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Boise School District Physical Form Demand Assistance

okay.um i don't know who to address this to.but i won't let me turn off my video.or turn on my video mine either.okay.ah there we are this is dave i can't.have.video either.it's this is dennis it says the host.stop mine.okay i believe we have all the trustees.visible.and the superintendent and russ duke.are we ready to begin.president gregory uh we are ready to.begin.thank you um.we'd like to welcome all of those who.are joining us.for this special board meeting if you.are with us for the first time or you.endured our technology failure of last.evening we're glad that you're here.um open meeting laws required require.us to ensure that all that can attend.and view a public meeting.therefore because many could not get on.to google meet.or the access streaming we had to cancel.the meeting and reschedule.cancellation left many feeling.frustrated inconvenienced and angry.we sincerely apologize for that.inconvenience and the frustration caused.by the cancellation.thanks to so many for your patience and.kind words and understanding.meeting our legal obligation is part of.what we do.this evening some board members and.administrators are in person at the.district services center.and others are attending virtually.the format for our meeting will follow.the published agenda.however we will allow all 44 patrons.who signed up to testify yesterday do so.tonight.which will mean a longer period of.public testimony.if all 44 choose to speak.thank you to all the patrons many.patrons.800 plus at the last count who submitted.written testimony board members have.spent the last several weeks.reading a lot of mail thank you for.sharing your story and your perspective.on the choice that we face during this.challenging time the administration.will first present their recommendation.to the board.during this time board members may ask.questions of the presenters through the.chair.or of russ duke from central district.health.who will also is also available to.answer questions.from the board the board will then hear.the board subcommittee report.and then we'll hear public testimony.followed by deliberations.and emotion motion deliberations and a.vote.so with no further ado we will.go to superintendent kobe dennis for the.administrative.recommendation uh thank you president.gregory um.before we get started tonight with our.presentation.um i i'd like to echo a little bit of.what president gregory just said.i'm sincerely sorry for what occurred.last night.i'm not going to make any excuses we.accept the responsibility of not.meeting our expectations both publicly.and.internally we make when we make mistakes.we learn from it and we will do better.next time.this is what we ask of our students and.i think we should hold ourselves to that.same standard.so with that being said i'm going to.turn it over president gregory with your.permission to.deputy superintendent roberts to go.through the presentation.uh of the administration thank you.superintendent we will now turn to.deputy superintendent lisa roberts.president gregory trustees thank you so.much i'm going to share my screen.for a pretty brief presentation.um saying i'm still disabled.okay looks like i'm.able to.share sorry for the pause there.thank you so much um for your time i'm.going to briefly review a couple of.different things about where we've been.where we're going and where we're at.today so a lot of this is.absolutely not new information but just.gives some context so.on march 15th of 2020 uh the boise.school district closed in person.learning due to the covet 19 concerns.over the course the following weeks we.spent a lot of time.finding devices deploying hot spots and.getting out.those to families in need and that is.when we started emergency remote.learning and that was.continued through the remainder of the.1920 school.year an experience that none of us had.ever obviously been through.district administration following.guidelines from the centers for disease.control and then central district health.created a district pandemic re-opening.plan then over those next few weeks.gina pannell from central district.health who was on our call last night.um and dr mark nasser they both reviewed.our plan.along with russ duke from central.district health he also will be on he's.on our call.you can ask questions of him at the end.of my presentation and he issued a.letter approving our plan.board trustees um then formally approved.the plan on june 18th of 2020..that plan was.okay that plan sorry about that that.plan was then.um used by the schools.to create their own individual plans.and what they did was they received.feedback from principals.um i mean the principals received.feedback from school staff.and from parents um in creating those.individual plans.the reason that we did it that way was.we knew that we if we had one large.district plan.every school would be a little bit.different in what they would need to do.to accommodate.the grade level that they had the grade.levels they had in their school along.with their different building.layouts over the past few months we've.spent a lot of time purchasing personal.protective equipment.including but not limited to hand.sanitizer masks.face shields and sneeze guards for every.site in the district.starting then um and so where are we.going so that's kind of where we've been.and then with all of that information.that we'd worked on where are we going.starting in the 2020 21 school year.every student will receive a device.to enhance their learning and provide.access to learning in a virtual setting.the boise online school was developed.for families.not comfortable with sending their.students back to in-person learning.all instructional staff have been and or.will be trained in seesaw classroom.pre-k.through second grade and google.classrooms third grade through 12th.grade.to be able to provide virtual learning.if a school or all schools have to close.to in-person learning and i really have.to give a major shout out to our.teachers.many many of them spent their summer.months taking a google classroom.training so they would be ready in case.this happened in the fall.also they know that it will also enhance.their instruction when we have in-person.school.we're working on training some.classified staff as well to fill in a.substitutes we know that we always have.a difficult time finding enough.substitutes and.of course with the current state of.affairs we know that we'll be in need of.substitutes especially ones trained in.our online practices.so we feel like we're ready for the.school year we know where we've been but.where are we at today.so as of today 4 000 students have.enrolled in the boise online school.if a parent wants the most.predictability and consistency for the.school year.we recommend they enroll their child in.the boise online school.boise online school enrollment will.continue until noon on august 7th.families will need to contact their home.school at this point to enroll.the reason we have that hard deadline.for that is because we are trying to.staff the 4 000 student.boise online school along with our other.in-person schools schools are working.diligently to contact.families to confirm enrollment at our.in-person schools that we are adequately.staffing.those schools as well directors are.monitoring enrollment at our in-person.schools to keep class sizes low.to allow for appropriate physical.distancing so i'm.sure that you can um understand that.scenario so we've pulled 4 000 kids out.of our schools.and now we're quite having to reshuffle.a little bit to make sure that we can.keep those class sizes small.and have adequate physical distancing in.every room.many non-classroom certified staff are.being reassigned to classroom teacher.positions to help reduce class size and.another shout out.to so our instructional support team at.the district office.that work with our professional.development our avid folks at the.district office they've all agreed to.take on teaching assignments this.fall in order to help us reduce.classroom assign classroom sizes.also we've been collaborating with the.ymca boys and girls club.just for kids boise city parks and.recreation and the city of boise to.increase child care opportunities for.families in the event.schools start virtually we we started.this several weeks ago.we know that some of our neighboring.districts were looking at a b schedules.and we had concern about what our.teachers who lived in our neighboring.districts would do for child care so at.that point we reached out.to those groups to ask about the.opportunities and then we also knew that.if we were to start virtually.our families would need um increased.child care opportunities.so central district health recently.updated their levels of community spread.for idaho.um back to school framework so you can.find that at the central district health.website and the nice thing about this.um document is it walks you through.category one.category two and category three and.within this and i will let.um russ duke speak a little bit more.because we've had many parents reach out.to us and ask us for a very specific.set of metrics almost like a rubric and.as you look at the different.categories they do not have real.specific numbers defining all of those.and i'll let him speak to that a little.bit more.but they have to really look at each.category individually and the different.pieces within the categories.so on.that gotta get back there.um then just yesterday on august 3rd.central district health.issued that our school district.is currently in category 3 substantial.community transmission.so just yesterday this was issued you.can see that boise school district.cunes school district and west ada.school district are all.in category three substantial community.transmission.so based on that that is where we're at.today in the boise school district.i know that um superintendent dennis's.recommendation will be based on the.this current status and at that i would.hold it for questions though before we.move on.of myself or russ duke.um do any board members have questions.foreign.president gregory this is beth yes.trustee oppenheimer.thank you uh lisa i have two questions.for you.um moving back on that slide um.you had mentioned that um i think it's a.classified staffer moving into.classrooms.and can you and you mentioned who those.are to move into classrooms can you.restate that if you would please.president gregory trustee oppenheimer.actually it would be.our non-classroom certified staff.that we're reassigning to classroom.positions so for example we have.um in our instructional support team we.have um.eric roush alex erstad teachers like.that have been providing pd for schools.they're going to move into classroom.positions for us.most likely through the online school.and then we're training our classified.staff in our buildings our.paraprofessionals.to also be able to deliver the seesaw.and the google classrooms.if a teacher's out and we need a.substitute okay great thank you follow.up president gregory.yes go ahead thank you and then my other.question is you mentioned.partnering with child care providers.in the area would that be uh.free of charge for parents or would.there be a charge for that.for the event that we go to berkeley.yeah president gregory trustee.oppenheimer i know that.it's a mix of that so our schools that.have community.centers with boise city parks and rec.that would be that those would be free.of charge.um and then like our just for kids.program there would be a charge the y.would have a charge but a lot of those.have a sliding scale boys and girls club.i know has this lighting scale as well.so it's a mix okay thank you very much.other questions president gregory i have.a question.yes trusty sc thank you.lisa i'm wondering about capacity what.work did the district.administration do to assess capacity for.child care need if we were to move to.virtual at any point.so we currently do not have the numbers.necessarily for up for all the families.but i know that the principals are.working you know helping reach out to.families with this information.to be honest some of the um child care.facilities are waiting until the vote.tonight to determine how much they will.how many.programs they'll open up um within the.district though we know that we.have quite a few students within.teachers students within each building.across the district.and so we are working with schools also.to allow for special circumstances for.teachers to bring their kids with them.um you know under their direct.supervision as long as that doesn't.interfere with.teaching each day thank you.president gregory mate yes trustee.optimizer thank you.lisa one more question around the child.care so.is the district working in partnership.with all of the.entities that you mentioned for child.care meaning if we were to go to virtual.would the child care providers within.those facilities.would they navigate the virtual um.experience for the children of you know.school age.does that mean yeah president gravy.trustee oppenheimer absolutely makes.sense.and that was one of our main talking.points when we visited with them because.of course that's a.stressor for our families to think about.well what if their kids are in child.care all day and don't have the access.to their learning.and so they did say that they would help.them and get them that access you know.they can bring their device with them.and they could be on and and being in.their google meets and different things.with their teachers.we also though we'll be asking all of.our teachers if we go virtual to record.all of their class meetings so that if a.student missed their class meeting they.could watch at a later time.okay thank you.additional questions president gregory.um yes trustee greeley thank you my.question is for us.first of all russ thank you so much for.being here for us tonight.um many parents have asked for a rubric.for us to know whether or not we um open.schools or not.can you kind of help us understand the.complexity of it and what data points we.should be looking at.for allowing in-person learning.mr duke president gregory yeah.first i want to thank you for inviting.me this evening i know.gina had planned to be on but had a had.another commitment this evening and.if i answer the question i just want to.acknowledge you know i.i admire everything that you all are.doing i don't think there's.any greater challenge for any.sector of our community more significant.than.than what you are facing right now and.making these decisions.and my final point is that.i want you all to know there's