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Form Mo 99misc Instructions 2010 : Customize, Finish and forward

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can.see they have some sort of promotion.going on right now which is really keep.it starting at 278 per month but again.this is usually for the long term.packages so if you sign that up for 3.years you'll get it in 278 we don't want.to sign up for a long term we want to.try to keep it as short term as possible.because you might find out that managing.a fast isn't for you or you don't want.to do it so you don't want to kind of.commit in advance but again keep in mind.and most of these hosting providers will.give you a refund if you don't use the.whole term of the hosting so whatever.you you feel is good for you here is.Bluehost you can just click on get.started now and again I put the link to.Bluehost description of this video and.here you have the packages we're going.to go with the basic package as you can.see we don't need a lot of stuff you.just one website 50 gigabytes of website.space is more than what we'll need and.it includes one domain free domain so.I'm gonna select this and then it's.gonna ask me for my free domain name so.I'm going to right here for example my.awesome faucet comm and this is going to.be our domain for this.toriel so on this page you're going to.have to enter your first name last name.all of your details basically and your.package information.keep in mind you only need the basic.plan so you might want to put it in a 12.month price for 595 per month and.there's no need for all of the add-ons.here no domain privacy protection no.site backup our site lock it's least not.at this point if you wanna upgrade them.later on you can do it.but for now just the as the minimal.amount possible you can spend so you can.test it out and of course enter your.billing information so I'm going to fill.this out you should do so as well and.I'll see you in a second okay so about.five minutes after you register you.should receive an email confirming your.registration now you can see that it may.fall inside your promotion folder or.even your spam folder make sure to look.in there if you can't see it see it is.blue host welcome to Bluehost my awesome.faster calm and you click on this and.basically the next thing you want to do.is set you have your your account.information and you want to set your.password so click on change password and.set a password for your account and then.we'll continue to the next step so right.now I'm going to send my passion let's.see in a second so once you set up your.password you're gonna be brought into a.screen it looks something like this.might be a bit different but anyway you.just need to make sure you have this top.bar here where it says home sip and.performance all of that stuff but if.you're using Hostgator it's going to.look a bit different but I'm going to.show you in a second how it looks on.Hostgator and what I like about Bluehost.is that since you already get a domain.name if I go to my awesome fast calm and.already see this is by the way my Austin.fast com I already see that it's.connected to Bluehost so I don't have to.connect up the domain name which is.sometimes give me a bit of a hassle so.I'm all good to go and I'm ready to.create my faucet so what I want you to.do is inside Bluehost go into the place.where it says databases and you're going.to create a database for your faucet it.might sound complicated about it not.it's not so so let's see how we do it it.logs you in automatically and if it does.not you just click on that button but.here now we are in MySQL databases and.we're going to create a new database for.a faucet so all you need to do is to.create a database in a user for that.database that's all you need to do you.don't understand what it is that's just.two small actions.so right now how to do them so the new.database we're going to give it a name.we'll call it um awesome faucet that.will be the name of the database we're.going to click on create database so.that's the first step that's all there.is to it we created the database and.this is the name of the beta the.database my awesome p4 underscore.awesome faucet that's how database is.called now we click on go back and we.need to create a user for that database.so scrolling down here you see MySQL.users we're going to add a new user I'm.going to give it the name of faucet user.just that's you can give it the same.name if you want or theater is a limit.here so I'm just going to give it the.name faucet and give it some sort of a.password so I'm going to use the.password generator to generate a.password for me I'm going to copy this.and click on use password and as you can.see it auto populates the password here.I'm going to click on create user so now.we already have a user for a database as.well so I'm going to click on go back.and the last thing we need to do is.connect that user with that database so.down here you go to add user to database.and you see that you're selected on your.user so this is our user faucet and this.is our database my sorry awsome faucet.and just click on add and now