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anyway I realize that some of you guys.don't know what what the Master File is.when we say the Master File we're.talking about the extent of all our.knowledge and expertise in regard to how.one would correct their status and.commerce so because for the most part.I'm the full-time all the time.researcher and I do have others that.contribute significantly to the research.but they have 9:00 to 5:00 and other.jobs and things like that so they're not.able to dedicate as much time to the.structure of what is necessary for.ourselves to correct our status so.that's what I've been doing and I've put.all that research in structure form.called the master file it's very.intentional that I try to keep the.essence of what needs to be done to one.page as so that you're not overwhelmed.and so that you can partition this.mentally the way that you will until you.over stand every particular part of this.because you should be studying this.master file for at least one month and.you know before you go on to start doing.everything in it you should have went.through everything mentally within your.mind and researched it and kind of get a.dry run within your mind before you even.start ordering the Cusick search result.so you start bringing things into action.because because honestly when you get.ready to do this recording and you have.everything in place you want to be able.to have it all done in maybe two weeks.ideally just everything two weeks done.as far as the extent of what you have to.do but that's not going to happen unless.you see the whole big picture and that's.what this whole blueprint is here to.demonstrate and we try to keep it the.least the essence of what needs to be.done to one page and if you can see here.this is one page it starts up here and.it goes down a little bit further and.down here you see the older videos the.latest video such as the one I'm doing.now by the time you get this will be.here in this video will be down to the.bottom right so this how this works now.to receive this you can make your one.hundred and fifty dollar donation to.coaching at.cee-trust org via PayPal or just you.know go to the website wwth CTRs org.create an account which is free login.and it'll direct you to how to make a.donation to receive the Master File if.that's what you would like to do now in.my opinion this is the best research out.of everyone else's research out there in.regard to how one corrects their status.in commerce and I'm not saying this from.any type of way of being conceited I.know I extend that out there to everyone.I extend my work for peer review and.iron sharpens iron so when I do learn.something as many you guys who've had.the master file you see I go in there i.corrected my updated so nothing in here.I can't direct you to how I came to that.conclusion and I really respect.intelligent questions that's why my.number is provided with to everyone who.makes the donation for this it's not for.me to coach you or tell you or instruct.you how to do but if you have legitimate.questions about the process of a.procedure maybe there's something that.you don't quite agree with you know you.can you know call me up and then we can.discuss those and either I'm going to.convince you or you're going to convince.me of something that I didn't know and.an update is going to go in this master.file you know that's how it works I.really respect that I got a call from.someone the other day and they they.weren't against it but they just you.know because of the information that.they had they were kind of wondering how.is I using or how we're reusing DQ Civ.search results which is not just all.let's say it's not just shares of.interest such as you own it's a it's a.it's a you know it's beneficial interest.in common so how am I using that in.commerce as an affidavit of title so.then I got to demonstrate to him which.I'll be talking about when here in a.certain area that the affidavit of title.over the particular estate evidenced by.the certificate of live birth.and the material fact of the cuse of.search results attached thereto creates.a collateral interest that's what I was.trying to say why is the collateral.interest important because you know many.people are trying to figure out well how.can I use this birth certificate you.know so so that's what we are.essentially doing when we do the Cusick.search results we're evidencing a.particular transaction to where there's.a reversionary interest and it's a.collateral interest because the estate.which holds the trust gets to hold the.property the titles the leases and the.rents the accounts do the accounts.receivables for the trust including the.reversionary interest including the.entitlement the collateral interest.that's evidenced by the document of.title which is the affidavit of title on.a certificate of live birth recorded in.the county that establishes a record of.a collateral interest it gives you a.docking number right a docking number a.docking number to identify an asset and.that asset is what we have to have you.know that asset in the county that real.estate is what it is basically.but the asset then what the real estate.is or living to quantify that if the.chattel papers the documents of titles.the deeds to acts so for example your.affidavit is an act it's a be your.declaration of trust which are Exhibit A.and the certificate evidencing the.estate attached thereto that is a deed.if the affidavit is a chattel paper it's.a document of title and it's considered.real estate I cover that in this video.right here so I don't want to kind of.get off the subject because that's why I.have all these different videos that you.have to go through just to overstand.what is taking place so the reason why I.was again mentioning the collateral.interest is to help some people with not.quite understanding how does knowing.that the state will securitized in this.transaction worth hundreds