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How to leverage The N 400 Form?

hello everyone.today I'm going to take a look at the.end 400 file online for the application.for naturalization or the application.for citizenship first thing I'm going to.do is go to google and type in u.s. CIS.and 400 that will take us to the end 400.application for naturalization page and.you'll see right in the beginning file.online now this is pretty new so click.on that and this will bring you to the.sign in or create a new account page so.if you go ahead and create a new account.you will have to put in your email here.and then sign up ok so I already did.that but what will happen is after you.put your email in and you sign up you're.going to get a confirmation email in.your mailbox that kind of looks like.this and it says to continue creating.your USCIS account you must confirm your.email address and then you'll go ahead.and click on that link ok and that'll.help you create your account alright so.back to here and we're going to go ahead.and I'm gonna sign in the email that I.set up and I signed in this is a.temporary email address and it's go as a.group at gmail.com and my password ok.sign in remember to have a capital.letter lowercase numbers and a symbol.somewhere in there ok and alright so.what happens now is you get a one-time.password every time you sign in you're.going to get a one one time password and.you could have it sent to your mobile.phone or you can have it sent to your.email so I just had it sent to my email.so then I'm gonna go back to my email.and find that one-time password.right so there's always some type of you.know double and you can see right here.verification I have a one-time password.and this will only work one time so I'm.gonna copy that back here.paste it in there and I'm gonna submit.so then I'll be able to go ahead and.start the form all right so let's see.there we go so now my USCIS accounts has.been set up I'm going to file a form.online it says right there.you do the n400 or to renew or replace.your permanent resident card the i-90.I'm gonna do the n400 start form okay so.the first thing they're going to do is.ask you if you are actually eligible to.apply to become a u.s. citizen so before.they start the application they're going.to determine my eligibility determine my.eligibility okay so they will go through.questions such as are one or both of.your parents a US citizen that would be.a no most likely right how old are you.18 or older are you a member of the US.Armed Forces.okay any of those the US Army Navy Air.Force cetera No.are you a lawful permanent residence yes.when did you become a lawful permanent.resident right before July 2nd 2013.between July 2nd 2013 and July 2nd 2015.this is if you're going to apply based.on marriage okay all right and if if.it's sooner than 2015 you may not be.eligible just yet okay next have you.left the United States in the past five.years I have gone on a few trips have.any of your trips outside the United.States been longer than six months nope.okay have you moved in the past three.months nope remember when you are.applying you need to have been living.where you are for at least three months.okay you may be eligible to apply for.naturalization okay so I passed the.eligibility criteria right I have been a.lawful permanent resident for more than.five years so now I'm going to go to the.application for naturalization and here.we are okay before you start your.application it's going to be go through.the eligibility I know we just did that.a little bit the fee if you are under 75.years old the application fee is seven.hundred twenty-five dollars this.includes the 640 standard fee plus the.$85 biometrics if you're 75 years or.older there's no biometrics fee so the.application is six hundred forty dollars.that's what it is right now always.always check the the fees okay.filing online you're going to gather all.the information the cost is the same the.same information is needed the documents.after you submit your application you'll.be able to track your case status online.okay you're going to respond to requests.for information provide your biometrics.attend your interview and take the oath.of allegiance all right next completing.your form okay we're going to go through.some of these questions you're going to.provide as many responses as you can.there automatically will save your.responses okay when you go to the new.page or navigate to another section of.the form they'll save your information.for 30 for 30 days from today after you.start your form you can sign into your.account to continue where you left.off there's some privacy notices the.paperwork reduction Act burden.disclosure okay and security reminder if.you do not work on your application for.more than thirty days we will delete.your data in order to prevent storing.personal information indefinitely okay.start the application been a lawful.permanent resident for more than five.years next okay so you can see there.it's saving your response is someone.assisting you with completing this.application nope doing it on my own okay.and each one it saves okay give a name.middle name family name what is your.current legal name the name on your.birth certificate unless it changed.after birth by legal action like.marriage or a court order don't put any.nicknames here okay have you used any.other name since birth so if you did yes.like especially a nip nickname you or if.you got married and changed your name.and you have a maiden name you can go.ahead and click yes and put that there.you could add as many as you need if you.need to add name okay would you like to.legally change your name now is a good.time if you want to legally change your.name you can do that right here on the.form okay I'm going to click no and I'm.going to do next.saving my responses even if I didn't add.anything in there okay my mobile phone.number my daytime phone number that.evening phone number you could put in as.many phone numbers as you need and your.email address what is your current.mailing address we will use your current.mailing