there's.nothing more important to public health.than making sure our kids get a quality.education and of course.now with the pandemic that they do it in.a in a safe environment.so again my much appreciation to all of.you.as far as the actual metrics what.what we're using is a document put.together.by the department of health and welfare.and their epidemiologists and scientists.there to determine different levels of.community spread.and this has been a challenge.from the start cdc labeled none.um minimal to moderate and substantial.and trying to pin a number to that even.today.really hasn't hasn't been practical so.the things that.things that we're looking at that was on.the screen earlier as far as what's it.take to.place a community and in this case it's.it's all the school districts in ada.county and substantial.community spread so part of our role at.central district health is we're.we receive all the case reports so.everyone that gets diagnosed in this.county.as a resident of this county we're aware.of that and then we follow up with them.and we do all the contact tracing so.some of the things we're looking for.with substantial community spread is.where it's beyond.uh a known contact beyond somebody who.lives in a home.of a positive who then ends up getting.infected so we have.numerous cases throughout our community.that when we follow up.they have no idea where their exposure.took place so.that's where you start getting into what.we call.community transmission no idea where.the exposure took place no idea how they.got infected.so that's kind of a a really big deal.and if it were a few cases we wouldn't.be so concerned.but right now we're looking at over a.hundred cases per day.on a regular basis some days we've.exceeded 200.and 300 so i will say we're starting.to see a downward trend but it's hard to.call it a trend because.it's been about a week where we're.seeing fewer cases still greater than a.hundred.we also look at uh community spread from.communal settings so we're seeing it in.child care.associated with church church events.long-term care facilities which is our.biggest concern because that's the.population that end up.not only being hospitalized but have a.much higher.chance of dying from the disease so that.that's another.area of concern um.just general communal settings uh which.again i named a couple of those we're.seeing it uh disease in.ada county jail and one might argue well.those are for.inmates but staff get infected uh and it.basically gets out into the community so.when we when we looked at the various.categories and again our desire is to.make sure.you all have the the best opportunity to.educate kids.in a safe environment in a way that they.will have the ability to learn.there's no question at this point based.on.the disease that's occurring in our.community that i just described.and then the other major factor is the.impact that our hospitals are.experiencing and i want to address that.that's something where they.you know they cancel elective surgeries.they delay elective surgeries they.are have staffing struggles either.because the number of patients admitted.with covet or staff who are.out because of their own covet illness.or.being a close contact all of our.hospitals the va saint elles and st.luke's have at the end of last week said.we are.being significantly impacted.right now so that's another variable.that we're monitoring very closely so.we're.we're comfortable um i don't know about.comfortable we're confident.in where we're designating ada county.schools in boise school district.as far as being in red and category.three.we have made a commitment not only to.publish this yesterday.but also to review it on a on a weekly.basis and we'll.update it as we have more information.that.indicates there's an enough of a.reduction in community transmission and.a.lessening of impact on the hospitals.we'll make that adjustment when the time.comes.thank you mr duke that is is valuable.information and we so appreciate.um your will the willingness of your.board to interact with us.and especially your expertise and genus.thank you so much.further questions for mr duke.appreciate that explanation um back to.lisa.not on president gregory if i could yes.yes go ahead superintendent dennis.um lisa maybe uh lisa maybe you could uh.answer this um i know that we have been.in contact with saint luke's.or excuse me saying al's over the last.few weeks.um can you give us an indication as to.do they agree with central district.health's assessment of where we are.yes thank you super um superintendent.dennis i.just spoke with dr nasser um yesterday.morning.and he said that based on what central.district health has said.for the category three and for our.discussions about if.if they felt it would be appropriate for.not us to not have in-person school if.that was a recommendation we were going.to make.they felt that that was very appropriate.they also dr nasser told me though he.also felt like we have really good.precautions in place in our.plan we have um for social distancing.and masks and sanitizing and hand.washing.um and the plans we've developed for our.schools he also feels confident about.us being able to have people in our.buildings safely.president gregory um yes trustee.oppenheimer and then trustee rohn.thank you um so russ if you can answer a.question for me.so when when you put the the schools.in category three i'm curious to know.and this is a child care question.um the if if we were to go.virtual and rely on child.care where would you put child care.facilities in regards to categories.mr duke president gregory trustee.oppenheimer i guess i'm not not clear on.your question so.the category three or red.is for ada county so that that would.apply.across essentially all sectors now as.far as child care.we all recognize as as we did from the.start that's.an essential business it's essential.that they remain open.to take care of younger children and.then of course school-age children.either during the school day.if they're doing online or or after.school.so i you know we work closely with them.we have guidelines on our website we.we actually regulate child care.facilities far far as.as part of our business so um.yeah i'm i'm not sure if i'm answering.your question i think.they're really critical they need to.operate under the same parameters.as other businesses as far as physical.distancing.hand washing we recommend face coverings.it's not required at the top.at this time for for the staff and for.for the children who are there that are.over the age of two and don't have other.health conditions that would prohibit.them from wearing face coverings.president gregory could i add a little.bit of information there for trustee.oppenheimer.yes so president gregory trustee.oppenheimer.i also would like to add that you know.we've been running our just for kids.programs all summer.and of course they've they've been a.smaller ratio and we've been practicing.all of the safety precautions and we.have not had.any um issues in our programs.thank you trustee rum uh thank you.president gregory.i really had a question for kobe um.so what i'm hearing basically is there.is no specific metric.you know like uh 5 under five percent.positivity rate or.whatever it's more uh it looks like a.category but.so i'm wondering what uh you know what.category.would we feel comfortable in opening up.our schools.because again i think the patrons are uh.parents or.teachers are looking for you know when.will a school go back how.how will we know and so i'm just.wondering.um is it going to be more of a.you know a much more nuanced decision.or is it dependent on the category or.you know can you give us a little bit.more since there are no metrics.superintendent yeah president gregory.and trustee rhone um.let me answer the question as directly.as i can.um i think the recommendation from the.administration.to be fully in person learning would.come.during a category two event within the.community.i think we feel as if the um.the the protocols and the safety.practices that.we have in place can can help mitigate.community spread um from our schools.um i think that we've worked very.closely with gina pannell as well as.russ duke.with central district health and they.have they've assured us that they feel.very very comfortable with the protocols.that we have in place.and i want to be clear here it's not.going to prevent anyone from getting it.but it's about the spread after someone.gets it so i think at the point.when we get to a stage where we're.looking at a category two.minimal to moderate uh community.transmission.that's when we i think can have a.conversation about getting schools real.in person to answer your question.yes thank you very much for that so mr.duke my question would be.relation in relation to what.superintendent dennis just said.um this is to move from category three.to category two you're just.you're backing up in that contact.tracing.effort till you can now more closely.identify.where things hot spots are or where.infection comes from.um and things are much more isolated.and identifiable as opposed to category.three when.people don't have any idea where they.got their infection.president gregory that that's exactly.right that's i mean that's.exactly right for part of the picture.the other part.is our health care system so i i wanted.to.a comment it was made earlier about.children and we get.plenty of feedback here too as i'm sure.you all have for each of our board.meetings the one that we just had here.at four o'clock this afternoon.kids generally generally and almost.without exception.don't face the dire consequences as.seniors and older folks with underlying.health conditions and there's there's.there's.instances where that's occurring i'm.sure dr nasser and others have.explained that to to the public and to.the board.so it's not just about protecting.the the the children as superintendent.dennis just mentioned.it's it's going to happen i mean we it's.in our community the idea is to.control the spread get it essentially.beat down to the level where it's.manageable and acceptable on the health.care system side that's the biggest.pressure point we face right now.is when our hospitals are at the point.where they're telling me.we're being significantly severely.impacted.that's where i feel like we would need.to take action once that.changes and we're starting to see some.good indications.again over the last week or two of a.downward trend.in cases downward trend in people.showing up at the.emergency room with coven-like illness.the hospital.cases the inpatients are are.slightly down but you know that can.change in a couple of days so we would.want to see.a couple week trend where the hospitals.are managing at a much better position.than they are right now.and our case counts have declined now is.that 10 cases a day or 20 cases a day.i i hate to put a number on it when we.had when we had the 18 to 29 year olds.make making up 65.of all the cases when this first the.second wave started.back in mid to late june there was.hardly any hospital.impact but right those people work out.in the long term care facilities and.other environments and pretty quickly it.spread and then the hospital impact.uh followed so i you know i wish i could.i could give you that five percent.positivity rate or.or any of the other suggestions that are.thrown out there but.um we're trying to do the best we can.following the criteria put together by.the state and i.i look to them as experts that they.are with dr christine hahn and her team.and trying to narrow this down to what.makes the most sense.uh for our communities right now and.right now like i said there's there's no.question eta counties in.in red or category three.thank you any further questions at this.moment.do we go to lisa still.i believe we i'm at this point if.there's no further questions for me we.can turn it over to.superintendent dennis okay.go ahead superintendent uh president.gregory thank you.um i i guess given the uh circumstances.that we just heard from.and the presentation that we just heard.it's it's probably appropriate now for.the administration to give.uh our recommendation um i'm.recommending to the board of trustees.uh approval of opening our school in a.virtual.setting on august 17th uh for the next.three weeks or for the following three.weeks through.september 8th 2020..this would include the suspension of all.of our extracurricular and co-curricular.contests.until central district health removes.the category 3.designation given.part of the reason for this.recommendation is working.closely with uh with our healthcare.consultants as well as central district.health.this provides the community about a.five-week window.where we believe we can start seeing.those downward trends that are.continuing.that were helpful that we're seeing.right now.it gives an opportunity for the.hospitals to get some of their.icu beds and things like that taken care.of.and it provides us an opportunity to get.started.on time in a virtual setting that we.have been planning for.since early in the summer.i also want to assure the board that.we are ready for this as far as an.opportunity for our teachers to do this.um getting our teachers back into the.classroom.will be a huge help in really being able.to not uh solidify this and get them.trained.up um so our recommendation is is that.we start on august 17th.virtually in conjunction you will have.the online the.parents have the online option so i will.stand for some questions if you have any.at this stage of the game.questions for superintendent dennis.president gregory yes trustee.oppenheimer thank you um superintendent.dennis.can you um you you mentioned.including extracurricular activities.could you.expand on that a little bit please you.bet um i appreciate president gregory.trustee oppenheimer uh appreciate the.question.um so this afternoon excuse me i guess.it was this morning.the day seemed to run together a little.bit this morning.all of the superintendents from around.the valley in the southern idaho.conference met.to discuss the new category 3 rating.for ada and canyon county.and since our conference covers both of.those counties.we had a conversation around how are we.going to handle this designation.the superintendents agreed at this stage.of the game.to um to postpone the start of.the fall practice from august 10th to.august 17th.so it's two weeks from today but only.one week.delay from what originally had been.the start of fall sports season the.purpose of this.is to give another two weeks for things.to.improve and um allow.for uh some um some consistency across.the conference and.and competitions so um it it would