of millions.billions or even trillions for some.people's research trillions of dollars.how does that help me do anything.because you can now ledger your.collateral interest in that fund now.what good is a collateral interest now.that is when you get well you can use a.collateral interest for example when you.look at secure party credit or bonds.right usually you see the bond and it is.backed by either silver or a securities.account you know three secured parties.pledging assets right they have a.collateral interest in this these assets.so now the bond which is like.disconnected because the bond is made up.by three assets three assets are made up.by collateral interest that each of the.three parties have so now the value is.not so significant because the bond.itself that is backed up by the.collateral interest in the assets the.bond is going to stipulate its own value.for the quarters with different contrast.the very first thing that you have to do.is you have to record a document of.title on the estate.now the estate the estate is governed by.a wills a man's property is governed by.his will simply put and I'm going to try.to relate this together and what I'm.trying to demonstrate to you is why we.are you know why we are attempting to.record a document of title over the.estate in the county because when you.record title on a state or a property in.a county it gets indexed to a particular.estate and it becomes real estate or.personal estate of that estate and.there's an asset number there's a.docking that occurs and this takes you.into the Admiralty and laws of Commerce.as deals with title and control of those.Goods register to that estate the birth.certificate is evidence of the estate.registered in one sense when we do the Q.Civ search results that evidence of a.transaction to which we have a.collateral interest and a beneficial.interest so that is property or parcel.to the estate which is personal property.which is actually considered real estate.and I broke that down and this video.right here how your security entitlement.excuse me how your security entitlement.or your document of title affidavit of.title in the estate how that chattel.paper and the accounts that it.references is considered by law real.estate so I broke that down in this.video right here and when I said the.accounts you know rest assure that the.certificate of live birth at least ones.some of them depending on which one you.have they show you particulars they even.say particulars which are several.accounts right so when you start.breaking down the definition of these.words it's like some that somebody may.say no you're taking it overboard no.this is what the definitions mean and it.doesn't matter how far you go it's going.to all relate to the estate the.registration of the estate that you have.to take title to because if not by not.taking title to the estate you are.demonstrating that you are not in the.proper status to control the estate and.I'm going to show you that here shortly.because we're going to look at the.definition of the will because remember.will govern via fate now we're not.suggesting right now that you need to go.file a will to correct your status so.follow me and you'll see where where I'm.going with this and you'll see in one.level this is not all but I'm just.demonstrating one level in this video of.why the conclusions have been drawn to.record to do the master file the way.that it is so I want to go to the.Bouvier's law dictionary real quick and.I'm going to look up the.time wheels.so here's the to what it will is.remember the will governs the estate.right that's why we talk about needing.to be an executor which is basically.going to be the same person as the.trustee for the declaration of trust.that is titling the estate okay.so what is a will in criminal law it's.the power of the mind which the direct.which directs the actions of a man two.things I want you to pay attention to.power of the mind actions of the man so.this is the mind so in order to have a.will the will is the power of the mind.or the expression of the mind if you.look it up in other places it's an act.it's a functionality that requires the.mind so they're almost synonymous and.how they're being used against you if.you don't have a will you don't have a.mind which takes you out of your status.of being a man see man that's the one.who has unalienable rights man is the.one who has divine rights because he was.created by God he's in the highest form.of law man is the one that was given.dominion over the earth right man is a.status of complete and perfect a subject.or person is that less than the man.whose estate is controlled by another.through a contract so.what's occurring in the US or in in the.United States which is why this whole.status correction thing is important.because we want to take ourselves out of.the corporate war incompetent civil.status now here's a disposition right.and I don't want anyone who's not a.Moore to take this the wrong way.who doesn't proclaim their nationality.as a Martian American because I'm not.perfect I'm not saying that I have all.the answers I don't but you have to.understand my research it's mostly.specific to Moorish Americans because.I'm a Moorish American I want to pay and.once you pay attention to something here.because in the public they're always.trying to defect you of having a will.because this is what gives the public.officer or judge the authority to.administer your estate the defect or.want of a will may be classified as.follows pay attention to the words class.the defect or want of a will that means.not having a will may be classed as.follows so when somebody looks at you.and they say they put you in one of.these classification it's the purpose.for the purpose of defecting you are.double vesting you of your status it's.by saying for whatever reason you don't.have a will so you're not a full.majority competence as a man you're less.than that so the