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Durable Medical Equipment And Medical Supplies General Prescription And Medical Necessity Review Form Durable Medical Equipment : Customize, Finish and forward

okay good morning my name is Sababa.santhi welcome to your second webinars.from the clinical team I know this is.not just back-end but this will be your.second from us the clinical team my.disclaimer this is not an all-inclusive.PowerPoint for detailed coverage and.limitations information please refer to.the links to all the handbooks we've.provided for you at the end of this.presentation now I did not provide the.link for the fee schedule but I believe.the fees schedule is on the acha website.so if you click the link for the.Medicaid handbook you should be able to.get to the fee schedule and and if you.can't and need help you can email.Elizabet and we will try and help you.with that.this is a short overview to offer.guidance like I said earlier for.detailed information please use your.handbook at all times to gather.additional information this webinar will.cover CMS consumable medical supplies.and DME durable medical equipment.Medicaid state plan requirements for.those items as well as Medicare coverage.for CMS and DME and our lovely eye.budget waiver handbook requirements for.CMS and DME we will also talk a little.bit about something we talked about.previously which is transitioning from.Medicaid to waiver DME what is it DME is.an item that can withstand repeated use.you use it it's used by the client to.serve a medical purpose and it's really.not useful to anybody without any.illness or injury and it is appropriate.for use in the client's home now all of.the information in here did not come.from me personally they're all from the.handbooks.you hear a lot about medical necessity.Medicaid service criteria for DME states.that it needs to be medically necessary.appropriate for the client in the.intended medical use and exclusively for.that client and nobody else the same.goes for consumable medical supplies.consumable medical supplies have to be.once again medically necessary.they are consumable you use them a.couple of times or maybe once and you're.done with them they're disposable and.again.appropriate for use in the clients home.Medicaid service criteria for consumable.medical supplies again have to be.medically necessary and the medical.necessity documentation that submitted.must specify the type quantity frequency.for the supplies as prescribed by the.clients physician or healthcare.providers sorry I got carried away so do.you think it waiver as far as consumable.medical supplies waiver criteria for.supplies we basically basically cannot.cover any item that's covered by.Medicaid state plan I'm sure you've all.heard of waiver is the payer of last.resort so we won't cover any item that's.covered by Medicaid state plan or.another insurance provider and as with.everybody else it has to meet the.definition of medical necessity.every case that comes to state office or.your regional office whether it's an.annual review of services for the.clients or a stand request has to be.reviewed for medical necessity.regardless of how long the client has.been receiving the item or the service.and the purpose of medical necessity is.to determine if this service level of.service is still needed it's still.necessary for the client and consistent.with the definition of the service in.the handbook this right here that you.see on the screen is the criteria for.medical necessity we followed this as we.review each and every case that comes.here it's found on page 1 - 8 of the.Medicaid handbook and I'm sorry page 1 -.8 of the eye budget handbook and in the.Medicaid handbook it's found on page 2 -.9 I will suggest you printer's keep it.with you.memorize it if you want but refer to it.because we do refer to it for every case.that comes in DME and CMS medical.necessity has to be necessary to protect.life prevent illness or disability or to.alleviate severe pain it must be.individualized specific and consistent.with symptoms or confirmed diagnosis.I'll tell you a story short one I asked.my doctor or my kids doctor for an order.for some lab work we took I took my son.to get a lab work done didn't look at.the request or anything long story short.I got slapped with a bill for a couple.of things that were not met.necessary because my son did not present.with symptoms that warranted the request.for that for the lab but my doctor.prescribed it because I asked for it and.now I have to pay for it because my.insurance company will not pay for it so.again it has to be individualized.specific and consistent with symptoms or.confirmed diagnosis of the illness or.injury that is under treatment and not.in excess of the client's needs medical.necessity continues it has to be.consistent with generally accepted.professional medical standards and not.experimental or investigational as.determined by Medicaid program we.continue on with medical necessity must.be reflective of the level of service.that can be safely furnished and for.which no equally effective and more.conservative or less costly treatment is.available statewide and what that means.is it has to be rendered in the most.cost effective manner efficient or cost.effective be furnished in a manner.that's not intended for the convenience.of the client the care taker or the.provider and this is the one that gets.everybody stopped the fact that a.provider meaning health care provider.has prescribed recommended or approve.the service does not in itself make the.service.medically necessary or a medical.necessity or a covered service we all.know maybe some of you know most.families can get their doctors to write.in order for them does it mean that this.is necessary I'm