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How to employ The Masshealth Financial Hardship Form ?

my question tonight is what is truly the.way to access in the supplies of heaven.let me give you a guarantee I promise.you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.if you listen to me you will never never.be poor if you listen to me you will.never be small is a guarantee I give you.in the name of the Lord forgive me if I.some arrogant but it's true just pay.attention to this thing.don't don't don't tamper with the.equation when you don't have results get.results fast that you can say oh you are.wrong I discover another route.I'm not going to be talking so much.about the spiritual principles we.understand I just want to pick one of.the subjects that the Lord put in my.heart and drum it in to us and then.we're going to bring.Alleluia blessed be the name of the Lord.increase in the kingdom.increase in the kingdom increase in this.kingdom is a product of value writing.down increase in the kingdom the.greatest gift that can happen to a man.is to be shown the systems and the ways.that construct your life to become.valuable please listen very carefully.the law of value your value defines your.degree of usefulness please write it.down your value defines your degree of.usefulness the degree to which you are.needed within a civilization within a.sociological context the degree of your.usefulness not just your uniqueness.not just your skill you can have skill.that is not useful to the context of a.civilization the degree of your.usefulness is what we call your value.and God should design that the supplies.of heaven are routed listen carefully.the supplies of heaven are routed to the.medium of value that when God wants a.believer and one who is a citizen in the.kingdom to rise to a point where you.begin to access the riches and the.blessings of heaven he does not just.fail for you as it where with giving you.money but he brings you to a pedestrian.in life where it becomes impossible to.ignore you.are we together now there are many ways.he achieves that but that the gateway.into accessing the supplies of heaven.experientially is becoming valuable now.but most people most of the teachings on.valium does not capture the full import.of what makes it rewarding it's not.enough to know that your value is the.measure of your usefulness just because.you have something that is useful to me.does not mean you will be rewarded for.it there are many people carrying useful.things but are not only watered for it.they are valuable yet they are not.rewarded is that true.so what is the system that translates.your value to compel the environments.that you live in to come Gentiles coming.to your light and then they are Kings to.the brightness of your rising get this.tonight and you would thank me tomorrow.I've taught you here that your value.decides who pursues you is true your.value decides who pursues you you know.you are valuable by the extent of demand.that is placed on your grace on your.skill on whatever it is that you.represent now most believers who found.out what I'm saying that's why they are.poor that's why they struggle we pray.and that's very important we study the.word we are faithful in church but we do.not understand the systems are located.to bring us out of this wallow of.many of the things we try to address are.symptoms of one central deficiency value.in the area where value plays nothing.will cover for it I will together now so.your funding is a reflection of the.extent of your usefulness and I've.taught you also that who pursues you.determines the magnitude of your reward.it is not just because people are.pursuing you the quality of people.pursuing you is also the quality of the.reward that accrues to you.if a president needs you you would be.rewarded at the level another statue of.a president is that true yes.how can I call on your name and end up.in shame no way.No.[Music].how can I bow down before you and then.bow down before a man.though.because.[Music].the ever-present healthy tell me.[Music].do you know that when you become.valuable you will command Dominion in a.way and manner that will not only bring.God glory.it will bring glory to you it will bring.glory to your family you will bring.beauty and glory out of your life when.you become valuable back at a level.where your usefulness cannot be ignored.back at a level where every other factor.to downplay your usefulness becomes.inconsequential that you rise to a point.where not gender not geographic.limitations cultural barriers etc that.none of these things sustain the ability.to be reason enough for men to ignore.you dance funny.value is not that you have something.that is been biased by loyalty so I have.something that only my tribes people.patronize and they're only doing that.just because they had that my name.reflects that not all you are from this.data ok let's come and buy this know.when you sustain an ability and you peg.yourself at a pedestrian in life where.regardless of what else is not important.in your life people ignite because of.the necessity of what you carry you are.valuable it was said about Jesus all men.seek for you not some not Yoruba people.seeking for a Yoruba man not evil people.seeking for a able man not nothing.people seeking for a northern man this.is largely what we call value in