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okay Brock creator of the Hawkwind.legend yes is now third afternoon good.afternoon which now spans 33 years about.a hundred albums plus and about 30 odd.personnel changes going right back to.the start when you think of Hawkwind.Oakland is banks to speak as audio.generators but going back a bit further.to your start you began as a busker yeah.that's right take us back to those days.in the 60s well I used to do cinema cues.and theater cues in the West End sort of.Lyceum I did I think when the Pink Floyd.played at the Lyceum in 1968 I think it.was something wrong there I made quite a.lot of money because the kyu won all the.way down the Strand it took me two hours.doing this cure right I lost my voice at.the end of all four singer but yeah I.used to make quite a good living out of.it you know and you would do busker type.songs yeah all blues numbers you know.jazz sort of stuff you know that was my.next question because the first sort of.creation of Hawkwind that was going to.be hawking zoo was hurry on sundown or.demo for that yeah which you you wrote.and that is a risk in number yeah but.it's got a blues form isn't it yeah the.first line twice as tough a blues is.obviously a big party or oh yeah yes.what kind of bands were you thought.listen well before that I used to I mean.I played we had a few bands or blues.bands and all that in fact to meet.Vernon on media records we got four.tracks on his label which is Dharma.blues band it was cruel with a guy.called Mike King it was a wonderful.boogie piano player right who learnt.from a guy called Pete Johnson who's one.of the great legends Elva Hammonds Pete.John some of the big legends of Beauty.piano playing and might learn how to.play off of him in Canada and I played.with Mike over at PI Island Jazz Club me.Twickenham with the Dharma booth Buddha.Dharma blizzard that was really a first.band uh was other ones before that but I.was a man where we actually sort of.things started going all right.you know applied in blues clubs and jazz.clubs played a jazz band for a while.banjo first offer so I started playing.banjo you know yeah.and then it sort of progressing there to.busking and then you know it got our.going because Don Partridge come along.and had his hit single Rosie yeah so all.of a sudden there was loads of guys.thinking though going out of the streets.and we've said all these bad scenes.internal off it's a my parish yeah.yeah and it got really hectic and then.you know then I decided sort of film.Hawkwind unless I can just talk about.dancing that the Don Partridge scene.there was actually went on a tour.together oh yeah we just asked us to win.a double-decker bus all over England.yeah yeah that's right yeah play the.Albert Hall as well right yeah and you.were part of that you're a Londoner.aren't you but yeah part of the.Ladbrokes scene in the late 60s which.was a it was a political scene exam when.it was a change I mean I you know sort.of trends the newspaper friends that's.right and and anarchist groups white.Panthers right and how did you sort of.did you gravitate to a theme like that.or you well most of the guys I knew were.working or involved in all these.different sort of situations you know I.mean we had so so many contexts because.it was quite a web of intrigue you know.Notting Hill Gate at that time it's you.know where everybody lived yeah we got.involved with a bomb squad because of.you know our ad anarchic sort of.situations got raised were always being.stopped.you know overrated as well were yeah oh.yeah we stopped all the time you know I.mean it happened for years on end your.arms blacklisted I mean most of the.members of ban but blacklisted and we've.been stopped you know showing driving.licences you know just me and might feel.that police knew where we were and what.was going on you know right-wing branded.as outlaws yeah yeah yeah I mean we.weren't peace-loving hippies you know.always people we think oh yeah we used.to take loads of LSD and you know we're.all peace and love but we will involved.in lots of different things and lots of.change we're involved.Greenpeace we're involved with them for.quite a few years you know right yeah a.lot of gigs we did free a lot of the.money went into sort of different.coffers for here revolutionary idea was.yeah yeah yeah and with the fur out of.the Dharma blues band then there was.famous cure which actually got a hit.record in Holland didn't it yes right.yeah that was quite strange well we went.over to Holland we actually toured with.a big circus tent you know is the rock.and roll circus.we were the B band you know because they.had all the major dutch bands playing.those at golden earrings cubing the.blizzards a few other sort of well-known.names golden earrings still going I.think anyway and we'd used to sort of.just play psychedelic freak out music.really you know lots of one notes and.one strings and that's how I met Nick.Turner because he was working putting.the tent out there so I actually met him.and then can we focus on that what was.your first impression of this wooden was.going to be a great performance artist a.musician in the Hawkwind band how what.was your very first impression of him.botany yeah was he the Viking in the.sunset I can't remember - actually at.that point no I honestly if just yet.another face because I mean you know in.the band at the time we had Mick.Slattery John Illingworth and we had a.Dutch drummer right I mean we used to.hang out in the right place is really in.Amsterdam I mean I lived in Amsterdam.before all this I actually went over.there and sort used to go busking in.Amsterdam though I lived there for about.four months living 69 this though this.was in this or about 65 all right 65 to.67 because it was a lot of rioting going.on as well there's a lot of things going.on in Holland because it's a long story.again yeah well after the war you know.there's a lot of quislings were in high.places in the government