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not.asking people to this is them.at natural bridge and so they got a.twofer in this one they're wearing masks.and encouraging the wearing of masks.and also being really responsible in how.they get out and how they how they get.away.national bridge is an incredible.destination.that that i'm excited to take my family.to here soon.okay second one is from lincoln trail hd.again they wear their masks to protect.their family their friends.and their community they want to do.their part and this is the assistant.principal at marion county middle school.and a mom again just showing us that.we can all have a good time we can all.still.enjoy our lives and our families while.wearing.a mask assistant principal even more.important.she's going to be interacting with a lot.of kids here very soon.and the amount of people that wear masks.when they should.will help make sure that's as safe as it.can be.all right the next one for those of.bernheim forest uh and who enjoy it.we'll really we'll really like this this.is one of.uh bernheim's great attractions that.people uh come to see.uh again just trying to show that spirit.uh that we're gonna make it through it.uh we're all gonna wear masks and that's.gonna make sure we all.make it through it all right and this is.the last one for today.uh i think this is pretty neat this is.patty miles uh.who is sending this uh to my wife.saying she has 120 masks that she's made.with some help from a dear friend.ready to donate to the covering for kids.program.this is the first lady's program in.ensuring that every child going to.school.will have a mask that that fits and that.they can wear.we appreciate her wanting to be a part.of that program and of course i very.much appreciate uh.the first lady uh for for this.initiative.for making sure that our kids our two.kids.and everybody else's kids can be safer.as they return to school all right.couple of.other uh major announcements number two.is that as uh number one is uh today.we have applied for the three additional.weeks.of unemployment insurance coverage of.the extra.four hundred dollars for those that.qualify.if accepted by the federal government.those that qualify for the additional.dollars.would receive their 400 extra for the.weeks of august 22nd.29th and september the 5th each week.would ultimately be paid separately.but as some may remember the initial.six hundred dollars that the federal.government had provided.uh for for for covet help had expired.we were then able under an executive.order from the president to apply for an.additional three hundred dollars we.added a hundred on top of that from our.state covet funds.that we had approved for a three week.period this is the next three weeks and.we have gone ahead.and applied for it and we want to do.that to help our people get through it.and we've also seen that these dollars.cycle through our economy.people withhold them as they should it's.truly helping to make sure.that this recession can hopefully be.short-term.and that we can really bounce back it's.helping to to.save businesses and to stimulate our.economy at a time.and when we need it i didn't think this.was a hard decision.but we do have to look as we go at our.finances and just make sure we're at a.place we can do it.we can next.testing so you may recall.uh several weeks ago when the cdc came.out with some.new strange contradictory guidance about.asymptomatic people who.who have been exposed not being tested.and us having a very great concern about.that because.if you've been in close contact with.someone who has tested positive.you ought to get tested and it was.strange that this new guidance came.out we did what i think we're supposed.to do we told you what we really feel.which was that that guidance was an.error well the cdc has changed its.website related to that.testing to roll back the controversial.changes made last month and stressing.once again.that anybody who's been in contact with.an infected person should be tested for.covet 19..now we've been providing this guidance.the whole time i know there were some.that said wait but the cdc changed their.guidance listen.we got a good idea now of who should and.shouldn't be tested.and if you have been exposed make sure.that you get.tested there's some highlights in that.guidance that say due to the.significance of asymptomatic.and pre-symptomatic transmission you can.be asymptomatic.or before you have symptoms and still.spread the virus.that the guidance further reinforces the.need to test asymptomatic persons.it's pretty simple they think about 40.of all the transmission occurs with.people with no symptoms.so the only way you stop that.transmission from occurring is if you.test somebody.find out that they have the virus even.if they're asymptomatic.and make sure they're not out spreading.it and it's not rocket science.to say if you want to stop that spread.you got to test.those individuals so what that means.is that even if you don't have symptoms.you still need to get a test if you've.been in close contact such as within six.feet.of a person with a coronavirus infection.for at least 15 minutes.so this is just