address to contact you.throughout the naturalization process we.may not be able to contact you if you do.not provide a complete and valid address.so make sure you put that there okay.don't put okay and then there.instructions for p.o box numbers.students spouses of US citizens employed.abroad things like that so do don't.provide a p.o box number unless it's.your absolutely your only address okay.and domestic domestic violence victims.that is you're not required to disclose.the confidential address of a shelter or.safe house okay so that's a little bit.different.all right next I won't let me go on.because you need to provide your current.mailing address let me see if those up.saving response I did skip it what is.your date of birth what is your country.of birth next okay it's telling me again.because I didn't put anything in there.saving my responses what is your country.of citizenship or nationality.okay provide the name of your country as.it currently exists where you are.currently a citizen or a national on.what date did you become a lawful.permanent residence okay go ahead and.put the date month day year month first.then day then year okay what is your.name exactly as appears on your.permanent resident card even if it's.misspelled put it exactly as it appears.on your permanent resident card and then.your a number the a number that's.located on your permanent resident card.okay all right next all right what is.your u.s. social security number you can.click here if you do not have a social.security number okay what is your u.s..CIA s online account number and you can.click here if you do not have one you.would have one if you already may be.applied online for your for a renewal of.your green card something like that you.would have a online account number okay.next okay what is your gender female.now what is your ethnicity Hispanic or.Latino not Hispanic or Latino okay and.Hispanic or Latino refers to a person of.Cuban Mexican Puerto Rican South or.Central American or other Spanish.culture or origin regardless of race.okay and then here you go what is your.race select all that apply your race is.different from your ethnicity and should.reflect your geographical origins white.Asian black or african-american American.Indian or Alaska native Native Hawaiian.or other Pacific Islander yeah what is.your height.what is your weights what is a color of.your eyes what is the color of your hair.so I'm just going through these pretty.quickly so you can get an idea of what.they're going to ask you I live at my.current mailing address you can check.there when did you move here okay and so.from - and they see it says present so.you're currently living there now okay.and then here's your residence history.all right you must provide your current.physical address and then here you will.add your addresses okay where else have.you lived during the last five years and.what I notice here is you're going to.have to add the from and then today and.make sure there are no gaps in between.those five years okay the country the.address which is the street number and.name city town state zip code County and.you're going to add a physical address.not you're not a p.o box number okay.unless it's the only address and the.most important thing is they're going to.want continuty of your addresses.otherwise they won't so this is going to.be all filled out 2013 through 28.team there's any gaps they will reject.that okay and let's see other thing you.need up see it says I'm missing.information if I didn't put it in.alright so you make make sure you have.full residence history for the last five.years or three based if you're doing.based on marriage same is gonna apply.here where have you worked or attended.school full-time our part-time during.the last five years and you're going to.put here the information where you've.gone to school where you've worked and.you're going to keep adding and make.sure there are no gaps in the last five.years okay have you ever served in the.US Armed Forces nope are you currently a.member of the US Armed Forces nope.okay are you a male who lived in the.United States at any time between your.18th and 26th birthdays um I am NOT but.I'm gonna say yes and see to show you if.you do have yes did you register for the.Selective Service and if I type in yes.it's it's gonna ask you what date and.what your Selective Service number is.all right have you taken a trip outside.the United States in the last five years.yep mmm-hmm that means trips lasting.longer than 24 hours and visits to.Canada and Mexico counts okay so then.you're going to list all trips of 24.hours or longer that you have taken.you're gonna need those dates the date.you left the date you returned and the.countries you traveled okay for the last.five years.all right you could add as many trips as.you need okay you could see your travel.history add trip and then it's going to.tell you your total days outside the US.during the last five years it's going to.give you a total day an amount and you.can't go over a certain amount of days.outside the US without having special.permission because you might be in.danger of losing your permanent.residence okay.that's the continuous residence part or.the physical presence do you have a.physical or developmental disability or.mental impairment that prevents you from.demonstrating your knowledge and.understanding of the English language.and our civics requirements for.naturalization this is if you need to.apply for a disability exception okay.and your disability impairment must.affect your ability to read write or.speak the English language okay so.that's something you can decide I don't.hear and I'm going to keep going are you.requesting an accommodation because of.your disability and/or appearance no.okay no okay what is your current.marital status alright so I'll see what.happens here if I put married then.they're going to ask for your current.spouse's legal name okay given name.middle name family name okay and what.date did you marry your current spouse.what is your current spouse's date of.birth as your current