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well welcome everybody to this webinar.on automatic application program.creation based on conceptual design.information this is the second session.of the day on this topic and we have had.some good questions early in the morning.so where possible i'll make sure we'll.talk about those as well today i sue.most of you are familiar with the exeter.webinar concept the audio is provided by.the GoToWebinar application over the.internet so make sure your your speakers.are enabled and arm your microphones are.automatically muted so you won't be able.to talk however there is a question.panel on the right hand side and you can.ask any questions through that panel I.will be able to see the questions I will.read the questions and answer the.questions to my ability so use that that.feature on the right hand side of the.webinar screen my name is even from.builder and I am the chief technology.officer director of product development.here at Exeter and I have a variety of.roles but my key role at Exodus is that.I'm responsible for the development.maintenance and certification of the.excelencia software as well as the sills.that life event recording module within.the the excellence your software tool.and that's the area of expertise that.will be talking about today so that is.related to the excellency of software in.addition I'm a member of the is a 84.committee and there's a variety of.functional safety tests that I perform.on a relatively daily basis ranging from.from IEC 61508 development support for.manufacturers to functional safety.assessments in audits for end users on.sites attending site acceptance testing.factory acceptance testing and so on I.am an instructor for extra as well as.for I is a.and I am co-author of one of the new.upcoming Isaiah books on probabilistic.modeling of safety instrumented.functions I through most of you are.familiar with Exodus Exodus a leader and.functional safety tools consulting and.assessments with a deep knowledge and.understanding of your project to make.you achieve the safety while optimizing.your process we are an ANSI accredited.certifying body for functional safety.and cybersecurity as i mentioned i.myself am a member of the is a 84.committee but we are very active on many.of the functional safety committees and.we have various locations around the.world where we can support your team.with with our local team let me see.there's a question here with regard to.audio yes ok so that is solved so all.right so um just from a quick overview.our locations around the world I am.located in our Philadelphia offers a.little bit north to Philadelphia that's.right here on the map but as you can see.we have a number of offices around the.world and basically can cover every time.zone available our main products and.services include consulting for process.safety or IC 6 or 5 11 control systems.cyber security and alarm rationalization.or Allah management as well as overall.process safety management we do product.certification most of you have seen.products that were certified by Exodus.for the IEC 61508 standard for.functional safety but we also do.functional security security life strike.on overall cyber security certification.on products basically anything that has.an ethernet board we do training classes.and process safety control systems.security an alarm rationalization and.those can be either online on demand.or on-site then we have a variety of.engineering tools with excelencia being.are our main product and we will we will.talk about that today and we have a.variety of reference materials data.books tutorials and so on the safety.criminal liability handbook is is one of.our key reference books that we use and.then finally we do professional.certification with this certified.functional safety export program we have.the C busy to see this be as well as the.control system security export.certification so today we're going to.get started with a short introduction.the main objective of that introductions.to make sure that everybody's on the.same page then I'm going to look at is.645 11 at a high level and see what.specific requirements are I understand.that regard to the application program.and then we're going to look at.conceptual design and how a conceptual.design sill verification dictates.requirements for the application program.once we've addressed that we'll look at.the overall benefits of automatic logic.creation and then after that we'll have.a demo of what is a pretty far advanced.proof of concept of automatic logic.creation and then we'll talk about some.beta projects at the end as well so from.an introduction perspective I think it's.important that we all understand when I.use the word application program what I.mean with that it's the configuration.that is implemented in a safety PLC to.apply to conceptual design in hardware.and in some cases that is referred to as.application logic or configuration logic.or just simply logic in some cases it's.referred to as a configuration program.or logic program or application code I.see 6 15 11 talks about application.programming so I'm using the words.application program at throughout this.webinar usually the application program.is developed using some form of a.limited variability language which are.the IC 613 I love it I see.13 languages structure text ladder logic.for sequential function chart and.function blocks that we typically.develop our application logic in so when.it comes to the application program I.see 6 or 5 11 has specific requirements.for for that you know generation of that.logic and let's see as to what the.standard has to say about that first of.all I like to point out and that's the.item you see here on the right hand side.that when we talk about the design phase.for the safety instrumented function.safety instrumented system