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Steps of Customizing the River City Casino Win Loss Form

and we are here at River City extreme.entertainment center in Monticello at.Minnesota.stepladder finals before the PBA 50.River City extreme open presented by.hammer I'm phil Bryant Tom Carter you.see down the lane it's watching one of.the staffers I'm little - Ellie before.this match get started - Ellie we.battling Ron more in this opening match.winner of this match will precede the.battle Pete Weber pardon me will battle.James Campbell as Campbell lose the.three seed he whoever got enough pins in.his position round match to leapfrog.Campbell and get into the number-two.spot first time we've seen Pete the.stepladder final in over 15 months and.our top see today in he attack of a day.11 I want to match playing Brian McClair.big last game of match play for LeClair.against Campbell LeClair put up to 49.the leapfrog and take that top spot in.this step ladder for the pp 50 perfect.city extreme open players are just.finishing up their last half a minute of.practice or so this is a fresh.application of the 45-foot Dick Weber.pattern for these players.for this stepladder all the players.together had about 15 minutes of.practice or three players had to vacate.leaving just these two players involved.and we will let John Weber make his.announcement.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].and joining me in the booth is Tom.Carter time you had a chance to talk to.UM Leto.during the practice session here and I'm.little really had some ups and downs.during match play today what's he gonna.do to try to stay up on the scoreboard.well excuse me they're bowling on the.fresh and so that's a big help because.the lanes just really transitioned kind.of spooky today some of the pair's you.had no back end some of the Paras worked.extremely early so he's going back to.the ball he actually qualified with that.too and I bowled with him the whole week.and that's exactly what he did for 16.games so the opening strike there by.both of those guys are throwing a.asymmetrical ball pin up get it down the.lane get the ball into a roll there's.only amazingly 45 feet of oil on this.pattern supposedly at 21 Mills not a.surprise there Ryan Moore answers an.opponent strike with a strike of his own.well a lot of people were saying how.come they hook so much at 45 feet well.there's only 32 feet of applied oil the.rest of its buff so there is plenty of.back end a lot of people may not realize.this amateur players they just think of.oil the ball is always gonna skid in oil.if you have enough surface on the.bowling ball and the oil is buffed out.to a point it's gonna eat through that.oil.yeah but fortunately it eats through the.oil in the front part of the lane which.creates early hook and all these.patterns seem to have a speed bump down.at the end and that carries down and it.makes that ball wiggle a little bit so.more asking for it to stay out and how.about that time it stays out well in the.beginning you know on this fresh pattern.we got some push and both these guys are.filling pearl balls a Miletus throw on a.hybrid so we're getting the ball to skid.through the front part of the lane the.interesting thing is gonna happen later.in the match and we actually talked to.Walter Ray about it if they use the.wrong surface and they play the wrong.part of the lane it could be extremely.touchy in this championship magic the.lanes could get a little bit weird.all week he got the ball to just pass.the breakpoint out there around eight.and and today the way the lanes broke.down if you got it to eight you to eight.ten yeah the ball just never came back.you know the guys were playing much.deeper today in match play than they did.in qualifying right now we're seeing.exactly more what happened in qualifying.in the early rounds now you mentioned.the bowling ball I'm letõs using it it's.a hyper edit cover stack what exactly is.a hybrid for those kind of new to the.game well it's part solid part pearl and.so that gives you kind of the best of.both worlds the pro gets down the lane.and gives you a little more back in but.the solid in it gives it the smoothness.so you don't see an overabundance of.sharp angles on the back end yeah.because sharp angles on this 45 foot.pattern seem to cause a lot of problems.I there was a couple guys crossing with.me and next to me that like to see sharp.angles unfortunately that's not exactly.what you wanted to see because that was.either big four to eight ten or strike.there were so many times today during.match play where we saw a stringer and.there's a big story and strikes today.was a PHY bagger and that would end with.a split it almost seems like every time.every shot that wasn't pure today it was.have you paid maximum penalty he hardly.broke anything up and Ron Moore is the.king of breaking up messes and tripping.for pins.nice shot there by mark see these guys.did it right now on the show are playing.so much tighter than we did in.qualifying.and yeah you did not see many three.Baker's to start games you know all week.long no I mean the pattern and the pairs.were tricky lanes 11 through 16 yeah.they had everybody's number it was real.easy for somebody to shoot 13150 on.those pairs then they got outside of.those pairs they could shoot at 250 both.players perfect three three more in the.fourth.Josh a flush yeah he said exactly where.he played this week I mean like I said.earlier the guys were playing what they.did in qualifying they're Crossin 17 at.the arrows they're taking it to 8 and.they got just a wonderful look at the.back end of the lane which is not really.over or under it's just a smooth.transition how that's gonna break out.later it's gonna be a little interesting.why was it just the way the players.played the lanes from I from Wednesday.to Thursday that made that huge change.in the scores dropping every squad.started deeper than the squad before and.they just got ugly nobody ever played.out to try to get some oil to carry down.the lane and this is what I was worried.about a mulatto moved in just a little.bit and now we got this thing that we.started to see you know the ball wanted.to go a little bit too far and not make.the turn and he's probably going I think.I threw that pretty good and the ball.didn't make the turn and what happens is.that front part of the lane dries out so.quick if you move right then it hooks.early so now you're kind of you know.you're in that trap of do I move left do.I take my hand out of it do I change.balls and your mind's going a thousand.miles a minute and there's such a low.volume in this pattern it's only.twenty-one point two five milliliters of.oil I have these parents out here on the.50 tour 24 25 26 units.oil let's see that that's a big thing.that people you know they look at the.distance oh it's 45 feet oh it's got to.be a ton hey I look at it like taking a.rubber band and the rubber band is so.thick but when you stretch it out it.becomes extremely thin and is the same.amount of rubber band but it's just.thinner and that's what this pattern is.it's like they took a 35 foot pattern.stretched it to 45 foot there's not.hardly any volume.on there and the front part of the lane.just gives away pretty quick and then it.becomes the trick of getting it through.the front part of the lane getting it.around the puddle on the back and get it.strike do we know the flavor of gum that.I'm one of those chewing right now I I.do not oh I got a story about a model.that I crossed with him all week and I.was fortunate enough to sneak out a.check in this thing but yeah I was I.always pronounce his name wrong it's.amleto I always stick an A in there it's.am a little and he goes don't you know.the English pronunciation of amleto and.I don't know what he goes in English my.name is Hamlet now what what it is.Hamlet I go oh.Shakespeare honey go yeah just like.Shakespeare my English name is Hamlet.because it would be an Italian delivery.derivation of right because he's of.Italian heritage as well so when he was.striking so much in qualifying I called.him he was doing the Shakespeare shuffle.at least he wasn't drinking poison so.right more perfect through five and I'll.tell you what this building you could.hear a pencil drop right now between.shots as compared to last year when the.phone went off so Ron Moore gets on a.strike fest he will strike a lot because.that guy can repeat shots day in a day.on end if you were listening to John.Webber on the opening he was talking.about how many sit-ups and push-ups that.Ron does I mean it's the only reason Ron.makes a bad shot is doesn't is it.because he gets tired because he doesn't.get tired it's just because you know the.lanes changed and he missed the.transition and if he has a shot he will.repeat all day long so Ron Moore.inducted in the PBA Hall of Fame back in.2018 just from his performance on this.PBA 50 tour well he got to 10 titles.pretty quick and all the majors that.he's won just walking it out yeah her to.come up come up come up and it never did.he also heard it hit the lane a little.bit different than the rest of them and.and the key to this and you're gonna see.it