put.us in a position where boise is.doing the exact same things that west.data are doing and.cuna is doing and nampa and caldwell are.doing so we'll all be on a level playing.field.um the superintendents agreed to revisit.this.um on august 11th take a look at the new.metrics hoping to see a downward trend.the idea being that if we are to open.in virtual setting.um even if things turn around.it would be a couple of weeks before we.could turn.the system back into in person.for example we need two weeks notice in.order to.order food for our food service.we have a different order than we do for.grab-and-go sites then we do in-person.feedings.so we would have to change our menu it.also gives us an opportunity.for our bus company to get workers that.had been laid off.an opportunity to come back um so that.we can run our best service.in that two-week period we if we get to.a category two level.we could start practicing then.with the idea being that two weeks later.we could start competitions.so just because we postponed it it gives.us an opportunity to turn.the system back on even if we're not in.person.because the community transmission has.reduced.does that make sense president gregory.follow it.yes thank you thank you um kobe.so just just so i'm clear so.the recommendation is to start virtually.extracurricular activities would also be.postponed.until september 8th is that right.september 8th um but the sic.decided this morning that athletic so i.just want to talk about athletics for a.second.athletics would be able to start.practice.on the 17th and is that also included in.your recommendation.president gregory trustee oppenheimer.yes.okay president gregory follow it okay.thank you.um just so i'm clear so sorry it's been.a long day.um so so athletics would be able to.start.practice along with the other sic.schools.on august 17th but competition would be.delayed.until at least september 8th and.depending on where we are then.then we would make that decision in.regards to competition.president gregory uh trustee oppenheimer.yes.thank you president.gregory um yes uh trustee rohn and then.trustee doane.thank you president gregory um uh.cloviatic i had a question for lisa too.you know.uh i obviously i have a son who's in.boise high and um he really struggled.last year in the online part of.when we had to switch over and uh you.know i.i'm like every parent i want my kid back.in school because he just.won't do it on his own it seems like so.i'm happy to hear the teachers are going.to be in their.classroom but i'm wondering what.assurances you can give us that.you're going to try to make it as normal.as a day as possible.for our students and um also.you know how how is that going to be.followed up on in terms because i mean.obviously we need our teachers to buy.into this.you know with uh with lots of.contact with not only with their teacher.but with hopefully with other students.you know i'm really concerned about that.aspect so can you speak a little bit to.what what's some plan and how we can be.assured that.as much as we can possibly do it make it.as.real as a school day as possible.president gregory trusty rowan i really.appreciate the question.um we fully understand that our spring.emergency remote learning was not the.norm for the boise school district.um the amazing thing in the boise school.district is that we have the best.teachers.in the state we have developed clear.expectations for those.teachers and for our staff whether.they're teaching in the online school or.starting the year off virtually.the very first expectation on um as part.of that is to foster a personal.relationship with each student.we also expect them to clearly.articulate their schedule to students.and their principal.when they will be online with students.for secondary the expectation would be.every day so for each period throughout.the day they'd be on with their students.and for elementary will be several times.a day in addition we're asking all.teachers.i mentioned earlier to record those.hangout sessions to allow students to.watch them at their convenience if they.were not able to join the scheduled time.what i envision especially with.elementary is that you'd have a teacher.on.with a group of students and then they.might even go to a hangout with like.four students in a smaller setting to.offer some more explanations.more enrichment possibly also we'll.utilize our paraprofessionals much like.we have in the past rather than pulling.them out of a classroom they'll get on a.google hangout with them.so we completely agree that we want to.make sure that we increase that.interaction.we um know that many of our teachers.have limited experience with teaching.virtually but.every school has a few of really strong.go-to teachers who do have more.experience in this area.that's one of the main reasons we want.our staff to come back and work in the.schools deliver virtual lessons.this way we feel like they're going to.have their teaching resources that.working internet connections.and each other to collaborate because.that's really what makes our.schools amazing is that collaboration.that happens within those walls.principals will also be more readily.able to check in and offer that help and.support that they're going to need.to be honest we're a little bit nervous.about the fact that we're pulling a lot.of our teachers who've offered.professional development.out of that and into helping with.teaching but we felt like.the need to reduce class sizes.outweighed that but.i know those folks are still going to be.willing to offer support and like i said.we have a list of teachers in every.building who can help the other ones.with that so.we agree wholeheartedly that that is.essential for this to work is to.continue to foster those relationships.between students and between the.student and teacher president craig.just a quick follow-up if i could yes.just asking lisa about the our teachers.and they.themselves have children in the district.and.what can we do to help them with daycare.or yeah can they bring them into class.uh what.what we need to be able to do something.for our teachers.so president gregory trustee wrote.another great question and we're um.planning to get this information out.tomorrow so we did seek input from our.principals on this yesterday and then we.also met with um stephanie myers today.from the bea.and we so that was one of the main.reasons why we started early looking at.the different child care options and we.were actually looking at it for truly.our teachers who worked in different.districts because we were worried about.them not having those.options then the more we started talking.about virtual.we we have had a lot of teachers reach.out to us and say i can't teach online.and.watch my kids at the same time so we.wanted to make sure that we had.lots of different options out in the.community for child care i know that.some teachers are talking about.grouping their kids together like at.someone's house and hiring somebody to.help watch their students and share that.cost.we also will um send out a memo tomorrow.to our teachers to let them know.that if they're in a circumstance where.none of those other options are.available they can bring those their.kids with them to school.and they will need to be under their.direct supervision.i know that a lot of teachers had kind.of envisioned maybe there'd be one room.in the school.where they could all send their kids to.but we worry about that and worry about.it being in category three.and we also worry that we know we're.gonna need our paraprofessionals to do.that.um those that small group work with the.kids online and to help in other areas.so but they can bring them and have them.in their space with them.working with them during the day.um trustee doane.thank you president gregory i originally.had a follow-up on beth but now i have.one on one on.troye's so i'll continue on that theme.it sounds like uh.um we're allowing some flexibility now.for teachers.uh especially with child care especially.coming into class.rooms uh help me a little bit more with.that.uh i don't know if this is uh kobe or.lisa but.um are we gonna allow each school or.each principal some flexibility.uh you know each building is different.each classroom is different each.school is different or are we going to.have kind of a blanket policy.uh district-wide on coming in or not.coming in can you.expound on that just a little bit more.president gregory trustee john our.expectation is that all staff will.report to the buildings to work unless.of course they have.um um they needed special accommodations.and they would have worked through our.uh through nick smith and human.resources for those special.accommodations.but every sk every school will also.handle that a little bit differently so.some of our schools.have traveling teachers who you know.move from one class to the next class.and the principal is going to have to.find a good creative solution for that.um and so they will work with their.directors if there's you know a problem.that they're having.trouble solving but the expectation will.be at each school that the staff members.will come.in to school to work the nice thing too.is that there are some we.some different covet leave.options that the federal government has.put out there and so there is some leave.that parents can take.teachers can take if they need to if.they if none of those options work for.them there are some options for special.leave they can take.um trustee down did you have a follow-up.on uh trustee oppenheimer's question.yeah i wanted to go back to uh.extracurricular activities if that's.okay.okay okay i just i know beth uh.clarified it.uh kobe but i just wanted to one more.time um.because the recommendation was to.suspend it.while we're in three um and.we'll we'll probably get to it when we.finally have a motion at the end but.i just want to make sure that we will.too is that.in a nutshell the the intent president.gregory uh trustee doane that you're.exactly right i mean we're part of a.conference.um we spent a lot of time as sic.superintendents today really trying to.balance a bunch of different needs here.um.we're dealing with two different um.health.organizations southwest district health.versus central district health.we're dealing with uh city ordinances.county ordinances and so we're really.trying to find some middle ground here.on.how we can operate our fall sports.safely but still meet some of those.needs so the.the short answer to your question is.we're going to be.meeting weekly as superintendents to.talk about the athletic department.or the athletic program and try and find.a way where we can get ourselves once we.get out of category three where we can.get back to.practicing and contests so yes is the.short answer to your question.so i want to follow up on that because i.i think that you said that.practice on the 17th would be dependent.on.that lab that meeting of the.superintendents on the 11th.so yeah president gregory so.let me let me try and be really clear.here the the issue right now is the.category three um red.um category and within that central.district health as well as the.superintendents did not feel.comfortable with a red substantial.community spread.and running an athletic program right.now.it's so basically the idea has been to.move it one week.from the normal start time one week and.then meet weekly.until we can see that come back into a.category two.further questions president gregory.okay let's go trustee rohn trustee.oppenheimer.just had two quick questions for uh for.kobe.or lisa special needs students or.in treasure valley math and science.center.um how is that going to be handled.so president gregory trustee rhone i.know that individual schools are working.with schedules with treasure valley math.and science and some students are opting.just to go to treasure valley math and.science and opting to their other.classes online.so they're working without individually.special education students we will be.we've already hired online special ed.teachers.if we have a school where the special.education.caseload isn't as large they may might.actually then take on a couple of.students from from that school if.they've gone to the boise online as well.we do anticipate that we will need to.bring in some of our medically fragile.students in small groups to work.in the school and then of course if we.are in an extended.uh closure we will most likely work out.bringing in some small groups as well.because we know if we've got to.get some more intensive work done with.those students.um trustee oppenheimer thank you um.i actually have two questions sorry uh.this.question is directed at lisa so lisa i.know that there has been.a little bit of confusion around what is.virtual.versus online um and so could you kind.of help walk us.through a little bit what the difference.is of that.what is a day of virtual versus what is.a day of.online and and how do you distinguish.the two of those.trustee oppenheimer um president gregory.trustee oppenheimer yes and i and i know.there's been some confusion around that.so i think.what a lot of parents would think the.ideal would be was that you.are at south junior high maybe and you.have your schedule there and either you.opt to do your classes online with your.teachers.or you opt to do them in the classroom.with them and really that's asking our.teacher to do.teachers do two different jobs so that.was why we created the created the boise.online school so families that didn't.feel like they could send their kids to.school.throughout you know this next school.year they would be online.all day long and that could look a.little bit different and be varied.um the ver so virtual when we're talking.virtual that's truly taking the student.isn't that is enrolled in the.in-person school and just flipping that.switch so that they are virtual so that.means first period is first period.second period is second period.um same with the elementary day and you.know what you maybe you have your circle.time the very first thing.so um and because we we have to staff.for those that's why we need to know.how many because you're going to stay in.there for the full semester so it is.very different that way there's.more flexibility in the boise online.school for secondary.to work through the work on a more.independent.um route than there would be if there.were the if the in.person school was not in session and it.was virtual.does that help gregory follow.yes follow it thank you lisa um yeah so.just.just so i'm clear so if if i'm a parent.of a school just of a um eighth grader.going into eighth grade so just so i'm.clear.uh so if i were to enroll my child.in