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Tips: A Detailed Guidebook on Completing School Health Record Format 2005 Online

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The Stepwise Tutorial to School Health Record Format 2005

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Must-knows concerningSchool Health Record Format 2005

teachers through learning how to live.with covid in the school year so.it's my pleasure to be able to present.to you tonight.thank you very much and we do apologize.for the delay just a few technical.difficulties we hope we're.around the road now to uh to go ahead.and thank you for sending in all your.questions and thank you dr howe for.uh for your participation tonight we.received more than 500 questions for.this evening's webinar.which speaks to the concern of our.parents.there's a lot of information that people.are trying to digest.and we hope that this evening will be.helpful.we are going to focus on the health and.well-being of students.families and staff and.along with our partnership with the peel.district school board and peel public.health.since we only have an hour we won't be.able to answer all the questions.uh however if there is a question that.we don't get to we're going to ask you.to visit.our website and we're going to put that.website.both on the youtube channel that you're.visiting tonight and also we'll put it.up on the screen at the end of the.presentation.okay some of the questions that we.received that.we won't be answering tonight have been.shared with different staff members.so they can be answered and they'll we.will continue to update our frequently.answered questions page which i'll also.also post for you um.so dr howe is going to begin by by doing.a short.presentation and all joining them at.various parts and then we'll get right.to the.questions great thank you valerie for.the introduction and i'll just share my.screen.can you see it okay i can see it yeah.perfect okay thank you okay.so in this presentation i'm going to.give an overview.of what copic 19 is and talk about cases.and peel to date.i talk about how i it's safe to go to.school.covert 19 in children and presentations.and.uh what to expect if a child has coven.19.how we handle cases in schools and.outbreak management.protecting your child and others.supporting your child's well-being.and helpful resources.so covet 19 is a viral illness.that has several different types of.symptoms and these can range from being.mild.to severe as you can see in the poster.there are several different types of.symptoms that can be associated with.covid19.in peel we did an analysis of copin 19.in kids.and we found that the most common.symptoms reported for.children included fever cough.and runny nose and sore throat.but of course there are several other.symptoms and the other ones that are.common in children tend to be more.diarrhea as well.and abdominal symptoms it's important to.note that.after you become exposed to copin 19.it may take up to 14 days to develop.symptoms.although the most common time of.developing symptoms after an exposure is.around.five to seven days a person.with copin 19 they can't can become.infectious.two days before they develop symptoms.to 14 days after symptom onset.and exposure to coven 19.is considered to be 15 minutes of.unprotected close contact.within two meters of someone.with cobia 19 or being um.directly exposed to say somebody.coughing.or through directly through being.exposed to their droplets for example.so uh when i mention the unprotected.parts we do.um our staff in our schools are.given personal protective equipment to.the same.um type of equipment that is given to.healthcare workers.in healthcare settings this includes a.medical mask and eye protection.as well as our bus drivers the other.type of exposure to.19 is considered to be travel outside of.canada.in the last 14 days internationally.i know that the recent rise in numbers.in canada are concerning but compared to.certain other countries that are outside.of canada we are certainly.doing relatively well.compared to some other countries in the.world.this is a demonstration or um just a.snapshot of our dashboard.which shows the case counts and peel of.coven 19..this is updated on a daily basis and you.can find this.on our website at peel region dot ca.forward slash coronavirus.and so this is a snapshot of cases that.were taken on september 14th.and you can sort them by whichever city.that you live in.so that you can see the activity going.on in your particular city.on this webpage we also have a map of.cases and kill.and so this map is updated on a weekly.basis.and you can see if your particular area.that you live in.the number of people living in what we.call a census draft.and the type of area that's used by.census canada.to be able to determine uh how many.cases are in your particular area.it's important to note that just because.there are cases that are in your.particular.that does not necessarily mean that they.were.um that cobia 19 that the exposure took.place within the particular.that particular neighborhood we find.that the main reasons.for um uh uh.acquisition or or getting uh contracting.covid19.do it does include a large household.component but it also.includes getting it from the community.or from returning travelers or from.places of work where people work.i think top of mind on every parent and.students.and staff's minds is is it safe to go to.school.and we have now had the experience of a.couple weeks.of of school where we have had cases.um of covid 19 within the school setting.from what we've learned from the.literature and.from research to date that is that they.found that