which is.covered in clause 11 there's a separate.class that talks about application.programming class 12 so there's some.emphasis there in the standard or with.regard to application programming on the.left hand side what you see is a.screenshot from the redline version so.that's IC 6 15 11 2016 rlv for redline.version which basically shows the.differences between the 2003 edition of.the standard and the 2016 edition of the.standard and one of the things that we.see is that the word software which was.a little bit vague in the 2003 version.of the standard has been replaced by.application programming so there's an.increase in hands focussed on.application programming in the 2016.edition of the standard so what does the.stand of mean application programming.well they even talk about an application.program lifecycle and there's a.definition in the standard activities.occurring during a period of time that.starts when the application program is.conceived and answering the application.program is permanently disused and.associated with that is a life cycle as.you can see here application programming.safety lifecycle.specifically focusing on the creation of.the application program and in addition.when we look at configuration management.requirements a new cloth in the standard.clause 5272 now talks about the safety.instrumented system software hardware.and procedures used to develop and.execute the application program shall be.subject to configuration management the.she'll be maintained in the revision.control as a node the system software.includes application program logic.solvers embedded software and so on and.utility software tools so the reason I'm.showing these two particular clauses.because they're new in the standard.their clarifying what what is meant with.the application program life cycle as.well as some of the requirements with.regard to the application program life.cycle and on the next slide I show the.inputs and outputs of the application.programming safety lifecycle so that's.what you see here on the left-hand side.and it's not my intent that we actually.read all this but whenever you see.something in green in the redline.version of the standard it is new so.this entire life cycle including the.inputs outputs has been redone in the.new version of IC 6 15 11 also if you.look on the right side these screenshots.of these five pages and again it's not.the intent that we read all this but.this is the entire class 12 under.standard it's completely green it's.completely redone so when I say there's.an enhance focus on application.programming in the standard you can see.how that is is visible when you just.look at the redline version of the.standard so it's completely redone.rewritten and updated to to what is.realistic for end-users and some of the.things that you will see in there it.talks about consistency it talks about.the use of let's say.specific coding standards and approaches.to come up with a application program.that is functionally safe so that is.just as a nutshell as to what the.standard exhaust with regard to.application programming all right so how.does that apply to us well when we.follow the functional safety lifecycle.on we do our process hazard analysis.with you a layer of protection analysis.we come to the conclusion if we need.safety and cement of functions and a.safety and some of that system we know.what the sill levels are for each safety.instrumented function and after that we.start to develop a conceptual design a.safety and cement a function that will.be able to protect against a particular.hazard and when we define that.conceptual design there's a lot of.information that we are documenting on.what the eventual application program.needs to look like and of course.everybody is using excelencia silver.tool the silver tool is the key tool for.for evaluating their chief skill level.during a silver ification based on the.conceptual designer g trumpet so let's.look at the conceptual design and see.what type of information is available.now is defying basically that we need to.include in our application programming.well let me get my spotlight here the.screenshot you see on the left is from.silver and it is the configuration of a.particular sensor group and it's quite.some information here so let's start.here with the voting in this particular.case I have a 203 voting and that 203.voting tells me ammo on the number of.inputs and outputs or on this gate.emphasis sensor group so tells me.there's three inputs it also tells me.that the voting is such that if two of.the three indicate I need to go to the.safe state then I need to go to the safe.state next.configuration options we specify if it's.a high trip or a low trip this case it's.a high trip meaning that if the process.value goes above a certain set point we.transition to the safe state so when we.program application logic that's one of.the items that we need to know we need.to know when does the system transition.through the safe state and the value.goes above at redpoint or below of.certain trip one so that's something we.specify here next we talk about out.arrange detection we need to be able to.detect for example transmitter falls.where the output is driven to a.predefined full range so for example.three point six milliamps per ton amour.43 guideline if we say that we detect.those types of fares then we need to.program for that so out of range.detection now is specify here do we.filter out alarms so give an alarm.occurs do we have the ability to wait a.little bit before we transition to the.safe state or do we immediately.transition to the same state in this.particular case I said no it's also.we're not filtering but that is an.indication if we need to do a trip delay.well there's a question here so I'll.come to external comparison in just a.bit loop so when we have a long voted at.strip if