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The Check Lists of Personalizing Lic8 Filing Representative Application Form on the Laptop

Look up and draft the perfect Lic8 Filing Representative Application Form in the CocoSign template library to increase work efficiency and minimize the risk. If you are still wondering how to fill out Lic8 Filing Representative Application Form , you can check out the below guides to start.

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  1. In the first place, you should locate the right form and open it.
  2. Next, read the form and find out the required instructions.
  3. Then, you can get under way to put down the data in the blank form.
  4. Mark the check box if you are entitled to the condition.
  5. Review the form once you customize it.
  6. Include your esignature at the bottom.
  7. Pick the "Done" button to save the document.
  8. Download the form in Word document.
  9. Call the support team to get more information to your doubts.

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How Do You Get Lic8 Filing Representative Application Form and Sign It On Phone?

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Masterman sir okay.so - and I can't see he must be in this.room alright but who we got Brighton.Mach WA and Lera Mach WA interesting.what is what is your name like if I if I.look at you on the wiki what is your.name ma cool cuz that's it's not any.better it's machi wa ma CH y ua machi wa.ma cool.alright and lares so let's let's have a.look at our new units here we get ax.night Oh so he is a horse unit he he.looks he looks the type just I think.it's the scarf thing or cake whatever it.is I guess a cape ax night Brighton dude.I do not have the growths tab open.girls and base stats I can check their.crit coefficient Brighton.okay so Brighton his girls are very high.he has thirties in a few places seventy.and HP I'm going to assume his base.stats have dropped a bit because he's.unmounted I don't know if that takes you.know if that happens in this game I did.I know we dismounted thin last episode.but I wasn't paying attention to his.stats he is rath though okay.and see ranking axes whenever he is.mounted cool five movement currently he.has an affiliation but it's all gobbledy.[ __ ] so I don't know what the leader.affiliation is but a steel sword an iron.sword okay the for speed not looking.great so that's what I'm saying if he.gets more stats on a horse you'd.probably be pretty solid cuz look at him.right here and with his growth I'm not.really liking what I'm seeing.however this the wrath the wrath I'm.sure will pull a lot of weight so.there's brighton mac wa oh oh there you.are is like where's the name so a female.MERM 11 base speed so at level 2 alright.you are definitely someone I can see you.with your 60 speed growth I could see.cap in that speed because Cathy is 20.short.short-sword eight wait just maybe it's.like a slim sword sure.but low in his typical MERM fashion.squishy skillspeed not necessarily in.the luck department 3/5 and luck isn't.terrible a low strength growth of 30 an.okay ish I mean 60 HP growth it's not.terrible 10 build which I mean it's.still low but it's expect more of like a.5 or so but basis I mean for strength in.is what it is.skill wise we've Vantage ok Vantage MERM.I dig that 6 movement again whatever.leadership affiliation that is I have no.idea but alright that is Mach WA and.lera a thief so two thieves already.lera really low growth offensively is.zero strength a slim sore oh no so there.are slim weapons so a short weapon maybe.it's a medium ground between slim and.iron I'm not quite sure.but 10 strength oof 70 speed you're T of.10 speeds so whatever 60 luck I can dig.it okay and you have steel and one.that's as a movement star yeah with.seven movement to begin with P Rankin.swords and Lera I dig your design but.you're not killing anything okay so with.that real quick.so Brighton has a quick coefficient of.one so no real multiplier going on there.nothing too special ma quo has 103 so I.mean crit coefficient of one with wrath.so I mean crits anyways Vantage with a.crit coefficient of three it sounds.pretty pretty solid and then Lera also.has a crit coefficient of one alright so.let's get things rolling uh okay so you.guys wait Fergus who the hell are you I.just realized there's another dude.chillin in here hello a free night so it.looks like he because there's two seas.he's a sword night growth wise he seems.pretty average 45 skill 35 speed 40 luck.25 defences a bit on the low side again.if he gets more stats whenever he's on a.horse that would change a lot because.his stats as is are pretty average so a.little bit of boost could go a long way.there doesn't have a skill as.affiliation as with Leif and he does.have one movement star so that movement.star on a mounted unit I like that I do.like that he has no weapons though.because I mean he's a prisoner so it.makes sense but Fergus when if there's.anyone else chilling around here that I.have recruited or have use of that I.don't notice and then going back to crit.coefficient.