not sure we have to.look at the case and determine medical.necessity and make a decision on whether.to approve or partially approve the.service no state has a definition of.medical necessity that says a treatment.is medically necessary because a doctor.has prescribed it all states have other.restrictions built into their.definitions of medical necessity and.many states have caused restrictions.built in their definition in an effort.to reduce their cost for example Florida.limits patients to the least expensive.treatment that is effective and other.restrictions require that the treatment.provide a significant benefit to the.client and that the treatment is not.provided primarily for the patients or a.doctor's convenience or family's.convenience who pays for what g-tubes.thongs gauze tapes suction catheters.ventilators trach tubes formulas.wheelchairs frames q-tips my goodness.the list goes on and on.what who pays for what you can refer to.your to the handbook for detailed.information and to get an understanding.of the required documentation that we.need to approve services and supplies.that come to state office for review.Medicaid requirements for DME and CMS.Medicaid will reimburse for a service.that is not a duplicate of another.provider service and again are.determined to be medically necessary and.the documentation for medical necessity.again has to include the type of.equipment services or supplies.including quantity frequency and length.of me as ordered by the physician of the.client now medical necessity Medicaid.reimbursement medical necessity must be.established for each service and.documented at a minimum with the.following a written prescription that's.now more than twelve months old.I'm sure you've all gotten re eyes from.us requesting for prescriptions for.services and/or supplies that you are.requesting for your clients we can also.use or what Medicaid will use a hospital.discharge plan or certificate of medical.necessity a plan of care if it's a home.health agency and as stated earlier all.documentation of medical necessity has.to include the type of equipment.services or supplies that's ordered okay.this is just a reminder with regard to.we're not going to spend a lot of time.on Medicare but this is a reminder that.waiver is payer of last resort and we do.have individuals that some have.insurance.some have Medicare and that we need to.do our due diligence to make sure that.we look at these Medicare has their own.rules which are different than Medicaid.rules individuals may have Part A they.may have Part B they may have Part A and.B so just a brief overview with regard.to if an individual has Medicare Part A.DME is covered in some cases but it's.very specific to whether or not that.individual is either house.lized or eligible for home care so if.they require medical supplies based upon.an injury or an illness while they're.either hospitalized then they are.covered under Medicare Part A Part B.which is Original Medicare may cover.some medical services and supplies that.are medically necessary to treat their.health condition so this includes our.patient care preventive services.ambulance services and DME Medicare has.different criteria with regard to how.you qualify for coverage again it must.be durable which means it's that it.would stand repeated use it has to be.used for a medical reason in the home.the benefit has to be in the home if you.go out of the home that's okay but the.benefit is in the home and it must be an.item that is generally not useful to.someone who is an injured or ill so some.of the common Medicare items that are.covered hospital beds walkers commodes.wheelchairs nebulizers oxygen sleep.apnea devices infusion pumps diabetic.supplies some incontinence products and.orthotics and braces so for the most.part medicaid generally pays for the.basic model of the DME equipment.upgrades are usually the responsibility.of the recipient but DME has to be.useful and it's got to be again the.benefit has to be used inside the home.modifications to living quarters are not.covered and they.Kaira often does not cover single-use.items unless the recipient is receiving.home health care one other thing I just.want to mention with regard to Medicare.which is actually it's pretty big.because Medicare has an 80/20 rule.Medicare generally pays 80% the.recipient is responsible for the other.20% so that's something that actually.needs to be kept in mind the other thing.I believe that we did with regard to.Medicare is we provided you a link for.there's there's a very good CMS booklet.that is specific to Medicare coverage of.DME and other devices so that that link.should be at the end of the presentation.you get back to any back to way Burke.waiver reimbursement requirement for CMS.you all know this services must not be.authorized via waiver if it's available.from another source.and as WS fees for your clients you have.a very important job to do.to ensure that you are checking other.funding sources in providing.documentation that you have done so and.other funding sources are natural or.community supports third-party payer to.be private insurance Medicare and other.Medicaid programs such as Medicaid state.plan or a managed care according to.waiver and the handbook all equipment.must have a direct medical or remedial.benefit to the recipient be necessary to.prevent the clients from being.institutionalized and we do require an.assessment if.description for DME we talked about this.on our previous webinar so we just got.to touch on it a little bit regarding.aging out from state plan services to.waiver at age 21 what happens six months.prior to the client turning 21 as it.relates to CMS and DME.okay transitioning to a PD waiver.services the different plans Medicaid.state plan or whatever