if you want to transition to.the safe state when there's a foal.detected and that's an action upon.transmitter fault that needs to be.programmed in your logic solver and.you'll notice there's no box here on the.external comparison the reason for that.is absolutely external comparison is.something you would need a program as.well but in the proof of concept that.I'm going to show you today we don't.have the functionality yes you can.specify what the tag is that you're.going to do the external comparison with.so that is something that we still need.to implement and what I'm showing.today's functionality that we have today.in our in our let's say advanced proof.of concept but yes.to your point if we can specify the tag.that the external comparison is done.with then absolutely we can we can.program that as well some other.information that we specify in the.center group are the tag so there is.this tax option if you click on that you.see all this here's your tag names in.this example I'm talking about PT 1 4 9.20 1 a B and C with ranges of 0 to 135.psi and a limit value of 120 all that.information is information that you need.to programming the application program.so within the sender group there's a lot.of information specified that you.eventually will need to transfer into.application logic so that's next let's.look at the illogic solver alright.that's not so exciting the logic solver.of course from a conceptual design you.just select the type of logic so where.you have is this where all the logic is.going to be implemented but there's not.a whole lot of programming levels.programming information that specified.here what if specified though is if you.have multiple controllers to what.controller the particular safety.instrumented function belongs to so in.this case you'll see it's a tank form.name on the controller that's the.controller that this particular function.belongs in now lastly we have conceptual.design for the fun elements so again we.see screen should hear form the silver.tool the screenshot shows the.configuration of a fun element group and.one of the things we configure here is.the voting and the voting tells us in.this case one of the two the number of.output channels um you will see that Oh.like the sender group where I said it.tells us the number of input channels I.had a second bullet that says it tells.us the voting you won't see that here.and the fun elements because how does.the logic solver typically work the.logic solver doesn't pick and choose.which I.to energize of the energize it just you.know addy Energizer's both in case of a.trip assuming at the end read scripts.system on the piping off let's say two.valves that need to close dictate what.the voting is so from a modeling we need.to know are the two valves in series.closing on trip 102 are they in parallel.closing a trip to attitude but for the.logic sober is no different than both.cases it will drive define elements to.go to the state state in addition to.that we can specify tax so actually 1492.dash 0 1 and 0 2 and the action this.case closing on trip is specified and.you know in this case you also seem to.de-energize to trip action not an.energized the trip action so those are.things that we specify in the final.elements that we need to know when we.configure our logic solver so the next.aspect of conceptual design.documentation is when we dive into our.design as a rest in the design as RS we.specify information like how do we.handle maintenance overrides how do we.deal with bypasses how do we deal with.startup override so if you have a low.level trip now you need to make sure.that the first is some some certain.level in the tank you need to bypass.either for a certain period of time.based on a certain event or based on a.certain variable given a certain value.so that can be configured then you know.if we do have a trip delay so if we.filter out transmitter alarms or faulty.signals now we need to specify that time.intervals and we can do that here as.well so you see these now three or four.boxes here immediately tell you what.auto maintenance overwrite the bypass.management to startup overrides and as.well as your trip delays that you need.to configure a spot of your logic and.lastly when it comes to influence we.have auxiliary inputs now we all know.that when we model the safety and cement.of function we only model those pieces.of equipment that are absolutely needed.to detect the hazard and bring the.process to a safe state.anything extra is typically not.considered part of the safety and some.other function so we could have.additional inputs that we may want to.trigger the same events but if they're.not part of the of the safety.instrumented function we wouldn't.include them in our silver ification but.in the design as RS where you're.specifying how does my safety internet.system need to be implemented we do of.course need to specify what those.auxiliary inputs are on the final.elements if I ever drop to the bottom.here you know we need to specify what.our auxiliary outputs are again we model.in our so verification in a conceptual.design specification only those actions.that are absolutely needed to achieve to.save state however if there is if.there's any additional actions that we.want to take we can specify them here.and what you can also specify on the.final element portion of the design as a.rest auto reset option so how do you.perform a reset is that door manually.through an HMI or is a logic associated.with it remember the Energizer trip for.the Energizer crib concepts all that is.specified in the designers RS which are.the detailed requirements that are being.put on the safety instrumented system.this information the conceptual design.and the design address information.together tell us how we need to program.our safety plc so if you have to the.information in electronic format