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well without a January seventh in.Pasadena two teams will be battling for.the dr. pepper coach's trophy and.speaking of coaches our colleague Lisa.Salters is standing by with chip Kelly.of Oregon Lisa.but they won't be defined by that one.day our guys are on display as hard as.they can try to see how it goes.what did you tell your guys before they.came here about what the steak tonight I.told them I loved it when I was excited.to see appointment.Leeson Oregon won the toss but they have.deferred which me.Pete Carroll's offense.Rob beard will kick it off for Oregon.with CJ gable Johnson back deep.that is Johnson.dangerous last week.wide receiver with.return before the Ducks ganging up on.him but he crossed the 30-yard line and.now here comes the freshman from Newport.Beach California Matt Barkley you.certainly know his story we were there.the night he came to Columbus but he's.also been through Berkeley in South Bend.sweet just old.a lot of folks expect the Trojans to.saddle it up.and see if they can find away.defense here.it's.three down linemen and now a late shift.by the duck defense.Knight doesn't get much out of that run.and Jameis Lewis one of the safeties up.to make the stop Harvey right now I.think SC comes into this game feeling.that Joe McKnight number four also Alan.Bradford who had a big game last week.have to be the difference makers early.on the road set the tone get physical.with Oregon's front seven and then word.that's where Damian Williams on the.outside and Ronald Johnson to make big.plays off of play-action pass the night.goes out as a receiver that brings 230.pound Alan Bradford in as the tailback.play fake quick hit to the outside and.McKnight.they're down coming up for the Trojans.in their opening possession in case you.haven't heard Barclays a little.short-handed in the wide receiver spot.tonight - who did not make the trip.Trayvon Patterson and David Haws Barry.and Damian Williams has been slowed this.week by a little problem with a muscle.of his upper right leg but he ran.yesterday jogged around seems to be ok.but not to mention Anthony McCoy may be.his top target in the last few weeks the.Cayenne also didn't make the trip so.here it is third down and.a blitz and a penalty flag.with tyronn Smith the right tackle.took off who was standing up and started.his bliss and that caused the guard to.flinch.we talked all week about how playing on.the road in Columbus can play on the.road.the crowd is not a factor for him when.it comes to executing this offense he's.going to get a taste of it here on his.first third and long to this s/t offense.stanley Javie Lee doesn't start either.because he's slowed by an injury.it's great time fires first down over.the middle Ronald Johnson the junior.from Michigan nice job here protection.by the USC offensive line but watch.little Johnson to the left does a good.job of avoiding contact and when Johnson.avoids the contact there abided by the.Nickelback that's the key in being able.to avoid when steel boy then he's able.to sit in a hole any Pleasant was walked.out over top and Ronald Johnson but.Johnson worked to the inside and settled.right where he needed to and Matt.Barkley locked in on him for the first.down Shoom a DJ's shoe made his the.fullback in front of at night now that.quick hitch to Damian on the outside.and they pick up five here on first down.before Lewis makes still another stop so.on third and nine her be a 15-yard.passes Johnson sat down beautifully in.the middle of that zone and that will.come the on quarter.and it also has a lot to do with showing.you it's another example of the poise.from the quarterback Clark.the hostile environment he and his low.receiver Ronald Johnson in sync early in.this game.second down and.to the Oregon Territory.still three down show pressure on the.right side.and here is McKnight banging across for.another USC first down see this is going.to be the challenge tonight for organ.matching up with how physical this us.the offensive line can be in this.running game can be I think the Trojans.feel that nobody's really challenged or.Oregon up front and Pete Carroll field.that they can establish the running game.that's when they can go back to the.bread and butter which is the.play-action when it can get downfield.then with Berkeley getting downfield to.Johnson and Williams Oregon a little.undersized and the defensive line.functions aware of it.there's the protection partly snaps off.another conflation that Williams and.William just got still another first.down close to the 25-yard line.impressive Drive nice example of the.rhythm and the anticipation from Matt.Barkley with his wide receivers and as I.said this is where the offense has grown.there really aren't any limitations.right now with a play calling of Jeremy.Bates as an offensive coordinator.they're much more willing to take.chances on any down and distance with.Barkley even on the road as you're.seeing here on this first drive so Lewis.is playing.the two safeties.across the 25 as we check in for the.first time tonight with Matt Winer bat.hey Brent and happy Halloween from New.York well be keeping track of all the.tricks and treats from around the.country starting with this prime time.pulse Game three of the World Series in.Philadelphia is in rain delay at the.moment ESPN a South Carolina and black.shirt in Tennessee right now and we have.you double coverage for either USC.Oregon or Texas Oklahoma State in either.case your game is on ABC for espn2.but mad and as you left a penalty was.called on Blake Hales and that'll move.the Trojans back.so it will be first and 15 nails one of.the tight ends along with Ellison trying.to replace Anthony McCoy here tonight.it looks like the coaches are gonna have.to burn.[Applause].so there is your first time out burned.here as USC faces a first and 15 when we.come back just underway in Eugene so the.ball has been spotted on the 32 yard.line here opening drive of the game for.the Trojans.we have told you it has been fright.night the beavers over nearby Corvallis.2006 then here.Mark Sanchez said that start was upset.then again in 2008 so the Northwest have.not been kind.the USC on its last three trips and of.course earlier this season P Carol and.USC up settle them further north up in.Seattle by the Huskies of Washington so.the time clock has been reset here.during the during the timeout.[Applause].first and 15 for Berkeley and the trophy.Joe McKnight the money back.to the thrones in underneath that is.complete to Brandon.Carswell sophomore from California his.first kitchen that is a little bit of.confusion here not having McCoy watch.the two tight ends Ellison forty hails.running into each other.not having Anthony McCoy who as I said.earlier in the broadcast really is.starting to warm up to become a target.here for this offensive to the.quarterback Matt Barkley but he's.fortunate there that he did have an open.man.very hard in practice to get his chance.to get out.[Applause].second and eight.cut back for still another first down.he barges down to the 10-yard line.beautiful holwell's design a great fall.by faith slow trawl here Shumate does a.good job of sealing it and right there.the safeties have got to do a good job.tonight for Oregon's defense if they.want to stay in this game they've got to.be able to make open field tackles.against midnight and the more powerful.Alan Bradford number 21 when he comes.into the game.just came off the sideline.the way.further behind shoe rate that's.[Applause].he's brought down.Allen Bradford last we've had the big.Dame 147 yards and two touchdowns and.you know break the last couple years.letting you and I everybody else but the.ball gets down inside the 10 yard line.this is one number 13 Stephon Johnson.would come into the game commit his.presence be felt in his staple of Batson.Allen.now it's gonna take it on more of that.role it has to be able to you.she's bitching to find some holes down.in this area.sucking down and goal.that tossed the Williams he is.surrounded.and gave up yards the Ducks were ready.for that call.TJ Ward and Eddie pleasant surrounding.the receiver that time the kind of.defense that Oregon has been playing in.the last three or four weeks a lot of.superstars but a lot of gang tackling in.that time four different green jerseys.fold over Damian Williams yet nowhere to.go I'm in the second third down that.Barclays has faced on this Drive.he had a 15-yard composure.cupcake tosses in zone 5.incomplete Tommy.Jackson the third the junior from.California with coverage and very well.done by number 37 go and Jackson doesn't.buy it for a second he's right there.with Williams the ball is thrown to the.corner almost has a chance but you'll.see it right here Jackson actually gets.in there it get knocked the ball away.and that's the arm actually away and.Williams does not have a chance.Jordan Condon is eight of ten kicking.field goals to the Trojan.now it is night of eleven on that.twenty-eight yarder so Condon puts USC.up by a field goal Chip Kelly's and.Oregon will be coming to bat.when we return some of the finest.athletic facilities in the country are.right here and our benefactor Phil.Knight the man who helped found Nike.there's a very loyal.fabulous presentation.the first he's returned one for a.touchdown this year breaks free.need to block 25.to the 16-yard line.[Applause].lakenya Varner has that ability every.single time he touches the football the.freshman had the chance to make.something happen it is actually pretty.good club speaks by USD but garner would.not beat than I'm running through three.or four different arm tackles it almost.takes it all the way to their house what.a start for Oregon in will Harris makes.a tackle but a 77 yard return and.Jeremiah Masoli and the Ducks could be.in business.with Masoli alone and now they bring it.back back next to him.that read-option was solely with the.first carry and the Trojans were.certainly ready for that big Everson.Griffin Jeremiah Masoli on that first.sown ring actually misread Everson.Griffin but he he is right now playing.as well as any quarterback in the.country engineering this spread attack.what Oregon wants to do is spread you.out and has the versatility to run the.zone read but also T tonight will be.Mzoli's ability to throw the ball.Michael James is a right back.zip that one yeah that did DJ Davis the.junior from Denver couldn't hang on and.suddenly it is third and nine so perhaps.a little overly excited here as they.come on the field after that great.return yeah anytime you see 112 mana or.fast launder first row he's definitely a.little bit excited he needs a net where.he's thrown probably the most developing.and touch he has such a quick release.and a very very strong arm that time he.ended open man just had to take a little.bit off of it there.it's time.zone incomplete and he had a receiver.with a step down there on TJ Bryant that.was Davis again he had the TRO this is.usually where USC they lead the nation.in sacks with 29 he had enough time to.throw and Brent you said it he had an.open man Davis got separation that time.he's unable to make the throw TJ Bryant.on coverage Morgan Flint on to attempt.to tide never they have fake field goals.and the backup quarterback can concoct.days the holder.they'd settle for the tie or the.going.after Kenyon Garner's 77-yard kickoff.return hey a man from Riverside.California sets up the field goal back.in Eugene with Kirk Herbstreit Lisa.Salters aren't rut Musburger 7:30 to go.and we've traded field goals here in the.battle for supremacy in the pac-10.Oregon unbeaten ranked 10th in the BCS.there's Masoli the telephone talking to.the coaches upstairs.don't freak who is up at the box.so beardo kick it away for the second.time.Johnson back deep for the Trojans.Johnson again.looking for daylight on the outside.right.well protected over there on that side.they stay in their lanes and a reminder.that how about this for a Monday night.8:30 Eastern Time the Atlanta Falcons.and the amazing New Orleans Saints how.many of you thought if you don't live in.New Orleans that they could come back.and get it done against Miami and oh yes.four trojan fans he's having a little.bit of a breakout year.dangerous weapon they use him in spots.using the return.he could flatten think of the end zone.just like he they used to do.so welcome here.[Applause].open up this series as the tailback.