when James Campbell comes up a little.bit of loft on this pattern really made.the strike percentage go up if you got.the ball down a little bit too early you.got to the pocket but you just couldn't.get out of ten path you shot a lot of.ten pins or that wiggle down lean you.shot a lot of 7/10 no is that a.naturally polished bowling ball yes okay.for a more so yeah and it doesn't look.like he's even hardly cracked the shine.on that with it you know have a long pad.or C air pad or whatever it it's pretty.shiny and miletto is on the other hand.has been done with a mm and then we kind.of lightly hit it with a 1500 just to.give it a little mid lane motion because.with a maletas release he likes to see.the ball go you know right to left and.if I don't give him that move on the.back end then he tries to over hit it I.think sometimes my Chile one title array.this season back at the USBC senior.masters in Las Vegas that was his fifth.PB 50 major title that was the fun title.to watch because if you were there and.watched any of it he also got see a.miletto throw to gutter balls in the.previous game and it was amazingly got.to the you know in the title because the.way the angle he was playing it was so.steep he was sending it clear to the.gutter and if he missed a little bit it.was in the gutter you see the big breath.from a child nose work to be done here.he can take a 12 pen advantage with.another strike here in the seventh frame.amoled was really good at breathing.meditating and slowing everything down.and taking his time he's a he's learned.that over the years you know they you.got to keep your heart rate down you get.into these matches those ten frames go.by so quick Shelley here.Wow that thing just sliced in the.position round match his left lane 15.and 16 the left lane went away so bad.that I mean those guys were him against.Pete their loft on the left gutter just.trying to get it down the lane and this.left link and we going through some.transition but he's still a little bit.farther inside than then Ron Maura's.right now semana celli Speer here has.him down by just a pin.you know I see how huge count can be by.the end of the game this is an easy.spare either he has the 45-foot pattern.it does never want to drop off an oil.mid lane down lane from inside downside.well it almost seemed to accelerate on.occasion or missed outside like a Ford.well yeah and we see no a bunch of guys.they swing it out there like that thing.is going to come back because you know.they'd hook so much on the inside and.then ball just skid out and he hit the.610 and then went even close to the.three and I did see a couple guys swing.it out there and throw it right in the.gutter Ron Moore he's got that pin.outside as mass is out it's kind of like.what we old-school we'd call a one-inch.stack everything is just kind of outside.it's kind of a very Rolly drilling needs.to roll hard and there's a washout and.he's looking at back-to-back open frames.well there wasn't a lot of balls that.went down the lane outside to break them.down outside a lot of the guys already.started in the practice at around the.third arrow so I have to believe that.they're just gonna keep moving left and.there's going to be more of an out of.balance but Brian LeClair coming from.10th all the way to first he figured it.out and did that.oops there was some crowd yeah somebody.in the crowd just it's an entertainment.center I mean this is a beautiful.facility and it's crowded and we have.big games behind us we have a boutique.behind us and you know kids come in I.think that was the big kids in that one.no time that was the big kids kids and.now another open frame for more and he's.falling behind the smash so he's got a.regroup because he obviously heard.something that's funny he barked up he's.gotta let that go now so yeah I mean.during qualifying this week for you guys.I mean it's when 24 lanes are going with.three guys in a pair it was tough to.hurt that game room actually going on.was a number of qualifier a number of.bowlers still in play came down you.could definitely pick up some noises.from the game especially if they play in.the hockey machine back there.yeah and they they put it in full shut.down now so we don't have to worry about.that I Ryan Moore is gonna worry about.finding some strikes again quick well he.got away with that but he definitely.wasn't posted on that shot it was like.he might have lost his footing he's.shaken and said like I got away with it.was a gift so max Remora 243 max romana.chellie 254.not at celli 20 career deviate or titles.on the kids to her and that includes one.back in Japan back in 2016.everybody loves taking on that deed she.Japan Invitational well it looks like.he's really got the left wing wired he's.crossing like 18 to 12 and as the end of.the day came in qualifying today in this.match play round and that's where you.had to be that thing is swinging it.outside of 10 down Lane and normally for.the most part our breakpoint is always.around 810 but this pattern transitions.in such a weird way that you have to.keep it as I'm looking at this pattern.right on this little cliff right here.because if you get off of it it's like.this batter looks like it's.stair-stepped.from and you if you fall off a one step.to the other it's no good and bad juju.a miletto style is a little bit so.different than funny started when he.came over at 18 19 years old where there.you go that was a great shot where he.held the ball a little higher his hand.was under it more and he opened up a lot.stronger in his backswing and just.labeled on it every shot this is my.cellies 25th career step lighter final.on the PBA 50 tour Ryan Moore of course.a few more years of experience or more.under his belt look at Ron Moore that.index finger just kinked up on that ball.what that does it keeps that wrist.really locked in position you put that.much pressure on that index finger and.that right lane has just sent him.unfortunately I think set him home I.mean that Pollock thoughts about six.board and there was just you get it and.you think if there's only 32 feet of.applied oil and the rest of its buff.I still got basically 20 feet of dry.back in because that buff just gets.thinner and thinner right and but you.get it out there that ball does not even.think about coming back this is Ron.Moore's 40th career step lighter final.in just a hundred and twenty two PBA 50.events.oh good attempt he was going to back.that ball up like a lefty and try to pop.that over there.[Applause].Ron mores best now is 1 xi 2 xi 1 xi.it's 30 in a tent he'll shoot two eleven.and miletto still looking at 250 and.trip the floor leave the 10 I think the.biggest thing is hurt and Ron right now.is a maletto is throwing it just a.little bit firmer Ron's got a little bit.slower ball speed gives that ball a.little bit more time to react.now he's just kind of going through the.motions so right now for more 201 the.max and I was just gonna show up for the.10th so a miletto taken on the new guy.James Campbell who was tournament leader.there for a while he was just running.over everybody.Campbell's got lot of stuff going on.from the regional tour seven regional.wins he's a player in a very methodical.in his approach takes a little more time.on the approach and a lot of the guys.but it's your paid off for him this week.so my nutshell he's gonna finish I'm.sure you're gonna have a chat with your.man really quick time so we're gonna let.im little finish out I'm gonna go down.and see what a mulatto sees and I'll let.you know.till next match absolutely tell nice.leave a memory pins we'll be back with.that step of our match stumble true.Campbell vs. - Ellie coming up after.Campbell's practice.[Applause].[Applause].[Music].and here we go into match number two.here of this stepladder number three.seed james campbell going to be battling.i'm one of my jelly my chili 233 to 200.took up ron more in the opening match.and any strategy changes everything is.going as planned he's got a he didn't.even take any practice shots he didn't.want two lanes to change you know the.more shots you take the more the the.lane changes and he didn't even want to.take any practice shots so it's gonna be.interesting to see how and james is a.seasoned bowler so it's not that like.there's nerves gonna be going on but I'm.sure that bowling for your first you.know on the PBA fifty tour on TV for the.first time and bowling for a title it's.got to be a little bit going on but I.think he'll handle handle it very well.yeah I mean you only have Pete Weber and.Brian Leclere ahead of you if you get.out of this match with the Hall of Famer.as well so yeah you know what's there to.worry about just more Hall of Famers.down the road I would say tentative or.camel cuz the speed was good but it left.it will also look like you get a little.bit forward at the foul line - so which.you know getting your weight forward is.also going to create the ball to roll a.little bit earlier look a little sooner.you're not going to get that good.projection do your target so the first.frame were - could be a little bit of.nervous but I think that'll get over.pretty quickly.I think cuz he led there for