you can.print it and then you can read those.printouts and start programming or you.just have that information available in.your electronic format already and you.just transfer the information and that.makes you a life cycle a lot easier to.to manage and you know it there's a lot.of typing that that you don't have to do.so that brings us to the benefits of the.automatic logic creation and well you.create the logic automatically therefore.you guarantee consistency with the.design that was originally specified and.any implementation errors are avoided.while you're trying to interpret and.just transcribe the design information.as I mention that some of my task every.now and then I attend the factory.acceptance tests and and we you know see.quite often that the input to the.original logic creation is a cause and.effect matrix and then we see that that.cause effect matrix gets interpreted and.then programmed in the logics over well.I was at one factor acceptance tests and.and we looked at the cordon effect.matrix and everybody interpreted it.cause an effect matrix in a consistent.matter so you would think the.application code is right well then.there was one of the engineers who was.actually explaining how to process work.and we all realized that there were two.have two interpretations to the cause.and effect matrix and everybody at the.wrong interpretation so the conceptual.design which was clearly documented in.silver voice was unambiguous and silver.became ambiguous in the cause and effect.matrix and resulted in an incorrect.application program so we had to fix.that ok that's why you do factory.acceptance that or but this is your.simple copy and paste error and instead.of a trip limit of 135 i accidentally.type 105 and you may have more spurious.trips than then you intended also.because the programming only takes a.fraction of the time because you click.on a button and your logic is created.your conceptual design can be completely.finalized before programming starts.usually due to project schedules being.very tight implementation starts before.the requirements are completely.finalized so we start to implement our.logic so we start the program or logic.solver and we don't really know what the.requirements are and some changes could.be very simple oh I assume the single.transmitter I come to the conclusion i.need a two out of three voting oh I.assume the single valve I come to the.conclusion i need postures protesting so.there are simple changes obviously.result and we work but now being able to.shorten the programming portion of the.whole project know your project schedule.will be much smaller but there's also a.much.much less we work so there's a dramatic.impact on your project schedule and.because you can enforce coding.guidelines and there's more consistency.and you can automatically get complaints.with the requirement of IC 645 11 so.those are those are a lot of benefits.that that you can get from automatically.creating your logic and we have a.webinar next week that is going to talk.about how you can reduce your overall.project lifecycle costs by using.excelencia and this automatic logic.creation is going to be a big part of.that so tune in for that one next week.it's going to be very interesting and.you can see some some some big money.gains by having a nice integrated safety.life cycle tool so all right we've seen.the concept we've seen the benefits now.let's look at the actual proof of.concept or no advanced proof of concept.we're in and we're getting towards the.end here where we're starting some some.some significant testing arm and arm and.selling the role the tool out to some.beta sites are going to look at the.Delta V sis configurator that that we've.created so that's a you know everything.I mentioned so far is the pretty generic.applies to all logic solvers in our case.we have created a delta v sis.configurator because we have an active.project with a large oil and gas ain't.user who is basically demanding this for.for that project that the logic is.created automatically so that's what.what is the driving force for for this.particular logic solver but the concepts.of course are not limited to just out.the VSA ask there there now there they.apply to all potential safety plc's but.we'll see how what we've done so far how.that is translated into a delta v sis.logic and and we'll do that with with.with a demo.I'm going through the excelencia.software make sure that everybody sees.the excellence your software yes um so.any excellent choice offer there is I've.created a project a very simple project.on with a couple of different things to.identify we have some sips that are.related to a batch reactor a best.chemical reactor we have some sips that.are related to a steam turbine we have.some sips that are related to a tank.farm and then we have thats if that i.showed you earlier the screen shuts off.now where we have a 203 voting driving.to valve so we're going to play with.that a little bit you're going to see.well what the impact is of some of the.selection is that we're going to go back.to some of the other functions i'm going.to point some things out that we will.then see in the logic as we created so.i'm going to the silver tool and I.assume most of you are familiar with the.silver tool and in the silver to we.model our conceptual design and this.case a single sensor group with the two.out of three voting going to a logic.solver driving to upwards so let's look.at that Center group we saw the high.trip we saw that the outer range.detection is on we've seen the tag.information so in here you see PT 1492.dash 0 1 a B and C NEC ranges and just.to make sure that you you all see that.this is a live demo that I'm not you.know using a file that we pre created.let me just change these ranges so.instead of 0 2 135 I'm going to change.that from let's say zero to 