was not allowed to go.up there and capture killer whales and.then right after that in the movie to.talk about the captured he'll come when.he was two and then it says that Tilikum.goes to Canada a lot of us were.wondering why is it see where all this.cold.they can't go there that Tilikum was.somewhere else and then if you went.somewhere else after that that were part.of.and doesn't quite make sense that see.what my name would be told you can't.hear I so I don't I don't know how to.clarify the actual steps of the mints.for you on that but what I can say is.and people are gonna go that I do not.believe that animals should be anywhere.other than the water I think that's.where they should be they should be in.the forest they should be in the ocean.they should be in the river that's what.I think I don't think they should be.anywhere else but oh my god yes they are.though they are a lot of other places.they are all over there and so it is our.job to give those animals the best life.possible that usually does not mean.sending them back out into the ocean.that is just as irresponsible as taking.them from the ocean in the first place.and if tomorrow Seeger was like by the.way this is illegal but if they were.like we're going out out in San Diego.and we're just gonna catch whales today.we're gonna bring him back I would be.like no complete I wouldn't be there.trying to stop that just like I would be.there trying to stop that if they said.we're gonna send these whales back out.into the ocean okay so I don't think.animals should be under our care but.they are and so it's our job to do.what's best for them and for animals.that are hurt by us and oil spills or.injured or you know pull noise pollution.of the ocean then it's our job to take.care of those animals well I believe in.that so I don't believe Tilikum should.have ever been taken from the other and.I don't believe Tilikum.right mikail was born at SeaWorld that's.where he should die.because we were working at SeaWorld when.they said movie did come out were there.rules about like even if you did watch.it like you can't respond or like put.something out like yeah there were a lot.of rules.in terms of talking to press and talking.to people from OSHA there would be.people who would call and want to talk.to a trainer or talk to a supervisor and.then start asking you questions about.what have you guys do the show last.night in 2008 wouldn't want you talking.about that and they yeah they didn't.want you talking to the press if I.posted something on Facebook they.wouldn't have cared but I didn't I had.Marine Mammal trainer calm at the time.and it was not branded with my name.anywhere on it because I didn't want.them to find that and then fire me or.get upset.because they they really have done a.terrible job across the board with.handling this about as bad as you can do.I've talked to three business school.instructors who have used SeaWorld's.ability to mishandle black fish as an.example of what not to do when your.business goes through crisis and if you.guys it's not like they're this I will.give you this example this is just from.SeaWorld I won't say who and it said.great write-up today thought you could.share it with your like followers so I.click on the link and it is a headline.that reads something like people find.SeaWorld does a lot of good for animals.or sea world's gray or something like.that and it was an article in some like.Long Beach Community College.if my brother wrote me an email and said.he was written up in the long beach.community college I wouldn't really know.I don't care and this is a billion.dollar company who's excited about some.good press at a school newspaper you.know and so I and I think they've gotten.better but it might be too well I get to.sit here go.there's all I know now that I know that.I won't do that I don't do the thing so.that's that's totally unfair how would I.have a villa I have no idea I would have.handled it on that circumstance but I.would be now and hopefully at the time.100% transparent the first thing I would.have done is participate in the.documentary hello.they're like we want to talk to you.about you in your killer well there's.nothing there so private shampoo with.security I got sometimes allowed back.[Music].and I think that should be open to the.public I think they should have 24-hour.live cams on every single pool and just.go look we're not hiding anything.look what we do because people think.they're real they're being forced to do.stuff they think the whales don't do.anything all day and it's just not true.so let's show them that it's not true if.it was true and they had to hide it I.understand these decisions but they.don't have to hide it I was there it was.a great environment for those animals so.let's show them that I think they have.not been transparent and I think.transparency is the most important thing.and so if I ever opened a zoo it would.just be like come on in you want to see.where we.like you want to come see our animals.that are sick you know it's funny like.when an animal dies that'll do people.get outraged and I'm always like because.they've never died in a while like.animals died so let's let's be.transparent yeah I have not gone through.it.but I seen the new show and I've seen a.little like meet the whale at the glass.thing that's good that's good it's just.it's and so now they're like I think.people are maybe the sitter.you're not gonna change anyone fine now.your goal needs to be alright we want.the next generation of logical animal.advocates to understand the truth that.means to be their goal because the woman.in Montana who watch blackfish and as.part of the Facebook group anti SeaWorld.she's made up her mind your little like.well at the glass excellence exhibition.isn't gonna do a perfect so I just do.that they paid me a hundred thousand.dollars I do a lot of I consult for dog.training companies one of which being.Tully's training again hit me up or.contact Ali's train directly.really wonderful and I helped not only.dog trainers and training companies only.use positive reinforcement so we're.never using any type of punishment not.even using the word no like no deltas.and no aversives.but I also help them with their.marketing and their branding and growing.that business I believe that every.positive hundred percent positive.reinforcement dog training company that.loses a client that dog goes to a.Craigslist hobbyist trainer who relies.on punishment and I don't like that I.rather every dog get the experience of.learning only using positive.reinforcement so I do that.I remember a mammal trainer calm I have.a book looks like the new business cards.like they're not impressive anymore but.if you are interested in becoming a.Marine an affair I have a book called.wear a wetsuit at work like W VAR.whatsoever I gave Haley her copy I was.gonna show it and then give it already.and so I have a book and I and I just do.a lot of I do a lot of things like I do.appearances on TV talking about pet care.and stuff what I do is is really simple.have you.so dad's not the ocean so I appreciate.that response not only do those pools.need to the ACA requirements but