and so on and.they weren't they actually kept their.places for many years in the Dutch.government.as cause a lot of young people actually.found out about this and wanting them.sort of taken from power and so there's.a lot of left-wing scenes going on will.repay P so a lot of rioting in the.streets and the police were really quite.brutal they stopped coming whacking.people left right and centre old main.I've seen old blokes getting knocked to.the ground kicked women kids the whole.sort of thing and he brought the.government down in 67 in all the riots a.big change happened in Ireland then you.know and we were sort of there at that.time wrong you were attracted that kind.of thing was it an inspiration for you.in a certain way it was well you were.young you know what it changed things.well actually yeah I mean you know.because you know you felt like there was.a lot of other people who thought the.same you know you've got to have changed.you can't have things being set in stage.always got continually that's why this.bands probably forever changing you know.how Kezia it's a good thing to change.build things up and then you have to.tear them down realest that's a good way.of lolly and when did you start thinking.in terms of whilst you're in a famous.cure when did you start there was group.X after that one well after the famous.cure we came back to England and things.fizzled out really you know that's when.I sort of went off busking I mean I did.work I was working as a gas board.fitters mate actually I used to ride my.bicycle ah to the I think Fulham where I.lived up on on my bike to the gas works.every I would it I did that for about a.year and a half you know which is rather.tedious I can imagine and read up about.that oh yeah al I used to sort of still.Punk around on my guitar and I decided I.you know start flying in the streets and.all that which is far better which I did.and then that's when I sort of actually.I met up with John Harrison because I.used to go basking in Tottenham Court.Road.subway which is doing you know run.through Charing Cross Road I used to.play down there because I used to play a.lot of Blues stuff that's how I met John.it was quite enthusiast and John.Harrison used to play with Joe lost ban.he was the bass player from Joe lost.back yeah he's a young guy John was you.know and you know we used to talk a lot.and it's you know.around and we'd used to golf down to.palaver drinkin Ora and when the Blues.did you play in that Scots King.situation any number that springs to.mind dealing with the deviled Sonny Boy.Williamson staffer uh gosh you know.snoops equally or mean all these.character blame to blue them yeah Sonny.Terry Brown and McGee and all this you.know Muddy Waters all stuff like that.right.then cuz I met with John we used to sort.of sit around my house but he plays bass.I played you know electric guitar and.then sort of mixed slattery used to come.around and meet was sort of like really.good lead guitarist me and used to play.a bit like Jimi Hendrix so we had this.little thing going you know and then we.put an advert in the Melody Maker and we.got Torrey Hollis it was a work his dad.was a scrap dealer so he had a scrap.yard and you come and joined up with us.and we used to rehearse in a music shop.or were I used to live which is a guy.called Bob who used to be in the Bonzo.Dog doo-dah band nice to work with that.and new portable band Bobcats walkabout.that's right yeah still going to.actually saw him about two years ago.down at Bugis Festival and we used to.rehearse in basement of his music store.you know which was and that wasn't a.dream X well we didn't have a name then.you see it was just like a star of.another round which became group X we.just had to call it group X and we used.to play round Notting Hill Gate for.nothing and then sort of Nick come along.was so he had a van and so it hooked up.with him before yeah he turned I turned.up in London we met up with him and he.worked as our roadie basically you know.an indica cool also new from Richmond is.when unknown didnít quite a few years to.come along well actually was a bit.lighter because it we didn't have it.generated and he used to help out with.our gear right and then we suddenly.discovered that Nick you know could play.a bit of saxophone was like avant-garde.blue you know and stuff like that you.couldn't play it properly you could just.sort of do run something down and that.was it so we decided to ask Nick to come.and join us.and.it was then it was Hawkwind zoo we.decided call it Hawkwind was the idea.was to names.it was the mythological name which was.better to be the hope that flies over.the forest and the eagle flies over the.mountain and the other thing was Hawk.Wimmers Nick Turner's he was always.going its gobbing you know so hulking it.was called you know and he's elusive.used to fart like his terrible guy for.farting you know so that was the wind so.it would have a joke like wind lives for.a month yeah so that was sort of part.passive area actually got called out.yeah and then dick McGeorge out with us.got audio generator so that that must.have been a crucial sort of stage did.you have a vision of you know what the.next two years were going to be you know.the space rock thing that it developed.into you know at that time blues was.already on the way out the blues boom.was really sort of flagging and there.was kind of like prog rock and possibly.the start of a bit of glitter that did.when you fall and Hawkwind zu you know.could you see the future well no because.we never used to think aid I mean we.only live for now you know yeah I mean.even so like exactly the same now I mean.it you never know what's going to occur.so you never think I mean yeah we do.okay we know we're going to play a few.festivals either now we know we could do.a tour you know and so on but then it.was just like day by day you know I mean.we don't we get gigs where we play for.nothing all the time and the other thing.was we're actually well