insurance.provider the client has and EQ solutions.prepare for the transition transition.planning typically happens every three.months if the client is in a nursing.facility and DME and CMS items should be.included in the discussion for.transition planning and that will.include what medicaid will continue to.pay for when the client transitions.because there are still some things that.Medicaid will cover even after the.client turns 21 and there are some items.that will stop under Medicaid and waiver.will pick up the cost of some of those.items and you can find the information.as far as what Medicaid will pay for on.the fee schedule this is just no time.line six months prior to the consumers.21st birthday best practice for.transition you begin the process to.identify the consumers current needs and.three months prior to turning 21.although that's not always the case we.get calls at 5 p.m. on the 21st birthday.or when the client turns 21 of the day.before from Eq asking about the client.some status so six months prior you.start planning and three months prior.best practice recommendation is for you.to update your support plan hopefully.you are included in the meeting the.transition meeting once a wait once you.are aware the decline is going to be.turning 21 so you gather all your.information update your documents gather.all the documentation.you're gonna need to include.prescriptions plan of care but all of.that depends on the client services and.supplies that they will need upon aging.out and you will then submit the.information to APD at the three month.mark and hopefully before by the 21st.birthday everything will be set for the.client when he or she transitions want.to talk a little bit about general.character items because we do see a lot.of that a prescription submitter for.supplies like diet products.over-the-counter medications vitamins.herbs which has general utility or is.generally available to the general.population without a prescription does.not change the character of that item.for the purpose of coverage under the.waiver items like deodorant lotions.cream rinses creams ointments are not.covered by the waiver regardless of.whether it was prescribed by the.physician I've had cases and phone calls.where I've been told.well waiver has been paying for it all.along why are you saying now it's not.covered I don't know why waiver has been.paying for it all along but I can tell.you just because it was prescribed by.the physician doesn't make it a covered.item we do not cover peri rinses cleans.lotions it's like paying for shower gel.for a client and waiver does not cover.that excess or overages versus wait for.one thing to remember and I'm sure.you've heard this waiver is the payer of.last resort we will waiver it's not.going to pay for extra items that.Medicaid is already paying for now if I.is truly medically necessary I believe.there is an exception process that the.client can go through for to see if.Medicaid will pick up the excess there.is one exception to this waiver funds.cannot be used to purchase additional.quantities of consumable medical.supplies that are above the Medicaid.state plan limitation amount except it.is determined that the recipients health.cannot be met within the limits of.incontinent supplies set by Medicaid.state plan and as far as incontinence.applies based on the exception that I.just read in terms of excess to request.an exception for additional incontinence.supplies a doctor or the clients doctor.health care provider must prescribe or.provide a statement of why the items are.medically necessary for the recipients.health and how those items are directly.related to the recipients developmental.disability and the Regional Medical case.manager must concur before the.additional items can be approved and.this information is found in the eye.budget waiver handbook page 2-28 or.actual 66.welcome to sue lien and Duke we're going.to talk about to clients sillyness agent.out of Medicaid state plan she has a.tracheostomy energy - she's in.Continental bowel and bladder.has been receiving the items below from.Medicaid state plan tracheostomy.supplies to include ties collar and.inner cannula suction canister and.suction catheters sterile water diapers.wipes bed pads formula for G - feeding.pump pull bags and extensions sue-lin.when she ages out will continue to.receive from Medicaid state plan for.tracheostomy supplies and everything.that goes along with her Twinkie ostomy.supplies suction canister and suction.catheters and the formula for her.feedings what will she get from waiver.let's see a PT waiver when she ages owl.will pay for diapers wipes bed pads a.pump the feeding pump the IV pole.feeding bags and sterile water 500ml s.or more Duke he started fine and has.been on the APD waiver for years he.received a colostomy and a G - two years.ago he's due for an annual support plan.review and has been receiving the items.below from the waiver forever in AD a.colostomy supplies G tube extensions.diapers wipes Pats feeding bags pump and.pull and his pocket is now here for.review upon review and at the end of the.review that determination will be that.Duke will continue to receive diapers.wipes packs his feeding bags pump and.pull from APD the rest that APD has been.paying for unfortunately will need to go.through Medicaid state plan and those.are the.colostomy supplies and the g2 extensions.let's talk about some thin screen best.practice where a reviewer is in front of.his or her computer we get into a zone.I'll talk about myself get into one zone.when I'm on a roll I'm reviewing.everything I've reviewed the.documentation and I'm getting ready to.make a determination on the supplies and.I get to the sand screen and this is.what I see procedures service code is up.there