using the good judgment.we ask people to do.if you've been around someone for.significant time in proximity.then get tested and you should want to.get tested to bring a little peace of.mind to you and your family.make sure you're not spreading this to.other people i know none of us.ever want to be the cause of a spread.that harms somebody so just do the right.thing.and there are plenty of places to do it.can you put up the overall map of.testing locations kentucky unlike other.states.is still performing significant testing.over 1.1 million tests done.to to date and we are seeing it being.pretty consistent in the number.of cases and the number of negatives.that are coming into us that are.reported each day there is a location.everywhere there are a couple of major.drive-through locations let's go through.them quickly.if we can james in louisville it's a.partnership between the state.and the university of louisville there.are.multiple locations you can call this.number.or you can go to the website this is all.online make sure you continue to use it.there's also the norton.facility in louisville that's doing 600.plus tests.a day let's make sure we keep using that.too.that is a partnership with the state as.well.in this one we provide the tests they.actually do everything else.on their own uh dimes so that's a that's.a really.great service that they are providing in.lexington.uh we've got a partnership with uk let's.make sure we're continuing to use that.drive.through site and then in northern.kentucky it's.st ease that we've saint elizabeth has.two locations.those are just state-sponsored.drive-through locations there's a ton of.other ones out in the state make sure.you are getting tested.all right let's talk a little bit about.last week before we move.into today let's show the overall.bar chart of weekly cases last week.we had our second highest number of.cases by week.and as you look at that i think it's.still.it shows if you're looking at overall.number of cases.that that at least since we hit that.first.big jump uh that we have stayed oh.either relatively stable or.small increases in total number of cases.we.really want to see this overall number.come down and i'm going to talk about.the positivity rate in a minute which is.going.the right direction we want that.positivity rate going down.means we're testing a lot of people.we're finding a lot of asymptomatic.uh people who are positive and we can.stop.uh that spread and it probably means.that there are a lot more people out.there obviously than this that that have.the virus and we're finding.more and more of them but just those.overall numbers.even if that's those are all the cases.that we had.they're so they're they're they're too.high.and and we've got to do what it takes to.have you know fewer.new weekly cases because the number of.kentuckians we lose.is based on a pretty simple equation.it's the total number of cases.times our mortality rate because that's.how you calculate.the mortality rate it's a total number.of people who test positive.that pass away so even if it's down.i know it's south of two percent even if.it's at one percent.and a in a week where we have 4597 cases.you know we're still losing what about.46 kentuckians.and you know we want to do better and we.want to.make sure that while we still light up.those green lights every night to honor.those we've lost we want to get to a.point where we are losing.fewer kentuckians meaning we're doing.more to tamp down.this virus so this is the.the tough news it's one that we have to.continue to work on but there is some.positive news.you want to go to the positivity rate.we have a bar graph for that as opposed.to the line graph there you go.so this is the positivity rate week by.week so when we start.out we were only testing people who were.symptomatic because we didn't have.enough tests.now we were asking people if you're not.really sick.gut it out at home talk to your health.care provider.but don't get tested so in the beginning.you saw really high positivity rates.because we were pretty sure you had.covet.if you were getting a test in fact if.you didn't.if you weren't a positive it was.surprising and a relief at times but.when we got over.that initial time when we didn't have.enough tests and we started ramping up.our testing.what we saw is that as we got into.healthy at home our positivity rate.plummeted because people's contacts.were negligible or low and then once we.started.opening back up you saw it creeping up.and creeping up and creeping up.and that's what happens if you're out.more and you're seeing more people.there's a greater chance that you can.get covet and also the longer we went i.think people were getting tired.and some people call it covet fatigue.and maybe not following the practices as.well.the time when we asked for school to be.pushed off in in-person classes until.september 28th is when we hit.six percent after that initial uh.spike it's the highest part we saw.on this graph and basically what we said.is we need time.to to push that down the mask mandate.and other restrictions to work.and you see that that is happening with.the overall positivity rate.and even today as