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The Implementation Guide for Kansas Department Of Social And Rehabilitation Services Application For Benefits For Single Persons The Elderly 2009 Form

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youtube video

Guide of Kansas Department Of Social And Rehabilitation Services Application For Benefits For Single Persons The Elderly 2009 Form

[Music].okay welcome to my channel today we're.gonna be discussing hud housing.and we're gonna be discussing mental.disabilities and developmental.disabilities okay i'm going to take you.on.an incredible ride through hud's.policies hud's rules federal law state.law.uh city law ada laws and i'm going to.keep them all very brief.and then i'm going to show you some case.law and then if they still don't want to.comply and give you grief about that.then we'll go into civil rights.complaints state complaints licensing.complaints.and basically show you how to end their.career before they even leave the.building.well not quite that fast but i assure.you if you implemented all these things.within a week.uh they would read they would reconsider.their position on whether or not.they would be intelligent enough to.dictate or.interpret that law applying to you and.whether or not you get housing.let's go over some basic facts a medical.doctor a psychiatrist a psychotherapist.any of those people there.uh any notations notes including a.diagnosis.and filling out a simple form would be.sufficient.sufficient uh for you to get to housing.another thing i want to tell you is you.know they only.require a very basic form uh for you to.have your doctor fill up.this is not like going out and getting a.uh a social security check okay where.you go to court you got to bring doctors.and all that this is much different this.is just for housing.so in other words they just need a.verification of these files okay that.can be reviewed.there are certain types of mental.illness and all that pretty much on the.list that you can't see.that are automatic qualifiers and i can.tell you depression number two.bipolar schizophrenia asperger's autism.and many many many other ones.if you don't know and you're not sure.you know shoot me a message okay.because it would take me too long to go.through that so let's talk about the hud.definition and remember.this is the hud definition i don't mean. that's not law no senator broke the.definition so we're going to discuss the.actual federal law but i want you to see.what their definition is.a physical mental emotional impairment.including impairment caused by alcohol.or drug abuse post-traumatic stress.disorder brain injury that is expected.to be long-lasting.or continuing and then has a whole group.of all those things i just said.of indefinite duration substantially.impedes the individual's ability.to live independently substantially.impedes the ability.to live independently well who.determines that them.the person making ten dollars an hour.behind the desk is that the person.determined.no i don't think so and based on that.simple criteria.they don't have the legal or educational.background to make that determination so.if they don't have a doctor in the.building if they don't have an attorney.in the building.then they don't have they absolutely.don't have the right to turn you down.and i'll show you exactly why.and then we'll get into that case laws.telling you about.okay so let's go into a few other.provisions okay so documentation.obviously would be great because then.you're just going to shorten your route.to all of this so.obviously if it's visual they can see it.great but.it's very simple form the doctors.psychiatrists psychotherapists and other.people can fill out.also medical records that you can.withdraw yourself you know.um so you can actually collect your own.records.now i'm gonna move down to development.disability as defined.so the development disability assistance.and bill of right acts 2000 okay.means a severe chronic disability that.is attributed to mental.or physical so a developmental.disability can be.mental or physical impairment or.combination and has manifested before.the age of 22. so you would need to have.a.some type of documentation showing that.it is a disability that arrived before.age 22..let me tell you something that before.age 22 is not.that's not applicable okay if you can.prove you're having the problems.right now then that's what it is okay so.don't worry about the age 22..and so anyways and it goes on to see a.lot of different things here.the individual may be considered to have.a development a developmental disability.without meeting three or more of the.criteria.so they give you this long list of.jargon about all these different.criterias you're gonna meet.uh no i don't think so okay so let's.move on.the united states of america so this is.going to be case law united states.american department of hud and housing.development get sued by.guess who kathy lundy what happened when.captain london when she won that and who.did she sue she sued.in the united states court and she sued.hud and we'll look at.line number seven and see what the.determination was.she had to complain that she had.disabilities she had degenerative.disc disease and bipolar she won her.case.those are automatic entries in the in.documentation it is irrefutable and.disputable.you simply slap this down on the table.and if you have bipolar or degenerative.disc disease and any kind of record of.that.there will be no further assertion that.you cannot be considered disabled okay.that is the end of it unless they think.they can