the online option right.those are dif just so i'm clear those.are different teachers.um different format the online is.is you're online all day virtual is.essentially.the teachers in the classroom and the.children the kids are all.on their computers but listening to.their home teacher.right um but the online is different.teacher.and i don't want to see a different.curriculum because i don't know that.that's true and it's.and it's navigated differently than the.virtual would be.is that right president gregory trusty.oppenheimer yes i mean that that is.essentially correct.there are some of our cl of our courses.that would be in the in-person school.that aren't.available through what we're using for.our secondary platform with your fuel ed.but so if they were attending like i.said south june high for instance and.they went virtual.they would still have that same class.period with the orchestra teacher.they would still have that same class.period with the math teacher and so no.at boise online school they.they will not necessarily wind up with.teachers from their school unless those.teachers wound up going you know and.applying.and have been hired for the online.school you are correct thank you.uh president gregory oh sorry sorry.follow up beth thank you um and then.lisa one final question.and i'm gonna put you on the spot a.little bit and i apologize.but um i think i need to address kind of.the elephant in the room a little bit.when we're talking about virtual and.online and the challenges that we had.last night.how can you ensure that our online.and our virtual platforms.will be able to what makes a difference.of what happened last night.with how we're going to navigate our.online and virtual.designer gregory trustee oppenheimer so.last night we chose the wrong.meeting venue to be honest we chose a.meeting platform that was.that limited how many people we could.have on it.and that was our mistake when we did.remote emergency learning in the spring.our students were all able to get on.with their teachers with the hangout now.granted we had to provide devices and.hot spots for a lot of our students.and we still will plan on doing that we.not only do we provide hot spots for our.students we.but we provide them for our teachers as.well so um.i feel very confident that we're we will.be able to deliver the online.or virtual curriculum should we start.our school year virtually.um we just simply chose the wrong.meeting platform last night.thank you rusty greeley.um thank you president gregory so just.for one clarification when we're.discussing the.online school versus virtual.or in person students that have signed.up online are.are online for the semester correct.president gregory trustee greeley.um as of august 7th at noon yes.and you know and we are we know that we.don't ever live in a completely black.and white world.and there could be some exception some.special circumstance that that you know.we could.we could change that or shift that but.ideally yes and that is simply to staff.um we know that we're gonna.we're asking parents to choose by noon.on august 7th if they're going to be in.the boise online school or if they're.going to be in their in-person school.and then truly we have um planned out.the whole weekend of working on staffing.because we know that's what we're going.to have to do so we can have adequate.staff in both.settings um yeah so there's my answer to.that.other questions president gregory you.have a question.yes trusty sc uh for lisa or kobe you.mentioned the bea.i'd like to know what feedback you've.received from the bea and if they've.taken a position.on virtual opening or face face.president gregory trust yesterday we met.with um stephanie myers day we meet on a.pretty regular basis.um we have a meeting plan for friday.with them as well and.um i i they did not specifically come.out and say that they like us to start.virtually but that was all of the.different pieces they talked about and.their concerns.the starting virtually would meet those.needs.i'm president gregory if i can jump in.yes.uh trustee este um i think the iea.also made it very clear today they.released a statement that said as long.as we're in category three.um they believe that we should be in a.virtual setting um.and so um i i think that that's also a.um a piece to where i would believe that.the bea is as well.thank you.any other questions trust you don't.yeah i i had one um i know that.some parents are uh didn't sign up for.online because there.aren't any ap classes is can you address.that.um i'm president gregory um trustee.doane i'm gonna actually have uh.debbie donovan um address that uh she's.she's been working very closely with the.um.with our coursework um so if you could.give her just a minute she's putting in.her headset and she'll be able to answer.your question.contrast p dome president gregory um.good question.um we do have a variety of ap courses.available.um and those that are not available.some of the our high school our high.school counselors are working closely.with families.to um possibly set up a schedule so the.student can come.to um the school for an in-person class.for that specific course and then leave.and take the rest of their courses.online.but any course that's required is.is available and quite a few of the ap.are also available and they follow the.the curriculum.set forth by ap and prepare the kids for.ap as well as the teachers that will be.teaching that course will also be.prepared.i'm so excited to teach.yeah so if if a student or a parent did.not sign up for online.because there weren't ap uh they could.still.call their principal now get get online.and then and then work with that.principal to get the ap.classes is that right president gregory.um.trustee on that that's correct um we.would encourage them to go right back to.their.uh their principles and work with their.principals and counselors i think.there's some solutions there.to some of these issues that we can that.we can work through on an individual.basis.president gregory yes trustee.oppenheimer thank you president gregory.um a follow-up question similar to what.um alicia asked is.we've received a lot of feedback so far.via emails.and whatnot can you uh.kobe or lisa give us kind of a breakdown.of the percentage of folks who are.asking for in-person.versus virtual versus all of that.um can you we've read all the emails.there have been.a lot i know and i i want to acknowledge.everyone who.sent in emails because we do read them.um.i haven't done a little tally of them.and i know the district has so i would.love to hear a little bit about.what you're hearing already from patrons.and i know that we're going to take some.testimony tonight as well but.i think that that's important um.president gregory uh trustee oppenheimer.i.i can tell you that from a percentage.point of view it is 50 50..um i i think the last numbers i heard.and we may be off one or two here but it.was somewhere around the.um the numbers of 832 in favor of us.reopening in 800 excuse me 432.and for uh to reopen and 430.uh to go to a virtual setting so it it.literally is the epitome of a 50 50.split.every time we got email the saying you.need to close we saw.got one that said you need to open thank.you.any further questions uh president.just a quick question i i might have.missed this lisa but did you say the.curriculum.is the same for the online versus the.virtual.because you're really different so.it will it will look different i mean it.all meets our state standards.so but it will look different and the.pacing of it will be different based on.because the students will have a little.bit more of an independent way to move.through the fuel like curriculum.debbie do you want to expand on that at.all.the teachers are all our own teachers so.they will supplement.using some of their materials debbie.it's very difficult to hear you.i'm sorry um so again it's using our own.teachers in our district that have been.trained with our curriculum so.well the online school will be following.um.fuel ed in some cases but also using.google classroom.and some of our other classes that were.not available.but they will they will be able to.supplement and enrich.based on our own classrooms.yeah um so debbie you know how can we.how can we be assured that you know kids.that are doing.the virtual face-to-face uh are are.gonna get a good year.uh under their belt you know because.normally we get.all kinds of you know testing and you.know we have a star testing and we have.ways.teachers have ways to kind of you know.monitor the progress of their students.is that kind of those assessment type.things still going to be.possible to make sure that the kids are.on pat on track and on pace.if if i'm talking not the online i'm.talking to virtual.face-to-face students great question.um and in both platforms in the online.school as well as virtual.we will be monitoring we can do testing.all of our testing can be done um in a.virtual manner.we will depending on how long this first.um.virtual last we could if we're still in.the iri although i know the state is.looking at how to do the iri possibly.online.but since we're not at a stay-at-home.order we could potentially be.bringing in kids in small groups or.small groups to do some of that testing.but definitely we will be.assessing kids along the way because.that's what we do.and monitor as we go.president gregory yes trustee.oppenheimer thank you.um you know one of the things that i it.my family i'm a parent one of the things.that we really have struggled with.over the past several months is the.social emotional.aspect of our kids not being able to.um hang out with each other even though.i drive by hyde park and.kids apparently are hanging out with.each other but um.but i know that that's a huge concern.amongst a lot of parents.is if we go online if we go virtual.how do we effectively.ensure that our kids um.mental health and their social emotional.development is is being addressed by.being virtual or online could you.is there is there anything that the.district is doing to help that.or address that president gregory.trustee oppenheimer um it's such a good.question and to be honest.i think that was what where we have been.so incredibly torn about do we you know.recommend a virtual start or do we.recommend and purchase them because we.know our kids.want to be in school they need to be in.school the relationships between their.friends are richer their relationships.with our teachers are richer.our counselors have a ton of great ideas.our counselors will still be doing.you know groups with kids i think our.clubs our high school clubs will still.be.um having google you know hangouts and.and doing meetups and talking and.continuing with that club work um we're.gonna have to be creative and that was.one that was one of the most fun things.about the spring was to see the.creativity of our teachers it was.amazing some of the things they were.doing.and the way that they were getting their.kids together online.so it has been a huge concern of ours.our counselors are on top of that and.all over and i know our teachers are as.well.so we all agree that getting them um.back in person would be a wonderful.thing.but until we can do that we're going to.be creative and we're going to keep it.in front of.you at the front of mind for all of us.because we know our kids need that.hello christopher go ahead um i also.want to speak.um to the resources for parents and.and how do we you know we're parents and.we're dealing with these things at home.and um we're seeing you know depression.and we're seeing really a lot of anxiety.and whatnot.what sort of resources would the.district or does the district offer.for parents we've got counselors for the.children but sometimes that might be.weird on.you know online or something like that.are.there any resources for parents from the.district to help.us sort of navigate how to.effectively work with our children to.address any sort of.mental health issues or social emotional.development that they're feeling.not being in person with their with.their fellow.students or teachers so president.gregory trustee oppenheimer and we.pro as as far as especially the virtual.and online learning goes we do have.we will have videos for parents to kind.of teach them how to work along with.their kids.especially with the boise online school.and then we do parenting groups at our.elementaries too so i could see us doing.those.um parent groups also online um i know.tamara venegas our counseling supervisor.is uh very passionate about this and.about getting those resources to parents.our community schools will still be.operating you know and those are our.schools that are bringing all these.different resources.from um out from around the community to.help out parents who need parenting.classes who.might need a referral for social.emotional.wellness and all of those services will.still continue.any further questions.so i want to go back to uh.superintendent dennis's.um original uh recommendation.and that was to um.postpone the in person and go virtual.until september 8th and i don't remember.if you.mentioned uh if.when that would be evaluated you.probably did and i missed it and i.apologize.but um so september 8th um.when would that be evaluated and what.does that look like.uh president gregory trustee oppenheimer.um great question and i appreciate you.uh.kind of making sure we get that.clarified the answer to the question is.we would need.at least two weeks prior to september.8th so my dates are probably going to be.a little bit off here but somewhere.around the august 24th date.yeah we should be we should be seeing.some.um significant downward trends to the.metrics that the.central district health uses and in our.weekly calls with them they should be.able to give.us a sense as to whether or not they see.us in a category 2.or moving towards a category 2. once.that happens it's still going to take us.a couple of weeks to turn it back on so.so august 24th and i believe that's the.monday.um that's uh that's the when we would be.uh probably coming back to the board to.have a conversation.around are we in a position to get back.into in-person school we don't believe.that we can get that done.between august 17th and september 8th.any earlier well that's the reason for.the um the date of the eighth.so the goal here and i want to reiterate.something that the.the deputy superintendent robert said.our goal.has to be and we want it to be to get.our kids back in our schools.um and and so it's it's the reason that.i appreciated.trustee rohn's question so much we think.that when we get to a category two.level we can reopen safely now.we'll want to talk