[Applause].they're starting off to the left.he is upended as he tries to get the.corner by john-boy at the redshirt.freshman from Napa California john-boy.ed and Davis Lewis both safeties after.the first series from USC as that series.was progressing I noticed more more the.safeties inching their way up to support.this defense as far as the Balkan truck.I guess he trying to run the football.these safeties are starting to come up.that's where he started to see us he.trying to keep them honest by going.behind for one-on-one matchups on the.outside.barclays offensive line cuisine great.time.that coverage is there.I mean all over the past that time.presenting young Berkeley with a third.and eighth and Johnson was the receiver.on that sideline s he did do a good job.giving in time when he was late with the.throw he waited in.that Matt Barkley still shows you that.he's a true freshman is his willingness.to throw the ball into coverage because.of his trust in that big strong arms.in state he had two interceptions.[Applause].to the face masks shaken up just a touch.off the field Barkley on third down.steps up any template guy go work back.into the middle didn't have the big.target in six-foot-five Anthony McCoy.look at Barclays work from his left and.then try to come back he actually wanted.interference there he filed it his time.in Ellison was held up by a linebacker.he looked at Damien Williams first the.Damian Williams is locked up with.Anthony Gildan then he came back to the.tight end by the time he came back to.the tight end nobody opened.[Applause].so Hoffman's punt is fielded by corner.and down he goes at the 20-yard line.so partner who had burned them with a 77.yard kickoff return is it down right.here.Jeremiah Masoli who was not suddenly on.that you and I went to the break there I.think we saw a quarterback that's really.excited here he knows that this offense.their ability to move the ball against.SSC defense is on his shoulders and the.first play he admit misread the zone.read and the two throws he definitely is.excited overthrew both of his intended.targets both were open.see if he settles down here in his.second series richard freshman techs are.canada love michael james is 20.that gaping hole.in the middle of the Trojan defense now.remember Oregon State people have put a.lot of yards on this defense last week.that crippled James our cutback they.like to pick up the tempo Chip Kelly.says I like this office to run as fast.as I talk and he can talk fast this.offense again they're going to spread.you out and they want to run the.football the only way you're going to.see them really commit to throwing is if.you start to commit seven or eight guys.down inside the box area that's when.they'll start to throw the football.coming for this rather quick hit on the.outside soft on the corner and they pick.up nine more so Masoli first completion.of the night Jameer Holland the junior.from California this will be a bit of a.cat-and-mouse game by Pete Carroll with.his defense gets Chip Kelly in his.offense it's all about how many.defenders are in the box which.predicates and determines the call to.field the so Lee takes it back away from.chains.and that's because Kasich hey Bubba made.the tackle one thing about this.defensive line and the Trojans they must.tackle tonight in space they know it and.already we have seen Casey here and.Griffin earlier do just that but now.they face a third and one stack right.back Masoli for the first.close to midfield they keep the tempo.picked up they keep the pressure on I.think I think early in this game you're.trying to dictate the temple and you're.trying to get this USC defense back on.its heels and I think this is a great.that great time by Chip Kelly and.Jeremiah Masoli to go with this to this.style of offense it's been pretty basic.adoption so far involving just a warning.on.the solely keeping it all away was too.far away from James there was so much.separation with defense bill voted JC.with an easy stop on that one a much.more intricate offense but right now Jim.is keeping it very bland slowly pretty.fortunate just to hold on to this.disrupted the timing with his own read.Masoli did all he could just to get back.to the line of scrimmage bad snaps in.this offense can really.and they have had several as a season.unfold.the defensive ends RV as you pointed out.many a times the Masoli is watching the.containment on the outside before he.decides to go inside for this running.back and this time with James of course.who come back on the field or to keep it.himself and get outside if they start to.crash which is what bothered Washington.last week on the outside Colts.containment continued to crash and.Masoli would simply take it himself out.there.fake to throw the solar steps away from.trouble does a beautiful job.first what a great play by the.quarterback but great footwork by number.eight most always a building to create.tonight will be important obviously.against the assessee defense intentional.Rd Princeton table right here the.patience to be able to look downfield.buying enough time I thought he might.run for the first down but eventually he.makes the throw nice job there by Masoli.of buying the time and finding his.receiver David false in the backup tight.it doesn't get as much acclaim as Ed.Dixon the number 42 to be attacked he.fits it for a first down and they are.down to the 15-yard line.d Jay.Jr from Denver Colorado has been his.go-to man here little buddy covering it.they're not walking out the linebacker.Michael Morgan and as I said it you're.not going to walk your linebacker out.then they're going to have to throw the.football we'll go back and look at that.play as a great example of what Jeremiah.was solely looking at.comes back in now is the running back.gives it join with that complaint.picking up a couple take another look at.this for Herbie see going back to the.previous play here is mornin but he's.not gonna walk out and respect the.ability of throw this but level three.Mzoli's gonna recognize that and throw.it all day there's nobody out there so.if Morgan has the adjustment Pete.Carroll will make his walk his line back.around to take that away if he's not.going to walk him out you're gonna see.him continue to throw it once they cover.and then they can run the football James.and running back off the fakeness.rolling rolling.for a target downfield touchdown now.they're waving it off hold on there's a.penalty flag like illegal man downfield.to meet Brent we had one official call a.score but there was a penalty flag there.was a lot of scrambling so it would.stand to reason that there was the jabo.receiver downfield number 69 five-yard.penalty replay second down.left tackle both ran broke downfield.let's watch but you're gonna see that.he's able to buy some time here notice.how USC is fine now they're walking out.over the receivers but this is something.else he's gonna have to be able to kiss.to stop and that's the containment of.the quarterback but slowly by the time.he throws it he's got a receiver about.five yards downfield not sure they.identified the right man looks like for.Carson York number 77.[Applause].now keeping it is Masoli breaks a tackle.even though he's not very tall he is.very sturdy.Masoli weighs about 220 grew up in Daly.City California went to San Mateo.California and then to st. Louis high.school that renowned high school in.Honolulu he's a Samoan youngster many.with the City College of San Francisco.led the Rams to a national JC title he.is very sturdy and here is number eight.coming off he missed a game because it.means.flare it outside.[Applause].crosses the five-yard line.first and gold on 3rd and 6th in this.office throwing this ball to the flat.the most important thing throw it in.front of your running back so he can.catch it in stride and once James.catches it in stride he's got enough.room there to make the defense miss and.he be able to pick up the first down a.great throw there by Masoli putting it.in.from the michael james against the.huskies Masoli twice walked into the end.zone on the zone read with.same play pretty bird the Huskies with.evenings first touchdown Jeremiah Masoli.number eight.you may not have heard of it but by the.time this game is over you are going to.know about it.Jeremiah Masoli may be the most.underrated quarterback of the pac-10.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].so the Ducks 78 yards in 13 plays.[Music].[Applause].nightmare.let's check in on that liner in New York.Matt hi Fred let's get a Taco Bell.update first and foremost Game three of.the World Series remains in a rain delay.at Vandy Georgia Tech tided up on that.Josh Nesbitt touchdown one they've now.taken a 21-14 lead in a game that many.feel is pivotable pivotal excuse me to.Texas his chances a vacant BCS.championship they leave three nothing.that came either on ABC or espn2 a pair.of South Carolina turnovers have led to.two Tennessee scores that came down 21.nothing.day two price maybe a little blood on.that forearm Masoli will make the read.right here on number 94 when you make.this read once he commits down what he.comes down it makes it pretty easy for.Masoli to make the read and be able to.get up to the next level the left corn.actually Carson York just blows.Smith so once he made the read Smith.stepped up to make the tackle but your.cook Smith.Johnson.once again.check off for the night just.the 12.Sabbath or that sideline.well there's a new place for you to get.the latest on the team's you care about.fans in Chicago Boston Dallas log off.from local sports news radio highlights.and update.Chicago.for example find out the latest about.the Bears.[Applause].here for the latest on the Trojans young.man.for the first I've done it.you have a first down at the.[Applause].he's sticking with three down linemen.here is McKnight shakes off one exemplar.but not the second and gives Brown for a.two-yard loss Nick Aliotti right now is.the defensive coordinator senses the.momentum of this game and he is crowding.the line of scrimmage and attacking down.hill with his linebackers at his safety.Joe McKnight had nowhere to go now.you're gonna have to CSC make an.adjustment here with their quarterback.Matt Barkley that it has to be able to.execute on the perimeter with Oregon.over committing here right now to the.line of scrimmage.[Applause].second and 13 Pike Lake Park Lake.it's tough to execute second 13.play-action one-on-one matchup.sigh the field along Proform at Berkeley.a little bit out of rhythm there as he.threw the ball a little bit short.because Williams.Oh Jackson.Barkley's this is last poll.as the reposition his young tide entails.here on third and 13.because the cruncher.Barclay file sales had a step that would.have been a huge gain he could not hang.on.what a great green here the dome.pressure the Blitz comes from his right.from the field he goes right back and he.gets the matchup that he wants Hales if.he catches his football he's got a lot.of room to Ronnie his one-on-one with.JB's Lewis the ball is thrown well.enough for him to make that catch Jacob.Harmon who took over the pie issue games.back for the program.is that.they'll bring it back.[Applause].prior to the snap timeout Oregon their.first charge timeout of the half so.Oregon will burn its first one USC did.earlier and I think we can see Aliotti.is such a key man here tonight he's.moving people around trying to heal.speed because he's out gun from a talent.and a weight and a skill situation.against the Trojans but he's moving guys.all over Nick Aliotti has done such a.great job you think about the injuries.that this secondary has sustained.throughout the year Walter Thurmond one.of the best cover corners in all two.pac-10 Willie claspers been lost TJ Ward.one of the safety has been out for the.last five games came back against.Washington somehow someway.he's just been moving parts this wasn't.a real experienced defense to begin with.when this season started do you know.what they have get little mojo.they've got confidence right now and.coming into this game as you said.against a more talented USC offense he.wondered how would they match up and.it's very early but there's Nick Aliotti.so you are right there and he's done.such a masterful job this entire season.of mixing and matching when to bring.pressure when to sit back and there's a.look at Walter Thurmond their leader.really the anger of this second there.he's lost for the year with the corn ACL.but so far first quarter it's been a.freak job Joe Hoffman back to punt again.