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How to employ The Maryland Cds License Verification 2012 Form ?

hello and welcome to part three a death.by bungees videos on getting hunting.licenses this is the video about.Maryland me going online buying the.license for Maryland I hope you get.something out of this if you don't hunt.in Maryland that's ok you might get.something out of this as it applies to.other states as well there's lots of.little tips and tricks and little.tidbits sprinkled throughout these.videos I hope you get something out of.them also the first part of the video.which is where I was talking about the.Pennsylvania hunting process you might.get something out of that as well please.go check out that video and part two of.the series was about getting your.hunting license to hunt elk here in.Pennsylvania so go check out those.videos in this series if you haven't.already please leave some great comments.or other people who might be interested.in getting their hunting licenses if.you're an old hat at this your wisdom.your tips are very much appreciated I'm.sure people will enjoy 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orange card that they.gave me I lost it over the years and.when I was reapplying for a license.about ten years ago when I was getting.my archery stuff out of the way and.everything else I had to certify that I.had taken that class and I realized they.didn't have any proof that I had taken.that class at the wyalusing fire hall.back when I was 12 years old or 11 years.old or whatever it was so to make sure.that that's not a problem what I did is.I contacted the Game Commission I did.some certification they searched their.records and I was able to get a.replacement card so I'm just throwing.this out there if you don't have your.original orange card or whatever it was.that proved you took the class back when.you took it you can contact your Game.Commission perhaps and they will be able.to search their records and give you a.replacement card this was pretty fancy.it's a nice hard card and it's got the.dates on here and all that good stuff.now the other thing is though is when my.daughter turned 12 years old I said.you're a learn to hunt and whether or.not she hunts or not she's never been.hunting she goes hunting with me she.will be at the upcoming death by bungee.meet and greet' which is spelled me-80.meet and greet I think that's the.coolest thing thank you again here.heroes for let me use that term I just.thought that was very funny Gary.hopefully will be joining us at this.meet and greet this is the first little.experiment of this nature so hopefully.that'll be a fun thing now you don't.need a Pennsylvania hunting license to.take part in this but you can fill your.freezer if you take part in this and if.you want to look into that please check.out death by bungee calm or go on the.Facebook page and you get the details.there send me a message on any of the.various sources we have for social media.and I'll set you up with the ideas if.you are interested in joining us and if.you're watching this video after that.takes place or if you can't take.this year feel free to take part in the.next year if we do it again hopefully if.it would be a lot of fun everybody have.a good time to be able to do it next.year but when my daughter you don't need.a hunting license for that that was my.point because that is on a Game Preserve.that's behind a fence so that won't be.something where you need a hunting.license but if you're gonna hunt general.archery in Pennsylvania or you're gonna.hunt Maryland during their general.seasons that sort of thing of course you.do need a license and you'll want to.check their laws wherever you are you.probably will need a hunter safety.education course to get a license you.may need to take a crossbow specific.course or an archery specific course.before you can get archery certified in.order to get your archery credentials.wondering your hunting seasons to check.up on that depending on your state and.your local laws when my daughter went.and took her class I retook the class so.I have my original card a replacement.card plus I have proof that I took the.class again and passed with flying.colors my daughter and I each missed one.isn't that cool.it was funny I'll tell you a quick.little story we're sitting there taking.a class and I'm going through the tests.I'm like oh man some of these are kind.of tricky and I'm gonna be crushed if my.daughter doesn't pass this class I'm.thinking me and she's probably not gonna.do well and in the end she we both.missed one we both did well so worked.out perfect I think we were both very.happy with it I'm very proud of her so.take that class that's one thing you're.gonna need and when you go to apply to a.new state they're gonna ask you do you.have proof that you took it now one of.the reasons I wanted to retake it too.was to have that card in my possession.because in some places you need to have.that card in possession in your.possession in addition to having your.hunting license in your possession when.you do it now today I'm just talking.about Maryland I did a long video on.Pennsylvania today I'm talking about.Maryland and it's not just about.Pennsylvania just like this one is not.just about Maryland this is about the.concepts surrounding getting your.license there's little tidbits sprinkled.throughout