defects of having a.will could be natural as that of infancy.right so you can be a natural person.which is a status within itself but it's.not the same status as a man because a.natural person can be an infancy by.defect of a will right it could be.accidental dementia for example by.forgetfulness maybe that's relative to.being wholly brought into a jurisdiction.without knowledge of your nationality.your civil and political status your.customs right that could be a form of.forgetfulness which we are now in.restoration ignorant many of us are just.ignorant to these things.right we're ignorant to who we are we.have no knowledge of so many of us don't.even know that the man is a spiritual.being notice the mind you know the power.of the mind you can't bring me that in.your hand that's not a tangible thing.bring me the power of your mind now.that's a spiritual thing because the.power of the mind directs the actions of.the man which is a spiritual thing these.bodies are vessels right these bodies.are vessels and this is how this is why.they're using the certificate in the.registrations and the Admiralty in the.maritime act because these are the laws.that govern vessels with the exception.these bodies are land vessels right.they're land vessels because they come.from the womb they come from the earth.and this is why they're registered as a.state consequently the birth.Registration Act is the registration of.a trust you can see that right on the.face of the instrument the estate.contains property accounts these on some.birth certificates you'll see these.things right here.whereas box one it has a trade name and.has box two it has a sex.it has box three these are called.particulars and you can look up what.particulars are those are accounts so.that is the money the money accounts.that were created from the land vessel.this is called devolution or.de-evolution you can look it up de vie.ll u tion and it usually deals with.title and property this is the land.vessel to the commercial vessel the.evolution of real estate to personal.estate so you can argue that this is.personal state or real estate but it.pertains to matters of real estate right.these are the particles are the accounts.really the registration you can look up.the trust and equity law and you'll find.out that a registrar who receives.property for the benefit or another you.know this type of this type of situation.the Registrar or the recorder becomes a.trustee of that constructive trust right.so who's the Grand Tour of this trust oh.so this is what I was going to say let.me go back to this and we'll go through.the Grand Tour that Trust is the defect.of the will is accidental you know.natural that in emphasis Oh be careful.just being a natural person is not as.it's not as strong as being in the.status of a man because a man has full.rights and I say man both male and.female right so you can be a natural.person being a state of infancy which is.the defect of having a will which is.someone asserting their governing over.your mind right which is government the.power of the mind directs the actions of.the man if you are without the power of.your mind you are under the government.of a third party so to speak so also.when you look under wheel or Testament.you know the legal declaration first.thing I want you to pay attention to is.the legal declaration of a man's.intention the legal declaration of a.man's intention will or testament of.what He wills to be performed after his.death now some people say that because.the de-evolution is passing the note at.the birth registration act takes the.land vessel and converts it into.personal estate some say that's a birth.in commerce if you will so it's a death.on the land and the birth and the.commerce and that specific act which is.like just one slice or layer of the.thing so this is why some people I.presume say that the birth certificate.is a death certificate but either way.the thing that I want you guys to notice.is that whether in criminal law or even.talking about the probate in the estates.this thing about the will deals with the.status that only a man can have and.an express act right so we so what we.are trying to correct with when it comes.to our status with this first recording.on the land is we're correcting the.defect or the want of a will at the most.foundational level where the birth.Registration Act occurred in the first.place.so this is where Minnesota rule 220.comes in with the expression of the.competency in regarding to holding title.to the estate or the you know or just.the affidavit of title so that being.said everything that's recorded in a.county which is really a territory under.the United States of North America.Republic the counties are really.territories and all of these things.record it in these territories or these.counties let's call them our land.registrations whether they're titles you.will find that there always must be a.grantor and a grantee so whether you're.putting an affidavit of title or any.type of affidavit that's going to convey.real or personal property there's got to.be a grand tour and a grantee same with.the power of attorney you know that's.the document you may record in a county.it's going to have a grantor conveying.the powers to the attorney who is the.agent and that would be the grantees but.it doesn't matter whether it's a power.of attorney whether it's a deed of trust.whether it's a affidavit whether you.know there's always going to be a.grantor conveying real property personal.property rights or interest to a grantee.so you have to think about that when.you're presenting an instrument for.recording right because the first thing.that we're going to do once again is the.county recording where we're recording.ownership on the estate in the county.but we want to show that some trust owns.the estate before I get to that I was.asking the question who is the Grand.Tour.right so this FS publication zero zero.four nine