our.world so if I have value now I just.quickly go on look for my people and say.I'm the son of the soil your boy has.come with this if you leave me like that.and so we had a crowd of people it is.largely just as no cold.around but that God puts something in.your life my brothers and my sisters.that will cause all men regardless of.value nobody will ever ask you where you.come from they don't care whether you.are male or female nobody cares whether.this what I was made by a male hand or a.female hand nobody cares whether once.you are tested to the point of death you.say let me have that water whether it.was made by a child or an adult the.moment people create certain factors to.demean you you are not valuable enough.if any other excuse is worthy enough to.frustrate you then you are not valuable.if you listen to what I am Telling You.your children will bless you tomorrow.[Music].years ago the Holy Spirit would tell me.pay attention and let me make you.valuable I didn't understand the extent.of what you are saying or to them greed.[Music].there is no magic that is going to.happen in your finances.let me repeat there is no magic that is.going to happen in your finances if you.do not trust God to take you to a point.where you become extremely valuable I.give you a guarantee in the name of.Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God.as far as accessing supplies by yourself.here on earth is concerned you will live.a frustrated life is a matter of time.and I'm not talking of business here or.a job here leave all those things first.you see it is your value that gives life.to those things they don't give life to.you.many have not been taught that part of.the Ministry of the Holy Spirit in our.lives is not just to help us know God is.not just to help us walk in character.the Holy Ghost of great men he came into.our life to pure doors to a point where.we become far people the Bible says.Jesus increased in wisdom listen.carefully Jesus increased in stature.Jesus increased in favor with God and.with men the Holy Ghost does not come.into the lives of people and then.reduces them to a point where the only.thing useful about them is their.knowledge of God.Nosa it's God speaking to us a night.value when your world comes to you they.watch to see what it is that you have in.your hands that you are going to.exchange for the reward they have you.are valuable when no amount becomes.regrettable to commit to you when no.amount becomes that means nobody would.drop something and turn back as there.was to pit for drop in 1 million I just.came I know pacifies anointed what I.want me on what entered me no when.nothing in this world becomes worthy.enough to reward what you carry you are.fallible with.imagination and this is where God is.taking us to because let me tell you if.you have that even if you are inside a.hole I guarantee you you will not beg.for bread.I hope God is speaking to you you see I.love you that's why I'm telling you this.the devil will tell you though mind you.then make sure you don't have children.make sure that you you you are not the.one who be taking care of your relatives.do you know how many well-meaning.believers who love God are still asking.God questions here today Lord this is.unfair my father was a pastor.my mother was a pastor and a preacher I.love you with all my heart what is all.this one that I'm seeing now 90% of the.discussion in homes is money.she knows madam what are you bringing.you're hiding money from me the man says.you are a you know and all kinds of.things and God is watching is saying.this time is supposed to be prayer time.producing families doing devotion in the.morning and the father stops so what.what devotion are you doing and he picks.the scripture by himself just because he.wants to quarrel somebody who is not.bringing resources and devotion that is.supposed to be a time of love and.fellowship ends up becoming Correll a.lot of people accuse pastors who steal.church money and you see the truth is.that except God shows you the way out.otherwise this thing will press you one.day you would touch what you should not.touch hello please talk to me don't.trivialize what pressure can do in the.life women when you are pressured to a.point where you are pushed to the wall.you will be surprised at the compromises.you will be able to make well losing.believers per second per second because.of poverty and what it can bring did you.know someone sent me a text one time and.told me that the weather they wanted to.give the person a job God is my witness.but that the person who was helping to.facilitate it that they have to pay 250.and never before they will get the job I.said so do you have the monies you know.she was what I think you are is she.coming to just say if I can if God can.use me I said no God doesn't use me for.those kind of things God does not use me.for those kinds of things not is easy to.criticize them and say you mean you love.God and you are doing that until you.find out that a family of 10 people is.depending on one person's pocket - it is.a cause it's not the will of God imagine.for instance that I tell them to give me.a pocket now and while I'm preaching I.just I just say if the pocket comes.close to you there's something written.on the book I just read it and do.whatever I it says look at how your mind.everything I'm saying you just go