[Applause].we just want to get out of the way of.this one.the depths do and it will take over at.about the 27 yard line so Jeremiah.Masoli who drove them to that touchdown.in the previous series will bring the.offense back out Jeremiah's slowly got.hurt against Washington State he missed.to UCLA again I think last week watching.in the first half he looked a little.rusty he admitted after the game he's.about 75 or 80% the second half this.offense really began to quick and remind.me a lot of Dennis Dixon and the Oregon.offense in 2007 the way they were.running and throwing and doing anything.that they wanted and early in this.football game is especially in that.second drive for a boy the slowly.finding that groove again Jordan Holmes.is the center and there's a penalty flag.false start and that will bring up a.first and 15 when you think about false.start offense number 68 five-yard.penalty still first down.let's see e Kaiser the right tackle when.you think about this offense of that man.right there Chip Kelly who's head coach.at New Hampshire you got a phone call.from Mike Bellotti.Mike said I got a spot open out here on.the staff as the offensive coordinator.would you be interested he said I'm not.sure and Bilotti convinced him come out.like a recruiting trip come on take a.look at.the rest is history he was the youngest.assistant on the Oregon staff and when.galati suddenly announced he was going.to step away to be the athletic director.while Chip Kelly kept this entire.veteran coaching staff right there with.him and to a man when you talk to him.they swear about this young man he's one.of the bright young coaches in college.football and it was Chip Kelly who went.down to Clemson he studied at the foot.of rich Rodriguez that's where he picked.up the read option because as he told us.we ran out of full backs in New.Hampshire we couldn't run the Kirk.Herbstreit often we just couldn't do.that that's good so we come to the end.of the first quarter.[Applause].Halloween night and the Ducks of Oregon.are making all the noise.ready to start the second quarter young.Matt Barkley and the Trojans trailing.ten three here in Eugene Oregon.sellout crowd 54,000 in Autzen.why does it's been.[Music].78 yards.you cannot say enough about how this.Oregon football team regrouped after the.nightmare in Boise Idaho did any of us.any of us expect after that night that.this man could bring this team back.together after he lost the football game.and then lost his H running back because.of that postgame punched by LeGarrette.Blount third down and nine.unbeaten since then.Sydnee the top the back town.the Soleil stands right about rifles.another strike.Trojans say they've taken it away first.down USA they have indeed.we are too sick Jeff male-male I already.picked up the first down the ball comes.out great effort by us sees defense.there Malcolm Smith right in the middle.of this trying to get that ball loose.Josh Morgan John Baker rather also right.there but it was Smith who turned it.loose the balls right there they're.fighting for mayo actually has his hands.on the will.get away.Barclay and the project the Ducks 44 yo.[Applause].they show a power running formation.and they're going to throw out of it.Barclay to the middle strike to Williams.first down at the 23-yard line for.Berkeley in the troj thats exactly what.they have to do on first and ten Oregon.committing to the run you're going to.get to match up you want behind it hit.right and rhythm Berkeley to Damian.Williams Louis the safety boy yet.there's other safety up tight to the.line of scrimmage expecting run makes it.very easy with good pass protection for.the young quarterback to get back and.make a very accurate throw the game.[Applause].strike to the outside and again they.were a little bit soft so they come back.to Carswell the second time tonight.Lewis makes the stop.car swell a good story as well just a.player that's bent down as far as look.at the depth chart we've had Ronald.Johnson with injuries David hospira is.out Damien wins has been the mainstay.but.like that in practice the way we compete.you'll earn the right to get a chance to.employ the right tackle flinch.got across them five yards.giggle ball start off at number 40.that was the tight end Ellison right.down they had a wing tied in and outside.him lined up with Ellison power on the.right side and it was Ellison who.flinched.that is the third false start of the.teeth of this crowd by USC tonight.so we've got a second of nine with.already going unbeaten in the pac-10.leading us see ten three.that's those 78 yards for their only.touchdown right now after the turnover.on second and nine.Barclay has great time.but this is well short of the first down.ales with his first catch of the evening.as the Trojans are without tight end.Anthony McCoy wide receivers Trayvon.Patterson and David ausbury I think.McCoy not being in his lineup right now.is really affecting this attack from USC.he along with Williams on one side.Ronald Johnson on the other McCoy really.an ability to make a defense pay for him.paying too much attention to the outside.but also.right now it's missing.third down and seven Williams on Creek.slant for the first down and goal at the.five yard line another great throw here.by back Barclay but I love the catch by.Damian Williams ball is thrown well.before he makes his break good.anticipation to watch the hands that's.exactly how you want to catch the.football away from your body using his.hands that savvy Damian Williams of the.big catch.ajju made.[Applause].Pixies way.a three yard line.pacing overs in there and fine.weak side linebacker Spencer pasting.here from Los Angeles continue to say.that the injury to Stefan Johnson.affects this that's the offense in this.area you almost feel like they're if.they're they have better odds at.throwing the football when they get.inside to five and inside the 10-yard.line without Stefan Johnson in there.[Applause].she made offset from ignite.[Applause].they will throw me to the corner.touchdown so he comes right back and.it's Ronald Johnson.it says returning from injury Johnson.has two touchdown catches one last week.against Oregon State and danza here.tonight as an Oregon turnover leads to a.USC score great shot by the quarterback.I got to keep reminding myself he's a.true freshman just a little bit of a.pump fake just enough so hold the.defensive middle back Ronald Johnson to.get to the outside of the open area for.a touchdown tacked on the tying point.[Applause].[Music].so matt barkley and there's a little.fake Herbie talked about just enough.time for Johnson to get open we're tied.in Eugene.[Music].Buffalo Wild Wings presents the top 30.plays of the last 30 years 16 did a.late-season battle of undefeated teens.number one ranked Florida State lined up.for a game-winning field goal against.the number two ranked Miami.[Applause].follow the top 30 countdown all season.long.brought to you by Buffalo Wild Wings.and wouldn't you know it they did it all.over again the next year why.right - so she played up a 15 revealed.next Saturday at 3:30 p.m. Eastern.this time it is the Trojans kicking off.short every step.brings it back for the duck said this.will be good field position back to the.Trojan scores it's a little thing here.but watch the pump fake right there by.Berkeley notice how it freezes both.defenders out here to the outside and it.allows his receiver to get to the.outside and Ronald Johnson it's a little.thing but in the college game you don't.see a lot of veteran quarterbacks let.alone a true freshman doing just a.little thing like that to bind up.Johnson gets to the outside for.touchdown you might see Peyton Manning.doing every single snap at the NFL game.but it's pretty impressive to see.Barkley who though that was Johnson on.the phone for you.thank you slowly.first downtown.very voice.to a first down.the man they call LT number 80 Josh got.the first down good effort there yep -.and it is a receiver that chip jelly.feels can really do some good things for.this song that's only had eight coming.into this this game tonight but they.feel because of his size at six five and.his quickness he could be a great weapon.tonight meanwhile Texas shutting out.Oklahoma State ten nothing there's a.count there they're on a read is James.[Applause].how did he break free and look.Michael James was going down but he can.whip you by 32 yards Harvey he never.stops on to play he never gives up in us.sees young linebackers in their did not.do a good job of wrapping up to.quickness in the burst air from the.Michael James and quickly from the 12.yard line.picks his way see stop keep going.another first down.[Applause].Michael James.you love to see a running back run with.such detonation these last two plays.were saved.and he carries Kevin Thomas to corner.for about ten yards they say he is a.workhorse in practice never takes a rep.off always wants to be out knowing.what's the bet they're working to become.a better player.replaces it right now.check that it's printshop print jobs.first carry and he has stopped short of.the goal line they go to Andre Crenshaw.the senior and calippo makes the stop.for the Trojans the middle linebacker.there's number 54 injuries throughout.his trojan career the ability to keep.the ball he did that for their touchdown.the defensive team making a fine stand.down there against corn shock and you.wonder if Chip Kelly's gonna send James.back up with his third down or he'll.stick right here with his personnel.got a member number five is on the.wristband here it comes running ability.of a fullback down inside this area.they stick right with fridge.three straight runs and just like that.the Ducks regained the lead here.than others at dandy isn't it.[Applause].[Applause].a year ago we were in Lubbock Texas.watching one of the games of the year.Texas Tech upsetting Texas Michael Pratt.freeze touchdown the closing seconds.here tonight a whole underdog the Oregon.Ducks have stuck for their second.touchdown.with an Asian USC by a touchdown.[Music].we're kicking off with a 17-10 leave.USA.fear in the first half from Eugene.Oregon.[Applause].Johnson again.[Applause].summary what about the early numbers.right now it's pretty even with the.exception of Oregon taking that last.drive on the back of the michael james.putting up a few more numbers one thing.that does not show up there's SC be able.to get to that turn over and turn it.into seven points to put them at least.in position here only down a touchdown.but Oregon has had their way this.football game playing very well.especially with Napoleon.Barclay gets it off the McKnight would.split out wide.picks up seven yards that's good amount.whiner d'art mad.hi Fred time for another Verizon.Wireless update game through the World.Series yet to begin the Texas offense.has this is Cody Johnson 10 all.Longhorns a game on AV serious man - and.Tennessee has taken advantage of three.South Carolina turnovers turning each.into.Steve Spurrier in the game.Tennessee.suck it down.and shifted the front mcknight still.finds a gap in breaks today live crosses.midfield on that run for a first down.Oregon's bringing pressure here bringing.linebackers and safeties and it's going.to be hit or miss when you're going up.against an offense aligned like this and.in fact with the vision of McKnight you.can see when you bring everybody up if.you don't stop him at the line of.scrimmage there's nobody back left to.stop Joe McKnight they're very fortunate.at that time what a great cut back by.John McKnight they would have able to.slow him down just enough before they.took that to the endzone.DJ's shoe made the fullback to a fine.block on that play.[Applause].pump fake coming down deep wide open.nanny overthrew ales ales worked on this.all afternoon yesterday trying to get.deep down the middle.he's a promising tied in with terrific.speed and he just opened through me.Barkley did and it's a broken coverage.here the linebacker should be in.position to get back there Spencer.pacing her when he goes back to look at.the film here he has to run vertically.went to tied in Hales got behind a good.recognition by Barkley he just missed.him just overthrew it let's see what he.got a wonder without having the coy in.there just the wind I mean climbing of.the experience of a boy they miss it.there Allen.on the field sucka da Dada.for the Trojans.play fake again.as fire sidelines throw and puts it back.in Carswell's hands.Ryan have the mark.matt barkley shows you how he reads the.whole field here brent he's looking to.his right now he's to the tight end he.comes all the way back to the left and.throws the football very accurate look.at his eyes.second third option makes a long throw.all the way to the other side wide to.Carswell.Japs in the corner with.[Applause].to get the first down.believe brought friggin is the running.back.steps out behind the right side breaks.the first tackle and picks up about 3.yards or voyage and bring it down.USC trying to maintain balance within.their offense here but really at this.point they've had to rely more on.Berkeley throwing the football 19.attempts and we're still with the first.because Oregon is taking away the world.with him out of number.close to the line of scrimmage jeffires.stays on as.zone incomplete Johnson the intended.target and that was Talbot Jackson.and there is a penalty flag but it's.thrown back by the line of scrimmage.like they stopped before the ball was.heated snap their truck false start.offense number 71.five yard penalty still second down.left tackle Charles Brown about my.unofficial count that is the fourth.false start untimely penalties have hurt.this offense.even if you think of it that way it's.all for now.the good coverage again by Jackson down.