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The Information Guidance for Rebate Application Form

The easy way to fill in Rebate Application Form online is by using a dedicated tool. While there are tons of it, CocoSign seems to be the most efficient tool online. To use the tool, follow the process given below.

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  4. Now you can fill in the blanks.
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youtube video

Check How to Enter the Rebate Application Form

hello and welcome to another exclusive.Tru condos video in this video we're.going to talk about how to apply for.your a chest area 8 so if you purchase a.new condominium and you paid HST on.closing this is how you can apply to get.your rebate money back so once again if.you don't know me my name is Andrew.Lafleur and I'm a sales representative.with Remax condos Plus and you can.always find me at Tru condos com what.you will learn in this video is how to.get your HST rebate back from the CRA.how you will learn this is by going.through a real-life case study in this.case I'm going to show you one of my own.applications for one of my own real-life.condo units this video is for you if you.bought a new condo you paid HST on.closing and you're renting it out and.now you want to get that HST money back.so what you're going to need to do this.application for the HST rebate is you're.going to need your statement of.adjustments you're going to need your.agreement of purchase and sale from the.Builder you're going to need a couple of.forms from the CRA those numbers are.listed right there and you're going to.need a copy of your lease with your.tenant so quickly disclaimer the HSC is.a complicated issue.HST rebates are complicated so please.understand this video is only for.informational purposes I'm not a legal.or tax expert consult your accountant a.lawyer for a real advice on this or even.call the CRA directly this video will.apply to most scenarios where an.investor buys a new condo from a builder.and rents it out but not to all there's.always exceptions so just to get that.out of the way all right.let's get started so the case study.today as I mentioned is one of my own.units so I purchased the condo from.builder October 2010 purchase price one.ninety two occupancy date was in January.2014 and then the final closing date was.in April 2014.the HST that I paid on closing.out-of-pocket was about fourteen.thousand three hundred and two dollars.and the unit is now rented out to a.tenant on a one-year lease so this.example will be perfect for anybody.who's purchased a unit under a purchase.price of three hundred and fifty.thousand if you purchased over three.hundred and fifty thousand then this the.numbers might be slightly different in.your case because if you purchase over.three hundred fifty thousand you don't.necessarily get all of your HST money.back but you do get most of it back so.just keep that in mind as we're going.through these examples all right so.let's start by looking at our first form.which is the actual application itself.the HSC application itself so that form.is right here bear with me and it looks.like this so once you've googled that.form number and you've downloaded the.form you want to start filling it out.section a is pretty straightforward you.just put your own personal information.in there Section B is also fairly.straightforward you put your property.information in there condo the purchased.the two dates here relevant date is the.date of final closing and the possession.date over here is your occupancy date on.the legal description of the property.you want to put in whatever information.that you can gather which would usually.be the condominium plan number and the.actual legal description of your unit so.I have a unit and a locker unit so you.see two items here if you had a parking.as well you'd have three items in there.so you go down to Section C you want to.check off purchaser and landlord and you.want to put in the agreement date that's.your actual agreement a purchase and.sale when you actually purchase it put.your the date in there the type of.construction you want to chillax elect.new construction type of housing you.want to select condominium unit and you.go to the next page.here you want to select type six again.this is for most residential landlords.investors who are buying condos and.renting them out it's going to be a.fairly straightforward scenario of it.you click type six on this form here I.won't go into the other details now in.this video and now you want to skip down.to the meat of the application this is.where people start to get confused and.they start to say what the heck am I.putting in here let's hopefully simplify.that down a little bit for you here.today so part one rebate calculation for.type six and type seven so your type six.remember so in this box you want to put.the GST the total GST that was part of.the purchase price from your statement.of adjustments so for this number you.see here ninety one sixty eight I'm.going over to the statement of.adjustments right here you should have a.similar statement of adjustments for.your unit from your lawyer on final.closing so ninety one sixty eight that's.that this number right here.HST federal portion so this is federal.meaning GST remember Ontario means PST.going back to the old days before we had.the HST.so ninety one sixty eight is this number.here the HST federal portion the full.five percent of the actual purchase.price before any HST is added so the.actual purchase price before any HST is.added.so you're gonna put that number in here.91 68 the next line you're gonna put the.fair market value so the fair market.value there's some confusion over this.different people at different opinions.on it but from what I understand and.with the experts that I've talked to put.in the purchase price in here so.whatever the purchase price you paid for.the unit put that in here is the fair.market value on the next line line see.you want to put the net purchase price.so this is the net purchase price.without any HST on it so again going.back to the statement of adjustments the.net sale price right here I got that.from here 183 365 so I'm putting that in.here in line see the next section you.have you want to check off the first box.in most cases if you've purchased under.the HST as 13% if you bought a really.long time ago and you're just getting.your application done now you might be.under the 14 or the 15% HST so make