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Tips: A Detailed Guidebook on Completing Nj Application Form Online

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The Stepwise Tutorial to Nj Application Form

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Must-knows concerningNj Application Form

Hello my name is Michael Alpaugh. I am with.the Division of Aging Services, within the.New Jersey Department of Human Services. This.presentation will introduce you to the Division.of Aging Services’ Online State Application.for Verification of Eligibility or SAVE application..This application affords individuals the opportunity.to apply for benefit assistance for Medicare.premiums, prescription and utility costs and.hearing aids. The division’s goal is to.provide applicants all the benefits that they.may be entitled to receive. Let's begin..The online SAVE application can be accessed.from the Pharmaceutical Assistance to the.Aged and Disabled page of the Division of.Aging Services’ website..That link is listed here: https://www.state.nj.us/humanservices/doas/services/paad/index.html.An individual may also access the online SAVE.application by visiting NJ Helps.org and screening.for assistance programs..On the welcome page, the individual can begin.a new application or complete a saved application..To begin a new application, click start new.application. If the applicant has already.started an application, and created an account,.click resume existing application..The applicant must answer the basic screening.questions to determine if he or she is eligible.to apply. A yellow message box will inform.the applicant that the questions must be answered..Visit the Division of Aging Services website.for more detailed information..The program description page lists the programs.covered by the online SAVE application, as.well as eligibility requirements for those.programs. The applicant can click on the grey.headers to view the program names, guidelines.and benefits. The page includes the Specified.Low-income Medicare Beneficiary, or SLMB program,.to help pay for the Medicare Part B monthly premium;.the Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged.and Disabled Program, or PAAD, and the Senior.Gold Prescription Discount Program, for help.with prescription costs; the Lifeline Utility.Assistance Program, for help with utility.bills, and the Hearing Aid Assistance to the.Aged and Disabled Program, or HAAAD, for help.with hearing aid costs. Once the applicant.has reviewed the programs, click continue.to the application..Language assistance for the NJ SAVE programs.are available by calling 1-844-577-7223. There.is also a link at the top if applicants would.like a copy of the Nondiscrimination statement..The Division of Aging services will verify.the information provided on this application..If the applicant’s information cannot be.verified electronically, the Division of Aging.Services may ask the applicant to provide.further proof. An applicant’s failure to.respond to the Division’s request for additional.information may delay the processing or cause.the denial of the application..The applicant should answer all questions..To complete the application, the applicant.will need to provide information about income,.countable resources, utilities and prescription.coverage. In a few moments, you will see some.examples of the information that the applicant.may need to include. Upon completion, the.applicant will have the opportunity to attach.copies of his or her documents to the application..The applicant should not submit another application.if he or she has already submitted an application.and that application is still being processed.by the Division..Please note some of the features of this online.application. As you can see, there are symbols.that will assist the applicant throughout.the process. At the top of each section of.the application, there is a green box that.will offer directions to assist the applicant..Any question marked with an asterisk is a.required field and must be answered. The applicant.can click on a blue question mark to receive.a description of the information needed regarding.that specific question. The blue add button.allows the applicant to create a new row for.more information to be entered, while clicking.the trash can icon will delete information.entered by mistake. A plus sign allows the.applicant to see further information..A navigation section is located on the left.side of each section and indicates what the.applicant has completed throughout the application..It also allows the applicant to return to.previous sections without starting over..The checklist at the bottom of the screen.gives the applicant some examples of information.he or she may need to include on the application..The applicant can print a PDF version of the.checklist to have available during the application.process by clicking the print this page button.at the bottom of the page. Click continue.to the application..All online applicants must agree to the privacy.policy in order to continue with the online.application. If the applicant disagrees, he.or she will not be able to continue with the.application process..As mentioned before, the applicant has the.ability to register and create an account.with our division. This will allow the applicant.to begin the application process and return.at a later time to complete the application.if he or she is not able to finish the.process at that moment. After the applicant.enters their email and name, click send confirmation.email. If the applicant does not have an email.address, or does not wish to register, click.file application without registering..If the applicant is completing the application.as a guest user, a warning will appear explaining.the benefits of registering. If the applicant.wishes to continue, click file as guest. As.a guest user, the applicant must complete.the entire application at this time as the.information cannot be saved. Please note,.the application will time out after 15 minutes.of inactivity and all information entered.will be lost..This is an example of the confirmation email.that will be sent to the applicant during.the registration process. Click the link to.confirm the address..The applicant will be returned to the registration.page where he or she will need to enter a.password to complete the registration. The.password must be at least 10 characters and.contain one letter and one number..The applicant must also complete the