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youtube video

Hcd Form 416 : Custom-make, Finish and forward

[Music].[Music].if you've ever underestimated the recoil.from a firearm and you've paid dearly.good hit the subscribe button if you got.a scope ring go ahead and hit that Bell.notification icon I love to hear it in.the comments section the comment section.is sentient it does or something so go.down there and see what they're all.about guys a big support of the channel.right now has come my warehouse.get in there and get gun magazines for a.pretty cheap price discount code grand.thumb if you don't want those you want.some plaid get to vertex they make.awesome stuff discount good grantham 25%.off ok moving over into the video for.today I think this video is requested a.lot I don't know if people kind of know.what they're looking for but today we're.gonna be talking talking about the H&K.416 so we are not talking about the mr 5.5 6 this is an actual factory short.barreled rifle from H&K an actual 416.and I had three different variants that.I messed with and we're gonna talk about.my experience is shooting these so about.combined total I have around 7,000.rounds on an H&K 416 it's not as much as.some of the other firearms that I've.done but I think enough to say enough.about it to kind of give you guys a good.review on it so the 416 kind of I don't.know if it really needs an introduction.but I you've seen it in video games.you've seen it in movies you've seen it.everywhere and maybe you've even argued.about it online so Larry Vickers who was.a delta and delta helped H&K develop the.hk416 it's a short-stroke gas piston.system as opposed to a direct in pension.system and this was to make a rifle that.would just crush reliability be better.than an m4 in every single way so does.it.we'll see we'll talk about it so on this.particular short rifle that I have right.here the H&K 416 upper is on a milspec.ar-15 lower in this case of Daniel.defense so the M R 5 5 6 uppers will.typically well the older ones will not.fit and milspec lowers but H&K 416.uppers will fit.you're milspec close what's nice about.that is that that allows you then to use.just regular magazines well like pmags.and that type of thing will work well as.opposed to an HK lower which will.require emags or H&K magazines or stanag.magazines or something like that where.the pmags don't work well so just as a.quick note there now if you are using a.ar-15 lower with your H&K 416 upper.what's important are two main things.first off the trigger either use a.milspec trigger there are other triggers.that work in this case I am using a.guy's Lee hk416 trigger with about a.four-point five pound pol obviously I'm.a huge fan of guys Lee quick note there.guys Lee did give me this trigger the.upper however was bought completely at.me left a large dent of my wallet also.the recoil system H&K has their own.proprietary spring and buffer will not.proprietary you can use you know regular.ar-15 ones but there's a lot of recoil.going on this so it's recommended that.you use Asian case so quick note there.for those of you who are thinking about.buying one even before we got into the.review how is the H&K 416 then how does.it stack up against you know an ar-15 so.what we are talking about the H&K 416.I'm gonna be talking about the short.barrel variant which is a 10-point.three-inch upper receiver so why 10.4 of.H&K they're special but in any case this.was made to compete with the mark 18.we're not even the mark 18 but short.barreled m4 see if they're realize that.the time that this was developed those.short barreled em forests are not doing.that well as far as reliability is.concerned so this is developed to.address those shortcomings now currently.the mark 18 in my opinion is a very.reliable weapon system as is the hk416.but let's kind of get into it.so to kind of start off we're gonna do a.whole pro's and con's thing what kind of.drift a little bit into cons as we're.talking as I usually do but we're gonna.do our best here so the first thing that.should be noted is that on the H&K 416.the barrel is phenomenal.it has a cold hammer-forged should.barrel with very well made materials the.barrel life on these Asian K's is very.very good depending on firing schedule.you can expect these to last a very long.time.a good buddy of mine had one that ran.about sixty seven thousand rounds of.course he lost accuracy as the round cam.went up in that type of thing but.realize that these barrels are very well.made and I believe for a long time.they're considered among the best.perhaps they still are so barrels are.excellent on the H&K 416 s now as far as.accuracy is concerned a DI gun typically.is gonna be a little bit more inherently.accurate now that being said I think.these guns are more accurate than.anything that you could probably.typically pull off what I mean to say is.that it's more accurate than you so with.this particular upper I've been able to.get about between 1.25 to 1.5 MOA.groupings I'm sure I can do better with.a better optic and that type of thing.the point is is that I have no qualms.about the accuracy of this particular.system so for whatever reason you think.that a piston gun is gonna be like.wildly more inaccurate it's not the case.they're still very well made and in the.case of the 416 it is a free floated.handguard in that of course helps with.accuracy as well so compared to like say.a standard m4 I would say it is.inherently more accurate now compared to.say a kind of modern out free floated.ar-15 maybe the free floated ar-15 has a.small advantage but that being said.these are plenty accurate.all right going up from the barrel we.have the gas system so the gas system is.not