basically.it's going to ask us what privilege we.want to give to that user so we click on.all privileges and make changes and.basically that's it we go back and we.see that our user which is this is his.name is connected to our awesome faucet.so that's it basically what you need to.do inside the hosting panel and now let.me go for a second and show you how it.looks on Hostgator so shortly on.Hostgator the cPanel might look a bit.different but the actions are the same.here under hosting you have databases so.I'm clicking on this and I get to this.page and click on create new database.and from here on it's basically the same.you create a database you give it a name.you create a user you give it all the.privileges and you just see that these.users are connected so right here you.see the database name can be awesome.faucet same thing we did it as before.click on next it's going to ask us to.create a user so the user name is going.to be faucet and a specific password and.create user and we get to the sum all.privilege screen which we also saw.before so as you can see maybe it looks.a bit different but the bottom line is.the same so just make sure you have a.database the database name you have a.user and you have a password for that.user because that's the three things.we're going to need to create a faucet.and I'll see you in a second so now what.we want to do is incorporate a database.name user and password into the faucet.in a box file with download before now.if you remember I asked you to go to.faster than box comm and click on.install now and then we'll download you.the files you need in order to create.your faucet so if you haven't done so do.this now go to faucet in a box comm and.download this file and just unpack it.and what you'll be able to see is the.following.basically you'll see a conflict HP file.and index dot PHP file and these two.folders what we need to do is open the.config dot PHP file with just any text.editor you have it could be noble.TextEdit I'm using text mate and you'll.see basically this page and now what you.want to do is just change these three.lines where it says DB user entered a.username where it says DB Pass.enter the user password where it says DB.name enter the database name so I'm.going to do this just one by one right.now and I'm going to go for example back.to Bluehost and I'm going to take the.name of my user and copy it and then.back into the text editor and put this.in the DB user and then do the same.thing for the database name.and put it here on the DB name and last.but not least the password taking this.password putting it here and saving the.file so now what I have is basically an.updated configured PHP file with all of.my database information now what you.need to do is take all of these files.and upload them into your web server so.to upload files into your server you're.going to need to use something called an.FTP client it's basically a file.transfer protocol plant or software.connects the computer to your server I.suggest using something called for Al's.illa it's a free FTP client it's very.good and I'm going to explain to you.right now how you can use it to upload.the files so once you download FTP.client you also need to create an FTP.account and one of your hosting.providers let me show you how you can do.this on Bluehost okay so RDP an FTP.account just go here to FTP um and you.enter here your username which you want.it to be admin for example and it will.be admin at my awesome foster comm and.enter a password and here on the.directory you just need to enter public.underscore HTML which is the public.directory and click on create FTP.account.I already did that and you can see here.is my username admin at my awesome fast.comm and now what you want to do is.basically download a program that will.connect your computer with the server.which was also known as FTP client I'm.using a program called FileZilla which.is free and highly recommended and if.you click here on configure FTP client.you'll see our FTP details so now I go.and I open up FileZilla and I'm going to.enter these details inside FileZilla I'm.going to click here I have something.called site manager and I'm going to.create my awesome faucet which is what.you see here and I'm going to enter.these details here inside FileZilla so I.go here I take the FTP and I copy it.and I put it here as the host and the.port is 21 and the username is admin.awesome faucet and the password I've.already entered before was going to.leave it like this and I'm going to.flick and connect and now you see it's.verifying everything and it asked me if.I want to trust this server I click on.OK.and in a minute you'll see down here the.directories of the website ok now you.can see here the files and what I want.to do is drag and drop the files inside.this place so I'll go here I take these.four files and I just drag and drop them.inside here and now we're going to be.copied into the web server you can see.here the cute file so I'm going to let.this run and I'll see you in a second.once this finishes it will contain the.tutorial ok guys so if you did.everything ok up and at this point the.good news is