CAPTCHA.task. Follow the instructions for the pictures.that appear in the box. To select a different.task, click the refresh arrow in the bottom.left corner below the pictures. After completing.the task, click verify. This process may have.to be repeated. Once the applicant has received.a green check mark, the CAPTCHA task is completed..Click complete registration..Now that the applicant is registered, he or.she must enter the email and password created.and click login..The applicant will now begin to complete questions.on the application. Be aware that each section.is identified by a heading at the top. The.first section is Contact Details. Also, notice.the Navigation section on the left side of.the application. The Navigation section indicates.the section the applicant is currently on.and any previous sections the applicant completed..The completed sections will have a check mark.next to them. The applicant can return to.a completed section at any time during the.process to edit information. However, the.applicant cannot advance to the next section.until the current section is completed..The applicant must enter home and mailing.address. If the home and mailing address are.the same, the applicant can check the box.to indicate that..The application will automatically verify.the address that has been entered. The applicant.may be prompted by an error message if he.or she missed a required question..Sometimes, an address cannot be verified..A window will appear and show similar addresses.with various house numbers and zip codes..The applicant must scroll down to view more.addresses if necessary. If the applicant’s.address is shown on the list, the applicant.should check the box to the left of the correct.address and click submit. If the address falls.within a number range, the applicant should.check the box to the left of the range and.enter the house or apartment number in the.box on the right and click submit..Entering phone numbers and email addresses.for future contact is optional, but it is.recommended. If the applicant prefers to designate.someone else as a contact in case there are.additional questions, the applicant should.select yes with new fields appearing and the.applicant will enter the contact person’s.information..Once all address and contact information has.been verified, the applicant can continue.with the application. Those applicants who.are not registered and are on as a guest,.will have to complete the CAPTCHA task at.this time. Follow the instructions for the.pictures that appear in the box. To select.a different task, click the refresh arrow.in the bottom left corner below the pictures..After completing the task, click verify. This.process may have to be repeated. Once the.applicant has received a green check mark,.the CAPTCHA task is completed. Click save.and next to continue..Household information such as name, date of.birth, gender and marital status must be entered..The applicant will also need to enter social.security number and living arrangements. If.the applicant does not have a social security.number or does not wish to provide it at this.time, he or she must click the box next to.not given. Please note that this may delay.the processing of the application. The applicant.must indicate if his or her marital status.ha changed within the last year..If the applicant selects married, a new section.will appear for the spouse’s information.to be entered. The applicant will indicate.if the spouse would also like to apply for.benefits on this application. Click save and.next to continue..On the demographics screen, the applicant.will answer the questions that most closely.reflect his or her status. The results of.these questions are for statistical purposes.only and do not affect the eligibility for.any of the benefit programs. Click save and.next to continue..If both the applicant and spouse are applying,.all sections will need to be completed for.each. The sections will show the applicant’s.name first and after the applicant has completed.the required questions, the spouse’s name.will appear and their spouse’s information.must be completed. In this example, the spouse.is not applying, so this page can be skipped.as the questions are not required to be answered..Click save and next to continue..Income details for the applicant must be entered..Income is reported as gross income. First,.the applicant must indicate if he or she filed.a tax return last year. For monthly and annual.income, the applicant must check the first.box if he or she does not receive any type.of income. Otherwise, the applicant will have.to indicate the type of monthly and annual.income received..The applicant selects from the drop down list.of common income types on the left. Once the.desired income type is selected, the applicant.must enter the monthly amount in the box on.the right. If there is more than one type.of income, the applicant must click on the.Add Monthly Income button on the right to.create a new line and repeat the process..The applicant will continue on to Annual income,.which will have different types of income.from the previous list. The applicant will.repeat the process of selecting the income.type and entering, this time the yearly amount..If at any time the applicant would like to.remove an income due to a mistake, click on.the trash can icon to the right of each line..If the applicant does not receive rental income,.check the first box. If the applicant does.receive rental income, the applicant has the.option to enter this information now or wait.until the end of the application process..New fields appear and the applicant must check.to indicate if the property that is being.rented is the home address. If different,.the applicant must enter the rental address..The applicant must then enter the income amount.that is indicated on his or her tax return,.the monthly gross rent charged, the annual.gross rent received, and the expense year being.reported..All expenses and deductions must be provided. .Enter the expense type in the box on the left.and the deduction amount in the box on the.right. If there are expenses, the applicant.will click on the Add expense button on the.right to create a new line and repeat the.process. To remove an expense due to a mistake,.click on the trash can icon to the right of.each line. Based on the information provided,.net rental income will be calculated at the.bottom of the screen..If the applicant does not have work income,.check the first box. Otherwise, select