[Applause].now the line judges.it's coming over with the ruffle read.they want to get straight here.[Applause].one should be sent to 6:23 6:23 so.they'll wind it down from 637 you know.Brent Barclay talks about how the.pressure doesn't affect him but what.we've seen in the first half it.definitely affects his offensive line no.question.the big change is Christopher O'Dowd.unable to drive block off that knee so.Byers moves over to Center.butch Lewis at guard Brown.the left tackle Parsons and Smith have.been operating on the right side and.buyers a very experienced veteran.offensive lineman.play a couple of spots for petrol he's a.senior from Fort Collins Colorado.still got clock issues.with the game clock said and also reset.the play clock now.Chip Kelly is out on the field on the.far side wanted an explanation.6:23 on the game clock start the clock.on my whistle.take control out there.veteran officiating crew referee jack.wood.and he is one of the Gideons of the back.[Applause].chip says you got to review that for.what is it the spot what's the situation.here.gotta be the clock or the spot because.it was a penalties.penalty on USC.[Applause].you know that was firing the over there.on that Oregon sideline and they hate to.see it called off like this settled back.down they had the crowd fired up after.that play and the penalty and Chip Kelly.and that gang they want to keep it going.primitive plays it's a dead ball foul.here so well before the ball is snapped.so it should be at about 6:30 7:00 or so.maybe that's what they're.as a result of review the game clock.should be set to 638 and the clock will.start on they're ready for play you're.right that's why Chip Kelly's no.questions so upset his defenses Stadium.[Applause].getting revved up again.[Applause].McKnight the program running back.on the toss Shumate gets the outside man.but slipping through his Boyett and the.safety a redshirt freshman from Napa.comes up with another big hit Boyet and.Luis are very very active with this.defense right now and Tomac that's got.good quickness he got a big tackle.pulling around and trying to help out in.Charles Brown but the penetration with.the numbers it's time by Oregon's.defense if he can handle the ball and a.good effort there by number 20 john-boy.oh well he's a dandy redshirt freshman.to happen.[Applause].tries to set the screen with McKnight.McKnight slips free and he has run out.of bounds short of the first down by any.Pleasant the sophomore linebacker from.La Palma when you take a look at the.Oregon lineup offensively and.defensively against Pete Carroll you see.one of the youngest teams in the pac-10.[Applause].the story.we waited just the right.it's first half.Trenton's with a fourth and short our.goal.tonight picks up the first down he's at.the 25 yard line as they convert a 4th.and 1 good blocks up front Gooden Busch.DJ's roommate who's in for Stanley.haveli fourth and one who can get the.lowest see the big fullback right in.front of Joe McKnight cars pulling.around at time football.a lot of confidence of his big.experience better.Johnson and Williams back on the field.[Applause].not as well as the third receiver in.motion.[Applause].you can have a couple of yards on first.down.actually you got more than that.got all of four yards and so it is.second and six.[Applause].and Carol ran onto the field trying to.get a timeout.Berkeley was attempting to start some.motion and Carol jogged onto the field.and now Carol and Bates are going over.the play call as USC burns its second.timeout.[Music].this is the Aflac duck favorite venue.alright nervy here we go now five of the.last six Heisman Trophy winners played.for the BCS National Championship in the.same season which Heisman Trophy winner.did not six years too.we go second down and six.for berkeley and inclusion place a.penalty flag.dead ball false start offense number 56.five-yard penalty still second down okay.times up Herbie you got to get us fans.let's just say I don't know Jason white.here it is lad Jason play in the.championship game but here's the one who.did not.[Applause].the championship his best individual.year the Gators were a ton of a.rebuilding year after.Zeca down any.[Applause].play fake Bradford looking.beautiful throw he had to wait for his.receiver to get open then he did a great.job with Damian Williams over there.Barclay had time and he was just waiting.for him to break on him we got a flag.down Brent on the other side of the.field but it towards the Oregon side of.the field and it came in a little bit.late.[Applause].[Applause].but Berkeley on that throw hmm holdin on.holdin on holdin on random bears coming.in on him gets it off.[Applause].[Applause].personal foul face mask on the defense.penalty is declined often select to take.the results of the play first down.what I love to see here from a young.quarterback is his patients presence in.the pocket waiting waiting waiting for.his man to finally break free and waited.to the just the last second before he.gets the ball off before Brandon bear.lowers the boom on it.it's tough to stay in rhythm.first and goal.the Trojans will bring McKnight back.into the backfield.harden run to the 5-yard line it'll be.second down and goal for the Trojans.gotten to be a little bit of duct.weather too few raindrops being reported.down there.[Applause].with you yet never take that junk out.and overnighted would be off.so that puts Bradford.throws the William Sezen tackler.touchdown USC fine Mumbai number 18.Damian Williams from Springdale Arkansas.the transfer from the Razorbacks and.Berkeley has another touchdown.they're really starting to throw down in.that area but I love this effort here by.Damian Williams their most gifted wide.receiver not only the catch city stops.on a dime feels that the goal line there.it cuts back but the head is tough to do.when you're running full speed make that.quick stop and then accelerate there.into the end zone.tied again.17 Damien Williams his fourth touchdown.catch of the season Matt Barkley his.second of the night and the drama.continues in Yugi.come on Tuesday at 8/7 central they.arrived they will bring hope they will.bring peace they will change our world.forever ABC's new series premiere v.Tuesday November 3rd 8 7 central maybe.Halloween show to me back now score tied.at 17 we've got 3:17 here in the first.day.bring it out buddy in we will go to Matt.Winer in New York for that stay man.love breads as you know many believe.Oklahoma State and the only significant.test standing between Texas and the.national championship game a dope pencil.the Longhorns in just yet Oklahoma State.goes an 84 yard touchdown drive Bo.Johnson cashed in to a 10 point game.there Notre Dame is playing in San.Antonio as a home game today against.Washington stay there up 23 at the half.trying to recruit a little bit down.there deep in the heart of Texas.the Irish go down into San Antonio to.play that game and do not count them out.of the BCS picture if they put it in.overdrive they are right in the mix 317.first and 10.Masoli.she was covered in there he takes off.and does he burn the Trojan D looked.like he was going out of bounds and he.just kept coming two more.the way to the 31-yard line as the rain.starts there come down.49 yards on the line.when things were covered would be a key.town good job of showing patience he.waits for things to open up and then you.can see it gives you an idea what kind.of bursts he has when he gets out into.the open field he's caught looking a run.and get out of bounds.there was the handoff to his buddy back.change so let's take a look here Herbie.we have talked about the yards the.Trojans are starting to surrender and.it's pretty stark when you look at this.graphic that you had put together but.the first five games it looked like how.does Pete Carroll duties he loses eight.or nine guys to the NFL but look at the.last two games.boy oh boy and not only that 614 yards.allowed through the air in the last two.games to know.northern state with five touchdowns and.no interceptions and already said.they have given up a total of 211 yards.136 on the ground.fix that later into the redzone.he's had to make the last two tackles.this is a great read he comes off of.79th block right there mark as Bernie.reads it right away.he's quickness and the fact that he.didn't hesitate to carry the ball.allowed him to outrun Shane Horton the.linebacker and be able to get to the.edge and pick up the first down.Horton is there because Malcolm Smith.went to the locker room with an injury.so they are without the Trojans are.without one of their starting outside.linebacker just a little bit.down back to the end zone and the Ducks.regained the lead on a fine scoring.strike to Jamir Holland.17 yards on the score what Chip Kelly.looks for is a quarterback who can't run.in other words he's got to be a young.man who can throw and throw he did right.there.and not happen.tax up the court.Fright Night continues in Eugene Dutch.Lee terrific moment for number 19 Jameer.Holland at one time he was arguably.USC's fastest wide receiver and he.transferred up here ago.redshirted during the o-6 season book.his car.for us see the URI was down there and.now here that.that touchdown.Johnson is down so let's go back to the.transfer from USC design play Embry is.right here he's going to get to the.inside and here is Holland who works.right behind him what's interesting here.is a great read by Masoli he's going to.look right here at the all-american.TaylorMade's when Mase comes up on Emery.it makes it very easy to throw it right.behind it but Masoli showing he's not.just a quarterback that has ability to.run this offense and welcome back as he.saw right there my man can throw the.football he's seven of nine.93 yards and that touchdown comes the.Blitz.Berkeley is sacked on the Blitz.any Pleasant.great job of disguising the pressure.Nick Ali always been doing it the entire.first half and this time in front.finally freeze any Pleasant the.sophomore gets in there untouched Matt.Barkley couldn't do anything with a.football in the 45 Terrell Turner was.also coming on that.so there's Jeremiah.17-yard touchdown pass caps off.[Applause].second down and 15 here's McKnight what.side.got a couple and.Chip Kelly's trying to help the.officials out there he got out of bounds.at would in jail and he's thinking about.getting the ball back two timeouts left.Joe McKnight fight going out of bounds.allows Chip Kelly to save a timeout and.if USC doesn't pick up a first down here.Kelly still has two timeouts to work.with in an offense right now that he's.in rhythm and he's thinking about trying.to get more points before them so here.it is that third and 13.Grice Butler one of the wide receivers.against Kelly's ducks.[Applause].to run the ball against.is down still 48 seconds left.before John McKnight even fell to the.ground chip challenge it's out of the.field yelling for his time in Potomac.knife not getting out of bounds on.second down it allows.to get the ball back.last week in Seattle Ducks blocked the.punt the scored a touchdown.that is the third us seed three out.against a Liotta's quickly striking.defense.Jakub Parkman the junior from Chino and.before ta over dr. Petrova Carol.walk back.they're the first half along.[Applause].kick ball 77 yards.is back deep.[Applause].they want the return.from the 31.and he is doubt that.and we want to remind everybody the.chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup.continues tomorrow with the AMP Energy.500 at Talladega.coverage begins at noon Eastern on ABC.with the NASCAR countdown though Jimmy.Johnson closing in on a remarkable four.feet the practice running.Talladega Bom.thirty seconds left.rambles and throws it away to stop the.clock at 32 ticks you want to be.aggressive here if you're Masoli and.Chip Kelly because Everson Griffin.limping off it says keep a close eye on.that user relation is really locked into.the game it was already mounting for USC.Easter he just went right off right off.the initial burst they're off - brandish.but what I'm saying about the solely as.much as they want to be aggressive with.30 seconds one time I'll have to be.careful.behind his target at that time so 25.seconds left on a third and 10.so the seven-point lead.there's Griffin you have a tape job over.there on the left ankle.