Department of the Treasury.questions and answers about trust this.is like question and answer here is your.answer you go into this document we.remember we talked about the body being.the land vessel it has all the things.that's in the earth the iron the zinc.the gold what what else all these.different things in our body same thing.that's in earth because this is Earth.this is land land registration Earth.registration act right but it's the D.evolution of land into personal estate.so right so now anyway personal trusts.are further divided into either under.Declaration of Trust meaning the Grand.Tour and the trustee are the same person.and the Grand Tour controls the trust.assets so again we talked about the.certificate of live birth and the.particulars under their the accounts and.the channels that are created that are.deemed by definition of heirlooms and.money connected to estates they are.deemed by definition real estate who is.the Grand Tour of all of those.particulars is it you is it the infant.well I'm telling you that it doesn't.really matter because title vests in the.hands of the trustee but I'm not going.to answer the question I'm just going to.read this personal trusts are further.divided into either one under.declaration of trust.meaning the Grand Tour and the trustee.are the same person and the Grand Tour.controls the Trust's assets without them.you know now without this little simple.under declaration of trust you can't.even run your own assets this is the way.that the the commercial structure is set.up the statutes and the codes and this.whole commercial matrix is set up like.that.Sarika again personal trusts are further.divided into either under Declaration of.Trust meaning the grantor and the.trustee are the same person and the.grantor controls the Trust's assets or a.trust under agreement meaning your.grantor and the trustee are different.persons and the trustee controls the.trust assets and so what they're not.telling you which is common sense in the.first part when the Grand Tour and the.trustee are the same well they do tell.you they're the same person the trustee.always controls the trust assets so you.will notice.let's click the secured party filing.down here which is always found at the.bottom of this UCC here and I mean the.bottom of the Master File so now we've.changed the registration statement and.it says doe John Alex which should be.trustee under declaration of terrassa.dated 0 7 7 17 why because we are.following the guidelines of this right.here where meaning the Grand Tour the.trustee of the same person and the.grantor controls the trust assets so.what is the declaration of trusts right.we just looked at the term the will it's.a legal declaration of a man's intention.of what He wills to be performed after.his death or you can look it up on other.sites and I tell you the legal.declaration of a man's intention of how.he wants to direct the distribution of.his property but all but it's a legal.declaration of a man's intention up here.it's the power of the mind once again a.man's intentions that directs his.actions so an express trust what I'm.trying to demonstrate to you is when you.declare your intentions for your.property that is an expression of the.mind and that is a will.you know that is a will and when the.trustee and the Grand Tour the Grand.Tour retains the product the rights and.the property that means he can revoke.the trust I mean it's a revocable trust.then you have a revocable trust under.declaration so if you went to an.attorney and asked them the right to a.living will the document that he hands.you will qualify as a revocable trust.under declaration this is the proper.vessel that we want to use to control.the estate the secured party to control.the property because if it wasn't.revocable then they will use your.instruments against you to tighten you.into a position where you have the.infinite mind because you're a man so.you have that spiritual connection which.is the use of the mind you have your own.will so the only proper trust instrument.for you to manage the estate is one that.is revocable where you are the Grand.Tour directing the property and who has.interest in what and you are the trustee.because you maintain the right title and.interest okay.so that was out the Treasury document so.now you don't have to say that I'm.saying you can be the Grand Tour in a.trustee now once again.here's an example.Paulie white and Mary Cole trustees.under declaration of trust that's a long.statement this is the abbreviation or.here's a better one Paul II white.trustee under declaration of trust dated.and then they put the beneficiary in.here for the benefit of Mary whoever but.here they just say Paul II white trustee.under declaration of trust dated.whatever this is the whole trust right.there that's not any you'll see the.documents or the instruments but that.lets you know who the trustee is the.date of the trust instrument or the.Declaration of Trust which is an.affidavit once again it's a deed and.it's a conveyance because if a.declaration of trust which is a will I'm.going to show you in a second a.declaration of trust which is an express.intention of a grantor is a will it's an.expression of his will to direct and.control property during his lifetime.because it's revocable but anyways is.under declaration of trust this.statement tells you that and it tells.you the date of the trust instrument.that's why this trust registration.statement it goes right this is why this.is the secured party's name this.identifies the whole trust we used last.name first name middle because that's.the name that gives credit that's the.name of the man that's his countenance.his name that's his common name so to.speak demand under common law alright.because the man doesn't have a name God.didn't give him a name his name was man.the Lord God gave him a name right but.God created man and man is the one who.is given Dominion so this is