we'll talk about it.later we're at 3.77 percent.which this is one of our longest times.under four percent.uh that we've had since we we ever went.uh.over it and so what we're seeing here.is this shows that we're doing the.testing part well.i think it shows that kentuckians.especially july.5th and afterwards so we're going to see.impacts from derby.and the rest probably coming soon took.it very seriously and that helps us to.get it down.our challenge in this graph is going to.be we'll restart in-person classes in.many parts of the state.sports and the rest again we've just.added more contacts on top.more interaction more chance for the.virus to to spread.so it's going to be a real challenge for.us to to keep this positivity rate low.which comes down to all of you every.kentuckian.are we going to wear our mask because we.want to do these extra things are we.going to stay six feet apart are we.going to make sure.that in the same day you know we don't.um.get our hair cut go to a restaurant go.to a bar and.and and make sure that we we pace.ourselves in many ways.uh on the amount of contacts that that.we.have so total number of cases.i'm certainly not happy with we want to.see a decrease there.but the positivity rate continuing to.stay below four percent.uh is a real positive gonna be hard to.keep it there but that's the work.that we have to uh to do.i also want to show the incident rate.map.as you all know we put up an incident.rate map.last week it is updated at i believe at.the end of every.day this is meant to be a tool.to our counties and our school districts.about choices that they make there is a.key that goes along with it.the map goes from green which is a.really good place.uh yellow which says oh the cases are.are are higher than we'd like to orange.which is a warning that you're about to.head to red.which is significant uh or critical.community spread.and actions need to be taken once you're.read to get the virus down.if you're green that's phenomenal do.everything you can to stay in the green.if you're yellow.just make sure that you are doing the.right things if you are.orange be taking steps to get down to.yellow and if you were red.heed the guidance it means you got a lot.of people in your community.and a lot of vulnerable people at that.point that are going to be exposed.because of the mass.community spread if you are in red do.not try to argue your way out of red.for many in the red they ask for this.tool.and some are now trying to argue their.way around it if you're in red you have.a duty to.your community to your community.to do what it takes to get out of that.zone it means you're putting people at.risk if you're not following.the guidance and it's not just people in.your area or institution.it's everybody throughout the county.let's be responsible.this gives the information that was.requested let's make sure we do the.right things now you'll notice.that as of really yesterday our number.of counties in red.are significantly less than even they.were i think about a week ago.but remember when you hit red it's not.okay to be out of red for just one day.you really need to do and take the steps.to make sure.that you can get that transmission down.and we need two things as we go forward.in fighting covet number one.we need that strength and endurance.knowing that.it is going to end we got to be strong.enough to do the right things until it.ends and number two.we need to have flexibility knowing that.this virus can pop up in an area and.and absolutely uh take off.and when that happens we got to be.flexible enough to whether it's.in-person uh learning to going to.virtual.or changing other things even with uh.our our small businesses that may be.impacted when we hit red and and we know.that there are major issues we.we got to take steps and to.highlight that i'd like to show we have.a video today.from the ceo of king's daughter in.ashland.many may have seen that they have been.at capacity in their hospital.for treating covet patients it shows you.how quickly.this can arise and she has a a message.about.wearing a mask and doing what it takes.hello my name is christy wetlach and i'm.the ceo of king's daughter's health.system in ashland kentucky our health.system.serves eastern kentucky and southern.ohio.unfortunately we have experienced a.surge of covenanting.cases over the last couple of weeks.and i've had many days where a hospital.has reached capacity.we have both been at capacity from a bed.issue.as well as our clinical team's ability.to care for coconut teen patients.along with the surge of new cases we are.also seeing a surge.in the need for inpatient care as well.as increasing mortality.this disease is no longer just affecting.the frail elderly people with underlying.health conditions.it is affecting babies children and.healthy men and women.who have no idea how they were exposed.understand.people have differing opinions about.this disease but covid19 is real.the recovery is difficult and some.individuals will have their health.affected.for the rest of their lives to help stop.the surge.i urge everyone to wear a mask.wash your hands practice social.distancing.stay at home as much as possible