[Music].he has a 5 crit coefficient that's the.max you can have oh I'm excited for him.now very excited for him now alright.leave Karen more people alright hello.peg rows would say you look like a.Pegasus Knight you are a peg rider.ooh 12 speed 12 luck three strength.makes sense uh Karen where is her name.Karen Karen where you're gross Karen oh.there we go there we go it's just.throwing in the middle instead of in.order and as I mean high speed high luck.no defense low strength like a Myrmidon.has 15 magic because it kind of.incorporates that rez that's why she has.seven base magic no skill affiliation is.toward leave no movement stars she is an.e ranked in Lance's she's a.higher-ranking swords that's weird.okay and then a quick coefficient let's.check that Karen Karen scrip coefficient.is one so nothing fancy there alright.because it's night.anyone else are you that's just Lepus.alright alright no more surprises no.more surprises we good we're good.Brighton can't reach Mach what can reach.this guy hit please better hit rate.let's see so we're definitely gonna.double if he hits me we only take six.damage.so we'll do 18 to him that's not bad.it's not bad at all.uh although I just didn't have a thought.I should have looked at his inventory.because he might have a key no he.doesn't he has a pulmonary I can't reach.you have a key no any of you guys.there's one door key okay someone door.key chilling around that's fine.[Music].all right let's go there you cook the.iron Lera I'm not I don't feel safe.doing anything with her.these guys have weapons so oh I can't.steal them either okay.okay well I tried or I thought about.trying all right let's just end the turn.I suppose oh okay.damn it's just ain't my day.didn't expect talking an excuse me are.you lipice the boss of lives pirates huh.yeah that's me.I knew it you look just like they got in.the one a Ted it's like a pretty famous.wait a minute maybe I can use these guys.what's the matter boss something on your.mind well I was actually thinking of a.way to get out of these prison cells.what we can get out here think you idiot.it's the boys find out that I've been.captured they'll be sure to come rescue.me I'll be out here sometime soon but.it'd only be a short while let's be.friends huh wait that case you let me go.with you.well I'll consider it you work for it.really leave it to me see these muscles.I'm not gonna go to to any game this let.me go with you - gave me - it's just so.easy to manipulate except to wait for a.chance where are you going oh you [ __ ].you biggity [ __ ] all right 7100 okay we.dodging that wrath that was fancy all.right oh okay.Fergus I believe it's like everyone's.getting excited now so what are you in.here for.who are you I'm Fergus a traveling.mercenary back in the day I saw some.soldiers harassing a girl so I went in.to stop them.and the next thing I know I get thrown.in here great huh cool they're just.stopping and nearly killed him poor.thing.well I hate to remind you but you're the.one who stepped up to them first.yeah and then they threw me in here as.well because they thought I was with you.it's all your fault what am I gonna do.now.come on there's no point crying over.spilled milk.kind of tired so I think I'll take a nap.wake me up at dinnertime you told belief.oh I'm sorry I'm Karen pleased to meet.you.Karen that's an unusual name for a.Thracian celesia instead of Celeste I.mean I feel like that could have been a.worse it's not too far off they've just.arrived a monster and then I ended up.here because of him.Celeste that's far up north right.wouldn't you come all the way here for.our Prince suddenly left the country the.Queen had already passed away in the.princess is still too young so we didn't.know what to do so he set out to look.for the Prince that hundreds that was.said then heard that Celeste was.destroyed by the Empire the real family.is still safe people opposing the Empire.I'll move to a city called tobei and.then far north and they're defending the.royal family I'm going to become a.full-fledged beggar's tonight and help.them out - Wow.I mean you can fly right well I'm still.not a knight yet so fling is the best so.flying is the best I can do but my.Pegasus and I understand each other his.name is Hermes and he's so cute and.smart.let's see flying around there looking.around here looking for me.so why did the Prince leave the country.you said you just want to look for the.king but you see that Kings kind of.weird.he left years ago abandoning his country.and family naturally everyone's mad so.we needed Prince Eddie to return and.take the throne I was sent here to pick.him up but then because of this guy.because of who.you know can't you keep it down this a.prison some of us are trying to get some.sleep you're the only one who can store.away in a place like this you're so.insensitive hey keep it quiet over there.told you so yeah something on your mind.you could talk to me about it.I might be able to help yeah maybe you.can help me okay.you got anything on the area I want it.got 5hp yeah I'm taking that thank you I.could've caught him I suppose still is.Lance.Albrighton Brighton.