I never used to.turn up sometimes because I make more.money busking and a world with the band.you know right and we dad Doug Smith is.our manager then because we've got.involved with Clearwater productions.they had this is a guy max Tyler now max.Tyler's head of Lloyds you know do you.know all about is I'll give a show.something else later on because we get.all these things in the in the wash a.light go off at a tangent but there was.max Taylor wine bar del Doug Smith and.they had a company called Clearwater.productions Laird bang called Cochise.which.is it common with guys named BJ Cole's.slide guitar is really very famous going.oh yeah.then and a bank would skin alley high.tide which is quite a very famous band.where Simon houses to playing that yeah.BJ curls Alabama 3 now Isley he might.well be yes but it's all Maria glasses.they know it's quiet it must be that.same age as me.yeah he's played smart on Alabama is he.he's a you know wonderful character yeah.it stings well yeah yeah yeah so I mean.that's how we actually got involved.because we were planning limelighter.saying Notting Hill gained psychedelic.was all psychedelia going on the Aryan.right we just used to have a stroke.going all the time and Doug Smith that.come down and thought yeah they sound.quite good we get them signed tired.little you know sort of them agency and.management and that's how we sort of got.started really in that sort of sense you.know right and how did you get the.record deal what Douglas got that I.think he did a deal with all the whole.of the bands that you had Cochise skin.early high tide and us all got signed to.United Artists cry I mean we would saw.down the bottom of the pile we were like.you know the boys at the bottom we.wrestle were quite good musicians and.yeah they were all sort of playing.proper places and we used to just play.everywhere you know.so three festivals mainly yeah awful lot.of food very much.yeah music is a free thing yeah right.I mean we were into you know all these.like turning up playing for free and.people to book hauls get us to ply.proceeds to go to you know like say.Greenpeace or anti-vivisection all this.sort of stuff right we were actually.floating them really you know did you.know about Nick's performance artist.tendencies when you first did you know.that was going to come later on no well.that was I mean he was you got remember.at a time I mean people you a lot of.people eat a lot of LSD and who knows to.be quite over the top really only we.used to look like quite a weird bunch.anyway yeah.the time I suppose really as time went.on you know when let me join rule you.know we were quite an unusual bunch of.characters before then there was Bob.Calvert Bob Cal came along probably.about ninety was around but I actually.started working when I was probably.about 72 right I'm learning right.because that's when him and me wrote.sewing machine together then I had to do.it under nan de plume to try and get.some money out of the record label you.know so I had to do it under another.name because otherwise they won't oppose.you well I refuse to actually I did it.under a nom de plume I did it under my.wife's maiden name at the time you know.so that I would actually get a contract.separate contract and eventually got the.money from United Artists and we've got.a mortgage on a house then you know it's.alright Alice died stepping up the.ladder you know tread milk.yeah and and that song you wrote as an.album track as part of that it was a.live number it was yeah I mean those.things yeah it was I mean you know well.I mean Bob and me over the years we.wrote a lot of stuff together I mean we.wrote quite a few hundred numbers you.know I mean we worked together quite a.lot I mean Nick was only in the band in.the thirty two years he only actually.played in Auckland seven years you know.right that was it I mean over the period.of years that bob was sort of been out.doing his own projects he'd sort of do.West End.he's do West End shows write scripts for.different shows and he's doing his solo.albums used his solo singles right I.mean you were always open to ideas that.would some broaden the platform so like.the air when he appeared at the a40.Ladbroke Grove you just asked him up on.stage that was always the band's.attitude yeah well I was I mean when we.played on we used to plan to the flyover.at Portobello Road under the under the.flyover there and Michael lived in.Notting Hill guy and he came down of.course we will I used to read all his.books you know only wow you know it's.quite a yeah great honor to meet him you.know and he said you know do you think I.could Nick actually induced me to might.you know so do you know this is my.we shook hands and misses you know could.I come on recite some poetry on stage.you know so we said yeah be great honor.Ryan there so we've got involved with.Michael you know over the years he wrote.stuff with us and right you know still.doing he's doing some at the moment in.Rome and the greasy Tucker's album that.was the Roundhouse yeah that that was.where silver machine this is essential.now how did it get from that.so this fabulously mixed single which he.wasn't he say the production of it was a.lie you know it's just one of those one.of those things that happen really you.know it just fight right that's all it.was fate.she's happened to be doing something at.the right time for it all just a click.in place right I think that's the way.with most bands you know unless you've.got a big company laying loads of money.in you and promoting right most things.just occur through fate and things.happening you know right commend you you.got a lot of that radio airplay with it.did it happen on its own was it one of.those that was just good enough to.happen on its own do you remember how it.well let's do the top three didn't know.yeah I don't I really I mean it's hard.to know really it's just one of those.things that occurred I mean we were like.I mean most of our gigs were sold out I.mean we