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okay folks we move on with the next.presentation here at the DN a workshop.sponsored by Family Tree DNA and.supported by volunteers like myself and.Brian from ice of the International.Society of genetic genealogy so you join.the society it's completely free to join.and it will give you a lot of support.and advice with your DNA results now.there is a bag down here that somebody.has left behind so if you've left your.bag here please do come and collect it.and make sure you take your bag with you.when you're leaving because you may.never see you again otherwise so onto.the talk and Ryan has been involved with.family history since 1967.he's a found a member of the.northwesterly and different family.history society as well as a member of.the Society of genealogists and the.guild of one named study and he began.involved with DNA testing for family.history purposes in 2000 and more.seriously from early 2006 so he is a.well-seasoned expert in DNA but today.he's going to talk about the study of.emigrants from Britain and how this can.how the study of the emigrants from.Britain can help both the emigrants.descendants and the British left behind.in tracing their own family lines back.by using DNA for triangulation and.especially before 1800 so please give a.big warm welcome to fly and fly higher.work welcome this is really my.experience in family history going back.a long time and I was going to start.just by showing you this this is very.first book I bought on family history.1966 a whole 80 pages table of contents.on those days we covered Scottish and.Irish ancestry an Englishman abroad and.the whole five pages games reach the.stage now where we actually write books.on the history of genealogy and that is.actually quite interesting because yeah.we've been going a long time people tend.to forget that this is dis ancestry.business has registers flickering it you.know who do you think you are just like.we are today.etc.BBC celebrities genealogy series who do.you think you are very highly thought of.I am going to go quite fast today I'm.going to say that and if you want to go.back and relook at it afterwards that's.fine one of the persons who introduced.me got now is a guy called Don Steele.one of the leading lights and that.particular book Family Matters shows how.he's one of the leading lights.impounding all this organization the.other book that influenced me filling.print is called the world we have lost.and sometimes I feel that a little bit.with the family history societies around.here given the tsunami of DNA day to the.team to the over rolling amendment and.from people abroad again so we're.looking at the world we have lost I got.the titles in there you can come back.and look at very interesting titles like.if the peasants really starve or it.appeals to me personal discipline and.social survival but again it's a very.good overview of British history before.we all started you know migrating around.in significant quantities still managed.today um okay if you don't need any do.DNA testing with you're bound to come.across Americans in your project and.essentially what I'm trying to say is.collaboration for the Americans : wealth.campus and emigration can have.advantages initially triangulation.Matthews it can be easier to recruit.people abroad then it can be for people.in this country when you come to tracing.your family history collaboration and.money hopefully you know more about the.history and research techniques over.here and documentation and can access.non index material not online more.easily.plus knowledge of local geography.topography record offices etcetera may.your cars right I've been generally.lucky on projects and Americans I've.been involved with.but the sunny st. you make their own.luck so personal journey away from is.the churches abroad every country has.its own narrative particularly for.America.resettle settlers religious settlers peg.rights indentured servants convicts.slaves represented.aggravation and freedom of their choice.of migration the Junior Maryland the.southern state West Indies it was driven.principally by tobacco rice sugar and.lately by cotton than sometimes I am etc.as the continent grows and I was global.basis the involvement in Britain all.this is still being recognized and.research you know there's children's.owned emigration down to it was very.rare witches and Canada which is a bit.topical at the moment and the thing we.tend to forget Asian emigration when.when the British essentially stopped is.still ongoing.and I'm just going to show this this.laugh taken from a very recent paper by.a lady called Claire Anderson we started.transporting convict to New South Wales.in at seventeen ten sixteen eighty seven.eight finishing in Australia in 1869.but essentially other convicts are.non-european got transported down the.British Isles impacted quite recently.this is down as far as 1939 so.immigration continues even if we finish.with this in Britain wonderful book on.yeah.um this is just my take my experience is.Americans calmly try and trace all.family lines nor directions back to the.bezel support into America they've got a.400 year cutoff in there Paul then of.course they have the trace family.history across several countries in.Europe which us who remain behind don't.necessarily have to do gently helps the.freddie's to interact you've got some.idea of European history especially the.poor First World War this world war and.I would argue some idea of American.history both before and after 1776 to.1783 which I hope most of you know the.American Revolution or the Revolutionary.War no I'm not in no I'm resilient.America's report 1606 seventh of all.dual native private colleges the French.Canadians and Spanish whenever I say.that there's only people at remind me.that's that but I've got to approximate.somehow in this conversation um and it.is demerit and I probably do this well.as well but we can have 750 plus years.of paper to research and so it's a.balance really between the two we can.also face migration questions but often.going back to the sixteen hundreds or.earlier you can owe refugees curious.like immigration as always ongoing.discussion about anglo-norman migration.when we own own bits of Normandy um we.only lost the law in 1553.Calais in 1558 and big chunks of France.before that and of course we go there.regularly it is this is a quick flick.through some document these are there's.a monument of Americans don't.necessarily see where they come to.England this is the