and.avoid large gatherings.i also ask for your prayers and.encouragement to our health care workers.and all of those affected by covid19.thank you.christy is a leader and a warrior she.has done.a phenomenal job in dealing with.multiple challenges both before and.during.covet 19. so today's report looks.a lot like our mondays around about the.same numbers we see every monday because.the labs for the most part are closed on.sundays.we have 406 new positive cases today.67 of those are kids under 18. so again.we continue to see.um and an increase in.in that area actually i only have um.0 to 19 in front of me but it looks like.that is now 15.and given the the amount of of testing.that we do there it shows that either.there's been significantly more.infection in that age group.or it is increasing.thankfully today we only have one new.death to announce.and that is a 77 year old woman from.scott county.but let's remember even though that's.one of the lowest totals that we've had.that her family is going to be missing.her and let's light our homes.up green and let's ring those bells just.as much when we lose one individual.as more because we all matter she.matters.and to her community it matters and it.ought to matter.to to all of us our positivity rate 3.77.percent uh total number of tests at.least one million.one hundred thirty one thousand seventy.five.uh four hundred and seventy four.kentuckians hospitalized for covid19.108 in the icu 64.on a ventilator.long-term care update 27 new residence.testing positive.45 new staff 11 new deaths attributable.to.long-term care residents that is uh.since i believe our our last reporting.or since saturday's reporting.in fact i think we've just done updates.four new facilities.have had at least one positive case um.since last thursday big jump in kentucky.child care facilities.19 new facilities with at least one.positive case including 17 staff members.and seven children you know this is one.of the reasons that we want to be so.careful in our schools i mean it shows.you.that children coming in spreading it.to adults and and vice versa and we got.to make sure that it's not just our kids.we're protecting.but also our daycare workers our.teachers and.and others k-12 schools thankfully this.is a very small increase though.we know more are coming based on some.events that we learned about today.three new students five new faculty or.staff.two new schools have had at least one.case associated with them.colleges and universities we continue to.see a lot of our students testing.positive.121 new positive cases since friday.four new uh colleges or universities.with at least.one case all right right before we turn.to questions let me first say happy.birthday.to my dad steve beshear i love you.it's a special day happy birthday.all right um we'll move in we've got a.full house here i just have a couple.of questions here i think i started.thursday on the left.so lawrence we'll start with you on the.right that we are split by gender today.then i'm going to start over here.now that we are just a week out from.your original recommendation of.getting back to in-person classes and.looking at that map that you showed.do you think kentucky is in a place to.have a majority of school districts have.in-person classes.so the question is do we believe that we.are in a place for a majority of school.districts to have in-person classes.if we look at the map if you can pull it.back up again.i believe the answer is.[Music].yes in some form or fashion so.if i am one of the orange counties.i am probably looking at a hybrid model.smaller pods maybe continuing to do.virtual learning but bringing kids in a.little bit more.maybe it's a couple hours a day a few.times a week.but an experience that is more than now.if i am in the.yellow i'm probably looking at.a hybrid model and or spreading kids out.more and more if i'm in green.the answer to that is yes but i'm still.following every single practice.masks all day and spreading out so i.think if you look at this map.yes we are ready for the majority of.districts to be in.but there are some districts that have.extra challenges that are hard to just.judge by the map.those largest districts that have.transportation issues too.it just adds another layer on especially.when you look at busing.so i think we need to be understanding.of districts that might not be in red.some might not even be in orange but are.still going to wait a little bit longer.to go in to in-person classes.on false positives or on false negatives.when you have 1 million 100 plus.thousands of tests.they're not all you are not going to.have 100.accuracy and when you have them across.different systems.you know those original abbott rapid.tests.we had real concerns early on about.their their accuracy and so we we use.them less.now when you have this many tests just.like in anything else you are going to.have.some false positives or some false.negatives but we believe.that that number is very low by and.large we believe the testing.is very very accurate especially the pcr.tests.in in the nose now the less invasive the.test.sometimes the more concern that we have.are you going to get a good sample.and there's always room for human error.either on the administration of it or on.the.lab work on it or possibly on the input.on it too and we got to understand these.are hard-working humans.that are doing their best but we believe.that the data because there's so much of.it.is very very accurate that doesn't mean.there's not going to be one or two.we never want that to happen but we but.we believe in.in the numbers joe.is there has there been more discussion.between our office and the ag's office.on the timing of a decision on the.briana taylor case.i'm not in a position to share.information on.on that topic today.governor.no i'm good.