were you know because we used to.have a huge great freak following of you.know peepees and Bohemians and.characters like that yeah come to Sears.place so consequently places were always.full up so I mean you you know there's a.lot of interest in the media right.because what we were doing and course we.used to do loads of benefits and all.that you know right well here we are.Dave it's 20 minutes since I asked my.last question unfortunately an April.shower as meant that we've come right.into the nerve center in the hub of.Hawkwind operations your studio here in.in Devon yes I think my last question.went right back to 1970 and the Isle of.Wight Festival you were s right yeah you.are a sort of friend Jack there weren't.you we were yeah we played outside there.because of the costs I think all the big.stars have been flown in by helicopter.and.we played outside where you billed as.being on the festival oh no no no I mean.we just turned up there in our old van.and so our gear up you know played.actually had a little generator and just.played outside and the silver machine.theme began there with Nick Turner.painting himself silver yeah well he.that's where he got noticed oh gee I.think with Jimi Hendrix actually I think.actually said I'm going to dedicate this.number to the guy with the silver face.because he had half a silver face then.you know right but I don't think there's.anything do a sort of machine that I.think we've even written it then any.other really 1970 bit later on alright.and if we sort of move forward to the.debut album were you happy with the.album was it taut the first one yeah.yeah actually it's very good because we.had dick Tyler from the pretty thing.sort of was basically been keeping an.eye on us to make sure with the eye.properly and he was a great help you.know because he had a lot of experience.in studios right so yeah he was great.character dick you know played 12 string.actually on some of the tracks as well.and the Hawkwind act you know that.involved 9 artists and and everything.that was just coming in performance.artists how did that come together.Maceo when was she sort of statio now we.met up with Stacy I think in the 70s.actually oh she was working as a petrol.pump attendant actually in Exeter and I.don't know I think we just stopped there.to fill up with some petrol on our way.down to Cornwall and somewhere we got.talking to her and nothing Nick invited.it to the gig you know we were doing.chained it up there taking the clothes.up and dancing you know people used to.do a lot of that in the psychedelic age.of taking their clothes off you know.feeling free and so she was in the band.yeah she'd sort of well you know she.kept a job for a bit longer I think and.then packed it all up and come and.toured with us then for the next few.years and then there was the Roundhouse.gig and the greasy truckers album yeah.and that's really the first turning.point it's got a business suddenly a.band that was in the free festivals and.was in about all the non business side.of things it's suddenly in the top ten.in the top three.and the money hassles must have followed.pretty soon the pressure on a follow-up.that kind of thing it was that the case.oh yeah Hawaii did because um well most.of our money we actually invested back.into our light show you see I mean we.actually were making a lot of money.individually because we always used to.sort of plow it back into our gear and.we had a huge great PA system with all.these fantastic paintings all over I.mean we had Barney bubbles I mean sort.of Barney did a lot of our design work.and all that great artists always.thought in terms of set designs of.taking it yeah just a band it was like a.more of a big community sort of.situation you know like it was a big.entourage wherever we went we had an.entourage of people you know because he.used to lie so we quite a weird.characters you know so we did actually.attract lots of weird characters a lot.we write nuisances you know behind the.arses but you know it would it was quite.artistic in the sense you know me get a.lot of artistic characters and like so.Tony Carrero it was a mime artist yeah.he come and work with us he worked with.us again in the 80s when we did the.Elric tour you know he was Elric as he.owned that right and we had quite a few.other we had a couple of girls from.America that used to dance you know we.just saw Michael Moorcock he came along.yeah come along to some sort of poems.and he'd sing with us on albums now did.you get after silver machine did you get.the stock record company response what.are you going to do for a follow-up I.don't know I can't remember much about.all that right open gorillas came out.yeah well that was the one urban.guerrilla was the follow-up to silver.machine and then cause unfortunately you.know the IRA were on a bombing campaign.and so obviously airmobile United.Artists I should say no EMI but you I.really thought that you know because the.words the song which is totally relevant.now I think I sit down the record.clarity no they are totally relevant so.I mean stuff that Bob was writing and.nothing's changed what's going on in.Palestine oh I won't go on but I mean.you know it's so dope we're talking.about hundred years ago.yeah the same things have been occurring.like the first world war you know.yeah Sarajevo were the first.assassination that cell that started and.nothing's really changed you know you.think the same things are occurring like.a cycle winner right you've got you know.the Arabs getting their own land back.and now you've got its Rio and nothing's.changed unfortunately we don't do human.beings don't have that sort of.perspective to actually change you know.they get bigger weapons and for any.other water but the the upshot of it was.about urban guerrilla the upshot of it.was yeah hearted artists wanted to.withdraw it just when you had a good we.had a good single groups yeah it would.have it would have gone up into the top.ten you know required our profile