[Music].Pete Carroll's going to use his last.timeout.now what Pete Carroll's talking about is.whether he wants to go after and try to.block this punt 18 seconds left that.Griffin let me back toward the Trojan.locker room.if they don't get there and they rub the.putter they would give Oregon a first.down with let's say about 12 seconds.left would take about 6 7 seconds right.now this door against first punt of the.night.Jackson Rice he's a freshman he's had.some good games and some bad games as a.freshman punter we're told they do put.Mike Knight back.[Music].gets it off.[Applause].inside the 10-yard line.that's a 54-yard good hotpot.[Applause].Matt Berkeley 22 attempts in the first.half he probably is gonna end up.throwing maybe up to 50 passes in his.game against this attacking Oregon.defense before this one's all over the.election up this row numbers 23 there.there's the hustling radio announcer.Kelly let's go down to Lisa who's on the.other side with coach Carol he's doing.most of the stuff on broken play stuff.his damage own scrambling around.changing this tempo a little bit's not.really basic base stuff so we track them.down better.450 right there so we've got to make.sure we keep eyes on that take care.after the normal play 24 points they put.up on the board in this half you're not.used to seeing that what do you think.the music I don't like it one bit least.I don't like it one bit we got to make.sure we can keep going all right on the.offensive end and stay with this thing.can we slow down all right.so an entertaining first half in Eugene.Oregon.the Ducks unbeaten and pac-10 play and.they lead favored USC 2417.we walked me back to Saturday Night.Football on ABC presented by Southwest.Airlines and Furby our playbook would.certainly show a lot of number eight.Jeremiah what a great half suppose he's.quarterbacks matt barkley has thrown.the Ducks to give him the seven-point.lead.and the Ducks remember deferred so they.will handle the ball first here in the.second half ball on the tee for Jacob.Hoffman.and Barnard will take a knee in the.endzone and it'll come out on the on the.20-yard line.so here we are the weather has changed a.little bit we see that some of the rain.gear is out when they started off and.you notice they get a little chilly up.in here now this is not frozen weather.here in the second way to keep an eye on.every single if it was injured he came.back out and halftime try to work on his.start to see if he might be able to go.in the second half but Jeremiah Masoli.how does he handle the conditions how.does he handle working with a lead and.Chip Kelly's got to continue which he.will continue to fight and continue to.attack and not try to preserve a lead.throughout the second half James is the.running back.play fake towing the Masoli is going to.open up with a pass littles opened it.complete first down.so the first play of the second half and.Masoli goes to Ed Dixon the very.talented tight end who makes his first.catch of the night to open up the second.half and that's a great call there with.play-action off the zone read GLE info.and the rest of the linebackers froze.just for a second and it gave Dixon.enough room to get right behind him and.again was solely proving to people again.tonight that he can throw the football.he's eight at 12 for over a hundred.yards already.man open complete again for another.first down back-to-back strikes and.there's to an a let's check it down.below Jeremiah Masoli and he said hey we.do what we do they've gotta stop us here.they come with that fast tempo fast.rhythm under pressure throws it away.good decision behind it's only that time.absolutely good recognition of the Blitz.coming through nobody's there to pick up.Gallipoli once you get through like that.and not only throwing it away but at.least throwing it towards his intended.receiver to an a who's off to the.outside there but calippo nice job at.timing up the Blitz perfectly to be able.to get through the offensive line up.front second and 10 now they come with.both running backs the first time.they've shown that formation.in James the ball-carrier picks up seven.yards before Taylor maze brings him down.one thing we did talk about it on the.first half was Chip Kelly's offense it's.so much about running and drawing but.also multiple formations to personnel.groupings there's that quick tempo so a.little bit high and incomplete as Jeff.Maehl had flared to the right ship Kelly.does such a good job of keeping defenses.off-balance because he mixes up his.looks and he gives a defense so much to.look at that it confuses him and slows.him down yet they're running the same.plays just from multiple looks that time.is solely in the hurry up offense.actually hurried up his throw and it's.delivery the ball sailed on now this is.fourth down with big Everson Griffin.back out on the field this is fourth and.three and they're going.[Music].they threw a bubble screen for a first.down DJ Davis the receiver the linesman.marking it and if the yellow line is on.target they'll move the change for.another first down this is where they.can attack in different areas the timing.of this play is so important you could.see right there Casey does a good job of.chasing the play from the backside but.he actually actually pushed Davis.forward and across the first down marker.at least it appears from up here now.they're gonna bring the change.completely across and it does appear to.be a first down from up here but we.should point out of this remodel Dobson.stadium a little bit higher than we used.to be the in the broadcast booth we used.to come up here and cover Dan Fouts.games has it been that long ago pouchy.was lighting up secondaries and thing.[Applause].those guys and of course Dan Fouts.received an honor this year this week.2009 davey o'brien Legends Award.recipient and fellas like Fouts put the.show on the road up here and in eugene.and this is one of the great stops now.along the college football trail that's.great.you have a good crowd at had a cup of.coffee watch it first out intent now.comes the Blitz off the corner.and the line judge moved it over we got.movement here yeah I think they were.false start offense number 81 five-yard.penalty still first down ki as we take a.look at the Pacific Life game summary in.what jumps out here well the two.quarterbacks have had to carry the load.right now and I know at the bottom you.love that one knocked down every week.we'd like to see which quarterbacks can.withstand the pressure.here's Masoli looking downfield.receivers recovered this time that he.will throw it away.so the first times that we've seen us.cease defense have great coverage and.not allow Masoli.room to wiggle room to run some feet.Carroll that time and remember D Carroll.has built a reputation on second-half.adjustments yet in the last couple games.that's not been the case against Notre.Dame and Oregon State for they had big.leads in the fourth quarter and they've.had to hold on for dear life let's see.if they do a better job tonight of their.adjustments second down and two.first down came back on second and 15.hit Jeff Maehl the junior from.California for the first down and the.chains move this is a gutsy troll right.here by mu so Lee who's using his eyes.the entire time to bait the USC defense.to the outside knowing that he had mail.working back to the inside it's a risky.throw but was solely timed it up well.play fake by Masoli back down the middle.almost six male couldn't quite hang on.as he crossed the goal line Kevin Thomas.the corner with coverage number 15 so.many slow developing pass plays this.time it is a quick hitter and if Kevin.Thomas doesn't get back there to defend.it male did a good job of sneaking.behind the linebackers and again an area.that's been a trouble spot the.linebackers trying to cover the seam.route second tendon slowly checks over.to the side of Iowa.adjust the formation.and this is an option look late James.coming down the sideline there's a.penalty flag after James was bounced out.of bounds.the penalty flag came flying on that far.side.gotten mail constantly on a holding call.he looked like he was doing a good job.of holding offense number 23 Britain's.doing a good job of sustaining his block.but at the top right portion here he.locks on as James is coming down trying.to pick up that first down he was on him.for so long that at the tail end of that.block mail ends up grabbing ahold of.Thomas for the hole that is Scott frost.remember him when he was a Nebraska.quarterback he's a wide receiver coach.here at Oregon there alongside the.receiver on second down and 13.and uncle change breaks that first his.way inside the redzone.[Music].Craig James text me in the first half of.course he loves running backs watching.James run tonight reminds him of.watching Jacquizz Rodgers Ron from.Oregon State and undersized back that.has given us C's defense fits both last.year and this year's was about five nine.185 pounds low center of gravity but a.very determined football player on third.and six play fake Missoula.now field goal time.for the Ducks lead it by a touchdown.here this would put them on a seven out.of ten if they can make it so trotting.out is Morgan Flint remember with.special teams and coach Chip Kelly.you've always got to be ready for a fake.this is fourth down and six Nate Acosta.the backup quarterback is the hole and.in practice the other day they must.rehearse a half dozen different fakes a.35 yarder coming up.[Music].follows on the tee in Eugene for rob.beer who is the kickoff specialist for.the Ducks.runs up to the 20-yard line and he's.at the 32 yard line so reminder the.chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup.continues tomorrow from one of our.favorite tracks Talladega in Alabama 12.Eastern it will get started and of.course the man everyone's chasing it now.there is Jimmie Johnson looking for a.4-peat he will sit on the pole tomorrow.and if you like that high bank.can't miss Talladega.it as a running back.[Applause].Bradford pounds and doesn't get much out.of the running.look at the gang tackling by Aliotti and.the peasant dump the gang the gang.tackling was there in the first half.against the run us see not able to do a.whole lot on the ground only 57 yards in.the first half and Matt Barkley is going.to have to throw this football Nick.Aliotti the defensive coordinator from.Oregon making it pretty clear they don't.have a lot of superstars so they're.going to crowd that line of scrimmage.and gain tackle against the run and see.if Barclay and his receivers can execute.the pass game.to the left and the corner there's.eternally.[Applause].off the right side they're.self-destructing a dead ball false start.offense number 56 five-yard penalty.[Applause].that is the sixth false start by the.Trojans here and this veteran offensive.line and Pete Carroll probably can't.believe it Matt Barkley you're right the.crowds not affecting his play but.without question it's affecting now.they're jumping up there because they're.not so sure.the ball beats.defensive moving.the offensive line.[Applause].vixx's day light fine yards Marvin.Johnson one of the defensive backs for.the Ducks now you go back to the.original game plan for USC and that was.to allow their running backs to become a.force in this game they didn't really.feel that anybody has been able to.attend four against undersized defensive.line.try to get physical dick on Leo they.obviously knew that.towards that line ascribe.[Applause].got the first down breaks a tackle.crosses midfield 40 pushed out of bounds.at the 34 yard line by Talmadge Jackson.as McKnight breaks a tackle at the point.of attack it's a power play the left car.Louis leads his way around.DJ's Shumate picks up a good block and.how about the patience that time by Joel.McKnight we saw that from the Michael.James from Oregon in the first half kind.of figuring out his hole and eventually.slithering through and it when you put.so many guys at that line of scrimmage.if he breaks through that initial surge.13 times 487 yard.puts trunk to the outside here's Johnson.and a footrace and he picks up close to.10 yards let's see where they finally.spot it the accuracy that time from Matt.Berkeley on a quick little look fast.like that it's so important just to give.your athlete on the outside a chance to.make a play don't just throw it out.there but when you have one-on-one.coverage you're gonna have to throw on.1st and 10 with that that commitment by.Oregon up to the line of scrimmage good.play call by Jeremy Bates and.well-executed there by the true freshman.Matt Barr and the spot gives him the.first down.so back-to-back first downs on his drive.for the.Ales good motion.he flared the full-back DJ Shumate who.is filled in here tonight for Stanley.haveli the injury list is long for the.Trojans without Anthony McCoy without.Trayvon Patterson without David ausbury.none made the trip Stanley who Billy's.here has not played Christopher O'Dowd.the starting center having some problems.with that knee and he has not played in.that offensive line as Jeff Byers.continues to anchor.he's the center.