an.expression of trust so all that being.said we know when you get through this.whole master file you will understand.you know how to operate and Trust and.how the trust is actually securing the.estate but then we're going to start.dealing with our nationality and that's.in this dough John is going to become.important because the civil and.political status of the trustee is up to.up most important but we just have to.deal with this all in a segment okay so.I want to go back to the Bouvier's Law.Dictionary and show you one more thing.here and this is the legal declaration.of a man's intentions.this is within will there Testament to.be performed after his death now some.people say that because of the.de-evolution process the registration of.the private estate into the public.estate it represents the death of the.man and common law.in one area so that would be the form of.the death every birth is a death for per.se you know I'm not here to justify that.one way or another but I do know a will.is an expression of a man's intention.and what I want to show you is that it.has to be published a will must be in.writing written on paper or parchment.and I'm not going to refuse this whole.thing because this is already getting.too long but I want to show you that.here it is it must be published that is.the testator must do some act remember.we talked about an act and act is an.affidavit a deed a proclamation putting.something into positive law right on the.record this is what the county recorders.do they they publish acts whether by.deed or affidavit that conveys property.interest title and rights to a state.personal estate or real estate right so.a will it must be published that is a.testator must do some act from which it.can be concluded that he intended the.instrument to operate as his will how.many of you have tried to publish a will.you know that doesn't happen here so.this is generally the provisions of what.has to be to make a will.valid generally however down here it.says among the civilians they have two.other kinds of wills namely the mystic.and that's the one I want to direct your.attention toward the mystic which is a.will enveloped in a paper and sealed and.the witnesses attest the fact so what.they're telling you is this is a.specific certain type of will and it's.for civilians whoever they may be and as.a mystic will wear contrary to the.normal general course of wheels where.the act must be published this will is.concealed and just to test it to and.concealed so this doesn't really serve.to benefit us and this is why I think.this brings us back to when you talk.about the defect of the will in this.regard this defect of the will has to do.with here it is the defect of the will.when they talk about the third defect of.the wheel is civil subjection because.this specific type of wheel which is the.mystic wheel is authorized obviously.here in the United States so this is due.to the civil subjection of the United.States citizens and the authority of.their property you know how they were.registered in commerce you know anyone.with the birth certificate that.registration occurred and by that.registration it's evidence of the birth.certificate is evidence of being a.United States citizen it's evidence of.being a United States sister yeah go in.the Immigration and Nationality Act and.you'll see that so the evidence on its.face push you under the civil subjection.and under that's if civil subjection the.whole estate is being administered under.the proceedings in the Bankruptcy Code.so you have to be in a corporate war.status and to be able to publish a will.in the record of your probate court or.any court will obviously be effectively.pulling you out of that status you.understand so this is why many people.are met with all kind of resistance when.they've tried to go record the will but.what I want to now direct your attention.to.is for example I'm going to show you.something else they said I really hear.that all wheels are to be recorded in a.probate court but again if we put this.into expression they're not directly.telling you what a will is this is a.term for will or testament but I was.reading that all wills are to be.recording their probate court and what.I'm trying to show you that wills are.nothing more than declarations of.Trust's is what they are even as we see.here the legal declaration of a man's.intentions okay so they have the mystic.will and this is in the reason why I was.talking about the status the civil.subjection is because this is where it's.going to segue into the nationality and.a civil and political rights of the.trustee and the actual legal.demonstration that noble jolly as well.as CN Bay with the clock of Destiny.legal demonstration that is fact of.record and law that was perfected on a.national level on an international level.and on a state and local level they hit.all of those levels and nationality has.been bought back to Moorish Americans.and that frees us from the civil.subjection because that nationality.gives us a certain protected status and.there's treaties and certain.international laws that deal.specifically with what I'm talking about.but that is going to be later when we.get into you know all of those different.things and I'm not saying that you know.you know there's there's other routes.for other people but right now you know.I'm researching what applies to me.mostly you know so that goes without.saying so anyways the will deals with.the power of the mind so I think by.placing a will on the record which is a.declaration of trust especially the one.that we're doing in regard to the estate.by operation of law it pulls you out of.that corporate Ward status which is that.agency relationship and that agency.relationship cannot coexist where trust.holds title to property and collateral.alright that was a pretty long premise.and I think it was enough I think that.was enough to go now into the master.file in the UCC filing itself