[Music].all right gotta make sure he dies I.don't trust damage on.there lera a thief Lara Lara Croft.that's how we'll try to remember her.name I guess okay she's not a what we.can really do.I wonder if reinforcement I mean there.is a hall to the left.I'm thinking reinforcements might be.able to oh it's pirate guy or just.generic but higher guy you okay.don't worry about me I won't last much.longer anyway but to my grandchildren.put yourself old lady here you slide.down for a while even home and like her.is forced to suffer that's right we.can't let the Empire do this to us but.just the beach I grew really strong.enough to fight against them I'm sure.won't be easy but you won't get anywhere.unless we do something right we just.have to believe in him the hero said.yeah before he came the major group had.been decimated but now with SEDs help.they've become a force strong enough to.be able to fight back against those.bastards as long as we trust said we.won't lose okay.there's stairs.[Music].I don't I don't like the situation we.are currently in I think she can.probably take a hit right like she's not.gonna get doubled he is eight attack.yeah he can take.she can take aim it okay I don't double.the guy so I can't catch him.unfortunately.right okay we doubled this guy but not.the other interesting okay and whatever.all right.annoying ass luckily this guy didn't run.day he'll brighten right wait don't you.have wrath weren't you supposed to don't.you have like a guaranteed crit here or.something.I'm confused whatever.all right come in here Steele oh no no.no you just have a vulnerable guys one.use now can't reach him either I'm.trying to think how this map is gonna.play out what is gonna be the trigger so.to speak like I feel like I should grab.treasure for first and then units and.run some feel like treasure might be my.equipment possibly maybe I see equipment.they took from me.could be.[Music].we'll see okay what is that gonna do for.you okay.lera 57 man there's a wrath okay well.level 4 Brighton HP all right well.whatever game let's catch just so I can.take a stave hurt stave Lance look at.the stick they're all the same.let's hit up the one in the back light.brand hello now.[Music].just cable and sword.alright javelin hessel okay these are.definitely like my items alright thank.you for that be on your way.[Music].alright I still it's either it's either.gonna be a turn-based thing like data i.think it's turned seven I think I was.looking at the wrong number last episode.[Music].I wanna heal her the same term.reinforcement so the thing in this game.also worried if this guy moves.[Music].you have no yoga vulner arey.you also have a pulmonary okay so let's.do this.Oh perfect perfect much movement space.you got one slot left okay okay.[Music].well hello okay.[Music].my bia slight mistake kidding edge okay.another lockpick all right all right so.let's go over here.rebel vulner re go ahead and use it.[Music].alright so there's still two rooms of.chests but I'm gonna run out of like out.of room so I think I want to go scoop.our prisoners or rather our units out of.there.[Music].and get to work what do these guys have.I wonder short short and voluntary okay.[Music].okay I don't know if I can pull those.guys I don't want to pull those guys.though like whatsoever.[Music].Clara gage suede all right okay oh it.didn't pan enough those let's say ah.game you good.[Music].okay.I am kind of curious I have let's see.[Music].okay I was just curious how long the.reinforcements lasted.it won't stop until turn 60 it is 6-0.[Music].that thank you very much.[Music].I could catch him I just want to kill.him.I took his whole night that's the like.valuable from him over here I mean 17.yeah that's fine.that guy's gonna pop up every single.turn 462 Oh see one soldier from left.staircase from turn seven wait baby.Neroni mark oh oh I didn't even.know you no no - fifty - fifty - yes.[Music].okay.[Music].[Music].[Music].she's a pulmonary okay okay you three HP.[Music].I wonder some erm right see rank Dearing.she cannot wield the killer okay that's.what I wanted to know let's go ahead and.use the vulnera stin case where we're.about to get a real real nasty bit I.think these guys hopefully they don't.get one okay just one guy that turn okay.that's manageable there's a crit but no.double notch okay okay.[Music].javelins no no. man.[Music].there's another level for Brighton HP.and strength okay I mean more damage and.I forget movements II so what does that.mean again a javelin boy.[Music].we got 11 attack speed I don't know I.think we it's very pretty.oh come on and nope but I wanted to.actually vulnera her I'm getting.paranoid fall marry [ __ ] let's.do any more I definitely feel like I.made a mistake that's for damn sure.I'm gonna even is there another javelin.here now no just just the one javelin.but that one gem that's one javelin too.many here cuz I can't wall this off open.the gate.