there's no evidence of.widespread outbreaks of copin 19 in.school settings.and this was a review done by public.health ontario that was published in.in the middle of the summer which looked.at the.experience of uh schools and they found.that children.are likely less efficient as spreaders.of coven 19.particularly when there are low levels.of.of coven 19 in the community.and what they did find though that.closing schools can have.a significant negative impact on both.family expenses.nutrition for students their education.of course.on their mental health and emotional.well-being.as you can see and that global.experience is reflected in the pl data.where on based on our dashboard we can.see the.breakdown of the cases by age group and.this is.um for all for over 8 300.um cases of copin 19 to date in peel.region.and you can see in the particularly the.school age children.that the numbers are are are low.compared to other age groups.this could be for a number of factors.including the fact that.schools were closed during um.since since mid-march but also that um.we're still learning more about exactly.how.infectious or how much kids can spread.to cope it amongst.them you will see that as.the age groups get older that those in.the 15 to 19 year old age groups do.have a slightly more um.right higher rates of coven 19 compared.to other age groups.and that might be um due to uh.the nature and the number of social.contacts they might have compared to.younger age groups as well as we.as we know the more contacts that a.person have.has and the more the greater risk of.exposure to copy 19.is possible.um one sorry going back to this so one.um.comment i wanted to make is not only.have we seen lower rates of coven 19 in.children.we've also seen that the um severe.outcomes have been less in children.so an analysis done in ontario.up to mid-july found that there were.fewer hospitalizations fewer icu.admissions.and certainly fewer deaths compared.in children compared to adults and.for example in the public health ontario.analysis.there was only one death in a child less.than 19 years of age.compared to at the time 2 700 deaths in.the province.so the outcomes are generally better in.children.okay so now i'm going to introduce you.to what to expect if there is a case.in the school or an outbreak at your.child's school.so if someone has tested at school and.is positive for covid19 teal public.health works very closely with the.schools.to conduct rapid contact tracing and.case management.the person with copin 19 is required to.self-isolate for 14 days.from when they first develop symptoms.and peel public health.works closely with the school to.identify close contacts.and those who should self-isolate.where required based on our risk.assessment and our investigation.class cohorts may be recommended to go.for testing.and be sent home or in the case.of a very large outbreak the school may.be closed.until peel public health can determine.if it's safe for students and staff to.return.based on each situation there will be.additional infection prevention measures.including cleaning.and disinfection of the exposed areas.and we advise the school on.communication with families as well.an outbreak of coven 19 in a school.is considered to be two or more.lab confirmed cases in students or staff.with an epidemiological link so that's a.bit of a mouthful.so what that means is that these two.cases.are connected somehow um by being in the.same place.and around the time that the first.person may have been infectious.and this is considered to be within a.14-day period.because that is uh how long it might.take for.an someone exposed to coven 19 to.develop symptoms.and we consider the cohorts to include.both the bus.transportation and before and after.school care.if you're interested to know about um.any cases of coping 19 at your.particular school.the peel district school board does have.a copin 19 advisory board.where they update cases um.on a daily basis to update the community.about how what is going on within a.particular school.they also are our partners at peel.district school bird are also.quite quick at informing the school.community.should there be a case at a school.and we've developed a process that will.indicate that if you do have a case at.your school.there's a quick notification to parents.in the school community.informing you that peel public health is.currently conducting an investigation.and so we don't wait until our.investigation is complete.to be able to determine who may have.been what we call a close contact but we.do.immediately notify the school community.with the expectation that peel public.health will follow up with individual.families should they be directly.affected by the exposure.so we are entering the cough and cold.and flu season.and so um it may not be unexpected that.you have.um a child or a staff member returning.to school after.illness and so what are those steps that.need to be taken.so it the steps depend on whether or not.you have.had what we consider a high or a low.risk to cover 19..if you've had a high risk of exposure.and you've been contacted by peel public.health to say that you have been in.close contact.with someone with covid19 then we.let you know that you need to.self-isolate for 14 days after your last.contact with someone with copa 19.or from your return to travel outside of.canada.and this isolation is for the 15 days.even if you have no symptoms and you've.already tested negative.it's important to do this because it can.take up to 14 days to develop symptoms.if you've had a low risk or no known.exposure.and so a low risk exposure would be one.where.it was not a lot of time um around.someone