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Guide of Va Form 10 5345a

va property right.oh my god i've you know what i've had.amnesia for the last 10 years and i just.woke up where am i.you know you're supposed to show your id.on federal property oh my god.and uh when when you guys are wrong not.if i want an apology in my camera from.both of you how does that sound sound.like a deal.show me what it looks like to be a man.come on.oh yeah.johnny five-o johnny man i just watched.some of yours this morning yeah.yeah yours in the high desert community.okay uh houston cool.yeah so we're here uh i was here at the.downtown va.yeah a year ago yeah we're live by the.way i'm not going to walk around.oh no i went inside the lobby the.downtown l.a.and um uh they physically threw me out.but i wasn't willing to go to jail.because i had a buddy it was in court.that day i had to get him home.and so uh i went i called.uh nikki over at west l.a one of the.supervisors of the bio and.um she told me that their policy has.changed about.public photography really based on the.videos that are on youtube.at the va so then i went over to west.l.a and got a bunch of grief and so i'm.here.now so uh 50 bucks i got to get there.yeah yeah nothing nothing looks more.like an auditor than an auditor i got.like.15 cameras and when i i saw you over.there and i was like.didn't i saw you with the thing i'm like.uh yeah.this is great yeah uh get we'll let's.we'll start to count how many people.hate freedom here.so it's great to meet you.i'll put a comment on them all right man.nice to meet you man.i apologize for the weak stream i'll.make sure that i get on some flowmax.surely sir hi how are you uh.did you say who am i so it's a va's.policy.yeah yeah but if you don't if you don't.care i mean.the police don't care nobody cares about.about their policies.i don't have authority okay but they do.and they'll be here.okay cool.i'm just trying to get a shot of.everything here.um actually i do.you don't have permission by whom by.whom.no you don't by whom do i need to get.permission from.from west delay okay so you need to go.down there.oh that's a far drive from here oh here.comes popo now.go ahead and have a conversation hey you.guys sir what's going on man i'm.lieutenant.with the va police how can i help you.today uh you can't you can talk to him.he's the complainant.okay so i'm just filming a story so.what's your name sir.step by uh he's at the lobby at the.first one.what's your name sir officer bill parker.v-i-l-f-o-r-t.okay cool the action over please four.five five eight cool how about you back.i didn't what.who was the badger one zero five eight.okay cool can i ask you what the purpose.of this filming is.uh it's for uh news purposes.okay to film um.public officials do in public it's a.public lobby.okay so this is for news are you aware.of the va's policy on.uh filming content for news i'm very.familiar it sounds like you're not.that's why you're here.so i'm gonna give you an education today.for fun and for free.how does that sound do you currently.have.uh permission from the director to film.it director of.the va greater los angeles health care.system.who would that be who would be ann brown.i don't know.all filming for news purposes commercial.purposes has to be approved by the.director.okay see that's where you're getting.confused okay so.news and commercial are different.you understand that right so a.commercial shoot.you guys are familiar with commercial.shoots that's like if they're shooting a.car commercial if they're shooting a.television show.if they're shooting a movie that is a.commercial shoot.news worthy information is not a.commercial shoot.but this is for news yes and both.require the director's approval.and you're telling me you don't have.that approval i'm not telling you.anything.well you just told me you didn't have.that approval i don't know you tell me.well you can you can go ahead and hit to.rewind you just told me a moment ago.that you don't have the director's.approval i don't need the director's.approval.uh well i beg to differ the law requires.you to have the drugs okay cool you guys.want to make a career-ending mistake.right now.well let me go ahead and refer you to.the law okay i'm going to refer.you to the policy.i know there's going to be a lot of.words on a lot of syllables.so this is from the va's website 38.cfr 1.218a.subsection 10 photographs for news.advertising or commercial purposes.photographs for advertising or.commercial purposes.may be taken only with the written.consent of the head of the facility or.designee.okay that's not what we're doing here.next paragraph.stay with me photographs for news.purposes.may be taken at entrances.lobbies foyers or in.other places designated by the head of.the facility or designee.right with the director's approval nope.that's from the va's website.so.your actions in the next few minutes can.make or break your career lieutenant so.well i appreciate that i appreciate your.concern for my career.i'm actually not but it's just like kind.of giving you a heads up on that just.for.your own purposes same with you bill for.it.all right well at this point stage sir.i think the reading of the uh of that.is subject to you're reading it a little.bit differently than i'm reading.okay well i read and indicates that you.need the approval of the director to be.filming.in the forums uh it said nowhere in this.about the.so you are incorrect what would you like.to do i don't know i'm going to film a.story here i don't know what you guys.want to do i'm going to continue filming.so.can i go no thanks.that's not going to happen.i'm sorry can you say that again one.more time va property right.oh my god i've you know what i've had.amnesia for the last 10 years and i just.woke up where am i.you know you're supposed to get i'll.show your id on federal property.oh my god are you ready for what uh for.what purpose.do you suspect me of a crime sir no sir.okay well cool well now i'm going to.continue filming.and i'm not gonna break contact with you.oh and uh when when you guys are wrong.not if i want an apology in my camera.from both of you how does that sound.sound like a deal.if i'm in violation you can take me to.jail okay.i'm fine with that but if i'm correct.you guys.agree to apologize into my camera for me.that's a yes or no lieutenant.how about you vilfort you want to.apologize into my camera.in advance i'm going to play psychic.friends network i'm going to predict.your future here.okay so we're going to fast forward 10.or 20 minutes.what i'm going to do is i'm going to get.some clarification that's what i'd like.to do at this point in stage.okay perfect there's no reason for this.to be anything but a cordial interaction.i received a complaint my understanding.of the law is different than your.understanding of law.i'm going to go ahead and do my due.diligence get some clarification from.someone else.okay and then we'll go from there but.there's no reason for this to be.anything but completely cordial and.respectful you.both have guns tasers pepper spray.and you could kill me in a 0.2 seconds.and you're going to talk about being.cordial two guys with guns approach me.two thugs with guns.and badges well that one it's.pretty inflammatory okay and.actually thugs yeah it's also.uh protected first amendment that's.correct.okay and you're entitled that opinion.okay.did you swear an oath to uphold and i.did okay well you're good i will i will.i will do everything in my power to.protect your rights.i will i will i will do everything in my.power to protect your rights.okay well so you're gonna show up.there's still a level of civility right.we can be still before one another.correct.sure okay but will you guys apologize to.my camera when you're wrong.again that's a yes or no.your tone is somewhat confrontational i.don't want a confrontation.okay well listen i was happy to walk.away you guys kept coming.villefort got up on my grill asking me.for id you know from a veteran or not.you can also lower your voice it is a.public space i don't give a [ __ ] i don't.give a [ __ ].different knowledge i don't um i'm.asking the lord keep it don't give a.[ __ ] okay.don't give a [ __ ] just advising you of.the law i don't give a [ __ ] okay.i know the law don't don't start making.up laws sir.you often do you often make up laws it's.really convicted do you often make up.laws.never are you a legislator no okay i.didn't look like you didn't look like.one.