service rate 357 dollars I have no.quote I have no idea what the cost of.each of these items are but in the.description box this is what's written.in the description box 6000 for feeding.sets 30 syringes 20 sponges 200 gauze.washable bed packs now I have to stop.dig through the folder some more to see.if I can find a quote that will at least.tell me the cost of each of these items.it's really complicated or it takes it.takes time away from the review process.when the reviewer has to stop and.decipher the information that's written.in the comment box for this client so.it's very important that if you're going.to lump items together that in the.description box you include not just the.item but the cost of each item and the.reason for that is if there are certain.items that need to come from Medicaid.state plan it'll be easy for the.reviewer to end this screen create new.screens with the items that are.reimbursable under waiver well we're not.having a quote or a description of the.cost of each item.the comment box we have to stop and most.likely do a request for additional.information delay the review process.further so the recommendation here I'm.not I'm not saying do not look but if.you're going to lump items together we.best practice recommendation is for you.to be as descriptive as you can be in.the comment box but itemizing the items.the quantity and the cost of each item.and also it's helpful to get a quote.from the supplier sometimes the quotes.aren't even helpful but there are some.quotes that are really helpful the.quotes will list the item how many like.for whites.how many whites are in each packs how.many packs comes in a case and the cost.of each case so it's important that as.you gather in your documents to please.them that you have a quote and if you're.going to create if and when you create.the sand service screens that you try to.be as descriptive as you can if you are.going to lump some things now some.things just shouldn't be locked together.I believe their tags have their own code.so it's referred to the fees schedule.for the code and create and it seemed.like a lot of work but it makes the.review goes go quicker and the reviewer.wouldn't have to stop and different.information call you or email you or do.a request for additional information so.this screen is not the best screen at.all now take a look at this isn't it.lovely look at the descriptions six.packs of Y per month 750 each at $45.monthly there's a description of the.item and the call.of each item and the monthly cost of.each item so if something here needed to.be removed it will be a lot easier to.create another screen and I now.understand as the reviewer the.annualized amount of four thousand two.hundred eighty four dollars what that's.all about what is being paid for with.this amount of money so once again as.you do your stand screams I've seen.screens and the description says items.needed to maintain health and safety of.the client wall that's that's great but.that doesn't tell me anything about.what's covered under that service raid.and what all this money is paying for.for this client okay um these are the.links for the handbook the I budget.handbook the Medicaid handbook and the.handout that lori talked about earlier.from medicare the fee schedule is not.here but i believe when you go to this.second link you should be able to find.an option for the fee schedule it's not.weekly and if not we can senate Lizabeth.and she can send it to you guys to refer.to.okay so I'm going to leave the links up.here for you and just so you're aware.wallets presented on the column you.can't actually click it it's a it's a.static link but if you access the link.through the PDF that's on the attachment.or on the website you can click on there.so there's easier ways to get to it.rather than writing it down and typing.it into your browser but I will leave it.up just so you guys can see it and as we.go through the questions that have come.in and there's some moments where it.gets quiet it's just because we are.reading through and coming up with.answers so just bear with us if we have.some some silent moments but we are.going to start to go through these that.have come in and as we continue you know.we have plenty of time so the.conversation is still open think about.you know everything that subha has gone.through if you have questions not.comment just go ahead and send them to.us this is your best platform to get.messages to us in a live manner.um Petra we are looking at your question.you asked who generally does not who.generally does the assessment can you.send us another message and just clarify.that question please what assessment are.you referring to.regarding the question about the.hospital bed we unfortunately would not.have that information we encourage you.to use the link to Medicaid complaint.hub and get them to help you find.providers that can provide the hospital.that you need.the fastest to reach medical occurrence.of additional supplies.okay so we have a question that says on.at one time we were told we needed to.list items quarterly and monthly on the.service authorization is this still true.you can do either one as long as what.you are authorizing is very clear so.that's why the notes at the bottom are.critical and needs to be delineate and.and itemized.out so that everybody knows what your.you.why isn't as there's question says why I.said necessary to get quotes from.providers if the waiver rates for the.items are already set that's true if the.support coordinator is actually has the.correct service code with the item that.reflects the correct rate then we just.need documentation that maybe the.individual is truly an incontinent or.something like that but it's the other.items that are not specified on the.great table