these videos so if you.haven't watched the Pennsylvania video.go watch it because you might learn.something even if you're an old hat if.you're brand new to hunting you're.definitely gonna get something out of.these videos watch them and go learn all.kinds of good stuff about getting your.hunting licenses so off to the screen.here I have gone to the DNR maryland.gov.that is the Maryland hunting website I.just googled Maryland hunting licenses.now I want to point.this is very important when you get your.hunting licenses as I have done in.Pennsylvania talked about on the other.when you get a little digest it has all.kinds of goodies in here and.informations those are summaries about.hunting in that location it's not the.law you have to go through their website.and you actually have to read the laws.and stuff and go to the actual citations.because you're held accountable to the.actual law not just what's in the digest.that digest is a pretty good defense.though if you get in trouble you say.look it says right here it's this other.way and it would kind of be a dirty.trick if they put one thing in the.digest and then try and hold you.accountable to something different.that's different from what's in the.digest but technically you're.responsible for the law now there is.some support legally I said this in the.other video I am a lawyer and I am NOT.giving you legal advice in this okay I.don't give legal advice to people.outside of my job that's that's not.something I'm going to do here so I'm.not giving you legal advice but I am.suggesting to you that if they don't.publish it properly in the digest and.they don't put it in their reporter.properly then they can't hold you the.Hinkel change in the terms in the middle.of the game interesting story about the.development of crossbow hunting in.Pennsylvania that I will cover in a.future video I hope that sort of were.that is relevant where it's part of that.conversation for what we're gonna do.we're gonna go on this website here I.just googled it and it gives you this.website you can go through and all this.information anymore they put so much.online it is so awesome you've got all.this information for anything you want.to do you can go through and get your.questions answered so please do that go.and look through all that stuff now what.I'm gonna do I'm gonna start right off.in the beginning it's give me all the.prices up front here I'm gonna go to how.to apply for license all sales are final.just like Pennsylvania they don't wanna.you go through this thing you can't go.turn your hunting license in at the end.of the year and say and I didn't kill.something so I want my money back.doesn't work that way this uses a.compass system coem PA SS and that is in.the proprietary system that probably a.lot of states use but you're going to be.logging into the system and this is what.will process the hunting license for you.in Maryland so we're gonna go through.this and it does give you some.instructions on how to do it you go.through here and it tells you these are.the different options that you have.tells you what you're going to need as.far as your computer is concerned and.you want to make sure that you meet all.of those.criteria and then once you've done that.once you're confident you can do it and.I've done it year after year on the same.computer so I don't think I'm gonna have.a problems and I'm hoping anyway I'm.gonna go in and I'm gonna click on their.website it takes me to the portal it's.taking me from the Maryland DNR website.to the compass portal and this is just a.online store that's what it is.my credentials already set up here I am.going to click login it's going to.remember me from last time.it did have the proper email address on.here so I don't need to update anything.I have not moved all the other.information should be the same wouldn't.hurt to go through here and double-check.make sure they know how to get ahold of.it and that all your information is.up-to-date now what I'm going to do is.purchase a new license and that's what.I'm gonna do I'm gonna click on that.hunting is what I'm gonna do what we're.gonna do you go through and read all the.different options okay because it's.different I showed you some of the.different options the different.credentials that you have available in.Pennsylvania very important to look at.what's available here as well and.they'll sell you magazine subscriptions.everything else all kinds of good stuff.now I'm paying a lot more in Maryland.than a lot of other people are because I.am a non-resident of Maryland on the.resident Pennsylvania so you don't want.to be picking dual residency and trying.to fudge the system to save a few bucks.you'll get in trouble that's a crime so.no legal advice in this video but.there's some legal advice what we're.gonna do we're gonna go through I'm.gonna click my bonus antler deer stamp.that allows me in addition to my regular.hunting license to shoot an extra buck I.will always you know the the key with.things like this to remember is and I.mentioned this about the bear license in.Pennsylvania and the other video but you.can't shoot the second buck and then go.back and buy the license to shoot the.second buck you got to buy this stuff.before you go shooting those animals so.if you think there's a chance that might.happen and if I'm sitting in a tree.stand a buck comes in I