[Music].so.you guys have drug tests on file of.yourselves.you guys seem really on edge.you seem a little jumpy sir can you hold.your hand out steady for me.are you under the influence of anything.you seem like it.ladies and gentlemen bill for it.i didn't realize you hated freedom that.much bill fort.you're going to learn something today.i do applaud you for not bringing up any.hipaa laws i.i was actually shocked that that didn't.come up already.hey bill ford i'm trying to break.contact okay so if you guys don't want.any confrontation.i suggest you stop stalking me through.the facility okay how's that sound.you freedom fighter did you swear enough.okay well you're gonna get to see what.it looks like here right [ __ ] now.okay.really beautiful facility that's quite a.campus up here.you guys pull it up on a map i'm up in.north hills.california.okay jack you see you now we are.moving that's right that's right.thank you for having a sense of humor.sir i appreciate it.unlike the rest of the co-workers here.who are having brain aneurysms.you actually might get a lot of people.getting admitted for brain aneurysms.later so.mostly up here on the up on the right.hand side uh they might be having.actually.maxi strokes i don't even think it's.mini at this point.yeah there are seizures coming i'm going.to get a.a seizure salad dressing on the side.and no croutons the va's policy is.understood by the va.the va's policy is understood by the va.as that news can be filmed.in public areas but again with the.director's.approval no yes good afternoon.hi nikki my name is johnny i'm a.journalist from los angeles.i wanted to know if the lobby at the.downtown los angeles veterans.administration is a publicly accessible.lobby.if it's publicly accessible that means.that the public is able to come in there.and film.correct you can't film any.areas where they're patient but the.lobby yes.the lobby yes i can come in and film.yeah.okay perfect that's all that i needed to.hear they physically.threw me out of the building they asked.me 51 times.to leave the lobby has been.changed after that the rules have been.changed after that.yeah okay from uh not legal to legal.or into the building to film they.generally ask you to contact the office.of public affairs.and if it should have been coordinated.okay but i mean that but freedom.doesn't always look like a per i don't.need permission to uh exercise.2019 so how can i help you today.you've told me that you don't have the.director's approval so i'm going to ask.you to stop filming right now nope.okay that's fine uh go ahead and.identify yourself.nope okay i've advised you of the policy.and the law.okay i want to keep filming my story.here so keep filming your story i'm.advising you of the law okay.the v's understanding the law is that.you need the director's approval you've.told me you don't have the director's.approval i'm not ordering you to stop.law is that you need the director's.approval you've told me you don't have.the director's approval.i'm now ordering you to stop for 38.okay read your policy you've already.ranked for yourself sir.federal regulation.so i'm ordering you to stop over that.nope okay.not gonna happen if you fail to comply.then i'm gonna have to arrest you and.escort you off property.okay this is the north hills.everybody watching at home this is the.north hills.veterans administration we have uh.officer vilfort v i l f.o r t badge number.four five five eight and lieutenant webb.one zero five baby i'm one zero five.only at this time.under 38 cfr you've indicated that you.are not going to comply with that order.nope i'm going to continue to film as.per.my freedom of press okay okay.so you are about to make a career-ending.move i understand that's your opinion.about you villefort.are you okay with that several times are.you okay with that bill for it so yes or.no question.why.who did you call to get your.clarification.you're a dumb [ __ ].well i appreciate that but i'm going to.have to ask you to stop no order you to.stop.nope i've ordered you to identify.yourself i'm advising that you're being.legally detained for an investigation.being legally detained for an.investigation.no you're refusing to identify yourself.i'm advising you that you're in.violation okay you want to take me to.jail i'm ordering you to cease and.desist.you want to take me to jail refusing to.receive are we going to jail.no you're not going to jail are you.arresting me right now if i have to.okay cool let's do it let's do it if i.can get you to comply.let's do it let's do it i'm going to.stand over here.i'm going to keep this running and you.guys can uh you guys can hook me up.who says i'm going to hook you up maybe.i'll just issue a citation ask what you.have properly.nope well that's not your decision to.make sure.sure it is so i'm going to come over.here i'm going to stand right here.you can't stand in front of my camera.sir why not because.that is you are such a [ __ ] idiot.what you cannot say in front of your.camera.because you are violating my ability to.uh.exercise my first amendment right by.standing in front of it well.in fact i'm not violating your first.amendment right you are such an idiot.so yeah if you try if you don't off the.camera you're fine to step.no i'm fine to stay here as it is sir.you are going to get a real expensive.lesson today how does that sound.the veterans administration.you can't do that sir this is what.freedom looks like i'm sorry if that's.not okay with you.let's do it i'm gonna stand over here.i'm gonna keep this running and you guys.can uh you guys can hook me up.was it.and people that have problems they don't.want to be filmed.how does that sound i didn't really i.didn't know you cannot film.and you better not know sir.do you have my potential to fulfill me.thank you you understand what i'm doing.yeah i know pretty much speech.i'm a combat veteran too it does not.need to be in a van you were.just talking about if you are just.digging yourself.i know.is little so it's not worth it.it's not real it's not worth getting.arrested okay.sir it's not worth it let's go kids.should go.sir is that where you should go sir.you're that trigger.i don't know this is you sir it's okay.we've got it it's not working i.appreciate you come on go for it show me.what you got.show me what it looks like to be a man.come on you're involved.right now sir you want to kill me right.now right now sir.no no.finally you guys did some actual.policing.and i'll just let you know he says i let.him know that you're in violation of 38.cfr you're not authorized.to film here without the director's.approval.is this for commercial or news purposes.is that.and i understand that you're to make a.point but all these veterans you guys.understand.all these veterans here have a right to.privacy oh my god.you have my privacy you have my consent.thank you.you understand what i'm doing here but.it doesn't okay it does need to be.in writing it it does not need to be in.r band you are just.talking web you are just digging.yourself according to vha policy.now recorded listen so what listen the.law trumps va policy.the constitution trumps that what is all.speech legal no some speeches no some of.it is no.you can't yeah no you can't is governed.correct.very little yes very little very little.this is some of it no this and i.understand that you may not care for the.law or the interpretation of the law no.it's not that i'm here.all i can do is tell you what the va's.interpretation of the law is.this is what their policy hook me up.hook me up.hook me up let's go.let's go first thing i'm going to do is.i need to identify you nope.let's go and you're refusing to identify.yourself let's go.let's go kids you should go sir no you.should go sir if you're that if you're.that triggered.if i don't give.let's go i appreciate your support come.on bill fort show me what you got.show me what it looks like to be a man.come on.okay i'm here just to resolve the.problem.okay i'm sure it is sure it is sir i'm.willing to i'm willing to sacrifice.i'm here to find a solution sir the.solution is that you.understand your [ __ ] job that's the.solution.i do back off back off give me my.personal space.sir give me my personal speech.illegal filming as much as possible by.obstruction i'm gonna go i'm gonna go.film everybody's face right now.okay sure yeah here we go force the.situation here we go because that's what.freedom looks like.why do you want to force this issue what.point do you want to make today.i'm looking for a solution i'm gonna.stop talking to you okay well.so you're gonna you're gonna force the.issue.none of these people have consented to.be filmed they don't need to be they're.in the public area.they do understand cats versus u.s 1967.supreme court case.yes or no are you familiar with that.case law i am not familiar with that.okay that case law says that you have no.expectation of privacy in public.that may be the case the va has a policy.which was written.after that case their attorneys have.taken a look at that and they have.an understanding that they can govern.the filming inside va speech.now that's something you want to take.over you sure don't like freedom sir.you sure no you don't this is what.freedom looks like sir.what this looks like is it looks like.you trying to make a point.in violation of establishment boy you.are a law that was established under.counsel.of our of our lawyers regional council.back off and giving my personal space.i'm constructing your illegal filming.i'm constructing your illegal filming.i'm obstructing.great duly noted sir.face it you hate freedom i love freedom.no you don't sir.you hate freedom there i fixed it for.you i appreciate your opinion sir.shared by millions now oh.i hear what you're saying but i need you.to stop filming no that's not going to.happen but you want me to arrest you.that's what you're looking for no.do whatever you need to do i don't give.i don't give a time as i can to resolve.this sir.peacefully without arresting you i'm.going to sit here and film everybody.coming in or out.you want to be arrested i'm here.to film so if you don't walk away.and give me some personal space i'm.going to film everybody's face coming in.and out of here i've already advised you.now three times.you're in violation of the law i'm.filming you right now sir.you want to fill me right right now sir.no come on.it's time for you to go yeah it's time.for you finally you guys did some actual.policing.command the same laws that govern him.also govern you nope.okay i have no problem with you me yes.you do.you can feel me no you just shut up you.sound like an idiot.you sound like an idiot right now that.you said it's okay for me to film you.stand outside no kill me all day long no.come on no i'm going to film everybody's.face until you back off and.i'm going to film everybody's face until.you learn the [ __ ] law okay.how does that sound i know the law you.have a different interpretation of the.law.great at the end of the day the only way.to resolve that is for you to go to.listen how do you look at two ways.you need to stop talking you can stop.talking right now stop