150 2 and 0.to 1 50 2 and 0 to 1 52 and I'm going to.change the trip points from 120 to let's.say 136 arm so if you look this morning.or if you were able to attend this.morning and Lotus these are different.numbers then the numbers i use this.morning so again that's another.indication this is a live demo.but I specified my tags my range is here.my my trip limits my engineering unit.and so on so that is my my Center group.I can go to my final element group the.same story here and i'll have my tags.let me click on that the tax here.actually 1492 01 14 9202 closing on trip.that matches up with what i specify here.and the logic saw or that i want to.assign this to is apparently called the.tank farm logic solver so that is a.simple function two or three input two.outputs nothing too special but we'll.see what happens when we start to.convert that so let's look at some of.the other functions that we have in here.we have a steam turbine in here and what.you will see when I open this function.that there's a steam shutoff valve and.that steam should have valve it's just a.single valve one other one it's used by.all all the functions that are in the.steam turbine scenario so if we look at.the silver menu and we go to group reuse.you will see here that for the fine.aliments that steam shut off valves.excuse four times and sif one two three.and four that are associated with my.steam throw line scenario and and this.is a sip st 601 actual position so we.have a two out of three voting on the.inputs we have a sense logic sober and.you see that that steam shuttle valve.output we go to the overspeed to a tree.voting in this case as well and you see.the same shut off valves and just just.to see it's the tag it's st XV 002 um if.we go to the loss of lube oil you'll see.it's the same tag STX 300 to the same.valve as well as for the last one which.is the 600 for that same steam shutoff.valve so the same valve that is used by.all four of my steam turbine fish and we.can easily model that in silver with the.reuse group.then let's look at this batch chemical.reactor what do you see here we have a.simple input high pressure going through.a single valve the drain to the quench.tank we'll come back to that in a little.bit then we have one that's a little bit.more complex at the reactor all over.Phil we have a single input we have two.outputs here reactant a feat and.reactant B feet and you see that both.need to happen in order to prevent the.overfill scenario and now if we go to.the first one save 500 it's a high.temperature scenario single input but.what do we see that that stop react and.be feed is part of both safe part of the.overfill safe as well as the high.temperature civ and notice this is x.3504 so you will see that in a little.bit coming back as well in this case to.final elements that need to different.groups one of the cooling jacket and one.is the the reactant beefy that needs.stuff lastly let's look at the tank farm.shifts they are not very special but is.simple one of the ones one input one.output but what you can see here is that.if we go back to the sift identification.you'll see that we specified the.business part of this tank sheet so.there's something special with these.cysts and basically what a special is we.specify that they need to be bought of.the tank sheet so whatever that means so.we'll see that a little bit you see that.this last one for example is not part of.the tank you all right so that is a.quick overview of some of the settings.there's a little bit more so let's go.back to the overpressure event the.silver sionary we see the drain to the.quench tank look here in the design as.RS you'll see in the design as RS in.this case that there's three auxiliary.actions XV 50 150 2 and 504.um in addition to actually 500 so.there's additional auxiliary actions and.apparently we do that through a.parameter whatever that means so that is.something that we've configured here and.then up here you can see or your.maintenance overrides and all that well.here's a how do you know Oh an operator.when the bypass is about the time out in.five seconds and things like that so all.that can be specified in the tool so.once we have completed our conceptual.design we specified everything in the.sill verification we've done our.additional specification in the design.SRS we can then create the logic so what.we're going to do here we're going.through this the SRSG menu and we'll see.to menu options related to Delta V s is.the first one is managed Delta V SAS.configuration so let me select that one.first for those of you who are familiar.with Delta P SAS programming there is a.possibility to have composite blocks.within a project a composite box can say.replace all two of the three blocks.within a particular project you specify.the composite block once and then.throughout the logic creation and this.configurator will automatically replace.the standard two of the three voting.block with the composite block in this.case I'm going to keep it simple we're.going to just have to stand up blocks.but this composite block definition is.already functioning in our current proof.concept or advanced proof of concept we.can also specify the number of ships.that are maximally allowed on a sis.module in this case left leave it at.zero which is unlimited and then the.target platform so in this case we're.working with Delta V version 13 so.that's our target platform so that's the.management aspect of the configuration.and then when go in the next one we.actually go and generate the logic so.let me generate Delta V sis.configuration you will see the dialog.appear that we also saw on on the slide.there's some the description here I'm.going to export or everything all sips.and I'm going to export everything in.one file when you first create your.logic when your first place you can.create your initial program it