to the health.professionals we want to go through our.process that we've been going through.for a number of weeks and months now.but we will we think that that is the.stage in which we can get our schools.reopened.president gregory follow yes go ahead.just to be clear so.we would meet august 24th we would look.at.where we are category two category three.if let's pretend um because we're all.out of the prediction business.at this point let's pretend.august 24th things were going great we.moved to category.two um we would.think about opening in person two weeks.later because we need that two-week time.frame.right through the food to do the.transportation all of that stuff.um so then would the recommendation be.to meet every two weeks then.or would it be to meet every week and.look out two weeks.if that makes sense president gregory.trustee oppenheimer.my suggestion would be that we'd be.looking every week.through um and bringing the board up to.speed on the trends that we're seeing.through.through our health professionals so i.think from every week we should be.updating the board as far as where we.are as far as categories come because.as as much as we think that this is a.little bit of a.magic moment we do see the trends either.starting to go up or the trend starting.to come down.and i think it's the planning that is.going to help and so as our families are.looking at this.if they're following what's happening.with central district health.and our health professionals they can.see that the trends lines are starting.to come down.and it i don't think it should be a.surprise to people when we come back and.say.all right we're at a position now where.we think we can reopen safely.any further questions.okay um the board will have.opportunity to further deliberate at the.end um.let's move on with the agenda and.specifically.um uh the board.subcommittee report um.as part of our oversight responsibility.the board selected three trustees to.meet with the district administrators to.review the details regarding whether to.bring.uh to begin the 2021 school year.face-to-face or virtually.the following is intended to inform the.board's deliberations.in this board meeting on this topic.um the subcommittee reviewed the.guidance from central district health.and the physicians from saint ellis and.st.luke's and from our last board meeting.and then as well as updated information.from state and federal agencies and.non-profit data points and.recommendations.additionally we considered concerns.raised by parents and students and.teachers both in favor of and against.virtual opening.and compiling all the input for trustees.and we delegated that to the clerk who.has done a fabulous job and.sharon mast has probably become a little.bit more famous in boise than she was.before.this occurrence the board members on the.subcommittee have a high level of.confidence that the administration has a.deep understanding of the complexities.of this issue.and the intent to do what is best for.students and staff of this district.during this time of pandemic.the subcommittee recommendations to the.board of trustees.the weight of the evidence led the.subcommittee to.conclude that it's not yet safe for our.students staff and teachers to return to.face-to-face learning.though the subcommittee members.recognize that it is less than ideal to.begin the year.this way it concluded that local.prevalence rates are simply too high to.bring people back together in shared.spaces at this time.subcommittee acknowledges that this will.create difficulties for some families.for a number of reasons.but there will be barriers faced.to virtual learning all participants are.mindful of these concerns and are.confident that our teachers and.administrators stand ready to assist.families in every possible way.subcommittee recommends that the board.set the goal for welcoming students back.face to face on september 8th and we've.talked about how that can be possible.and the subcommittee would also.encourage the board to adopt a statement.that includes the following language.though we hope to return to face-to-face.learning by september 8th.we cannot do this without your help if.we don't all commit to wearing masks.physical.physical distancing and avoiding group.activities staying home when we're sick.washing our hands frequently we will.likely continue to see.high infection rates and ongoing.disruptions to face-to-face learning.we employ the public to please do your.part to help us.bring children and teachers back to the.classroom safely.since the subcommittee report.um regarding this decision.um the next item on the agenda.is um yes trustee done.can i ask who was on the subcommittee.yes.um this was a result of our.board discussion and we had trustee esti.trustee wagers and myself.and we met with superintendent dennis.deputy superintendent roberts and gina.pannell from.central district health i believe that.was all.we would now like to move into our.public comment section of the meeting.um 44 people signed up to testify.yesterday by the deadline.that was posted each patron can speak.for three minutes.when you hear the buzzer please conclude.quickly.i.e within 10 seconds um comment should.adhere to.board policy 1441 on audience.participation and may be interrupted or.terminated if it's too lengthy.personally directed abusive obscene or.repetitive or irrelevant so you need to.stay on topic.i will read the first four names so i'll.read the names in groups of four.so that you know if you're on cue um and.be ready.um and you need only state your name.because all of you have already.registered your address.with the clerk so as.um you your.your opportunity comes the administrator.will um turn on your.entrance into the meeting uh visually.and your microphone.and then each person will be toggled in.when it's their time to speak.did i forget anything brian walker is.that pretty plain.that is accurate okay thank you.so uh i i would also say that these 44.people.um are you know i can't say they.represent.everyone who submitted public comment.but.you'll fab will probably hear things.tonight from these 44 people that.resonate with.much of the messages that we have seen.in all of our emails.so um thank you for uh you know putting.your hat.your name in the hat to testify and um.we hope that uh this is a workable.experience for you.so we are first the first four up on cue.is ann.campbell cynthia ewalis.holly paquette and chrissa rich.so we will start with anna campbell.and campbell's excuse me.so i see ann on but i don't see a.microphone or a picture.there we go.anne's microphone needs to be my okay.can you hear me now.yes and welcome all right i'm ann.campbell my family is full of teachers.my mom taught at borah my sister taught.at lowell.and my dad taught at bsu and i teach at.bsu.my sister and i both went to boise high.my son goes to north junior high i've.been.invested in public education my whole.life.in fact i grew up in old school.southeast before there was a traffic.light.boise's neighborhood schools are.exceptional.k-12 online school is not students.know it teachers know it.district administrators know it.and parents know it online school.using best practices works for some.students.at most about 15 to 20 percent of them.the most self-motivated students do well.with it.i have students like this in my courses.sometimes.they're easy to teach because they can.basically teach themselves.i regularly teach an online summer class.so i know this model can work well.for self-directed learners and.university students.however online teaching is not effective.for the other eighty percent of k-12.students.including my son these students need.in-person contact with teachers.the daily structure of being in classes.and being on task.and social contact with other students.to learn well my attention fatigues.after about 10 minutes of watching a.video lecture.or being on a zoom meeting.and my son like most students his age.probably loses interest in a teaching.video.within about 30 seconds no matter how.great the teacher.you can put a race car driver behind the.wheel of a lemon.and the car will still stall out on the.track.most of the time online k-12 education.is a lemon for most students i am.returning.to my classroom at bsu this fall.even though i was offered the chance to.teach remotely.i want to teach students not avatars.and i want the same for my son.i fully support health measures and.protocols in schools.including mandatory masks we need to be.innovative.the school district's motto is.everything is possible.please practice what you preach and.don't just.punt by moving fully online because the.situation.is challenging if five day awake school.in person.doesn't work then let's consider.alternatives.and there are many that could be.considered most parents already had the.chance to choose online schools.and they didn't so please let's find.another.solution.thank you anne we'll go to cynthia you.wallace.welcome cynthia thank you can you hear.me yes.okay so um my name is cynthia e wallace.and i have three children in the boise.schools.um one going into seventh grade one.going into sixth grade one going into.third grade.my oldest daughter attends a different.school than my youngest two daughters.she.attends a parochial school uh catholic.school in town.my youngest children go to a boise.public school.and so i just wanted to start out by.saying that i strongly support the.superintendent's recommendations to.start the school online.for my own children i do not want to.send them back to school.i mean obviously no one disputes that.teachers are best able to teach our kids.in a brick and mortar setting.and um that that is the best thing for.all of our kids but in the middle of a.pandemic.parents are in the best position to.keep our kids safe and monitor who.they're exposed to and how they're.exposed.and i think that when managing this.decision.i personally view it from looking at it.from the lowest common denominator as to.who will likely get infected.and not focusing on who will likely not.get infected and how or that may affect.um individuals so from.my perspective when this when this um.school year when the state opened.i allowed one of my children to have two.friends over on a play date.and i can tell you it was exhausting.trying to keep those kids apart.wearing their masks making sure they.washed their hands and.sanitized and i just can't imagine.asking teachers to do that.every day with 20 plus students.um and i also just wanted to point out.that up to the point covid19.has predominantly been a faceless.adversary.but it seems to me that if covid19 was.spread or linked to boise schools.many people may not see the virus as a.faceless adversary and will instead.blame the school district blame teachers.or even principals which puts them in an.unnecessary and unfair position.because everyone in our community has a.role to keep each other safe by doing.the things the cdc asked us to do.so my second point of my testimony is i.just wanted to share that.my daughter in parochial school they did.have virtual learning that immediately.started in march when coveted 19 hit.my daughter had three one-hour classes.that were at set times each day.and as a single mom working full time.from home.that allowed her to simply click on get.virtual live stream teaching.and she had a set schedule she was able.to see her peers.her teacher was able to see them she.could ask questions in real time at the.conclusion of.class and it literally was almost.seamless except for i just had to be i.t.and keep her technology working but for.me who was literally doing zoom calls.and court hearings in the next room.to have her and her quiet space virtual.learning can work it did work.and for her she maintained straight a's.and she was able.not to have her education erupted so.i've seen that it can work.my youngest two who did online were it.relied on me for the heavy lifting i can.say i.had a big parental fail and they did not.get as much schooling as they should.have and it did suffer.so i think if you go to virtual learning.that will be a good thing to have.teachers leave that so i thank you all.for your work.thank you cynthia for your testimony.next we go to holly paquette.welcome holly hi can everybody see me.and hear me.yes thank you okay great um so.thank you president gregory.superintendent dennis and all of the.trustees.i really appreciate being given the.opportunity to speak tonight.my name is holly paquette and i'm an.assistant professor.of microbiology molecular and bio molec.excuse me biomedical sciences at the.college of western idaho.my area of expertise is in virology.especially in uh infectious viruses.in addition i did my postgraduate work.in epidemiology.but most impo importantly i am the.mother of an incoming senior at boise.high school.try not to get too emotional about this.um so as a mother.i want my daughter to have a normal.senior year.spending time with her friends going to.dances.participating in school sports i have a.strong.emotional desire for normalcy for her.i have spent many a sleepless night.arguing in my head.about my daughter missing out on a.normal.senior year versus the risk of becoming.infected with coven 19.and perhaps spreading it to a family.member and or friends or teachers.so from my own experience wrestling with.this dilemma.it has been a good reminder to stop.and take a big picture perspective.short-term decisions have serious.long-term.consequences for me this decision should.not be based on emotions.it must be based on data and the data.is clear across the globe there have.been schools that have.opened some successfully and some.unsuccessfully.the main consistent factor that.determines whether a school.successfully reopens is the positivity.rate in the community.as well as the ability to trace contacts.currently boise has a positivity rate of.18 percent.schools that were successful in.reopening.were in communities that had less than.five percent.positivity rates if the boise school.district reopens with such.high community spread it is inevitable.that we will see disruptive school.closures due to outbreaks this fall.in addition to having these school.outbreaks that are disruptive for those.students and teachers and families.it also means that we will expand the.spread into the community.and so in the bigger picture of things.we're not just talking about the boise.school district.we're looking at the city of boise as.well as the state of idaho.boise school districts it is not an.island within this community.and so i urge the boise school district.to choose a remote fall.semester with the long-term plan of.reopening.in-person classes in the spring when the.viral spread