talking.representative so how do you look at a.three-piece suit.you can well the defendant will the.defendant please rise that's what.they're going to be saying to you.okay thank you will the defendant please.rise.representative and you can file a.complaint.or i can arrest you and you can have.your day in court.either way you and i have a difference.of opinion about the law today.i am looking for a solution that will.satisfy you and satisfy.va policy in the world your iq level.doesn't allow the solution.no sir yes you want to be arrested.i acknowledge that i hear what you're.saying your actions speak.volumes there's two ways we resolve this.today.you comply with the law no i am.complying with the law your.interpretation so arrest me right now.why why are we let's go come on i'll put.my camera down you can arrest me in.front of my camera.put your camera down okay let's go.show me what it looks like show me what.freedom looks like.before i arrest you i want to know who.you are.let's go you are lawfully detained let's.go.you are obligated to identify yourself.to me.do you have any id on yourself today you.are the dumbest.guy i've met i appreciate you in the.last you've told me.several times what your opinion of me.personally and professionally is.that said i'd like you to identify.yourself.yeah not going to happen.you understand the concept of prior.restraint.uh no i don't exactly it means that that.government.is not allowed to interfere with my.ability to publish.a newsworthy story so by standing in.front of my camera.you were exercising you were vile in.violation of that.i disagree because there's a lot it says.so if you're filming if you're filming.is illegal everything else is irrelevant.let's go.let's go jail time.let's go my partner's going to go ahead.and get a citation let's go okay but we.need to identify you have no idea on.yourself today.you guys are.this is going to be a challenge for both.of us no it's going to be a challenge.for you i already know the law sir.i'm a lot more well-versed with.photography laws than you are there's a.problem.and you are you have the inability to.control.you want me to arrest you on camera.that's what you want your actions speak.that clearly here's your problem.the challenge yeah you're my problem the.challenge you're going to have your iq.or lack thereof is my problem insults.aside here's the challenge you have with.accomplishing your goal of getting.arrested today.you don't have any id you're refusing to.show me your id right.do you understand i'll show you my id.when i'm.lawfully arrested that's what california.law requires so.well i'm informing you that you are.subject to lawful arrests.actually you're required to show me your.id when you're lawfully detained oh my.god.you are we're at an impact this is this.is mind numbing.this is mine exactly what you want this.is mind numbing but what you really want.is you want me to keep talking.keep talking.hold on i'm going to start filming.everybody's face here so okay.i applaud you for not bringing up phony.hipaa laws too though so.web you're not very smart and i'm going.to make you smarter on photography laws.today.for fun and for free you're welcome well.thank you okay i enjoy an education good.you're getting one you haven't gotten it.yet but you're on the way.unfortunately the education isn't going.to finish today it's going to end up.being resolved okay but i'm open to.learning new events.okay.did you cheat on your lieutenant's exam.i mean how did you actually.start did you actually pass it or did.you bribe somebody i mean how did you.get to lieutenant with the.lack of knowledge i understand the.provocative language and you're not.going to get.you're not going to push forward no i'm.actually no it's actually a valid it's.not provided.it's an actually valid question.assaulted me and my partner on numerous.occasions.yeah you showed up here with guns for a.constitutionally protected act it's.inflammatory speech.yeah so your gun is inflammatory to my.[ __ ] head and you shoot me in the.[ __ ] head right why would i do that.oh god what you're gonna do.okay do me a favor then go then go now.you're gonna make a blanket statement.about my character and my.professionalism absolutely.absolutely you showed up here with a gun.do you know any american law enforcement.that's unarmed.i don't know there is no it doesn't.matter there is no law it doesn't matter.okay okay at least if the police are.going to get called.guess what officers are going to show up.and funny how people.just just in a split second get.a magazine emptied into them with no.weapons and.no real charge no real crime.who you calling now but that's what you.expect to happen today is that what.you're telling me.no you guys love to a lot of cops love.to kill people phil for it how many.people have you killed.on duty again inflammatory speech that's.an actual question sir no it's.inflammatory.no it's it's a blanket how about you.commitment.good now if we could just get you up to.speed from the neck up.we'd be good we're okay with the trigger.finger from the neck down.we just need to work on from the neck up.five seven uh you can't buy them on a.21..this is why your desire to get arrested.isn't going to work out for you today.if you don't have id on yourself i can't.[ __ ] you.do you have id on yourself do you want.to be arrested today do you have id.because i can't identify you i can't.book you.do you want to be physically arrested on.camera that's what you've told.me i'm in here no i'm actually here.filming this i'm here filming a story.actually.no you're the one you're the one who.mentioned that in the first place.actually you were the first to mention.it you did no.just hit rewind okay no problem.it's a good heavy evil fort.if you want me to arrest you on camera.i'm going to need id.doesn't that make the best film coverage.for you does that make the most dramatic.footage isn't that the point you want to.make.i might walk around here some more is.the point you'd like to meet.feel free to walk outside oh no i'm.going to.i need to get a higher traffic because.the other option for me is to physically.detain you and then search you for id.arrest you for the 38 cfr the problem is.i'm gonna have to release you.you see you don't have any reasonable.articulable suspicion that a crime is a.foot.actually i do under 38 cfr as we've.discussed before.say hi he's letting me film yeah he said.it was okay you're doing unauthorized.publishing.i understand that your interpretation.law is different than our interpretation.a lot nonetheless i have a legal basis.to arrest you.and on that legal basis i will arrest.you if i have to.sir you cannot come back here i'm not.back here no no you can't stand here.filming our screens why is that because.it's.personal it's hipaa related information.okay who's on the hook for hipaa related.information me or you you are.i am well you're you're violating it.he's got to go he's gotta.medical information yes you are well you.were.i don't know if you are enough but you.work do you understand how hipaa laws.work sir.yes i do just say no if you don't yes i.do understand.this is personal patient information.right here that you're not to film.okay duly noted there will be more.respect you know i don't have.his film his film needs to be deleted.i'm not sure if he recorded this i.understand so.okay it needs to be deleted like if you.really respect veterans you would not.record the affirmations i respect.freedom and what veterans fought for.okay yes you wanted to respect their.medicines.he may have just violated hipaa.oh my god hipaa rules hipaa laws.i understand you want to make a point.sir i understand i hear you.but please this better this film needs.to be reviewed.and see all of this information about.filming.this film it needs to be reviewed and.see if there's any of this information.on his film do you how hipaa laws work.sir.yes or no you know what i i'm not going.to deal with you right now.you may have violated hippolyta oh my.god patient information oh my god where.do i.that's that federal for that federal.presidency that's a federal crime.holy christ what's the right now you're.disrespecting of veterans.it's time to go to see the medical.doctor how about you stop talking.can you be removed from this building no.they've been here for 10 minutes with me.interrupting.sir we understand you i understand you.want to be a resident no i'm just.filming here sir.you're the one that stopped and started.barking orders with me you're.filming stuff that is possible hipaa.violations if you respect veterans you.would not fill their medical records.no i'm going to stand right here this is.a lobby this is a public lobby i.understand that but.great views.yeah my dad was in world war ii so piss.off okay so i understand you know.and he fought for can you sir do you.need medical attention.do you need medical attention right now.sir.are you having an aneurysm you will help.patients okay you can sir no i cannot.please step forward.three step three steps to the front.lobby you are.inhibiting their channel a chance to see.a doctor all right this is disturbing.the peace.this is disturbing the peace.patient care please over here on the.other side of the counter.right now i'll go to the other side here.thank you.good thing the cops are here good thing.the cops have resolved everything.we understand we want to get arrested.sir we know that you want us.you want to prove a point or something.but right now you're disrespecting.veterans everywhere but.i'm filming there no you're.disrespecting veterans everywhere for.not.understanding what rights look like okay.get it straight.there i fixed it for you okay i fixed.what you just said to me.that i'm disrespecting veterans and what.they've done for me you are.disrespecting veterans and what they've.done