makes.sense to just do everything at once if.you would have a little tweak to a.particular safety function you may get.to a point where I only want to export.this one safety function or I want to.export the safety function and separate.files and only import the one file that.really changed in this case I'm going to.go just going to export everything at.once and we're going to export fifth to.NF Ajax file by simple click of a button.and the file that we're generating is.called sample project look at the.timestamp here at the end 2017 0309 1638.so it's 438 p.m. east coast time that's.the date on the file that i just created.and you know I'm already done the file.already exists so hit okay here we see a.quick summary of the configuration that.was done as well as an error list or if.there will be any errors during the.conversion they would show up here in.this case everything was just fine no.errors so let me go to my folder here.and you'll see a couple of a test file.before the first webinar the test for.all of the second webinar and then.here's a test file of this webinar and.we have no simple log file everything.that happened and then here we have the.epic X file so I'm going to copy that.file copy and I'm going to go to my.virtual delta-v environment and in my.virtual delta-v environment i'm going to.say i want to import a stand the Delta V.for my file and my case that is I'm just.going to paste that file here actually.let me create a new folder so you can it.easier to see for you.where I am in the in the file structure.so I'm basing that file that i just.copied here you'll see is the exact same.name 1638 was a timestamp so that's the.one that I just created I selected a hit.open there's a couple of messages here.that I just know I have to hit no to all.but that just because i'm importing and.as I import you may have seen that here.on the left hand side the certain areas.were added to my configuration there is.an area for the batch reactor there's an.area for the steam turbine an area for.my tank farm and an area for vessel V.1492 hey that was the sift that that we.play with so let's open that one up in.control studio so open in control studio.& maximize the screen real quick and.zoom out a little bit and what do we see.or see if be the spotlight works here we.see three inputs going into a voter.driving a CEM block driving two outputs.so now that we've seen that I have to go.rid of my spotlight again let's zoom in.a little bit and what do we see we see.that the input here is called PT.underscore 1492 dash 0 1 a B and C those.were the names that I gave to my input.the tank names of my inputs will see.that define aliments XV 1492 01 and a.show to those were the tag names for the.final elements in my function let's look.at the voter when I click on the voter.with this parameter information.available here on the left and one thing.that we see is there's three inputs the.tag names are put into the description.of the three inputs we see greater than.we had a high trip so if the value that.I'm measuring is greater than the trip.point we need to go to the safe state.the range range is specified as zero to.150 to remember i changed the 135 to 152.and it's BS i so that didn't change and.we see that here that's the scale if i.go all the way to the button a bottom.you will see the trip limit here at 136.we change that value from 120 to 130 6.in our file you will also see here that.the number needed to trip are two I got.three inputs two out of three need to go.to the safes indicate that i need to.transition to the safe state for my.safety function to act so all that is.taken care of in this animal voter that.analog voter is generating an output and.that is a single output that that drives.to actual output so a single output of.the analog voter becomes a single input.into the CM block which is driving two.outputs actually 1492 0 1 and 14 9202 so.that is our relatively simple safety.function 203 voting driving to find.elements so let's look at let's say my.steam turbine so I had four functions on.the steam turbine but I only have one.logic seat or one-fifth module let me.open that up in control studio and.expand that and what do we see one.output driven by four causes or driven.by four inputs each of these is a.separate safety function but the tool.knows it's the same fun element that's.being driven so we have let me zoom in.again we have over speed for 2 to 3 we.have actual position for two to three we.have lots of lube oil for 102 and we.have vibration Kota 2023 those voters.are inherent these are digital.so there's this on all signals the.number of the trip is here we have three.inputs that's my 203 for the analog here.we have numbered the trip one two inputs.102 and so on resulting in four causes.it might cause an effect block for.different safety functions all driving a.single output so that is pretty cool the.two lowes that that same fun element is.part of multiple functions and it nicely.puts all that on the same logic sheet.let's look at the tank sheet tank she.was interesting in that now we had these.five functions they were very simple one.on a one input 101 output but we mark.them that we wanted them grouped on one.sheet what does the tool it groups them.on one sheet you see five inputs five.outputs five causes five effects in the.CM block if we open it up you see that.the agent booth only drives one output.so very straight forward each sieve.drives its own output as one input.drives our own output the only thing to.tool bit it nicely place them on one.logic sheet so it's easy to look at easy.to maintain and then lastly let's look.at a batch chemical reactor and we're.going to start off with this 501 a.function that was the overpressure off.the chemical a reactor it had just a.single input 101 arm it was an analog so.there's an analog voter in this case the.voter is