the hard part is over what.you do now is to go to your actual.website so what you're seeing here is my.awesome faster calm if you're not seeing.this then you probably that did.something wrong along the way you need.to either contact your hosting provider.and ask them what's wrong or maybe trace.your step and see maybe you did.something wrong along the way if you are.moving from an existing domain and not.buying the domain like we did with.Bluehost then it might be a column of.Adi what something is called a DNS.meaning the domain takes time to.propagate and to move across a different.servers around the web and this can take.up to 48 hours but again if you're not.sure what's happening either write a.comment in the comment section below or.contact your hosting support if you did.everything ok you should see a screen.that looks something like this either.showing your password or telling you.click here is your password this is a.very important password it's the.password to your faucet so again I'm.going to take this and just copy it here.the under admin password and I'm going.to click here to continue now it's going.to ask me to enter the password it just.showed me so I'm going to paste this.here and click on login and now what.we're going to see is basically our.faucet dashboard so here is our faucet.that but now it's time to set up our.faucet now the dashboard for the faucet.is pretty simple pretty straightforward.we're going to show you only the basic.functions right now you see you have the.faucet names we can call this my awesome.faucet.and you can give a short description.this is a test faucet this is this is.going to show up on the side you can.tell whatever you want now the important.thing to get through here is the faucet.box API keys you need to have the fast.box at camp now I'm gonna switch ii back.to faucet box if you remember we stole I.told you that fast box is the the.website that helps you manage the faucet.so in order to get started with fast box.you basically need to manage click here.on manage faucets and create your first.faucet so go ahead open your faucet box.account and I'll see on the other side.once you finish to do so basically just.entering your news your name your faucet.name password stuff like that and.flicking the terminal first so I'll see.you shortly after you finish this form.ok so once you created your faster box.account you should be seeing a screen.something like this this is my existing.fast box account so it's not your.account I just created and here you can.see my different faucets you can see the.balance I have for example here I have.the balance you have for various.cryptocurrency if you have Bitcoin.litecoin dogecoin peercoin old that's.kind of stuff I'm currently using only a.Bitcoin stop statistics on your faucets.so for example here if I go to.statistics I'll be able to see.statistics about the payouts in the past.month so here you can see for example.the average graphs in last seven days my.balance yes miss time days left before I.hit bankruptcy and specific statistics.on different currencies here normal.pairs in the last month this is seven.day this is the last month number of.users number of payouts and so and so.but in order to create your facet go to.your faucets tab and click on create new.faucet and here it's going to ask you.for the faucet name so I'm going to call.this my awesome faucet.and click on add faucet and what we want.to do is to get the API keys you see.here it says you're a PII keys you click.here on show API keys and this is the.API key I'm just going to copy this and.paste it here inside this text box where.it says fast box API keys another thing.you need to do is to decide on the.crypto currency of the faucet we're.going to go with Bitcoin you have all.these options here the timer in minutes.how much time between each mm and how.much time before you can claim reclaim.basically another batch of satoshis I'm.going to put this to let's say 30.minutes to begin with our referral.earnings basically fast it works on.referral meaning you can get people to.bring you other visitors or your faucet.but they don't going to have to pay them.a referral commission out of these.people's payout so for example let's say.I come to the faucet and I get 100.Satoshi's and say oh that's cool.let me bring a friend of mine I send.them my referral link if that friends.comes in and claim their Satoshi's as.well i get paid or referral fee if it's.15% I'll get 15 Satoshi's from bringing.them in so let's leave this on 15% for.now you can also set a timer for that.get your world button meaning having it.delayed so people won't be able to claim.just straight away but having to wait a.few seconds it's kind of a trick to keep.people on site I don't like using that.but just for the sake of example I'll.put this on 5 so you can see how it.looks and now don't you see interesting.part of the rewards so here you're.basically gonna choose how many.Satoshi's a visitor gets each time they.claim you have here the percent to win.any chance in the amount let's do let's.add some more rewards let's do this.anywhere between 100 to 1000 and you see.once I add