a while he.was running over people on this.qualifying.there's a MoU with the spare he's using.the ball right now that he didn't really.use the whole week that much and he.bowled right next to me and for the most.part I kept seeing that black widow pink.go down the lane he threw that a lot and.a Triton elite this is a little bit.different so he must see something a.little bit different on the lanes he's.at four throw to 12 and that's exactly.where he played all week he's not gonna.I don't think he'll migrate too much.from that if he can't oh I'm watching.his release.it looks like he's at the top visitor.leaves his fingers are almost pointing.at like a 45 degree angle back down.towards the lane yeah well that's the.aftereffect I mean it looks like he.starts his rotation the balls gone on.his hand just keeps on moving around.it's kind of like if you really watch a.Tommy Baker he does the same thing as.his hand goes right you see the.follow-through the palm of his hands.facing the pins you know like what's.that all about and you see everybody.else up the back of the ball with the.palm of their hand facing their face.that's something we didn't see a lot of.today we saw some seven ten some fours.or sometimes four nines wasn't something.that popped up in qualifying or in match.play your right seven tens were bigger.than anything else he left some solid.nines but the 49 wasn't really there so.monicelli back in 2018 took down the.Northern California classic 2016 took.down the national championship for the.PBA for another major and was that just.an attempt to count there I don't think.he was trying too hard oh no he wasn't.trying to pick it up he's just you know.saved the count I mean it's early it's.only the second frame and you remember.last game he was behind up until about.the sixth frame so it's just a.a slight adjustment I think he might.have conned a little bit more than that.one then he expected I asked him about.that one air and shot on the left lane.where the ball just went and he said.that he didn't get his hips down.underneath him well enough to create any.leverage to make the ball react so to me.that means you're a little bit too far.forward at the foul line all depends on.how you say it third step speech other.results of the five step strike it was.amazing in qualifying he had some.friends here he came back to talk to him.and somebody had knocked over a cup of.coffee nobody's seen it he stepped right.in and he went up and you know he slid.his foot he couldn't move the whole.bottom of the shoe was soaked and it was.kind of a panic moment because he's.looking for new soles to try to put on.his shoe he takes a little bit longer.and on the approach than a lot of the.guys to get set up but you know.obviously when he went 200 and some over.that one block it didn't affect him any.he's got a real long thought process.before he starts as you can tell he.takes some time before he gets going but.once he gets going the feet are moving.yeah exactly it looks like his hands.going totally around his elbows facing.the wall his hands down you know and you.know a good point he could be trying to.add a little bit more to the ball than.he needs to so at the bottom of swing.his hands just going around it so he'll.go to the lesser hooking ball not sure.that's a polyester standard now I would.believe it would be I would think it.would be I throwing something that was.reactive on this at that would scare me.because it's there's like no way to pick.it up no problem he's a good spare shoot.right for 16 games then I don't if he.missed one in 16 games that that would.have been a lot I know he was pretty.excited about getting on the show that.shirt that he's wearing his son it.designed so he was pretty proud of.getting that shirt on.yeah this is just Campbell 6th PBA 50.national tour event yeah and he's making.a show and the guys out here know how to.bowl you know this is we got the only.sport that you know if you got a chance.to come out and Bowl and it's on your.bucket list that you get to rub elbows.and Bowl against the greatest bowlers in.the world to be on the same pair well.you know you don't get to do that in.basketball baseball or football you're.not gonna let you on a field to play you.know this is something if it's on your.bucket list and if you got a chance to.come out and Bowl a PBA 50 stop you need.to do it because and the guys out here.are great and they're fun to be with and.it's just bowling it's just it's all.about having some fun chelley I'm.looking to respond what's a double to.get right back into this game.it's true and he a holy no that was.there has to be an adjustment on that.right lane cuz that was almost the one.two four nine but is definitely a four.it could have been a 410 which it we.could even been worse so chilly.and you see he's got that chamois in his.hand you see a lot of the tour players.both BBA 50n and the go bowling PVD to.her plays she's no shammies how much.more effective are those than just a.towel for taking off the ball can I say.a ton okay a whole bunch.are those jammies hard to maintain no.not at all.and I think some of you believe it or.not you can actually wash and let them.air dry and clean them out the but they.actually even a microfiber towel it.tends to spread the oil around a little.bit it doesn't get it really off those.shammies are they're awesome the lack of.a better word they're absolutely.incredible panel pramana celli is three.in a row and a temporary eight pin lead.but campbell can take that lead right.back with his own strength in the.beverage shrimp you see uh jamesy he he.gets that hot air on his thumb to create.a little tackiness in that thumb hole so.it hangs on just a most people blow into.thumb hole he actually blows on his.thumb a little bit different well he's.from Clearwater Florida and it's a.little dry here in Minnesota compared to.what he gets in clear order with the.humidity difference and I'm sure you.know it makes a difference from he's.gonna make sure he's used to having that.that little tacky no sound um oh you got.away with that one that was a little bit.right down the lane I thought that they.came back and the pin carry here is.really fantastic they're a lot of kind.of light Swisher strikes a lot of shots.of guys were dead flush on didn't strike.as much so the pins fall pretty easily.here if you can get to the pocket same.way twice.Campbell 55 years old we mentioned this.just as sixth national PB a fifty tour.step in his career.he's cashed in four of his previous five.now make it five for six that's a heck.of an effort well he's doing a good job.of it they even bought a little travel.trailer I mean they're committed.you know they decided to come out and.they're going to travel around you know.just like the guys he become part of the.motorhome crew you know will you start.to step it out at 40 feet that was a.rare occurrence this week yeah you.weren't stepping many of them out at all.cuz you didn't know was gonna do the.last 20 he knew it out of his hand that.was that double fist pump string out the.foreigner oh well he needs this one to.keep it close thought it was the first.foreign born player just one of the PBA.fifty to her but didn't win a major on.the PBA 52 just a couple players have.done it since they met has seen in US.Open oh yeah look at that hey he got a.met you you normally don't get.messengers from the backside but he and.he made an adjustment he moved farther.left and you know it still hooked just.as much so he's got two choices he can.either obviously change balls to go.something's going through the front a.little bit better he can move well he's.got three choices and go a little bit.deeper or he can add a little bit loft.on it so hopefully it just gets through.that front part of the lane doesn't read.us early so it's all because what's.happening in the front 25 feet not the.last 35 right because obviously the last.35 feet are still going left he's got to.get it to the spot if you don't get it.to the spot you're in trouble you can.poke and hope all you want but you got.to figure out how you're going to get it.there Pete Weber looking at he'll take.on the winner of this match in the semi.final.there's the roll Oh hade dearly and once.again another string of strikes ended by.a split that is nothing unusual and he.got totally caught off guard because he.flushed the last one so he thought it.was there you know so this is a where.the lanes went into transition with no.notice unfortunately that's the game of.bowling there sometimes there's no.warning that the lanes have changed they.and every ball that goes down the lane.moves the oil around it you know and a.lot of bowlers go and out come the shot.can't hold up forever.well these balls take oil off the lane.and there's no way a shot can hold up.you know forever I don't even think the.throw bot is shot 300 because it soaks.the oil off the lane you know if you.just repeat shot after shot after shot.it wears a path I don't think yeah.you've got throw about where Brunswick.you've got Earl with the USBC I don't.think anyone ever shot 900 right because.they can't move them you know you have.to adjust in this game or if they