monument to the.first settlers of Virginia the flurries.on the right I just want you to really.concentrate on the picture it's in.Docklands which is down here so things.not be on the main tourist route so.Americans then go and look at it there.it is you can see in relation to the.dome that you will know um we were into.early early activities relation to to to.shipping and emigration this is an item.called the Howland great wet dock which.is affected and 1703 it's the first big.dot allows ships in there.and so again that was pioneering in its.whole time with luck with London.Docklands the backhoe is very important.so we use and have a tobacco doctor.these days sound damage technique.tobacco warehouses this is 1800 or so.again remains of all of that colonial.history and transporting activities over.to Virginia and Maryland those sorted.areas because that was the first thing.that really made significant amount of.money.oops just one mention the Museum of.London Docklands which is there again.highly recommended it's exactly what it.says on the on the cam Museum of London.Docklands ordered to be shipping and the.Graysons all the things I'm touching on.today there it is from the outside this.is family history as it used to be done.this is the societal genealogist when.it's a gentlemen's club.the only point to be showing this is.when I joined it I had a letter from a.gentleman saying I was the first person.join in 20 years with my surname it's a.swan particularly gave me three hand.born pedigrees from Swan family's intent.to which claim to have coat of arms and.the third line case of a place called.ship horn intense which is in the middle.and ultimately that's proved useful in.the story which I hope to get to today.and I was taught my way around London by.a gentleman called slick wait before.ancestry had digitized a whole bunch of.stuff Lizzie from the West Kerry.publications this is v wave genealogist.not to be confused I don't need to duel.with Harry Webb this is gentleman here.on the right and please say do you know.anything logical study needs careful.planning and this sort of stuff it is.perfection and many people accept that.most skills and subjects cannot be.learned without substantial study of.written material expect to be able to.conduct genealogical research and out.reading as text on the subject and I do.still get concerned about that in spite.of all of our automation of stuff words.around.and talking about London one-sixth of.population being a way of living London.- proportion of population is always it.in London it's always been eccentric.migration going back in history said.most genealogists have to tackle and.banana-tree sooner or later and many one.suspects give up and seek either easier.lines at that stage well their ancestry.has an awful lot to change that recently.and much as London genealogy and reality.consists of trying to get out of London.as part of you can I did you to a nice.parish with a nice set of country rated.parish registers my local society still.sells items which are used for the peep.in London Sydney London examinations.Association knows both roles with this.Hopf situated there and again if you.ever look at the maps of Middlesex and.London in terms of the jurisdictions.they are it very complicated it is.this is Middlesex and this is London.which I called a kaleidoscope of colors.in terms of who has jurisdiction over.what now in theory that doesn't help you.too much when you just search for or.surnames on ancestry but in when you're.getting some other records you do need.to have some idea or who control what in.terms of where records survive you can.find that you can find that online on.ancestry if you know where to go and.look very quickly in bit of history and.there's a search for at fires gentleman.for a mr. Thomas Kirby who went to.Virginia this took 30 years to solve.using conventional paper and the bottom.line is when they found him Thomas said.that the game scurvy was so pleased that.he actually gave Kobe Hall which is the.current house of the Norfolk geneology.society as a result of having trace his.entered a bit back across the pond so I.took about 30 years to do and as far as.I know it was one of the first ones.there that just describes as a victory.which you don't have to read.particularly and and you lived in.Claremont let's let's play mode Manor.Inn in Virginia.this is Claremont manners down over here.I've got a swan Bay sitting there and.we'll come back to this map in a moment.these are the a storages of plantation.in Virginia that is the James River.which runs through Virginia and Pike.basically where I'm trying to talk about.it is pioneer project today which is in.the history of ice on wiki's this is a.two thousand surname project trying to.trace to families with a William Swan of.swans point in Virginia and Dan Edwards.one of Mary Ann that was a state of art.of a DNA testing in 2000 that that's a.whole five markers down here on the.white chromosome and this is the project.I look after Aswang DNA projects that.fairly well reasonable size of surname.project ago we put about one hundred and.sixteen sitting in there it comes to me.thing is that initial da our people got.written up the ladies did it claimed.that they had a map and the course.projects online even now people come.back and ask me about it because it's.online its online of course is published.and you know that's the way that it is.she got very excited time and of course.when it fell away when further testing.came on so he sent that's for my losses.in pressing DNA and I picked it up again.in about 2006 she was trying to find the.match between these two people I get a.credit in it that I was trying to sort.of sort out the lines which is a bit at.the bottom and the families saying I've.let that go and have come back in on it.and more recent years those are the.people get get credit for it but that's.just what's happened to them one of one.of the side one of them is actually.still going strong as 89 with this if.you like to know where he comes from.of course and the lady I collaborated.with it also died has also died and.basically because their story.thing says that there's a tombstone as.we'll see over in Virginia which has a.nice coat of arms on it and these are.the swan families that have been.knighted have coated arms and.essentially people try and match it to.the families that have the coat of arms.obvious reasons I was helped very much.by the person like I said at the.beginning who had done trees back in.those days all families actually had