for us.nobody's in person we've been talking.very respectfully we just want you to.stand up.right like i don't understand why you're.supposed to.and why you want to record medical and.medical records i understand you.listen you obviously you don't know.anything about hipaa laws just as much.as uh.wilford brimley down there doesn't right.so i understand that sir.but you cannot film over here right i.don't know why do you want to at what.point.you want to be on the show but just not.just don't do that sir.sir bill ford sure got into a chatty.cathy mode here real quick.he hasn't said anything for the last 15.minutes but.just look at my camera and say that you.hate freedom why would i say that sir.because this is what your actions are.showing right now i don't believe so.okay well that's where we differ on an.opinion.and my thoughts shared by millions.you're not very smart several veterans.told you not to film and they told you.not to all.fill them with their.i did not film anybody's medical records.i came back here.pointing a camera at a wide shot you.don't even know what i'm filming.say hi he said i could film you so.well i listened either either uh i just.want us to arrest you.that's all you do so.say hi he said his billford said it was.okay i could film everybody so.far.um.if filming's illegal why are you filming.this is authorism.authorized by whom if it's illegal to.film how can you film because i have.i have the director's approval and this.isn't for news or commercial purposes.interesting why'd you come over to me i.didn't even do anything.because i was just advising the law.because you're filming me i always.wanted to let you to be fully informed.with the lies.you should ask the director if i have.permission well i already know ma'am if.you don't.i already know them if you don't.actually.i know i doubt that this is for.commercial or.for news purposes correct this is just.you filming us so you can put up on.youtube or something correct.this is just you filming us so you can.put up on youtube if something happens.am i am i correcting that assumption.actually i can do whatever i want.it doesn't matter what you use this look.anyway can you give me a second it.doesn't matter what it's used for i saw.you harassing me no it is it's the law.no it's not yes it is under the law you.can't film.without the director's approval for.commercial purposes her and ask her if i.have the approval.what's your name then call her and ask.her if there's a woman down here who has.approval ma'am what's your name.let me tell you my name so how am i.supposed to call the director and tell.him did he tell you do you have.permission.then how do you know if he does or does.that doesn't you just.excuse me that's a private conversation.then you should take it somewhere that's.not public.ma'am.so here's uh.wilford let's face it i don't have a lot.of confidence in webb's.skill set or his training you should.probably be on the phone with the.supervisor as well.trying to get clarification because.web's going to get you in a host of.trouble.yeah could be a career ending move for.you i would hate that to happen.for that douche bag over there okay such.language.we have two guys showing up with guns.for a constitutionally protected act.why such vi why do you bring such.violence to the table.listen you are a split second away from.shooting me in the [ __ ] forehead.no i don't want you to shoot me but you.are like several times.i know because that's what cops do and.you you show up here with pepper spray.taser guns how many how many magazines.do you need to shoot me.tasers here sir oh great well that means.you go right to the handgun man.no we just we're doing what we can to.keep the piece in.the va facility you ever fire off a.couple rounds in the air just for good.measure.why would i fire rounds on my hair i'm.just making a joke.all right well you have no sense of.humor bill fort so.pew pew pew pew.no i'm busy on my phone right now sure.i have some i have a subject matter.expert on the phone that's going to.provide some.uh clarification for us this is uh michi.come over here.do you want to speak to our public.affairs she's going to try and provide.some clarification perhaps we can find.some resolution without you getting.arrested.listen i'm not speaking with anybody at.the va i don't work at the va.that's that's on you okay so we need.something you look at the classic.clarification.is this for news purposes yes or no i've.already stated.repeatedly you're on the phone with.michi riley she's with our public.affairs.yeah i'm not i'm not talking to her.keep it on speaker keep it on speaker.web i want to hear you get an education.tyrant yeah yeah i said it tyrant.yeah no this is latino web former.lieutenant webb.uh yeah yeah here we go bill for how do.you.go ahead hi hello this is.i work with nikki baker i believe you.spoke with nikki baker earlier in the.week.is that correct possibly.is this is this johnny possibly.okay so johnny this is michi from public.affairs um.you spoke with nikki baker she was my.supervisor and i believe you talked with.her when you were building 500.but do you want to film in building 200.is that what you're.you want to film in the lobby area uh.i'm already filming in the lobby area i.don't know about this.this future tent stuff this is it's.actually ongoing.okay so if you if you want to film in.the lobby area.you can do so but all i ask is that you.stay within the lobby area.and then if you get the images of.veterans i ask that you please ask them.if it's okay to have their image on the.camera.yeah what law is that.hipaa laws.okay so that's hipaa laws okay you might.want to brush up on hipaa laws here.do you under okay do you understand that.the onus is completely on the facility.and the people that work in the facility.on hipaa laws and it has nothing to do.with me.no you don't.phil ford how do you look in a.three-piece suit will the defendant.please rise.how about you webb will the defendant.please rise i look okay in a two-piece.suit.okay cool be that as it may i'm trying.to find a resolution.she just told you the resolution no i.don't i didn't hear a finish because you.talked over her.well well i asked her what law is it.that i'm not allowed to film people's.faces in here.out of respect i've filmed very few.people's faces.yeah i'm here okay so this is what i.asked you.for now just go and walk away the.gentleman is.respect is not.okay so the va is asking you to honor.and respect the privacy of veterans.well i i i.let me ask you this question is is it a.violation of law for me to film people's.faces.in this public lobby it is okay cool now.you're on film okay so.i don't have a uh listen this is.spiraling out of control you should.probably get webb.the hell out of here.uh vilfort bill ford look look at my.camera and apologize.[Music].mike my question was related to the fact.that he identified this as where the.news purpose is you're saying it's good.so we're out of here.i appreciate webb will you look at my.camera and apologize for this entire.incident well sir my understanding the.law hasn't changed.but uh it hasn't changed she just she.just handed she just told you what.the law is well you're being and your.policy you're being kind of cagey about.what the purpose of the filming is for.doesn't matter what the purpose it's i.said it's for newsworthy that's all it's.a.it's journalism have a good day.all right there goes the walk of shame.everybody will fort and web.you sure you guys don't want to.apologize to my camera for what all the.time that you wasted.and i have and there's no law about my.being here.good don't get me wrong yeah you put my.face on that camera.don't stop threatening me give me your.name you see me.hey hey you hey get out of here.[Music].[Music].well see i actually know what my rights.are for filming in public.right at this point you fought for those.rights sir you should probably give a.[ __ ] about them.i'm the one that fought for this country.i know i thank you for your service and.your father.get out of here go somewhere else i'm in.a public area sir.this isn't public no it's not you guys.that's why they have their own.[Music].wow you don't know what we the people.means so who who pays for this property.who pays for this property.finally doing his job.yeah yeah this is what freedom looks.like sir.yes it is sir if you don't like it.that's fine no you cannot like it.don't take my pictures you don't have.the right to take my picture sure i do.no yes i do when someone says no.you don't have a life what law is that.ma'am google it right now and find out.what law it is call.the police oh my god look they're right.here he's taking my picture.sir you confronted me that's why i'm.taking your picture.yes you did i'm on the phone.what a [ __ ] [ __ ] storm i.supreme court 1967. oh yeah shut up.about the [ __ ] law.piss off dude piss off.piss off ron jeremy so santa claus.if santa claus and ron jeremy had a kid.that's what he would look like.he's choosing to be disrespectful but he.is.he's intentionally provoking our.veterans and it's a sad and unfortunate.thing that guy well listen you get to.watch the video where that guy started.barking orders at me okay that's why.he's on video.okay because he has the inability to.keep his mouth shut.okay and he doesn't like and he doesn't.like what freedom looks like.you want to know what freedom is yeah.this is what freedom is you know what it.is.you don't know i'm not a vet.well you guys can walk away at any time.here okay.exercise some good judgment it looks.like you've been on this planet long.enough come on move.look hey sir look at all the other vets.that are not approaching me that are.having a great day.he's going to have a coronary shortly.we're going to need to get a wheelchair.out here.uh here we go.yeah i'm not leaving until they.apologize to my camera.hey webb if you knew your job hey webb.if you knew your job i would have been.out of here 20 minutes ago and i never.would have filmed this guy how does that.sound webb.sir he's trying to provoke no webb.i've been here for 25 minutes with you.if you had done your job.i wouldn't have been here to film the.guy but no you insisted that you knew.the law better than i did.i'm sorry sir this gentleman has no.respect for you.i apologize i'm in public sir.cats versus u.s 1967 supreme court.no expectation of privacy in public and.i care what you're saying and i.appreciate it thank you no you don't.appreciate it.and you don't know the law i do i'm.gonna stay here all [ __ ] day.until you apologize to my camera okay.say.johnny i'm sorry i was wrong.just do the right thing.how about you wilford.i'll stay here all day.thank you hey.look there they go again they're.attacking some other random woman.go leash your hounds bill fort come on.go do some policing.do some police work.there you go go do some police work for.once today.