[Music].well maybe I can.[Music].okay I'm gonna do something kind of dumb.[Music].if boss's cell doors open wow it really.did happen like you said uh what's the.matter and you happy your friends came.to help you.what yeah of course I am someone really.did come I guess talking crap sometime.does work okay.so lift this has like two defects it's.better than nothing.[Music].javelin boy though.[Music].yeah I can use that actually let's do.that then I can steal his vulnera.[Music].it was 21 HP still okay.this is gonna be a sketchy enemy phase.but I need a door open of course you.gave me and I'm thinking oh so skeezy.that 3hp he's gonna run away and he'll.[Music].oh I might have to I have to pick her up.I have to pick her up.unfortunately there unfortunately I'm.hoping these green boys help they have.axes on them javelin is healing yes okay.this guy's gonna tackle it this dodged.it.dodge it that okay wait here's you.two damage though okay Oh Mach WA 81 oh.girl I mean I appreciate the great we.got a level skilled speed okay.sixty-eight okay could be worse we're.also not landing our hit ally phase.let's go yes yes boys get them oh wait.you're not packing attack them please.where are you going of axes oh there's.so many of them.oh there's so many of them do you have a.vulnerable and I don't like this.[Music].someone picked up an extra set of lock.picks okay.[Music].okay javelin boy is nine attack we can.take is there only one is there another.javelin around here yet yes there is.okay okay take the lockpick wait oh I.hate this okay because there are.javelins now to back away from the wall.I that's four of them I think what I'm.gonna have to do I might have to cut.away because I'm in such a shitty.predicament right now I don't want to be.here for 60 turns surely attacking the.Brigance.no no brigade no smack him.you have weapon triangle advantage yes.[Music].yes okay for gains gonna help that's why.I wanted to open that door okay.no you guys attack this is killing me.[Applause].[Music].well hold out at least one more turn.before javelin man there's three.javelins out here now well we're gonna.see I want enemy thing oh okay okay yeah.Chris Bragan stop hitting him.okay but I do want them to die.let's go Bragan yeah all that poor boy.no I really hope the Bragan doesn't.count towards the guide.[Music].all its show us here is in order to get.the optional chapter all civilians must.escape.these are brigands I don't like that but.I also might cut away to just until I.get an opening or something because this.is like.it's awful so yeah I'm gonna cut away if.anything important happens I'll be back.but I think you cut away until I can.grab our other three start making our.way cut our hole I'll be back okay so I.don't know what the sixty thing was.about it is not turned 60 I just turned.33 they stopped they stopped after turn.like 24 which is another number here but.god damn.so Michael of what let me look at base.stats and compare so Mac what came in a.level two she's level seven she came in.with poor base strength she got four.strength levels so far uh her speeds up.to fourteen which it started add let me.let me just highlight her so I know what.I'm looking at uh.start at eleven now is at fourteen.skills started at ten now at fourteen.defense hasn't gotten anything luck.hasn't gotten anything movement I don't.think she's gotten any we'll get to that.bill the six no no no build so she did.get no she didn't get magic and she got.one HP so it's been all like strength.and speed and skill which is pretty.solid it's all murmur Don's need she.also see Rincon swords as well which I.think happened before I cut away but I'm.not I don't remember but her iron sword.is broken so does that but I said will.speak about movement here in a bit.Brighton we got one movement you know on.the during you know the episode or.before I cut away he got another one.this man is here he doesn't need a horse.to get her round and not this guy.anymore.scat wise though I don't think he did.anything to outrageous.he went from 28 HP to 33 he started at.level fives level 10.strength it went up to 8 it was at 6.skill so it says his base kill is 6 and.it's showing 5 so I'm assuming that has.to do with him having his horse so these.stats might not be exact.because he's a horse unit has is a base.speed at 6 ours is also 5 so is that.luck at 2 he is 3 Lucknow defends at 60.is 7 Lucknow the bill didn't go anywhere.with the movement he is base 8 movement.on a horse so I think he has base 10.movement or not base but he has 10.movement now on a horse I like that I.like that a lot well let's finally open.these goddamn doors.Villa Prince Naif looks like someone.came to rescue us let's get out here.while we can.who are they that's Leif aswhat me.anyone.for now we have to run the stairs