[Applause].second and ten they come right back with.the big money back for a couple more.yards to those injuries especially to.the fullback and then tied in in my.opinion are affecting this offense in.Matt Parkman Stanley Javie Lee is one of.the best.catching wineries are tied in tight wide.receivers and you're going to see now in.the pac-10 but the country and this is a.style offense it throws the football to.the full-back and to the tide and.at the bottom of your screen.don't take those up here.incomplete he used Brandon Carswell as.the target and he was covered by Jackson.and it'll be a fourth down at 8:00.trailing by 10 they will bring on the.field goal unit and Eddie pleasant that.time came three on a blitz nobody picked.him up you can see it Barkley threw the.football he was actually falling back.and when you have a quarterback falling.back it's going to affect his accuracy.and he let Cardwell a little bit too.much net because the.he's hit a 28.this authority.[Applause].so he's 2 for 2 tonight 10 of 12 for the.season and the Trojans back within a.touchdown Southwest Airlines Judas.Southwest calm grab you back it's off.Nissan Maxima proud partner at the.Heisman Trophy and Bud Light with the.chest right case that's not too heavy.not too light the difference is.drinkability.those pumpkins were carved by the.students for business Eugene hi.sixteen of them.presentation.gingka departments got them out with the.20 let's go to New York and Matt Winer.Matt all right Fred time for a check on.the prime time pulse right now on ESPN a.South Carolina touchdown pass the.steaming Garcia's closed the gap against.Tennessee.28:13 there again the USC organ game as.well as Texas Oklahoma State are either.on ABC or.to Texas's all over the Cowboys.and that that means that Texas may jump.Alabama and wind up number two because.Alabama's Idol this week and the voters.may be very impressed by what the.Longhorns are doing and still.and now it is first intent here for was.solely at reduction that play fake.thirty-five.steps out of bounds at about the 45 yard.line.this exactly what Pete Carroll's primary.concern was coming into this game even.mentioned to Lisa Salters walking off he.said Edward.stop mr. Lee's ability to.on broken plays in fact Dennis Nixon did.the same thing to SC in 2007 in this.very game we have two 100 yard rushers.right now for the.Masoli just went over but now he picks.up ten more yards with his wide out to.an a and of course earlier James had.rushed for a hundred yards and we have a.penalty flag thrown on the near side.near midfield on this play ball side.defense.we thought through the play as a first.down the Pinkard was coming on a blitz.and got there to the line of scrimmage a.little bit too quickly Frank you and I.travel when the country talked to great.defensive minds all over the country one.of the best is Pete Carroll the number.one thing that they fear is a.quarterback that can not only run in.throw but has an ability to create when.things break down there's just isn't.anything you can call to be able to stop.a guy like Jeremiah Jeremiah Masoli when.he does that.who's James again.and he picks up at least nine on that.carry before Harris can bring him down.but he runs with such confidence that.time setting up his blocks as he's.actually accelerating forward his.lateral quickness set up a good block.that time by a big lineman to take away.the linebacker Chris caliper.whether or not Oregon wins this game the.one thing you've got to say about this.team they have never allowed USC to be.comfortable either offensively or.defensively they have kept them on the.edge here tonight now that doesn't mean.us he's not gonna pull this game out.because they got plenty of talent and.firepower another first down he's going.forward he just sets up that block and.it makes it pretty easy easy for Carson.York the weights for the linebacker to.get in there he looks like the limo has.a chance boom he's set it up perfectly.York makes the block and down field goes.James Vaughn has spotted across the 35.yard line here for the doctor soon.there's LaMichael with 109 and Masoli is.rushed for a hundred and one.so it has thrown for a touchdown and.rushed for a second one here tonight.the versatility with different looks.different formations different personnel.groupings USC has not been able to be.aggressive at all tonight through.thinking too much and Oregon is.attacking with chip Shelby's offense.they've run the ball in the middle if.you commit to many people down to the.middle they throw a quick pass to the.outside if you come up to take away a.quick pass they'd find a seam route to.tied in or Jeff Maehl behind you.you suck it down and.pistol' look a little bit more offset.there's the first guy.- Jeff Maehl.wide open.and mail crosses into the redzone.identity if you're going to take away.the running game you start to cheat down.right there look at the recognition very.simple if you if the quarterback is.gonna in this offense is going to see a.safety commit down to stop the running.game even though the running play is.called he's just gonna pull off the bat.and throw up quick little fast to the.outside.see how effective this offense has been.in the redzone.whistle.prior to the snap timeout Oregon out of.the half.coach over there with Jeff Maehl I'm.gonna tell you how he operates practices.a little differently when we come back.normally the day before a game and.coaches have a walkthrough not Oregon.Chip Kelly heard from the Olympic group.and said you want your athletes.practicing full-speed the day before.they compete a full-bore workout in here.on Friday their walkthrough was on.Thursday he just does things a little.bit differently and during much of the.practice the USC fight song came blaring.over the loudspeakers then leaked.horse's voice not so fast my friend and.suddenly mighty Oregon.so it is very different when you come up.and watch what Chip Kelly has done and.that we've got a flag at the sideline.that Herbie you've got to be impressed.and watching this team it's he's got him.believing in his system false start.offense number 69.five-yard penalty remains first down the.thing I found interesting he said you.know we practice hard on Monday Tuesday.and Wednesday and they practice in the.morning one of the few fall project yeah.all week 9:00 to 11:00 they're all off.the field at 11:00 a.m..send everybody to class come back to.look at film after class I haven't heard.of that anywhere in the country but they.really get after it like you said Monday.Tuesday Wednesday cut back on fryer.James James breaks free again James is.inside the ten.it's a first thing.[Applause].he's just going to follow his left guard.Carson York around and just kind of.just great lateral quickness and great.vision along with the first that he fits.perfectly into this offense with.Jeremiah Masoli.she touched on a walk insects.and look how he hands the ball to the.official no danger they're picking up.the pedal he celebrates with his.teammates.USC's defense.[Applause].the Rose Bowl committee has to be very.impressed with what their seed here.tonight.[Applause].seven straight pac-10 titles for USC and.under the gun here in Eugene.Flint tax on the extra point.as the same play this time coming back.the other way he's going to follow his.right guard marks a spur around nobody.is there.they attract you in so many different.ways it's so hard for Taylor maze in his.group to get a key on his in a run as in.a pass and they gonna run with James are.gonna run with Masoli.let's go down to Alicia with the.LeGarrette Blount story.[Applause].village I can't help but overhear bad.come back her name is career play again.I'm on his side go to class come to.practice her Bai I think you agree let's.let's move on this right after this.kickoff return from it's.and he is let's go back to the good like.the greatest thing that happened now.that whole thing is it for a first year.head coach at Oregon and Chip Kelly to.be dealt that after his first game.instead of kicking LeGarrette Blount off.the field.get away you're no longer part his.program he removed him from playing for.the Oregon Ducks but allowed him to stay.within the program instead of kicking.him to the curb thinking about the young.man's future on and off the field that.was the greatest thing that I think Chip.Kelly did.well now the Trojans are under the gun.erv trailing 34 to 20 this 11 every.minute of this holiday immediate hands.on that defensive unit over there.getting ripped right now.fake farside deceivers well-covered and.there's the penalty flag to well-covered.apparently that was Louis who was all.over Williams.Oregon's defense at least on that play.now changing they've been crowding the.line now the safeties backing off and.it's going to make it that much tougher.on young matt barkley was this past.catchable.the officials are are conferring pass.interference defense number 14.[Music].jay-bez lewis who is a safety playing.corner.getting a little bit too physical in the.balls in the air and Brent Barkley now.he's executed pretty well with Oregon.expecting a lot of running crowding the.line but now things change to get down.by 14 in the second half you start to.realize they're going to be throwing the.ball.they get in Bradford as the one who died.and a protector.comes back to the left side and there is.Williams again and again.young Berkeley older than his years.looking to the right looking hard coming.back quickly to the left I love his.vision look at this I mean for a senior.the Mark Sanchez to be out here throwing.for USC showing that ability to read the.entire field giving you college.quarterbacks can read all the way from.there right.[Applause].second one.Radford picks up the first down to the.49-yard.it's important with this under five.minutes to go here Brenda Ferb board are.you down by a couple touchdowns.Jeremy bass not completely abandoned the.running game trying to figure out if the.safeties are sitting back you still have.to have head and ability to run the.football and pound the rock into that.defense they're sitting back waiting for.the pass that puts too much pressure on.Barclay in these receivers.[Applause].first down.and be careful as he goes down in a sec.[Applause].that was any Pleasant again the.sophomore from La Palma California.that'll up the call by Nick Aliotti here.first and ten forget about being.conservative and I'll tell you any plus.it been all over this field tonight no.eleven whether it's been in coverage or.when she hits his speed that time he and.Brandon bear the big defensive tackle.putting too much on Berkeley but the.confusion up was the key there.[Applause].second down and 17 incomplete and now it.is third down.suddenly you start to bring pressure.from different areas you get an.offensive line it's not protecting matt.barkley as well something that barkley.he's human he's going to feel that.pressure but then you start to lose your.rhythm and also your accuracy that time.throwing the ball well behind his.receiver.[Applause].17.won't get the first down Adelaide blitz.forces Barkley out of his comfort zone.he wants to face fast penalty and it.looked like it was an inadvertent map of.that facemask.that's about as angry as I've ever seen.Barkley.spencer Paysinger is going to come right.here Brent you talked about it it's a.delay there rushing free see I just.pauses and then comes he went right by.tyronn Smith the right technical who was.blocking air he went right by him and.took the pressure off Barkley.but it would go out of bounds that's one.yard line and that's where the Ducks.will take over Tuesday November 3rd at.8/7 central they arrive they will bring.us fun.now forgets peace it would change our.world forever.ABC's new series premiere V Tuesday Feb.return at 8:00 7:00 central on ABC I had.something happen in Vegas I was down.with Greg Maddux and Butch Harmon.they're fun.no yes yes the doctors of Medicine it.was unbelievable 678 we did add somebody.was pretty addictive.and that's the only one I'd see them.under it was more exciting what did.somebody else do it.Bali's 135 yards I use a 7-iron yes I.did but who's counting.second down to five good for Uli's.slowly hands it back.in the daylight again.performance by LaMichael James a.redshirt freshman from Texarkana Texas.23 more yards per B he's put up a.hundred and seventy on these guys.confusion this is a power-play working.his way around picking up a defensive.outside linebacker and LaMichael James.sitting perfectly right behind it it is.running with so much confidence right.now within this offense instructions.first out in Ted.we checked on them 44 they parked the.youngster Barna he's got some quick -.they don't they don't let up when.Barnard gets in we saw what he can do on.that big kickoff return this is this.office right now you talk Kelly.when you're reading that probe over.beating you can speak ship Kelly really.challenged his team.another first down to the 35-yard line.he challenged his team before they took.the field with a 14-point lead in time.going down in two minutes that reporter.he senses this is an opportunity to go.after this USC defense and try to get up.by three touchdowns.