with.copin 19 or not within um.a distance that was not protected then.uh you can return if your test is.negative and symptom free for 20.hours and usually at this point if you.have a low risk exposure we only urge.you to test if you.do have symptoms so this is for people.with symptoms.if they just develop a runny nose for.example.um and you can return as well.if your healthcare provider makes an.alternative diagnosis so.so you your child develops ragweed.allergies it's the same every single.year.and you consult your health care.provider and.they make a determination that it is.likely to be allergies then.you can return to a school as well.or if it's say something like an ear.infection.if you don't have um a known reason for.why.you might have for example vomiting a.diarrhea.or a different type of symptom um.but uh then then you should get tested.um so we just highly recommend getting.tested.uh and to err on the side of caution if.you do have a symptom.parents often wonder what about a runny.nose i might have a runny nose for a.long time.and so mild symptoms known to persist in.young children like a runny nose might.be ongoing at the time of return to.school.if your other symptoms have resolved and.there is a negative test.if you um sorry the last point is if you.decline.testing but it is recommended by your.healthcare provider to test.then you must isolate at home for 14.days after the start of symptoms.in case of the event that your child um.does have cova-19.so this is to review um the.what are the actions if we do have a.case so uh.these might include isolating the.cohorts.and siblings and other social contacts.outside of school for 14 days after.exposure.and a school-wide closure would only be.considered if there was seen.to have the cova 19 be widespread within.a school.and so in that instance if we do see.that spread.we might consider testing the whole.school especially if we can't figure out.how other students have gotten it within.the school.and but we may be able to do gradual.reopening if we.additional information and test results.become available.so what are the steps that you can take.to protect your children.and i think it's really important to.emphasize this point.uh in that the the entire school.community has a responsibility for.keeping schools safe and that includes.checking daily uh before going to school.using the cobin 19 school screening tool.that was just.yesterday by the province that is.specific for a school setting.and so students must stay home from.school if they have any symptoms.of covid19 been in contact with someone.or traveled outside of canada within 14.days.if your child does have symptoms of.covid19.we um all siblings must also stay home.even if they don't have symptoms while.until the test results of the.child with symptoms is back and we do.this out of a strong.um uh precaution.understanding that um rates of.coven 19 in peel are higher than other.regions and so we're taking a very.precautious approach.and the other thing about screening is.having.that's important is having a plan in.case your child is showing symptoms that.must stay home or be picked up from.school.and so you may want to consider having.an emergency contacts to be able to be.picked up.quickly if you're unable to pick up your.child from school if they're sick.and this is a link to the school.screening.and i wanted to highlight a couple of.new community testing options that i've.just opened up this week.i do understand that lineups at.assessment centers can be quite long.particularly since the opening of school.so.our partners at ontario health and our.hospital partners and primary care.providers are working hard to.develop more options for testing.and so this one in particular is at a.greenbrier recreation center in brampton.and it's going to start operating over.the next three days.and this is really best for people.without symptoms who are seeking testing.and if you do have symptoms then it's.better to go to an assessment center.the other option um again within.brampton that newly opened up this week.is a covid19 specific cold and flu.clinic so it's for anyone who does have.symptoms.to be able to get tested and.[Music].prioritize prioritized for testing as.well.for people with symptoms and that's at.the peel memorial center in brampton.okay and um another point that we'd like.to make is.having a plan if your child has to self.isolate for 14 days.we completely understand how difficult.it is.to take tama for work because of copa 19.either because your child has.been named as a close contact of someone.with the covenant 19.or does um or.is ill and so there are financial.um supports available from the.government should you need.more help while isolating if you.are sick or exposed to someone with.coven 19..in pre in protecting your children and.other children it's important to ensure.that your child has a non-medical or.cloth mask to wear to school.and that students in grade 1 to 12 are.required to wear a mask.inside the school including in hallways.and during classes and on the bus.we also strongly recommend maths be one.in these spaces by students in.kindergarten.reasonable exceptions on the requirement.to wear masks will apply.for example those who have trouble.breathing or unable to wear a mask for.medical reasons.and i think it's important to explain to.your child that some people might not be.able to wear masks and to show kindness.in these situations.and you've already been back at school.so i'm sure you've practiced.wearing a mask with your child.hand washing um with soap and water or.sanitizer is also really important.and now i'll turn it over to valerie to.speak to a couple of