[Music].so the question is especially based on.saturday where we had our second.highest number of positive cases ever.is this fallout from labor day or the.rest it.it it's gonna take us a little while to.know can you put up the.the purple map again because it's not.that far.out of where we've been if you look at.the week before.um you know that it could it could.always be spillover.if you look at the week before that it's.just we're gonna we're probably gonna.need to be a week or two down the.down the road where we can attribute it.i will say as opposed to the 4th of july.we heard about.fewer big labor day gatherings or or.derby gatherings we.do think it'll have an impact but you.know i think the bigger impact.is do people get tired and stop wearing.the masks.that's that's it it's it's how strong.are we what's our endurance.how tenacious are we are we willing to.fight this thing for as long as it.as it takes um and there have been days.that.i don't think i i ever realized are kind.of ingrained into our psyche like the.start of summer.and and we feel a little bit differently.on it and i do think it factors in to.to our fatigue or or our willingness to.do different things.and i think we hit another one of those.in august my hope is that we bounce back.just like we did.after the summer do i have a comment on.the lawsuit filed this morning on behalf.of david mcatee.given that that is in litigation against.the national guard we don't have a.comment on it.at this time.uh the question is um are we taking any.extra precautions at the capitol.or have we authorized the the national.guard again i don't have.any information today to to share on any.any timing.on a decision i will say that national.guard assistance has.previously been requested for an if.and and when and and our response has.been that.if needed the guard and the kentucky.state police would engage.in limited specific missions where they.would be.under their own command uh that would be.in support of uh lmpd and.and that that would be the role that we.would play if needed and.if it is needed we will authorize it.so if the national guard is deployed to.louisville.their missions would be limited specific.in support of lmpd and and in protection.of critical infrastructure but outside.of that.we're not going to comment on their.mission for the safety of those national.guard.members is kentucky seeing any signs of.community spread especially increased.hospitalizations from college campuses.reopening.if so where are we seeing those results.i actually believe the best person to.talk about that would be linda gorton.the mayor of lexington and and their.public health lead they're certainly.seeing spread amongst the college.students.and there's no way that that spread.stays just within.the college students hospitalization.we'd have to check though.i'm not sure that we have seen uh the.increase there.i think that we've again got to think.um about some of the guidance that we.are giving.with relation to our universities um i.do worry that we are asking more from.our college students than.it can be reasonably expected um if.if you're quarantined as a 18 19.20 21 year old can you be reasonably.expected to stay there and not go out at.that point in your life.when you're in or around a college.campus we've really got to think not.just about do we send somebody home and.and possibly spread it to their.community but do we send them home where.hopefully.mom or dad or whoever cares for them.potentially could keep that.spread from the community there's no.easy answer there but i i think we need.to be.very thoughtful moving forward with the.number of cases we're seeing.and do you believe there should be a.vote on a supreme court nominee before.this upcoming election.the question is my thoughts on the.passing of justice ginsburg.and then comments on whether i think.that there should be a vote for.the next election um so my first.profession.well my first profes profession was was.mucking stalls my.my my first profession outside of.college and.and and law school um was as a lawyer.and justice ginsburg just a titan.a titan in not just her accomplishment i.mean he got to the.u.s supreme court how rare is that for.anyone.who has ever lived since since the birth.of our country.it is it is thankfully not a fraternity.but it is a.group a very small group that.um i mean.it it's uh it's an incredible.accomplishment but her intellect.uh second uh i think second to no one.that's that's ever served on the court i.think you could.um compare um uh you