move.it's still a human making the guess.right and that's what it basically is an.educated guess from shot to shot the.shot I want to do that for responsibili.obviously he is not scared and something.you don't see a lot of I mean on TV 52.ever you see a lot more with the kids is.that bent elbow in the swing and well.the camera on the way back and it's.elbow is cocked at about 15 degrees or.so yeah his is cocked on the way back.the kids cocked there's on the way down.to load it this is an old-school loader.it actually stays loaded all the way.well exactly you know when your elbows.bent like that you can't say that your.arm swing is totally free because it.takes muscle to bend that elbow so you.know you watch the kids today their arm.is just really straight until on the.downswing you see a little bit of kink.in the elbow and in the wrist they get.under the ball and just uncork it at the.bottom of swing.and that's exactly what he did when he.went 260 over he just struck a lot.he's just bowling pins right now he.doesn't care who that guy is on the same.pair with him at the moment it's just.well realistically shouldn't you do that.all the time.right I mean your your job is to beat.depends not to beat the guy that you're.bowling against the only thing about the.guy you're going against that can get.into your head and make you think the.wrong way I mean if that guy was never.there all you're doing is you're bowling.against the pins I don't care who's on.that other Lane guy girl my dog pushed.it down there your job is to knock down.the pins and no love on the to pin on.that light hit and Miceli in a boatload.of trouble now James is shooting 270 if.he goes off the sheet a miletto possible.220 so unless the rift falls in on this.James could be goal in another match.against another Hall of Famer right the.fire.by the frying pan into the fire then of.the firing of the blast furnace against.Brian McClair I called Bryant LeClair.sir striking on and that's just what he.does I mean that guy he strikes of time.he's fun to watch LeClair's games today.267.I mean - 67 - 68 - 59 to 69 - 49.positioner he's the only guy I think out.of 12 games that had five games of -.Phil - 49 or higher just yeah he throws.big games at you other guys are winning.with two O's the two teens East Iran.through 50s and you get your 30 bonus.pins that makes up a lot of ground a.mulatto with the ball change something a.little cleaner through the front.stronger on the back end that's the.cover style and the cover stock being.actually a little weaker which.automatically makes it a little cleaner.through the front so if it can get.through the front it should technically.have more power on the.in cuz balls lose energy as they go down.the lane they slow down and if it slows.down too soon you can hit the pocket all.day but you can't strike you got to make.sure that as that balls got through the.front and hasn't slowed down enough and.that's what James is probably seen he's.gone to a choice which is I think a.little bit cleaner ball through the.front than what he's been throwing.through the week looking put the capper.on.six in a row and basically this game up.and once again a little crowd noise good.thing to do just compose you see right.there it's not overly worried about it.anytime something distract you hey.realistically they tell you just get off.the lane set the ball down and start the.whole process over don't just kind of.backup and reset just start the whole.process over cuz everything's got to be.the same looking for the half-dozen and.comes I you should have got off the.linked back again one more time but it's.just a pretty big expanse here at River.City extreme and there's people walking.into the restaurant area people walking.in to the bowling area yeah sometimes.just exactly because where we're at in.the bowling center there's a hallway.coming up to the bowling center so if.you unfortunately didn't know this was.going on and a bunch of kids coming in.having a good time you know they could.be yelling screaming laughing right and.you know they didn't know any better oh.just enough on the six out of ten and so.that's gonna switch everything over 37.it's keeping on the lane for Campbell.good time to experiment maybe a.different piece of equipment as well.he's gonna look so he's just going for.tape I thought maybe he's going for a.different ball well I agree I think.especially in the 10th and you got this.match one I would be trying something.else just in case because you know your.next opponent is going to be left of you.using probably a little bit different.kind of a surface and those lanes could.go into huge transition.mr. Campbell just needs five pins on.that first ball probably seven pins if.I'm gonna say wait a minute seven on the.first ball that's more than seven that's.enough and that's a win he moves on to.play against Pete Weber one.hall-of-famer down another hall-of-famer.to go for James Campbell as he tries to.take his first PBA 50 Tour title number.three seed Campbell against number two.seed Weber coming up next their third.step ladder match stay tuned or to come.after Weber's practice.[Applause].[Applause].[Applause].[Applause].all right there we go it's official.Campbell will be starting this match.Weber choosing to finish on the left.lane and pretty interesting right before.Pete Weber's practice Bryant LeClair was.entitled to four practice balls on the.Parrot turned him down that seems kind.of unusual with his stuff as these lanes.are time well you would think that you'd.want practice but is challenging as the.lanes got in match play today I'm.thinking that he doesn't want to change.the lanes anymore than he and they have.to so he forfeited his practice because.he knows if they get his deep I mean.they were all going over the left gutter.at the end and they're starting to.migrate left now so he figured why tear.up the lanes anymore so we'll see if.that strategy pays off from he'll get 6a.no balls when he comes on after this.match the clay will take on the winner.of this semi final Campbell starting.things off.Campbell is probably going to be a.little bit farther right I'm guessing.that than Pete and maybe probably Brian.just for the fact that it looks like he.gets around the bottom of the swing just.a little bit more when he creates a.little more skid through the front part.of the lane so that ball isn't reading.that spot like the last match where a.miletto.actually seen earlier hook and was.trying to chase it left and get away.from it so this will be a little.interesting to see what happens with.Pete if he's got that same early hook.reaction that a miletto had first time.we've seen Pete Weber in a stepladder in.15 months.wow that was some unusual didn't fall to.take the 10 down to compete with the.famous Weber stair like I can't even.believe you thought about standing he's.thrown that pink Idol pin down just.something that's smooth on the back end.and that's the biggest thing I think on.this pattern is one he's got enough.access rotation to make the ball hook oh.we got a ball change here he didn't like.so he's going to a supersonic which is.still a strong that's a big ball.asymmetrical pin up supersonic.interesting choice could he maybe be.going to one ball in each lane just from.reaction well he could I didn't see it.very often during no unless him and his.ball rep decided something was different.on that left lane and he's that was the.right call obviously he moved a little.deeper with a bigger ball and it worked.Pete's best finished so far in 2019 10th.and our last event the Suncoast PBA.senior US Open well Pete's had some hip.issues ain't some of the approaches were.in the last 15 months were pretty tacky.and he had I know he went to the.chiropractor numerous times trying to.get his hip back into place so he could.play and bowling in pain is no fun I can.tell people about that.Cambell only struck twice in five.attempts on this right lane in his.opening match against I'm let off and.the five pin just kind of falls over and.does nothing yeah and he got that ball.way right down Lane that was like six.seven at the break point and that is.like extreme no no unless you just got a.boatload of hand or your speed soft.enough to get that ball to turn the.corner polyester in hand and pin likely.to go down it's a kind of interesting if.you watch James setup he's he's set up.with a really relaxed wrist to keep a.free swing but yet in his backswing.he's got the elbow bent so that he can.load up on the ball I don't care what.you do as long as you can do it the same.way every time.then you can repeat shots is repetition.more important sometimes than form yes.yes there's no two people in the PBA.whether it be the PBA Tour or the PBA 50.Tour that look alike everybody has their.own style the thing that they can do is.repeat shots and if you can repeat shots.you can adjust to a lean condition but.you know these guys have had a lifetime.of practice so you should be able to.repeat shots or you would think so.anyway Campbell took quite a few years.off from tournament competition rejoined.bullying PBA national events back in.2017 and his first time back he cashed.the pp 50 Pasco