well just.the let's see let's see where did we go.so we said so okay here's the deal this.is the most important thing to have to.express here so by now I hope that you.understand by watching all of this that.the first thing that we're trying to do.is record an affidavit of title on the.certificate of live birth which.evidences the estate and the Q sub.search results let's look at that one.more time let's look at the Q sub search.results the Q sub search results what.was this demonstrate I don't want to go.through this whole thing again but I.already kind of did in another video so.you can watch that but these are the.material facts all right these are the.material facts that establish the.collateral interest that you are.claiming title to this is the asset that.is getting recorded so this affidavit of.title on this certificate when they give.you a state document number and a.registration number with the page and.book number that is the asset or that is.the asset that your collateral interest.relates to the collateral interest gets.registered on a UCC so it can be used in.commerce this is the title holder the.secured party which is the trust right.so now you understand excuse me why this.state recording has to be done first now.that you understand that let me further.take you into a deeper understanding.that even though I've been saying.affidavit of title up into this time it.was so that not to confuse you up until.this time but I want you to know that.your state recording may not be just an.affidavit.the title you may have to you may go to.your county recorder and record an.affidavit of title attached to the birth.certificate detailing the specific facts.that relate to that conveyance and and.they meet and they may tell you that.we're not going to accept that for.whatever reason so you may say ok.they're not going to accept it to a.fricative title so then you may go to.them with the certification of trust and.for those who don't know a certificate.Educational Trust is the evidence of the.existence of a trust and it has whatever.records you want to include in there.many counties are required and obligated.to record certifications of trust so.maybe you have to take the affidavit of.title attached to the certificate which.reberty represents the estate and you.can add that as property title to the.trust a senior private document and when.you issue the certification of trust.it'll lay out everything you need to say.and you will have the Exhibit A which is.the certificate attached to it that may.be the other way where the county says.well we can't deny or reject a.certification of trust so they accept.that that is what all of these documents.in the master file is for you see.different ways here by affidavit of.title you see by annex of Memorandum of.trust and then I put or certification of.trust I'm going to put the hot link in.here so you have the certification of.trust all of these are hot links and.templates so these give you some options.I always say you start with the.affidavit of title because in some.instances they're not even going to give.you a hard time they're just going to.record it but if they don't then you can.kind of go back and forth with them and.you and don't abandon ship you must you.must put yourself in a mindset that if.what they come back and tell you is not.sound.you have to precisely respond to them at.least two times before you say okay I'm.going to move on to a different method.so just to further clarify it might not.end up being an affidavit of title.attached to your certificate of live.birth but everything recorded in a.county has a grand tour and a grantee.and that demonstrates the conveyance of.the rights and whatever property is.subject to that instrument and the.indexing of the grantee is a present.title holder so that's why I say just.keep these things in mind whether you're.using an affidavit whether using a deed.declaration of trust and indirect.memorandum of trust let's see the lease.or and the lessee this is once again.grant or grantee by your seller grant or.grantee Bale or Bailey grant or grantee.so no matter what instrument document.you give them for example a power of.attorney the one granting the power of.attorney is the Grand Tour the agent of.the attorney-in-fact becomes the grantee.I say that because you may have to.record your interest a different way.because they are prejudiced in your.interest too much and you may have to.strategically use a total method all.together again the first thing is the.county recording so ways that we go.about that is again I mentioned it.before but I want to further go into it.is you do google searching and you see.what's authorized see what they are.authorized to record because like for.example in California.I've already seen certification of trust.and then let's say certification of.trust template you know and here's one.that pops up not saying you have to use.this but they say certification of trust.California Probate Code so so this kind.of is just writing consistent with.everything that I've been saying right.it's just a Google search why because I.was saying all wills are subject or.there to be.administered in the probate court that's.where they handle that business of wills.and estates right all wheels in the.states so this is why I say you have to.you have to go experience over there see.if they will record your certification.of trust or declaration of trust you.have to go read this code to make sure.that your certification of trust has all.the relevant parts don't just go off.with this form because you found it you.understand now a certification of trust.is evidence of a thing done the.declaration is the actual establishment.of the trust so once again the.certification goes back to a declaration.of trust which is what it's a will the.expression of the will and we know that.in order to be in your proper status you.have to operate through a will and.commerce so this kind of