to the.north lead outside.I'll buy you time I'll pie time team so.you go first what about you yeah I.probably will get captured again but as.long as long as you're able to escape or.I'm but I don't mind as long as you're.able to escape I can't do that when I.escape so does everyone else.all right good I'll tag along with you.for a while I can't really just ditch.you after hearing that story like.everyone doesn't have their fine points.what you attracted to me now no no of.course not.just kidding well what are you gonna do.you know the major group is a guy named.said isn't that the prince you're.looking for most likely but right now we.need to help Lord leave I can't forgive.that rederick person for taking girls as.hostages I'll hopefully I'll help Lord.leave escaped to you can you fight I'll.do my best.well well looks like I got quite a.handful now oh oh and the movement let's.go open that door let's see lock pick.light brand.alright Leif take what is yours the.heads we'll take the phone that area as.well.[Music].and then what about you you don't have.anything so what do we got sword sword.okay by you okay okay.Fergus let's grab the short sword I.guess but Brighton here and we'll grab.an iron sword off of him and Lera I'm.assuming the rapier is Lord only alright.[Music].let's open that one steel sword okay.there's Baldo again.alright so Leif grab Baldo and grab.creepy a and everyone has a weapon they.can wield right steel sword iron sword.short sword.iron sword and a broken sword I don't.know why it's sitting in my inventory.maybe we are able to repair things we.kind of need.[Music].okay so these two dorky I do want to.steal the vulnera I did use quite a bit.of vulnerable a stall those soldiers I.stole a few vulner is at the end but I.couldn't safely steal many even though.every single one had one but we'll see.if they move so yeah I'll wait there.oh maybe leaf though he did to get the.rapier we could probably be a solid.option for doing that hello okay vulnera.we could walk up and steal it.[Music].just might also these guys didn't move.so well let's see Lera Brighton and mock.you uh there okay so now they're come.interesting maybe it's position based.not sure.Lera another vulnera leave so if this.goes off of the same thing as genealogy.the seventeen attack is actually.thirty-four attack and if that's the.case that is a one shot.[Music].are you gonna die.let me make sure I'm looking at the.right you will not die if you steal this.vulner level HP and speed alright oh oh.[Music].oh oh wait that's not there's leaf oh.[Music].[Music].well he's still dead so maybe that 17 it.was Kalkan the additional in there not.sure but again you won't kill me right.I can't damage you know I actually does.one think of damage to this armor look.at you concealing that dorky look at you.all right knee Lance's man sketching me.out dodge it come on yeah whatever.[Music].alright I know we have chests keys.somewhere I think it's on Makua yeah.bright steel sword just kind of wall.things off for me 64 at a key.all right I mean it's a steel weapon so.make sense I suppose all right but Leif.does need the experience with the level.is to Crusader scrolls HP's skill come.on boy man.alright alright.Fergus what is your defense or I mean.probably fine so go ahead and go there.iron sword ok solid I don't know how.like lockpick versus key I don't know.what the priority would be there so I.don't want to accidentally use.I mean I'm gonna use them I should we.use the door key anyway maybe.and the vulnera I do need to start.picking these people up though that's.all the chests yeah let me wait I don't.know how valuable lock picks are in this.game or keys for that matter reach it.Fergus.well Fergus is the five five crit.coefficient blade right yeah so that.second swing always gonna be nice to see.that second swing and Brighton coming.through all right let's see hey our.allies are here now so chance to escape.there should be staircase leading.outside go to the west let's go go to.the what okay so.[Music].all civilians must escape civilians I'm.really afraid to Brigance didn't make it.only one Bragan did.I'm afraid that's gonna ruin think we'll.see at the end of this I suppose oh I.don't like this feeling all right I like.it I could pick them up I could say to.the West.okay it's this path so let's bar them.there okay there's a door I got worried.what's behind that door as well.all right Fergus come on bye 82 and you.don't hit either of them damn it's rough.oh the major group has come let us.escape there should be a staircase of.eating outside to the east okay so same.situations gonna happen over here I see.I see all right well you know Fergus I.was like finish your food but you didn't.start to begin with.no crit I don't know what his base crit.was anyway so it's time time to sigh if.it could have been just one crit five.times one is still just five.all right right and finishing the job if.no brightens gotten loads of experience.probably doesn't need it maybe I do need.to make sure all these civilians get out.though okay okay okay right start.walking this way and then everyone else.you guys happen to like possess anything.I'm just kind of curious today they.sneak an item on a civilian that they.want you to steal it does look like it.didn't want to pass anything up okay all.should be safe all should be safe where.soldiers have come down so Karen has the.door key I know there's still another.recruitable here and actually looking at.the Spanish site it is our boss.