[Applause].with the bright young coaches the.college football fight there's two good.colors the other one at Cincinnati.the biggest play is stopped.false start offense number 79 five-yard.penalty.the last two we remains first down it's.been the past that has hurt us cease.defense in tonight against Jeremiah.Masoli it's been the running game fill.out about 80 yards a game to founder in.evident country they can agree they.rushed forward well they're gonna go.well over 300 you're talking about maybe.400 yards against a peak care off and.defense on the ground.first and 15 from the silly.but a grab and they pick up a couple of.yards on the play Jeff Maehl.let me check that again now that's Eddie.Dixon his second catch of the night.there's that versatility where you.cannot just think about dealing with.Masoli and James and barner in the.running game they do just enough to keep.you honest and make you respect the.perimeter within the office second down.and nine.[Applause].and the so late bricks.comes up and read.at the end of that run.this is the zone rain here it does a.good job of being able to make the read.but look at the burst.that's a USC defense print he is walking.away from defensive linemen and.linebackers just pulled away from.so there is Mays back there the crowd.wanted a flag thrown but I think in.looking at the replay looked to me.hi accidentally as Masoli was going down.has been a controversial figure.I think the House of Representatives.even calling ahead.Dixon again now they have found the.tight end.and they're going back to work okay.let's stop the running game whoa no no.he's gonna throw it and wasn't accurate.ball here is not.Masoli to be able to get that into Dixon.with this offense in sync and definitely.feel it right now should Kelly wants to.keep it active.he wants another play.Kenya on barter another redshirt.freshman from Riverside California.chilli.urgency and the importance of describe.eels.can finish this third quarter off credit.the offensive line in the running.so we are talking about the Oregon Ducks.in the pac-10.when do we start talking about to the.BCS championship.if those teams in the NCC in Texas ever.lose this is a real good-looking.football team here tonight.it is 41 to 20 a home underdog the.Oregon Ducks shocking us a ride.fielded on the three by McNeil.when you look back at USC recent trips.to Oregon.it has indeed been Fright Night.Corvallis about an hour away they.celebrated one then here in 2007 Mark.Sanchez the loser.and then in 2008 there was the Beavers.again.and now here tonight against Pete.Carroll Oregon has put up 41 points.the most they have.sporting it's USC.they lead it 40 120.[Applause].the field on that first down her V it.has been some show here it has not just.tonight but you've mentioned a history.with dealing with Corvallis and ug2 good.football programs and probably don't get.the recognition and credibility around.the country that they deserve my.currently doing such a good job at.Oregon State and of course Mike Bilotti.over the years and out Chip Kelly doing.a great job his first year here in.second down and six Barclay and it is.knit down incomplete again john-boy yet.the redshirt freshman from Napa.California won at night he has had the.thing that stands that what about this.defense is the overall team speed that.is a tough thing for a safety to make it.jump on a play like that and get in.front of the receiver without.Center parents called on him but as you.said boy yet.some no-name defense but they play so.as a group.third and six.goes deep.and it will be fourth down.third down Oregon knows it's coming and.nobody is open all three receivers.covered like this Tommen's Jackson all.older Ronald Johnson has nowhere to go.and the quarterback Barkley just has to.throw it away.[Applause].Hardman gets it off.and a fair catch signal my partner.that's what Masoli and the Ducks will.have it still almost an entire quarter.to go and the Ducks already have 41 on.the Trojan team well right now no one.but no one is cheering any louder for.Oregon that Boise State fans you know.the story there strengthened schedule.not much but they do have a win against.the Ducks and every time the Ducks are.able to post a win.helps Boise State and they are a fierce.battle with TCU to be that hot man into.the BCS they often to Herbie years your.story on the USC defy this defense says.it's really struggled in recent weeks we.talked earlier Hellion start going.against the pass but I don't think Pete.Carroll anticipated giving up over 300.yards on the ground alone in 41 points.here at Autzen Stadium for the whole.quarter remaining.so it.City College of San Francisco let the JC.team to a national championship that.here is he can let us go on the march to.Matt Winer in New York Matt Thank You.Brad time for our AT&T all-america.Player of the Week update Tim Tebow's in.the new SEC career rushing touchdown.record today and accounted for field.touchdowns overall and the win over.rival Georgia cast your vote text vote.the three four five three four five new.mobile phone could win a trip to the.national championship.very impressive performance against USC.lead it by three touchdowns 41 to 20.Casali.just picking up mail.another first down Masoli calippo the.linebacker.they're most experienced receiver the.solely recognizes if failed as a good.job just sitting right there and it's an.easy trow.hundred and nine yards of offense.hold on the ball was down.[Music].USC signaling touchdown.will Harris picked it up and ran back.into the is official pointing touchdown.- there's the referee back there 40.touchdown obviously the the replay.officials going to take a look at this I.had it just a quick look but let's.glance at this now James with the ball.in his possession being stripped out I.kept up for sure because his back was.truly being turned a little bit when the.knee goes down but here watch this look.[Applause].there's no question that that's going to.be reviewed and remember the call on the.field now is a touchdown and it has to.be indisputable video evidence that this.knee was down and he had possession when.I saw with the naked eye I thought he.was down but.how shuriken would be bred his knee was.down his hip was down his shoulder was.down his entire body is down and then.the ball comes out even had a great call.there my friend half weeks.he's down on that sixth look he's down.yeah.what a big moment in this game when you.think about it.this is either a touchdown USC or Oregon.football.it doesn't get any bigger than this one.and the instant replay is taking its.time.this is your ultimate trick-or-treat.right here.[Applause].it's also taken up too long.further review he's been determined that.the runner was down.[Applause].when it's going your way is it going.your way.you know Pete Carroll told will Harris.the entire Massey defense and they've.got to get to football back.obviously down by three touchdowns here.rip that football out of there.so they spotted at the 44.they'll reset the change.[Applause].we're gonna have another conference.now the.the down marker is being moved back the.other side and back to the 46.[Applause].talking to will Harris the man who.dashed in but the ball-carrier was.already down.it'll be firstly tan on the 44-yard line.please reset the game clock to twelve.nineteen twelve nineteen on the game.clock person ten on the 44.[Applause].41 to 20.Oregon.upsetting USC.and battling to stay unbeaten other Chip.Kelly in the pac-10 after they were.embarrassed on that opening night which.seems now so long.in Boise against Boise State.Masoli.I'll tell you if they voted for the pack.tenth order back to the year right now.and that's assure my soul II would not.win it.who would be in competition with it well.besides berkeley matt partland nick the.youngster down at Arizona's had a very.very good year and one started off very.well against Stanford.last week in Seattle Davis the intended.target.I think I think this offense he's the.beneficiary of playing in an offense.right now that it is really attacking.and hitting on all cylinders and he's.obviously that's a lot to do with that.oh you got to have a triggerfish off.yeah he is right in the middle of this.and it reminds me a lot of where they.were a couple years ago with Dennis.Dixon but they've almost got to the.point where they were unstoppable until.he had a knee injury.he was on his way back here when I.before the natural.so miss Sully finds chimney or Holland.the transfer from USC we were talking.about it at the break is Oregon going to.let off the accelerator here I'm just.trying to work the clock ups with three.touchdowns or they can continue to.attack Chip Kelly showing you his.personality here even with the lead he's.not changing his offensive style at all.if anything they've let gut they pull.back a little bit on the tempo but they.are still throwing the football and.running and doing what they've done the.entire.books right back to the outside.inside the redzone are the Ducks.if you're expecting that if you're USC.and you're just expecting a run by.Masoli and they're just going to work to.clocking you're with us he's doing again.they're getting load up the line of.scrimmage and they're going to give them.that quick pass to the outside in two.and a even at six five still showing you.a little bit of nifty moves there to.pull away from some of the defenders 545.yards.this offense.was a poorly thrown ball because the.defender Pinkert really had position on.the receiver one of the few times that.Masoli has not had an open target to.throw to.that time he got a little treaty he.actually had a receiver right there in.front of the intended receiver if he.just puts it out in front of him but.instead he just tried to take the shot.into the endzone that time to Holland to.pick up the touchdown.but if goes to the shorter throw he.picks up another first down the stacked.three receivers to the left roll in.just overthrew his intended target to an.a.third and Tim coming up of the Ducks.the USC leads the nation in sacks with.29.so far tonight.not been able to get to Masoli because.of his ability to get away from pressure.when they have got them in the 323 rush.yards and there's a penalty flag call by.the umpire false start.so that'll cost him.and the Ducks have had eight penalties.here tonight for almost 50 yards.so we want to remind you that right.after the game late local news over most.of these ABC station ESPN you can turn.the Sports Centre for postgame analysis.as well as today's scores and highlights.Texas rolls against Oklahoma State.Florida does likewise against Georgia.Alabama takes the week off.there's Masoli Annika.first and goal.[Applause].this time he's just gonna cut right.underneath Nick Perry with his quickness.they're my kind sir this is.predetermined he's going to make this.move right into the inside of stsd.fencers that you've seen there and his.again is an example of Jeremiah Masoli.at 510 220 225 pounds has such.acceleration and low center of gravity.along with that burst that it's tough to.bring him down.the Empire's stepping in and a referee.joins him.[Applause].soli tonight is doing it all season 38.yards tying a career-high mit has also.thrown for 222 yards about putting it.all together tonight against his Trojan.defense.I was Cunard making the stop for the.Trojans.talks so much about Masoli and James you.know that all sense of line they just.not allowed any penetration at all.they've played such a great game and.kept the pressure off of the solely.he's James trying to pick his.battling across the five one of the.problems that a young running back like.James is going to have and it's a nice.part of a hat but he is such an effort.guy when there's hard contact made.I didn't say somebody's gonna stand him.up and stripping somewhere along the.line you run into that when you're.running back and you try so hard after.contact to pick up those extra yard.is a fine-looking.yet man from Texarkana Texas.Casey.when you think about this you think.about those four outstanding linebackers.who are gone from USC you think about.the defensive coordinator joining Steve.Sarkisian up in the up in Seattle just.there were an awful lot of losses and.this is a team that that figures to grow.this year and and next when you look at.the juniors sophomores juniors will line.backwards on this Trojan team there's.Morgan Flint on how to attempt the field.goal this by the way was Oregon's tenth.possession of the game and it was their.eighth trip to the red zone.ten times at eight times they've been in.the red zone number they fumble once.they've got five touchdowns now they had.a field goal and it is 44 20 but Ducks.with the lead.we are back Oregon to kick it off again.Halloween to forget if you are Pete.Carroll.forty-four points tonight the most.allowed under a Pete Carril coach USC.team the first five games this year.Carroll's defense allowed only 43 points.that's five games 43 points that's 44.tonight in one of them Notre Dame scored.27 and a loss Oregon State 36 in a loss.and Oregon headed for a win has put up.44.last three games.