sure.you figure that out first and here is.where you start doing some math.calculations you're multiplying the.amount on line a by 36% up to a maximum.so line a here 91 68 x 36% equals 33 57.so again if your purchase price was over.350,000 this example might be slightly.different for you the maximum amount you.can get in here is is 6300 and that is.your that is your GST or federal portion.of the rebate that you're paying.out-of-pocket so next line here you do.another basic calculation but again in.this case because my purchase price is.less than 350,000 and if yours is - you.just copy and paste that number right.down there if your number if your.purchase price is more than 350,000.you're getting into a little bit of.calculation and you're putting in that.number they.once you do that calculation go down to.the next page and again it's copying.facing that number from line e you're.putting in here in line F and here you.want to put the provincial new.residential rebate amount so this is the.think of it as the PST amount if this is.the GST amount this is a PST amount if.you want to think of it that way and.this number here is from the provincial.schedule which we will get to that's the.other form that you have to fill out.send to the CRA there's two forms this.is one the schedule is the other and.that's where this number comes from and.then your total rebate amount is 14 302.in this case these two numbers add it.together and if you look at my statement.of adjustments the amount that I paid.out of pocket on closing was 14 302 so.again I'm expecting to get the full.amount back from the CRA on that so that.is the first form that's the actual.application form the rest of it you can.ignore and now we are going to the.rebate schedule the Ontario or the PST.the provincial rebate schedule so let's.take a look at that so we're just.finishing up on this form here we're.gonna switch over to the Ontario rebate.schedule form and this form is a little.bit more straightforward there's just.four numbers you need to worry about.right here at the top in most cases so.the first number you're going to put in.is the provincial part of the HST so.going back to their statement of.adjustments this is this number here.provincial Ontario portion of the HST 14.six six nine in this case so that is.eight percent of the net price 183 so.eight percent of 183 is is 14 six six.nine so you're putting 14 six six nine.in there the fair market value is the.next line again you put in the purchase.price 192 nine hundred in this case the.next line is the price net of HST.which again is.is this number right here 183 three six.five so I'm putting that number in here.and then finally the calculation you are.multiplying the first number line a by.75% and you're getting eleven thousand.zero zero 1.0 two and that number again.is based on purchase prices under under.350,000 so if you have a if you're.getting into the higher purchase price.is the maximum rebate amount on the.provincial portion is 24,000 so keep.that in mind if your numbers are looking.different if your purchase price is.higher but if your purchase price is.less than 350,000 then this then you're.not going to come anywhere near this.twenty five twenty four thousand dollar.maximum and if you look at this number.eleven thousand zero zero one.what do you know it matches up exactly.with the amount of the Ontario rebate.portion that I paid out of pocket on.final closing so if you combine this 11.thousand with this 3300 you're getting.the total amount that I paid out of.pocket on closing a 14 302 and if you go.back to the actual application itself.switching forms back again fourteen.thousand 302 and there's that eleven.thousand zero zero one number there that.we got from the provincial schedule and.we plugged it in here so again a.purchase price less than 350 thousand.I'm getting all that HST money back.which is good news okay so adding back.here to our little presentation what you.want to send to the CRA once you've.filled out these two forms you've done.the heavy lifting and that's really the.hard part is you want to send them those.two forms as well as your statement of.adjustments your agreement of purchase.and sale and your lease with your tenant.where you're going to send these you're.going to drop them in the mail snail.mail old-fashioned way and you're going.to send them up to Sudbury in most cases.assuming again it's a normal application.that you're doing okay so you send it.off to the CRA and you wait a few weeks.and voila.check comes in the mail so through the.magic of television here I can show you.the notice that I got back from the CRA.for this application exactly as I showed.you how I filled mine out and you can.see here that I had a rebate claimed of.fourteen thousand 302 and the rebate.that was assessed to me was fourteen.thousand 302 and they even gave me.fifteen dollars of interest for the I.guess for the month between applying for.it and getting the money back so that's.that's a nice little bonus there as well.you do get a little bit of interest for.your time and there you have it that is.a successful HST application and rebate.given back okay now if you're thinking.that this is all just too confusing and.doesn't make any sense to you and you.don't want to do yourself well the.simple solution is pretty simple I.recommend that you hire professional to.do the application process for you now I.don't do those applications myself but I.do have contacts that will do it for you.experts in the tax industry who can get.the job done for you for a small fee so.to get in touch with them please give me.a call and I will get you in touch with.them for one six three seven one two.three three three or send me an email.even better Andrew at Tru condos comm.and that concludes the video so thank.you very much for watching I hope you.found that helpful walking you through.that example of an HST rebate.application and once again if you want.to receive more videos and content just.like this one please head on over to.true condos com become a subscriber and.you'll get information videos advice.articles all kinds of great stuff sent.directly to you.until next time thank you very much for.watching I'm Andrew Lafleur and you're.watching Tru condos calm.

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Rebate Application Form FAQs

Here are the answers to some common queries regarding Rebate Application Form . Let us know if you have any other questions.

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