down.because I'm passing a bucket you look at.the bucket and look at what is written.on it and just shot down and then what.is all this again.but do you not know that it is.capital-intensive to lift up the name of.Jesus the name of Jesus is heavy it.takes resources to lift it on did you.hear what I said the name of Jesus is.not a feather you do is heavy it would.take the shoulder of priests to take it.up is easy to accuse men of God around.oh I like Koinonia they know asked us to.give anything we just come and enjoy we.enjoy free dinner and they pay money and.I like this kind of ministry or that.pastor should be like that.don't be great to criticize my brothers.and my sisters if God does not show you.the key to this gate you will stand and.almost die nada kakazu knock you bangee.cheek Isaiah nah human soon ANCA who by.teaching.we raised upon our eye we shine your.light so bright we see King Harvey you.you will never walk in integrity if you.don't have supplies I can't eat you in.the name of the Lord you will never walk.in integrity life will push you to a.point where you must compromise.[Music].you will preach something you didn't.preach ten years ago because you have.found out that in that message now can't.call me a way of helping your belly.value.now what you see the value listen.carefully my brothers and my sisters.just being valuable is not enough you.must ensure that that value is me dead.unuseful within the context of your.civilization this is a simple asset ease.that your value must be needed listen.[Music].pasto come let's assume you are selling.this and I don't need it now I'm passing.you have this I'm just giving an example.yet I don't need it will I reward you.are you valuable is your value useful to.me no do I need it no so you will still.suffer although you are valuable that's.what is happening to many of us there is.almost nobody here that I know who has.not recognized something that is.valuable and just because we found it we.start rejoicing and we believe life.should just come and bless us no sir.there is a standard that demands reward.because the me who is moving around me.too I'm looking for something with my.resources and until I find the person.with that something to the standard I.consider you what able that is the only.condition for releasing things it's not.enough to be valuable your value must.first be needed and useful second your.value must be translated to affirm where.it is served with excellence excellence.that relates to every level of mental.development derivative said that your.value must be translated to products and.services that are served with excellence.and excellence that can be able to be.satisfying to any kind of level that.means that the value you provide and the.excellence attached to it may only be.able to serve people who are.middle-class that level of excellence.may not suffice for the grit who do not.think price I will together now so there.are many of us who are doing things but.that what we are doing I give you an.instance and that is a proof here are we.together now now if you are a graduate.they are not going to call you to go.ahead and Institute of something with.kinds of benefits accruing to it because.you I graduate but not graduate enough.you have not graduated enough to sit.there so the problem is not that you are.not a graduate well you are not graduate.you know the question days enough to the.standard how would you gather now the.person who takes loss in a race I hope.you know he has a time to that he.finished but he did not finish at enough.time to get the gold medal the question.is not that they finished the question.is there is a time allocated and whoever.completes that time is the one who gets.the gold so it's not enough to say you.are valuable as a man of God let me come.back to ministry because many of you as.and leave all those things let's talk.ministry so let me talk ministry as a.man of God is not enough to be called.you can be called you can feel anointed.in fact quite honestly you can be.anointed but is it to the level that can.bless the people who got told to bless.you because for every destiny helper.there is a standard of grace that.compels his resources to answer to you.[Music].God can tell me or God would have put in.my spirit to give us or alpha a car.provided he heals my mud child are we.together provider he does what not.provided he prays in my house the.condition for that reward is that.whether I can come with the level of.grace that can take away madness in that.house so I am anointed.I know Scriptures and I come to the.house and I roam around and I just pray.at the end of it they just thank me they.put malls in a bottle with straw and.they put dirt and they escort me with it.outside and I go it's not that God did.not send them your level of value.did not make it fair for that answer to.come to you that means when I sit in a.meeting embraces coming on me God is.lifting me to the standard that come.master help us so that their resources.can now come to me are you get what I'm.saying now listen very carefully.everybody who bless you tomorrow is.already alive today your level of place.has not risen enough to call them that's.why they are shifted to your tomorrow if.you enter that level of grace to day.they will come today I look at my life.today and I see what people do to me and.I'm almost tempted to