County Florida opened.his best finish this year was at the.giant regularly bvl open where he.finished first well he might be back.into it because this that's the same.reaction as n well I don't had which is.the wrong one.they've all read the midlane way too.soon his son is is quite a bowler he's a.big strapping young guy and he gets all.over it however I'd say maybe 5% of the.time he'd make this baby split not this.time though see we've talked about Pete.before with bowling shoes ain't most of.us out here have interchangeable soles.so in case there is slicker stick spots.we can kind of customize our sole and a.lot of us take our souls and chop them.into thirds so we have different parts.on each part of our foot depending on.the slide so you might have a eight in.the front the ten in the middle and the.six on the backside just so you can.taper your slide but he's just got this.they almost look like entry-level.bowling shoes and sometimes on sticky.approaches he's no adjustment for him he.he can't do anything.Pete you saw the little self talk back.there in fact the approach throw are.better in this Lane and he does and the.wrap 10 yeah he's he's gonna get a.little fired up here in a minute cuz he.almost got a little fired up right there.yesterday during qualifying I walked.down he was on the low end and he had.the front four he threw the fifth one.rapt attention side and he goes of.course it's the best ball I've shot at.the fire yeah what you know I I talked.to him earlier and he goes it was tough.watching guys you know get light hits.and strike or you know mixers and but.that's the game you know if you got the.right ball in your hand in the right.ball speed your area at the pocket.becomes wider and you you get those.breaks you know if you think you're.going to dead pure one.and hit the 1/3 flush all the time.that's a big misconception that's not.going to happen and take the breaks when.you get them see there's a little bit of.broken wrist you know relax release.right there you know then in his.backswing you watch him bend his elbow.he loads it and then he cups his wrist.you know so he starts out with a real.relaxed then loads it up in his.backswing and he's got great ball speed.oh he hasn't missed Justin and this left.lane he's 7 for 7 apart he's more than.he's 9 for he's 9 for 9 now he had 7.strikes and this left lane in the first.game I wouldn't do anything I wouldn't.write an ink in a scorecard but.something tells me that well if the rate.he's going he's going to get a chance to.bowl for a title because he's not.worried about anybody he's bowling the.pins he's not bowling an opponent.looking he takes quite a bit of time on.the approach just period but if you're.going to do that why not yeah and that's.you know strike spare three-bagger.shooting to 80 and Pete knows he's in.trouble and well and Pete's going back.to that idle we still I think that the.24-second rule into effect on on the.tour that's how much time you you get 25.25 seconds I think Jim's taken about.1718 Oh whoever needs to find something.on this Lane in a hurry that look.that was inside off of his hand and I.thought that was it held I actually.thought that I was gonna see a something.ugly at the other end but you see our.leader Brian the Clare coming down.taking a casual look see what the.scoreboards at well you know I'm.surprised he's not kind of watching Pete.you know to see what maybe not to do if.especially if he's not just drilling the.hole all the time are there any players.left out here on the 52 or that haven't.gotten interchangeable thumbs I mean.even norm Dukes gone to the.interchangeable Walter went to them I.think just about everybody has it all.depends you know there's a couple.different companies out here you got you.know you got Vice on his shirt and you.got turbo and I can't imagine having an.arsenal of 15 balls I'm not having a.interchangeable thumb so every ball.feels the same don't count.whoever out yet no all we need is.somebody in the background to make some.kind of comment to fire him up then he.might strike for the next day and a half.pissed off the best ever at it oh yeah.who do you think you are I am that was.that was classic she's going for the.little extra moisture yep everybody's.got the same similar hand setup index.finger really spread to make sure that.you know you get that get around that.ball handle sixth frame looking for four.Oh.there's hoping for a little push I think.you got that ends that.oh is he he went around that one too.much because if you changed the way your.balls rotating down the rain not.necessarily even the number of revs you.can fully change out your ball react you.change your axis rotation you're gonna.change your breakpoint drastically well.if you had zero axis rotation you.wouldn't even have a breakpoint.it just keeps going straight you go.break between your finger holes and over.your thumb right no give me on this one.with the three six and ten oh he nailed.that one the first time he shot at it it.was questionable this time it was dead.flesh back from the tape again and under.the ball return.and that's a second piece of tape we've.seen him well go to you know if he's.over squeezing a ball then people don't.realize this if you're squeezing it odds.and you're coming around it are pretty.good because you're trying to hang on to.it and you're you don't want to let go.of it when you're behind it you think.you're gonna drop it so you squeeze it.too much and your hand goes around it so.feel is extremely important people say.ah I never use tape and I I don't know.how you can bowl and not use tape tape.in tape out and I mean and that one in.the front of his thumb hole so what's.the difference between when the bowlers.are putting it in the front as compared.to the back well in the front you're.looking for a little texture something.to hang on to in the end of if you put.it in the back it actually pushes your.thumb more forward and locks you into.the ball a little longer you can.actually put enough tape in the back.part of your thumb to reduce your verse.reverse pitch if you have any or.actually add it a little bit more.forward pitch he caught something yeah.he looked to the right there's not many.people offered to the right most of the.book fans are either behind it to the.left though maybe the guy on the camera.he might have moved chaser rock out.there.he goes looking to bounce back he's.still I think getting around the base of.they did it again yeah he's getting.around it a little bit too much he's.trying to force it that's just nerves.it could be you're getting closer to.bowling for a title nerves could be.coming into play adrenalin keeps going I.know as I Bowl personally my hand.shrinks so I'm constantly putting tape.in and the next morning got to take it.all out because I'm swelled back up.again could be just nerves either it.could be he's already got 13 games mold.today plus a bunch of practice and stuff.it could be just the gas tank certainly.get a little few me and there wasn't a.big break in between sets either you.know they got done and there's like 45.minutes and he there was a gift he.missed a hell of a team and exactly.because if he would have hit that to cut.any harder it would have deflected away.from me yeah three pin or the three pin.I'm sorry woody deflects away from the.nine what pin was there yeah definitely.gonna take an extra minute here to get.to composure together and figure out.what he needs to do again as well right.lane to play tricks on a miletto and.it's starting to play tricks on Pete the.key is getting it through that spot down.the lane then if you force it through.there you know still trying to hit the.pocket and get a strike seven frame.forever looking for the turkey he didn't.get this far right he crossed the first.marker which is at 15 almost 16.it only took it to 12 down Lane so he.wasn't trying to create a big angle on.the back end if he gets any farther and.it's almost like the old fall back you.know you're just trying to keep it in.line hit the three pin isn't is that oil.that's pushed off the end of the buffer.yeah yes.and now Delaney's had greater success on.and he'll be finishing the tenth frame.on this lane as well.what are much I had to do with changing.Campbell's well she saw the Campbell.struck seven times as seven times that.left lane moved the guy in the right.lane probably a reason for it as well I.would think you know his last you'd like.to get the guy off his favorite Lane.doesn't seem to be either player's.favorite right now on that right lane.walking it out on tan again yeah he took.that to twelve like he did on the right.lane but you know you're throwing a big.ball that's a big asymmetrical ball and.it's not going to have you know the turn.on the back end even though he's got.great access rotation the ball just.isn't shaping up as strong on the back.end as he'd like to see it even though.the you know he hit the pocket and I.know he thinks that you know that should.have carried but that's the breaks of.the game.oh he bounced that around he might have.got seven that's that's the first.template I've seen bounced around like.that all week long I couldn't tell he's.just talking