[Music].tell her i'm going to stay here all day.and film everybody's faces and personal.license plates leaving here.until you apologize to my camera and.vilfort and then i'll leave immediately.what would you what would you like the.content of my apology to consist of.uh johnny i'm sorry i was wrong i don't.uh um.you have a legal constitutional right to.be here.johnny i was informed today that you.have a legal constitution constitutional.right to film in public areas great.perfect if you get vilfort to do the.same thing i will leave here faster.than no i'm just i want to just make.sure the veteran is.is on his way home because you've upset.him very much no you've upset him very.much because you detained me here.illegally.with your [ __ ] um investigation for.25 minutes of what i was doing.i'm just waiting for phil for to go.ahead and get him on his way.i told you you were going to get an.education today sir right for fun and.for free.yeah it will be yeah yeah and then maybe.we can have a uh.you know i'll call you back yeah we're.gonna need some additional training for.all of the officers here.all right yeah we're good to go we're.good to go.i just wanna just make sure the veteran.is on his way.category 5 shitstorm.this gentleman right here he fought for.our country and he knows.about rights and what freedom looks like.he is correct he is absolutely one and.i've and i have not acknowledged that.and i appreciate that stage is there.unfortunately was some veterans that.have some ptsd.that were aggravated by the loud volume.uh of his speech based on you listen he.yelled at me listen i would have been.out of here in five minutes if you would.have said that i would make sure the.constitution protected to be here.again he has the right to be here great.you got bill ford to say that i will.vacate as long as you're not.disorderly you have the right to be here.and well i haven't been.in a in a state of mind that wants a.confrontation i don't want that.no so i was just here filming a story.you guys approached me with guns.okay so don't talk to me about.about escalating stuff.web i made you a star you're welcome.webb are you going to tell vilfort to.apologize to my camera because i'm not.leaving unless i get one from both of.you.hey vilfort i'm not leaving until you.apologize to my camera webb already.apologized.so i'm going to stay here and film.everybody.i got 1200 people watching right now.i told webb he took me out my word.that if you apologize to my camera i.will vacate the property.that my story is done i understand.you're going to apologize to my camera.and say that what i'm doing here is.is allowed and that you are in the wrong.it is a lot for you to feel.here.and that you're sorry for detaining me.illegally.say it i got all day.bill fert.all right we're here all day kids and.everybody who is getting triggered from.this point on.you can thank officer wilford.from the veterans affairs police.department and i don't know if people.are posting the phone number.to veterans affairs which is i think the.west los angeles.it's media relations nikki baker is the.supervisor i forget who.else i was talking to there.about there was another supervisor on.the phone there.uh nichie or mitchy or something like.that.so yeah i'm just gonna stay here and.film.people.well i got one apology but the other guy.wouldn't.uh yeah it's just just search for.johnny50 on facebook yeah.it's on there too yeah yeah yeah.all right we're going to go back in and.inform everybody that uh i'm still here.and the cops.could do nothing so.behind the counter hey the cops left.they are your abandonment issues kicking.in.why are you accusing me of that well no.you called the police on you're the one.that called the police on me sir and.they.they illegally detained me for 35.minutes i'm telling you don't step.further.behind the screen or what or you'll call.the police.yes okay cool i'm gonna go walk over.here.and walk behind the screens you can't go.on this side either sure i can.it's the same one here it's the same.thing you can't do it on this side.either it doesn't matter.okay call the cops.listen i told wilford if he apologized.to my camera that what i was doing here.was constitutionally protected.and what yes it is sir.except you're not supposed to be filming.what's on these screens.i'm not filming what's on the screens.how do you know you're behind.you can see the screen so the camera can.see the screen.oh you guys can't see the screen.everything.oh i see.do i need to give you a hipaa training.sir that the onus is on you.for protecting patient privacy not me.you're in violation sir if you leave a.document out or.or a video screen available that.violation is on you sir.and there's going to be a massive amount.of.of training that needs to take place.with the.veterans affair police department they.obviously don't know the law.about photography thanks man appreciate.it you too bro.what are you doing i'm uh.exercising freedom okay i i.that i go along with that okay you know.i was not filming but.people's but you were in violation.of what i don't know they have a no.they're they'll they are ill-informed.i am not in violation of the hipaa they.are speaking of the hipaa laws which are.the uh.um the privacy laws for patient records.okay okay it was formed in 1996. you.were.you were violating that no they were.violating that by letting your camera.now see the screen no i actually.actually couldn't see the screens.because that's what you say.okay you know okay i'm going to publish.this story on this you've never.it's never had seen a photographer.lie i never have they're all.very honest and know the law inside now.okay i think you're full of [ __ ] and you.should stay away.from the goddamn computer screen okay.well i appreciate uh you.know you're done no you don't you're.lying.right now you see i appreciate your.concern you're absolutely allowed to.voice your uh.opinion with me absolutely thank you for.sharing that.there's part there's part that you do.know oh i.i'm an american i live in america this.is america.you're goddamn right it is because i was.down in san diego earlier i thought.i didn't give a [ __ ] i was in san diego.that was in north korea i was outside of.a defense contractor place i thought it.was in north korea.i don't care okay we're talking about.right here right now yeah and we're.talking about freedom right here right.now.this is what freedom looks like right.here right now yeah okay.which is what you fought for and thank.you for your service yeah okay.and this is what freedom looks like.right here and right now that's right.it does and you're not okay with what.freedom looks like right here right now.because it doesn't conform to your uh.modality of what you think.is right or wrong okay so uh i'm i'm.uh i don't care that you don't know the.laws about about hipaa laws and.and privacy no you don't know what.you're talking about.they don't know what they're talking.about you're going on there on their.information.their information is egregiously wrong.okay.and there are measures why because the.onus.is on the facility and the people.working in the facility to protect.privacy and if you look at those do me a.favor go and take a look at those.computer screens from behind.you will see that they have anti-glare.stuff so you cannot photograph them.from an angle they are blacked out okay.don't believe me.you're 30 feet away great you're 30 feet.away but you will not.verify what i just told you as truth but.you're still going to come in here mf me.and tell you that i'm you know.a communist this that or the other i.didn't say that.well okay i'm saying that okay oh you.are this is what freedom looks like.this is what freedom looks like sir so.that's sorry that it.sorry that it doesn't conform with your.standards.did you see what i'm talking about yeah.yeah i i can't.so so i can't film anything from back.there why should you.one person come in and disrupt this.whole.i haven't disrupted anybody you have no.idea over there.no idea you disrupted that no they.disrupted waiting in line.so therefore you're disrupting my.forward problem they disrupted.themselves sir.they were asking you.to not.illegally detain for 35 minutes by the.veteran but call call the police if you.think that i'm in violation of the law.then call the cops they were here for 35.minutes.yeah and they illegally detained me for.35 minutes what do you mean illegally.detained you that means detainment.that's not lawful that.hey they had no uh articulable suspicion.that a crime was afoot.you're running around with this video.camera.correct i'm a journalist and i'm filming.a story on the veterans administration.well you are yes why don't you get your.facts from them.i'm here collecting my own facts