slides around.um supporting your child's mental.well-being.thank you monica um as monica said.you know we all have uh a responsibility.to try to help in these situations and.there's no doubt that during this time.we are all feeling some extra stress.uh that's to be expected in a pandemic.and.um it's important that we all try to.maintain.some positive practices for our mental.health and well-being it doesn't take.away the stressors.it but it helps us um maintain our.well-being.as best we can even with the stressors.so.uh school mental health ontario monica.has a slide there with the school.mental health ontario site they have.resources for parents.uh specific exercises.things that you can do and i and i'd.encourage.adults to do these as well and and model.these with their children.uh because one of the best things we can.do for our children is to.maintain our well-being as well and you.know try to stay.um as physically and mentally well.as we can and i think monica you have uh.you can just go to the next slide yeah.so i just want to talk to uh we often.talk about deep breathing as that slide.previously suggested as being one of the.better techniques when we're anxious but.it's not for everyone so there are.different strategies that work.differently for each person and each.person is affected differently with.these kind of stressors.so i'm just giving you a couple of other.examples.and i've we have a link that will be.available after for.more of these and some of these.strategies are referred to as the big.five.so two of them are to be active so some.students.as i said don't really respond that well.to breathing exercises.um and they're more you know.respond more to being active whether.that's exercising.running um whether it's dancing the.music in their bedroom.you know something that just gets them.moving others.others respond uh well by.doing something that gives them a sense.of purpose such as helping others giving.back.uh participating in social justice.activities things like that so we need.to you know find out what works best for.us.and what works best for our children so.those are just a couple of examples and.we will share links later with that have.many many other.ideas for supporting your mental health.and well-being.thanks great thank you.okay other steps that you can take to um.help uh prevent covet infection or to.be alerted quickly is you can download.the coven 19 alert app.which uses technology in your phone that.to indicate.um whether or not you may have been.exposed to someone with coven 19.so it's a way that you can be rapidly.again notified.of any exposures.other resources include our peel public.wealth.peel public health website on reopening.of schools and we contain a number of.resources.around what to expect if there is an.exposure at your school but also.how to learn more about your school.board's reopening plans as well as.um in the next week we'll be able to.have some more.resources on masking and masking videos.as well.and these are some more resources this.presentation will be available on the.pdsb.website so that you can get direct links.on.these particular resources.i'll turn it back to valerie about.student wellbeing resources.oh valerie you're on mute.tried to unmute um so i've just given.you.you won't see these on your screen right.now you'll just see the list of them but.there are a number of resource.links here and they include supporting.your child's well-being.for positive mental health strategies.and some specific to.school reopening and then we have also.you know what to do.how to get help when you are concerned.and the resources there for parents and.for.your for your children.and i've also given you the last link is.to our just sort of our regular site.which includes resources um we're.dealing with.the pandemic dealing with uh anti-racism.um and supporting your children if.you're.you know worried about the trauma that.they may have experienced.um through this difficult time that.we're in so.these links again will be available to.you later we'll be posting.and you'll be able to get in and look at.all those resources i do encourage you.to have a look.thanks great thank you.so i think that concludes our.presentation.and i'm just going to stop sharing the.screen.oh here it is thank you very much i.think i'm.you can hear me now uh thank you dr howe.and you've given us a lot of information.there and some of the questions that.we're going to be asking now.may sound very similar to the.information that was presented but it.doesn't hurt to have some repetition.because it is a lot of information to.digest and some of them.are slightly different and focus on.different aspects.so what we've done because we've had so.many questions we've put them into.different categories.and so we're going to be talking about.communication of families.some of the outbreak protocols masks and.face coverings.uh screening uh and.you know the testing and assessment and.hopefully we'll will also.weave in some more student mental health.and well-being.and so let's get started.all right uh so this question is from uh.a parent who has two children who are.attending school.and they did have a positive case in in.one of their schools so they're.concerned and still feeling worried.wondering what they can do.um that's a great question and i'm sorry.to hear that that.there has been um a case in your child's.school.and that is always very stressful to.hear um.but a couple things that you can do.um so one is if your child has been.um after we do our investigation we try.to figure out.which um children or staff members may.have been.what we considered to have um a high.risk exposure.and so as i mentioned