know her.writing and and analysis with others but.i think it is uh right up there.with the the very smartest most talented.people.that have ever served on the court um as.uh the.father of a nine-year-old girl oh my.goodness it shows.the possibilities that are out there and.it shows that our strength is not.dictated by our stature.what a powerhouse.i believe that someone of that stature.well you know i believe anyone.deserves to be grieved for a couple of.days before people start.playing a political game or trying to.figure out what's in the will.and in many ways i think that what's.going on right now kind of feels like.that.kind of feels like that amazing family.member passed away and people.immediately started grabbing for the.will.to see what's in it and arguing about it.i also believe that our word has to.still mean something and that if you.make a promise during one period of time.that.if something happens four years later.you'll do the same thing you ought to.keep your word otherwise how do you.negotiate how do you sit down and get.things done in congress or.or anywhere uh else i believe what they.did in 2016 you should do in 2020 it.shouldn't just change because.this group or or that group gets to to.pick and.for me that's less about ideology than.you know if you look at a camera and you.say i will do this.if the situation arises again you ought.to keep your word.i mean that's that's our bond that's.what should make people trust us.[Music].that is a good question we have.secretary freelander here and i realized.he had one other update if you want to.give it.here real quick that i forgot about.wanting to wish my dad happy birthday.and get into questions.thank you for the question we have had a.couple of applications i think about.four they've not gone all the way.through the process yet because it's a.contracting process but it has begun.so we've taken those applications we.have a group of individuals.that review those applications and uh we.hope to be making awards soon thank you.for asking that question it actually has.begun.the the announcement today has very.quickly to do with long-term care.we are using the exact same incident map.that we're using for schools.and with long-term care the way we're.going to do that is.beginning september 24th so that's.personal cares.intermediate care facilities other other.long-term care facilities.the frequency of testing is going to be.based.on the county and incidents in those.counties.so yellow and green counties.every two weeks twice a month.the orange counties were asking for them.to be tested weekly.and the red counties will be asking for.those counties to be tested.those facilities in those counties to be.tested twice a week.just like schools they'll look once a.week at a specific time.and that's how they'll determine the.testing for the next week we continue to.support.long-term care facilities with our.testing program.some of the long-term care facilities in.kentucky have received those.point-of-care testing equipment pieces.um they can use those as well and use.those in conjunction with the testing.piece that we have the other.big piece that we're announcing today is.is some slight i think changes in.accordance with the.center cms which is the federal group.that controls this.but kentucky's specific guidelines for.visitation.uh there have been uh very few.allowances for visitation in the state.it has been.very very difficult for families and.residents.um and and believe me i understand that.so after working with this.after these months where we had a very.quick response an early response you.know we.we end up in about the 24 incidents.we've actually done a little better uh.in terms of of death rates in our.facilities.um we we feel like it's time and.in accordance with cms to loosen up just.a little bit on the visitation standards.so instead of a facility being free for.28 days.again in accordance with those federal.standards they need to be free.of a new case for 14 days.again an individual can go back in at.that point we want them to be masked we.want the temperature taken.the facilities can even use their point.of service testing equipment if they.like.so we we then are going to allow a.little bit.of communal dining as long as the the.distance the six foot distance.is maintained that social distancing uh.so we're going to allow a little bit.more of that testing.and our expectations are you know folks.have to go in they're going to wash.their hands.they're going to wear their mask they're.going to stay at least six feet from the.closest person.all those infection control precautions.will need to be in place.the cleaning and disinfection everybody.using the personal protective equipment.and we're going to allow then we.announced last time that.you can use what's called a civil.monetary penalty you apply to the office.of inspector general the kentucky office.of the inspector general.we've allowed facilities to apply for.ipads tablets so that you can do some of.that virtual communication.we're also going to allow them to apply.for things like tents and plexiglass and.other ways that they may be able to set.up visitation.outside and we hope and