between.salary or self-employment and enter the monthly.amount in the box on the right. If there is.more than one type of income, the applicant.will click on the Add Income button on the.right to create a new line and repeat the.process. To remove an expense due to a mistake,.click on the trash can icon to the right of.each line..If income may change throughout the year,.the applicant must indicate the differences.under Yearly Income by listing the amounts.from this year to next year. Click save and.next to continue..For Medicare details, the applicant must indicate.if he or she has Medicare coverage. If not,.the applicant will be able to skip any further.questions regarding Medicare. When entering.Medicare coverage, the applicant must enter.his or her Medicare claim number or railroad.retirement number. Indicate the type of Medicare.coverage (for example Part A and Part B) and.the dates those coverages were effective..This information will be listed on the applicant’s.Medicare card. To add coverages, click on.the Add Medicare coverage button on the right.to create a new line and repeat the process..Click save and next to continue..For Medicare Part D enrollment, the applicant.must indicate which of the enrollment options.is preferred. The applicant must then indicate.if he or she takes any prescription drugs.and enter the name of the pharmacy used. The.applicant has the option to submit a list.of drugs at a later time by checking the first.box or to list the names of the drugs at the.bottom of the page. Click save and next to.continue..The applicant’s health insurance information.is entered on this page. If the applicant.does not have health insurance coverage, check.the first box. If there is health insurance.coverage, the applicant will need to enter.the name of the insurance organization, if.this insurance covers prescription drugs,.and if this insurance is through a retiree.or employer group plan. The applicant must.indicate if their retiree and employer group.plan has advised that health insurance coverage.may be affected if the applicant is enrolled.into a Medicare prescription drug plan or.if the health insurance coverage is considered.creditable coverage. Click save and next to.continue..This resource details section should include.information for both applicant and spouse..The applicant will indicate how many relatives.living in the household depend on the applicant,.or the spouse if applicable, to provide at.least half of their support. Next the applicant.will provide information for any bank accounts..If the applicant does not have any accounts,.check the first box. To enter account information,.the applicant will indicate the type of account,.(for example checking or savings) the financial.institution or bank name, the account number.and the current balance of that account. If.there is more than one account, click on the.Add Bank account button on the right to create.a new line and repeat the process. To remove.an account due to a mistake, click on the.trash can icon to the right of each line..The applicant will then repeat this process.for the investments section that follows..If the applicant does not have a vehicle,.check the first box. Only vehicles that are.owned by the applicant or their spouse must.be entered. This information includes, vehicle.owner’s name, year, make and model, any.amount owed and the current value. Also, indicate.if the vehicle is used for transportation.to work or medical care..Next, the applicant must indicate if there.is any other cash at home by checking the.first box or entering an amount. For real.estate, the applicant must indicate if there.is property other than the applicant’s home.and the land on which it is located by checking.the first box or entering the property value..If the applicant does not own any valuables,.he or she must check the first box. If the.applicant does own valuables, he or she must.enter their total amount. The applicant must.indicate if the money from any resources will.be used to pay for funeral or burial expenses..If the applicant has his or her Social Security.check deposited directly onto a pre-paid debit.card, check the box to the right. Click save.and next to continue..For life insurance, the applicant will list.all policies that are owned by the applicant..Enter the insured for each policy, the company.name and policy number. When entering the.values of the policy, remember that the face.value is the amount that would be paid out.from the policy. Cash surrender value is the.amount that would be paid if the policy was.cashed in prior to the end of the duration.of the policy. Also, indicate the type of.policy, whole life or term life..If there is more than one policy, click on.the Add life insurance button on the right.to create a new line and repeat the process..To remove information due to a mistake, click.on the trash can icon to the right of each.line..For trusts, the applicant must indicate if.there is a testamentary, special needs or.a qualified income trust. After indicating.the type of trust, the applicant must identify.other information such as the tax id, the.date the trust was initially funded and the.beneficiary of the trust..The applicant must also indicate any burial.arrangements made. First, indicate if the.arrangements are irrevocable or revocable.and their values. Irrevocable funds cannot.be retrieved by the applicant after payment.is made while revocable funds can be retrieved..Please list any burial space items and their.values. Burial space items are considered,.plots, caskets, headstones, vaults, and any.opening/closing costs. If the applicant has.other funds set aside for burial such as a.specifically designated account, include this.information along with the value of these.funds. Click save and next to continue..The Lifeline Utility Assistance Program offers.a two hundred and twenty five dollar benefit.to eligible applicants. The applicant must.first indicate if he or she is an electric.and/or natural gas customer..If yes, new sections will appear. The applicant.will select the company that provides services.for electric, gas or both. Enter the account.number, the name of the individual on the.bill and the applicant’s relationship to.that individual..If not a utility customer, the applicant will.be asked if he or she is a tenant and whether.utilities are included in the rent. If yes,.the applicant will have to enter the monthly.rent amount, select the option that most accurately.describes the living