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Find out How to Write Down the Form Move In Inspection

good afternoon folks welcome to living.on Guam pcs homes and lifestyle I am.sorry I am late usually I would come on.at 4 o'clock but I was busy today.running around showing homes we did a.move-in inspection when one of my Navy.families and then we did a listing.appointment so there's a house that's.gonna be for sale shortly and it's a.really nice house in Barry gotta so.anyway so I've been running around and.then as I was setting up today's live.broadcasts I had some tea with me and I.spilled it all over my desk so my desk.is a mess right now but it's ok we need.to do this live video so anyway good.afternoon everybody so my name is Leia.I am from living on Guam pcs homes and.lifestyle and excuse me my face is.pretty bare but you don't care about.that because all you care about is the.information that I'm giving you and if.it's helpful to you and hopefully it is.um so two weeks ago I had mentioned I.had actually done a video on what is a.MIMO and why it's important to you if.you're renting however that video did.get cut off so I wasn't able to do my.spill well I was able to but it was in a.complete information for you folks a it.was just partial so I'm gonna take that.video down and I'm starting over so that.you guys have a better idea of what a.MIMO is so that's what we're gonna be.discussing today if you are coming on.live let me know that you're here let me.know where you're watching from let me.know if you're watching from Guam or if.you're stateside or somewhere else and.you will be pcsing to wom let me know I.just want to see if you guys can hear me.too so if you guys ah see I'm really out.of it look my microphone was on the.floor the whole time it wasn't attached.to me so here it is it's attached to me.now so let me know if you're watching.this.live let me know comment let me know.where you're coming from where you're.watching from are you here on Guam are.you enjoying Friday afternoon looking.forward to the weekend or if you're.still stateside it's still a Thursday.evening you're up pretty late but it's.okay I'll make it worth your while.so what is a MIMO MIMO stands for.move-in and move-out inspection two.weeks ago when I did this video I said.it was important for the tenant or the.renter but actually now that I'm also.representing landlords renting out to to.military or civilian for that matter it.doesn't matter if they're renting out.their property it also protects protects.the landlord so as far as tenants are.concerned as far if you're renting the.place it really protects your security.deposit now if you're a landlord it.protects your property and you can.collect from your tenant security.deposit if there are any damages or if.the canoe if there's any discrepancy.between the time that your tenant moved.in and the time that they moved out so.as of right now let's talk about you as.a tenant let's talk about Nemo as a.benefit and as a benefit to you the.tenant so this is what a mimo looks like.folks okay it is the move in move out.inspection so there are two columns in.there well first of all it will say.there it is it will say the property.address.okay then it'll give the unit number and.then it'll say inspection move in so.when you actually moved into the home.and then it'll say the name the tenants.okay and then so if you see there are.two columns in here first column as the.column when you move in okay so this is.where you notate you you you note you.say whatever is a discrepancy in the.house so let's say for example if you.see a tile that's cracked of course your.landlord won't be able to replace that.tile and you know he doesn't really need.to replace that tile for you as a tenant.to move in there but it's good for you.to notate.or to note that or to you know record or.put that on file put that in writing.that there was a crack in the tile so.that by the time you move out you know.the owner doesn't charge you for that.crack in the tile because it was there.to begin with and it was it was recorded.it was you know it was annotated it was.noted in this move and move out.inspections so this move in move out.inspection is pretty thorough there's.like five pages of this move in move out.inspection and then there's different.you know there's different rooms here.there's the front yard exterior oops.your front right front yard exterior.entry living room dining room so hey you.can see that now huh it's not wrong way.there's a dining room and what else is.here so other rooms so each bedroom you.know that's all on the second page and.so on and so forth so every room you.will be able to notate so look at these.folks okay so there is a letter N and.it's for new okay and it's for new as is.for satisfactory you're okay with it but.it's not new oh it's for other so other.is when there's a discrepancy so there's.a scuff in the tah in the wall for.example or there's a there's a scratch.somewhere or there's a crack in the.mirror anything like that you you notate.that on other okay so this is what I do.with the MIMO folks I put it in my.contract in my leasing agreement or on.my on my what is this rental agreement.the lease agreement I put it here that.we completed the tenant so if you're my.tenant if I found you a home that you.will complete it within 24 hours from.taking possession of the house so I give.you enough time to fill out the form so.you're not rushing because when you're.rushing you're gonna miss details so.when I give you enough time to do this.then then you know then you can be more.thorough you can be more mature.Kilis and you could write down.everything that you need to write down.in detail in this form okay so again.this is the move in move out form if.you're new and you're just joining in.please give me a thumbs up let me know.where you're watching from I'd like to.know who's watching cuz all I know is I.just see numbers I just see that there.are people watching but I don't know.who's watching and where you guys are.from in I don't want to be I don't want.to be talking to folks from anyway never.mind.I won't I won't tell you where I had.some people joining me from and I have.people joining me from Bangladesh and.Pakistan and I'm like I don't think the.people there is are really interested in.what I have to say my my audience my.target are the military folks that are.relocating to Guam so anyway back to the.topic at hand so in my lease agreement.I always write there that we submit the.memo within 24 hours from the possession.of the house now what's important here.is that when you gain possession of the.house you start the mimo right away.before any of your furniture comes in.the loaner furniture any of your boxes.it's best to do the move-in inspection.while the unit is empty so you can see.everything make sense yes it does right.so why do you need the MIMO if you're a.tenant this protects your security.deposit so remember when you move into a.house what is expected what the landlord.is expects is your prorated rent okay so.if you're moving in the 15th of June for.example then your landlord expects June.15 to tune 30 prorated rent but they.also expect the security deposit.security deposit is the full month's.rent so let's say for example if you're.an e4 then you're and single and.accompany then the landlord is expecting.a 2205 security deposit if you are.accompanied fi te 8 or even efore then.they're expecting a 24 50 security.deposit.oh one moment here let me just do that.because I want to make sure if there are.any messages any questions I get to see.it so my computer is actually open as.well so I can see the live video myself.and I can also see if you guys have any.questions okay so okay I so Hector ah.Rojas and Joe stone Joe you again thank.you Joe for watching okay so why you.need a MIMO a MIMO protects your.security deposit okay again that's.security deposit if you are coming in if.you're military and you're coming in.unaccompanied then 22:05 you want to.protect that 22:05 if you're coming in.as a company you want to protect that 24.fifty or whatever else or whatever.amount that that security deposit is.which is usually equivalent to one.month's rent so I had I had one of my.reviews