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four in a row right now for gms.see tanner gray ty majeski in row six.chandler smith looking to get things.turned around todd gilliland currently.resides on the bubble.christian eckus has been very close.lately and there's greg biffle let's see.if we can get a word with the biff.hey greg biffle it's michael waltrip and.the fox team can you copy me.my friend i'm clear michael.well it's been planes trains jeeps what.all you've been up to the last 24 hours.and are you ready to tackle darlington.in this truck.i'm ready to go i was in the desert.racing uh stand outlaw series.yesterday my teammate won i finished.fourth.hopefully a little bit better than that.today.sounds good buddy i think i heard joel.edmonds historic famous spotter in your.ear that's got to be a good feeling for.y'all have fun today man appreciate it.all right we'll spread that that's old.joel he's been around a long time vince.and i talked to biff earlier and he said.man i'm so happy to hear joel in my ear.yeah that is a 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the.passion from racing so he decided to.build the dirt late model two days after.his first test.he got a call from his old roush car.sheet cody efo said hey.would you like to come to darlington and.drive one of our niece trucks.he jumped at the chance he's done a lot.of preparation in the last two weeks he.watched the previous two cup races and.yesterday's xfinity race.his biggest concern was the trend he saw.in all three.the bottleneck on lap one right off turn.two if he can survive that.log some laps and get settled in he'll.be a happy camper.vince mahalo the name of his coffee.company it means.thank you in hawaii and he hopes to say.that when he's accepting the trophy.later.today well thank you vince for that.culturing you just gave me let's hop.on board with greg biffle he's starting.20th 30.of our 34 truckers today vince have not.started a race in a truck at darlington.biffle's right in the middle of all that.mess regan well he's going to be in the.middle of it and it could be a storm for.him a guy that's not in the middle of it.though is ben rhodes.we got an on board with him as well.starting fifth so should have a view of.what the front of the field's gonna look.like from ben early on here.grant infinger scored a couple of early.wins.this season a little communication from.his team with his.team you just raise this racetrack.patiently aggressive take what it'll.give you a place where you can get.aggressive but just gotta be uh.gotta be on top of things the speed.difference will be huge.more so than anywhere else where you go.that sounds like regan talking to him.doesn't it.riggan said it's exactly what you got to.do to win this race the nerves are at.the top.right now they're coming down the back.straightaway it's one to go.we're getting ready to see some crazy.action with our truckers what did i say.25 to 30 times today they'd tell them.that there's number one for grant he's.going to get sick of hearing that as the.day goes on trust me.and i love that communication though we.heard matt yocum relayed about trevor.bain saying.he was worried about everybody going.down into turn one.uh for the very first time and uh i'll.tell you what.everybody's going to be a little nervous.i think as they approach that first turn.here under green as you look at.some of the darlington race facts but.it's been a while haven't raced here in.the trucks.since 2011. brett moffatt on the outside.still hoping for his first win of the.season.and sheldon creed on the inside he's won.three times.this year including our most recent race.we're racing again in the trucks at.[Music].darlington.so everybody got through turn one.cleanly so marked that one off the.list of concerns nothing like a little.three wide right at the start there.though tyler ankrum took it three wide.getting into one i was nervous right.there.look at matt crafton diving though off.turn four sideways.anchoram's move was impressive wow he's.never even seen this place before.wouldn't shy about going three wide into.one i didn't see that one coming he.could have fooled me that he's never.seen it.that's a aggressive move for a young guy.well like you said earlier mike these.guys don't know 90.oh and there's stewart friesen skimming.off that outside.wall in the beautiful number 52 truck.[Music].creed in the two truck and moffat in the.23..sheldon creed the leader zane smith.right there in third creed and smith.have each one twice.in the last four races it looks like to.me vince maybe creed's a little bit.slower than the guys that are hounding.him right now.moffett with a nice exit off turn two.can you get the momentum at the bottom.and you see brian moffatt willing to run.a little bit higher through turns one.and two there that's that's experience.that you see right there sheldon creed.still figuring this racetrack out.and the line that moffett's running.right here in three and four there is.grip down there you go down there and.put your left sides below.but there's the problem you can't get.that run off of the corner you put the.left sides below the white line though.in the three and four.how big of a deal is it uh brett moffatt.and austin hill also.ran the xfinity series race yesterday.how much should that pay off for those.guys today i mean.it's an advantage i think but like i.said after 10 lap spins that's going to.go away these truckers are that good.they're going to be able to figure out.this racetrack.what it takes to be successful here and.i think that advantage.will leave and look at the four regan.rafael lazard we talked at the.opening about how he's getting better.and better this is impressive a lot of.speed early on today.yeah looking really good especially for.a guy again as we keep saying that has.not been to this racetrack really.experimenting with different lines.you know you talk about that advantage.michael i i have to say that.just those 10 laps could be the.difference in communicating.to your crew chief what your truck's.doing and what it's not doing if there's.an early pit stop that could help out a.ton.alan hey we're just talking about the.four of rafael lazard.what they're wanting to do is preach.patience to all these young drivers mike.hilman his crew chief told raphael hey.we're not even going to start racing.until lap 100 he's doing pretty good out.there right now as there's caution.on the raceway and that's brian barnhill.heavy damage.on the right side and it won't be the.first uh it's the first time won't be.the last time we.say that i i would suspect today.and that's unfortunate for barnhill the.youngster out of conway south carolina.this was a big race for him.back home yeah and that paint scheme is.honoring chad mccombie's arcus game from.2007. mccombie helped.brian get started in his career and was.giving him a thank you and unfortunately.didn't last long that's a little more of.a darlington stripe than what uh than.what you want to see.i'd be curious to see if something else.happened to that truck to to hit that.hard in the corner.yeah you'd have to wonder it looks like.maybe a right front went down as as much.as it's.much damages is done there and you have.to wonder look there's that beautiful.mccombie paint scheme.i'm glad we're getting to do this.celebrate some of these old racers and.and the.and these young guys and the truckers.honoring some of the people from the.past.did you have a favorite scheme mike uh.i've been scanning every truck i see.so far bobby allison's scheme for brett.moffatt is in the lead i think that just.really looks cool on the track and there.is moffett.in that 23. he runs second to his.teammate sheldon creed.so.[Music].back at darlington the gander trucks.early caution for the contact of bryant.barnhill and they were putting him on.the hook.tyler ankrum in the 26 truck back there.in the eighth.spot and a nice throwback to junior.johnson's.iconic scheme from 66 the yellow banana.that that's got to go up there pretty.high on the list regan a favorite so far.doesn't it.i i like the look of it's nice it's.clean it's simple michael it's.it's a good-looking race car more on.ankram with matt yoakam.of our bubble guys vince and early on he.told his team that the.truck stumbled into turn one he was.looking at the fuel pressure gauge that.seemed fine.he said the car or the truck was on the.loose side and then he said that when he.lifted about 25.off the throttle the truck stumbled.again.also said that the ignition switch is.unresponsive he can't kick the engine.off.so the lot of concern here on the 26.remember they are in the good.at this point with two races to go yeah.started the day at plus.15 but boy you can't afford any sort of.mechanical issue today.watch this start this is a bold move for.a kid that's.never raced at darlington taking them.three wide to turn one.he knows there's room down there on that.apron and he used every inch of it vince.i like it there's room down there.michael but.there's not a lot of banking down there.you got it it gets a little hairy on the.bottom down there it was a good move for.a guy that hasn't uh hasn't experienced.that yet.what about that matt yeah started 40th.and uh or started the 34th i should say.all the way up to 20th.is david reagan yeah talk to david he's.really proud to carry the shriners.hospital.sponsorship and the throwback look to.this truck he's a.big supporter of the shiners hospital.for children 22 hospitals across north.america and david wants to get to.victory lane and thinks he can do just.that.despite the fact it's been so long since.he's been behind the wheel of a truck.he's feeling really good about today his.first start in this series since 2006..what a great way for him to come back if.he would indeed.put it in victory lane and how special.it would be for the shriners hospital.for children as well.back racing again at darlington creed.and moffitt on the front row creed took.the outside but brett did a nice job on.the initial.get-go there and puts his nose out in.front of that truck of creed.but it's really hard to complete the.pass off turn two and you can see the.momentum up high.creed drives off.what a year it's been for sheldon creed.the 22 year old from california.three wins this season got the victory.at kentucky and the rain shortened to.fair then one on the road course at.daytona before winning last week at.worldwide technology.at gateway.[Music].you see austin hill in that 16 slot into.the fourth position he'll.the regular season points later and.remember if he can.complete that uh regular season title.over the course of these next two weeks.15 bonus points for the playoffs come.his way but it's a little bit tight.at the top zane smith came in to this.day just 28 points behind hill in the.battle for the regular season title and.they are running side by side.wow better just get on your nerves if.somebody shows that nose really laid.into turn one but.austin hill is really fast right now and.he's able to.complete the move on zane smith.good track time yesterday for austin.hill in the xfinity series race got a.top 10 out of that.uh looking strong early on here and i.think ellen you got more on him.yeah regain the great darlington debut.for the 16 driver austin hill and.they're telling him to look back to that.race they want him to drive a groove.like denny hamlin was driving yesterday.they say it'll help him come.off the corner better and make for a.better race today.right there the 21 of zane smith as he.enters turn one this is the end of the.racetrack that his truck.is much more on the tight side now kevin.bottle manual will tell you.zane strong has asked that his ability.to break down and very articulate.what his truck is doing lap after lap.and the feel that he's needing in that.21 truck.in fact in the simulator he worked on 25.lap old tires just to mentally prepare.for this low grip pavement.