supersede.uh you know a superior court okay or a.federal judgment.trust me they don't pay them enough.nickel and penny rolls.to be able to supersede these other.judgments for federal court okay.let's move on i want to read you a.little bit from ada law okay somebody's.some old laws i'm very familiar with.them because if you had watched some of.my previous videos you would have known.that i told you that my dad was a.paraplegic.we often uh and he worked for the state.department and we often had battles to.get people just to install a sidewalk he.could roll up.let me tell you something man 60s 70s.and 80s people didn't give a damn.if you couldn't get into a store okay.they'd rather just see you crawl along.there weren't even ramps there were no.handicapped parking any of that stuff.okay.well they might have been but there.wasn't that much of it and people.simply didn't care all right uh so the.act retains.and i want to look and just go into.specific parts so the act retains the.ada.basic definition of disability as an.impairment.that substantially limits one or more.major life activities well who gets to.determine what's a labor.a major life activity they'll define it.for you right here.a record of such impairment or being.regarded as which means that.somebody's bearing witness there is a.record-bearing witness that you had this.ongoing problem.though they're not may not be a strict.definition.of saying okay i know he was crazy but i.didn't write bipolar okay so that's.kind of where you're arriving with that.okay and then it goes on to say however.it changes the way that this statutory.term.should be interpreted in several ways.most significantly the act.and then it goes into what it talks.about substantially limits quote unquote.expands the definition of major life.activities.and then here here's the bone crushers.right here.if the first list indicates activities.that the eeoc.has recognized eg as walking as well as.activities that the eoc is not.specifically recognized eg reading.bending and communicating.meaning talking the second list includes.major major bodily functions okay let's.talk about that.immune system do you have a's normal.cells grow do you have um.okay well that one fails my mind right.now but when we want the next digestive.problems bowel.problems bladder problems neurological.problems brain problems.respiratory problems circulatory.problems mammogram on our circulation.problems.uh we can talk about bladder problems.people that can't keep the bladder you.know they may have to use incontinence.materials diapers whatever.uh and it goes on to reproduction.functions however let me tell you.something just because you can't have.kids doesn't mean you have a disability.nice try it's not gonna work okay.so it covers a wide range so who could.authorize this a doctor.supply any of these things in other.words you know.you know you're going in there with your.documentation a proof of history and all.that and you're going in there.and then here's the magic part to some.of this um.i'm gonna go over to pass the case law.and one more thing just bear with me.folks.[Music].so once you go in there a lot of people.are under the assertion or impression.that you have to go.on the normal waiting list.no you don't not always okay let me tell.you what.people that have uh particular types of.disabilities especially.things like autism and developmental.disabilities like that.you don't really go on that list in fact.they're supposed to keep the.hud housing open to year round in fact.they chose to keep a reserve.of housing they don't really tell.anybody about specifically for.people that have developmental.disabilities.okay there is a reserve which means you.can walk in.365 days a year and be able to.be able to apply stress-free part and.that it cannot.be a burden to you so they can't take.all you you're making a determination.whether or not they're going to do it.okay so essentially it is a separate.list.and a very short one the only exception.to that particular rule would be.is if you need specific types of.accommodation.let me suggest this if you're in a.wheelchair you need a very large shower.where you can roll in a metal wheelchair.in order where you can take a shower.while sitting okay.if you require uh light sockets on the.wall to be.you know 12 inches higher yes people.that are disabling in wheelchairs like.my father.uh you know when he built his new home.he built all his sockets higher all the.counters were higher so he get his share.wheelchair under there.so if you need those type of comments.including accommodations including ramps.and all that.that would slightly limit it and maybe.take a little bit longer.but they have completely separate.housing for that.and the expectation is it needs to be.deliverable to you guys.um any time of the year okay not just.whenever they open up the list and when.they don't open okay that open and.closing the list.is for people that don't have.extraordinary uh circumstances so.you know what is extraordinary to these.people what does.federal definition define a lot of that.is and you'll have to bear with me again.because i have to go to another note.well folks it doesn't look like i was.very prepared on that one if you got to.give me one more second here to.find a note okay so the last part of.this i want to read before we get into.the secondary part and it's and we're.almost closing this out.uh depressive waters bipolar disorder.post-traumatic disorder brain.injuries obsessive-compulsive disorder.schizophrenia.and then it goes on to notation of.federal law this does not mean that.these