and.then you know things would have gone on.we probably would have ended up being.one of a big sort of superstar bands who.knows consequently you know things.didn't work out like I said that must.have been a great disappointment in a.way I don't think it bothered us we bit.cross at a time but you know we weren't.that sort of - we weren't phase by all.the things that used to go on because we.used to live day by day you know I mean.it wasn't people said you know would say.it's a career but it wasn't a career I.don't regard playing music as a career.is it's like a pleasurable sort of thing.I miss our work because you got practice.by it's it's different you know it's.like being an artist you paint pictures.you and say yeah you know it's a career.yeah not like sort of working at the gas.board like I used to know yeah.what your first memory is of lemme lemme.first memories of them even well he.didn't have a bass actually stop yeah I.think we gave him a bass because he.didn't have one we had this old bass and.let me ended up playing that and then he.sort of progressed from there onwards in.Ryan right.I think it was Dick Mick actually I mean.we were in trouble we had Dave Anderson.who was the bass player for him on dual.playing with this thing.and dave was sort of on a different.scale from us I mean you know he had a.sports car he lived a bit of a different.lifestyle you know because we were.pretty you know or hard up all the time.so there was that little bit of sort of.resentment you know not being one of us.syndrome with him so he was given the.elbow and let me come and joined up with.us sooner I and he had a big a lot of.exposure for silver machine didn't leave.here yeah then he ended up singing in it.we all tried it yeah and let me know.singing it so may yeah that was a start.of it all maybe you know you never knows.right.yeah and yeah I mean Lemmy you know.everything was a hundred percent for the.band you know right for the good of.United we were is like a united front I.mean you know in this business we're in.is people are always trying to divide.you all the time right you get a united.band you get someone E a role in.somebody else you know that's how it.ended up years later people stabbing.each other in the back trying to get rid.of him because he's not playing properly.but hey I know s like yeah but but even.so let me looking back remembers that.there was a bit of jealousy from certain.parts of the band that the exposure that.he got for for silver machine do you.remember it being like that no no you.know didn't really bother us that much I.mean rubbing him and we used to get on.really well because I mean you know we.still played very well together I mean.we were sort of you know very close.right so I mean it was me who had to go.and tell him yeah that his days are.numbered what his day was numbered you.know because nobody else wouldn't it do.it and I was real real close very sad.sad day but before that came all the.sort of difficulties about the fact that.basically putting it simply the rest of.you were acid freaks and then we had a.state used to take those of speed-sew.will be all you know the two did not.used to call promos yeah it wasn't you.know the well everybody used to take.their different things and it wasn't.like that sometimes it was bad tempers.and you know crotchety you know right.all these little things that used to.become mountains really you know they're.very small really as time goes on.come quite you know mountains and people.get resentful let me and Nick didn't get.on very well you know Nick nice to play.continuously through vocals on his.saxophone in the wrong key you know I.threw a can of beer in him on the air.one night on stage really used to piss.us off you know we stood tone make sure.we stop playing or we're doing the.vocals you know okay right dude but it.was the Jazz it was a jazz man's.attitude was it the modern jazz attitude.a bit of an ego thing you know he had a.bit of a problem because as we become.more famous his ego become even bigger.you know that's what goes on in this.business you know me you know you don't.talk as we it becomes I when I decided.instead of when we decided you know and.so consequently you know you get a lot.resentment and but as you were saying.the band was from about 72 to 74 was to.all intents and purposes a band or you.know and the big shows space Rick you'll.live and things yeah you and suddenly.say doing tours in America where you're.playing eight thousand twelve thousand.Caesars and you've got bands supporting.you yeah again sort of contrasting that.with where you came from only four years.earlier the free festivals the fringe.events etc did you feel comfortable in.that kind of venue well it was quite.yeah I mean you accommodates it I mean.the OK's bit nerve-racking you know I.mean it's like everything's taken care.of you know you're living in the false.world of the rock business you know.where you got your road is you know I.never used to touch me guitar Ottumwa.tune up you know you go on stage you.know what goes on in his business and it.was quite strange really living a high.life style of anything we wanted we can.have I mean we stayed in the in the.Hilton in Detroit with Joe Walsh and the.Eagles were staying there we were.staying there was man.in Funkadelic I think all these bands.were staged like a madhouse.you know loads of girls running around.everywhere and those of drugs it was.like a really strange place to be me.like Christ but he took it day by day as.yeah we just go on and on to the next.one and right but then in the mid 70s in.a very short space of time he you lost.Lemmy and Nick turn and now that's got.to be quite a sort of change year's.outlook how did you get over that sort.of rocket base well I mean with the.Lemmy syndrome it was difficult because.he was very important to the band I'm.he's one of the great wheels really you.know and when he went we had Paul.Rudolph because he used to play in the.pink fairies I mean both