ask where were you.where were you when I was shocking.ginger inside is strong and I was a.believer I were together when I was.trekking to first bank without money in.my account by faith hoping that I will.get miracle and not now you are.receiving it free is just coming there.was a price.God has authorized pastor alpha this is.your prayer request for the next level.but your filing is here.it cannot match until you are lifted to.the level that matches and so the Holy.Spirit has the responsibility of.upgrading the Saints please listen.carefully upgrading the Saints to a.level where their usefulness becomes.worthy or be rewarded by any standard I.will together now.that means pastor alpha gets to a point.where someone will sit down and think.with his wife and the Lord will say I.killed one of my servants a house why.don't they think about you because they.don't think is fair to give you that.kind of house now remember they know you.are called.what they think is unfair they believe.that there are more rewarding ministers.in terms of impact Kingdom impact and.the Spirit of God by himself would take.their minds to those people and say.that's the man you should bless please.believe what I'm telling you yes.we've had people my brothers and my.sisters I said this to the glory of God.we've had people leave and travel from.other nations and other cities to.Koinonia not for the program travel with.seeds and they said they sat down and I.agreed either as a business enterprise.and say no since we love God and before.we started this business we agreed that.God should grant us grace so that will.bless others and they live your cities.take flight go to the Ricoh of coming to.Zarya and all you are coming to do is.apostle we want to sow into Koinonia and.we want to continue and you ask them why.and the man will say I listen to one.message say value not message they value.but that value had grace and content in.it to rise to a level where it.as the devil whirring that man so the.man listened to a message and as he.listened to the message he fell asleep.and in dust lead the message continued.and Jesus stepped in the Jesus he fasted.for two months you see he didn't see but.he listened to one message and climbed.the ladder of a grace straight into an.encounter he would look for that person.and reward him that was why.Nicodemus looked for Jesus even in the.night he traced him the Bible doesn't.tell us everything that happened there.but I'm convinced he came with honourary.Oh.it's just my thinking it's just my.simple thinking forgive me if I sound.arrogant but there are some of us who.are seated right now there are all kinds.of envelopes in your pocket you are.waiting for us we share degrees so you.would queue and spend time only to.comment so into my life now I'm sorry.that I'm the one saying this and I'm not.by any way manipulating you what is the.truth now you are thinking how will.somebody stand for hours just to drop a.seat to a man whereas who begged the.same person why was on the cheerleading.give you transport fare as you see now.it is there is no reward until your.value rises to a point where it can be.solved with excellence.as a man of God nobody will place a.demand on your grace.just because you are prayerful and just.because you study that fruits that you.communicate must be the impact of that.word must be felt in the lives of the.people when it is done clear the way for.the rewards that will come now you don't.preach because of money don't get me.wrong however it is impossible my.brothers and my sisters to be viable to.serve that value with excellence whether.you sell it or give it free you must be.rewarded it's a law by the grace of God.and the privilege of God hand God has.granted me the opportunity to raise too.many people around this nation and.around the world for me to beg for bread.my children will never beg for bread.even if I give back to them and go to be.with the Lord because people have been.raised and wisdom is justified by our.children your value has not raised.anyone yet you want life to reward you.you see how our fate is just because you.think you a graduate holding a.certificate does not mean that what have.you given to the world that you demand.value for it's amazing how your.relatives will not give you money but.they will run for a meeting.I'm kneel down waiting for a man of God.to pass word they would drop money you.will beg them for rents they didn't give.you yet they are carrying four times.that amount to give someone who is.already blessed.nobody really blesses a needy person.they bless valuable people you must.translate yourself from this needy.mentality to a mentality of value that.even if you don't have money in your.pocket.you can say in the name of Jesus I'm.coming for Koinonia there is an.anointing that is coming I'm not falling.for nothing every time I fall I rise of.Greater in the spirit and they they will.come.something in the realm of the spirit.that will cause the nations to place it.demand on my grace.Jesus climbed up the mountain and people.followed him of the mountain to the.point that his influence threatened the.scribes and the Pharisees they said no.this guy is stealing the show if we.don't do something about him he will.destroy us.Koinonia let me tell you my brothers and.my sisters you are gathered here every.week by the grace of God because