[Music].and what an advantage it is for zane.smith to have bono mania.on the box with all that experience and.then of course.the iconic 21 the wood brothers doesn't.get any more.historic better than nascar doesn't it.just say nascar right there how good is.that.it's a good looking car and an equally.as good-looking race truck that zane's.got today.yeah i had the honor of getting a drive.for the wood brothers back in the 90s.and.what a honor it was indeed and what.great champions they are.that's derek krauss in the 19..underneath him is the 18 of eckus just.outside the top 10..how frustrating is that regan when you.you drop it beside a guy and normally.you would finish the pass but not at.arlington they can really use the.momentum on the high side.to hang right with you such a challenge.michael and you can work on that pass.that he actually ends up completing down.one and two you could work on that for.five six.seven laps to try and complete it off of.turn four and for whatever reason one.time it might just allow you to get.door-to-door with that.with that other vehicle and and.basically drag them back using the side.draft.and uh once you finally complete it it's.great as we see david reagan.getting uh two for one special returns.two and three there he's got somewhere.to go.taking it position by position after.starting from the rear.all the way up to 17. there will be a.competition caution by the way at lap.20 so that's just a couple of laps ahead.these teams with six sets of tires so.should be plenty for them to get through.the day today as you see david reagan a.couple of wins in the cup series couple.of wins in xfinity.and back here in the truck series and uh.great to see david reagan along with.trevor bain and greg biffle we've talked.about throughout the course of the.pre-race and the early laps here.terrific to have some of the great names.of the past come back and.running with these young rising stars in.the gander trucks.you see there's the 52 of stewart.friesen losing a couple of spots that's.a throwback to his grandpa.racing both up in canada and.in the united states back in the 30s and.40s.historic throwback on that 52 looks.really cool too.but it isn't running well regan he's.dropping off the pace a bit he needs to.pick it up he has fallen back a little.bit you see derrick cross the.19 truck that is actually michael a.throwback to ron horner today's 1996.scheme.i know as a kid i watched that paint.scheme a ton out there and he's uh.he's doing it proud right now a good run.early on for derek krause as he's.learning the racetrack.couldn't quite complete that pass talked.about some potential issues maybe for.the 52 freezing matt.handling just not there right now for.invention factor just telling.try to roll around the top that late see.if that might help your tight condition.now the good news for freezing a.competition caution should be coming.the opportunity to get in on pit road.and uh address it.guarantee the throwback to his.grandfather.he he chunked up a lot of mud up in.canada and.in the northeast look at that machine.stan freeson.that is a throwback racing is family.vince you grow up around it.reagan you know how that that just must.mean the world to.stuart to be able to celebrate his.grandpa's race car.and the yellow is back out and this will.be our competition caution.yellow for the second time today.bryant barnhill brought out the caution.back on lap six.here's a look at greg biffle currently.running 20th.took it to victory lane last time he was.in a truck last year in texas.tried to do it again today at darlington.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].back at darlington pit stops underway.zane smith and the famed wood brothers.livery the 21.top of your screen his truck the biggest.issue just trying to.get it to free up more on center to exit.off turn two.making a air pressure change also going.to pull a spring rubber out of the left.and a track bar adjustment allen matt.crafton started this race in 10th and he.says he's just hitting that splitter too.much every time they go down in the.corner big adjustment.for the 88 truck on the bottom of your.screen the 16 of austin hill on and off.pit road after an adjustment.started this race third they just need.them to run the better group they were.saying like denny hamlin did yesterday.everybody wants to run the denny.handling it's just really.hard to do you can watch it and see it.it's sort of like.harvicking at atlanta i think.altamonte's got this place down i think.i'll take the brandon jones groove if.you don't mind.brett muffin first one off pit road.so.the gander trucks at darlington for the.first time since 2011.and under caution for the second time.today this for the competition.caution what about the 56 truck of timmy.hill he stays out.brett moffatt won the race off pit road.as you can see there there's some.strategy that went on to vince.david reagan from 17th touchdown the top.five.and then issues for zane smith from the.top five back to 19..a lot of moving around just now coming.to the choose zone so you got to choose.you want to go to the top line.or the bottom for this restart i.think he just follows suit not johnny.sotter he.decided to stay up mentioned issues for.that 21 of zane smith during the pit.stop mic here's some radio from that.team.clapping there uh trying to get the.rubber out of the left rear.we'll be fine here a long way to go just.gotta be hold for patient here with all.these cars in front of us we'll be fine.take care of our cars we'll get through.one at a time that's spotter josh.williams.despite the offer he is they can't tell.the difference between a car and a truck.evidently.and watch the left rear that's uh you.see them go.up underneath the tire well trying to.get that uh spring rubber.adjustment that rubber is in there to.stiffen the rate of that spring and if.you're pushing you want that out.and getting it done early alan is really.really important.it is this sport's all about.communication and austin hill just went.over the radio and said hey.no one told me the 56 trucks stayed out.and remember when you're making that.choice you want to know that information.so right now the 16 of austin hills.behind the 56.doesn't know what to expect on this.restart yeah meaning he could have.chosen the top lane.if he would have had that information.and would have chosen the top lane as.he explained but that's not the case and.timmy hill has stayed out and it's hill.and moffat on the front row.austin hill was mad about that yep and.austin hill passes timmy hill right away.one one way to not have to worry about.it is to go three wide and get by.immediately also.that is a tough spot for timmy hill to.be in because of the wheel spin that you.get on the restarts right there.and he's gonna jumble or bunch that.group behind him up this could get crazy.you can see he's dropped to the bottom.lessard around the outside and there.goes.reagan up the middle three wide.we'll keep an eye on the 17 of david.reagan as well he came into the pits in.17th but took right sides.only and jumped all the way up to fifth.so we'll see if that.right side only move pays off as it was.a close call there for the 38 of todd.gilliland.that opened the door for johnny sotter.to go.on the bottom as biffle got in a bit of.a bind there he was inside.and uh nearly made contact there's.biffle in the 24..grant infinite in the 98 and here comes.zane smith around the top side.so much fun when your truck's good.enough to do what zane smith just did.right there around the top side like.that it feels like you almost got turbo.as you're going by those guys.and vince did i just not tell you at the.start that these kids don't care.that was a three three-wide move around.biffle on the outside for zane smith.what about this look from ben rhodes.wow.[Applause].moffett continues to lead and his.teammate sheldon creed runs.second austin hill is third with ben.rhodes and david reagan.in the top five and there is matt.crafton in the neon yellow 88.in sixth crafton one of the few along.with well.one of the two along with johnny sotter.that actually have truck experience.here at darling i spoke to matt crafton.this morning he said that he.actually watched the cup race from.earlier this year as well as the xfinity.race from yesterday just trying to.refresh his memory a little bit about.this racetrack he's run here in quite.some time and uh last time he was here.it was relatively fresh pavement.so even a veteran like matt crafton.still trying to learn.i'm impressed you know i like watching.early rig and the sea really has some.moves.and we've seen him from austin hill he's.been really quick but rafael lazard in.this score truck also.gaining confidence lap after lap that.can be a.great thing but can also buy you if you.start to think i got this place this.place will say.oh no you don't i absolutely agree.michael and i gotta say that goes for.all the young guys in the field.i am shocked that we haven't seen more.mistakes to this stage in the race.than what we have already these guys are.doing a nice job of learning this race.track and uh.clearly a lot of them did their homework.before they got here to figure out what.they needed to be doing.kbm teammates right there lazar to the.four eckus in the 18..eckus had a broken drive shaft last week.at uh worldwide technology raceway and.finished.32nd it's been a tough stretch for three.races in a row outside the top ten and.he's been one of those drivers we've.just been waiting to win.he's been running up three times and i.said it before i'll say it again it's.it's not a matter of if it's a matter of.when.right now eckus has his hands pulled his.teammate welsar right behind him as you.look at.greg infinger a two-time winner this.season matt.and when you talk to grant the agenda.going into the playoffs they're just.trying to get their momentum.back he feels like they've slipped the.past month and month and a half.just struggling trying to put the whole.race together now the team.did notice in the last stop that they've.actually lost a spring rubber.in the right rear they made several.chassis adjustments so they're not sure.what that truck is going to do early on.he was just trying to back up his corner.and drag the brake to help the balance.reagan you know there's all kinds of.different ways drivers can adjust.on the fly when they're racing around.this track to make sure.as matt said dragging the brake letting.off early.all those things can change the handling.and that's what you have to do here at.darlington bench you really have to.adapt.if your truck isn't where you need it to.be a tough situation for grant there is.if they lost a spring rubber out of the.right rear.the exact opposite of zayn smith what.that does is that makes that race truck.get very tight it makes it not want to.turn so when he gets to the corner the.front tires want to go straight.they already want to do that at.darlington by the nature of this.racetrack it makes you want to go to the.wall so.he's going to really have to adjust a.lot in the driver's seat right now to.help fix that.impressive go for david reagan remember.he started at the tail of the field 34th.they took just two tires on that first.stop.and they're holding on fifth alan.that's what they're doing they're.holding on here here's how he describes.his truck on the radio.