and if you want to check our.reviews it's on our website it's WWE.living on Guam comm and one of our.reviews one of our clients said you know.Alex and Leia my husband and I who lead.this pcs living on Guam pcs homes and.lifestyle my husband and I were very.we're very protective of our clients and.so our clients noticed this and.appreciate it and the and he did say.they make sure we don't get screwed over.and this is one way folks that we make.sure you do not get screwed over by your.landlord okay so so that's what we do we.make sure that you complete your move.and move out inspection now there will.be cases that you will have really.awesome landlords but there will be.cases that you won't have awesome.landlords so either way it's just to.protect you the tenant it really.protects you the tenant because you.never know your landlord some.personality might change you know.circumstances might be happening in his.life and he his mood was might change he.won't be so nice or what if your.landlord.change what if your landlord sold sold.the house that you're renting and it's a.new landlord so that's why regardless.good or bad landlord whatever kind of.landlord fill out this move in move out.inspection sheet okay and this is five.pages quite detailed okay so so again.why because it protects your security.deposit regardless if you have a good or.not so good landlord okay.okay so when do you complete the mimo we.complete the minimo as i had mentioned.earlier within 24 hours from the time.that you have your unit now it really.depends also some landlords want that.memo completed ASAP okay like before.they even give you the keys of the house.so it really depends if if we can get.away with it hey Sarah if if if the.landlord is understanding and knows why.we're doing this within 24 hours then 24.hours is best because that gives you.time to be very meticulous very detailed.in looking at every inch of the house.right that makes sense right so again we.need to do it while the place is empty.while your rental home is empty so okay.now you always need to keep a copy of.the mimo all right so you always need to.keep a copy of your move and move out.inspection guys this is for your.protection this is for your file I also.keep a copy and landlord is supposed to.keep a copy because when we meet at the.end of the lease we all bring our own.copies right to make sure that it's the.same copy so everybody bring bring bring.the copy now who does this move in move.out inspection with you it can be done.by the leasing agent so I I am the.leasing agent if I help you find a place.to rent so I am the leasing agent it can.be done by the listing agent meaning the.agent representing the landlord.especially if the landlord is very.strict and he wants it done a certain.way.then the listing agent could do it with.you but it could also be done by just.the tenant alone just you by yourself.you and your husband so then you can.take your time and be as detailed and be.as meticulous and write every now here.this one right everything in here again.this section here is for move-in and.this section here is for move out that's.why it's called the movie and move out.inspection okay so what happens when.okay you fill this out right this is the.move in when you move out and there's.some discrepancy like here you never.noted that there was a crack in the tile.but then when the landlord when you guys.inspect the house when you move out.there's a crack in the tile landlord is.gonna charge you okay take it from there.security deposit so that's why it's good.to notate that so this is also important.I always put this I highlight this on.the leases that I give to my tenants or.to the folks that I find homes for and I.highlight it so that you know okay so if.there's any discrepancy the tenant shall.be given an opportunity to remedy.identified deficiencies prior to the.termination so repairs or alterations.can be made by the tenant at tenants.expense because if not it's gonna be.taken from your security deposit.okay got it all right hey Tara good to.see you I don't see you but I know.you're here so I'm glad you're here so.then on 27 item number 27 it's the.breach of contract or early termination.if you're military and it's um it falls.under military cloths then that's fine.you know there is no there is no penalty.however again they are going to check.the mimo for the move out and to see if.the condition hey Tara see look at my.nails naked so they will check the.condition of the house I compare it to.the condition when you move in.so on item number 27 if there's any.damages or discrepancies it could be.taken out of your security deposit.now if the damages are even more than.what your security deposit can cover you.the tenant will still be responsible for.that so if your security deposit cannot.cover for that you still have to pay for.the difference okay so a lot of that is.like if you have pets for example so.that would be a big issue right there I.mean that would be something that would.cost more damage so and here's what I.suggest to all my tenants to all not my.tenants but my clients who I had found.the home for make sure make sure you.document everything via email okay I.know some some lam some landlords do not.do email they said just what's up me or.just text me if you want to app them or.you text them take a screenshot and.email it email it to the landlord if the.landlord doesn't have an email address.find somebody connected to him who has.an email address so that there is record.that you had sent that you had sent.whatever the issues were to the landlord.okay so document everything even again.if even if you text it hey Jake even if.you text it even if you whatsapp it.my husband's outside doing something cuz.some machine is on even if you text it.or even if you whatsapp it take a.screenshot and email it alright and if.you can put it on the subject line what.the discussion was about even better so.it'll be easy for easy for you to filter.it in the future I'm doing a live honey.so he told me to speak slower am I.talking too fast for you guys there's a.few of you here but this is just how I.talk anyway so so make sure you email.okay because that email you will need.that email in the future if there.there's some kind of mediation needed.and jag needs to be brought in or.housing needs to be brought in.you need that email as your proof okay.that's it folks I'm I'm quick I'm fast.and so again no girl you're good Tyler.says I'm good bong my husband okay.so again this is the MIMO you guys so.move-in and move-out inspection make.sure you have your realtor if you're not.working with me I don't know why you're.not working with me but it's okay that's.fine I'm okay with that but if you when.if you do move in and you better make.sure that you folks fill this out you.keep a copy for your records okay.because you will need this when you end.your lease at the end of your lease okay.and again so that's it folks I think I.covered everything I needed to cover.because they're all important if you.have any question please feel free to.message me here on where are we we are.on Facebook we are on living on Guam pcs.homes and lifestyle make sure to to send.us a message there or you can email me.email is at info at living on Guam comm.okay so yeah send me a message there.because there's also a team working with.me because if I don't catch it they'll.catch it and they'll say hey Leia.somebody's thank you a message you.didn't respond because it's getting.busier it is pcs season folks and a lot.of you are coming and so excited for you.guys that you guys are going to call.this home for the next two to three.years and thank you again for trusting.us for help you know to help you find a.home here in Guam so if you're still on.the fence trying to decide which realtor.to use you know which one is helping you.now so anyway so that's it folks it is a.Friday here on Guam I hope you guys have.a great weekend and then I'll see you.again soon I'll see you next week I'll.watch out for my emails if you guys are.on my email list I will be sending out.my.weekly emails tomorrow okay bye.like us on facebook follow us go to our.website WWF in Guam calm all right guys.thank you very much.talk to you soon.