[Applause].barclays screen which I can't.Texas is a winner tonight 4114 over okie.State but now we'll see if the voters.windup jumping Texas over idle Alabama.Bureau vote oh yeah I think the thing.that's starting to separate Texas.one dimensional incomplete he stripped.away.the other thing about this Oregon team.ladies and gentlemen they're not just.beating teams they're pruning cow by 39.Washington State by 46 UCLA by 14.Washington by 24 and here tonight they.leave USC by 24.[Applause].back the other way.and that is short of the first down.that's Nene and Williams Steve fed since.made a comment that surprised some.people he said I'm starting to see some.comparisons to that 94 defense the game.green defense that led to ducks to Rose.Bowl and you start to watch them and you.start to see some similarities as far as.the effort the enthusiasm the way they.rally to the football man these guys.play really hard so here is Hoffman.and that is a short fun.Masoli will have half the field to work.with and that's a very dangerous move by.a duck death occur a sellout crowd.loving it here in Eugene Oregon tonight.44 20 ducks.well brent musburger with Lisa Salters.our Kirk Herbstreit in her be let's take.a look at the Pacific Life game summary.my friend Matt Barkley the young.freshman starred in early throwing the.football and makes a big plays for the.Trojans in the first tack to keep a.minute depending let's face it it's been.all Jeremiah Masoli 360 total yards.running and throwing in the Michael.James giving him nice balance in this.offense doing almost anything they want.to do against this SC defense seven.minutes remaining first and ten.Masoli hands it off Crenshaw there's a.third tailback and heat bolts for a.first down we got a crowd of fifty nine.thousand five hundred and ninety two and.I must say it is one of the loudest.crowds we have heard they have been in.it since the beginning I would put this.crowd and I talked to people in the SEC.they start to snicker when you hear.fifty five or fifty nine thousand people.but when you're down here because of the.way the crowds on top of you without a.doubt Autzen Stadium is a top-five.atmosphere and crowd factor for opposing.offenses.let's go down below to Lisa Lisa's gonna.be a little noisy down there - yeah guys.and I've got this decibel the sound.level meter with me and it's gotten as.high as 110 here and it doesn't seem.like this is a big place like you said.60,000 people here.and I usually don't keep both of my.headsets in because I like to have wow I.have to be able to hear out of one ear.what's going on around me I've had both.of my headsets in the entire game.because that's how loud it has been yet.yeah exactly.I'm glad to hear it's louder than a.vacuum cleaner be right.having a real nice Halloween has it been.using the runningback crenshaw to start.to predict long time they've used three.tailbacks now and of course Masoli has.been a big factor rushing total of 358.guards they have two 100-yard baxter.deny effect james almost hit 200 he's.out with 183 yards tonight.Masoli with 138 now when f2 backs.against USC gone for 183 and 138 that's.a great question George thought he was.just gonna wind it down isaac quiets.ended quickly it's for the record books.close to the 10-yard line.and the soul house.to get this offense over 600 yards of.total offense.on a play that really symbolizes the.Oregon offensive attack tonight and a.way they've been able to do again.anything.he's got 165.and this is Oregon's a trip to the red.zone here tonight.I can't requested.inside handoff from Crenshaw remember in.the open I talked about origins all.Pantanal diversify.here's DJ Davis and then if you think.okay let's stop the running game into.quick hitters he'll slide at the.we find you and find the open seams so.Chip Kelly from the field calling the.place has such a great feel of wind to.attack the weakness in the vulnerability.any defensive tries to slow down his.attempt to just keep pounding away up.the middle room clock winding down to.3:30 and the straw that mixes the drink.is having the quarterback the x-factor.is the system with a quarterback that.can throw it and can run it and play.with such poise and that we that's.exactly what the Sully brings to the.office chip said I look for a.quarterback who can run not a runner who.just throws fairly well we've got to get.a quarterback.the trigger and.mr. Lee and print job check over to the.sideline here.down and three.here's Masoli.there's the one thing that you should be.thinking about and I dare say I guess he.is right now having a quarterback out.here in garbage time at about three.minutes when he throws his body around.like that you got to be a little careful.the last thing they want headed into.Stanford next week is for my sole way to.get shaken up here in the last three.minutes one of the angry Trojans I'm.loading we got to be a little careful.you're right with your quarterback at.risk down here now.Chip Kelly just gonna walk some clock.here before he uses one of his two.timeouts.except for the top of the screen there.and walking down talking to the official.just a remarkable coaching job and Mike.Bellotti that deserves a lot of credit.for bringing chef Kelly out here a head.coach at New Hampshire he's been the.offensive coordinator at New Hampshire.graduated from there never played.collegiate football one of the few head.coaches who can claim that and what a.coach he has been tonight so we welcome.you back to Eugene where the Oregon.Ducks are on the verge of one of their.biggest home wins ever still unbeaten in.the pac-10 and their field goal kicker.Morgan Flint trots on to the field the.backup quarterback Nate constant will.put it down this is a 23 yarder.and it is 47 20th.one of the things I always look forward.to so I can second-guess you let's put.the top five together you got your.cohort Lee sit down there with all them.fancy helmets what what are you gonna do.it since last week's okay.you gotta think you gotta move some.things that were around I don't want out.of there you got to move us here other.way to throw them out if you want see.out of there.I think you got to move Texas to to.because of the quarterback play that we.talked about earlier move Alabama back.to three now we got to slide the Oregon.Ducks I think placing USC all the way.from hence to turn it to number four and.then the TCU Horned Frogs who just keep.getting it done at number five please so.well done it's always appreciate that.now you know my only second guess this I.think the hot guys should be number five.is like because I think a win as a man.is away yeah I mean and you could put on.a win their booties I might get an hour.and sleep and fill in my top 25 they've.got a little booboo hi boys got a game.your boys got a game.you gotta get in there.of course tomorrow.a lot of you watching NFL football a bit.did you know during the occasional.commercial go on a watch little.Talladega that's one of the best tracks.in all of NASCAR and Jimmie Johnson just.amazing amazing for years to think that.he's headed to win it again the old guy.there Mark Martin oh he represents all.those old folks he's there right there.right there top wall Montoya jump back.and he had a couple of very tough weeks.got involved in some accidents but he's.back in in a fifth place he's had.overall it's a terrific you know because.it remember the chase came a little bit.later some of those guys and they put.yeah Jimmy Jimmy's good sports backed me.that was gable he's.now they flare him with the barclays.let's take a look Murphy at Berkeley.stats 19 of 30 260 yards two touchdowns.no interceptions and I thought he played.well I don't think you can blame any.part of this fine get down no the first.10 if he played very well the Oregon.decided stop the running game with.numbers and.they felt that they had to put pressure.on the freshmen.and he delivered in the first half he.threw it 22 times not a lot of big plays.but he was doing enough to be able to.get the offense and opportunity but the.second half for Oregon they made.adjustments and dominated especially.with their awful.of course the Oregon Ducks unbeaten the.type 10 let's take a look now I.mentioned Stanford Jim Harbaugh in the.gang with a week off I'm sure they've.been keeping a close eye on this one.then Arizona State here in Eugene they.got two truf trips out Stanford and down.to Tucson to play Arizona of course.knows about the Civil War I mean and.hopefully people around the country are.watching this and appreciating the fact.in more than just USC that's one of the.most frustrating things around the.country that people don't realize the.depth and a talent in this conference.people want to see a USC but they don't.realize what origin new at Oregon State.and Arizona this year in Arizona State.there's such great skill in this.conference and a lot of times they don't.get the recognition that they deserve.top to bottom this is going to be a very.emotional rush the field here.you think of where this team has come.from since that opening night.September that that new poll or showdown.at Boise Idaho and this is unbelievable.I'm glad you brought it up because in 34.seconds others like to say I think what.Chip Kelly has done taking his team from.Boise in the loss of what happened with.one suspending him losing some players.in a secondary his team's playing as.well as anybody in the country the last.five weeks.seriously recognized Chip Kelly as not.only a pac-10 coach of the year came.that he put a National Coach of the Year.candidate I certainly second battery.hold-down and one and the cable teacher.did possession of u.s. CIA Pete Carroll.in the.the Church of said that they have to be.a little shell-shocked about the.performance of the defense or black.what do you think of giving up 600.remember this score was high.t-the 372 go.striking down feel with the past price.Butler making his catch the up man from.Georgia bit 317 now in the second.quarter were deadlocked at 17 Oregon has.outscored USC 32 3 since then he wanted.look up the sky look at second half.scoring against USC in the last three.weeks.what Marco would love to tack up on.[Applause].three seconds left on the clock.[Applause].mr. solo you had a good mood tonight.being able to survive.[Applause].Florida State.a chance to once again.so if they could do it a big conference.game.puts on Barclay fires back toward the.middle it's intercepted.there's a new king in the pac-10 TJ Ward.with an interception to close it off.[Applause].and coach Kelly seeks out Pete Carroll.and the students stormed the field here.in Eugene.[Applause].the most point to Pete Carril USC team.has ever surrendered the Oregon Ducks.their first five and OH starred in the.pac-10 since 1948.[Applause].young James 183 yards rushing.they're just coming over the walls.the Mighty Ducks of Eugene.if they can't find anybody where's the.microphone.[Applause].Spector's here getting tossed up there.with the doctor.let's go.[Applause].we don't know what the outcomes gonna be.the roof up pretty confident going on.because I have a lot for is prepared.over 600 yards of total offense what was.the key to Philly.no Arthur is completed it's a great.group of guys so it's a special special.team they just got something bottled and.it's good to be what impressed me most.about your core that your mind soul.you know anything I've never seen before.that's him he could beat you in his feet.he can beat you in his own district Anza.cake he's an unbelievable competitor all.his room.[Applause].you know we preach 30 miles I'm finished.congratulations a check.[Applause].47:20 and the Oregon Ducks go to five.and OH Arizona and Stanford now in.pursuit as USC stands at three and two.so an amazing night here in Eugene and a.lot of nice folks have made this very.hospitable trip for ESPN crew and we.hope you've enjoyed spending part of.Halloween with us I think everybody.enjoyed this one except the Trojans the.USC but they'll be back and now we'll.take you to Times Square for the Ford.wrap up with John Saunders and Jessi.[Applause].

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