the.coat of arms and and one other family so.I did know that as a starter the other.swanly who's a famous one in Maryland.has a chapter in a book written about.him in 2001 which is very useful start.point and the wing and swan list here at.swans point which is across the road.from James City.that's the plantation etc that he had on.James River and as I say there's any one.one person reads or one family took.younger than this or initially he put.this plantation over DC in 1635 the.person who was there before was John.Rolfe and he of course married proper.hunters as anyone in America knows sacré.father hunters in Gravesend.which is actually beefed up now as a.monument so I was really quite pleased.when you find all of this out as to.where people come from this is a very.nice map of London in 60 and 62 and.printability shows cetme here all all.the early votes that sailed to america.america particularly virginia maryland.etc electrum ii ii they did not lead.from up here in the town they transship.stuff upset me no they certainly.struggle along the river there were.other parishes coming in here that's.that's the Tower of London.think I got that blown up there of its.that's those important people Stepney.Ratliff nine house red brick I have the.names their walls are down here nice.picture of what London looked at that.time this is London Bridge and this is.this is very thing.Pocahontas again Gravesend is actually.very important when it comes to shipping.and in the words of Michael Caine not so.many people know that and the reason why.is at the bottom here great event is the.final registration departure point for.immigrants leaving London.so they basically took people into gray.then got them to swear loyalty to the.king etc before they went and when the.ship's came in they put the customs.people on the boat to stay then they.have a day to call all those the boats.to sort everything it was about thoughts.back in back in London that's how.customs works in those days so Gray's n.was really very important when I speak.to a great end and I'm just agree what I.say here Gray's end is the outer limit.of the Port of London have some men or.searchers board the ships they sorted.through many smugglers whatever but of.course the important thing is the.revenue from all of this the government.that's what it was all about this is the.Customs House in London place of power.as a parish next door fedora hello.sparking worth mentioning of those.parish registers are not online so just.in case at all think that what every.parish register in London is online as.far as I'm aware those are not online.and tracing people to America be very.easy apart from this one event this is.the Custom House in 1755 and in.profitably 1814 there was a disaster.Custom House as you can see here went up.in flames.without that of course tracing immigrant.ancestors would be one hell of a lot.easier most people if you have doing.American family history or enter the.archive fire in Virginia we think we can.also burn things to the ground with just.equal effect basically people thought.there was gun powder in the basement and.so they just let the fire burn.I'm not going to undersell leave that.there you can watch it on the video but.that describes the customer house fire.and what's behind it really but the key.message was there was gunpowder in the.basement and they just let the fire burn.the centenary talk of monument as.manuscripts flowing out into Hackney.Marshes about four.that's London customshouse where it is.today.this I think is going to chain evasion.of both Belfast most people here on.though the Gherkin and this is the.picture that no very few Americans ever.take because they don't appreciate it.too difficult in terms of immigration.and everything else they recognize all.the less putting out our bridges down.here etc there's a show what happens if.you lose some records in America this is.the effect creation of richland that's.what happens to a huge chunk of the.archives in Virginia they were burned to.the ground in civil war period so it's.so it's quite rare for us for me to get.queries that come in from Ewings and.places like that the queries you get up.in people from Virginia whatever Larry.land where the records have been lost.I'm just I'm just gonna leave these up.here you can go back and have a look at.them that's a book on the customs and.exercise those are the chapters.involving all the sort of things are.involved in that you know I've got a.quick a few things like that you just.have to look at at your leisure I'm.trying to have a really quite a lot of.ground obviously quite quickly.that's the surname surname at this I.only mention that because Swann 10,000.entries I'm not going to run on one name.study on this I'm really depending on.people as they come in just some idea of.where it's distributed as a consequence.of that I hope most of you have some.idea what the surname Atlas is if not.there's on the Gilder one name study.it's not online on ancestry I hasten to.Mary intervention very useful way to map.the counties just other examples because.we get Swan queries in from Ireland I.have and very lucky I have a lady of.covers Ireland this is taken from a.particular gentleman IRS origins Swan.distribution from there and you can see.concentrates in Northern Ireland so on.but one thing for sure about swans it's.not an Irish surname so it's come from.somewhere.I very briefly to DNA STRs measures.regarding the leaves on the trees sniffs.measures appliances etc in terms of this.I'm not going to talk about that anymore.other people to have talked about that a.lot in other other presentations here.quick talk about indentured servants.then just servants were people that were.picked up by farmers commonly it's an.Indus in the 17th century from London.they will ship they were shipped out for.a contract the period of time various.but is often for years could be as long.as six and one of the recent works on.this suggest that the principal.contributions to indented service going.is they were marvelous no inheritance.friendless so they have no social.compact obtained work and all release.from prison I'm not saying that back for.everybody but it gives you some idea of.the focuses and sort of people that went.at indentured servants and they went to.Virginia Maryland and then sent to the.Carolinas.thought there about redemption as people.sometimes transported a German quality.German colonists also to that back of.the world this is really the only map.that I'm aware of in relating to where.indentured servants