we.continue to strive to communicate truth.to you that are applicable to every.facet of your life is a formula that is.unbendable you would hear testimonies.here you would hear testimonies every.week but the word produce results nobody.leaves what walks.did you hear what I'm saying nobody.leaves what walks no sir.the world does not have too many things.that are working so the options of you.there are not too many things walking in.this life so when you find what works.you stay and pay whatever price it takes.to stay that's why the presence of God.is easy say is a place and they'll show.you most desire and hunger for forever.because you see the presence of God does.not just make you heaven-bound it makes.you valuable it truly does look at my.life.the presence of God that's where you.find the anointing so while I'm.worshiping in his presence I love I love.I love your presence I love I love you.think I'm just wasting time singing but.while I'm singing and worshiping in this.presence there is an elevation in the.spirit a new anointing song you have.this anointing on that but you don't.have this one let me introduce this in.your life and I'm there just worshiping.the same way you are typing the letter.you're obviously - I'm doing all of that.the same way you are reading for a.promotion exam and all of a sudden I.step out and I see a grace that was not.upon me yesterday.now the grace has come meaning the.person who will not bless me yesterday.cannot bless me because there is a craze.that can now add him to the list of the.blessings I love I love I love your.prayers.I love my love I love your presence I.love I love you Jesus I love.shall ibaka - salut - I love your.I love.listen forget about bringing a father.who pass it down you don't know how many.this world is until they find true value.all this issue of trying to bring the.hood down is a joke when you find.especially value that is timed with the.hand of God only God can bring that.person down I'm telling you this.[Music].Koinonia will continue to grow from.glory to glory it's not just some.recitation the formula has been given.the scroll is not closed the seals have.been broken it's been opened we have.seen it with our eyes the things men do.not have how could they resist it an.anointing is not sold in the market an.anointing is not stored in a bank the.government does not have it so how dare.you trivialize the power of God upon the.handle upon the life of a man and then.assume is not there your need will force.you to remember that only the anointing.can solve it.listen you are seated now in this place.to some of you you are attending a.service I wish you could see in the.realm of the Spirit that you are.climbing.someone who travels from far you just.thought you came for a Sabbath until you.go back on Sunday on your little prayer.group and you say let us pray Shia and.you see Shia everywhere.- and expect that you say what is this.what is going on here and everybody.discerns.that was not calling you product.immediately they will have to invent a.name to show you you are risen in the.spirit.[Music].let me tell you this is good to know how.to cook is good to know how to do.business but my brothers and my sisters.be anointed this is real value.be anointed have something upon you that.no man can buy kolobok all set alakazoo.the same way you can do nothing against.the truth but for the truth is that Dow.anointest my head.give us a scripture you did not anoint.my crop the goal is for my crop to run.over but the oil came on my head and the.results showed in my cup it takes more.than a good profession to prosper it.takes more than a good skill to prosper.there is only so much reward you can get.from that angle but when his hand comes.upon you blessed is the man that my god.shines and put place upon you your life.will be a wonder you will you will walk.upon both as boss I'm telling you this.they said let me tell you all this money.money things you see people chase most.people don't have any money they just.have enough to solve their basic needs.so they look like they're poor and yet.that's what distracts a lot of.but when you stand still or put.something in my life something upon me I.don't know why people don't pray that.pray O God shorten my journey.I don't have time shorten my journey.let her be unalloyed it on my profession.listen listen listen.Kanta Mecca you a doctor watch this but.when you bring this gentleman is a dodo.when someone is sick they will meet you.for injection or meet you forever now.your profession does not determine who.you bless the anointing on your.profession will make a rich man come as.your patient you see now that one is not.MBBS a day that one is the anointing.influencing your possibilities so a.there are not two boys around the.Padonia comes under Holy Ghost not your.profession - she Sudha.you have a restaurant do i chef.congratulations but not being anointed.you will continue to cook for poor.people wherever they will finish eating.on them but Lina's I don't have ten Dara.I don't have fifteen Mara but when the.anointing comes upon it the anointing.will make you go to visit your auntie.just when a politician is there and he.says I'm looking for someone there is a.medium and he says are my totals here.one is no longer your skill that one is.a place from heaven that comes upon man.listen you can be a preacher and have a.good understanding of Scripture mighty.exigencies of Scripture and they keep.inviting you to different places.wonderful you will be blessed but the.idols or helpers will never meet you.until there is a place that grace is.what will take your seed your message.whatever you represent to the ears of.the man that can announce your ministry.