[Music].and it's a positive they can hear david.right now because apparently when he.climbed in.before the race he knocked out the radio.and he couldn't talk to his team so they.didn't hear him for that first 20 laps.the spotter had to tell him hey we can't.hear you he was able to rectify the.situation again david reagan running top.five well if you're only going to have.one-way communication it's better for.them to not hear the driver than the.driver to not hear them.isn't that right there's been many of.today's events that i wish they couldn't.have heard me some of the stuff i came.off.with they probably wish they wouldn't.have heard you either there's been many.days i wished i would have pushed the.button i think that would help me out.through my career.as a driver you have one way to express.your displeasure and that's that radio.button and you feel like you're king.kong.kraus and chandler smith working on that.44 of baylor.bayley curry nobody's stopping brett.muffin.he's out front.[Music].[Music].nice battle for second between sheldon.creed and austin hill hill was right up.alongside.creed just a moment ago before creed.gapped him a little bit and there's the.23 of brett moffatt he's our race leader.coming up on.jordan anderson to put anderson a lap.down if he can get around him.anderson said not so quick didn't he yep.the throwback for brett moffatt in that.23 to bobby allison i know you like it.mike.i love that that's so far leader in the.clubhouse for may raced against that car.at darlington.back in 1985 and that tells you how old.i am ben.i don't i wasn't going to add them up.okay thank you.and i ran out of fingers pretty quick.what about jordan anderson he's hanging.on there's a.two of sheldon creed this has been a.great battle it looks like.the 16 of austin hill is quicker regan.but he just can't get the job done.yeah old tires is something that we've.come to accustomed to out of austin hill.to be.very good as the tires get older and no.surprise that he's getting better right.now in this run as they go.that's gonna be a good sign for him.later on in the race.creed with some uh damage to the left.rear of his truck.you know you get more and more creative.events when your tires get older and.older and start running way low on the.track and some guys will even go.the opposite and run right out next to.the outside wall so we'll see these.grooves these lines.change as the tires wear more and austin.hill finally.puts sheldon creed away for second look.what jordan anderson has.done to our leader brett moffett.held moffatt up and allowed us austin.hill to really close the gap.on the leader moffat with a couple of.laps to go here in stage one so the pits.are closed.and it looks like it's going to be a.nice nice battle right to the green and.white checkers to close this first stage.as they pass cody robaugh.and robo back in the field after.a couple of weeks off good to see the.nine back out there.yeah they're still praying for joshua.that's on that truck the young man from.west virginia who.was injured in a kayaking accident they.had to regroup bent so they needed to.build some trucks to get going again and.good to see them back final lap of stage.one brett moffatt.trying to hold off austin hill.and austin hills hanging it out doing.everything he can to win the stage.going to the bottom to challenge for the.lead.austin hill and brett moffatt moffett's.going to hold him off and win.stage one wow.that is about as much of a move as you.want to make right there on the exit of.turn for uh.a good move by austin hill but certainly.used up every bit that was there.brett moffatt still looking for his.first race win.of the season but he takes care of.business.in stage one at darlington.so.brett moffatt wins stage one and defend.off austin hill.nice run from hill to the.green and white checkers challenging.moffett for that stage win.and moffitt gets a playoff point to take.with him into the postseason.coming to pitt road for service for the.second time today.interesting to see the adjustments these.teams make the veterans they know their.trucks they know what they might need to.be better.how will this race change after this.series of pit stops david reagan just.took right sides on that first stop and.ended up making that work he came out.fifth and.finished fifth in stage one allen.sheldon creed on the top of your screen.you can see on the back of that truck.some damage from the 16 during that run.so they're gonna look at that and also.make a track bar adjustment.the middle of your screen austin hill.there he was coming on at the end of.that stage.but he says he's just too loose as they.try to exit the corner they gotta make.an adjustment there he also wants an ice.pack.and then on the bottom of your screen.brett moffatt the winner of that stage.gets too loose and it gets worse as the.run goes on he wants a truck that gets.better.as they make laps here at darlington.guys.and now matt and back on lap and.vince back on lap 40 trevor bain hit pit.road it was not a pit strategy call by.new crew chief.they've got a broken piece on the front.now wally did call him.back in but what happened was trevor.said something is amiss i think i may.have a flat tire so they called on pit.road.they looked at those goodyear blue.streak car tires.nothing amiss there then they brought.him back he said something is definitely.broken there's a.something broken in the right front.suspension he's gonna come back to pit.road.and they'll fix it in just a few moments.stage two from darlington for the gander.trucks.coming up.uh.hey check it out tonight on fox terry.howie michael and the guys getting you.ready for the 2020.nfl season like only they can it's the.nfl preview show.tonight seven o'clock eastern.and on fox sports app really looking.forward to being a part of that show man.different michael you've got your own.action right here.and it's good action look at the bright.yellow.banana of tyler inc remember the movie.made on the start reagan.he lined up on the inside can he do it.again he was able to move from sixth to.third because of the choose rule the way.that it all.all shook out for him there familiar.pair at the front.moffitt on the outside sheldon creed on.the inside.that's austin hill and tyler anchorman.row two.he thought about it michael he wanted to.he just wasn't quite far enough up to.make it happen.no i talked to earlier events about.inexperience and and how these guys have.done a nice job and now they're getting.more and more confident.and over confidence at darlington is a.recipe to run into the wall.what a move on the bottom by creed he.takes the lead.from brett moffatt was so impressed with.what sheldon creed.has been able to do this season was.paired with crew chief jeff stankowitz.as you see the 41 of dawson cram.on pit road.had a pretty good start to this race and.just gets hooked trying to move up and.wasn't clear.and that put that beautiful 41 truck.throwing back to tim fox.day one of the toughest parts of.darlington you come off a turn two and.the way that the wall jumps out at you.if you got.another truck out there it's very.difficult.difficult to judge where they're going.to be at there's that beautiful 52.hudson hornet and if you look closely in.crayons.looks like a monkey giaco falco he used.to ride around with tim flock.brian pastana buddy of mine he designed.that truck he's done a nice job.of putting together some great paint.schemes.you know early on here you see so many.of these trucks down on the bottom of.turns three and four.left sides below the white line that is.way easier to do with these fresh tires.right now you've got the grip to do that.keep your momentum up.as it wears out more though that.preferred line is going to keep moving.up towards the wall but.uh interesting to see how many of these.guys have already figured that out so.we're going to keep it down lower for.now.biffle on board just inside the top 15..you know i've been interested in.watching biffle vince because you know.when he ran texas he just inched his way.forward.all night long and when it came time to.race for the win he was there and it's.been a bit of a slow start for the 24.truck so far today but.just keep in mind he'll be around at the.end now that's where they pay you right.the last lap there's david reagan in the.17.racing his son no no.that's todd golden sorry that would be.breaking news and we're not going to.break any of that news.here today racing his teammate there.he's right david.david gilliland does have quite a role.to play in that 17 truck of.david reagan get all i get all carried.away with these races i missed that one.a bit.and todd gilliland who started this race.on the bubble today and currently sits.there but.26 points to the good really been.impressed with what todd has.done with that group and they have.continued to improve as the season has.gone on and.i'll tell you what don't sleep on that.38 team as you see the bubble points and.the playoff points there on the.left-hand side of the screen don't sleep.on that 38 team during the playoffs.big problem for him though coming off a.turn two there you saw the front of that.truck jump up and down and either hit.the splitter or he caught the bumps just.wrong.when it did that that car her truck went.straight he had no grip in the front.tires a nice job to hold on to that but.it did cost him a position.look at this move by biffle trucks ahead.of him got all.jammed up and he tried to take advantage.of it goes inside tom majeski in that.45..wow oh majeski just oh look at this he's.right in between and zane smith says.while you guys are checking around with.that i'll just take a handful of.positions.excuse me i don't think i've ever seen.anything quite like that.watch this okay zayn's.four trucks back there's one two.three that's a good corner those are the.kind of corners as a race car driver you.absolutely dream about.a nice move by zane to see that that was.going to be.available to make that move as they.started getting jammed up side by side.like that.he built the momentum that started.actually back in turn one for him.building that momentum to complete that.pass in the exit.good look at biffle matt.now vince regan and michael consecute.when you're a driver and you have a.spotter you have confidence in it's all.about.the trust and that's what rick biffle.has had.in joel edmonds for 16 years together.from their first cup win to their last.all 16 this group has been together when.pickles said hey.i'm going to run darlington he's putting.the band back together.joel edmonds long-time friend and.spotter up on the roof.he also spots for eric armaro so he's up.to date.about what's going on in the sport.everything right now to the choose cone.well joel edmonds one of the best on.that roof that's for sure and uh.day what that ten team on the cup side.eric amarola mike bugaravich the crew.chief they are having a fine season.and uh that's another one of those teams.that when you talk about dark horses in.the playoff i've heard that 10 team.mentioned quite often on the cup side.love that view of watching biffle.working it over there.before running 15th and that's chandler.smith right behind him.in the 51. so you've got the experience.of biffle and then you've got the 18.year old chandler smith.he's got eight career starts under his.belt how'd those first four go.the first four were great in fact that.three the first four were top fives.and i thought he was just waiting to win.i mean our win was next and then the.next four.yeah not quite so good i think the.average finish is 26..prime example of maybe trying just a.little bit too hard there.in chandler's situation as uh we see the.battle for the lead actually heating up.here.brett moffatt has uh has caught back up.to sheldon creed.and brett to me as we watch the lap.times has been.very good as the tires get older we.talked about that 23 in this game that's.the same scheme joey logano will run.later tonight in the southern 500..