status and enter the.landlord’s information including name and.address. Click save and next to continue..If the applicant is neither a utility customer.nor has utilities included in the rent, the.applicant is not eligible for this benefit..The Universal Service Fund and Low Income.Home Energy Assistance Programs helps families.with energy assistance. The applicant is to.indicate the number of individuals residing.in the household and the combined gross income.for all household members. The applicant must.then indicate if he or she pays for heating,.the primary sources of heat and the supplier’s.name. Click save and next to continue..As mentioned earlier, the applicant has the.opportunity to attach copies of his or her.documents to the application. Based on the.answers to the questions provided, the applicant.may be asked for the documents listed on this.page..The drop down box gives examples of some of.the documents that may be attached. The applicant.will select the type of document. The applicant.will then click on browse to attach the file.saved to his or her computer files..Once the document file is found and selected,.click the attach button..On the review page, the applicant can click.on the plus sign on the grey headers to review.the information selected or entered on the.application. If there are changes, the applicant.can select the edit button on the right of.each header to go back to that section for.corrections. The applicant can print this.page by clicking the print this page button.on the bottom of the page..The applicant must read and review the following.notice before submitting the application..This notice refers to the Social Security.privacy act. If the applicant is not registered.to vote, the applicant can download a copy.of the voter registration form to complete.or request a voter registration form in either.English or Spanish..If the applicant had assistance in completing.the application, indicate yes and describe.the most accurate option. Enter the name,.address and telephone number of the individual.who assisted and check the preparer box to.agree to electronically sign the application..If the applicant reported zero income and.resources, the applicant must indicate any.type of money received, the amount and the.sources of this money in the designated box..If the applicant does not receive any money,.the applicant must describe how his or her.daily needs are met..If the applicant has reviewed all information.entered and believes it to be true and correct.to the best of his or her knowledge, check.the box on the left. The applicant must check.the second box to electronically sign the.application. Click Submit application..If the applicant indicated on the previous.page, that he or she received assistance with.the application with a representative from.the Trans-Atlantic Renal Council (TARC), that.individual must complete this form. Otherwise,.the application will continue..This is the confirmation page that indicates that the applicant has successfully submitted his or her application..The page will list the confirmation number and the date submitted at the top..The applicant must read this information carefully. The submission of this application is not the immediate approval of benefits..The applicant should not apply again while this application is still in process..If the applicant would like to apply for further benefits with the Hearing Aid Assistance to the Aged and Disabled.Program and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), check the boxes next to those programs..If the applicant selects the HAAAD program, a downloadable PDF will be available to complete.the HAAAD application. This form includes.information needed from the doctor. A list.of necessary documents that will need to be.attached or submitted can be printed for the.applicant’s reference. The applicant can.print out this page or the entire application.to keep for his or her records by clicking.the print button on the bottom of the page..Click Continue to survey..This page allows the applicant to provide.feedback on his or her experience with the.application. It may help the Division to improve.the application process going forward. The.applicant must indicate how he or she heard.about our division or our programs. The applicant.can also enter any suggestions or comments.regarding the application. Click done. A box.will appear informing the applicant that the.application is completed. Click ok to logout..If you would like further information regarding.the SAVE application or our benefit programs,.visit the Division of Aging Services website.at www.state.nj.us/humanservices/doas/services..Or call our hotline number at 1-800-792-9745..Thank you..

How to generate an electronic signature for the Nj Application Form online

An all comprising solution for signing Nj Application Form is something any business can benefit from. CocoSign has found a way to develop a convenient, economical, and low-risk online app that you can use.

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  2. Choose 'My signature'.
  3. There are three ways to write your signature: you can draw it, type it, or upload it. Select the one that you find most satisfactory.
  4. Once you have writed the signature, click 'Ok'.
  5. Finish by choosing 'Done'.

Then you just need to eSign document and have it ready to be sent. The next step is up to you. You can fax the form.CocoSign makes all the aspects of signing an electronic document easy and advantageous.

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Chrome is probably the most accepted browser nowadays, and it's no wonder. It has all the features, integrations and extensions you can request. It's extremely useful to have all the tools you use available, due to the browser extensions.

Therefore, CocoSign has work with Chrome, so you can just go to the Web Store to get the extension. Then, you can sign your form directly in the browser. These are a few simple key elements to lead you through the signing process:

  1. Note the link to the document that needs to be signed, and choose 'Open in CocoSign'.
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  3. Click the Inbox and find the email containing the file you need to sign.
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Nj Application Form FAQs

Read the below common problems about Nj Application Form . Speak to directly if you still have other queries.

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