[Music].how would I have risen from zeliha here.how many public address structures do.you have I'm not on Facebook I'm not on.any social media as a person it's not.everything that is just good preaching.it's not everything that is just there.is an anointing that announces is called.an oil of gladness.it can take men and make you above your.fellows please listen the financial.tsunami that is coming to destroy men.eight almoço.where you will see the.I'm not a scientist but the time will.come when everything you have every.other person has it you are educated you.are educated and then the other person.contending with twisted tribesmen of the.director what then is your advantage.[Music].there are things when you have only the.rich look for you there are things when.you have only the poor look for you.there are things when you have only sick.people look for you there are things you.have only those in need of legal issues.look for you there are things when you.have only angry people look for you but.there are things where you have all many.will seek for you all men all men God.designed it that way so when Jesus was.about to start his ministry haven't done.everything he did the Bible says he went.to the wilderness and cried there 40.days 40 nights fasting and he returned.in the power of the Spirit and then.acceptor 10 tells us how God anointed.Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost.and with power the Bible says he went.about doing food shilling all day that.were oppressed something humorous.happened today I have never been to.Shilla as a person and I was just.sitting today and all of a sudden I got.a text the pastor in charge of.registering pastors in Shilla sent a.text to my phone and said man of God are.you coming.to arrange reservations and I said what.is this not listen I'm just saying it to.encourage you I don't know that man from.Adam.are we together.yet there is somebody who will not stay.in the secret place but to keep lobbying.you gonna be roaming around the kids.like it if those hippies join the.members or sit in yoga flow listen once.you are struggling to be accepted in.Ihram and they are rejecting you it's a.sign that there are non Tina's not open.the door go back don't trust yourself.just go back when you try to enter as a.pastor you see order pastors and we're.fighting for acceptance and the same is.the man we invited a be not you will.consider you one day stop making a.mockery of yourself go back to the.secret place and say where is the God.that put oil on the head of man let me.tell you my brothers and my sisters when.what comes upon great men comes upon you.there is no dog that will remain closed.down unknown test my head with oil.is someone ready to pray tonight this is.the value that I have brought for you.that if you god grant you access to the.anointing and you can serve that.anointing with excellence there is no.talk listen you don't have to leave your.profession it just needs to be anointed.many of us are educated what our.certificates are not anointed many of us.are skilled but your skill needs to be.anointed I'd like you to find a corner a.time is gone for the next five or ten.minutes worship Him just set the.atmosphere for us find a place of.blasting tones and pray in the spirit.and try to God and say Lord you are the.giver of all could.[Music].acaba.something upon my life.an anointing upon my head.and that to the needs of teens that will.no doubt to the needs of nobles.less than a notion of what my degree.this point.I'd like to know.I am.washing bus pray lord I can see I.but let an anointing come upon my.collarbone.when.like it.Ronde that I.make sure your ray.next time okay.my judgment.my head with oil.my hand.so madness way.so I'm going to none.what my life.hey I'm audio so hey.my.for second.hallelujah.I'd like you to mention whatever it is.that you do when is your chocolate as.your business and sell or.for the.we will go.we.I want you to praise serious prayer Lord.by the anointing on my life take away.property on Hajj this job wasn't great.if there is an anointing on my life then.there is a demand for it.that night you know.with my nan sorry.what my life.I'm sorry.I know.look at me look at me what break there.is an anointing that works like perfume.isaac used it and said my son is like a.shield i play something upon my son that.makes him to begin to smell like a seal.that the lord has blessed that means you.pass conduct aura attracts you have you.seen people who just like and honestly.there is nothing there is no reason you.just look at them and you go out of your.way to ask questions what are you doing.in Zarya i just came to you have a place.to stay and you - you are wondering the.smell when the woman brought the.alabaster box the bottle says her.perfume seal the room there is there is.this plants they call queen of the night.doesn't emily is a true i was this night.when other plans are sleeping that trans.just takes over again taiga.the anointing is smellable you can be.within a vicinity and the spirit of.someone begins to know how this man is.here let me go and see this much as I.knew it I knew you are there hold on.wait for me and the person will come.bring something I'd like you to pray the.fragrance of your glory Lord let it.smell my life that as I wore my life.becomes a walking miracle.