[Music].so.[Music].so.[Music].[Music].the gander trucks at darlington and that.two truck of sheldon creed is.the leader and he's putting cody robot.another lap down and he's trying to fend.off brett moffatt in the process.moffett was up a little bit closer to.the bumper of creed a short while ago.creed's now put what a trucks with gap.between them.as you look at our xfinity fastest lap.of the race so far and it belongs to.sheldon creed ben rhodes haven't talked.much about rhodes today.he's up there along with moffitt and.hill and rafael assad lazard having.another good.effort this afternoon the rookie is.running fifth.look at him moving up the track rig and.you talked about it moving the groove.around they're entering really high into.turn.three and there's riding the wall all.the way around and this is where they.got to be so careful because this is.where the tires are getting more worn.out.as you get closer to that wall you can.step over it very easily i used to.compare it to.say like a beach ball and as you squeeze.that beach ball it's got more pressure.there allows you to stay off the wall.but if you pop that beach ball you're.gonna jump right into that wall really.quick and it makes it uh.makes it a little bit edgy up there.do you get the feeling that moffitt has.the better truck or creed has the better.truck from what you've seen.through the first 69 laps today i think.moffitt but i'm telling you creed's.making me nervous they're both riding on.that outside wall moffitt has the.experience to do so be interesting to.see if sheldon.can pull it off you remember vince when.shelton first came around.we needed to slow him down some and we.did that he's won races he's proven he.knows what he's doing.but he's being really aggressive right.now he's got to watch out for that.close calls all around the racetrack.matt.darlington in richmond on the horizon to.decide who makes the playoffs christian.eckerson the 18..his truck too loose and getting looser.they told him to turn off the left rear.fan.to try to tighten that up meanwhile the.26.truck of tyler ankrum the winner at.kentucky a year ago no win this year.he's losing grip.especially in the center of the corner.they made an air pressure adjustment.on his truck both those young men.sitting.solidly in the top five and six and.seven.positions here on the grid well and in.fact uh.christian eckes has already clinched a.playoff spot with his first.stage performance today so he's in on.points.at the minimum but they're certainly.looking to gain a little.a little energy as they head to the.playoffs three straight finishes.outside the top ten for that 18 avacus.we mentioned earlier the broken drive.shaft last week so.uh eckus has clinched his playoff spot.but they're not happy with the way.they're running right now.and matt touched on something.interesting there he talked about the.left rear fan turn that off.to try and help tighten your race truck.up that's one of the tuning tools that.the driver does have.you can turn that fan off and when you.do it helps build air pressure in that.left rear tire.which makes the truck get tighter when.you do that.matt crafton pressuring eckus now.crafton.running ninth the three-time series.champ and the defending.champion when i was running just a race.or two every now and again vince they.told me to do that and i said okay just.just remind me where that switch is.that's part of making sure you know.these teams have to have those drivers.engaged and understand.all the different tools they do have to.use to try to improve the hair well.michael you mentioned that today.we've got guys in the field that are.having that problem right now veterans.like a greg biffle maybe a trevor baine.who i know he's not having the day he.wants but.he might not know where all those.switches are david reagan he doesn't as.well these are new vehicles to them they.haven't been in them and haven't raced.in a while for some of them.that's when you get your team to send.you pictures of everything with bright.yellow arrows pointing to the different.switches and tools that you can use it's.so much easier sitting stationary though.than trying to do that at 170 miles an.hour at.darlington even if you do have it.memorized.sheldon creed continues to lead he's led.the most laps today 44..three-time winner one last week at.worldwide technology raceway with a.little dive bomb move on todd gilliland.with 40 to go and ended up.taking it the distance more on the later.with allen.yeah you can see sheldon sheldon creed.in the two truck there getting pursued.by his teammate brett moffett.regan mentioned tire wear and how you.gotta hold on to them well they were.trying to preach to sheldon early on.in this stage that hey look you can't.race every lap like you have sticker.tires you gotta slow down a little bit.to save it for this long stage we'll see.with about 15 to go in the states how.that tire saving played out and see if.brad mafic can chase him down.wow did you see that vince moffatt right.out next to the outside wall and i'm.telling you sheldon creed don't mind.jumping and hopping.herbs either his truck is a throwback.to the great seven-time champion jimmy.johnson.and that truck is lee how appropriate is.that that that truck is out front.leading this race couple of california.kids from the uh.off-road background.maybe it'll be jimmy's night later.tonight maybe.[Music].some darlington memories from a guest.that we'll have coming up.in a moment.[Music].[Applause].[Music].so.[Music].[Music].[Applause].the gander trucks at darlington sheldon.creed leads brett moffitt trying to trim.that advantage of creeds some.lap traffic slowed up moffat a little.bit but he has.navigated it cleanly and is.continuing his pursuit of the teammate.sheldon creed with eight to go here in.this stage.hey we want to bring in uh kurt bush who.will be running in the southern 500.later.tonight and also will be joining us for.much of the postseason.here for the gander trucks and we're.looking forward to that kurt what's been.your impression so far of what you've.seen from the trucks today.hey vince hey boys uh man it's great to.watch the trucks at darling.i know it's been years since they've.raced there even uh next week when they.go to richmond.same thing and you want to like lean on.experience but.you always see the young guys out front.charging hard right now and so creed.i'm impressed with him today that's what.i would say has been the gold star.moment so far.i know michael said that uh you know.these guys don't know 90.at that age right it's all 100 for them.yeah they're on the gas carving and.passing lap trucks on the outside of two.and it's just like you know what.knock yourself out we hope you keep all.the fenders straight and put yourself in.position to win and.uh with biffle out there and then with.reagan out there uh it's fun to see some.of those veterans uh even trevor bain so.that's.that's the cool mix of truck series.young guys and old guys duking it out.kurt i'm just curious the southern 500.is one of the crown jewels of nascar.what is it like as you're watching these.trucks on the track knowing that you're.going to have an.opportunity to make history tonight and.go out and win the southern 500.uh this this place is so cool to come.and just drive into.and to have a chance to win a race here.i've got that with chip ganassi racing.tonight and my job is to go race the.racetrack.and we're jumping into our playoffs at.the same time so points are valuable.every stage and of course going for the.win you got to balance that win.versus the long 10-week stretch look at.that little crosstalk acting off.too he's wheeling it go creed you see.that crosstalk.action right there kurt that that makes.me want to think what is the toughest.part of this track to you is it is it.turns one and two or is it turns three.and four.i i think three and four are where you.win this race.the toughest part though is the exit of.two and keeping it straight.over there and keeping your speed but.this is about this is picking up to be a.huge battle here at the end.i'll let you boys take it this is fun to.watch well kurt we certainly uh wish you.the best tonight.and we look forward to having you with.us next week for the regular season.finale.at uh richmond and then beyond into the.playoffs and uh.thanks for joining us for a few minutes.taking away from what you got going on.here.uh later this evening and wish you the.best and we'll talk to you soon.no thanks vince i just hope to follow.your experience level.and everybody on pit road who helps and.then with michael waltrips enthusiasm.level.i'll be the trailer on that and we'll go.from there i just love playoff.atmosphere and i love the truck.yeah we're looking forward to it for.sure thanks kurt kurt i'm about two.monsters in.if you wonder what's wrong with me wow.there goes sheldon creed again sideways.off the corner if he wins a stage reagan.he's gonna earn it because moffett is.handling better right now.but he can't do anything with the young.crazy fast racer sheldon creed watch.this.[Applause].and i i can assure you that that takes a.lot of talent right there when the truck.jumps sideways off a two like that.you're that close to the wall.you're doing everything you can to save.it and make sure you don't hit the wall.what i like is like you just said.michael we're we're seeing a battle.shaking up here to where we have a truck.that's very good.on new tires and then we have one that's.very good on old tires and these lap.black.trucks are going to play a big factor as.you see there he's sideways again office.2..sheldon creed is saving it with just a.couple of laps to go less than two to go.here in stage two.moffat was the stage one winner.see where gms is running austin himself.is getting on.sheldon creed's nerves cody robot will.lift early and that opens up the door.for sheldon creed that ought to take him.to this stage win.regan yeah a little a little frustrating.there at the end the lap uh lap trucks.but they're trying to battle and uh keep.their position for.when the caution does come out.unfortunately brett moffatt though is.probably not pleased on the radio right.now and there's austin hill closing in.as well.sheldon creed about to win the stage.for the fifth time this season.and that ties him for the most stage.wins he came into the race with.as the leader in playoff points and he's.just added another one.to the total sheldon creed the stage two.winner.at darlington.learn a little bit something uh extra.about the 22 year old.californian sheldon creed a three-time.winner.this season working on win number four.today the showstopper huh.[Music].