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Form Move In Inspection FAQs

Here are the answers to some common inquiries regarding Form Move In Inspection . Let us know if you have any other confusion.

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How did Ian Williams get out from homelessness? What is his story?

Thanks for the question! My story is long, boring, and written about many, many times on here. I became homeless as my landlord illegally evicted me from my house. I was never behind in rent, always paid on time and made any necessary repairs out of my own pocket. He turned up one weekend with a “heavy” in tow and gave me an hour to get my stuff together and leave, or I would be forcibly ejected, and he wouldn't be gentle about it. That was his way of telling me to get out or get the shit kicked out of me. I spent months on the streets. I was cold, nearly starved to death and constantly had people jeering, spitting and yelling abuse at me. I would not wish that experience on my worst enemy. However, I learned where the local housing office was and made sure I turned up every single day. I was first in line when it opened and was the last one to leave at night, every day, without fail. You didn't need to do that. All you had to do was register for council housing, or for emergency accommodation, fill in a form and wait to be contacted when you were successful. I knew the chances of me being successful were less than zero. I had absolutely no chance, but I had nothing to lose. I made sure I put my name down for every single council house and flat available. I introduced myself to private landlords and applied for every one of those too (the council had a private renting programme whereby landlords could offer their homes to council tenants for a guaranteed rent, so many private landlords let their properties this way). Sometimes landlords would be rejected. It may be because they had previously failed inspections or because their properties were just too small (there was a minimum size for council properties at the time, not sure if there still is or not). Sometimes it was just because they were outside the catchment area for that council, so couldn't be accepted even if the property was suitable. I digress. One such landlady came in and I got talking to her while she was in the waiting room. This was the first time she had offered her flats and bedsits so she did t really know what to do. By this time, I had been there so long, I was an old hand and told her what she needed to do. I couldn't help as I didn't have access to any forms or suchlike, but could tell her which forms she needed to ask for. She filled out her paperwork and after a short while had an interview with one of the housing officers. She came out and said thanks to me, but her places were too small, but she wished me luck. I told her I didn't care what size they were, as long as they had 4 walls, a roof and a lockable door, I was more than interested. We went back to the desk, filled out some housing benefit forms and she took me to what was about to become my home for the next couple of years before I moved in somewhere even better. I've never looked back since.

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