to himself okay Pete that.we never see that other Pete.no well if you're bowler you probably.talked to yourself so Campbell right now.max out at 2:45 whoever can only max out.at 235 big shot here for Campbell eighth.frame.and just splits the night beautiful well.yeah and he never got that one right of.the marker down lane like the ones he.did before so now the question is where.is he gonna throw it on this left lane.because that has become an issue yeah.the first time Campbell did not strike.on this left lane today in the.stepladder was shot in the seventh a.little moisture on that thumb trying to.create some tackiness taking that second.look down the feet well they're trying.to figure out that Lane is changing.drastically I'm surprised that Brian.he's over there you know just cool calm.and collected I haven't he hasn't walked.over to see what's going on Wow so Pete.leaves the 10 pin Jim comes up thought.he threw it fantastic is making the turn.and leaves the 7 head pin runs.interference on everything trying to go.left so there's a strange turn of events.because now Pete can actually come up.and shut the door there's a man with a.large saxophone in the background is he.gonna start playing well that would be.something that's happened that we.haven't had happened Campbell.dad on it pretty happy that stood up he.can tell waving at it here we go.this is a frame and a half match now so.after this is over there is a band.playing outside and a hall grossed for.all the the people in attendance this is.quite the event that that we have your.ready at River City extreme yeah chasing.the ovation a prince tribute going.tonight and the PBA 50 players getting a.nice discount on tickets thanks to the.River City extreme as well.strike here gives Weber a chance for the.hammer to win is it is that is it yeah.hey he almost gave it the crotch job I.think they were waiting looking at his.fancy Renee Pete she's got a tight leash.on and how about that too wrapped ends.that don't even come close to falling.down and that's slow roller this next.shot is huge so we're gonna throw the.big ball one more time what kind of.adjustment we're gonna have and we got a.hole in it I just seen so it's kind of.on his axis so that means it's just.gonna kind of mellow that ball out a.little bit it's not gonna doesn't really.enhance it it just kind of keeps it tame.walking it out solid nine oh and you.can't believe you left it I can't.believe in tight my high to me but so.spare strike 95 we have a possibility of.a tie yes we do Pete's got to get it.back together here quickly and focus on.the task at hand the last time we had.was Joel Carlson in Trenton New Jersey.for the win Ryan Moore I think the only.player ever throw the front nine and a.championship match and lose the title.tied at 217 I have to Carlson punched in.the 10th and then lost the one ball roll.off that was amazing what a match to.watch and we have a possibility of a tie.here Pete needs to strike Campbell has.to strike the first ball not the second.pick up the spare and we have a tie.this is big count it forces Campbell to.come to the plate there's been plenty of.times today we've seen four five and six.on account of curse and that went well.now that didn't look near as good as the.shot that didn't strike deep throwing.the double okay symbol down there at the.rack and now he's just turning into a.spectator well there's nothing he can do.about now it's you know Campbell's up.he's got to stay cool calm and collected.take your breath take your time don't.rush this shot yeah relax because you.need the first one and you're Campbell.and you're 55 years old and this is the.biggest shot of your career to this.point at this point you're right.he's waited a long time for this to get.here don't study long and study wrong.throw that thing.NEADS all 10 Wow.I don't know if he was walking it out or.he was just hoping it was gonna strike.it yeah I think it was the second one.because I saw the initial start to step.out going that doesn't look like a real.sure step we've seen a few Sherwin's.yeah well today yeah that was like oh.please just hit the headpin and he got.rewarded a strike you know went and you.saw where the tie right you can only do.what you can do you can't control what.the opponent's gonna do so you know it's.up to James right now to make a good.shot unless he does something crazy I.strike to win spared a tie if he tie and.he goes to the single ball roll off Pete.Weber would have order choice and Lane.choice start through alive this is huge.2018 he got it clear out to eight and.has to make it to ten yeah.to tie I didn't want to say it because I.didn't want to be the black cat because.I was given scenarios what could happen.or the only way he could lose is split.and he split what a turn of events.well this is makable I mean is it has to.be yeah but I mean it's not like seven.ten right where the percentages are.terrible you're talking on what you're.talking a 20% chance yeah 25 to make it.at this level I would yeah and it could.be that I guess but I mean it's it's not.terrible but he has to make it.takes the polyester out to take pattern.I play too heavy no my chance and Wow.there was a good run I know he's.disappointed but he gave it a heck of a.try.so 2:15 the 2:14 peat whoever takes the.match against James Campbell and.Claire's gonna get some practice but.joining us now in the booth for the rest.of the run PBA Tour champion PBA former.world champion Michael Fagan and mr..fagin good to have you in the booth good.to see here in Minnesota we're gonna get.your microphone just a little closer to.your face here for a second that one's.yeah unfortunately got a little floppy.microphone I apologize.I'm I'm glad to be here thank you I.heard a new son Theodore yep Theodore.three and a half months old.congratulations very well thank you you.started get sleep again.my wife has him trained like a Navy SEAL.so we're all really well he's sleeping.10 11 hours at night already oh that's.beautiful so yeah we got to talk to two.Rabbie's fighter during the position.round earlier today this is great are.you director of business development.that's a neat title because it's not.just I'm operations I'm doing this.you're working on doing all kinds of new.things for these triple shift centers.absolutely yeah that's it's it's an easy.way to say I'm the jack-of-all-trades.I'm trying to work on a lot of different.projects throughout the throughout the.chain and it really doesn't limit me to.anything that I get to work on which is.a lot of fun because I get to focus on.every single that facet of the business.that we can we can think about I mean.you know I came into this business.thinking about the bowling world and.obviously I want to get back to that.part of the world but these businesses.are so complex that I get to touch on so.many other facets of what we have under.each roof oh oh I'm sorry it's great to.see bowlers back in as owners of bowling.centers you know that we've we've missed.that for so long.and it's awesome absolutely and I think.you know we.we want to make sure that we pay homage.to the sport and you know continue to.grow the youth programs and everything.that goes on and we have a fount a.fantastic foundation of League bowlers.here in in the greater Twin Cities area.and it's it's really exciting so 32.lanes here you mentioned the bowling end.of things but there's so much more.incentive River City extreme that you.have to keep your eyes on all the time.humongous game room by the way I'm going.to take that boom box off the wall.before I go today I want enough tickets.while I was here humongous restaurant.great food a service bar right by the.lanes you've got a band coming in.tonight you've got a hog roast you've.got banquet halls for people to have.weddings at where do you find enough.time in the Dave not just for this.Center but for nine other ones as well.to keep all that on your plate well we.are extremely fortunate John Foss here.as the general manager and I mean he.keeps it all together keeps everybody.keeps the trains on time as they say and.like you said we're always trying to.diversify revenue streams here I mean.you know obviously we want to continue.to support bowling but you know we want.to be able to attract a whole nother.customer base and if that customer base.comes into the building to play video.games or because of a wedding and they.end up falling in love with bowling even.better it's fantastic what new projects.are you working on so it's funny that.Phil brings up the the game room because.that's been a big objective and.initiative of ours is to really optimize.that part of the business so much data.comes out of those games and.understanding you know people's trends.and habits and and how they how they.interact with the machines and you know.for me that's really fascinating to dig.into the data and really try to extract.consumer behavior oh but you know as far.as as far as our bowling world is.consumer concerned we have such a great.foundational league base you know I.think we want to run more and more.tournaments as we go along and you know.we have one location called the mermaid.that's very close to Minneapolis