just a one on a one voter but.that's where all the logic is happening.to the greater than the ranges the trip.point all that is specified there and.you see there's a total of four effects.only one of them the XP 500 is part of.my safety instrumented function the.other three are exhilarating outputs.remember that I showed you that you can.specify exhilarate in puts and outputs.here's three of zileri outputs that are.specified in this case there specified.as parameters and.parameters can then be linked to the.actual outputs so that's pretty neat and.lastly let's go to the last batch.chemical reactor sheet that one was a.little bit interesting in that we.basically had two functions I'm going to.zoom out again we had two functions one.function was driving what was closing a.feed and B feet the other function was.doing a couple other things but was also.closing the beefy the beefy total of.four actions the beefy was XV 504 so you.see that right here arm so that should.be part of both functions both inputs in.this case so let's look at what the.cause and effect blocked us we have 650.two drives two outputs the Energizer's.two outputs feed a and Phoebe and save.500 which D energizes the reactant feed.being so you see that this particular.output is driven by both of the.functions and again because we're.reusing a fun element the configurator.knows that those then that is the same.fun element that they need to be nicely.combined on one logic feet or one Lord.assists module we didn't develop the.environment so that is um that is in a.nutshell what the configurator Gus let.me close this and go back to the tool if.you are familiar with the excellence of.software you may know that we have the.ability to create a cause-and-effect.matrix as well I'm just going to do that.for this particular project so complete.project cause and effect matrix and the.reason I want to do that it so you can.see that you know what we just.configured in the logic solver we can.also see in a cause and effect matrix so.for example my for steam functions all.drive the same fun element and you.see that directly in your cause and.effect matrix ah the batch chemical.portion we had the one function that.shooting the that growth reacted a and.reactant B and one function did a couple.of things every act and being you see.that now that overlap here again and.then on for my tank form you see the.same behavior that we saw on the CM.matrix you see that here in the CM block.you see that in the cause-effect matrix.as well as the three inputs 203 voted is.your vote in the description of the vote.to the three voted that we're driving.the two the two outputs so that also.again confirms what we already modeled.in the configure of through the.configurator and therefore the logic.that we generated for Delta V system and.that is and that is no confirmation you.could use that during your s80 testing.when it comes to verifying that your.install system isn't me doing what it's.supposed to let me go back to my slides.now we saw the demo we saw how it works.from an excellent ship perspective we.have a variety of tools we have tools.that that relate to functional safety so.we do our PHA and process hazard.analysis you'll open the layer of.protection analysis still selection.safety requirement specification and so.verification in the management column we.already have an alarm rationalization a.la management tool as well as a life.cycle cost estimator and we can now add.that logic solver configuration to that.to that management category we of course.have our cyber risk assessment tool.cyber facts and our maintenance tools.the proof test generator as well as our.live events recorded SIL stat so all.this fits nicely within the scope of of.what we're doing with with the.excellence of software.brings us to the subject of beta.projects and it shouldn't be surprised.since this is a project driven by a.large oil and gas company that has.already you know picked Emerson Delta V.as the logic solver for this project.that's where the logic creation project.started and that's the reason why we're.doing logic Delta V as I asked logic.solver so we're working closely together.with Amerson on this and and we're.talking to variety of event users who.may want to be interested in who may be.interested in in participating in a beta.project you know if you already use.excelencia and you command your.conceptual design using excelencia then.obviously automatically generating your.logic for Delta V sis is almost a.no-brainer assuming that you're using.delta v s/s so if you want to.participate you know you can contact me.or my email or through LinkedIn keep in.mind to beta project that has some.benefits financially for you there are.some expectations of course that we we.would have for you and and you know if.you contact me we can talk about what.what we would expect from you and then.what you can expect from us as well so.if you're interested in that just reach.out to me or through your local Emerson.contact that eventually will come on my.plate through to our context within.Emerson and then we can see if your.particular project is suitable for for.demo so with that if there are any.questions feel free to type those and.the question-and-answer field I see.couple here one is is this limited to.just Delta V SAS or currently yes.because that's an active project that we.have we well the concept is not limited.due to Delta V SAS we would implement.this and auto logics over as well.provided there is a project for it so.that is that's that the current.situation for that here's another.interesting one and that's that.sometimes a little bit up for debate if.you know if you have created generated.the logic automatically which without.the VSA ask configurator could that mean.that we don't have to do the f80 well I.think it could I'm not going to say an.absolute