came from this is.worth Nathan Murphy here where he's.analyzed the records that survived from.Bristol where these people came from and.as you can see there's a very tight.clustering around relatively tight.clustering around around Bristol itself.but it does reach out you know with odd.fits to all parts of the country even.with Bristol there's a clustering around.London and London it it's really very.difficult to look at that sort of data.it's been a very recent book on.indentured migration which I'm just.putting up here it's the best book that.I'm aware of looking at invention it.invented migration having that sort of.time period it's just a show as always.that their people expend their life to.looking at this particular thing that.I'm trying to convey to you in terms of.immigration that's an overview of what.the books about but it's essentially.those great ones of servant to provides.the first detailed examination of being.displayed indentured servants looking at.that particular time period and you're.transporting people long distances of it.and so the transportation system was not.benign and neither and sugar plantations.the West Indies or in the tobacco.plantations it was hard work for all the.people that were transported just.this is this is slightly later for.London there's there's there's there's.records that survived from Middlesex.sessions for people that were.potentially involved in kidnapping and.it gives you some idea of the parishes.that were involved in this kidnapping.again set me that we've seen it's the.south part of the south part of London.and so on so there was portable means.used on occasion sket people onto boats.and where did they go and again the pie.charts gave show that you know Maryland.Virginia Carolinas they're ripples that.survived for this particular period for.London and again huge numbers for the.West Indies and and so on based on 2100.people and there's really the only good.records that survived the 17th century.is where people went and just remind you.this is this is where we are we got him.here in 2009 expanded the n area that's.a bit of my history I thought we've.talked about the eye drops and the eye.so quickly and just to comparison charts.test before you buy etc a number of.members on Facebook I just wanted to put.this product.cause you know naval activity is really.important to Britain strategic to these.considerations and it's a quest in 1757.which you can read but the bottom line.is it farm should have a rival England.Navy power breaking considering our.North American colonies it will then of.course distress does not destroy our.commercial interests and finally reviews.written to a state of dependence on.France it's not the kind of province of.that country surely then all possible.means to be used and expended on our.part had very powerfully stationed at.sea and so naval history is an absolute.integral part of British family history.I don't think it's quite as strong in.America as is over here it's so much.part of our trading history open the.Royal maybe at whatever and without the.Royal Navy really um.we went from a position where we were.pretty poorly often in the 6860 1660s.kind of Seminole thieves to the.predominant and in the 1700s and it.basically to protect our trade which.drove all of that possibly our own.island island nation I'm going to run.through that very quickly that's the.population of America just shows how.fast it expands people found that the.left-hand column here to the time of the.revolution you're up to that 2 million.turn 2 million people that gone to.America a lot of them have died of.course in between that time but you know.some idea of how the populations.increased that just sorted out the.background you want one-stop shopping on.this the history of naval map maritime.Britain I would recommend this book.because it covers everything in it Maine.many strategy operation administration's.districts whatever it is important to.understand something about the maritime.history of Britain and why it's.important that's just a guide as well.that goes with it the best book on the.Royal Navy in Europe during the period.of the American rubriz opening war was.actually written by an American again.people tend to get what's happening in.Britain during that period everyone.times quite often American colleagues.focus on what's happening in American.becoming independent the real place.which is very sensible problems over.here in Britain like life like with the.French appearing outside limit in 1778.which you can imagine it was quite a.panic at the time and convicts were.always transported.I do have to mention he took hold them.in published a phenomenal amount of work.related to transportation in that sort.of area very quite a lot of mystery.religion that is now on ancestry we went.on earth after we finish sending convict.for America we were surrounded try and.find a good home for them covers very.well in this book for the mercy.merciless place story of Britain's lost.convict disaster in Africa and of course.eventually lease if you settled in.Australia New South Wales and that's.another story different period of time.let me just spend a bit of time talking.through the National Archives website.this may be very familiar for some of.you that may not be familiar to others.absolutely key to researching records in.Britain now how will your search search.a thousand years of records research.guides that is that anyone not looked at.research guides on the National Archives.website you've all been there and looked.at it okay just very in mind this talk.gets videoed and goes outside so you.know I did think it would be worth just.talking that through a really valuable.work records in their relation to.shipping.you know these emergency ferry's have.all sorts of other things that are in.there and there goes our the pause of.customs exercise excise these sort of.things merging trade records port books.which survive their licenses the path.beyond the sea most of which has been.digitized but then again is searchable.on on black via a discovery website and.immigrants the American colonies and.which again has been put into perform.but you can also search that on the.archives of the National Archives.there are lists there about records of.ships merchant passengers going to the.American colonies recorded in the port.books again available at national.archives there and I don't think all of.those are necessarily online and that's.the key form really way of doing an.advanced search putting words in here.typing in references