spouse ever used a.previous legal name as your current.spouse used any other name since birth.okay and you see if you type in yes it's.gonna just ask you to add more.information what is your current.spouse's current address you could type.in or you can select my spouse's current.address is the same as my current.address all right is your current spouse.a US citizen if you do yes it's gonna.ask you when they became a permanent.citizen a US citizen things like that.they're just keep asking you questions.depending on whether you type in yes or.no is your current spouse a current.member of the US Armed Forces where is.your current.I was currently employed okay have you.been married previously if you type in.yes you will have to list yep.what is your prior spouse's legal name.same thing there you're gonna have to.find out that information or recall that.information same for your spouse let's.see when were you married to your prior.spouse so you're gonna go back into the.history how did that other marriage end.okay if you did divorce you're going to.need to provide evidence that that was.actually ended okay what is your prior.spouse's date of birth what is your.prior spouses country of birth.what is your prior spouse's country of.citizenship nationality what was your.prior spouses immigration status when.your marriage ended okay and you could.add as many prior spouses as you have.right saving responses and now to your.current spouse your current spouse been.married previously it's gonna go through.the same thing as you your current.spouse if your current spouse was.married previously asked the same.questions about that about their.previous spouse and they'll want to know.how it ended and have evidence okay do.you have any children.yes No okay this includes all children.even current stepchildren children who.are live missing or deceased children.born in the United States or in other.countries legally adopted children.children born when you were not married.okay.all of your children okay next were your.parents married before your 18th.birthday okay is your mother a US.citizen is your father a US citizen have.you ever claimed to be a US citizen in.writing or any other way.that's a big no have you ever register.to vote in any federal state or local.election in the United States probably.not have you ever voted in any federal.state or local election in the United.States nope okay do you now have or did.you ever have a hereditary title or an.order of nobility in any foreign country.no okay do you owe any overdue federal.state or local taxes hopefully not have.you ever not filed a federal state or.local tax return since you became a.lawful permanent residence nope have you.ever called yourself a non-us resident.on a federal state or local tax return.since you became a lawful permanent.resident no okay all right let's see.have you ever been declared legally.incompetent or been confined to a mental.institution nope.have you ever been a member of involved.in or in any way associated with any.organization association fund foundation.party club society or similar group in.the United States or in any other.location in the world well yeah I was a.member of the Parent Teacher.Organization at my child's school so I.will write PTA at Jones Elementary okay.group purpose parents teacher.organization okay all right I'm.currently a member from where things.like that okay so people get scared of.this question because they think they're.fishing for something and they are but.they want to know what organism.you're involved in an organization says.it was the PTA or the Girl Scouts are.you no involvement in professional.organizations that all goes to you know.you're involved in your community.you're involved in the homeowners.association that's okay it's it's good.okay all right all right you could keep.adding you know add as many as you need.there okay have you ever been a member.of or in any way associated either.directly or indirectly with the.Communist Party no have you ever been a.member of or in any way associated.either directly or indirectly with any.other totalitarian party hopefully not.have you ever been a member of or in any.way associated either directly or.indirectly with a terrorist organization.okay need to answer these questions.have you ever advocated either directly.or indirectly the overthrow of any.government by force or violence.have you ever persecuted either directly.or indirectly any person because of race.religion national origin membership in a.particular social group or political.opinion between march 23 1933 and may.8th 1945 did you work for or associate.in any way either directly or indirectly.with the Nazi government of Germany.between March 23 1933 and may 8th 1945.did you work for associate in any way.either directly or indirectly with any.government in any area occupied by.allied with or established with the help.of the Nazi government of Germany.between March 23 1933 and may 8th 1945.did you work for or associate in any way.either directly or indirectly with any.German Nazi or SS military unit.paramilitary unit self-defense unit.build july mt unit citizen unit police.unit government agency or office.extermination camp concentration camp.prisoner of war camp prison labor camp.or transit camp okay.so if those answers are no then it's.what it is it's no if the answers are.yes you will need to explain I guess.every single one of these were you ever.involved in any way with genocide okay.were you ever involved in any way with.torture were you ever involved in any.way with killing or trying to kill.someone were you ever involved in any.way with badly hurting or trying to hurt.a person on purpose were you ever.involved in any way with forcing or.trying to force someone to have any kind.of sexual contact or relations were you.ever involved in any way with not.letting someone practice his or her.religion okay next were you ever a.member of or did you ever serve in help.or otherwise participate in a military.unit were you ever a member of or did.you ever serve in help or otherwise.participate in a paramilitary