or that are lumped together.under under personal care items that we.require the Florence for.okay there's a question question that.says can you please review after an.example when a person needs over 200.units of diapers and pull-ups and how we.shall submit if needs to increase to 280.units for example would you put two.hundred under one code and 80 under.another so if so Bob went over the.criteria for requesting and access over.what the rate table allows so if you.provide that documentation and it is.determine if necessary you can put the.200 units under that specific code for.the break table and you can put the.excess under the personal care items.code and just like you know Saban gave.that example just identify exactly what.you're asking for.how many units in the box.you.okay the question earlier was the DME.assessment and prescription who does the.assess the assessment it depends on what.the DME item is it could be physical.therapists occupational therapists the.physician it all depends on what the.item is it's not an assessment that's.done by the medical case manager in the.Legion it's done by a licensed person.but again it depends on what the item is.and information regarding that is can be.found in the handbook.we have a question about that someone's.asking how we'll pay for insurer for.individuals who have swallowing problems.swallowing food so it supplements.according to our handbook require.prescription and a dietary assessment.and if you provide that information and.it's terma mentally necessary then the.waiver can provide that.okay there's a question about a method.on how to find a Medicaid provider for.consumable medical supplies and DME.supplies so akka enrolls providers and.they enroll them and give them a certain.authorization to be a certain type of.provider so there is a possibility that.they could run a query to tell you who.is enrolled to be that type of provider.but it still would not tell you if they.provide these supplies you would have to.still contact the individual provider to.find out if they actually do this just.because it's a part of their enrollment.does not mean that they will provide.we have a question from an individual.who just inherited a consumer on the CDC.bus program who is aged out of Medicaid.and that the parent was told by Medicaid.that Medicaid no longer pays for the.formula which is costly and he's also.aged out of TRICARE the question is that.I understand you to say that Medicaid.will cover his formula once they are.aged out so if the individual I don't.know if we have enough information.necessarily if the individual is 100%.fatty of g-tube the Medicaid does.continue to cover the formula but it may.have to be requested through an.exception process to EQ health and it.would be they would use the so they ate.9,900 exception code to make that.request so the provider just needs to.register through equ health as a.provider for that service and they can.make the request through the equ health.for next option.and just to clarify with regard to.Medicaid if an individual is on.fee-for-service Medicaid they still go.through EQ health solutions for their.prior service if they are on a managed.care plan of which we do have.individuals who are then they go through.the plan so that's just clarification.okay we have a question who usually pays.for a replacement mattress the.individual has a hospital bed mattress.runs out and wants an air mattress.generally medicaid covers hospital beds.mattresses and the air mattress but they.do have criteria in terms of limitations.- how many years before you can get a.new mattress so we'd have to know a.little bit more about that one in order.to give you a definitive answer.you.we have a question does Medicaid state.plan or a waiver pay for ventilator or.sleep apnea supplies including oxygen.concentrator Medicaid not waiver page.for those items.Oh.we have a question that says what is a.g-tube extension so g-tube is a.gastrostomy tube where the individual.has a tube where they're fed through.their stomach they could have a an.actual tube or they could have what we.call a Mickey button the g-tube.extension is a a small piece of tubing.I'm not sure I don't think it's more.than 12 inches and it connects to.generally the Mickey button which is a.skin level and it then connects to the.feeding bag.we have a question that says it's.impossible to have several funding.streams for various durable medical or.consumable medical items for example.maybe natural support pays for some.items Medicare my papers claims Medicaid.make papers made in the waiver made yes.that is possible and we encourage the.other funding sources as well.we have a question is a letter of.medical necessity needed every year for.the same supply or is one sufficient to.initiate the service if you're.submitting or requests for additional.and for me our standard by significant.additional needs request or you're.requesting some kind of changes and.you're in the individuals cost plan then.every single time that is refuted to.consider a whole plan with you and so we.still need to determine medical.necessity each tire that review.we have a question that says been to.providers have an authorization for one.patient in the same month but for.different items and yes they can.I believe a question who pays for a home.use blood pressure cup or a consumer.with hypertension the waiver does not.cover that blood pressure machine.okay so at this point we have reviewed.most of the questions that have come in.if there was something that you.submitted that you needed a little bit.more information on or wanted to discuss.further you are welcome to send those.questions to me Elizabeth and I will get.them to the appropriate person and then.you can have that conversation with that.person.