before you're more.likely to.get coven 19 if you've been around a.person.for longer than 15 minutes and within a.two meter distance.so we we do our investigation and we're.able to identify.very quickly because of the class lists.that the schools maintain and the.seating assignments as well.to be able to to get a sense of.how who may be most affected.so if you have not been contacted by.peel public health.then your child in particular will not.have had.an exposure i know parents are quite.anxious.because they want to know the exact time.that they'll be notified but we do.have to do our ongoing investigations.that includes talking to the.family and understanding when and where.they may have been so it does.take a bit of time to complete our date.and so.um we have uh.however the notification to the families.is quite.quick once we do know that there has.been a case in the school so you will.know.fairly quickly that there has been but.um.whether or not your child needs to stay.at home because of the exposure we'll.we'll communicate that to you.[Music].yeah i think it's helpful that they kind.of know a little bit about what you're.saying that's happening behind the.scenes.because sometimes if they don't realize.what's happening behind the scenes.it you know it creates a little bit more.anxiety that how come i don't.you know how can i i haven't heard.anything but if they haven't heard.anything that's in fact.because their child isn't at risk based.on.your investigation okay.all right so i'm just going to move on.to uh some of the clovid testing.uh questions um so people are asking.about flu season.it's coming upon us fairly quickly i.think um.and how do you differentiate or what's.the appropriate action to take.to assess whether you know this is.culvert or is it kind of a regular flu.thanks valerie that's a great question.and i think that's.one of the tricky things about having.coven 19 particularly in cold and flu.season.when they have very similar symptoms so.you might get.both the flu and coven 19 have for.example fever uh.runny nose cough muscle aches.so based on that alone it's very.difficult and we.that's why i would encourage you to go.get tested regardless of whether.whatever symptoms you have the more.specific.symptom um is around the loss of taste.and smell that you may have heard of.around people with 19 but if that alone.is not enough to.to rule out whether or not you have one.so any symptom.please go get tested okay.that's that's good um.one of the other questions around.testing is are teachers and staff.members being tested regularly.yeah that's another good question and we.know that uh.this regular testing of staff has.occurred in other.um settings like long-term care homes.and retirement homes.but at the current time it's not.indicated to be regularly tested.i think that's partly because um of the.limitations of testing.in that if you do regular testing it's.only a snapshot in time.and so really we are trying to encourage.people who.only have a known exposure or any.symptoms to really go get tested.okay that's a good point all right.um the next question.is related and you may have just sort of.answered it but.i'll go ahead um it's if a student or.staff member.does have symptoms are they required.to get a cova test in order to return to.school.yeah great question so you know.testing for um covert 19 is.still considered uh to be um.strongly encouraged and strongly.recommended but you do.um if you don't want to get it to get.tested that is also.um a choice that you can make but we.would in that instance.uh encourage you to stay isolated at.home for 14 days.to ensure that if you did have covid but.you didn't know.that you should continue to stay home.and that includes any siblings.that don't currently have symptoms but.again we're trying to be very cautious.during this time.where we are seeking more jesus okay and.i.i i believe you answered this earlier.and and referred to it now too.that if if a student is.um.symptoms and their sibling is.asymptomatic they still their siblings.should still stay home until.the testing is completed right that's.right and we're being.extra cautious because we have um.other experiences where families may.have kids in different schools and we.want to definitely try to minimize.the the number of schools that may be.affected.all right the next category is is around.enhanced health and safety protocols.and i think i've heard this for sure it.says with the numbers of.the cases on the rise is there a solid.plan.or a tipping point in which you know.schools.the decision would be made maybe to.close down schools or a school.certainly that's a question on top of.many parents minds is they've already.you know made their plans to return to.work and their child care.arrangements counting on the fact that.schools will be open.and i think we can we can say that we.certainly prioritize schools being open.for for the reasons uh for their.learning for their mental health and.well-being and to be able to.um interact with our friends um.so we we certainly don't want to see.that happen.um i uh and those decisions won't be.taken.uh slightly but what we you might expect.and.we've seen today with the premier.announcing restrictions of social.gatherings.to now um i believe it's uh.10 indoors and 25 outdoors for peel.toronto and ottawa that we.um prioritize uh restricting other types.of settings before.closing schools that would be certainly.the preference.i think amongst most communities so.we are trying to take more of the.approach because we know that better.covet is controlled in the community the.less likely it's going to enter the.schools.right and some of the statistics you.presented