has a.70 room hotel attached to it so a.perfect venue for for tournaments and.you know it's gonna be hopefully a place.that we see the PBA at a lot we actually.had a crazy event happen at.regional just a little bit ago where we.had ironically on the del valor pattern.two gentleman throwing back-to-back.gutter balls on each one of their fill.balls I'm sure everyone in the bowling.community has seen that video already.but it's yeah that was that one that was.at our mermaid facility and you know we.want to keep holding more events I mean.these are these are exciting we want to.bring people together and it's it's.really fulfilling for me especially you.see your league base growing absolutely.absolutely yeah without a doubt I mean.you know we have we have a couple.centers that are almost at capacity so.it but you know if we can continue to.kind of build that that community and.start building out some of the centers.that have capacity available then you.know we want to just keep keep building.different format leagues you know long.format short format and really kind of.getting every single person not just the.super ultra competitive bowler but you.know the casual bowler more involved in.leagues as well when you left the PBA.Tour to go back for your master's degree.several years ago did you imagine.getting back into the sport in this.fashion that probably wasn't the goal of.the master's degree you know I mean you.kind of just go where life takes you.right I mean I always love the industry.I always wanted to kind of get back to.it in one facet or another and and when.Robbie Wagner came to me and told me.about his plans and I was very excited.so you know I'm just really happy to be.back in the sport we're glad you're back.yes indeed glad to have you for this.championship match people ever starting.things off and boy that pesky lane 17.from last game starts off with a strike.here in the final that ball went through.the pins a lot better than the previous.two so you know he's I would say coming.off that last win and I'd have to give.him the edge if I were a bettin man.well obviously uh LeClair here throwing.the same time football I you know I.nicknamed him sir strike alot because.that's what he seems to do out here a.ton and he came from 10th all the way to.the tournament leader and he threw some.of the biggest games in the tournament.other than Walter Ray oh my gosh.throwing the 300 in the tournament that.the only 300 we had and Walters first.300 doing.two-handed so yeah it's kind of unique.you think about that I mean you bowled.against Walter for years and to see as.great as he is one hand and all of a.sudden I'm trying to protect this to him.it really is incredible to to make that.kind of change it you know that far.along in his career and and to commit.himself to to learning and it just it.kind of just shows his his personality.that he's never gonna be done he's.always gonna continue to try to evolve.and learn and you know could just.continue working hard on I'm trying to.become the best he can be well I think.he's the Iron Man of bullying because.when he leaves here he always goes does.a clinic somewhere he finds a regional I.mean it's like he never stops bowling I.mean you know I don't think he takes a.break now Walter I actually did two.clinics for us while on Monday one of.them at one of our best league centers.sunray lanes in st. Paul and then as.soon as he was done there he drove up.here and did another clinic so I mean he.is he's an Iron Man for sure that's a.little left and high so he's got light.and high that's never a good combination.so not taking those for practice shots.probably hoping the lanes didn't break.down any more than they were gonna break.down could have been not such a good.idea what do you think he came out he.got six and he actually took a couple of.those took the last one for sure he took.in chata attempt interest to see the.reaction but yeah that can't be too.confident right now after going to you.know to 10 and 3 6 10 and.and that the most so what certain cover.that makes you guys think that why Pete.has chosen to throw two different balls.and the reaction that he's getting on.you know from both different balls what.what's kind of spawn that personally I.think the right lane is it hooks earlier.in the mid lane and he went to a.symmetric of all to get that ball.through the mid lane a little bit.cleaner.you know and a smoother ball on the back.end because it's pinned down just to get.an even roll on the back end because the.lanes getting tricky in the middle and I.think he went to a bigger ball on the.left lane because he he got more into.the puddle and to try to create reaction.on the back that's what I see from back.here yeah I mean just by looking at.James Campbell's last shot and then now.Brian's first shot you know Pete's not.even flirting with the 210 at all he's.not even getting the ball really into a.position anywhere on the lane he's kind.of just got a smooth ball in his hand.and he's able to fade it back where he.doesn't have to even flirt with getting.the ball away from the headphone the.other matches previously to me it looked.like guys were almost flirting with that.out of bounds getting it too far outside.the marker down Lane I think if he hit.six seven that's too much of a wiggle.point down there yeah to me 11 12 where.you can keep that smoother reaction it's.a little bit tighter line but you're not.getting forcing the trouble as much you.know I think we've blown up Twitter and.Facebook with Michael Fagan in the booth.just so everybody knows that's a good.thing that's a good thing it's another.wrap why so many wrapped ends in that.land well if you see the ball it's not.continuing after it hits the pocket it's.it hits the 1 3 and it almost takes out.the 8 pin it's not continuing you know.we say now the ball has to split the 8 9.and you don't see the continuation even.though it looks like it's going to yeah.absolutely I definitely see a little bit.of hydroplane going on in the back part.of the lane and you know I mean Pete's.hand can.skinny jeans as our office don't you.know Pete's Han obviously soft enough to.get it through any spot but sometimes.it's just gonna continue to kind of push.too far and I think that's what's going.on when he leaves a temp in so what's.the move for the Claire here alright he.go right in firm on this pattern.I think he's end up rolling it a little.bit more so it doesn't get down the lane.so far well he tightened up a little bit.he's not as deep in the front part of.the lane he still took her to 12 down.lane so you know I kind of seems like I.my eyes catch weird things all the.previous bowlers fingers in first thumb.in and you watch LeClair its thumb in.then fingers in what's your thought on.that the the few guys that have done.that over the years Tommy Jones DJ.Archer a few others Ronnie Russell I.mean I don't know how they do it I could.never do that I mean my hand would never.come out of the ball so well Wayne Webb.does it to ease them in fingers first.but you know as a bowler you experiment.try other things and I've tried it and I.have to do this like my thumbs never.gonna come out of the ball if I do Tommy.Baker's been doing it for a really long.time too and well I mean yeah a couple.years but it well yeah but it just seems.like you would go around it but you know.it's a feel thing and the way Tommy.Jones puts his thumb in anyway then.rotates to his fingers that Eve locks.himself in probably more than anybody.and that's what is most incredible about.the first time I looked at his ball and.I started to put my hand and I was like.oh your thumb shifted I think.whoever looking at the bounce-back.strike after he's not happy with that at.all you know that was that wasn't wasn't.even good off his hand it was inside.that ball never had a chance to push to.the right and it looks like we're we're.all square again here unless he can.slide this over but yeah I mean like you.said Brian this especially today has.gotten on a tear so I mean you know the.way he's been bowling that first double.might be a sign that he's gone off the.sheet you know he's respecting that much.oh I'll get that out great shot slid the.three over I'm really impressed with.Pete that he's being as reserved as he.is because I was expecting something to.come flying him around you know he's.just he's mellow I am and I'm impressed.I think it's a self anger stole at the.first ball he threw a hat frame he.recovered nicely there that was a great.pickup you know he's got a good look on.both lanes it seems like LeClair is.getting lined up so we should have a.nice match on our hands in the second.half so you still do any bullying I'm.trying to find some time I really am.it's hard right now with the newborn and.and the new responsibilities at work but.trying to find some time.and then with that nineties them and it.went down Pete's got such great focus.ain't like norm and yourself a the guys.that get out there and do this that's.the hardest part of this game is keeping.your head in the game.and not letting your mind go and that's.why you're bowling you do any self-talk.while you're up there when it when.you're bowling