here and.essentially searching all national.archives or one of the other websites.and because this becomes the passport.ready to look across the whole of.Britain now I'm not Jess record right.here in London so very quickly some of.the people I've worked on this is this.is the history of a richest one who's in.in rarely in Massachusetts he's been.well researched immigrated to New.England in 1513 1630 1435 early book.mentioned to him it even got map showing.where you had a mistake in enroll in.Massachusetts he rarely in Massachusetts.is named after this place in in.Yorkshire and again it's one of these.people where the priest the visit the.mr. minister at the time decided to.emigrate and he took these people with.him and other people follow follow with.him a natural Church have rarely had a.ship put in the same glassware memory.map and that's not a terribly good thing.for the stroke of the thing but if any.of you remember dude and go be kid when.she did who do you think you are.she actually was film going into the.church there and that was part of her.part of her story no looking at at the.church window and so on so in general I.get very very few people coming from.that family it's very well documented I.think I've got two people in there from.that those DNA projects that I run and.that really says it you know read get.members they stuck on to connecting and.so far no one is trying to recruit.anyone other than their immediate family.and.when identified research the family fact.further as far as I know there is books.talk about voyages to the west listen to.provide burner falen and slides reading.what what is in what is in the book and.some illegal clubs that I got in there.covering aspects of shipping and one.thing I wanted to show from from burner.palin's book where the roots really out.of here when people landed in in.Virginia they were there are the roots.that we use to take convicts indentured.servants what off off the boats and take.them around these these so drivers in.the in the back country to sort of get.the people parceled out the people over.there it's quite difficult to trace that.sort of thing but that's that part of.what has been said they're records that.survived for this particular series of.years are pier 1773 to 1776 have an.England Scotland and and others the.point really is to make that London even.named was still a very predominant port.for where people left from so you do.have to get involved in the history of.London there are other books happening.in smaller details as these at the.emigrant trade morally for men that's.the same figures of Scotland in there.Brenner and small numbers from some.other things that again growing off tens.VD overwhelming or fair for Scotland.going in family group versus alone again.London for people traveling alone very.very significant and the next largest.place is Yorkshire and again then the.numbers here and show again that London.is a very significant for a later ferry.in all of this game so even though the.other ports are a lot they're documented.London London was still the predominant.port and these are just they're.relatively few records you can get any.of this data over that's that sounds one.of the thousand faces as you can.slaughter is a bit different those are.some of the figures for Scotland the.same time period and the Hebrides is the.highest one there and these are some.idea of the numbers that went we need.support across Scotland again numbers.just showing where the population went.over to America I'm going to skip that.one it's really the expansion of the.southern colonies in America heading.heading west words which is basically.how America was was colonized they went.into the east coast forces and then.fanned out from their input into.Kentucky places like that south south.georgia heading west i'm going to.mention briefly other records that that.survived a coup which has not been.indexed these are all navy playlists.shipped muster rolls a huge Seward list.over there masses and masses of people.in these volumes which had not been.indexed because we're all ad was so.important in terms of in terms of number.of people are served there they have to.have semen from all over Britain in.terms of the people that went there.later on you get you get to crewless.which state for 1835 and you get nice.pictures on the cruisers of Bettles of.these are involved in shipping people.around this is later it's fast bTW pc-98.they coincide with the 1841 1851 census.again 448 boxes again they at the moment.have not been in each not been put up in.put online very important really in.relation to shipping when should win.ships go wrong when things go wrong they.end up in Britain in the high court of.Admiralty which had jurisdiction over.shipping that again is an important.series of documents over here which has.barely been touched really the high.court of Admiralty because so few.suffered remain relation to shipping.that's an important class and they have.a basically criminal activity that.happened to regret your some idea of the.planters for the sitting there of a high.court of Admiralty and this high series.of papers is actually being worked on as.I as I speak to you so complete guide to.the records involving chicken those.sized papers are going online on this.particular catalogue that's all Brill.that again it's not part of the normal.data packages as you get into it.so our records are being digitized at.the National Archives are going to other.subscription packages and from the main.ones that you have and there's there's.an appreciable number of names in there.these are price papers with great.practice ships during the American.Revolutionary War that sort of period.that's going on that's.that's the thrill that's a corresponding.project that's happened happening in in.relation to the Ducks records which they.cover all a lot of nationalities with.their papers a caption so I'm going to.go through those quite quickly by my.pass now again has a daily emigration.from Britain or traveling that these.sort of dates as well as well as.ancestry someone other complementary.some that are are separate so you do.really need to look at both of them as.one outlier here which is a record.that's turned up at the grade end.register of passengers passing through.that place it just can give some idea of.what in Los I think in terms of our.shipping records it would be really.valuable if the study being made of.those looking at Arlen ward see between.these dates which again just start to.give some idea of what survives in there.in