more items it tells me that.the the chance in percent doesn't add up.to 100 so I'm going to change this in a.second and we're gonna give it let's say.60% to win 100 and then 20% between 500.and.fifteen percent twin seven hundred and.five percent twin 1000 and I'm going to.click Save Changes okay so once you.click on Save Changes it's just one more.thing we need to do to get the fossa to.active is scroll back up here and go to.the capture tab we're going to set up.the capture for faucet so that people.can't abuse and drain or fossil dry so.click on capture and here you can have.an option to choose which capture.service you want to use I don't know.what are the difference between them.I've been using fan capital now today.actually got an email telling me that.they want me to pay probably to the.amount of traffic that I'm getting in so.I might be changing from there but just.for this specific example I'm going to.use solve media so what you want to do.is actually click on the specific.capture using on the button here turn on.this capture so for example if I'm using.solve me at this one is ticked on you.see for example I just go against intake.Iran and you want to click on get your.keys here so you click on get your keys.here and we'll move you to the solve.media website now either you're logged.in like I am this is what you're going.to see or if you're not logged in maybe.you just need to go to create your.account takes two seconds fill up a form.click on a confirmation email and then.once you're logged in you just go to.configure insights and you click on add.my site now I already added my site you.can see here my site my awesome fast.calm so all you need to do now is click.on keys and just copy these three keys.from here where it says you see this is.the public key this is the private key.and this is the authentication hash copy.and from here into here you see this is.the challenge key is the first key the.verification key is the second one and.the effect of authentication key is the.last one once you do that you just click.on Save Changes again and basically now.your faucet is all ready to go so if you.go to my awesome faucet calm and we.refresh the page you'll see that this is.what we see right now we have the.balance of the faucet the percentage to.win a place where people can insert.their addresses and get your role.'button which I didn't know.if you were able to see it but it has a.timer of five seconds till you can claim.so let me just show you this again and.once i refresh the page you see it.counts down from five to one to zero and.till you can claim so I'm going to put.in my address here and now I'm going to.enter the CAPTCHA I click on get reward.and let's see if it works and yes you.see I got 100 satoshis on faucet box now.one final thing how fast box work is.that these photography's aren't going to.get sent straight into my my address.there are going to be accumulated and.fasted box and once they reach the.minimum basically then they're going to.fast bus in order to send them to my.account so you can click on this link to.check your address and if I check my.address here right now you see these are.all statistics on that address I just.showed you for example so here are the.payment histories you see I got some.solutions from really this is this is.the hundreds of trophies I got today.from my awesome MA faucet and once this.which is the minimum which is I think.here you can set the minimum to at least.13,000 Satoshi's it's going to send it.to my address so if you understand what.it's not being sent to your address you.probably didn't hit the minimum yet here.we have the referral address so.basically it's my awesome fast comm.slash question mark R and then just.giving your own address if you want to.bring people to your faucet with this.just use this address and it will bring.you forth missions that's basically it.your fastest now up and running I'm just.going to go over a few more things you.might want to do with your fast in order.to monetize then brick traffic you're.almost done so a few final things before.you conclude first of all need to find.your faucet it's not going to send out.Satoshi is out of thin air.so here depending on the curls you.checked you need to go to your faucet.box dashboard and under balance.basically activate the relevant currency.so you see right now I have.activated I don't have light : activated.if I wanted to I just need to click this.on activate and then you'll get a.deposit address now this is the deposit.address for basically all of your faucet.backs faucets are going to send out.bitcoins so for example I'm running.Millie and my assets awesome faucet this.is a joint balance for both of them and.either one of the faucets can use it so.you're going to get a deposit address.and you'll need to deposit money into.this you can see the minimal deposit.here and of course faucet box is in the.free service they take a fee for sending.out Millie's to all the Satoshi start to.all of the users and taking care of.referral fees and all of that so you can.see their fee here is 2.5% for bitcoins.if you send one Bitcoin basically 2.5%.out of that