a direct contingent is it is a.short-stroke gas piston system so how do.they differ well on a a r15 in this case.we're gonna take the direct competitor.to the H&K 416 or that particular one.and we have a mark 18 right here the.mark 18 is a short-barreled variant of.the m4 so in a mark 18 or an A or 15.when the bolt is traveling down the.barrel.once the passes that gas port all that.gases trapped behind the bullet as its.leaving the barrel is tapped off into a.gas tube that gas tube then runs the.length down into the receiver where it.in impinges upon the bolt carrier group.and then pushes the entire thing.backwards and thrinng cycles weapon all.that kind of stuff so end result is that.you get a bunch of hot gases into the.chamber with carbon fouling that fouls.up the weapon faster than you would have.with a piston design such as the H&K 416.so nation k 416 that bullet travels down.the barrel hits that tap off point gas.goes into a chamber and impinges upon a.piston up front that pigeon then has a.piston then has a rod that travels down.in pidge's upon the bolt carrier group.and the receiver pushes that back cycles.it so the end result is that you don't.have quite as much gas coming back into.the receiver compared to a direct and.pensioned gun so because of that the.receiver runs cleaner and obviously the.bolt carrier group and the bolt and all.that kind of stuff have to rotate and.move in slide through that receiver so.because you have less gas and carbon.foul and get it into there you have a.more typically reliable weapon system.than say a DI gun so that is kind of the.purpose behind the piston system now.there are some problems with the piston.system it's heavy so you have a lot more.moving parts out front because of that.the weapon is significantly more front.heavy than something like a mark 18 or a.or 15 or anything like that now people.are gonna be quick to point out why.don't you work out you know a little.weight so a big deal and you.say that now but I'll hold this weapon.up for long periods of time doing CQB.and that type of thing and you're gonna.really begin to feel it as you move.through those buildings so weight does.matter even a small amount of weight for.because this gun isn't much heavier than.a mark 18 but it's still heavy enough.that you definitely feel the difference.in such a short barreled rifle even.still talking about the gas system we.have to mention the 416 so the 416 was.designed to be a very reliable weapon.system one of the ways that they did.that was in addition to incorporating.the piston the short-stroke gas piston.on the htk 416 to ensure you have less.fouling.they also viciously over gas this thing.what that means is that they have a lot.more gas going into that chamber to.actuate the piston than is really needed.but what that does is it ensures that if.I have any fouling going on that's gonna.power through thatthat it's gonna have.enough energy to break from any debris.or anything like that any sand or snow.or ice or anything like that because.that it's a very reliable system in my.opinion now a couple problems that come.from that one is felt recoil and this is.what everybody I think fails to address.when it comes to the 416 well not.everybody but typically in reviews or.video games is that for all that.reliability and everything you have a.lot more kick so what that means is that.when I'm looking through my dog and I'm.firing this weapon on automatic or.semi-automatic or anything like that.I can watch that dot bouncing a lot more.and I could feel a lot more recoil and.pulse on a lot more muzzle rise than I.would feel now compare that to a air 15.mark 18 type system with a direct.impingement it's a very soft recording.system but again there are gonna be.sacrifices to be made to have a little.bit more reliability in the case of the.piston system they just wanted an ultra.reliable system so I understand what.they're going for so when a lot of.people pick up a hk416 and they fire.they go mouths it's so much recoil.what is HKS problem.just realize that the problem was is.that they didn't want a problem so that.is the reason why the hk416 has such a.vicious kind of recoil impulse compared.to an ar-15 even though they look very.very similar now in addition to that the.piston system makes it particularly.reliable in a couple different.conditions arctic conditions and also.maritime conditions which was very well.kind of a showcase in that video of the.german man sitting in a koi pond.shooting an hk416 in an m4 and yelling.at us and german a great video but in.any case the Norwegians have adopted.this as a rifle and it is performed very.well so on some of the newer HK variants.that are coming out there's an.adjustable gas block now Norway has.famously had some trouble with theirs.but there is a newer H&K 416 coming out.the a5 with just an adjustable gas block.which could probably help with some of.the vicious / gassing that the current.H&K systems have just want to make a.quick note there of that where the hk416.really shines is when you get into a.triple threat so with triple threat I.mean short barrel suppressed and full.auto so if you're doing all those things.a piston gun is to put the inner be a.little bit better and the reason for.that is that the piston system that.seems to handle that full auto fire a.little bit better and the reason for.that is you're gonna have a little bit.less gas blowback on a full auto.suppress short barreled 416 compared to.a mark 18 and the reason for that of.course is that you have less than gas.traveling back into the system now no.matter what you're going to have gas.blowback coming back through the chamber.of the gun.there's no matter what and you can see.it in