shoot that tree.stand and then I shoot that buck and.then ten minutes later another buck.comes in it's nicer.I want that credential I want the the.permission to shoot that second book in.my possession so I can pull the trigger.on that second buck I don't want to.shoot the second buck and then not be.able to check it in because I don't have.the license that's an easy way to get in.trouble so we're gonna buy that bonus.antlered deer stamp boom right there.both stamp four.crossbows and Maryland crossbows in.Pennsylvania archery is good enough if.you have archery credentials you can hum.with a crossbow.not every state is that way some states.may require a separate license so to.speak for crossbows in New York State.you have to have a separate.certification just to get permission to.hunt for a short period of time with.your crossbow some states don't allow.crossbows unless you've got a disabled.certification so they're all different.and you got to sit down and spend a.little time online to read that stuff.ask people call the government.department the government agency in.charge of this stuff and ask them your.questions that's their job right their.job isn't just to go out there and.arrest you for breaking the law it's.kind of to explain the expectations do.you a head of time that's their job so.we're gonna go through your twenty.twenty full season hunting yep that.sounds good to me onna hunt all here not.doing the federal Duck Stamps migratory.birds because they cross state lines.handled by the federal government I'm.not involved in that because you can't.shoot him with a crossbow so if you.can't shoot him with a crossbow I'm not.really interested in those credentials.anymore even the trapping I did some.trapping videos over the years I'm guy.and kind of gotten out of trapping I.sold a whole bunch of traps this year.and I'm kind of sorry about that I know.some of you were really interested in.that Jackie Newman if you're watching.this video you have inspired me to do a.lot of tramping you've kept me.interested in it longer than other.people would have been able to do so.because of your excitement about this.stuff and I feel like I'm letting you.down.but I want to be clear that there's lots.of death by bungee left in me.and a lot of it coming down the road but.it's gonna be crossbow related death by.bungee that's what I'm focusing on I can.do a much better job of these videos.when they focus on crossbow related.stuff because that's my passion.that's my what I know the most about and.that's what I'm gonna make the videos.about.okay so tramping maybe somebody I'll get.back into trapping but right now there's.too many different things going on and.too much that I want to do with the.video side of this for me to keep having.all these other side projects so we're.focused on in the hunting right we're.focused on the crossbow hunting so I'm.not buying a fur bear permit down here.the manage hunt permits those are like.your special things to shoot more deer.off the properties where the deer.populations are far too high I'm not.interested in that muzzle loader stamp.very interesting right.well click on that resident non-resident.most.understand but that's real helpful you.know it's a little question mark click.on this it'll give you more information.and this is all the information that it.gives you basically the same thing it.was there before you clicked on that's.not really helpful but one thing to know.about that muzzleloaders stamp I will.point out and that is that in Maryland.unlike Pennsylvania right in the middle.of their archery season there's a.muzzleloader season just like.Pennsylvania.yep that's that part's just like.Pennsylvania but when it becomes.muzzleloader season you can still hunt.with your crossbow well you better have.a muzzleloader stamp to be out there in.that season in Pennsylvania that you can.hunt all the way through that.muzzleloader season as long as you have.weather with your crossbow as long as.you got your archery right but in.Maryland you have to have the archery to.use the crossbow plus you have to have.the muzzle loader stand just the way.they interpret it a little bit different.down here not a problem either way is.right or wrong I'm just pointing that.out to illustrate the difference between.the two states and how you got to keep.that in mind we go down here here you.can buy permission to shoot in certain.places and do your your target shooting.all that kind of stuff and that helps.support those shooting areas right if.you're in that area in your hunting near.or you're shooting there and you're.taking part in that and you're using.those facilities it makes sense maybe.that you should be paying a little bit.extra every year to help fund those.facilities I guess that's what that's.for that's pretty cool no trapping no.regulated shooting area I don't.retriever training permit I guess that's.where you gotta train train your dog how.cool is that we got to pay five bucks to.do that snow goose conservation go out.there and shoot some snow geese for five.bucks those things are all over the.place I think black bear damage fund elk.neck range permit I don't know what.those things are on the black bear.damage fund that's where you can shoot.black bears like that I don't know that.but that's pretty much that's enough for.me so I'm buying right here at two.hundred five bucks invested in