ties in once.again why we're demonstrating that the.trust holds title to the estate this is.why we need the document of title.whether it's a NAPA date or the deed or.whatever we need it record it in the.county so but here's an example you know.California certifications of trust you.won't find memorandums of trust so you.may have to structure your own document.you might have started with this as a.template right you underside the fair.under penalty of perjury of the laws of.the state of California I would say.under the laws of the California.Republic or something you know I'm.saying you have to be careful with the.jurisdiction that you're according.yourself to so a lot of times counties.or territories and States or Republic's.the trust known as you'll give it a name.execute it on whatever I will probably.use the trust registration state the.trust known as John Doe well you could.use a DBA but this if this doesn't allow.you to put the trust registration.statement in here you need to create.your own specific right this doesn't say.the attach schedule of the attached.exhibit so you may have to include that.if you want to include the evidence of.the estate for which to trust holds.title.so I hope that kind of better helps you.understand why when we talk about the.secured party creditor the first thing.that you do is you do the recording in.the county you do that before the UCC.filing and let me show you where can I.get access to that let me see if I can.pull up a county recording.okay here's an example here this is not.the same thing but I'm just making you.know just making it real plain and.simple what I'm saying here see this.affidavit of title this is the affidavit.of title right here all right and then.one here you have page numbers and then.you can't really see it here see if you.can see it down here you can't really.see it here but it's a doc ID number.that's a document ID number a docking ID.so this takes you into the registration.of assets under the commercial system.you notice Ansel this is why I was.saying you get this first because when.you get to the UCC and you know this is.you know this is not the AMA status.correction stuff but now it's not the.one either but you I know I hope you.better understand that all these.affidavits deeds listen let me show you.another one real quick another way.another way.after David of successor trustee this is.another one where you can this is.another clause that you can come in and.attach.you pop up here I'll just download this.so affidavit of successor trustee it's.another one of those things that you can.use to effect recording the title of the.estate into the power of the trust the.secured party trust so all of these are.different ways that it can be done you.know but then you have to find out.registrar probate court where these.things need to be recorded sometimes.you'll be met with no resistance.anytime you're met with resistance you.have to respond at least one or two.times with the letter challenging the.positions if it makes sense to respond.okay.so then once you have all of those then.I keep saying this but I just want to.make sure you get it then you can go to.the UCC filings why because notice in.here did I write it yes this the.registration establishes the securities.account and entitlements and clothes and.held in trust with all right title and.interest in comment under SB NX bah blah.blah blah blah names other stuff.including associated channels.electronics papers blah blah blah so.anyways you know I'm kind of sorry for.bla bla bla on it but you know I was.actually going in here with what needs.to be done and what I absolutely will do.is once you get your county recording.done you're going to evidence that in.here because this is what you know for.example this affidavit of title it's.showing this is the trust that holds.title this is claiming title to the.estate you know it talks about the.chattel papers the Cusick numbers of.securitisation the reversionary interest.all of that you can put under your.recitals or your you know the statements.the facts that pertain to why and how.title is held all that can be there.right it's attached to the certificate.evidence of the property the estate to.schedule a that's always the part of the.affidavit or the deed or whatever these.are standard county recordings so don't.rying to get you in the mindset of.standing that when somebody telling you.you can't do this they're denying you.the very thing that they're supposed to.do all the time without scrutiny and.prejudice and discrimination okay so.there's your grantee you know they.automatically know who the grantor is.the John Alex doe.I John Alex doe he's the grantor the one.making the declaration the grantee this.is where he's vesting the property into.that trust under agreement or under.declaration etc but that page and book.number that subscribed to here that is a.private interest on the county right.because in commerce the county they.can't see the man and his common-law.right well they can they can intricate.interact with him these in a trust.vessel for the most part he's a man with.these common law rights on land and this.is where this page in book number and.docket number and asset goes now when.it's recorded in commerce this UCC one.is a notice in commerce of this of this.will happen under the common law so it's.a notice and it's a registration of the.trust and commerce and it's a.registration of that trust property but.a notice is the fact of something that's.already done that's why this.registration already needs to occur.because the title the holding of the.title will already be proved on the.record that's proving right that's why.this thing has to be done first and then.you register the security entitlement.the trust of the commercial vessel on.land and sea and you register the.property the evidence of it is here hope.that's enough I'm out peace.

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