the slow-mo videos.you're going to have that no matter what.you do but it's going to be a lot less.than a mark 18 you're not gonna get.quite as much coming up through the.charging handle and that type of thing.because you're not shooting those hot.gases directly into the receiver another.great thing about the H&K 416 is that.there are a lot of great aftermarket.parts out there for this particular.rifle so I have one of them on the gun.right now which is the guys Lee rail so.guys a rail doesn't weigh less than the.H&K rail but what it does do is it.weighs about the same amount while.giving you to sling points as well as.extending past the gas block which.allows you to match your accessories a.little bit further out so I'm a big fan.of the guys Lee rail and I use them on.all my H&K 416 s that I've used another.thing is of course going to be the guy's.a trigger again I'm not trying to sound.like a guy's a spokesperson because.there are other great products but in.this case I think the guy is a trigger.is perhaps one of the best for the H&K.416 has a 4.5 pounds pol I'm a big fan.of the guy Z triggers there just.disappeared to milspec triggers.now as far as groupings are concerned.compared to like an ar-15 I am a little.bit slower with an H&K 416 and the.reason for that is because of that is.just recoil it's hard for me to bring my.dog back in a target before I can get.that second shot off so when I'm doing.anything like a bill drill or something.like that my times are significantly.well not significantly but about a solid.point 10.20 slower compared to an ar-15.or mark 18 or something like that.now at the same time is that like a huge.deal no probably a little bit more.training on the htk 416 and be just as.good kind of managing that recoil and.getting better at it but I have to try.harder with the H&K 416 to shoot as fast.as I do with a mark 18 as accurately so.I did a couple tests here with hk416.that fired it semi for six rounds I did.it suppress for six rounds and then I.also did it full out of both.unsuppressed and suppressed to kind of.look at my groupings my groups are.better when they are unser semi-auto.than they are auto and that's just due.to the fact that the cyclic rate on the.hk416 there's a little bit out of.control and because of that it's a.little bit harder for me to control that.gun to keep it on target for sustained.fire.[Music].so we've kind of seen that I do want to.make a couple quick notes a couple quick.fixes I don't want to just throw say you.know a couple things without saying that.you know you can make some certain.things better so on the H&K 416 we.talked about that vicious recoil cycle.so you can tame it there are aftermarket.buffers Lucas from t-rex arms use a very.heavy buffer and that helped him really.tame his rifle and the recoil is very.nice on his particular 416 now the.problem with that is that he slowed down.the system so much that if he wasn't.using really hot ammo that sometimes he.would get failure to eject or extracting.that type of thing so just realize that.you can tame it but just realize that.there might be problems as you can do.this you need to find the balance based.on what type of ammo you're shooting or.whether it's suppress or unsuppressed.and that will kind of help you figure.out what buffer weight you're gonna need.and that type of thing again if you do.end up getting one of the newer it's UK.for 16 as they become available I don't.believe they're available to civilians.quite yet with the adjustable gas blocks.so that are that worked very well you.might see that that thing kind of no.longer be an issue where you don't have.to change your buffer weights because.again we're kind of on the impetus of a.lot of on a lot of hk416 uppers and.parts kits being released so there's a.quick note there so as far as our cons.are concerned we've kind of talked about.them a lot as we've kinda been going.through the pros but basically what you.have is you have a viciously over gas.system which has a reason there's a.purpose behind it because of that you.have a very stiff recoil impulse which.makes you a little bit slower in this.gun than you would would be on an AR or.something like that as well it's heavy.it weighs more than an ar-15 and it's.more front heavy which leads to a little.bit more fatigue when you're doing CQB.type stuff but again nothing comes.Bevin's free right so if you want an.ultra reliable weapon then you're gonna.have to make some sacrifices so again if.you're looking to buy an 88 or 16 just.realize kind of what you're sacrificing.I know I've talked a lot about.reliability when it comes to this gun I.said hey it's ultra reliable it works.really well that's that thing and.absolutely this is a very reliable.weapon system but that's not to discount.at all the reliability of modern ar-15s.and mark 18 such as the one that we have.right here they're also incredibly.reliable and work very very well it's.just that in the case of the H&K 416.that reliability is taken to a.ridiculous extreme so whether or not you.are going to get one kind of depends on.what you do in your purpose so again if.you're shooting full auto suppressor or.barrel.I think the 416 is a really great option.there are other great piston options out.there realize that the the hk416 is not.the only kind of a our pattern rifle.that runs at isten and we'll be talking.about those more in the future but it is.definitely a good option should you need.that kind of ultra reliability do.realize when it comes to the HD a 416.that there are a lot of proprietary.parts like the gas piston system itself.and the bolt some put some of these.parts are definitely interchangeable.they are 15 but not all of them and.because that you're