all these.various things and I have my bonus a.l'heure deer stand my bow stamp my.hunting general hunting privileges which.that Alone's 130 bucks that's the lion.share of this and I'm not buying a.muzzle worst name I'm glad I looked this.over because I don't need that muzzle it.understand.I am leaving Maryland the first day of.muzzleloader so I will not be in.Maryland during that muzzle.I will be hunting in Maryland during.that must lower.season so it's important to sit down.with your calendar and figuring out what.you're doing as well but I got that.figured out so I see myself some bucks.there but if I was going to hunt with.the archery equipment even during the.most loader season because even if I was.gonna hunt with archery equipment I.would have to pay the extra twenty five.dollars you see right there that would.be your non-resident fee but so while.I'm getting really same thing I get.every year and it comes up too we have.antler deer bows stamp and then the.harvest record all I need to get my.general hunting thing full hunting.season boom what's going on here all.right I'm gonna refresh this I think I.screwed something up hunting boom.alright starting this over full season.hunting bonus deer in bow stamp and I'll.get the harvest record so those four.items that'll work for items 180 bucks.about same price it is every year this.is what you pay to hunt out-of-state.totally worth it to me.small price to pay for the amount of fun.that I have down here and for the amount.of anticipation that I have about going.down there and it's excited as I am so.I'm gonna hit proceed to checkout and.suggest that products I don't want to do.that I proceed to checkout again see.what happens here and it's loading it up.all my things are there $180 and I'm.going to hit check out now we're almost.there we gotta put in our money all that.good stuff do I plan to hunt and seek a.deer with a crossbow yes siree Bob they.should put yes in capital letters if you.ask me and also do you plan to hunt.whitetail deer with a crossbow yes again.in capital letters it should be because.I absolutely do and I my whole reason.for going there they're gonna mail them.to this address those are my addresses.yes check out I don't need to update.those addresses I have not paid a dollar.I agree to those terms which is.basically make sure you get your right.permits.all sales are final point they're always.always big on that all sales are final.pivoting it's almost like people are.thinking you know if I go I'm spend all.this money go down there don't shoot.something I want my money back so we're.paying now and Boo should be probably.remember a lot of my stuff because I.used this thing thing every year and.because I use the same browser for all.this stuff I owe them 180.000 zero.dollars that's a lot of money actually.it's the same as $180 so that's what I.owe them the card number right here I'm.gonna per throw right on the old Visa.the signature code you always got to.have this handy it'll remember it but.I'll never remember that signature code.and I got to remember what that is so.look that up real quick put that in.there I'm gonna blur this stuff so you.folks can't see it but I think we should.be good we're gonna hit continue and.we're gonna hit confirm boom there it is.please wait while they take your money.from you and do not hit the back button.on your browser or anything like that.right here should work just fine thank.you it says now here's what I do and I'm.not gonna make you watch all this part.what I would do from here is I will.print each of those licenses out so I.have a physical copy each of those.physical copies gets put right in here.with my Pennsylvania licenses so I have.them on me when I go to Maryland each of.those things that I print out will also.include.a little form to fill out so that when.you shoot a deer in Maryland you call in.with that information you write that.number down so you have proof before you.go pick it up in the processor and while.you've got that meat in your car and.everything else you got proof that you.called it in.all right conformation you'll have a.confirmation I'm going to put on that.license so I save it all for that reason.additionally what I'm also going to do.in case I lose that haven't yet but in.case I lose it what I'm going to do is.I'm going to print a PDF or save a PDF.on this computer so that I can come back.and get those licenses later print them.out again if I need to do that you could.always go back into the system to do.that I think but I if you you know let's.make it easy and have it on you have it.so you could have access to it and back.it up and do it that way so that's it.that's all I got for you in Maryland not.a bad video I hope you got something out.of that and I hope that you are putting.together your stuff for your.coming across both seasons also can you.think of anything I missed on this.process or anything you would like to.add to a new person getting interested.in hunting or crossbow hunting about the.state where you are please leave some.detailed notes and detailed comments.below so that people reading the.comments later on can come in here and.find out information that might help.them in their journey to participate in.crossbow hunting thank you very much for.watching this video until next time.all hail Bungie.

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