is better controlled.my hope is that this proactive decision.will mitigate community spread and set.up the school district.to return to a more normal setting this.spring.thank you.thank you holly very much um chris.rich and following chris rich.we will hear from shiva.raj bondara cassie martinez.megan fuller and carmen alder.chrisa.hi.go ahead chrissa thank you my name is.chrissa rich and i work full-time in.healthcare administration.i'm also a mom to two elementary aged.boys and i'm a licensed.foster parent who understands the.critical role that schools play in the.lives of our kids.the nature of my job makes it almost.impossible for me to work from home.the worst case scenario for a family.like mine.would be for schools to open for remote.learning only.if schools open for remote learning only.my kids will spend.all day at daycare and then be expected.to complete their lessons without their.teachers on the evenings and weekends.i'll tell you right now there is no way.that's going to happen.we are simply out of gas by the time we.get home every evening.that said i do feel the level of.coronavirus in the community is too high.for schools to safely open on august.17th.and i'd like to propose three solutions.first we could open.at on time at a limited capacity to.allow kids like mine who can't stay home.to attend in person in a physically.distanced environment.i understand this could be logistically.challenging and might mean rearranging.students to ensure each classroom stays.at a safe level.secondly boise school district could.send staff to our local boys and girls.clubs community centers and jfk programs.to assist with online learning for kids.who are already in those programs.our child care providers are often not.teachers and should not be expected to.suddenly take on.the additional job of facilitating.remote learning.this question does or this option does.beg the question how are kids.any safer just being moved into a.different building and handed a laptop.i'm not sure they are and i think the.programs that have had low enrollment.and have been safe all summer.would be inundated with new enrollees if.suddenly remote learning.is required and only certain programs.are facilitating it.finally and this is my preferred choice.we could push back the start date by two.weeks at a time.until the level of coronavirus indicates.it's safe to return for in-person.learning.maybe we look for that five percent.positivity benchmark that's generally.accepted by the medical community this.method would force.some buy-in from the community let's do.this let's mask up and get our kids back.in school.even starting six or eight weeks late.would be preferable to a remote only.start where countless kids would be left.behind.because there are no adults available to.help them with online school.i appreciate the monumental task that.you're facing and the opportunity to.share my ideas with you and i.i stress please consider pushing back.the start date entirely.two weeks two weeks at a time thank you.thank you krista for uh testifying.next we have shiva.hello shiva hi uh is it my turn.you bet go ahead all right that's great.uh greetings members of the board and.thank you for holding this opportunity.for public comment.my name is shiva raj bhandari and i'm.entering my sophomore year at boise high.i'm testifying today in favor of.starting the school year online.and i wanted to share with you a student.perspective on the decisions.that you guys have put in front of us so.figuring i'd have nothing better to do i.took four credits on bsd online.secondary summer school through fuel.education the program through which.online school will be offered for those.who have signed up prior to august 7th.guys let me get to the point fuel ed.sucks.i was told to expect to spend about 10.hours a week for each class.i'm not even sure if i spent 10 hours on.the platform the entire summer.the program is incredibly unengaging you.just click through the lessons.and the test answers can be found on.google without any interaction with the.teacher i didn't feel particularly.connected to the learning.to the learning process i took the.classes because they were mandatory and.i just wanted to get them out of the way.so the dumbness was actually in my favor.but this year i'm taking five aps and.one concurrent.how do you guys expect students whose.parents sign them up for online school.this year.to compete with thousands of other kids.across the globe.the board my parents elected is going to.look pretty just okay.when we have the lowest standardized.test scores in the country.so here's the deal you guys presented us.with two pretty lame options.either ditch our shots for the ivy.leagues abandon our social lives and.physical health and spend a couple hours.a day clicking next while scrolling.through tick tock.or risk being responsible for the death.of our boomer parents while on the grind.at school.furthermore just a little insight into.the group think mindset of a high.schooler there's no way.i'm missing my first year of high school.if everyone else in my class isn't two.i draw the line with drugs and alcohol.but if all my friends are jumping off a.cliff.you bet i'm going and i'm a pretty high.performing student without any cognitive.setbacks how do you guys expect this to.work out for the average cup of joe.truth be told there should be more than.two options.and that's why i'm here today if you.like having your parents around but also.want that better tomorrow you guys keep.talking about.you might as well testify before the.board so at least you can say.i told you so when it all goes to.alabama and by the way.the whole thing you had going on last.spring where we did one class a day if.we really wanted to.won't work either i mean i understand.transitioning to the net is hard for.teachers.but like come on guys it's 20 20. so.anyways my parents like many others did.not sign me up for the online option.offered this school year because even.though they knew they could die if we.ended up starting the school.starting school with 8 000 cases in our.county that would rather risk it so i.can get a real education.than be the subject of an academic.practical joke and if that's not.sacrifice.what is and that's why i'm telling you.guys don't open school.if cases haven't gone down let's start.this year on google meet and we can pick.up with.comparison classes later and other.options to prevent the spread.of the virus might include blast.schedules or partially outdoor classes.i'm not the smartest one on the call i.can't even catch you at albertson's.without my high school diploma.much less serve on the boise independent.school district board of trustees.but if you guys are elected because.you're the smartest around if school.teaches critical thinking and other.smart stuff it'd be nice to have an.example so this is a no-brainer.and don't forget about climate change.thanks for coming to my ted talk thanks.next we'll hear from uh may thank you.shiva.next we'll hear from megan fuller.president gregory this is lisa roberts.and megan fuller unfortunately.when she signed up to testify last night.she of course she didn't we know we were.going to have the difficulties we did.and it's not available tonight so we.agreed to read her testimony.okay go ahead good evening board.president.and board thank you for giving me the.opportunity to testify and be heard as a.community member.parent and teacher first thanks for your.work over the spring and summer.i'm sure this is not the job nor the.hours you signed up for and you have.shown courage and determination in your.leadership so thank you.as a community member i believe schools.are a foundational element of our.society.and we need the doors open if malls.bowling alleys restaurants and hair.salons are open.schools need to be open if our community.reaches a medical threshold that.requires schools to be closed.then a wider community shutdown should.be required.as a parent telling my kids they can go.to the mall but not school just doesn't.make.any sense my children are both teenagers.the impact of virtual school will be.different for younger families in.talking to other parents.friends will be getting together and.will likely not be monitored in the.degree that they would be in school.this teenage group needs school to be in.a defined space.and to find expectations lastly as a.teacher i faced the sad truth last.spring that some of our students come.from such hard and terrible situations.the school buildings are the primary.refuge for their health and safety.covid is the least of the worries and.i'm not minimizing its.severity for some of our students i'm.impressed and thankful that bsd is.offering choice to teachers.parents and families i respect all of.the hard choices.and hope that bsd won't cave to pressure.to limit choices and force us all online.but will instead be as creative and.determined as possible to keep the doors.open.if malls restaurants salons etc are.closed then close schools.otherwise offer options and let families.do what is right for them.regardless of the decision tonight i'm.excited for the best school year ever.attitude is everything megan fuller.thank you lisa i will say that we have.one two three.four for whom lisa is going to read a.statement.um next up is carmen alder.hi karma welcome hi thank you.my name is karma nalder and president.gregory and the board of trustees thank.you for taking my comments into.consideration today.according to the boise school district.reopening plan there is likely going to.be a shortage of janitors this year.teachers will need to do much of the.cleaning and disinfecting of their.classrooms.teachers will also need to enforce.social distancing.hand washing and mask wearing at the.july 23rd board meeting.gina pannell from central district.health said they did not have the.resources to do contact tracing at all.of our schools.she said and i quote school staff will.need to do the majority of it.he then said that teachers are in the.best position to do contact.tracing because they know where students.sit and who they associate with.if our teachers have to disinfect their.classrooms enforce the guidelines.and contact trace all exposures when do.we expect them to have time to teach.allowing our teachers to teach virtually.would not only be safer but give them.the time.to actually teach our children i.understand that you are offering boise.online school.but the fuel ed platform was not the.same as having our regular teachers.curriculum and programs next i know this.was addressed by mr duke.but it seems like as a society we have.developed a habit.of changing the parameters and standards.we are using for making decisions.when they don't fit into what we want to.do didn't meet the positivity rate look.at total cases.too many total cases look at.hospitalizations.what exactly does substantial community.transmission really mean we need to use.scientific.quantifiable metrics to determine when.it is safe.for our teachers and students to return.to school.finally in the reopening plans that i.read there was not clear.guidelines regarding communication who.is going to contact me if my child is.exposed.the teacher the principal or the school.district.will i be notified of a positive case in.my child's classroom.grade or school will i be notified of.only positive cases.or of probable cases also will i be.notified of students who are out sick.due to covet-like symptoms.how are you going to share the.information i need to keep my family.safe and make decisions.while also respecting the privacy of.those who are sick.none of those questions were answered in.the reopening plans.i ask you to vote to hold at least first.quarter.of school virtually so that families can.make informed decisions and plan in.advance.i ask you to develop measurable.guidelines such as positivity rate.for when in-person school can safely.resume and i ask you to come up with a.real plan for communicating exposure to.families.thank you for your time thank you karma.um we now will go to nathan.hamlin david hawk jill robinette.and tracy badrin president gregory this.is lisa roberts again and i'll be.reading.nathan hamlin's testimony thank you.members thank you members the board for.giving me an opportunity to share my.thoughts and feelings with you about.whether to open the boise public schools.for in-classroom instruction scheduled.i'm a licensed clinical professional.counselor and a licensed associate.marriage and.family therapist here in boise with.three children in the boise public.schools.i have over 19 000 clinical direct.client contact hours.doing therapy with kids tweens teens.adults and families.i would like to share from my.perspective as a therapist i'm aware of.the various statistics involving.reported cases of covert 19 positive.test results and the reported deaths.connected to covenant 19 in our area and.our state.the reporting of the numbers to the cdc.is confusing given that they have.charged.their cr they have changed their.criteria for the first time in 17 years.whereas they've always used the 2003 cdc.handbook for reporting.causes of death on march 24th and april.14th of this.sorry i think i just lost myself the.print is really small.whereas they always use the 2003 cdc.handbook for reporting.causes of death on march 24th and april.14th this year they changed those.standards for coven 19..this is the only time this has ever.happened i'd be happy to provide any of.you with more information about this.the point of me saying this is that the.numbers of incidents.of death of coven 19 should be far lower.sweden did not close their schools.during this pandemic and neighboring.finland did close temporarily the.closure.or not of schools had no measurable.direct impact on the number of.laboratory confirmed cases in.school-aged children in finland and.sweden.given that what that we know that.children are the smallest percentage of.people that contact.the contract covet 19 and a recent.report in iceland stated that they.had not found a single instance of a.child infecting parents.the science does not seem to support.school closure at all.what i am seeing in my office is very.frustrated and angry parents and.depressed kids who are acting out.because they are not being allowed.to regularly socialize and be productive.i see and hear about many children that.are either not doing any or much of.their schoolwork at home.and are just watching screens for much.of the day because their parents are.ill-equipped for home-based education.and or have to work and thus not able to.provide guidance and supervision for.their children.especially if they have multiple.children nearly half of americans report.the coronavir.coronavirus