pink fairies.and Hawkwind I used to always be doing.the free festivals together there were.the two bands that used to do most of.the festivals consequently you know Nick.was you know a big buddy of Paul.Rudolph's and all that so I mean.consequently wanted Paul in the band.sort of thing you know and then the.sound changed it went sort of funky in.like 76 you know that album that we.released them and sort of funky I didn't.like that you know sort of which album.we amazing sounds us right right yeah.that one you know I didn't really like I.was much more spicy into more.electronics and you know good sort of.heavy rock chords and stuff like that.rather than being all you know funky and.all that so that's that bit quite soon.after that you moved from United Artists.as well and yeah and then there was that.weird phase where you lost the rights to.the name for a while yeah well it was a.lot of strange things going on really.you know because we'd done a tour of.America Bob at freaked out I mean we do.we did a tour of Europe whereas Bob was.really on Form oh there you know and he.was really fantastic really hard to.explain Bob used to suffer from.mental problems really which was a real.shame is genius you know so consequently.it'd be really down for maybe a few.months of really highs to you know take.sort of tablets to try and mid even Ella.really you know so at that point we've.assigned to charisma then I think it was.we actually assigned to charisma for our.three years and then we did a tour of.America which were Simon we had Simon.house playing with us we've been.plumbers for about past five years and.he got a chance of joining up with David.Bowie in America which he took because.obviously was a lot more money and Van.remove on a bit of decline everybody was.really worried about Bob because he was.on a downer you know he was standing on.stage like this and he could you know.really affect all the rest of the bank.because he was the front man and he was.you know and we were all sold fitting.down with him you know that's when it.always really come to a stop in 1977.that's when I sold my guitar to this guy.you know they've been a fan for years.felt gave up I did Adrian Shaw I didn't.see Adrian Shore for about ten years.after that finishing the tour in San.Francisco right and I saw him walking.down the street I never saw him again.for ten years I mean I told my guitar.we're really on a low point you know who.as I say Bob came back to England I went.into a mental institution you know so.that looked like the end yeah that's how.I you know and they also lost your name.yeah it was a contractual thing you know.with charisma and all that and we had a.bit of a RG bargee about that and we.decided to bother me decided to do.metropolis and do as the hawk Lords you.know that was a grand scheme that we had.and so we started writing the next stage.show which was metropolis you know doing.a show on the road with six dancers and.this big sort of um scaffolding and all.the works you know which is quite big.thing to take on the road and that's.then we did that for a year and then we.just you know went back to being a.Hawkwind again because it also of Carl.legal things were all sorted out and we.off we went in all right and then the.next project was very soon afterwards.involved Ginger Baker with the.levitation and yes right that was when.Simon unfortunately Simon King had a bit.of a drug problem and he couldn't keep.it together anymore you know which is a.real shame I mean yet you see you get.very close to I mean you think a lot of.the guys even now I mean we know each of.us knows our characters and more than.your wife would you know because you.know true characters you sound people.freaking out having tantrums you know.all the whole sort of works and you do.get very close you know the big.camaraderie in band and with Simon it.was very sad because I say had a drug.problem and he can keep it together and.marry an humanoid lanka's wife was.managing ginger at the time and she said.well why don't we get Ginger Baker to.come and play drums because we were in.the middle of recording an album around.our Studios go to his signed a deal with.bronze records alright and we said yeah.and I mean it's quiet.Ethel Christ Ginger Baker you know he's.one of the world's great drummers and.we're all sort of quite nervous yeah.about meeting him and I'm playing with.him you know because of this great.reputation so ginger came down great.character you bet what grouchy guy is no.ginger doctor - yeah very crotchety but.you know he's all right yeah he's but.you liked his drumming enough that Simon.had put down some tracks prior to that.and he actually asked Ginger Baker -.desperately to redo those and we did all.that which he did really easily got it.all together and then he joined us for a.year and I saw it went on yeah but.listening to the album levitation yeah.that also sort of maybe the benefit of.hindsight but it also marked quite a.journey away from the space rock it was.it sounds a bit more American rock yeah.you know so were you happy about that I.don't I haven't listened to any of these.right I never listened to once we've.done albums and I go on to something.else yeah never very rarely ever.listening to old stuff yeah I mean.Richard quite often says all you ought.to listen to some of these old tracks.get my dear again Sam well not really.I'm not trying to get back there again.you know just carry on yeah so maybe.then like with bronze were assigned to.bronze who was you know trying to hire.our profile getting us into the.progressive rock you know good praise.side of things you know yeah so maybe.yeah you're right other than that yeah.the Ginger Baker thing was always seen.to be something temporary was it was it.yeah are you hoping we are you know.you're hoping that perhaps this might.well it was quite weird because Harvey.and Ginger didn't get on - well because.ginger really wanted I think at some.point Riley wanted Jack Bruce to play.with