[Music].Hey.Alleluia we're going to create two more.prayer points I'd like you to cry and.say lot I am the one who will break the.cycle of hardship in my entire lineage.there are many of us here listen listen.let me tell you the truth you will be a.wicked person if you don't think of your.children the power of God is here I.sense a strong technology.I'd like you to pray that a place of.wonder like oh gosh hardship once and.for all.of I go family mr. wasn't.- alcohol.there's something.the brain.so I.like.the launch is also right.hallelujah listen.the Bible says John was anointed from.the moon.listen until that time they never named.anybody John.so they wanted to give him a name an.identity like what was the status quo.but when the angel came you see that.Zechariah wanted to corrupt the destiny.of someone who was going to be the.greatest of all prophets according to.the mouth of the Lord and the fat-ass.mouth was short so that the destiny be.preserved listen when you do uncommon.things on come on man come to you when.you do common things come on men come to.you you are going to pray not anoint me.for unusual things unusual dimensions.unusual military unusual business.unusual medical practice.get around.a new trial.the food.I mentioned.I'm a stylist.Alleluia better let me tell you this I.share with you years ago that a man of.God was praying for me and that man said.something that destroyed me I went to.sow a seed to him and he said O Lord.creative problem that only him can solve.I thought that was selfish when you talk.of Kingdom Kingdom is not a thing of.competition and the rest but he said.India's greatest rare whether I believe.it or not it was later as I began to.grow that I understood that ah he was.not been selfish you were chosen not.distinguishing Oh Jim in a level let me.tell you when I open means God has given.me my space there is your space in life.now you dig a well they can come and.close it but there is a space in.ministry there is a space in business.you are going to pray one prayer Lord.undertake my space and keep me there.ss that is Bianca.these are thanks on.I met when you call.so download.so before we compare with any other.listen.I met I just returned from a trip and I.met a particular music minister and he.came to me and hugged me I said all I've.been blessed by your songs I'm happy to.see you now and he looked at me is that.apostle this is not the first time you.are meeting me I said really he said in.2012 I was in a meeting I was nobody.you pulled me out and prophesy to me and.I said I did said yes that you.prophesied to me.that the wells of worship the funding.will begin to arise and that from that.time his life had moved forward and.while when the meeting the Lord spoke to.him again and I told him I said we're.going to write just one song one that.will surpass what your songs have done.again.it doesn't take too many things to lift.you just one noise by the hand of God.there was one earthquake what did Ben.Carson do to be great just one surgery.and that was it when you call all the.music ministers in this nation is.usually one song many songs they wrote.but one song Bishop TD jakes wrote one.book woman Thou Art Loosed till today no.other boom has brought him that kind of.reward dr. Munro had written so many.books bestsellers but when you wrote.rediscovering the kingdom that one who.was a game changer.please can we borrow one more minute and.say not what is the one thing that will.announce me by your place let it come.let it go let it go.the one-stop shop on campus.what.the ones in.now my face.I said don't go he is.they say and I will treat.watching.is missing one thing one.Jesus.Jax is like one.with Kathryn Kuhlman shanks his life.Delta must be rain not what is the one.thing.and I mention one's due process - to my.life to change body must be sealed to my.hand.my life.what is not one of the kiss on the.message will here.whistle oh I think it was last year last.year or only this year I had the.privilege of flying with professor.Wallace so income and when I got into.the aircraft he was sitting on my seat.and I looked at him our standing face to.face with a Nobel laureate very simple.looking and I thought about this thing.again he is not many things that lead to.people they wanted to walk him so that I.said no no you can't do that this is a.great man I use it as an opportunity to.practice the law of order please keep.him there just find whatever sit for me.and let me sit.why will I walk a walk whereas I aspire.that the world hear God's voice to me.too.[Music].have you not seen that great men are.only lifted by one thing if they didn't.kill Goliath he will continue to eat.cheap meat till he dies at the.wilderness the head of Goliath brought.him a wife the head of Goliath met him.and his family tax-free the head of.Goliath.Mickey making one thing one thing Jesus.did die on the cross and he resurrected.and was enthroned as king listen I know.our time is gone but we are going to try.this one thing listen for some of you it.may not be one thing it may be one.encounter with 1% we have a number of.our worshipers here this young man.garcina ways he is brave this gentleman.it was one of his songs just one of his.songs that Natalia bossy received.one of his songs and this song just.exploded this gentleman's ministry.