[Music].fox nfl sunday is back next week.a great slate of early games and it's a.blockbuster in america's game of the.week as.brady and the new look buccaneers take.on drew brees.and the saints check local listings for.the games in your area watch it on the.fox.sports app so much anticipation about.what the tampa bay buccaneers are going.to look like on field.this year with tom brady running the.show i just.i can't wait i mean the new look bucks.that's going to be something that i'm.much.looking forward to when i tune in for.nfl on fox man how different is it going.to be with the new england patriots to.have someone other than.tom brady back there behind center i.think that's going to be the biggest.change for me to understand is that tom.brady is in tampa bay now but.very excited about football season you.know it just you know it's fall right.it's been a weird year this.year and you know it's fall when.football starts.you see brett moffatt has earned the.most.points today we talked about that 23.paint scheme of.honoring bobby allison also honoring.davey allison from his.arca car days and mike beam and all the.folks at gms.extremely proud of the look of that 23.and.all of the strings attached to it and.the great people that have driven that.scheme.i'm just having a great time watching.these trucks roll around darlington and.kicking back remembering what it was.like back in the day when davey allison.piloted that number 23.in the arca series there's a good look.at tyler ankrum.in that 26 still trying to work himself.into a playoff.position and as they head down pit road.prior to this final stage matt will be.there.it doesn't matter if you're a champion.or a young gun you heard bush say.you have to race the racetrack here.that's exactly what tychler.anker said he was trying to do his truck.was loose on the previous run.even looser this time alan cavanagh.and your leader sheldon creed or as.justin hill on the top of your screen.he's getting way too loose out there he.says he can't run the fence like he.wants to in the middle of your screen.brett moffatt.he says they are better than the two.truck they just have to get again better.late.on a run and on the two truck at the.bottom of your screen sheldon creed they.made a track bar adjustment they want.him to focus on his groove though they.don't want him near that fence.too early and the advantage of that.first pit stall for brett moffatt.and the 23 gets out first again.gms racing trying to win for the fifth.straight time they've taken stage one in.stage two.what's coming our way to the finish at.darlington.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].getting ready for the restart at.darlington that will start the third and.final stage.for the gander trucks brett moffatt and.sheldon creed have won the first two.stages.and how about this whoa wow i i think i.was.surprised right there as austin hill.probably was he was going to get the.outside line right there that was uh.that was a surprising move right there.you know i got to say brett moffatt.watched his teammate sheldon creed take.the lead from him on the bottom on the.previous restart and.obviously he saw something there that he.likes so we'll have to see if this works.out but austin hill's going to be.sitting there thinking this is great if.i can just stay to the outside till turn.two i'm gonna have the lead of this race.but also i think it has to do a bit with.moffat knowing that his teammate's gonna.line up behind him maybe give him that.push that he needs.to clear hill by the time they get to.turn one risky though.but like you said reagan the last.restart creed took the lead down on the.bottom.moffat and creed have dominated this.race they've led.94 of the 96 laps and those on the other.two laps that were led were.led by timmy hill under caution when he.stayed out and everyone else pitted.austin hill on the outside brett moffitt.on the inside getting a big shove from.his teammate.sheldon creed just as you guys suggested.and those two back out front one two.again.right on cue with your combat michael.that uh that worked out great for the.teammates there and.and now we're gonna get to see a battle.of these two flipped around from what it.was earlier.man there's so much action and these.guys are getting more and more.aggressive more more comfortable with.their surroundings i'd say.so we're able to see some intense.actions battles and even contact into.that wall.impressed by the guy running in fourth.right now raphael lazard.has done a great job all day long taking.his time being patient.and running up in the fourth position.great view from greg biffle's.perspective.tanner gray just ahead in that 15 truck.david reagan down on the bottom todd.golan around the top.david reagan's had a fast truck all day.long he's done.unfortunately been getting pushback on.pit stops and we questioned what.happened on that uh.on that last choose rule and if it maybe.was a little bit of a surprise take a.listen to this.better than guys you in front of us here.you know two is going to be aggressive.yeah screw it let's just try the bottom.see where it goes still got a little.ways to go.i'll be that so that was austin hill.talking about.he was going to choose the bottom and.ended up on the top.you have your plan all worked out that's.the great part about this choose rule.you have your plan worked out in your.head what's going to happen and then.next thing you know they pick a.different lane and uh you know austin.hill not the not the restart he wanted.from that outside line you you would.think it would have been worked out a.little bit better for them there you.also heard though the team's confidence.in their.race truck and that they believed they.were faster than those two.the two and 23 ahead of them and vince i.would echo those same thoughts because.austin hill is able to stay all over the.back of sheldon creed and regan.you know this especially in these big.bulky trucks it's.really really a timing race track you.can miss your groove by a couple inches.and it throws you off and having a.visual.seeing the track the way creed sees it.is an advantage.yet austin hill is able to keep right up.with him i think that 16 truck.is faster right now.how about the other side of the story on.that restart and choosing which lane.from the 23 at brett moffett's team.i really don't i think just the two is.the one that's best on the bottom but 16.has chosen it a lot and.made it work pretty well this time just.don't know if there's one that's better.than the other.honestly tyler ankrum.spinning and bringing out the caution.and it looks like he has managed to.avoid.the wall which is the good news the bad.news is he was running seventh and he's.one of those drivers fighting for one of.those final playoff spots.the good news outweighs the bad news yes.thankfully for him.we don't have damage and also vince.these teams have a oh no.zane smith has some damage.action is picking up we expected this to.happen but these teams.zane smith also anchor them they can.come to pit road and get some new tires.that's the advantage there are enough.tires for them to overcome this problem.so here's smith in the 21 anchorman the.26..and he just he went in there committed.to the bottom and thinking that he was.going to basically be able to.to clear that trunk of zayn smith and.zane smith got going back up to speed.and when he didn't clear him.he wasn't prepared he didn't have enough.room to let that truck float all the way.to the wall he had to grab a little.extra steering wheel and it just spun.out for him but.as you said michael that there's no.damage that's that's no harm no foul.you got away with one there radio from.the 2016 of ankrum.i don't know why i did that i got.excited it's okay.turn the page you will be fine and.and you know what i love about that.comment from the spotter crew chief.that that's right you make a mistake i.don't know why i did that and you don't.tear up your truck.that is a bonus he won't make that same.mistake again he's a better racer.because of it.and now he can continue his pursuit for.a checkered flag.some are taking advantage of the.opportunity to come to the pits.i love this vince and we talked about.the teams having extra tires.this is a great time to throw your.strategy different than the leaders.we haven't seen anybody like grant.infinger.the guys that are pitting right now be.able to penetrate that top five get up.toward the front.but christianek is these guys taking.tires right now if the cautions fall.properly.this puts them in a really good spot you.know a great break for zane smith too.early on in those pit stops we saw him.pulling the right side of that 21 truck.out that was a.good opportunity to make sure he doesn't.get a flat there.just over 40 to go for the trucks at.[Music].darlington.hmm.all right.coming to the two zone again with.sheldon creed brett moffett goes up.front austin hill raphael assad ben.rhodes.you know offense when you race for 100.years and you don't ever get to do.something you kind of miss it that looks.fun to me what do you think reagan.pull up there and decide which way to go.and it kind of depends on what the.people ahead of you do.it looks fun to me until i mess up clip.the box and have to go to the back that.doesn't look fun.brett moffett still seeking his first.win of the season.he's been runner up three times he's.been close.a lot of speed he just hasn't quite been.able to close the deal.this is the one i thought he was going.to win all over teammate sheldon creed.watch this action everywhere he goes he.finds traffic.and he has a fast truck but just can't.get the job done yet.he's got to be sick at this point of of.looking at the back bumper of his.teammate sheldon creed it uh.it seems like whenever we look up that's.the the running order those guys are.battling whether it's flipped around or.not but at the end of the races uh.sheldon creed's had the best of them.here yeah muppets.three runner-up finishes two of those.three have come to sheldon creed his.teammate.you know moffitt's veteran and he.certainly races his teammates with.respect he doesn't shove him around.doesn't knock him out of the way.we'll see if the teammates remember that.as we race for the checkered here at.darlington.get ready for this restart and when they.take the green flag there will be.40 to go for the gander trucks at.darlington.and we'll give you a pnc crank it up.[Applause].[Music].[Music].so.[Applause].[Applause].[Music].hmm.brett moffatt continues to lead with.sheldon creed.in hot pursuit and it's been those two.out front all day.long they have led 107 of the 109 laps.so far.and if you're brett moffett you love the.start that ben rhodes had.that's what you dream of getting a good.start and having a pusher behind you and.they.cleared all that traffic and drove off.to the lead that 19 truck of derrick.krauss the first truck outside looking.in as far as the playoff picture is.concerned he's 16 points.on the wrong side of the cut line as.zane smith comes around the outside and.grant.fingers on his bumper zane smith just a.few laps ago he was in the wall off the.turn for his uh.battle back up through traffic let's.keep in mind also he's got those fresh.tires that these.these other trucks don't have that he's.around right now.a couple of trucks ahead there's greg.biffle he's running in the 12th position.but zane's gonna make some progress here.those tires and the getting those.fenders pulled out.he's gonna be fast.