crisis is harming their.mental health according to a kaiser.family foundation poll.a federal emergency hotline for people.in emotional distress registered.a more than 1 000 increase in april.compared with the same time last year.i'm concerned that not allowing children.and teachers to go back to in.classroom education is going to.contribute to a significant rise.in child abuse suicide depression.anxiety and drug and alcohol use among.teens additionally schools are on the.front lines of detecting and reporting.child abuse.without this avenue for children being.seen by someone other than those in.their home i'm very worried about all.the children.experiencing child abuse that could have.been st that could have been stopped had.we allowed our children to go back to.school.i end up doing the therapy for teens and.adults that have been physically.sexually and emotionally abused and it.is devastating for people this.time thank you.thank you um next david hawk.hello david hello it's my turn.it is president gregory trustees of the.boise district.board of trustees superintendent dennis.i appreciate the opportunity to be here.this evening and visit with you i'm a.resident of the boise school district.david hawk and in fact i'm a graduate of.borah high school back when moses was a.basket case of course.and both of my children graduated from.borah high school.and neither have moved back home yet so.we're doing well.it's been a long time since i had the.privilege of addressing the board and.superintendent.thanks for this opportunity i served for.almost 23 years as a trustee and in that.time.we had a plethora of weighty issues to.address.budgets to set attendance boundaries.bond issues for new facilities.maintenance contracts awarded curriculum.development.internal audits of the board and.administration family life classes.technology opportunities all those you.face.but never did we have to serve on the.boards i served on.have to weigh the risk of infection.versus the loss of.significant time on task for students.let alone for the entire student body.grades k.through 12. you've demonstrated in my.mind to the public through past.decisions the board and the.administration and teaching team are.more than capable of making.well-reasoned.and researched decisions on difficult.topics.the results of which have been.successful in meeting the goals.of what has been a publicly built and.agreed upon strategic plan for the.district.i heartily endorse and support your.choice of path.forward regarding in building and or.virtual classroom attendance for our.students.always respecting there will be some.educators and students in a higher risk.category.i know you're taking into account the.different educational experience today.and its effects short and long term and.are thinking about.makeup time on task within the calendar.another touch point in all this.discussion is the importance of.activities.and their place in the student schedule.i think you all know i'm a fan of high.school athletics.band drill team and drama i offer a.thought regarding this fall.move the band competition football to.the spring.move track to this fall along with.soccer.and baseball these are truly non-combat.sports.non-contact excuse me.when i played football it was combat.basically i was so small.and start wrestling in basketball a week.or two later.football is truly a contact sport where.one lad could infect a good number of.teammates and opponents all in the same.evening.thus canceling their season look what's.happened to the st louis cardinals for.instance.i am not suggesting a permanent change.of schedule that is another discussion.for another time.lastly let's not discount or sell short.the innovativeness.of our principals and teachers and.coaches to find numerous and better ways.to safeguard themselves.and their students as well as deliver.and measure the knowledge we think is.vital.you yourselves believe everything is.possible frankly so do i.if you have any questions i'd be glad to.answer them.david thank you it's good to see you.we'll next go to jill robinette.hello jill go ahead hi my name is.jill robinette and i'm going to be an.upcoming senior at capitol high school.and i just like to start by saying that.we are all being misled by this board.if their statistics are correct on.online school.and 4 000 have enrolled then that is.way less than 50 percent of the 26 000.students that go to boise school.district.as well the cdc director has released.that teen deaths in my age group have.surpassed the amount of deaths due to.covid19.because of social isolation and school.closures.this proves that closing school is way.more harmful than.going back to school and having the risk.of coven.you're looking at us like a probability.question.if we go back it's possible that.students might go back.no sorry if we go back it's possible.that some students may or may not.contract.kelvin but if we don't go back an entire.generation is losing vital education.this is the working class that is going.to support every single one of you when.you retire.are you telling me that you're.comfortable having us grow your food.run your hospitals run your law courts.when we missed.so much education in our high school.years.i don't believe that i can learn ap.statistics.ap calculus ap biology online.and effectively not only pass the ap.test.but be prepared for my future career how.am i supposed to dissect a fetal pig.online on a virtual platform it's not.possible.this decision wouldn't impact you like.it's impacting me.you guys have graduated high school.you're long past that stage of your life.this is what affects my age group we are.missing out on education.and as a high school student i'm here to.say that it is true.we do not have the resources or the.capability.to deliver an effective online education.sometimes you don't even have the.resources we need.for in-class education you guys cannot.deliver.an online education and expect us to.learn.everything we need to know to be.prepared for our future.which is the entire point of public.education.there is no accountability for online.school either.our spring online was pass or fail.and that was based on the grade you had.before online school started.if you didn't do any of the work there's.no consequence.at all sometimes students don't even do.the work when they're in class.there's no way that you can hold our.students accountable.when we're teaching online there's such.a higher rate.of cheating and not doing your work.and there's no way you can monitor that.because we're not in person.we need to open our schools and if you.don't.you're putting the line.okay thank you thank you jillian.appreciate your message i'm next we go.to tracy.bedron.can you hear me we can hear you yes.i am a teacher a health teacher and i.have.three kids at three different levels in.the boise school district currently.i am here to testify on behalf of the.health of all kids not just my own kids.i believe you're making the correct.decision by pushing out.school and i really appreciate you.following the data.and not following the emotion because i.think that's highly important in the.decisions you're going to make and the.decisions that you're going to make.coming forward.you are really important key part to our.kids staying healthy.now as an educator myself it's i value.education highly i do agree you learn.better in the classroom but not when.your health is at risk if you do not.have your health.and you do not have a quality education.with the stats that i have 17 out of.your 1700.teachers would be losing their lives to.teaching.we cannot start school until our.positivity rates under 5 percent.currently it is not it's between 10 and.15 and varies.so i appreciate you making the decision.that you are making.i believe there's still challenges ahead.for your decisions.as far as how we start safely social.distance is going to be difficult.in hallways for overcrowded classrooms.and.and schools so i look forward to you.handling.these decisions with the data like you.have in the past.and i really appreciate all of you thank.you for your time.thank you tracy.next on the list is gina moore smith.becky johnson kyla grote.and ajit.we'll start with gina moore smith.hi there hello gina.thank you for the opportunity to address.you today i really appreciate it.i have a son that will be a senior at.boise high and i have another son that's.actually a proud product of boise high.i know many school and staff members and.parents are nervous about contracting.covet.i am nervous too i do not want to get it.but i still believe the benefits of.in-school classes far outweigh the cost.for those high-risk families school.staff i believe boise.school district has done an outstanding.job of accommodating them by providing.this.online option what i'm asking is the.boise school district also accommodate.those of us that are not high risk and.feel that the cost.of not going back to the classroom is.too high.and higher than the risk of covid for us.and for our families.i feel that there are great.accommodations being made for one.perspective and that 50 percent of us.are not being.accommodated or heard we need to be.innovative.think outside of the box to come up with.solutions to get our kids back to the.normalcy.and the structure that they truly crave.we need options.i think we should reframe the problem it.shouldn't just be two choices virtual.school or regular school.i agree with a later start that the.gentleman suggested or.perhaps we could open a few schools with.low-risk teachers and students.just some there should be other options.to consider.even with good internet and devices.technology issues are.frequent in a virtual environment think.last night right.parents of virtual students are required.to dedicate an enormous amount of time.to our children's learning.this creates a significant disadvantage.for working parents especially single.working parents of their children.educational outcomes for working parents.and children in virtual.courses will not be as good as being in.school.and those of us who do work we can't.take our children to school.to our work and we don't have the.ability to much like the teachers can't.teach their classes and teach their.children i can't do my work and teach my.child.children either so i think we need to.come up with other solutions.and i know that these problems are.terrible ones for you to have to come up.with and i thank you so much for your.service.and for listening to all of us and our.opinions.thank you gina next up becky johnson.hello becky you're muted hold on.okay can you hear me becky yes go ahead.thank you.my name is becky johnson and i'm a first.grade teacher in the district.i'm starting my 35th year of teaching.and i must say i look forward to it.every year and meeting my students.and greeting them with a high five or a.hug and.i know that it is not going to be.possible this year.and i appreciate the fact that we are.taking that into consideration the.safety of our teachers.and our staff members and the children.because we do not want to risk that um.one of the things i would like to.impress upon the.board is i agree with starting virtually.however i think it's going to be quite.challenging.for the younger grades um they require.a lot of assistance they require a lot.of movement.around and for them to sit at a computer.is going to be quite challenging and for.me to monitor that.and try to keep them on task is a big.challenge and.so i'm a little bit anxious about that.um.i would like for the dis for the board.to think about.possibly delaying the start another week.or two.to give us more time to practice.virtually teaching what it looks like.making sure the schedule works.for parents for teachers that we are all.on board and we're all following the.same.guidelines um.and then i think when we see that.it is safe to go back into the classroom.i would like the board to consider.maybe going back in a hybrid type of.method.where half the class comes in the.morning or the afternoon.or half the class comes one day.and then the next day the other comes so.that maybe we can.watch uh and monitor you know if someone.does come down with the virus it would.be easier for us to.um to decide who has it and.easier to isolate the virus.um so those are my main things that i.want you to understand.where i'm coming from just that younger.kids are going to probably.find this uh challenging and their.parents will find it challenging to.monitor them so i appreciate you.listening to my concerns.thank you thank you becky.um next kyla groat.hello kyla hi um i'm a.parent of three young children in the.school district.i have a kindergartner a second grader.and a fifth grader.and i wanted to speak to you today.to give a voice to young to the parents.working parents of young kids when um.school shut down this spring uh as a.working mom i was forced to.figure out how to do two full-time jobs.at once i had to figure out how to.sit next to each i had to be three.teachers three separate teachers.for three separate children and at the.same time i had to also do my own.job and it was impossible by the second.day of trying to do this.uh no surprise i threw my hands in the.air i threw the curriculum in the.garbage.i put the laptops up in the closet it.just was not possible.and um the most important things to me.are that my children and my family have.financial stability and and well-being.and my kids didn't get an education in.the spring because i couldn't provide.them both.i couldn't continue to bring an income.and also be there.three different teachers and my kids are.suffering from that.and i i ask.that when you guys make your decision.today that you take in account.the situations of working families with.young kids because it's true it's.it's not like a junior high student a.high school student or even a middle.school student where you can just plop.them.in front of a computer the younger kids.need so much more attention.they don't have the attention span to.sit in front of a computer.and they really.need undivided attention from parents or.a caregiver uh.we are not a situation like many.families that we can afford child care.for our kids if the schools aren't.running in person.um so i i thank you for considering that.and my kids have had a really awesome.experience in the boise school district.and i look forward to more of that.please prioritize in person school for.our kids thank you kyla.um next we have ajit and then we have.gerald good.angie michaels sarah johnson and brian.reynolds.uh.hi can you hear me yes hi.thank you school board trust is having.this hearing.we are going through timulus time and we.have to go through this together.i'm a small