earlier suggest that there's.lower risk with you know the populations.within our schools.for children and so on so it makes sense.that we're.making other restrictions first and.balancing i guess balancing like you.said the.the benefits and the risks exactly.exactly.okay um.this is a question around them around.masks is that what advice are classrooms.given on what to do with.masks that will be worn again.between outdoor play and lunch times.um this parents concerned around you.know maybe the masks aren't kept in a.safe manner and then have.been put on again so looking for your.advice around that.yeah storage mask is really important.because you want to ensure that the.masks are kept.in clean so there are different.options for this so people can use a.little tupperware and just place the.mask in it.before eating or going outside or.a ziploc bag we prefer those methods.rather than a lanyard because as you can.imagine.um like going outside to play in recess.it might get more easily wet.or soiled or dirty so the preference is.to actually store it in.in a location uh rather than have it.around when.when kids are running around right.okay great uh this question is is.is a parent who's concerned about the.screening procedure.they have a young child and they're.wondering are there other.options um so if they.if they you know if their child had.symptoms and they.really didn't want to do the screening.they're asking you know would there be.an alternative such as.isolating their child for 14 days.instead.yeah that's always an option if you.prefer not to get your child tested.but recognizing that there still might.be a risk to the to the.school community in the event that your.child does have covenant we do.strongly uh recommend that you keep your.child at home for 14 days.and perhaps arrangements could be made.with the school for alternative ways of.of keeping up with the schoolwork uh.while your child is on.okay great okay and this question.is around you know is the risks around.being exposed to different.cleaning materials you know because of.the.increased cleaning protocols which are.important as well.but is there what are their health risks.around that especially long term.yeah and another great question um.certainly uh.one of the ways to prevent kovin 19 is.to ensure that.high touch surfaces are cleaned on a.regular basis.and although this might be a better.question.for your facilities.staff around the timing of this my.understanding is that.ideally we try to do it they try to do.the cleaning when the kids are not.uh around and to be able to allow the.contact time and.certainly using products um that are.considered to be health canada approved.and also increased ventilation within a.particular room.to help dry the the products is also um.important okay.thank you uh.this question is uh around.protocols again around masks um saying.why.did the protocols go against i guess.sick kids had a recommendation not to.force kids under 10 to wear masks.wondering why that changed or didn't.they didn't go with that.great question absolutely hot topic as.to you know.why peel public health recommended for.those.um uh in grades one to three in.particular to.to require masks and we made that.recommendation to all the schools in our.region.and it was for a couple of reasons so.one was.at the in the late summer we were being.being um being able to observe a rise in.the number of cases.in peel and so from again.taking a more cautious approach we.wanted to um.ensure that masks which are used as a.form of source control is what what we.call it.it stops the droplets from spreading.from a person's mouth.out um and the more people who wear.those masks the better the overall.protection.in the in the group and so that was one.of the reasons the other um reason is.after the sick kids guidance document.came out um there's also um like around.around late august as well the world.health organization.also came out with some guidance on on.on children and masking and.also encourage a risk-based approach um.based on the goals of covet activity so.we do know and are still learning and.the evidence is emerging all the time.but we felt it was safer.to be a bit more cautious in this area.thank you another mask.question.saying why wear masks in the classroom.if for example students eat together.unmasked.and is it better to just wear a mask in.common areas.so i think probably um that question is.uh trying to get at well if if your.child is.going to take off the mask anyway to eat.then maybe some of that protection is.is lost and we do recognize that there.are some practicalities around.practical considerations some but not.all classrooms have been able to.distance as much as possible and the.recommended distance is two meters.recognizing.that's always possible so they will be.closer.but also um trying to balance that we.all of these um what we call layers of.protection so the screening.in addition to the masking in addition.to washing hands.uh all contribute to reducing risk and.that it won't be completely 100 percent.protective but we're we're all trying to.to decrease the risk.another says my my child sneezes while.wearing a mask.uh should he have a spare mask.and switch it is the mask considered.contaminated.right so the child your child if they.sneeze into their own mask will.will just be exposed their own sneezing.um droplets but uh we do recommend that.masks in general be changed when they're.damper soiled.so definitely packing a lot of masks for.your child.in the event that they do get wet or.dirty i understand that the schools.sometimes have extra supply in the event.that your child runs out so.it is important to just pack as many