[Music].anytime you ever hit the wall and and.you've got the metal bodies like these.trucks do with the xfinity cars you can.hit the wall and the bodies pop back out.with these metal bodies though you.always uh ask your crew chief hey.just fix it better than what it was and.what that means is let's pull it out a.little further give me a little more.side force uh.maybe we can sneak that through tech.after the race.left side of the screen you see what the.playoff picture looks like remember this.is the next to the last race in the.regular season will wrap up the regular.season thursday night at richmond.so todd gilliland is on the bubble with.a 17-point cushion.and he's getting a lot of heat right now.oh.that's gillilan in the 38 truck being.pressured by the 21.of zane smith and he is no kin to david.reagan.thanks for clearing that up.speaking of reagan uh david reagan a.strong run today i mean he started 34th.and remember they gambled.that first time through on the pit lane.and just took right sides only and.jumped from 17th.to 5th with that two tire change and.they have stayed up inside the top 10.ever since it's been a nice run.for david reagan and giving the shriners.hospital for children a.nice bump today that's for sure out of.the dgr crosley garage.been trying to race for a couple months.vance couldn't ever find a starting spot.now he has one he's done a nice job of.running upside up inside the top 10 all.day.and those of you that may be tuned in.looking for.trevor bain if you're trevor bain fan.they had a pit penalty early.and then a little bit of a mechanical.issue.and that's cost them some space on the.track and time on pit road and right now.bain currently runs.four laps down it's important for trevor.to get some laps though you know he's.going to come back and run some races we.hear and so getting.getting laughs getting used to what.you're doing is important.freezing in the 52 in finger in the 98.that's for 16. whoa loose on the bottom.was in finger.there's biffle just ahead of these two.[Music].tyler ankrum from that bright yellow.truck he's back there a few.positions recovering from that spin you.know you guys talked earlier about.racing the track and not racing the.competition is this a time where.you start to get a little bit impatient.and you have maybe tend to make one of.those mistakes.you do start to get impatient but you.got to realize there's still.32 laps to go for these guys as we see.them think about three wide i can i can.assure you that's probably not going to.work right there as.derek krauss backs out of it just a.little bit you've still got 32 31 laps.to go now in this race there's a lot of.time.left in terms of your tires these tires.are going to wear some of these trucks.are not going to be handling good 15.laps from now yes you want to go.but you still got to be thinking about.that if we get a long run are we.thinking about tires if we get a caution.right now reagan if you're one of the.leaders you think you have to come and.get them.you absolutely do what i am curious to.see is the guys that just came on this.most recent caution.what do they do do they take that chance.and stay out do they maybe do two tires.after they saw how it worked out for.david reagan earlier on in the race.there's your leader brett moffatt.four-time winner a season ago former.series champ won it all in 2018.has clinched a spot in the playoffs this.year on points.but he has not yet gotten to victory.lane he hopes to do that today as you.see tyler ankrum on the inside.of grant infinger they're racing outside.the top 15.and ingram's trying to recover from the.mistake that he didn't know why he made.and.it sure is nice to make mistake and get.to keep racing you don't get make many.mistakes that darling didn't get to keep.racing do you.what about the 98 of n finger they won.two of the first four races this season.but since then it seems like they're.searching.yeah they've been they've been searching.a lot and i talked to grant about that.uh a week ago he he has all the.confidence in the world in this race.team where they are felt like someone.was maybe a little bad luck and.and maybe trying some stuff that they.didn't necessarily need to.you know the good news for grant is we.that's a very very tight exit the corner.right there as the the two trunks almost.get together.but he feels like they're where they.need to be they just have got to piece.these races together.and the good news today i don't know.that this race will have a huge.play in what happens once the playoffs.start.we talk a lot about the playoffs and the.fact that we're just.two races before the playoffs begin the.regular season finale as mentioned is.next.thursday at richmond so time is winding.down for those around the bubble and.right now the 38 of todd gilliland.sits on the bubble 13 points to the good.allen.yeah and a little frustration there as.we saw his bubble mate dare across the.19 go by him but the 38 truck of todd.gillan doing.exactly what they need to do right now.remember they started this race.15th drove up and got stage points in.that second stage but then some issues.on pit roads and the back a little bit.they just came in.and some others didn't so he's fighting.with some traffic now but.going away on that sure 38 truck map and.derek ross coming in knowing he's got.two races left.as you can see the 15 go to the inside.two races left.to try to improve the point and earn a.playoff spot.just a few moments ago he was minus 16..the biggest issue the truck just way too.tight to run up by the wall where he can.try to.make some gains meanwhile a little.farther up tyler anchor and.he was plus 34 to the good and then he.had to spin.now he is uh one 17 points to the good.he would love to have that cushion a.little bit stronger because.every team knows going to richmond.they'd like to use that more like a test.session because that's the tire.these teams will utilize in the.championship race.in phoenix well and more damage zane.smith and the 15 of tanner gray.and they bring out the caution with 25.to go.when that's a heartbreaker for tanner.gray he has really.run well of late 10th at uh worldwide.technology.last week his fifth top ten of the.season.and zane smith with damage again heavy.damage this time.that's what you don't want to see as a.crew chief that.back in shoved over to the right or.excuse me over to the left and you can.see tanner gray just got in too deep and.couldn't keep it off of the 21 of zane.smith.that had uh had been brewing for quite a.few laps as well these guys were.battling hard right.right through this position area and uh.man much like tyler anchor as you said.michael you got into the corner just a.little bit too much and.there wasn't as much room to save it.right there matt on zane smith.very tough day for kevin bonamanion and.zayn smith remember they came in chasing.the regular season championship trying.to get that extra five bonus points for.the ten that they've already got sitting.in second.heavy damage the first time now he.simply said we have killed.the body on this truck.that's a 10-4 matt a lot of damage.on 21. i'm interested to see what's.going to happen here vince.i think everybody will come and get four.tires but what does christian eckus do.he got four tires on lap 104.and was running some of the fastest laps.on the track as difficult as we've seen.it to be.to pass you think this truck 18.reagan takes a chance and stays out or.possibly just gets two tires.they got to be tempted right now michael.to to either stay out or do the two.tires.we've seen some fall off on these tires.maybe the two tires.these teams had to have taken no with.david reagan doing it earlier in the.race the way that it worked out for him.if they know they've got a good.race truck and they do that they get the.track position get up front and it's.going to be difficult to pass them.my track position has been so important.today.chandler smith is hanging right in there.today vince we talked about the.struggles of.as of late you run top 10 at darlington.as an.18 year old that's an impressive.accomplishment and he's right on the.tailgate of his teammate and just to.have another teammate there's all three.of kyle's trucks.if if the 51 could just have a nice.clean race and you know it's.a lot to ask when you're at darlington.right but at kentucky they.suffered damage and then had an involved.in an accident at michigan spun at dover.spun again.last week so they just haven't had a.clean race where they put it together.from beginning to end.looks like everybody's planning on.pitting knew the front runners would.brett moffatt leads him down pit road.that's when the big decisions happen two.tires or four.derrick krauss will be the first one.that'll uh peel off for.matt yoakam's position matt.and you can hear spider fanny craft pit.pit pit pedro martinez and.roger dybal going over the wall that.service the tires on the right side of.that truck.ekka said the truck way too tight to run.up high.let's go to allen and triples the 99 of.ben rhodes the top of your screen really.coming on at the end of this race.they're going to make a small air.pressure adjustment to get some tape on.the left front.the two truck in the middle of your.screen sheldon creed they're going to.put a splash of fuel and make a track.bar adjustment.the bottom of your screen your leader.brett moffatt he says they're really.good right now.no adjustments for the 23 truck.[Music].well that's bad news for the rest of the.gang isn't it that the leader brett.moffett says i'm.really good right now just had to.execute another restart event so we've.seen that hard to do.first one off pit road was popping.um.setting up for an exciting finish for.the gander trucks at darlington just.what you would expect.it's darlington right i mean the.finishes are always exciting and.we are certainly looking forward to the.final 20 laps here.and the regular season finale coming.your way thursday night from richmond.the gander truck series heads to the.regular season finale at richmond.raceway.it's been 15 years since the tailgaters.have battled it out at the short track.and for some it may be their last chance.for a run at the playoffs.catch the action this thursday september.10th.at 7 pm on fs1.coming to the choose zone and uh talking.about those playoff standings.right now 24 points covers.three drivers by the way the 23 of.moffat the 99 of rhodes and the 18.avecus of all clinched.playoff berths today because of.their successful day in the points.column so.even if they would not win they would.still make it into the postseason.on points see brett moffatt went to the.bottom again.gonna put austin hill behind him.say a little little different helper you.know he was maybe hoping after that last.restart that ben rhodes would go ahead.and hop.up to that third spot somehow what about.love that.bailey curry me too this is my second.favorite vince that's kel yarborough.from 1984..you remember the in-car camera it looked.like a movie.camera on the side of his helmet and uh.kale in there running 200 miles an hour.and moaning you can hear me.you can hear him just working that race.car what a great memory that is.you say your second favorite michael i.think i've heard you say that that was.your favorite like six times today now.which one was it truly that was your.favorite i'm confused.as usual our friend our friend andy.jeffers who by the way is celebrating a.birthday today but andy is in charge of.the.onboard cameras that that the.competitors.have in their vehicles and whether it's.the cup series whatever the case may be.and can you imagine andy going into the.uh cup garage and trying to get some of.those guys to put that great big old.camera that kale yarborough was.carrying around in their car.eckus strong pit stop up to fourth on.the outside we have to watch that 18.truck he's been close to winning so many.times.eckus and austin hill in row two creed.and moffitt on the front row that's.moffatt in the 23..they take the green and we've got 18 to.go in darlington.hill jumps to the bottom challenging for.the lead.creed to the top he's going to get.outside of moffett.to the point sheldon creed out front and.hill.trying to make a move on moffitt for.second now.austin hill slides in and keeps second.place.moffat challenging.wow what racing that is great job boss.and hill taking that second position.moffatt just didn't get the start that.he needed and those two.other two took advantage that the.restart was perfect for moffitt right up.until austin hill decided to try and.take that opportunity into one.and and pulled out the line to make that.pass when he did that that slowed down.brett moffatt who had to also block.and at the same time sheldon creek gets.that run on the outside this is where.it's gonna be entertaining guys because.the two trucks behind sheldon creed.we feel like have been better on old.tires this could be very exciting if we.get 16 green flag laps here.austin hill has not been out front today.but he has had a good truck and his team.told him at one point when he was.running third behind creed and moffitt.you've got the truck better than those.two ahead of you if you see david reagan.make another move and ben rhodes taken.the position from eckhaus.in rhodes has been good all day long.regan he's shown a lot of speed.clears eckhaus for the fourth position.can he run up there and be a part of.this story.our gander rv 15 to go at darlington.with sheldon creed out front.todd gilliland on the playoff bubble.19 points to the good got to feel pretty.solid about that if he can finish the.job here today with.tyler ankrum back there in the 26 just.ahead of him in the points.picture and derek krauss in the 19 he's.the first guy outside looking in.whoa he squeezed in that hole i didn't.think there was a hole there regan.every time we've seen these trucks today.they have been battling like this it's.been fun to watch these guys.matt crafton in the 88 just outside the.top ten.he's running 13. we're going to take a.break but you won't miss a thing.going to keep on trucking from.