because.the veterans affairs.are not exactly the most trustworthy.people you want to see.you want to know how many hundreds of.thousands of vets.information that the va has.allowed and sold to.industry and outside how do you know.that they were up in front of congress.in 2013.over this information.they outright sold hundreds of thousands.of.of hard-working vets and all of their.private.personal medical information they keep.talking yes the va people inside the va.renegade people inside the va okay not.the heads of va.and i don't know that no i don't know.i'm here to try to investigate that's.why you were a journalist i thought you.were investigating i am investigating.why did you not find out.who the people were that sold the.information haven't gotten to that yet.you're going to get to it here.when you're talking about congress in.washington.is that the way you're going to do it.how i do it is my business.be sure to be sure to tell that in the.goddamn video.don't worry you're an [ __ ] great.bottom line duly noted sir.duly noted.hey are the are the cops coming again.sir.you called the cops again on me are they.coming you're supposed to.yeah thank you what's the response time.of the veterans administration police.uh you can ask them when they get here.okay.well hopefully hopefully vilfor can come.and apologize to my camera for illegally.detaining me for 35 minutes.webb was man enough to do it if he helps.me out please yeah thank you very much.well he's the one that was interrupting.other he was interrupting other vets.okay yeah is that a crime listen.they just called the cops on me okay for.a constitution protected act.okay okay so and i was illegally.detained for 35 minutes okay.no no no no no no he interrupted himself.when i came in here the last time dude.get it straight get it straight the guy.behind the counter wilfred brimley.no no no i'm talking about the gentleman.in the leather jacket.he was talking to him listen well there.was another vet in the line where.when i showed up here and uh the guy.behind the counter.interrupted that transaction in order to.tell me that i was in the wrong and i'm.not in the wrong and this is what.freedom looks like and a lot of people.don't.don't like that so.man what a [ __ ] show sorry for the bad.quality uh.in advance.some people in dire need of education.here.okay here we are at the lab i've got.this rash um.maybe they could check it out i'm not.really sure.i don't think you could be reporting.around here are you sure.uh did you get past security did you.speak to somebody i used a harry potter.potter uh invisibility cloak to get past.security yeah i'm.yeah i'm good no security is they're.they're well informed.only they are so you can be yeah i mean.you can feel free to call them again.you're just wasting resources but i mean.[Music].okay how are you sir above average how.about you.above average i like that answer thank.you you can use it three times uh.give me credit three times and then it's.yours that's the rule.i like that response.a video live on on the internet.yeah the cops already out already oh.they're well yeah they were.yeah the cops are already here they.don't this is a constitutionally.protected act.it's so that's what that's.it's what vets fought for.thank you very much sir i appreciate.your respecting rights.not everybody here uh correct.oh yeah no there's uh there's there were.a few brain aneurysms that took place.here uh.from some people.i could walk to the men's room and ask.you if my stream is doing better there.but that's.that's tmi.yeah i can't let you go back in there to.the police now are they on their way.yes sir okay well i'll be just going to.be no no no no sir.who.i don't know who you are sir i don't.know don't put your hand don't put your.hands on me sir.i'm harold brown okay do you work here.yes yes okay and i was told by the.police not to let you back in here until.they get here.okay okay so please well i'm not going.to stay out in the sun.so i'm coming back inside please stay.right here well who are you ma'am.please sir i am the daughter of a.veteran okay that you have on camera.you do not have his consent nor do you.have mine.please i am asking you to please respect.everybody here and stop.okay well you can talk to officer.vilfort who just wait till the police.get here please okay.i'll stay right here officer vilfort is.the one who is making this all pot this.is all of this extra time.has been brought to you by officer.wilford and when you see this video.online you're going to see.that i asked him that i was illegally.detained for 35 minutes for a.constitutionally protected act of.of public photography yeah i know i know.that dumbfounded look it's actually what.is.it's actually right to film patience.no have the right to film patience if.it's exposed to me sure.and that hipaa violation is on the.facility and not on me.if you understand anything about hipaa.laws i am not.subject to hipaa laws we're here just.filming a story.i don't know who your dad is i don't.know what you're talking about i don't.know who your dad is i don't know what.you should go around putting your camera.in people's face.i'm putting my camera in employees faces.who start yelling at me for what i'm.doing my dad is not an employee.i don't know who your dad is so oh my.god here it is here comes milford he's.the reason i'm still here.so i asked two cops it was vilfor.go talk to philforth i'm gonna ask you.to please once again sir.stop filming go talk to veterans go talk.to wilford.he will listen go talk to wilford he.will tell you.i am asking you to please respect i am.not intentionally.a whole mess of people who are sitting.here minding their business.and you come walking through and you can.talk to wilfred not asked a single.person.to be it's a respect issue sir.ma'am respect them.you're good i know i'm good you don't.need to tell me that i'm good sir.i don't okay well okay now that we know.you're good you're good.what's up man what's up who are you alex.i came down all the way from.csun i saw your thing oh cool man.i saw this whole thing cool man awesome.are you uh do you go and audit yourself.are you just a fan of it.cool yeah i was i was out here out here.with monkey.okay cool yeah well the stream is going.on.uh over 90 minutes so um.i saw this guy getting all up in your.face oh yeah i know absolutely man.class and i was in the middle i'm like.having like my earpods on.like what's going on and then next you.know like yeah.all right let's get it going tonight.it's one-sided we've done enough.uh ma'am webb actually didn't know this.information uh an hour ago so you can.thank me.and media relations for informing webb.on his job.the volume of your voice is so loud that.i can hear what she's saying okay we can.take her out of here at any time sir.you can leave it any time you can leave.at any time.lieutenant.of the um yeah i'm trying to have a.conversation you can.no i don't have to lower my voice you.can take her in the back.there's not a disturbance it's not a.disturbance.man i've seen some dummies.i've seen some ill-informed cops but.damn you guys really take the cake.i would have left 40 minutes ago if.wilford just would have apologized to my.camera but.now no his ego won't allow it so.uh when you guys do call west la make.sure you guys let.vilfor let them know.that this could all go away.i will happily vacate the property.if philforth.would just apologize to my camera like a.man but he's not a man.here's where they take down her personal.information and they run her for.warrants.and they'll hook her up in case she has.any and she might not even know sadly.most people don't even know you've got.warrants until they run you.here comes.yeah i can hear all that information on.my stream here so congratulations.all of her personal information out here.in a public lobby.that is professionalism by uh veterans.affairs police.if you notice there's no stripes on any.of these guys that's not an accident.because they actually don't know what.they're doing.i don't like that disturbing the peace.comment so.have a good day so bill fert.one more time philforth do the right.thing.i think we'll keep coming he'll earn his.paycheck today you can apologize to my.camera go for it and i'll split.sir we already acknowledged that we have.every right to film here no.you didn't you didn't say uh you you.were illegally detained.and i apologize.okay not a word.two of the dumbest [ __ ] on the.planet right here man everybody's.watching.just like that you can make it go away.dumb.[ __ ] you did the right thing i.appreciate that.bill fort you don't you don't think that.i'm a man of my word.have a good day.so.there's going to be about 12 more calls.here webb so.uh the the guy in the laboratory to your.right he's very triggered by my presence.so will you.please let him know that i'm allowed to.be here you see that sir that's the walk.of shame.that's what he's doing.[Music].this is what's here and he looks like.he tries.are you done yes i am i.love what you do oh hey we drove out.here just how are you.i love the library oh wow okay so.cool awesome awesome that's bell for.freedom.and this guy will remain anonymous he.was a.local college he saw he's also a fan and.so.uh that is so cool.yo boss did you get an education today.did they.they tell you what i'm doing is i'm.constitutionally protected to be here.yes i'll take that grand as a yes.so you're welcome you got some on the.job training today about.uh public photography and journalism so.you're welcome.[Music].so i'm going to zoom in on the screens.and you guys can see.for yourselves any of your paperwork you.have to open.it it's 92 degrees turn your computer.monitor off patient information.