us because we've done a TV show in.Germany and they met up and brought Jack.and ginger had been at loggerheads for.years and Jack was doing this TV show as.well and everybody thought they were.going to fight each other when they saw.each other and they suddenly put her.arms Rachel and shook hands and they.actually did jam on this TV show and.then I think ginger had mentioned maybe.trying to get Jack to come and play.instead of Harvey you know and had a.meeting with everybody in the bang and.you know said look we're going to get.rid of Harvey which I was a mate of mine.who I couldn't do anything so bad just.to stab him in the back and get rid of.it I said no sorry Gigi you're the one.who's going right so ginger went our.bollocks in her and the last time I saw.ginger it was all his gear was being.loaded into Kingsley Ward who owned so.rocky was shown into his horse box she's.drunk being chilled away the whole spa.Cosima and I didn't see ginger -.laughter that was the end of it all we.were I and going on to about the mid-80s.and chronicle of the black soul now that.was a big show as well yeah can you just.as a way of how you bring your shows and.your music together can you take us.through how that well what it was all.about how you brought in the writers the.theme of it you know.well the idea was without which is Elric.which is the storm ring it's about sword.just like computers sucking the salt.computers suck your soul away and now.that's the idea this is our latest.project in the moments very similar.Michael Moorcock have written this five.book series about owl recurred storm.bring an albino warrior this sword very.wonderful stories actually and we.thought wow perhaps we should have a go.at doing this on stage so we asked.Michael could we do this you know yep.you know any help you need go ahead and.do it so read all the books and actually.brought it down to sort of one book as.it work because so we could do it's a.stage show we've got in touch with tony.carrera mime artists used to work with.us in the 70s Chris my girlfriend Lazaro.Xenia you know as princess in the story.we all wrote sort of all of us wrote.together the you know there's a lot of.this the words and music and someone you.know is a big sort of presentation and.off we went on tour with it really took.a lot of doing art a how long about you.talking about to get a show like a year.oh yeah.a year to get it together and then you.tell then sort of take it on the road.and last maybe it lasted about two years.on the road I think and in about 85.there was the first Hawkwind convention.less right and you're financially your.fans are got to be compared to sort of.like dead heads and the Grateful Dead.they are very loyal yeah a bunch of.people that on video actually funnily.enough down in there the AC like door.and is loads of videos of that.convention as a video that whole.convention yeah rather quite strange.yeah it was quite interesting quite.hectic sort of there for about six hours.you know sort right giving talks and.various members of the band there.signing stuff loads of stuff you know.quite interesting never done that before.right and in a certain way also your.next bass player came as a fan Alan day.via he'd been writing to us saying that.he was the man for the band.yeah because he used to sort of write.these letters and send us a tape so we.decided you know to get him to come down.and play and you know he got the part.and also Danny Thompson which was his.buddy Danny ended up playing drums on.the Elric tour you know and then there.was that one incident where your two.sort of primary writers within the band.Michael Moorcock and Bob Calvert ended.up having a fight back the skirmish well.the side of the stage yeah but that was.in 1987 86 87 with the rainbow where we.were doing a show when they had a bit of.a skirmish because bob was going out.with well Michael life it was the middle.of a divorce I don't know what I.remember actually I need a prompt on.these things because I care exactly what.it was going on there but something was.going on and I'd sort of Bob is on stage.doing the vocal and he was going to go.off and Michael was going to come on and.do his poem and I sort of playing away.there I looked across the side of the.stage and saw Bob go off and all of a.sudden they started having a struggle.and a fire all people trying to separate.him you know Christ you know we went on.and on thinking well you know and then.Bob come on and took the microphone.carried on in fact he was doing this.very number here called trying for sale.on my head Fergus this was the song and.sadly in 1988 he died yeah great great.shame that solely missed because we'd.actually started on a new project.together called the earth ritual which.we were going to do a big stage show you.know going back to the earth was the.whole idea because the other one was.space ritual going off into space this.one you know was sort of all about the.earth and interesting and we actually.did I think we did an EP actually came.on flick knife records I think we know.who.which will preview in fact I think Lemmy.played on that to throw as I remember.yeah sad yeah now one of the sort of.things about Hulk wind that has happened.many times I think it's a great.compliment that say someone like Johnny.Rotten came into your dressing room in.the late 70s and said it's because of.you guys that you know we're doing Punk.yeah well that's right and if you listen.you know to tracks like brainstorm.there's a big kind of punk yellow among.influence there yeah.and in the early 90s in the early.nineties with space bandit and electric.TP you're very much going your name.started being Hawkwind and techno that.kind of link was well it's I don't.because of what we play over the years I.mean it's like death trap I mean all.these numbers are straight sort of good.sort of hard sort of rocky numbers that.and and the electronic side of music.being very hypnotic trance II yeah I.mean we never stopped like we've been.doing