[Music].darlington.[Music].so.[Music].[Music].[Music].so.well bad news for accomplished.motorsports and chandler smith.on pit road and we talked a little bit.earlier about his woes in regards to.the issues that they've had in getting a.good finish he's on pit road johnny.sotter with a problem as well.in the final 10 laps of the race.no damage to the right side of that 51.truck.reagan but a little contact on that.right front tire i don't know what'd you.see.it almost looked to me like the tire was.wobbling as he came down pit road maybe.a maybe a loose.loose right front wheel or something.like that on the radio thought he had a.tire.issue no issues for sheldon creed he's.out front by almost a second.oh and johnny sauter taking it to the.garage.this is the year johnny sauter just.wants to go away right like most of us.in 2020. every week every week we wonder.what's going to happen to him next vince.and.and it's always something else i guess.the the good news for him is richmond.next week one of johnny sauter's very.best race tracks he's gonna have to uh.he's gonna have to have a walk-off.home run to uh make it into the playoffs.there.he doesn't care anything about points he.just wants to go to richmond and win.he did tell me earlier in the week that.he would rather win 10 races than one.championship and that's the johnny.solder mentality he just wants to win.all.the time and sauter has an xfinity.series win.at richmond so he'll take that hope with.him next week to the regular season.finale needing to win to get into the.playoffs.grant infinger trying to rebound there.here comes lessard on lectus.well chandler smith may be uh having a.problem as we saw him go and get.fresh tires after that rub but lessard.has been impressive today in that four.truck.you know both these young guys vince.they have come to a racetrack that is.not easy from what we can tell both.those trucks don't look like they have a.scratch on them.you know they've done their jobs to this.point in the race and now they're.battling at the very end of the race to.get that top five and have a have a good.day.be a good finish and much welcome for.christian eckus if he can complete the.job here.in these final five laps he's been.outside the top 10 three races in a row.here's a couple of playoff contenders.that's your bubble battle yes it is the.38 of gilalan on the bubble the 19 of.krause.just below the cut line krause wants.that position too he wants to make sure.gillian knows he's in town go to.richmond and settle this but krause is.faster right now.oh he's gonna hit him some contact.gets gilliland loose and krause will.take the spot.well that could have been a disaster for.both that that's a short track move.but this isn't a short track that was.aggressive and bold.and if i was krause i would go as fast i.could right now too because.he just moved guillen right out of the.way can't forget either that was worth.two points right there for krause in.terms of that battle that could be the.difference next week depending on how.things go at richmond.todd gilliland looked to have the race.last week in worldwide technology.wrapped up he had a dominant performance.and then sheldon creed dove in.late going into turn one and they banged.doors and.gilliland ended up getting into the wall.as the caution is out.oh is that the rusty wallace look alike.for josh rayum.it is indeed and we're going to have a.restart.to settle it and that should be no.surprise as you see the 17 of david.reagan has suffered damage boy and that.is too bad reagan had had a good run.today.of our guys making the returns he he was.the one that was most impressive today.and.uh a bummer for him and a bummer for.sheldon creed who.looked like he had this thing pretty.much locked up until that you see the.reaction from his team there.the top the top left of our screen vince.that.tells it all just oh 88 catches.double zero and that's going to run him.into reagan.and that brings out the caution and.adds to the churning in the stomach of.sheldon creed's crew chief jeff stankley.how many times have we seen the lead.swap on the restart itself so you've got.to.execute perfectly here.for what's going to be pretty much an.overtime yep.and you see that damage on the 88 of.matt crafton.shouldn't be a surprise half the races.this season have had a final green flag.stretch of three laps or less and we'll.have that.again today with this nascar overtime.and if you're not familiar with the.procedure they'll take the green flag.and if they come back around and take.the white.well the next flag whether it's the.yellow or the checkers will end the race.but if they don't get back to the white.before the caution comes out they'll.just re-rack them and do it again.unlimited times sheldon creed is the.leader.what do you want to do here i mean we're.going to have to pit we got a lot of.laps on our tires.we can't make it two more laps.oh wow regan you said.uh a while back that fuel could be an.issue.if they had to go overtime and sheldon.creed is coming to pit road to get gas.i think he needs tires worse it's only.20 laps since they pitted i guess this.is a fall for fresh scrubber.i'm a little perplexed by that yeah i uh.i definitely don't think fuel is the.issue right now for these guys and and.we see a number of guys stay uh number.guys stay out on the racetrack so.wow this is crazy i'm a big fan of no.tires at darlington i don't know.uh i don't know if i would have wanted.for today but hey we'll find out it.worked for you didn't it.yeah i thought he talked about needing.fuel but obviously.not the case and you wouldn't think that.would be the case although they put the.can in.man how many stayed out so like there's.been rhodes i think stayed out as did.eckas there's several trucks as these.trucks here these dominant trucks are.going to line up behind vince for the.first time all day.[Music].yeah we've had enough caution laps to.where fuel should not.based on the numbers we've got should.not have been an issue and uh as.as michael just said right there ben.rhodes has everybody peeled off the pit.he was uh.he was pretty happy sitting there and.and watching his view uh get.very clear out front of him i'm i'm very.very.interested just watch this restart we.know how important tires are regan.and these guys back seventh eighth.in line have been so dominant all day.now they've got some work to do.fifa looks like he's been working a.little bit doesn't it.a little little different uh in the in.the truck than it is maybe in those sand.trucks that he's been running maybe a.little more of a workout a little more.heat there for uh for the biff.he told me earlier vince that he took.off in one of his sand buggies and just.went straight across the desert to work.out.well it's going from bad to worse for.the two of sheldon creed.and crew chief jeff stankowitz too fast.entering.so speeding penalty for creed and that.will end his chances.of a fourth win yes.well it might vince because with the old.tires and new.tires and overtime we could.have multiple attempts to finish this.baby off by the way ben rhodes who is.now.in front for this restart of all the.full-time drivers that have at least one.win.in series competition rhodes has the.longest winless.streak 48 in a row without a win.and oh how sweet it would be if ben.rhodes could end that here today.at darlington.well he's been fast vince that truck's.been one of the top five.quickest trucks all day long so i'd be.confident if i was him because as i look.at the.leaderboard reagan all the way back to.the 11th position.stayed out so moffitt austin hill lasard.they've all got a lot of trucks to get.through to get there i think that's.going to be the biggest problem.right now michael is is if you're.restarting in 12th on fresh tires.the track's going to be blocked up in.front of you and uh and that could be a.challenge.what about pouring me a little country.time i love a little country time.lemonade bobby hamilton back in 1983..i love those oldsmobiles look at the.back he doesn't even look like he has a.c-pillar it just looks like a.wrap-around window and uh.it's really cool clay's throwing back to.fellow tennessee and bobby hamilton jr.well which lane are you going to restart.in and.you saw that ben rhodes is going to.choose the top.boy this is this is going to be.crazy chaotic if you watched.the xfinity race yesterday and saw the.finish to that one.that was a real nail biter barn burner.this is going to be the same.so it'll be ben rhodes on the top and.derrick krauss on the bottom talked.about yesterday denny hamlin.ross chastain opening the door for.brandon jones you know what i love ben.he.you say why did ross run into him he was.trying his best to turn left the tires.weren't gripping he had it cut as hard.as he could.couldn't quite finish the pass and that.was a prime example those guys at the.end of the race they got racing each.other brandon jones was back there he.was still racing the racetrack and.sees partnered for him as they got.together and what a good race i mean.that was good heart clean racing and.much like what we hope we're about to.see right here.yes all right this is the first attempt.at overtime and ben rhodes will be the.control vehicle that 19.truck of derrick krauss remember he's.the first one on the outside looking in.in relation to the playoffs so.a win for krauss will get him in he.won't have to worry about points.ben rhodes clinched a playoff spot.earlier.on his point production today but he.wants the trophy.krause did a perfect job on this restart.krauss to the front got a good push from.infinger.it's overtime at darlington.let's get up to the top as quick as he.can don't let ben rhodes get that run.right here.and he lets him have the top side a.little surprised about that rhodes with.the momentum.can he grab the lead can he get that.position.from derek krauss and he does that.momentum on the top side gets it done.for ben rhodes.what an awesome pass for ben rhodes and.he's gonna get the white flag.the next flag ends it whether it's a.caution or the checkers the race will be.over when that flag waves and right now.ben rhodes has his sights.on victory at darlington on the back.stretch.