yes you can I'll have to talk.with our legal representation here but.in reality the intent of an FA t is to.verify that the application logic was.created correctly the intent of the f80.is to verify that what is programmed in.the logic solvers and each corresponding.to your requirements in your safety.requirement specification in your.conceptual design so if you automate.that that could be a good argument why.you don't want to do the f80 anymore.obviously before you the hazardous.present you're always expected to do a.site acceptance test but you could skip.the f80 step yeah quite most likely.here's another.question that goes into the licensing.the the logic generator is a plug-in to.excelencia it relies on on the.excelencia software it relies on it.relies on the information that is in the.silver foil rise on information that is.any design srs so it is it's heavily.relate relying on excelencia and so.currently it's only it will be available.as a plug-in to to the axle engine.package so if you're familiar if you're.already using excelencia that it's a.small ad on if if you are not using.excelencia then you would have to you.have to acquire excellence as well in.reality you know if you do your sil.verifications if you do you know your.design specifications then that it.should be a relatively straightforward.to approach can we modify the module.template after it's built so yes so and.so once the excelencia delta-v.configurator generates the logic you.import it into your Delta V sis system.it will say that the logic was generated.by excelencia as soon as you make a.change and basically safe the SIS module.again it will save it will say last safe.by whoever is the person that's logged.in in my case it's administrator and my.Delta V environment I'm an administrator.and because we have multiple people.using it everybody's administrator it.would always say it was changed by.administrator but if you have it set up.correctly where your actual user name is.used then it would say yes this this.person has changed it so yes you can.change the module we will recommend that.if you need to make a change that you.make that in excellence and we export.that way your conceptual design is up to.date but but it wouldn't be limited to.that.here is a question and that's a little.bit outside of the scope but it talks.about if we have information in an.Access database on the different safety.instrumented functions we have to.reenter that into excellent table the.short answer is yes when the information.needs to get into excelencia a little.bit longer answer is you may want to.reach out to our application support.desk we have an application support.group that will be able to help you with.importing information so they do a lot.of importing because we have some.standard importers but pretty much every.customer customizes that PHA for example.so when some people are are changing.from their their traditional pH a tool.to the defects module within within.excelencia one thing they don't want.this loose past information so they.asked us to import and we can very.easily through our application desk help.you with importing that that information.so yes the information needs to be.entered in excelencia so if you have.that in an Access database we can.probably help you win an import if.there's a good match match between the.fields here's another one this is a.little bit outside again outside a delta.v configurator but it's a nice question.so let's look at it so if we do external.comparison and we're using a bpcs signal.to do the external comparison does that.signal have to come in to the logic.solver via a signal splitter or can it.also come through communications for.example not boss either either is fine.the one thing to keep in mind is that if.you use serial communication there's.usually a little bit of a delay so if.this process is very dynamic it may not.be a good up-to-date value to to.basically compared with if it was thus.lower value than yes serial should not.be a problem.if you split it obviously that delay is.not an issue but either one ito one crew.work alright um yep and here's another.comment you know validation checklist.you know generated out of out of.excellence yet that is that is on the.to-do list that is definitely something.that we're looking into to you know to.enhance the overall life cycle.experience with with the software all.right if if you are interested in.knowing more if you want to know more we.are presenting and exhibiting at the.13th global chromosome process safety by.the american institute of chemical.engineers to center for chemical process.safety which is happening at the end of.this month march 26 to 29 in san antonio.texas i myself will be there as will be.Kate Hillenbrand who is one of our.product sales engineers as his thoughts.to offer as is Denise Chastain night we.will be a booth 530 and as I said we.will be presenting and exhibiting and if.you want a live demo of this or any of.the other you know lifecycle tools with.an excellent show and feel free to stop.by will be happy to give you a demo at.ethic global Congress and process safety.and effort that San Antonio is an.awesome place to go through so if you.need an excuse here it is visit us at.booth 530 if there are no other.questions thank you very much for.attending um recording of this webinar.is going to be made available probably.tomorrow or early next week you will.also get a copy of the slides as is.usually the case so thank you for.attending if you have any other.questions my email address was in the.presentation so you can reach out to me.directly or just simply through info at.X 0 dot com if you're interested in.being a beta aside contact those as well.we're very interested.working with you thank you very much and.until the next webinar thank you.

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