as.you can.and in terms of cleaning it you can just.throw it in the regular.laundry on the the hottest setting that.you have.okay great um.hold on just trying to find the next.question here.uh it says someone is hoping that you'll.go over the reasons we wear.masks and kind of how to wear it and.treat it.for the best efficacy and you did talk.about.you know the importance of and how to.wash it in the hottest setting.um i guess maybe taking removing and.putting back.masks on if you could just speak to that.procedure a little.absolutely so um generally when you're.taking on an alpha mask you want to be.able to.um sanitize or wash your hands before.you're going your face.and then you can lift up your mask using.the strings and putting it on.and similarly when you take it off you.want to um also.when you're going close to your face.with your hands take get off.and sanitize before the.the how masks work is.with the material and we recommend at.least two layers.of tightly woven cotton or linen.essentially anything that is comfortable.that your child will wear for a long.period of time.and what this does is it drops.blocks droplets large droplets from.coming out of.your child's mouth and uh this is.particularly important.because we know that people can pass on.the virus when they don't have symptoms.we have that window of two days before.someone becomes symptomatic.where they can pass on the virus so this.can be done through.talking and that's why there's generally.recommendations on trying to.limit for example shouting or singing.because that can.produce more droplets so so it's um.that's the the concept of how the.production works.okay great thank you.just another question around screening.uh.so my child just transitioned from.daycare to kindergarten.at daycare we filled out a daily covered.screening and temperature check.daily now he goes to school with a lot.more children and there's no.screening of that kind why not why are.we not gathering this data and keeping.our children safe.yeah you know i think it's a great.question and uh some of this guidance.that was.um put forward by the province was also.informed by the sick kids guidance and.i think um they're i i.i not having been part of the guidance.forming committee i don't.i can only imagine that part of it may.have been um.the ability of students and staff at an.older age to be able to report symptoms.you can imagine it's more difficult to.get from a younger child if they're.feeling unwell versus.a child who can identify their own.symptoms so that's partly one of them.and the other one is around temperature.taking it's not perfect um.many people with kovid don't actually.have a temperature.and there are um again the practical.considerations.trying to take 500 students temperature.before they enter school so the.expectation is that.again as a parent or student you have.that responsibility.to contribute to a safe school community.and.that you will look check those those.symptoms at home.[Music].yeah one of the one of the things that.came up and.it's another question that was given is.around um.the announcement that there would be.more public health nurses for schools.and you know i think that's part of.people wondering if this is part of some.of the protocols we're just wondering if.there's an update on the role and.assignment of.nurses at schools yeah so.um we're very fortunate that.the provincial government has provided.more funding in pl region and across the.province for school nurses.and they're expected to perform a.variety of.roles those include helping out.principals and staff with ensuring the.infection control practices within a.particular school.is being followed correctly.and we are trying to as we slowly.recruit.we are in a recruitment phase of adding.more stuff.and so while we have a small group.of nurses that can go to these schools.we will be focusing on the areas with.the highest.rates of copen 19. okay.great that sounds like an excellent plan.yeah.okay uh just a question around why.students in elementary don't have to.wear masks when they're.outside uh for recess.uh since house being outside but still.being close.going to help prevent the spread of the.virus yeah.um another really important practical.question.and certainly when people kids are.outside the encouragement is to be.physically distanced.as much as possible and the teachers.supervising them.are still within the same cohorts within.their class.and so recognizing that kids.might not always be great at physically.distancing.but that these exposures if they're.running past each other.or um playing together are likely more.to be transient.exposures and not for a long period of.time i would.uh hope that the particular i'm sure the.teachers aren't if they're you know.concentrating on a rock.structure or something are going to.separate them so it.they're not yeah and being outside with.grid good ventilation will certainly.reduce the risk.okay great um.so we're going to do one or two more.questions and then i'm going to give you.a pause and i'll take some of the mental.health questions that we had.okay um so this is just.another question is talking about the.world health organization and how.they've repeatedly changed.uh around the virus transfer through.surfaces.it says how much pos how much.i'm not sure the question you know we.are worried.when oh yeah students touch railings.slides and other school infrastructures.and then they're you know if they touch.their face accidentally that kind of.thing so i guess they're looking at some.clarity around the virus transfer.through.these surfaces yeah you know it's a good.question.it's also one that's a bit difficult to.study as people.in