relation to new label history and.iron it's hard work to dig that out I.know we can't be interested in surnames.and you know names only look at this but.it's also very important part of the.naval history of what's going on when I.had to learn this to docq books I found.useful really particularly rating to um.Mary and our English and Catholic which.is discussed with the Lord Baltimore the.run and loads of Maryland at that period.in time they were Catholic most of.Virginia was Protestant and there was a.tension going on for a long period of.time really from the fan base foundation.of Virginia to the foundation of.Maryland and particularly to a period of.time around here 1646 Isaac brother.where Mary Nam was funded the population.went down very low and then it was.repopulated there wasn't repopulated.that stays by catholics it was other.people that came in.this is a document relation to the first.appointment the customs officer in.Virginia dating back to 1636 seven.that's that's basically what it said.biotech was appointed I found this this.book useful when I was looking at a.chipping records that were there.that's London's political change and.physical conflict London's.an overseas traders it's important to.remember that we weren't just dealing.with Virginia Maryland you were dealing.with the rest of the world and that is.quite easily forgotten that we were.dealing with the rest of the world and.this one family I mentioned a swans.point occurs in this particular book.which is the book if you like relating.to early people going to America these.people down here are related and if you.can claim ancestry from then you can get.yourself induced in the the Jamestown.Society and this is the Swan family at.one point I'm supposed to be the coat of.arms of the book that goes back to 1956.or looking very impressive.that's a tombstone you can start make.outs on the here with the coat of arms.still sitting there in in swans point.it's a sign saying it's there um got the.wrong name on the sign I hasten to add.this is William this one was to David.1680 it's actually am definitely colored.swamp it's Williams Warren went over.with 24 headlights headlights with.people that would use basically the same.land in Virginia they were essentially.used as currency.so the fact that he registered those.headlights to claim the land there's no.relationship when they actually shipped.they were literally used as currency so.you always need to be careful the.remains mention in here I'm not.necessary the dates when they were.transported at all they were they were.moved around and they're named in here.there were 30 fellows family names if.you reconstruct the trees of a gentleman.emigrating so some of these people were.his family other people were people that.was traded from London and what caused a.lot of confusion was that there's an.article in the Virginia magazine goes.back to 1919.where is reprint appears talking about.this family in Virginia and comparing it.with other families that are mentioned.before the Swans and I mentioned here in.Barry's camp and again most people.totally ignore what very extended but.it's in fact the first East decent.excuse me.there's decent history got that came out.on the history of Penn with the family.trees and charts and so on in it and.what he's really saying is it is that.these families here who do not seem to.appear in in in various Kent so the.family and so on point be not appearing.very spent and all of this this this.thing this article through here which I.don't expect you to read at all the.actually relates to a document that was.written down by the grandson of the.person who immigrated to America in that.head right plane we looked at so he did.what we all loved was done somebody.actually wrote down in 1707 where they.come from and in there he actually said.yeah I died in if I can find it um this.one he had my grandfather William Vaughn.married again the first day of May it.was 37 and thighs the last day of.February in the 52nd year of his age and.despair that's one point isn't that.lovely really as you killed you when he.was born the only thing is I'm going to.skip that that's actually trying to sort.out some of the other person in there.try and find where the tree was today.and the answer is I can't find it today.this is Barry's tent which which has a.nice swan the family history in here.coming down for people here and there's.an Edward Swan sitting down here at the.bottom remember regionally we're trying.to connect the Williams wanna and Edward.Swan back there and so people have taken.this they pursuing this Edwards honor.here of course was the gentleman who was.over in.in in Maryland and make them make them.fit that's just such as the visitation.pedigrees of swan coat of arms of.standing why why shirt but when you when.you blow that up.these Everett swans down here both very.so these are impossibly the obits one.degree turns up in Mary they also say.that this could be the William Swan is.in that pedigree the only thing is if.you look across the records here there's.not a natural date for him but the other.ones are baptized in 1611 1614 and so on.so there's no way he can be someone that.who died in 1630 1638 in his 51st year.and of course their masses and masses.and masses of pedigrees confusing all of.this I'm not being able to sort it out.so you get lists of children this is.just an example sitting here with.various ones down here which just get.cobbled together even with arrival years.in 1638 when we've seen that he claimed.head right in 1635 so it certainly had.to be there to register the head right.whole bunch of different surname isn't.you know wives and husbands seeing there.if you look at the names unlikely and at.the bottom line we've managed to trace.all the swans miss descending down to.this gentleman here down three different.branches the three different people take.DNA tests and then and that gives us our.one signature so we're just at the.Jennifer emigrated everyone that lives.at the moment in America with this.gentleman a swan point dissention this.gentleman here Thomson Swamp may they.may possibly be one one generation back.with more line but almost everyone else.comes from here that's what claims.getting gamesound society and so.everybody really has become from this.person here because that's ultimately.where you triangulate on to do those.matches so you've got a very good.kinetic signature now these three people.so we can say for sure if you companies.Jasmine owned the Swans point this is.your genetic signature and