[Music].Oh No.I think they'll all escape though I.think we're fine one.- okay one more and she'll she'll get.out no problem no problem.all right uh Karen go ahead and give.Crichton the door key because I have a.feeling it's not gonna be safe whenever.I open that door and I want to make sure.people who guaranteed can take a hit all.right they're ready to go.okay civilians out of here right I'm.gonna go ahead and open it oh oh oh.[Music].oh it only just begun Oh No.okay what kind of defense are we are we.looking at continued you can reach okay.that's that's our that's our boy right.there.you consider a boss for some reason but.everyone in here looks pretty pretty.much created equal who.[Music].okay this is gonna be like a we.backtracking type thing all of you.return to your cells right.[Music].no recruitment before I continue do you.are you needed Dal sin only has okayed.thousands not needed our IP in paprika. in.I hope you were good.you're an Armour he was an axe Armour.let me look at his growth where where.the is your is your name control F.dad he's not even on the character gross.why Oh Dallas okay there he is oh he.have 50 strength growth he was probably.pretty decent as an armor or as far as.armors go but I'm not redoing what.turtle even on.I'm not redoing 46 turns I'm sorry and I.I mean looking like I said looking at.the recruitment he is not necessary for.anyone later on so I think we'll be safe.[Music].these mages though these may just scare.the out of me by his weight in the.middle all right.[Music].oh you have a Jeff 25 Harry okay.[Music].all right damage is damage all right.[Music].ahead do it I still understand how.they'll raft rocks in this game I need I.guess I need to check that because.sometimes he creates sometimes he.doesn't.rath Thracia - activation user will.always be able to form critical attacks.in defending battles but he hasn't.always crit in defending battles that's.what I don't get but either way that.just happens.[Music].hopefully we're still fine like.I did forget or not forget but.accidentally not he'll let this.so I guess is potential for me to reset.here okay these range weapons like that.kind of like that at all man here's the.magic that's not the Matt oh that's on.mock when you hit 20 here's the magic.I was like don't double him live 8:16.okay.[Music].I'm gonna like brand this guy dead.[Music].all right if anyone else with ranged.attacks right and I'm gonna move forward.item.[Music].give them alright okay okay.it's our dude yes.[Music].well actually okay aqua honorary Oh.perfect run away okay vulnera II I gotta.play it safe.pulmonary with her right item vulner.arey I'm moving forward with him which I.just don't want leaf to get bodied.that's the only reason I'm doing that.for such a tiny map I didn't expect all.this.I was like tiny map we're gonna be just.in and out today it's gonna be great.Oh Lord was I wrong all right Brighton I.believe I believe I don't know how many.know if everything here attacks at a.range but it also looks like the way and.the armors set themselves up I'm gonna.be able to retaliate the mages which is.real real nice you're just gonna hurt of.course I get hit by it.old buddy you're dead and there's one.more major will you attack Brighton or.Makela Brighton again okay 45 come on.thank you you're still dead so I can't.take the thunder cannot take it but.another level.HP and defense the healers are healed.these guys need heals one of them does.yeah okay.[Music].well let's see here I mean leave might.as well get him in here the magic is.Gannett is gone.that was my main fear so now that the.magic is down and out of the way I'm.pretty pretty confident in the rest of.this where's your defense Karen three as.maquas defense or okay well what's your.attack nine what's your defense all.right.that answers that question so I can I.get gonna get her in here doing.something not really Michael Oh goddamn.it.Fergus right.it's hand-axe boy all right I do have a.speed-up button I haven't really used it.but at the end here like come on now.oh stop hitting him please I know.what your hit rates have been but stop.hitting him please all right move 12 12.23 23.it's just Fergus all right come on man.okay okay.there we go there we go I need these.guys to die.[Music].no damage done there.okay so leave hundreds I can kill this.guy let's let's see 11:4. okay leaf can survive so the rapier.is not looking too hot anymore just.already I'm gonna light bran this guy 99.hit rate.