unit which.is a group of people who act like a.military group but are not part of the.official military okay were you ever a.member of or did you ever serve in help.or otherwise participate in a police.unit were you ever a member of or did.you ever serve in help or otherwise.participate in a self-defense unit were.you ever a member of or did you ever.serve in help or otherwise participate.in a vigilante unit a vigilante unit is.a group of people who act like the.police but are not part of the official.police okay were you ever a member of or.did you ever serve in help or otherwise.participate in a rebel group okay were.you ever a member of or did you ever.serve in help or otherwise participate.in a guerrilla group a guerrilla group.is a group of people who use weapons.against or otherwise physically attack.the military police government or other.people were you ever a member of or did.you ever serve in help or otherwise.participate in a militia militia is an.army of people that's not part of the.official military.where you ever a member of or did you.ever serve in help or otherwise.participate in an insurgent organization.a group that uses weapons and fights.against the government okay so this goes.on and on all of this has to do with.your moral character it's going on about.the prison camp prison camps or it will.ask you about any criminal background.okay so you can see up here you did.getting started about you your family.you're going through moral character.here these are all the questions.relating to good moral character okay.all right okay so there's a lot of those.questions in moral character shoot me.any questions about that below all right.and then you're gonna go to the next.section which is crimes and offenses and.again if any of the questions on this.page apply to you you must answer yes.even if your records have been sealed.expunged or otherwise cleared you must.disclose this information even if anyone.including a judge law enforcement.officer or attorney told you that it no.longer constitutes a record or told you.that you do not have to disclose this.information so this is going to go.through all of your criminal background.have you ever committed assisted in.committing or attempted to commit a.crime or offense for which you were not.arrested okay not arrested okay have you.ever been arrested cited or detained by.any law enforcement officer detained.means stops and stopped and held for a.while and this is for any reason okay.and that could be from an immigration.official at customs or it could be.stopping because you went through a red.light and the police officer stopped you.so you're gonna have to disclose all.this information okay remember they will.be doing background checks so you want.to be honest.hey have you ever been a habitual.drunkard have you ever been a prostitute.or procured anyone for prostitution have.you ever sold or smuggled controlled.substances illegal drugs or narcotics.alright again this all goes toward good.moral character okay.going okay have you ever been now we're.going through the moral character part.still but now the immigration.proceedings have you ever been removed.excluded or deported from the United.States have you ever been ordered.removed excluded or deported from the.United States okay go through that have.you ever been court-martialed now this.is the this is military so yes or no.based on military if you were ever.discharged you know or or disciplined.things like that for the military okay.I'm still military more military all.right now we're going to attachment to.the US Constitution do you support the.Constitution and form of government of.the United States hopefully that's a yes.okay I'm just wondering what it would do.if it ah okay so if you say no it's.gonna have a box right there it says.provide an explanation okay good I got.it alright do you understand the full.oath of allegiance yes are you willing.to take the full oath of allegiance to.the United States yes the oath of.allegiance is a promise to be loyal to.the United States okay if the law.requires it are you willing to bear arms.on behalf of the United States if the.law requires it are you willing to.perform noncombatant services in the US.Armed Forces some people here for the.going back here to the.and bearing arms part bearing arms means.to you know to fight and use a weapon.use a gun some religions don't allow.that you to use a gun or fight that way.so if you do if the law requires it are.you willing to bear arms on behalf of.the United States if you do put no.you're going to provide an explanation.about your religion and then you're also.going to have to submit evidence from.your temple or Church or a place of.worship mosque or have whatever that.goes from ok you will need to provide.evidence all right so you go go through.those all right ok so the next part is.your evidence ok so you will need to.provide evidence here you're going to.have to upload your permanent resident.card ok your marriage certificates ok.any additional evidence to support your.application evidence of your name change.evidence of the end of your prior.marriages additional evidence you want.to provide if you had any tax issues.things like that and you're ok now.you could provide that evidence also.bring it with you ok save responses.you're gonna check your application.you're gonna review your whole.application before you submit it so.it'll bring you back and you'll have to.review and I didn't I had a lot of blank.spaces so um it's going to you know have.all these red marks so you'll be able to.see you're gonna have these red marks of.where things you know are not provided.so it's not gonna allow me to submit.because there's so much that's not.provided in here ok all right and that's.about it.walked you through a little bit of how.that online works and let me know if you.have any.questions and hopefully this new online.application will move the process a.little faster since it's all way backed.up right now all right thank you thanks.for watching don't forget to subscribe.and leave your comments or questions.below thanks.