this.gentleman down here was over the moon he.managed to get himself into the.Jamestown society which is pretty.prestigious in America and that's really.what that says there it was really.helped by one particular document.there's a series of things called.beginning of Chancery proceedings which.are also online fairly recent this.particular lady died in in 1800 the.court ordered he made a will that was.was contested and they decided to bide.it between her four sons and her four.brothers and one sister.the levy description here which have to.take time to read but it says basically.there was a lot of confusion but fine.all the people we are to find out the.ancestry of this person and got many.conflicting information this is dated.1857 so this foundation hundred this is.still going in 1857 and the fightcade.papers only got deposited in 1869 so.three hundred sixty four pages there.I've yet to see anyone can sign it but.it's just an absolute mess of detail to.sort all of that out.I picked through some of it and if you.if you ever want to register spelling to.help sort out a family that's the one.the point about talking about I'm going.to do this this or because it's going to.run short of time I think otherwise.if you very look for Swan's in brazen.there's a marriage between the Williams.one or emigrated and a dude is often in.Stepney in 1612 so everyone assumes you.must be baptized in great egg you going.up in the Gravesend carriage registers.and of course he's not there if you go.to the next area which is meltin next.grade then you don't have to say that.there that's milton next row thing that.was actually where they have the customs.place where they put the people on board.and there is a swan family there and if.you think right back to the bit that I.started with but I joined the society.genealogist a guy who sent the three.pedigrees be worked on one of them was a.family from chip born and there's a.William Swan in there who fits exactly.the person who ends up in Virginia and.there's a Nicholas Swan which is not.that common a surname sitting in.building next grazing and although you.never get proof of these things that's.as good as I think you're going to get.that this family managed to get from.ship horn to Milton and so it said he.was from grazing and when he went to.quit when he went up to London to.secondly it was where he was married I'd.love another record between then and.1635 when he arrived in Virginia but.that's that's not happening and the skip.rose but those are just to show where.the places are south leading north they.ship on and this did why family these.are two families basically with the coat.of arms I said you do their family trees.and it doesn't fit the person with the.papers they're certainly parish.registers very detailed this is the.William Swan upgrade then getting.married they have wonderful descriptions.and certainly some of them are really.plain old description and don't say very.much you've got to be aware of things.like this where John's once a piece of.second Swan of a Thomas Swan down here.this is this is from that landed gentry.1879.things that go back that far you.defeat with a pinch of salt a very good.pinch of salt because a lot of that bot.the assassin for some extent taken apart.later that the disease thing go online.of course people rediscover all of this.and it ends up going on their websites.and potential potential trees and so on.let's do a quick word on on the other.one is the Edwards one here's my longest.standing family history problem.essentially we've got about twenty three.people now in this chart this is the.other immigrant who went to Maryland he.has three sons this is just a snapshot.chart there is a lot of lot of.descendants in here a lot of descendants.from here a lot of descendants from here.and this is just a snapshot to show that.these are some of the people at the.bottom that we've dna-tested to get our.markers hands so this part is fairly.well characterized these branches which.I'm probably not going to have time to.show you they are all the people that.come in but you can't lick bank with a.paper tree and so what I desperately.need is people with paper trees back to.these people here at the top left so.they relate the other ones in and I.guess was it getting a bit short of time.are we now three minutes okay so I'm not.going to go on much further than that to.get the bit rough I like those words as.Martha wasn't unpaid some of the bits.that I've got in there but that's the.gist of where I got to one of my biggest.DNA project.I've got about 23 people in here in.terms of STR markers and if any of us.work on these types of surname projects.its how do you sort out ground part part.ways with these markings so I have words.of Morris afterwards off but those.slides in there is the actual marker.patents eclair come out some of the.other stuff I got on the back and we'll.need it is activate this is the biggest.cluster that I got and of course there's.loads and loads of people in here that.would like to know where this gentleman.coming from at the top is the gateway.ancestor.I do have to say and I'll add this is.one slide when it goes up online I've.listed the Swans now that could be said.was one of the top based on information.and the key candidate we have to rule.out is an Edward Swan who was baptized.into Steven Colman Street in London in.1632 33 and he took his name from Swan.alley because he was a founding child.you name founding children after where.they were found in London so as I say.everyone has to get their surname from.somewhere but it's probably not the.answer that most people life is where.their family comes from there are a.couple of other candidates down in Kent.that we've got a time to use apart you.can't actually rule out the person who's.there because basically we can't very.there are defects and always in the.London registers particularly through.the columella period etc so it's pretty.difficult to tie these these things down.but we all want one point on any making.you'll wanted to end up somewhere nice.and I had a theory about a year ago and.some DNA evidence it'll fit into another.another family called beam and there is.an association but in fact having done.all the DNA testing around that is the.themes we conclusively ruled out that.they were not connected in any way I.thought I had a wonderful way to.identify an opportunity a non-paternity.event essentially in London that in the.mid 1600 but the DNA ended up falling.out completely the wrong way you had.documentary evidence to