looking to pay a.little bit of a premium if you have any.type of problems with the hk416 on top.of that the H&K 416 is ridiculously.expensive I got this upper for a pretty.cheap price at about $2,900 but that was.cheap I've seen them for more expensive.some for less expensive but the point is.is that your parent paying a lot of.money for not a huge performance.increase as far as reliability is.concerned and you're getting a lot more.muzzle rise a lot more recoil so for you.know civilians yeah you can buy there's.definitely a cool factor to it and it's.very reliable but at the same time you.know just realize what you're running.into departments kind of understand that.because you have such a viciously over.against system you got a little bit more.parts where I can paid compared to like.a direct impinging gun so if you're.gonna be like out in the middle of.nowhere.like just not able to clean your gun for.whatever reason then yeah the 416 makes.sense you know you're you're doing like.a raid on a Taliban compound yeah you're.about to smoke Osama bin Laden before 16.did it it's great but in most cases I.really do believe that the direct and.Pidgeon ar-15 is a better choice now.we've talked a lot about the short.barreled H&K 416 so when it comes to the.longer variants like the 14 5 and the.16-inch barrel H&K 416 they're excellent.some of the problems that this weapon.has they don't have due to a longer.barrel length and some less it's less.over gas so because of that you have.less parts where in that type of thing.but when it gets to 14 5 and 16 the kind.of benefits of the hk416 start to bleed.off and I think that you're actually.better with just a direct impinging gun.so if you want to go as short as.possible on a ar-15 style weapon I think.that the 416 has a lot going for it the.mark 18 has kind of always been on the.bleeding edge of reliability with such a.short barrel the 416 solves that it's a.very reliable weapon system again you're.gonna have all those problems that go.along with it so just know what you're.getting yourself into.again I can't make that choice for you.no undoubtedly the H&K 416 looks very.very cool but you're only gonna look.cool you know you're doing some guys.make sure that you get training training.is what matters without training you.know all your cool toys are just that.toys so get training on them again we.got cog Works bear solutions esoteric.Halley strategic all great companies get.in there get that training for them guys.and tell them that I sent you and.they'll probably be creeped out which is.great.besides that guys I hope you've enjoyed.our little talk on the H&K 416 get in.there discuss it and I've got nothing.else for you last thing I got for you is.friends I your family is very important.and because they're always gonna be.there you know you're always gonna be.kind of a part of that family maybe not.so people lost families but friends are.kind of interesting you just find kind.of another human being that you're not.real.and you're like I like this person we're.gonna spend a lot of time together.friends are important guys make sure.that you're there for them.I guess is my point I've had a lot of.buddies recently in the military you've.been having a lot of really tough issues.and they've been kind of quiet about it.and I haven't been able to help them out.so take that time to check on your.buddies whether you're in the military.or law enforcement or whether you're.civilian that doesn't matter take that.time to show that you care for them and.to be there for them because that's kind.of what matters gunfire is really cool.but friendships and that kind of real.stuff that we've always talked about is.what matters so that's kind of our.message for today my dad advice so again.I've got one last thing for you and that.is if you've gotten this far you know.we're talking about Big Daddy unlimited.so again super cheap subscription.service get parts really cheap I use it.for a lot of products again it depends.on how many products you buy it's like.10 bucks a month and then you get super.cheap firearm products again it works if.you're spending the money to buy stuff.so if you're not if you're buying stuff.like once a year probably not worth it.if you're buying stuff once a month.you're probably gonna save yourself at.least ten dollars in which case and Big.Daddy unlimited is worth it.and finally if you've gotten this far I.want you guys to comment with your.favorite flavor of ice cream yes your.favorite flavor ice cream we're gonna do.that mine is a mint chocolate chip I.love it so much thanks for watching.we're done I promise we're done now bye.

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First off there are no fees for leaves or requests for leave in any branch of the United States military. Second there is no such thing as a fiancée form in the U.S. military. There is however a form for applying for a fiancée visa (K-1 Visa)that is available from the Immigration and Customs Service (Fiancé(e) Visas ) which would be processed by the U.S. State Department at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy overseas. However these fiancée visas are for foreigners wishing to enter the United States for the purpose of marriage and are valid for 90 days. They have nothing to do with the military and are Continue Reading

What is mobile home registration?

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Does a mobile home have a deed or title?

Only land has title. Neither fixed nor mobile structures are included. The purchase contract of a home includes buildings, structures, etc as it needs to be explicit about what is being exchanged.

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