How to generate an electronic signature for the N 400 Form online

CocoSign is a browser based app and can be used on any device with an internet connection. CocoSign has provided its customers with the easiest method to e-sign their N 400 Form.

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  4. You will be given selection after choosing 'My Signature'. You can choose your written signature.
  5. Generate your e-signature and choose 'Ok'.
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You have successfully signed the document online . You can access your form and send it. Aside from the e-sign selection CocoSign give features, such as add field, invite to sign, combine documents, etc.

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Google Chrome is one of the most accepted browsers around the world, due to the accessibility of lots of tools and extensions. Understanding the dire need of users, CocoSign is available as an extension to its users. It can be downloaded through the Google Chrome Web Store.

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  1. Click the Web Store of Chrome and in the search CocoSign.
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  3. Now, sign in to your registered Google account.
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in Today's era, businesses have remodeled their workflow and evolved to being paperless. This involves the signing document through emails. You can easily e-sign the N 400 Form without logging out of your Gmail account.

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N 400 Form FAQs

Some of the confused FAQs related to the N 400 Form are:

Need help? Contact support

How many application forms does a person need to fill out in his/her lifetime?

What kind of application forms ? If i assume job application the if you get the right one then as low as 1. Else there are people filling job application forms every quarter also.

What tax form do I have to fill out for the money I made on Quora?

Quora should issue you a form 1099. You would add that to any other income to the 1040EZ, or whichever tax form you otherwise use. Online programs will simply ask you in plain English (or whichever language it supports) to “tell us about any non-taxed income you have received”.

How do I fill out an application form to open a bank account?

It is very simple and easy to fill up this form. If you are in a difficult situation ,get the help of related Bank officials and they will help you to submit the application form.

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How long does it take to become a US citizen with a green card?

A permanent resident may apply for citizenship after 5 years (or 3 years if permanent residence was granted on the basis of marriage to a US citizen). After the application is made, it takes 6–18 months for immigration to process the forms and administer the citizenship test. So 3.5 to 6.5 years, depending on the circumstances.

How long does it take to get citizenship after interview?

Sometimes the decision is made at the interview. Sometimes it is made weeks or months later. I’ve heard of being interviewing to be a USA citizen take the oath of USA citizenship that day.

How do I fill out the IIFT 2018 application form?

The IIFT application form process is in online mode only while to make the payment, candidates can opt for the online as well as offline mode. The end date to submit the IIFT application form has also been extended till September 15, 2017. Check the steps to register for IIFT Application Form 2018 .

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