[Music].so yeah that's.just to verify even from behind.look at that everybody no walk-ins are.closed.they ended up i'm sorry the doctors are.going for the day too.black screens.so the.hippo compliant i.t department actually.did their job.[Music].so.[Music].uh no not for the va.i can't no sir it's against the law.yes sir unless you have prior written.consent to do that.well i've got the constitution of the.united states in my back pocket it's not.enough for me to.discuss that with you oh well.listen the police have already been out.twice so.it'll be a waste and i am denying.anything being filled it's all it's all.being filmed.don't do it it's all being filmed.okay well you can ask i'm not going to.comply so you don't have to sir.please leave.[Music].is that a hipaa violation yes.he doesn't have to stop because he's got.the constitution.he's coming near me he's reporting.i said i want to make you but i don't.want to make your life different.not me he can't he's not in the main.lobby area.i am in the main lobby.are we behind can you please have.somebody come out here.that's a waste of resources at this.point ma'am.that's what i've been doing for 30 days.not filming me he has no right to do.that.so can you please join somewhere else i.can make his opinion please.i'm filming her because she's.confronting me about what i'm doing.that i'm not allowed.you are on the hook if his information.gets out okay.but that's okay because that's not a.violation.do you understand that i'm not a medical.professional ma'am so that there's no.uh well you know.thank you for your help thank you they.told you that you're they're not coming.right.no that's not what they told me oh.they're coming against your business.what they told you.okay so do you know how hipaa laws work.then.dude how privacy laws work too and.operators are standing by.[Music].well you can ask me you can talk to the.police personal issue right now you are.violating my rights.please stop filming me voila.listen i would have left look an hour.and a half ago i would have left.except officer vilforth.for a couple more minutes yeah four.o'clock right.she's on the phone with this guy over at.the.eye exam eye clinic.okay so part of my thing is that i have.i do a little government um.employee education program it's called.jeep gep.and how hippo here's how hipaa laws work.the.medical professionals and the people.working in the clinic are responsible.to not get that information out i as a.person of the general public.cannot violate a hipaa law because i am.not a medical professional.so if their information gets out that is.on you guys.stop reporting well but there's no law.against that it is here for the va.section.no there is no law against that no there.isn't it's not.if you're recording well then you can.bring them back they were back in a.private area earlier you can bring them.back to that private area.okay and so what what's okay.so let me okay let me just throw this.scenario past you okay.what if let me ask you this scenario so.if i were here.sitting right here without a camera and.that gentleman gave.all of his personal information to you.and i wrote it down with a pen and paper.wouldn't that be an equal violation.versus a camera not really.okay.hello oh look who it is we're back look.who it is hello folks.i don't know this gentleman's name is uh.i don't know.unfortunately for the media affairs.no that doesn't apply to the public.yeah if you if you as a vha employee.want to take a picture you need written.consent he's in a public space he has.the right to be here.he has the right to film you whether you.want to be filmed or not.so if you can just continue to do your.work.if i find it very distracting.lieutenant webb here gave me an apology.because they illegally detained me for.35 minutes.and he gave me an applause i told them.that i would leave the campus.if i got an apology from both officers.here's the thing.you were never insane i was never.detained you're never detained.okay cool story here's the thing you.were never insane.i was never detained okay cool story.you can move her uh freely in the lobby.bill for this is all on you wilford so i.hope you can look her in the eye and let.her know that this is all on you because.wilfred didn't apologize.and had he apologized i would have.vacated we're going on.it's almost four o'clock in the.afternoon he promised to leave if.officer bilford apologized.right and he refused to because his ego.his blue ego got in the way.so there are now hundreds of phone calls.going to west l.a.and also to the va police department.based on guilford.if you if you can provoke a reaction.then he has something that's good that.people will click on and watch.so yes don't worry ma'am you made it.good thank you so much it.thank you ladies is there a reason that.you guys even leave this building you.should just stay here and hover.i mean like you were doing earlier since.i wasn't detained allegedly.so you moved about freely yeah and i was.stalked by wilford.and then you guys said i kept getting up.in your grill so yeah.the good thing is we'll all have it to.watch on youtube.oh it's already on youtube that's where.you're mistaken.okay so nonetheless it's there for us to.all of you.it's interesting though because on.youtube your site is monetized right so.people are clicking on it you're going.to pay for this.it might make a commercial right boy hey.when you watch.fox news tonight they run commercials.too boy there goes a logic fail right.there kids.there goes a logic fail right there kids.the news is monetized too you idiot.man you were the dumbest you were the.dumbest [ __ ] i've ever met.hey you want to double down with that.monetization argument johnny.thank you for being here i did learn.something today and for that yeah i.thank you yeah and now even though it.was provocative and meant to.hey and listen and you know what i do.appreciate it and listen.sometimes your specific intention is.beside the ball sometimes it's baptism.by fire.so i mean so thank you it got everybody.hey it got it got everybody's attention.i i will say this though it's hey it's.way better than sitting around a boring.board room with like a dry erase board.right.with your training this was come on i've.got i've got different things to do but.i am thankful for you and i'm thankful.for your debts okay.great i learned something today great.michael i appreciate it i.are going to hit the road listen i will.hit the road.i'll i'll stay here will first last.chance filfer.you're free to stay here as long as.we're open i'm gonna i'm gonna go.live inside the designated smoking.shelter i'm actually going to create i'm.going to.get a mailing address to that uh smoking.shelter.[Laughter].it's okay i like it toasty i like it i.like it toasty no i'm trying to open up.more.he can apologize i mean and i like i.said i would have vacated.90 minutes ago but you're welcome to.stay as long as he refused okay.that is gonna be you are probably gonna.regret you're probably gonna regret.those words.normal business operating hours you're.probably gonna regret those words.public space uh you're free to be here.okay and who who was the late was it.michie was that the woman riley and she.is she is also.a she works for nicki baker on monday.right is she.under nicki or at the same level i am.not clear on that but i think she works.for nikki.okay yeah because i was down in west la.the other day and nikki.had to come and make an appearance and.you know.but again johnny you're welcome to be.here.thanks man uh it's a little unorthodox.methods but it gets everybody's.attention so wilfred last chance you.want those clicks right.oh like comment and subscribe lieutenant.webb.i know you will yeah i know you already.have i actually have better things to do.with my all right yeah like like tyranny.is that like tyranity that we talking.about i know i saw it firsthand.you could learn the law with all of your.down time sir that's that would actually.behoove you far.greater than uh approaching.uh people uh engaged in constitutionally.protected acts.god damn this is like the good this is.the greatest.oh.this is the greatest video i i am so.happy i am so excited by this video that.this is.this is like clay lacy on steroids.so the cops came out three different.times.and three different times i was not.asked i mean i was asked to leave i.i refused to leave because i'm.constitutionally protected to be here.did you get.did you glean any information from my.experience here today sir because uh.i've been working with dr phil i'm a.giver i try to include people.try to elevate people around me and i.just want to make sure that you learn.something here today.as well as the others.and i can't see those screens from the.back they're all blacked out.intentionally go go walk over there you.can.the screens are all black so i would.that i did not see any information.so.[Music].did the edible kick in is that what's.going on.thank you sir man all right you've been.a good sport not really but.um.uh old hippy he knew what the edible was.boy webb talk about a transformation.lieutenant webb went from.non-schooled to school.quickly all right so.my comment stream.has crashed.but it still shows that um.online so i just wanted to thank.everybody.like comment subscribe to all my new.subscribers please please please keep.the bar low.to avoid disappointment and future.regret.and uh shout out to all our friends all.over.shout out to our new friend we got some.new friends from phoenix.that uh this one woman emailed me and.she said she's not even gonna feed her.kid she's just gonna order a pizza so i.mean.i was like man that is dedication i mean.listen kids that's all they do is eat.like what that's they just eat and [ __ ].i mean.you don't you know pizza yeah here's a.pizza.i'm on a [ __ ] four hour livestream.all right everybody thank you for your.support thanks for watching.and new subscribers keep the bar low.