is going to be deducted as.their feet it takes it could take up to.an hour to for the deposit to be updated.here so don't be alarmed if you send.your money into this deposit you see.it's still on zero give it an hour to.because I remember the first time I.deposit I was kind of skeptical and.seeing that the money is being deposit.so I've been working for with these guys.for I think like four months now and.they seem pretty reliable they take a.bit of time to answer or support.requests but they're pretty reliable so.no need to worry about that so once you.have your balance and we set everything.up the foss is already up and running.now what you want to do is maybe.customize your faucet a bit so here I am.again at my awesome fafsa.com dashboard.and if you ever want to go back to this.dashboard all you need to do is.basically go put this URL inside here.you see just put here slash question.mark P equals admin and you'll be.directed back into this dashboard so now.what I'm going to show you is basically.how I customize the faucet so if I go.here to templates I can choose different.templates for the faucet than if for.example I change the space rocket and I.click on Save Changes you'll see I go.and refresh the faucet and we'll see how.it looks you see now it looks like this.so it's a bit different and you have.also.the base template here but I'm gonna.just leave it on default for now the.reason I leave it all fall because it.has the most customizable options in my.opinion you can customize the colors.here and you can add here in the top box.left box white box and bottom box also.footer you can add different code so.what you want to do here is go to google.adsense and open an account and then.take your add code and put them here.either at the top box or the left box or.whichever box you see fit.I can give you some examples for my.faucet Millie which I think the best.place is to place the assets here in the.middle and usually use ads that are.three three six on two hundred and.eighty the size of them that is what.works best for me you see right now.we're seeing all of the hostgator ads.just because we visited their site but.you see one two three these are the.three Google ads I have on my site and.this probably works the best you can.also take an ad codes from other.networks like coin ad which is which is.our DS ad and by the way my site is.built differently than what you just saw.cuz I used to have a template fast box.ID but then one as it grew I change it.to kind of look like Nana and Bitcoin so.if you're wondering why does this look.like what I just showed you it's because.it's a different template it's custom.coded it's something you may want to do.once you get enough traffic to your site.so that's how you monetize your your.father basically by placing ads here in.these spots you have a limitation of up.to three Google Ads you can place on on.a page so don't go over that or you'll.get banned and you have all sorts of.other options here you can use for.example pages you can add pages to your.to your Fausta if you want to add some.more content pages security if you've.seen someone abusing your faucet you can.basically use this for protection to.blacklist IP lists or hostname and stuff.like that.many same same coins and so on I'm not.going to over all of this because this.video is already long enough but that's.basically it now you have your faucet.created now there are two thing I.haven't talked in detail about yet one.is the how to bring traffic to your.faucet the own is how to monetize it.basically how to make money out of it.they just mention it like shortly a few.seconds ago but since this video has.already been too long and I assume you.have a lot on your hands already to go.and create your faucet.what I'm going to do is I'm going to put.a link in the description of this video.to the actual tutorial from 9 and.bitcoins that complete beginners guide.to running a Bitcoin faucet now this.guide is going to explain to you.everything I haven't gone over to here.regarding traffic and monetization and.also it's going to give you a monthly.updated updates on my faucet Mille.basically showing how am i doing with.milli what works what doesn't work what.you should test as well so you're going.to have everything you need basically.down there if you still have any.questions anything that's not clear.maybe something specific that you're.dealing with with your faucet again feel.free to write it in the comment section.below or email me through 99 bitcoins.contact form and I'll do my best to help.you out so I hope you enjoyed it well.it's not short film but so enjoy this.video about how to create your own.faucet and I'm looking forward to seeing.you building up your own faucet and I'll.see you the next video.

How to generate an electronic signature for the Form Mo 99misc Instructions 2010 online

You must be drawn to a multifaceted solution to electronic signatures for Form Mo 99misc Instructions 2010 . CocoSign will provide you with what you have been Searching for, a single online application that does not need any more installation.

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