[Music].it's been quite a drought for rhodes he.last won in july.of 2018 more than two years.48 races that drought.is over ben rhodes has won at darlington.i i didn't like pitting there vince i.thought you know i thought.just over time.he liked it he liked that they pitted.yeah in favor of that he was okay with.him.love excitement from winners you're not.going to get much more excited than that.right there.i i do we do have to mention everybody.that stayed out had pitted on that.previous caution and maybe it just.uh they deemed it was gonna be too much.to try and make it work regardless ben.rhodes.did a very nice job off a turn two of.making the move on derek krauss to get.back.and get in position to get that lead.back well i gotta i gotta say mike i.think i'd be with you on that one i.think i'd have taken my chances from the.front.if i was if i was that two team but uh.especially when they get the penalty on.you know coming onto pit road of course.hindsight 20 20. yeah austin hill.rebounded to finish.third but maybe one more.restart he wins this thing and they.would look like geniuses but.everybody did a great job of hanging.onto their trucks keeping them pointing.the right direction.ben rhodes gives him the opportunity to.get his all out of whack.spin it around everywhere on the front.straightaway.ben rhodes was second earlier this.season.at kentucky.but today he's the winner and.you know it's always special when you.win but then you win at a place.like darlington.[Music].with all the history that comes with.this racetrack and all the great drivers.who have been successful here through.the past and uh.to get a win at darlington guessing is.going to be a little extra special for.ben rhodes.big day.for that young man yesterday it was the.kentucky derby and today the kentuckian.goes to victory lane and.one of the most historic tracks in all.of nash.nascar ben rhodes gets a checkered flag.we mentioned earlier rhodes clinched a.playoff spot.with his point production from this day.today but.i guarantee you this is the way he.wanted to put the stamp on it.and gives them some nice momentum.heading to the regular season finale.next week.at richmond and to carry into the.playoffs with a victory.allen cabanas with the winner checkered.checkered flag in hand guys he's waving.to the fans.who are here in darlington that's got to.feel good big smile on his face.let's talk about that final restart.because you got challenged.i got challenged and took the win tell.me about it yeah you know.gosh that was uh that was such a tough.win we've been we weren't the best truck.all day i was actually really.disappointed when the.caution flag came out because i thought.you know fourth place it's a good finish.for us we're going to get into.playoffs but uh i'm not letting this.checker flag go.it's been a long time coming and so.proud of my 99 tinder team they've done.an amazing job all year just staying.consistent and.we come here with no practice never.being here and we were able to get the.win but.we got challenged and uh i was trying to.get a good jump on the restarts but we.were playing some games there and.he uh he tried to get a good run on me.and he messed up coming off a turn two.so uh yeah got the win right there feels.pretty good.you mentioned it you've never been here.before what allowed you to win today.i think a good solid team you know we.started fifth and we kind of ran in that.position all day.i don't think we had the fastest ford.here but you know we had a uh we just.had a solid truck that allowed me to run.consistent laps and.not get into the ball too hard i got a.darlington stripe but.uh you know this place is fun i love it.i love it even more now.the streak is over ben rhodes wins at.darlington matt.allen so many subplots to derrick.krause's day first let's go back.to before the restart you were -14 out.we got the caution you stayed out.fantastic pit call uh yeah kevin.kevin up on top of the box made a really.good call there at the end.got a good restart did everything i.needed to and then off at two i got.really loose off of two and.it's kind of my mistake a little bit but.i feel like overall it was a great day.it turned out to be a great day we.struggled a lot in the beginning but uh.kevin got the snap filters to tundra.tuned up for the end.and when you look at this battle trying.to lock yourself in especially with.your bubble mate there todd gilliland.some great aggressive racing here in.darlington between the two of you.uh yeah that was that was really fun.race with todd i mean it's.for the points cut off i mean i got into.him a little bit but i feel like that's.what you got to do that.you got to be there you got to be.aggressive to to make the top 10 in the.playoffs.he keeps digging going into richmond the.cut-off race just.10 markers out of a playoff spot.he certainly helped his chances today.matt.ben rhodes though is the one that.we'll have the celebration in full force.his crew chief matt noyes they celebrate.the win at darlington.foreign.ben rhodes has added his name to the.list of truck series winners.at darlington in exciting fashion rhodes.the winner today.even though it was a race that sheldon.creed and brett moffatt dominated.it was rhodes that out battled derrick.krauss in a final.overtime restart and rhodes as his name.to the winners list.he is the ninth different driver to win.in this 2020 season.the fourth win of the year for thor.sport.and going to the regular season finale.todd gilliland sits on the bubble.he's with matt vince he was p7 today.here in darlington but the most.important number he is 10th in the.championship standings.plus 10 as you mentioned going into that.cut-off race.so can you breathe any going into.richmond.uh a little bit like we were just.talking i think um.you know i'm happy that we're on the.plus side of it at least uh.you know so we we pretty much have 10.spots to give up to the 19 and i i.really believe that we can.outrun them and um you know even contend.for a win at richmond i'm we're really.confident what we got going there so.not the race we really wanted today we.were just started on the splitter.insanely hard and.we'd be okay on the long run but we.would just give up so much so.um not the day we won today um you know.didn't really lose massive points to the.cut line and.um you know one more race to make it all.happen can't thank uh.ricky benton blacks tire front row.motorsports.all our sponsors throughout the season.we're going to give it our all.at richmond and hopefully go run for a.championship can't sum it up any better.than that one more race to make it.happen.yeah i feel like todd gilliland has had.a playoff worthy season but uh.doesn't always work out that way we'll.see how it shakes out thursday night at.richmond and.well this will be one that ben rhodes.will remember forever the third.win of his career the 23 year old from.louisville.the winner today here at darlington.it was it was a tight one off this.restart wasn't it yeah just a bad angle.on that exit you could see it gets loose.but i think that started way back in the.middle of one and two.regan because he didn't slide up to the.top of the race track tried to chop.off turn two and it just simply didn't.work yeah and unfortunately when you.when you try to chop that corner off.like you said michael the angle.is not what you want when we first saw.it live i thought man why did he give.him the outside don't do that while he.gave him the outside because he was so.sideways he was trying to save that.truck and.you know that's something i think that.uh derek krauss as a young guy a rookie.not a lot of experience in these trucks.he'll learn that.learn that as they go along here get up.there and take that air from the guy on.the outside and.it does two things it gives you the.angle and it takes the air off of his.truck as well and uh.can work out very good sometimes you.know what i love about this playoffs.vince i'm looking at todd golden on the.bubble.derek krauss just blow it we know both.of those two kids.can go to richmond and win the race they.could also bump their way in.and be the champion we have such great.talent in the truck series.and so many trucks that are capable of.winning do you think that todd knew how.close he was to maybe being out of the.playoffs for a second right there if.derek krauss wins that.well the driver who really seemed to.have the dominant truck today along with.his teammate brett moffett but.sheldon creed seemed to be in control.until the decision to make a late pit.stop.and allen is with him yeah we're back.here in the garage with sheldon.creed a good day spoiled for the driver.of the two truck your understanding of.the pit call.you decided to come down some teams.didn't what do you talk about with your.crew chief.oh i mean if more would it came it would.have helped our situation there just.man that one hurts where capitalized on.that last restart got to the lead and i.knew if i was to the lead.i was really good for about 15 20 laps.and then.i feel like track position was really.important but um yeah man just so much.fun today this place is so cool.the jimmy johnson throwback just the.whole deal um.it was really fun racing my teammate for.the lead there quite a few times on.restarts and.just uh man such a good job to my guys.for bringing let's bring in a fast truck.again yeah it's all about relationship.and quick choices your crew chief has to.make how do you.i don't know if you say mend the fence.but what do you discuss with him going.forward about the trust factor and stuff.like that.i mean i don't want him to hang his head.about it i i trust jeff and.man this stuff happens all the time so.just proud of him and not everyone just.at our shop that's putting together fast.race trucks.i've never seen this place until today.and to go and do what we did today.we got to be proud of that so i'll have.a lot of speed going into playoffs and.we'll try again next weekend in richmond.strong day tough ending for sheldon.creed.and you know i love what he said right.there he's got a lot of trust in his.crew chief.jeff stankowitz we've gotta we've gotta.make sure we point out that.everybody who stayed out on that caution.at the end of that race.they had pitted on the previous one they.had 20 laps.plus better tires than what sheldon.creed did right there that's what jeff.stankowitz is looking at when he makes.that decision he made the best decision.he knew at the time.and you know what you have to do you go.into the playoffs knowing that you have.fast trucks and if you make a call like.this.remember back at charlotte when chase.elliott pitted and nobody pitted behind.him.and they didn't win the race chase.elliott was didn't say one negative.thing about his crew chief alan gustin.we win together we lose together when.they make this call regan to come down.pit road if they drag everybody with.them.he's in great shape but if you're back.six seven trucks you gotta throw the.hail mary.try to put yourself in a position to win.the race and that's exactly what ben.rhodes's team did and i loved it.but they were just looking for more.people to come down with them.well here is that pit stop that.sheldon creed made there that was just.prior to the overtime.and allows ben rhodes to put himself in.position and add his name to this list.the winners this season becomes the.ninth different driver.to win during this 2020 campaign one to.go in the regular season.that's thursday night in richmond.

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