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Va Form 10 5345a FAQs

Here are the answers to some common inquiries regarding Va Form 10 5345a . Let us know if you have any other confusion.

Need help? Contact support

How do you know if you need to fill out a 1099 form?

It can also be that he used the wrong form and will still be deducting taxes as he should be. Using the wrong form and doing the right thing isnt exactly a federal offense

How many people fill out Form 1099 each year?

There are a few different ways of estimating the numbers and thinking about this question. Data from the most recent years are not available—at least not from a reliable source with rigorous methodology—but here is what I can tell you: The most popular type of 1099 is Form 1099-MISC—the form used to report non-employee income including those for self-employed independent contractors (as well as various other types of “miscellaneous” income) Since 2015, there have been just under 16 million self-employed workers (including incorporated and unincorporated contractor businesses). And the data from the BLS seems to suggest this number has been largely consistent from one year to the next: Table A-9. Selected employment indicators Now, the total number of 1099-MISC forms has been inching up each year—along with W-2 form filings—and may have surpassed 100 million filing forms. RE: Evaluating the Growth of the 1099 Workforce But this data only goes to 2014 because, again, it’s hard to find reliable data from recent tax years. In terms of the total number of Form 1099s, you’d have to include Interest and Dividend 1099 forms, real estate and rental income, health and education savings accounts, retirement accounts, etc. I’m sure the total number of all 1099 forms surely ranges in the hundreds of millions. Finally, not everybody who is supposed to get a 1099 form gets one. So if you’re asking about the total number of freelancers, the estimates range from about 7.6 million people who primarily rely on self-employed 1099 income and 53 million people who have some type of supplemental income. If you’re someone who’s responsible for filing Form 1099s to the IRS and payee/recipients, I recommend Advanced Micro Solutions for most small-to-medium accounting service needs. It’s basic but very intuitive and cheap. $79 1099 Software Filer & W2 Software for Small Businesses

What is the time period to fill out form 10?

Well its a huge mission if you’re going to use a printer forget about it :) I’ve tried all the products and a lot of them you struggle with the mouse cursor to find the space to complete. So I think people can sometimes just get annoyed and use a printer. But the best is Paperjet. Go Paperless which uses field detection and makes the form fillable online immediately. No doubt the easiest and quickest way imho.

Why do ex-employers refuse to fill out the VA form 21-4192 for a vet?

Some do, some don't. Obviously, if you didn't part on good terms it's not likely to happen. If you were a temp or part-time worker they may not have bothered keeping your records. The best thing veterans can do is hand carry the form to their former employer, if practical.

What is a W-10 tax form? Who has to fill one out?

Yes, you have to file taxes on the income you make from Upwork. You will have to declare it as self-employment income and pay the additional self-employment taxes on top of the income tax. The form needed will depend on their filing status. I use the 1040 long-form and the Small business profit and loss (1040 schedule C), Self-Employment Tax (1040 schedule SE). You also need to pay estimated taxes on this income quarterly. If you don't you may have to pay a penalty for underpayment of estimated taxes. You may also need to make quarterly payments to your state ( if your state has an income tax). When Are 2019 Estimated Tax Payments Due? Disclaimer: I am not a tax consultant.

How do I get my VA medical records online?

Can you get a different Doctor? I'm not a doctor but as a female who searched for a doctor who would listen to me and not classify me as a 'whiner' for 30 years I can, in some fashion understand what you are going through. Sometimes taking another person with you helps as they feel more pressure to behave if there is more than one person present.

Can you look up military service records?

Request your military service records (including DD214) | Veterans Affairs For other countries, you would need to contact the appropriate military department.

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