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mobile phones are the most effective electronic devices used these days. You must be interested in using e-signature from this most used electronic device.

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  1. Navigate to the CocoSign website from your mobile browser. Login to your CocoSign account or sign up with us if you don't have registered before.
  2. Select the document you need to e-sign from your mobile folder.
  3. Open the document and click the page where you want to put the electronic signatures.
  4. Press 'My Signatures'.
  5. Design your electronic signature and place it to the page.
  6. Press 'Done'.
  7. Load the document or directly share through email.

That's it. You will be done signing your Durable Medical Equipment And Medical Supplies General Prescription And Medical Necessity Review Form Durable Medical Equipment on your phones within minutes. With CocoSign's remote signature software, you no longer need to worry about the security of your electronic signatures and use our application of your choice.

How to create an e-signature for the Durable Medical Equipment And Medical Supplies General Prescription And Medical Necessity Review Form Durable Medical Equipment on iOS?

Many softwares have a harder setup when you start using them on an iOS device like the iPhone or iPad. However, you can insert esignature on the doc simply with CocoSign, either using the iOS or Android operating system.

Below steps will help you to e-sign your Durable Medical Equipment And Medical Supplies General Prescription And Medical Necessity Review Form Durable Medical Equipment from your iPad or iPhone:

  1. Place the CocoSign application on your iOS device.
  2. Design your CocoSign account or login if you have a previous one.
  3. You can also sign in through Google and Facebook.
  4. From your internal storage, select the document you need to e-sign.
  5. Open the document and click the section you want to put your signatures.
  6. Design your electronic signatures and save them in your desired folder.
  7. Save the changes and email your Durable Medical Equipment And Medical Supplies General Prescription And Medical Necessity Review Form Durable Medical Equipment .
  8. You can also share it to other people or upload it to the cloud for future use.

Select CocoSign electronic signature solutions and enjoy flexible working on your iOS devices.

How to create an electronic signature for the Durable Medical Equipment And Medical Supplies General Prescription And Medical Necessity Review Form Durable Medical Equipment on Android?

In recent, Android gadgets are popular used. Therefore, to make convenience to its customers, CocoSign has developed the application for Android users. You can use the following steps to e-sign your Durable Medical Equipment And Medical Supplies General Prescription And Medical Necessity Review Form Durable Medical Equipment from Android:

  1. Place the CocoSign app from Google Play Store.
  2. Login to your CocoSign account from your device or signup if you have not been pre-registered.
  3. Press on the '+' option and add the document in which you want to put your electronic signatures.
  4. Go for the area you want to put your signatures.
  5. Design your e-signature in another pop-up window.
  6. Place it on the page and press '✓'.
  7. Save changes and email the file.
  8. You can also share this signed Durable Medical Equipment And Medical Supplies General Prescription And Medical Necessity Review Form Durable Medical Equipment with other people or upload it on the cloud.

CocoSign assists you to to design a lot electronic signatures whenever. Connect with us now to automate your document signing.

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