they.exceed them and so much of the care for.those animals is are you guys did they.do helpers here a lot of helpers as.husbandry it's been a while exercise.learning and play and relates know it's.a zero-based thing but it's it's kind of.a holistic view of the care of the.animal so we call them to helpers and we.make sure they get an even amount of.those every day every week every quarter.every month every quarter so husbandry.you guys know what that is.exercise is how we do our best to get.that heart rate up to make sure that.they're at a healthy weight that they're.strong that they have you know their.muscles the way and then learning would.be training sessions playtime is.self-explanatory and then relates our.every trainers favorite thing it is when.you take peaches and just cuddle her and.then you mark free late session and.that's so explaining how that thought.process and care goes into it.because if if the big was just better.then that would be the end of it we.would just build these huge pools and be.like they're they're done and we don't.have to do it that's only a small part.of what goes into caring for these.animals I also think in this this.wouldn't make sense if you're having a.discussion with somebody.[Music].no one ever says that because the land.the land is just when you look at it.you're just kind of like oh there's just.this little land is for them but there.was more land around when you go to.SeaWorld it's like this is what I can do.because it's just one and they can't go.any worse so there's a visual component.that I think plays into people's heads.were they like.they need more where if that same.exhibit was for a zebra zebra you know.they wouldn't think so it's that.enclosure part that plays that that.trick there's also plenty of evidence of.animals marine animals opting to spend.time in the pools in which they find.most reinforcing which is not always the.largest biggest pool you give them.access to everything where do they go.likely where they have the most or most.recent reinforcement value and that may.or may not be the biggest pool which is.usually a show so it goes morning tired.to Train her dog doesn't know your.background but you know how would you.answer that question for a documentary.on.and at the time I will give you my.answer at the time which right now would.not say at the time I said what you've.done is really terrible and you should.feel really bad about yourself because.you are incredibly selfish and you are.all the terrible things that greed is.you opted for an Oscar that you didn't.get instead to do what's best for.animals and anyone who chooses anything.over than what's best for animals is not.a good person in my book that is what I.would have said five years ago now I.would only have questions I would only.have questions because I have never.talked to her and maybe she believes.what she put out there I don't think.that but maybe she does and it it.doesn't really matter.I spend zero percent of my time thinking.about SeaWorld or black bear I spend all.my time thinking about how could I help.someone have a better relationship with.their animal that they have or how can I.help someone live a better life so that.it helps the animals in the wild.you know and that's the other thing the.biggest documentary of the year was that.year no question no one could deny that.or argue otherwise not even nominated so.the people who determined who should be.not they they can see through that this.is a true story as well I was in Malibu.and this woman said well I would never.go to SeaWorld and the directors at why.and she said well because I saw.blackfish and what they are doing is.just despicable and he said and I'm.there no one knows who I am and he said.do you really believe that movie is true.and she goes yeah he goes you know I can.tell you that movie cannot be true it's.like I don't know if it really.but as a film director and who have made.a lot of movies I'm telling you there's.there can't be any truth to that film.she goes why he's like because just look.at like watching him it's a movie it's.like you know high production value of.music it was edited to make you feel a.certain way it was edited to be popular.wasn't edited edited to educate and I.work with telecom and I you know agree.with the director so there there's so.much overwhelming evidence well we're.only gonna hear what we want to hear and.so that's why I really encourage people.like get specific about your purpose and.then go after that because if you get a.job working with these two Turtles those.two turtles give those two Turtles the.best life they've ever had in their.entire lives.like they should probably get sick if.you ever left because they'd be like.and then learn everything here so good.that you can then do whatever you want.and maybe that doesn't make sense but.like once you have I remember when I.thought I understood behavior I was like.oh now I get it.[Music].but I also remember when I actually and.when you actually understand the.behavior and you're not sitting there.going right like you just done you just.got it then you can start to get so.creative go so far outside the box and.start thinking way outside of the book.you've been reading right we've already.you gotta know and I love you've got to.know that so good so then you can do.whatever you can just do it you know.it's like going to art school learn it I.get art and things and now you know that.and now you can go be an artist outside.of the box.you've got to have this isn't necessary.for sure but get with that purpose and.then get so good at it that it doesn't.matter what Gabriella and it doesn't.matter it's black.you're doing over here that is how you.wake up every day because hey guys okay.so I just got home from Moorpark it was.awesome I had such a great time talking.to the students answering their.questions being around that passion that.only comes from true animal advocates.and it was so great to see all of the.work they're already doing helping these.animals who are either ng or injured.rescued or couldn't be cared for.properly somewhere else and it's so cool.that they get to work with so many.different species and actually impact.the lives of so many different species.of animals if you are serious about.working with animals in a really.professional capacity for accredited.zoos and aquariums then look in a more.park college this you know I'm not here.to like promote a certain college or a.certain path but it would be something.to look into because everything that I.atleast saw today was wonderful and.great and shout out to Jackie and Haley.for having me come out it was super fun.and if you guys have any questions about.it leave it in the comments section.below and remember to subscribe and.calli maybe next time you can go oh.did you clean the dishes for me cuz I.left the dishwasher open alright bye.everybody and the rest of the zoo we're.really glad you came and spoke to our.class yesterday.we all thought your talk was crazy and.we hope you come and visit us again.sometime you're always welcome here at.America's teaching zoo.thanks again at me.

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