encourage.long-term care facilities.will apply for that funding the other.piece.that's unique to kentucky is that.we are going to allow an individual if.they have a pet.a cat a dog you know a beloved pet.that individual that's going in to visit.if there's a pet.one pet not the pet therapy where they.go around and become the honeybees.but that person's pet in the facility.you can bring that pet in to visit.again according to facility guidelines.but there there's.little to no indication that there's any.transmission that happens there.very very very rare and sometimes those.pets.we all know can really make somebody's.day so.that's the piece that's unique to.kentucky uh and i i hope.that we will find that that perhaps we.will help some individuals who have been.in.long-term care facilities for a while.whose families are are.very interested in getting in and so.we're providing some new guidance.a little more flexibility for our.long-term care partners.thank you make sure.the question is on the command structure.should the national guard.be deployed if the national guard is.deployed they will under be under the.command structure.of the national guard uh with commanders.present.and at a a center in or around.louisville that was actually the same as.derby.where where that chain of command was.there it does not go.through lmpd same with kentucky state.police.yeah i did have my physical a couple of.weeks ago uh i'm in uh good shape.i think they think there are a few.things that i could maybe do.a little bit uh better but uh you know i.was uh.uh pleased that uh even in the midst of.all of this.uh uh physically still doing uh just.fine.healthy family too um i've been pretty.blessed.uh that uh that stress doesn't have a.major physical impact on me.but i will say that uh that we got to.understand that it can especially during.covet.i mean i've noticed whether it's um.allergies or.or a little bit of asthma that can be.you know exacerbated a little bit with.everything that's going on.and i mentioned that so i hope other.people take care of themselves and see.their doctor.and get your flu shot.the question is how concerned am i about.seeing unrest if and when.general cameron makes this decision i.think so much depends.on how kentuckians are communicated with.how what what what facts are shared what.process is shared what information is.put out there.for people to absorb and.process my concern all along has been.that if.if an announcement is just made in a.vacuum of that information.people don't don't have a way to process.it other than maybe.how they feel or what they saw on tv so.i hope.uh whenever any announcement is made.that there is a lot of context and a lot.of facts that are that are put out there.you know my hope is that any any type of.and we call it unrest but any type of.demonstration is one that.is peaceful that doesn't mean that it's.quiet.it doesn't mean that people don't give.voice.to frustration or or what they want to.say.but but ultimately is is done in a way.uh that certainly would move discussions.forward uh but but not cause some of the.damage that we saw.earlier.previously we've been asked about.communication with the attorney.general's office for this case.you said yes or no maybe infer from your.last answer that you have been in.communication but you can't talk about.it.uh it's fair to say that we have been.generally in communication with the.attorney general's office but we can't.share.those communications um and and i don't.have any comment.uh on those those communications today.and and you can't infer.anything from it because i'm i'm not.commenting on it any further.i believe that we received oh a week ago.just a general request that had to do.with the national guard i have not.deployed.the national guard as as as we stand.here uh today.okay everybody um again cases.too high positivity rate coming down we.all have a part to play.to defeat covet 19 and to defeat every.other.um injustice that we are facing.as a society let's make sure that we do.our part.let's also make sure with this new tool.this incident map.that we realize that the covid can.increase in our community.and it can decrease and that they're.going to be times over the next several.months where it's safe to do something.but several weeks later it may be unsafe.to do it.let's understand that that's based on.more information that we have and ought.to let us do more.and do more safely but let's not fight.against the tools we put.out let's use them to make good.decisions all right we will be back.tomorrow at 4 p.m thank you to everybody.out there working hard.and we should by the end of this week.have halloween.guidance out there for everybody want to.make sure the kids can still have a good.experience.it might have to be a little different.it should be a little different but.remember for adults.big halloween parties are something that.we absolutely can't do.and let's be responsible enough in the.middle of a pandemic.to focus on trying to get a good.experience for the kids.and understanding that we can take one.different halloween.thank you all very much thank you.virginia.you.

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