conditions.are not disabilities okay so they're.saying that it does not mean they're not.disabilities.so it simply means that in virtually all.cases.these conditions will be covered as.disabilities this language has been.written in their own manuals.so how would you be able to describe all.these functions on here.depression disorder bipolar disorder and.that long list and it's literally in.their.own manual okay and then they go on.to define their own rule as saying this.does not mean that the conditions are.not disability.it simply means that in virtually and.notice the word virtually meaning.99.9 percent of the time all in all.these cases.these conditions will be covered as.disabilities that is a clear notation to.the low end.worker sitting up there with her dusty.computer.that she will not and cannot deny you.with just even a small shot of evidence.that you have a mental.or developmental problem okay.now if you've got a real hard ass you're.dealing with we'll move on to the last.part of this deal.this is where you slide another piece of.paper across the table and then you're.really sending that person to the point.where they want to just pull out their.chair.or get on the phone with an attorney i.just tell them look.when i walk out here my first call will.be to the us department of health and.human service i'll be filing a complaint.there.if you are licensed i will be filing i.will be filing and then and this would.include whatever state.and for the intended purpose of this.video i'm going to say the texas state.board of exams.for professional counselors and i'll be.filing a complaint there when i get.through there i'll be following a.complaint.with the us department of housing urban.development and then i will also be.phoning that in.and then i will call the civil liberties.union okay.and then i will consider this an act of.discrimination personally against me.and i will retain counsel with.legal aid which is in every state and i.will retain counsel with legal aid.to assist me with this so if it is your.assertion that i need to walk out of.your office.and that i am not going to get housing.and that you're saying that you are the.final verdict.that your personal interpretation which.doesn't mean.uh is going to prevent me from getting.housing i will see you in a week.and then we can review the legal forms.thank you folks so.there's your own list there's a private.list.specifically designed for you guys.you can go in and arm yourself with all.the paperwork in the world i'm a pretty.smart guy i'd go in there let me tell.you something.you're going to quit you're going to uh.you're going to cooperate you're going.to comply.that's simple as that knowing what i.know so if you need these documents or.other things that's fine.in most cases these people will bend at.your will if you have even a small.legitimate case just remember to bring.your doc driver's license social.security.document your problems if you have.somebody that is it can show that.they're actually busily having the.problem.that works and in most cases 99.9.percent of the time.the paperwork is sufficient and then.you'll move on to second stage now let.me be clear about one last thing.look just because you're depressed okay.and you got documentation that doesn't.mean you're going to get on a private.list okay a lot like.people with a developmental disability.okay.or people that are actually.schizophrenic okay so you may end up on.either or.list unless you have a lot of special.considerations when i say special.consideration i mean that you're acting.in such a manner.that it would be disrupted to the people.and whatever it said.property that you would be renting okay.so in that case.they would want to put you in a very.specific type of housing okay but if you.do have your faculties together.you are being treated for these.particular problems then you should.be okay okay with the minor low end.disabilities now.everything else going up the list uh.you can go anytime you want to and hud.okay and you can apply that in there and.if they don't understand the rules and.you need to pull them up show it to them.you don't need to tell them that you.have the manual you just simply need to.pull out their own.definition of this stuff maybe a little.bit of caseload better law.i've never had anybody tell me they had.to battle that bar but i wanted to.prepare you guys for everything and that.is.my friend the end of the video i want to.thank you guys for joining me and like i.said.if you don't understand you need the.documentation or.you're having problems uh you know the.best thing to do is you can email me.with the email at the bottom of the.comment or in the description.and i'll do my best to help you but i.really don't think it's gonna get that.sophisticated okay.hey guys have a great weekend bye.

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Kansas Department Of Social And Rehabilitation Services Application For Benefits For Single Persons The Elderly 2009 Form FAQs

Here are the answers to some common misunderstandings regarding Kansas Department Of Social And Rehabilitation Services Application For Benefits For Single Persons The Elderly 2009 Form . Let us know if you have any other doubt.

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Write “paid for by parents” on the kids applications. On your wife’s application put the same cost details as you have put on your own application. However there is unlikely to be a problem if you have answered this question differently and in the manner yout question proposed.

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