who may be touching contaminated.surfaces are also.likely to be in closer physical contact.so um.it is not thought to be a major source.of transmission.uh or spread with with touching um.infected surfaces but certainly one that.is still important to help control.and so again teaching your child those.moments of hand hygiene.of when you know before and after.masking before and after eating before.and after going to the washroom.are really important so that if there is.um.that touch and transfer then um.they're less less likely to to.contaminate but it's not considered to.be.a major source of exposure.okay okay excellent okay thank you so.much.and i just before i start i guess i just.want to.reiterate the importance and connection.between mental health and physical.health and.and that uh you know they're very.interconnected and.it's you know we've often said that it's.it's hard for people to think about.uh looking after their mental health.when they're concerned around their.physical safety.and uh you know that's that's.understandable and at the same time.um they do interact and it's helpful to.continue to take care of your mental.health as best you can.and take care of yourself so some.questions that have been asked around.mental health.for our webinar were are there any extra.measures being taken.for mental well-being at the.elementary school and.i would say you know we are we have.uh spent some time over the summer.developing and gathering resources for.both our educators to use.and for parents and families that they.they can use at home.we do have mental health professionals.associated with each school we have.social workers.we have psychology professionals.we have also speech language.pathologists that also.play a role in mental health and can.support support our schools.school mental health ontario has.provided.they've worked in partnership with.educators to provide some training for.elementary teachers as well.on mental health and we.we have a resource that we often.recommend called the everyday mental.health resource.which again was developed in.collaboration with school mental health.professionals and with.educators and these are these were.developed primarily for elementary.students the nice thing is a lot of the.activities in there.are suitable for older students as well.and we've been you know doing some.professional learning with the system.and we'll continue to do that.professional learning.uh for both educators and for parents.around those resources.our climate and well-being team has also.done a beautiful job.uh they collaborated with some of our.mental health workers.to provide a great resource for teachers.you know to provide different choices.around uh well-being activities.so that they can you know ensure that.that's.something that they focus on as.as students return to school there's.lots.of different resources out there um.other questions around where can we get.help for students with.other uh you know mental health concerns.or behavior concerns which are.are also related to mental health and.i just want to say our board over the.summer also.um we we've developed a new guide.for uh mental health supports in our.community.which includes you know mental health.agencies such as.uh it's now called every mine but it was.peeled children's center.but not only are established um you know.mental health agencies that are run by.the province but also.community agencies that are more.culturally and identity specific so we.have many.many different resources that are.provided within those links that i.shared earlier.so there's sort of people resources and.and.resources to use to to help with mental.health.if you're concerned about your child's.mental health you can certainly speak to.your school principal your child's.teacher.and uh they can help you um.find resources both within the school.and you know or.and or resources resources within the.community.uh to and i'm sure a lot of people.realize.that uh globally uh were.you know there's been definitely an.increase in the amount of resources.being provided to people many of them.are.are free and don't require.extra extra money.they're just available to you and i know.a lot of people talk about kids help.phone that um children can call.they now have um a different phone.number.that parents can call that's associated.with kids help phone but it's.run by one of our uh.mental health agencies that we're.familiar with called homewood so that's.a new number that uh that i can share.with you tonight as well and we'll put.in.in the resources um.checking my next question.all right up it's time to wrap up it's.eight o'clock.i think i've covered most of what i was.going to say anyway i do want to thank.you again.uh monica i'm gonna just uh.see if i can share quickly the slide.with the.the numbers on or the websites that.people can go to.for more information.if not we're going to have to post it.for you on our site.see if i can get some technical support.here can you see that.yeah okay there you go.so if you have uh.other questions uh there's an email.address there reopening.at plsp.com there's our reopening.site there's also peel regions.coronavirus site there.and of course the where the link is for.this youtube which will be posted and.and there will be links accessible when.you go there as well.so please uh check this out and check.out the frequently.asked questions on the reopening site as.well.and that should be helpful for you.and hope you have a wonderful night and.again thank you so much for joining us.and we hope you'll join us again as as.the year goes on.good night have a good night.you.

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