support them.elements of that that the DNA will.better help so I think I'm going to stop.there um here's a little bit of time for.any questions that thank you for our on.proper shipping elevator yeah thanks.thanks very much Brian.fantastic presentation I think it really.gives us a an insight into how Ron amaze.you actually have gone back into the.1700 and 1600 and that your swan DNA.project is actually helping helping you.decipher a lot of there's a big huge.stomach units one family how many people.in your Swan DNA project well that graph.I showed there's a membership that's.about a hundred.and 111 111 about 11 again other people.do it I run the people with the actual.Swan sewing on a spreadsheet as a.separate exercise and that's about 65 70.people and there and of the people to.about 60 60 or 70 people even a yDNA sir.yes yes and how many of them are.American how many of the moderators put.it the other way the number the number.of pieces of the British are in single.figures really okay so the vast majority.of a project member garethw again now.how many people have their DNA project.here in the the audience okay we've got.one two three four quite a few five okay.and what I've got several as well I a.lot of people will think that all.there's no point in having Americans in.there because their genealogies just go.back to that 1800 ago and in many cases.that's true some of them go back further.than that but certainly for from the.Irish point of view a lot of time a lot.of the American genealogies go back much.further than the genealogies in Ireland.so the Americans can actually be very.informative for Irish geniality and the.other thing that I think is very very.useful from my point of view and you.probably find the same if your project.as well is that even though you know a.lot of the American genealogies all they.know is that their ancestors came from.Ireland or from England and but if.they're the ones that will actually buy.the expensive tests yes so even if they.don't have extensive genealogy they have.deeper pockets than most people in.Britain and Ireland so they will.actually reach into their pocket and buy.the expensive test.well because have you found that as well.so this is my biggest tree it's got.about 23 people in it that are.potentially related and we have at least.two big white eggs in there now one.surprised to find this family over here.that's characterized and one from Eddie.well the other one we don't actually.know it's one of these seventeen that.essentially can't connect cleaners on.paper the one comment I've made in.general I found it really hard work in.this case.the people to get interested in families.that are not their specific line you.know they will test themselves be.interested in their line the message.that really all sold this overall.problem by testing other people besides.yourself to help sort out the farms.pattern getting there I've only got one.person on these two people here that.actually has a pedigree back to these.two people you know there are pages.pedigrees that you just there but it's.you know it's telling them to get people.to take that step to really realize the.fact what they need to do to sort out.their family history the whole of this.hangs has to hang together to tell a.self-consistent story and you know that.there's obvious the message of the PNA.everything has to hang together to have.a self consistent story and the of.course you want them to the people from.this line here and there people from.this line here to do a good writers.perfectly so as you're going to get a.genetic signature for those particular.to like yet and I've done a a lot you.know certainly since I came back on this.project I've done a lot of work on this.and I have actually got one or two.people now that you actually start to.realize that this is important and one.guy certainly helped me.yeah he's got a background in computing.so he helped me set up a facebook site.but I don't float if I'm going to do all.of this and run all of that as well.you know another I thought this was you.know one other surname project that I'm.involved in etc you know I know much you.can do how about have you had any.recruit from the Facebook site and we.are literally just starting on that.we've got about top of my head.35 or 40 members already you know and.it's building it is a it's a great way.of passively recruiting to your project.it is when I took on the feral project.one of the reasons why I was.enthusiastic about it was because there.already was a feral clan Facebook group.against how many people who are in it.3,000 so I had access to 3,000 potential.recruits in the feral plan Facebook page.and an actual effect it works very well.and I get maybe one recruit every eight.weeks or so into my projects just.because there is a pre-existing Facebook.page dealing with that particular family.name so you might find that the swarm.Facebook group will actually get you.liquids yogurt very very quickly the.guys I use help me do that that there's.a building out it I come into the place.within West Virginia called the Force.One house and it's essentially the place.I think where the people got together to.break West Virginia away from Virginia.which I my understanding happened in.1863 or thereabout I'm winging that so I.get most friendly bunch of people in.that we may know may know history it is.round about that because the back that.was it them those they're available the.swarm house and people associated with.it by 30 key role in West Virginia.foundation history so he's been quite.actively involved in getting it.preserved the sort of things you know so.he's quite interested in local history.and has a a significant range of contact.and yeah he's been one of the help me.for some time but you know you had as.always family issues to sort through.except for you take help when you can.wear em together especially yeah well we.have to end up there but I just want to.say a very special thank you to Brian.because not only have you given us a.fabulous lecture on on how shipping and.emigration is so important to our one.them studies but if it wasn't for Brian.none of us was actually be here today.because back in 2009.Brian convinced Family Tree DNA to come.to who do you think you are for the.first time and since then we've had DNA.lectures every year we've had people.testing on family K DNA and none of you.would be here today if it wasn't for.this man here so I'd like to ask you to.give a warm round of applause for Brian.Klock.

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