this sort of music he is like ah.Polacco if you listen to op Locker from.1974 I think is it's just sort of very.straight bison drums of all three but I.played the bass on that blue and North.Oaks actually I let me know he was.asleep it's been up for about four.nights on the truck I played I played it.but stuff like that which really is it.doesn't date you know it's cool sounds.info no I mean so really what we do now.Richard I mean Richard's been in the.band since 1988 I mean Rich's really.into sort of doing lots of weird techno.stuff and he does.I mean I suppose really we just sort of.carry on as we are you know we haven't.really changed that much we're still.space rock right as it were but the.influences we influenced a lot of bands.around us maybe you know.and you were basically down to a tree oh.that was the 90s you were just know as a.tree oh yeah yeah and that remains to.this day really well yeah we had a go I.means I'll work doing it being a tree oh.you know we did Electric teepee and.business of the future.what else do we do I think we do another.one don't be as a tree but it was I'm.going onstage you know three people you.know we had all our keyboards on.automatic pilot and stuff like that so.it was quite hard work you know it was.nice to get a few more people back in.the band.take the pressure off you know that's.fought for gigs yeah yeah and who was.that big people and now yeah well we got.Simon house playing with us again we've.got humanoid Langton playing lead guitar.with us right we have Tim Blake who used.to sort of play with Gong you know and.work with us in the 70s of course 79 80.on the levitation album his good friend.of ours lives in Brittany and he's.working with us too so I mean we're.still sort of you know doing our cycle.yeah but the mainstay is you know like.like I say is Alan and Richard I mean.they are sort of the mainstay driving.force really you know for quite a few.years I mean they never get much credit.for it because people always mention you.know go back oh yeah you know you know.what I mean oh yes in the seventies and.so on but I mean Alan's by splined he's.a good pokey bass player you know and.rich is a real good drummer and they've.been like the engine room for this band.for the past 14 years so and on your.30th anniversary you didn't have Stacey.oh but you had so had sounds Fox yeah I.know great hey was that a pleasant.experience for the band well yeah she's.really lovely Sam as you know we really.like her because she did give me shelter.because Rick Richards sung the song give.me shelter with Sam you know when we did.that for the homeless because all the.proceeds went to charity for that that's.how we're going tom actually asked when.they actually asked what bang would you.like to work with and she said well I.love to work with Hawkwind and.and that's we got our Asian phone us up.and say look Sam I'd like to do this.number with you and we had to learn how.to play give me shelter and all that so.LSL that all got involved and she came.down here just where we are now and.recorded it you know got it all together.right that was here for just a general.general thing before we finish thanks.very much for so much time you Hawkwind.have used acid to the benefit of the.music has this always been the case.what do you mean now or just generally.just going back with million years ago.yeah I mean it was always it's I suppose.really you have to be careful with all.drugs I mean you know drugs can be.abused really quite easily especially in.the rock-and-roll business because you.know you know yourself I mean there's.plenty of them around if you want it you.can get it you know but you I think in.the seventies it was treated more as a.special thing you know where you'd have.like gurus I mean when people started.taking LSD there was at characters it.wouldn't take it who can help you along.the road when things got a bit dodgy you.know so consequently you know it's not.so much nail people just take it as a.sideline never could fun on it but I.think it was more spiritual then you.know so consequently then it was a lot.more sort of spiritualistic sort of.meaning to drugs in there are now really.you know it's dynamically changed it's.linked to dance it's dance culture yeah.it's more fun you see I mean you know.maybe probably not a strong wing boo-boo.taking hair let's see that was really.strong I mean you know everything used.to melt and all sorts of thing used to.happen.I used to freak out I mean you guys used.to push yourself to the extreme to see.how much you out far you could go you.have you little voice saying you're.going to go mad in a minute on stage.yeah and off you know and then you go.and see if you could you know sometimes.some people would never come back and.they would be mad you know it's.dangerous these are the that's why you.need people around you know time.and got BK luckily there was that always.within your entourage yeah I mean we.used to be naughty and take it just for.the fun of it and go nutty and take.mixtures of things you shouldn't you.know and it's sometimes not always did.it help the music you were saying.earlier about a drummer who who was not.interested but was into coke and oh yeah.and he timing timing went up the creek.and it be one day be up next day be down.you know be awful on stage you know.things would be slowing down in other.days I'll be coming faster and faster I.was the same with all these things you.know and part from that you still got to.remember you're playing to an audience.that pain to come a see don't want to.see a wreck you know can't get it.together though it might be fun.sometimes because I mean as you know.lots of characters in this business do.take them and go nutty on stage just.great someone going mad you know if it's.alright the cameras are there they can't.do it every night you know ask your conk.out go broke.'captain hauk wind thank you very much.thank you very much too.

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