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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing Archdiocese Of Santa Fe Petitioners Questionaire Form Online

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The Definite Guide to Archdiocese Of Santa Fe Petitioners Questionaire Form

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out for you.this is not something that you dreamed.up it's not something that you deserve.it's not something that um uh you know.we're looking to you to tell us you know.what this is all about it's it's our.lord.who calls you and keep in mind that our.lord calls you through the.instrumentality of the church.that that face of christ is most.beautifully reflected in the church.the assembly of god the people of god.that's why the liturgy is so rich than.the second vatican council it's so rich.that everybody comes together around the.altar.this the sacrosanct and chilean turn the.altar around.so that the people can see and the.priest can see the people.all of us together around the altar.jesus.is present in the assembly.jesus is present in the church in the.body of christ we call the church.and so look into the face of the church.to enable you to to gaze into the face.of christ.i was very impressed as i talked to you.in our.zoom meetings i think almost.all of you said to me that you were.deeply appreciative.of the men and women in the formation.program.and that you were deeply appreciative of.keith and andy.that you really appreciated um.talking to and with and listening to.and being with uh your brothers and.sisters in the program and the formation.program.that impressed me that tells me that you.get it.that you're hearing christ and you're.seeing christ in this community that's.being formed it's being for you're being.formed but this community is being.formed this class.this group.so i i'm pleased to about that that's.very good to hear.that you have this wonderful connection.already.and i encourage you to continue to see.christ in each other.and in the parishes in which you worship.and which you're about to.be serving in a few years to be.listening to the people of god.not to be as your candidate for service.you're not a candidate for ideologies.the church has enough ideologues.we have plenty of ideologues people who.are fixated on a certain.thought or certain 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concern for his.flock and realizing the needs of the.church.our brothers consider themselves ready.to respond generously to the call of the.lord.trusting the lord in whom they put the.hope of faithfully pursuing their.vocation.they say with the prophet here i am send.me.but the call of the lord must be heard.and understood by means of signs which.reveal daily.to the wise the will of god those whom.god.chooses to be sharers in the ministerial.priesthood of christ.he prompts and helps with his grace.at the same time he entrusts to us the.church.the task of inquiring about the.candidate's aptitude.once they have been duly tested we will.call and ordain them.as permanent deacons marking them with.the singular seal of the holy spirit for.the ministry of god.and the church for it is by holy orders.that they will be deputed to continue.the saving work of christ.which he accomplished on earth therefore.when the time comes for them to be.associated with our ministry.they will serve the church and build.christian communities.by the preaching of the word and the.celebration of the sacraments.and so now my dear brothers we address.these words to you.who have already begun your formation.through this formation you will continue.to learn each day.to live according to the gospel and to.be strengthened by in faith hope and.charity.by practicing these virtues you will.grow in the spirit of prayer.and in zeal to win all humankind for.christ.compelled by the love of christ and.strengthened by the inner working of the.holy spirit.you have arrived at the moment when you.are to express openly your desire to be.bound in holy orders.for the service of god and humankind.this desire we shall receive with joy.from this day on you must cultivate more.fully your vocation.using especially those means that can be.offered to you.as help and support by the ecclesial.community entrusted with this task.on the part of us all trusting in the.lord we will do our best to assist you.with our love and our prayers.therefore when you are called by name.come forward and declare your intention.before the church assembled here.will those called to candidacy for holy.orders please come forward.roger anaya.president.[Music].paul benoit.stephen branch.martin chaires.john chavez.leroy chavez.luis eres.douglas fury.john fisher.andrew hadcock.luis herrera.philip kale.javier madrid.christopher martinez.claren martinez.donald martinez.gerard martinez.patrick martinez jeff.mccarthy.charles metzler.president.clarence montoya.dennis montoya.brian mora.eric nelson.gabriel pacheco.alexander eugene padilla.angel rivera.gabriel romero.ricardo romero.daniel sanchez.jeffrey chaff.donald serrano.joey silva.stanley slaughter.robert tarin.dominic valencia.donald yardman.well i think the martinez's win for.having the most.common so i always when they do the.confirmations and they.i always listen to see which last name.gets the so sorry the sanchez's didn't.win tonight so that's where it goes.monsignor jerome is with us tonight.honoring us with this present so he will.be happy to hear that as well.my beloved sons the pastors and teachers.in charge of your formation and others.who know you.have given a favorable account of you.and we have full confidence in their.testimony.in response to the lord's call.do you resolve to complete your.preparation so that in due time.through holy orders you will be prepared.to assume ministry within the church.testimonial in response.to preparation.do you resolve to prepare yourselves and.mind and spirit.to give faithful service to christ the.lord and his body the church.on deceivo ustedes preparation.espiritu para prestar cervicio field a.cristo senor.e asia.the church accepts your resolve with joy.may god who has begun the good work in.you bring it to fulfillment.blah blah.dear brothers and sisters let us humbly.now pray to our lord and god that in his.kindness.he may pour out the grace of his.blessing on these his servants.who desire to devote themselves to the.ministry of the church.queridos.that our brothers may draw closer to.christ and be his witnesses.in the world let us pray to the lord.lord.hear our prayer that they may share the.burdens of others and always listen.to the voice of the holy spirit let us.pray to the lord.lord hear our prayer that they may.become ministers of the church.who will strengthen the faith of their.brothers and sisters by word and example.and gather them together to share in the.eucharist.let us pray to the lord r lord hear our.prayer.that the lord may send workers into his.harvest harvest and fill them.with the gifts of his holy spirit let us.pray to the lord.lord hear our prayer that the wives and.families of these men will give.be given the grace to support them and.accompany them along the path towards.ordination.let us pray to the lord lord hear our.prayer.that all people may come to the fullness.of peace and justice.let us pray to the lord lord hear our.prayer.that our suffering brothers and sisters.who share in the passion of christ.may have freedom and healing let us pray.to the lord.lord hear our prayer gathering these.prayers as one.let us offer them now to god the father.and the words our savior gave us.our father in heaven.hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come.thy will be done on earth as it is in.heaven.give us this day our daily bread and.forgive us our trespasses.as we forgive those who trespass against.us.and lead us and deliver us.be attentive lord to prayer to the.prayers of your for your sons.who wish to dedicate themselves to your.service.and the service of your people in the.sacred ministry.and your love graciously bless them.that they may persevere in their.vocation.and that in holding fast with undivided.charity to christ the priest.they may be worthy to take up the.apostolic mission.through christ our lord.before we conclude then i would just.like to again thank.everybody thank you father for your.hospitality james.thank you keith and andy for all you're.doing in the program.thank you to our special liturgical.furniture movers i'm very grateful to.you and all staff here.at the parish i want to thank all of the.families especially the wives.for your support as we talk together.your participation in the formation and.the ministry of our deacons is very.important.and you have a great role to play in the.church and we thank you for that and.your.generous willingness to be participants.in the formation program and to support.your husbands and.and to really continue to deepen in the.sacrament of your marriage which is the.first sacrament that.christ has called you to and to continue.to.deepen in love for each other and to.allow that love to be an.integral part of the ministry of the.diaconate in our archdiocese that's very.important so thank you.for all that you're doing as well.appreciate it.don't forget to um review their homilies.so they don't say anything that will.embarrass them.we count on you ladies to help us in.this regard.unfortunately i don't have such.assistance so i'm on my own so i have to.depend more on the holy spirit.to keep my irish mouth in control.el senoras de con estados.la benticion de dios el padre.go in peace oh excuse me.let's go forth glorifying the god the.lord by our lives.thanks be to god.

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