[Music].alright leaf.show me something good HP strength skill.speed luck there we go asking you shall.receive but only sometimes.Garin come over here.Clara this I don't think I'm forgetting.anyone and I have not forgotten leaf has.to leave deadly Fergus 90 Fergus HP and.luck Fergus okay.all right level from a club eat each.being strength all-girl able who that's.where I'm at right now evil who all.right Karen bully this this here cleric.[Music].there you go there you go alright Fergus.[Music].no crit surprisingly enough okay full HP.over here look at you let's fix that.okay.okay and leave my brain for the kill.[Music].this Leafs Oh kind of like his map to.get things going kind of ish not really.can't steal that huh.all right that's fine I'm gonna do a.little bit no I'm not never mind you.really pretend this act I figured if he.was able to attack the ones down here.like you can attack that one too no.probably just get rid of him.leaf wood up here steel can't take that.either Wow.could do a little bit of damage though.oh no I actually I can't even attack a.cleric got experience for it though so.whatever all right you got hit by that.he's that like three HP we are living it.dangerous right now.okay Fergus has had his fun down here.healing okay.okay all good.[Music].so let's see here leaf just rapier is a.bow I would like you to get the.experience anyway just oh come on man.come on man Oh leaf you're the greatest.get rid of them.hey time out alright so catch steal oh.yeah but you're building or.[Music].three okay well.I'm sorry I'll escape first don't put.yourself yeah six can't reach okay well.you know what just kill him Karen there.you go.it's just Celeste going just whatever.the hell that means that honor they know.what I'm trying to say go ahead take.that okay so we're just watching that.guy walk towards us.exit thanks I'll be out first me first.me first.I guess everyone assumes their first out.there they know that was soap that was.close you guys better catch up.[Music].Karen we're here free leaf nearby lift.this that was close.[Music].all right right.I shall escape first forgive me.Karen.thank goodness I made out of your life.I'll skate first now 53 turn.if those baganz needed to stay alive I'm.gonna be so sad.[Music].oh look at you fancy no how is the child.hunting coming along but citizens.protested in some areas could be managed.to round them all up around up all the.children good now we only have tower.lifts they insist on protesting don't.hesitate to burn them down city and all.I shall set an example of the other.cities have no mercy of course over the.freeze generals seem to be hesitant they.have surrounded the city but they seem.reluctant to step in East I your father.seems unwilling to fight may have an.explanation fathers has seen because.many important Nobles are voicing their.concern with the child hunting brothers.also struggling against this act Bishop.man Troy please - I thought it was.banned Frey wasn't sure please stop the.child hunting it's unbearable to.separate young children from their.parents sacrificing them in the lot this.is not loftier is not only something.that a human is not something that a.human person would do Oh in fuckboys.here-ish Dharam I think there's a.misunderstanding I'm not telling them to.kill the children.I just want to educate them to be.fitting citizens for my Empire those who.withstand the training will earn high.posts and rule over the others other.inferior citizens they become new Nobles.Ishtar I'm giving them a chance to grasp.their happiness when they become nobles.after surviving through harsh hatred.between each other that's the happiness.ill nursed and soon enough when we start.did you know there was a beautiful.flower garden in the yard let's go take.a look Julius.okay.I'm saving right here yes all right let.me pause it Dow is up I saw the Forex we.good.okay hole that one I enjoyed that prison.map I that up though also I feel.like I would have been in the same.situation regardless because I would.have had to let all the the villagers.escape or civilians so I don't know.either way we got a bunch of experience.sirs that I missed out on - to dhalsim.dhalsim from Street Fighter whatever his.name was.r.i.p the ax armor boy with 50 strengths.okay you know what let real quick real.quick if you have anything special if I.if I look at dull sin you have any.special skill he had a battle axe you.know whatever that does I lost a torch.he he promotes into a general so you.know his generals and you draw will give.bows and the weapon triangle supported.by leaf for 10% whatever that really.means doesn't have any skills so it's.just an armor or IP but thank you guys.for watching hopefully you enjoyed and I.will see you all next time bye.okay.

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Lic8 Filing Representative Application Form FAQs

Some of the confused FAQs related to the Lic8 Filing Representative Application Form are:

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