[Music].Alleluia sometimes you just need one.encounter and saying this to you I've.shared with you my experience with Jesus.it's not that I was not doing I was not.doing bad I was already working in a.measure of signs and wonders and this.but one solid encounter not this.nonsense around that people say.encounter with no proofs solid encounter.where you meet the power of God.a possible Allah was roaming around in.the forest when Shia fell on his head.from that forest one encounter and.changed his life as we show Benson eita.Xhosa it was one encounter that turned.his life on a nasty bishop related to.one encounter and it is our vision.change his life Papa he had every one.encounter turned his life around.you don't need an Lord what is the.encounter what is the idea what is the.soul religious crime.to me and I will answer.what a anointing.you're the source of this nation one.encounter with the prophetic place.when you walk by my soul.that condom Ganju processor.I stretch my hands and I pray for you in.the name of Jesus the fire that was.followed.to shift you to the next level.the clay where your reward system has.become limited.may you be upgraded to a iodization.Jesus Christ.hello Jesus Christ.my ministry here I stretch my hand I'm.telling you it's time for men of Shia to.arise this look one pocket evening.around will continue to focus we need.people that know God and come to this.power in His grace this is what will.change the society or this drama Bob and.I would not too much you need to bring.God the Bible says the word became flesh.I speak to you the kind of encounters.that most shocked and open.may not fire followed with the demo.cheater.not Katya any minister of the gospel.here and was following online you have.been back at a level of result only.certain miracles happen only subtle.resource happened in the name of Jesus.anti new dimension.I mention industries.[Music].and I pray for you in the name of Jesus.the orchestrations that must make you.collide with the doors of the next.season of your life we declare by the.spirit of wisdom may God coordinators.for castrations.and make them happen show you in the.name of Jesus.they said for some of you this crease.will start waking you up in the night.you will be surprised that at specific.times sleep will leave you not forever.but for a period of time because it is.to to spray at times that is solid.encounter that's when you will see a.real injure for the first time not not.lying and saying this and that no Daniel.was praying after 21 days an angel came.there are some of you by reason of that.prayer God will lead you to certain.bookshops you will see an old book that.was written by one general nobody knew.you will buy that book and sit down and.that's when the fire of your destiny.will come upon you value encounters.don't trivialize them and count us our.other things that create conviction this.our generation doesn't have conviction.at all we just say everything and don't.believe it it's a Dutch which our eyes.have seen that which are like we.asserted that which our.even of the word of life does what we.please.I pray for you encounters with Jesus.there are solos you hear I speak in the.name of Jesus may the King of Kings.himself.maybe we walk to the rooms.encounter.supernatural encounters and count up.with the angelic.with the speaks of trust man.and how does when she's not himself in.the name of Jesus Christ.[Music].as long as we continue to fool ourselves.that our finances are the measure of a.lot of one big things the is factor is.the anointing the ease is the anointing.when all is said and done.please get solid power your life doesn't.matter whether you are calling to.ministry or not.I was in a meeting about a week or so.ago and one of the Gospel ministers.people were ministering and quite.honestly I was blessed nothing.spectacular but one of the gospel.ministers came up and my god.for just 10 minutes that gentleman has.been in long time long time since I sat.down under that cooperated in Hell's.presence long time corporately like in a.meeting.ah I looked at him I said no why now I.know why this gentleman peed his pants.when you all distinguishers issues you.don't carry the anointing you only carry.it so that it will carry you is the.anointing that carries you.may God anoints you may God anoint you.may God unknown you may God really.anoint you and may that anointing speak.in your life may it open doors of.abundance may that anointing open the.hearts of man towards you may compare.men to bring the resources of heaven to.you in the name of Jesus with your hands.to Jesus and give him all the praise.blessed be the name of.[Music].

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Masshealth Financial Hardship Form FAQs

Here you can gather explainations to the most FAQs about Masshealth Financial Hardship Form . If you have specific inquries, pick 'Contact Us' at the top of the page.

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Do I need to fill out a financial statement form if I get a full tuition waiver and RA/TA?

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