or you just kind of get.up and throw the ball Oh No yeah.self-talk is is huge I mean you know.overcoming all different sorts of.emotions out there I mean you know fear.anxiety anything that can kind of be.sense to what you're trying to.accomplish right I mean because it is it.is 100% mental at that point once you.once you've figured out your you know.personal skill set and the ability that.you can do what you need to do with the.bowling ball then it's just all mental.so the claire here with the conversion.finds himself down by seven pins did you.see the way that ball hit the pins i.mean he left the ten pin or seven pin.rather but it just kind of like hit kind.of flat yeah I'm just you know when the.five just barely kind of went down he's.like whew I don't know that lanes.definitely a lot tighter down the lane.so I mean I think depending on if Pete.bounces back here you definitely didn't.throw a very good shot but I think that.right lane is gonna tell the difference.so 248 the maximum for LeClair 265.Pete's max 1/2 a match to go.22:12 uh-huh.and we'd rip out the 410 kind of.crumbled Pete did the same thing last.match yeah that same 410 hit kind of.both the drama you missed the fire of.competing being a match like this.absolutely I miss I missed the.competition I miss the guys don't miss.the travel I mean I love sleeping in my.own bed every night fully understand I.definitely want to well you could get a.Motorhome and you can train you have.your own bed with you all the time well.I'm just saying I you know try it for me.and break down and Rawlings Wyoming for.12 days let's not even talk about hey.the best part of that whole breakdown it.was a recall it was covered I didn't.have to pay for it problem was been in.Rawlings Wyoming for 12 days oh my gosh.let's see what he can do here Pete.looking for a double in his half of the.sixth frame came around it nice he came.around here to try to create a little.bit more angle entry see just you always.see Pete's hand open but at that time.you can see his fingers just kind of.snapped on it a little bit trying to.create something so I want to hear a.little bit more about this Wyoming trip.I only have four more frames of bowling.to coverage so I'm just I'm wondering it.you know if you started singing home on.the range.we had deer in the parking lot where we.were had we had deer in the parking lot.it was I broke down on Memorial weekend.and the part couldn't come out until.after Memorial weekend and time they got.it.I was there 12 days oh it was brutal.I missed the Masters because I couldn't.get there and it was a special order.part it was on a recall.but he get that mobile home come back.out on to her oh wait that was weak see.off his hand I thought that was a great.shot I did too I thought that was gonna.strike I know he did cuz he's pretty.much down on one knee he's trying to.figure out how to strike on that Lane.now obviously the key to winning this.match he's gonna figure out who's gonna.double up on that I said right lane left.man I remember basin years ago I think.the first time I met you were at the.Bradley and we were like in the top five.when we were talking and we were talking.about rotation and your rotation being.totally different you said you could.always tell where somebody was from by.the way their ball rolled you know yeah.because your axis rotation was totally.different you were getting the ball to.do tricks on a flood and everybody else.was sanding and with a brick trying to.get a ball to react well you know I mean.I would say 20 years ago that was I was.a good shot by the Flair 20 years ago I.would say that certainly you know was.was correct nowadays it's tough because.yeah I don't think you see that.disparity from you know in New York they.do the lanes this way California they.they put a lot of oil down and you know.the Texas are always dry so you know you.kind of you had that trend I don't know.if it still holds true but I would have.definitely say that 20 years ago and.it's been about 20 years ago when we did.so the Clair looking to get into the.lead.Yaser strike lot needs to put this 110.back.that was a solid shot there he Brian's.been bowling with that knee brace on I.mean he looks like Robocop with that leg.thing on but he is had those knee.problems and since he wears that he's.able to post shots again he was getting.to where he couldn't post a shot anymore.without that bracelet is like it saved.the back half of his 2018 season because.it was so bad the first half of that 27.the 2018 season for they gave him his.Player of the Year award early when we.were in Farmingdale New Jersey because.he thought he was done for the year.right without that and that brace came.along and saved him about 23 at the.arrows down to like 11 still staying.with the same ball is that the right.it's obviously the right choice on the.right lane what's he gonna do on the.left lane.I think he's gonna throw almost a.perfect shot here I mean he got one in.and got he'd like that last shot was.really good and it just kind of flat 10.if he got a little bit firm it was gonna.ring 10 so I mean I think he's he's.really got to shape it to the right spot.and I mean and he was flirting with a.stone 9 earlier so you know he's gonna.throw it perfect right here guys use a.lot of different hand positions you know.and some guys you know if they're.looking for a little more back-end tilt.which gives them a little more skid in.the front which I don't know if that's.the right thing to do that but they tuck.their pinkie to get the ball you know a.little bit farther down the lane and.Pete doesn't do it and he might be doing.it there he normally doesn't still have.a chance for 244.and the returns shaker seven we saw one.declare yeah yeah he's making great.shots it's just got a little bit of.extra carry down in the last game in the.last you know 20 frames bold and it just.is not quite making the corner and the.any you would think with his axis.rotation he's got that softer speed you.could get he could get that ball around.the corner a little bit both these.players have not seen the winner's.circle.since 2017 LeClair sought last giant.Petraglia bvl open during his Player of.the Year season in 2017.whoever closed out the PBA 50 season.that year with the win and the dehaze.Insurance Group championship hello.LeClair can take the lead on this shot.really strong wrist position that he.uses I mean he he stays cupped real cup.all the way through the shot.unbelievable huh that that almost rolled.up to the and it's getting swept it.almost rolled up to the six pin spot.it'll be reset in its original position.since the pin setter didn't knock it.down so he has a three pin lead he.converts this spare so it's all a matter.what he does in a tent he could double.nine and win this in the tenth even if.just began even if he picks this up I.would say both players are finishing on.their stronger Lane so I mean it's.really just who's gonna perform in the.10th so the six pin was the pin that was.left in a pocket chat okay so what time.is the party start I think they're.delaying it because of the matter the.chances yeah I think they're gonna rev.up the guitar we're gonna hear that.saxophone back there crappy spire next.to the booth he goes this is the party.he's right at least for two more frame.two more shots here.each player double-a Nate LeClair shuts.out.a huge shot here I mean if you watch.Brian he actually kind of gets his thumb.in and rotates it around and puts his.fingers at me Kenna locks in and he.struck the last three times he's been on.this Lane 20 you get that a little.farther right Annie.that was great shot though don't posted.it he got it to the spot and I guess.this is a strong lean so you know he.throws another shot like that I think I.think it's gonna care a game set match.just can't do something off the wall in.the fill shot big shot here.Leclaire looking for his fourth PB 50.little extra time 20 til like 11 again.and that was 10 back that was better.than the first shot after that after.those first two frames it wasn't looking.good for him but I mean he really.stepped up these last eight shots and.just made just pure did well he had a.great look today in match play I mean he.said he came from 10th all the way to.first he had a look when the lanes got.really touchy he had a look that nobody.else had and he kept the ball in play he.never really seen those air in shots.where he - 8:10 well one solid shot here.and he wraps it up stay behind the foul.line and get 800 that's enough how about.8 to 25 and the web sleeper for Brian.McClair LeClair's fourth PBA fifty title.unbelievable and we're gonna have John.Webber resent the trophy and Robbie.sprain represent the check - our winner.Brian LeClair shortly it's been fun to.see Brian declare coming to his own on.the Senior Tour on the PBA 54 he's the.Senior Tour Player of the Year former.player of the year.it's been fun to watch it really kind of.show it just feel set yeah.big monkey off your back when you have a.one for a while absolutely.

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River City Casino Win Loss Form FAQs

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