business owner and i have a.very high pressure job.my wife is also in a very high pressure.job.we have two sons who will be going to.north junior high and boji high.you heard one of the sun this earlier.i didn't know he was in this call but he.wasn't.so covet 19 is a serious contagious.disease and we must take it seriously.as of today more than 158 000 u.s.citizens have died.and many are sick with long-term care.increasingly children.and teens are getting getting in and.dying from it.even the low risk category people are.getting sick we.even don't know the recovery period of.this disease.what we know is that we have results.from other.states who have send their kids to.school.and who have opened up and they don't.look good.today idaho has more than 21 300 cases.confirmed cases.of coving 19. there were 332 new cases.yesterday alone.and 200 items have already perished.when budget school went online in april.there were a couple hundred cases.so it does not make sense to have it in.person class.now when the infection rate is still.very high.it defies logic and does not make sense.safety.of all must be must take precedence.one of my sons is planning to take five.ap classes what not.another is taking classes from tbmsc.some of the ap classes not offered.through online classes.and tv msc only offers in person classes.so what is the alternative.the opportunity is to have virtual class.for a whole year.2020 2021 year it's not for this.semester and.go back to school for the whole year so.that it's.stable they they learn the technology.and they will it will be stable since.teachers have to be in class to teach.why not have them teach remotely like.well you all you guys already talked.about this so.this this method has been done not only.you you're planning to do here they're.they've been done in.most of the schools and all around the.world they've been doing this.so nowadays many jobs are done remotely.right so like for example right now.banks insurance medical consultations.are done remotely.you must take advantage of those.technologies and.to weather this storm again the first.and most.important thing is safety safety of.teachers.administrators custodians students and.parents.thank you thank you for your testimony.we next hear from gerald good.okay i think you can see me now thanks a.lot uh thanks for this opportunity to.speak regarding the timeline of opening.the schools and this has been a real.education.uh watching this meeting and i'd like to.thank in particular.russ duke for explaining how the board.monitors the local situation and it's.very reassuring all of you actually give.me a lot of confidence that this is.going to work out.uh one way or the other my son jason is.in 10th grade at boise high school.he's a straight a student he's a state.placer in the wrestling team.he has an older brother and an older.sister who are both.graduates in the sciences my daughter is.getting an advanced degree in medicine.and i come here as a parent.who really emphasizes education um.i was educated in three different.countries i'm a strong supporter of the.public education system here.so regardless of how this turns out i.think it's going to work out okay but.i've studied this issue of covet.spreading in schools.with an eye toward what we've learned.from other countries and.we've already had months of open schools.and i've paid close attention to what.medical professionals are suggesting.for one thing there's about 14 countries.that have maintained open schools now.as far as i've been discovered without.encountering any severe problems that.would warrant closing and indeed here in.idaho.we could emulate these schools i would.encourage all the board members to look.in.to what's going on overseas i don't.think denmark.is seen as a reckless country with.poorly executed public policy.um they've had their open schools uh for.months now.uh they also don't require masks uh i'm.not making a comment whether or not i.think mass are required or not but in.schools uh in denmark and also the.elevate academy here in caldwell.is mentioned in the international press.there's 320 students right down the road.in caldwell.uh they've been open i don't think.they've had any coveted crisis there's.no teachers ending up in the hospital.so what you find out from the medical.professionals is what one of the other.the medical.uh the mental health professional here.that spoke earlier.he had his letter written for him i.fully agree with what he's saying i mean.kids generally i mean the last caller.said there's.a lot of teenagers and children getting.coveted and dying of it it's simply not.true i mean the data you look at it and.you're more likely to die of choking on.food i mean the.the amount of children and young people.that get it and spread it is just so.minimal.um the uscdc which is the world's.premier health agency.is saying in no uncertain terms and this.is coming from the director of dr.robert redfield that it's safe to open.schools.so another caller said follow the data.not the emotion well the data says to.open the schools the emotion.says keep them closed forever so.while i have a lot of respect for what.happens i think there's a lot of parents.that are going to dig in and no matter.what any little issue is going to arise.and they're going to say close the.schools back down so.i sympathize with your position i think.it's going to be tough to.to deal with because you're going to be.there's going to be some backlash but i.don't think this is going to be a.problem i would encourage you guys.to get out get the schools open as soon.as you can.um is that all my time yes yes your time.oh i had a lot more to say but anyway i.think you get the point of what i'm.saying.my son did online learning he was very.he loved.the classroom better than his online.learning experience so thanks for the.opportunity thank you very much.thank you gerald.we'll now go to angie michaels i believe.lisa is reading for angie michaels.yes thank you president gregory much the.following information is from an article.on the center for disease control and.prevention's website titled the.importance of reopening america's.schools this fall.as you consider whether to have our kids.return to school this fall it is.important to consider the full.spectrum of benefits and risks of both.in-person and virtual learning options.we as parents are obviously concerned.about the safety of our children at.school.in the wake of coven 19 the best.available evidence indicates if children.become infected.they are far less likely to suffer.severe symptoms death rates among.school-age children are much lower than.among adults.at the same time the harms attributed to.school closed schools on the social.emotional and behavioral health.as well as academic achievement of.children are well known and significant.the in-person school environment.provides skilled educational instruction.that we as parents simply cannot.it supports the development of crucial.social and emotional skills.it creates a safe environment for.learning that we all know many kids.don't have.otherwise and facilitates physical.activity.based on current data the rate of.infection among school children and from.students to teachers has been low.especially if proper precautions are.followed there have also been few.reports of children being the primary.source of coven-19 transmission among.family members.no studies are conclusive but the.available evidence provides reason to.believe the in-person schooling can be.done safely for our kids and teachers.my 12 and 14 year old need in-person.educational instruction.my kids need social and emotional skill.development they get from school.my kids need the structure the school.environment provides in order to best.learn.they need the connectedness with.teachers and other kids that schools.provide.that school provides they cannot get.these things through distance learning.what about children with disabilities.these students and their families rely.heavily on special education services.what will happen to them what about my.friend who's a single dad he can't work.and teach his sons at the same time.he'll have to work and his kids won't.learn let's be creative have teachers.change classrooms.instead of kids have students eat lunch.at their desks do temperature checks do.more cleaning and disinfecting.consider staggering start times the.covet pandemic.um is has has wreaked havoc and left a.mark on all our lives.hasn't it we can all agree on that.please don't let it leave a deeper mark.in our kids lives by not allowing them.to return to the classroom.thank you lisa next we have sarah.johnson.hello sarah.hold on a minute we can't hear you hold.on.just a moment.try now are we good yes.okay here we go all right so i am a.nurse in the community and so is my.husband.um i we are also parents of three kids.in the boise school system a high.schooler.a middle schooler and well junior high.student and an elementary schooler.um i just would really like you guys to.consider.the position that the working parents.are in right now.um especially those of us in the medical.community.we have rn we have medical assistants we.have.front desk staff and laboratory.phlebotomists.there are thousands of people in this.community who work full time.who cannot also be a teacher to their.parents.we also happen to have two children who.have adhd.they have 504s they rely heavily on the.schools.for their learning and their learning.differences.they struggled intensely with the online.opportunities in the spring.and despite our best efforts to help.them be independent learners.they are not they are not just by nature.i.just would really implore you guys to.understand the position that we are all.in with that and.to honor our kids bible force and to.honor the fact that.you all need nurses in this town who are.dedicated to their jobs.and we cannot be dedicated to our jobs.and be.responsible for schooling our children.and the thought of the collaboration of.the efforts you're doing.while i appreciate that it is not.realistic.for us to not send our children to.school but send them to the boys and.girls club.and it's just a different teacher that.is.at risk realistically i'm happy to mask.my children i'm happy to provide hand.sanitizer and masks for others.but our kids need to go to school if.they absolutely cannot go to school on.august 17th i would just really.encourage you to.put off the start date until after labor.day.because the thought of having to online.school them.and be two places at once is.overwhelming.there are nurses in the community that.are unsure if they are supposed to quit.their jobs if they're.supposed to ask for a year off or.request fmla but the reality is we need.these nurses and we need this medical.staff.so thank you all for listening we.appreciate all you're doing.thank you sarah brian reynolds.am i on you are.am i on video a no oh.how do i do that um.let's see there should be a button that.says start video.got it all right there you go yeah i.want to thank everybody for being here.it's uh it's.a heady heady conversation for sure my.name is brian reynolds.um born and raised in this community my.kids go to school in this community.and and i care like everybody does um.i'm a a past certified teacher in the.boys school district in earth science.i want to thank superintend our.superintendent dennis and president.gregory for.for uh hosting this and all the trustees.and.um i want to specifically um uh thank.trustee oppenheimer for your.pointed questions and trustee rhone for.your concern.for the students and the teachers and.and i know that you're.a good man um also uh.ms rich who was the first fourth person.to give testimony.um i thought she had some great points.that ought to be looked at.um so my testimony is based on.trustee oppenheimer's question i had a.follow-up to mr duke.um what what is the difference between.putting our kids in school or putting.them.in daycare to complete their education.virtually.and second question from mr duke and.directed uh specifically at.superintendent dennis.if the central district health is.following each case.and i assume they know their names their.zip codes and their neighborhoods.then let's fine-tune this thing.and there's no reason we can't close.individual schools there's.i don't think we need to close the.entire school district let's let's.fine-tune this we have the data we have.the information.any other way just seems lazy to me.and and lastly mr duke if i heard you.correctly the cdh says that.education is critical to good health.and you also said that daycares are.essential.if schools are critical to good health.why aren't.schools considered essential.finally to the board of trustees do the.right thing here please don't close.entire school districts close individual.schools.if that is necessary thank you.thank you brian um we'll go now.to um justin mcmurty and.christy hutz and then we'll hear from.uh reyna.sharif and i believe that um lisa.roberts is reading.justin and christy and then i promise.you won't have to keep hearing my voice.any longer after these these are the.last two yes this is justin mcmurty.greetings many others and i were quite.upset that you moved so quickly to.reschedule the meeting the other night i.was prepared to speak now my written.words.will have to suffice in the midst of.this pandemic we have all heard the.catchphrase facts not fear.in my opinion this needs to be more than.a catch phrase during this discussion it.needs to be a principle that guides us.thus facts fact number one virtually no.one ages.zero to twenty four is dying from coping.19. out of one hundred fifty eight.eight 887 coveted 19 related deaths.nationwide.there have been only 244 deaths among.those aged 0-24.in idaho there have been zero deaths.additionally please see the very.insightful article from the american.council on science and health.fact number two an incredibly small.number of young people are hospitalized.from complications due to covenant 19.per the cdc as of 7 25 2020.out of 84 806 patients hospitalized for.covenant 19.difficulties only 576 were ages zero to.17..fact number three kids are unlikely to.get sick from stars cove.cov2 virus and are unlikely to pass it.along to others.in a 710 2020 article from the mercury.news entitled coronavirus.why kids aren't germ bags and grown-ups.are.dr william razkaz jr of the university.of vermont medical school said the.following.the evidence suggests that children are.less likely to become infected.less likely to develop severe disease.and less likely to transmit.the virus to other children and adults.let's review these facts.ages 0-24 almost never die from covet-19.ages 0-17 have an incredibly low.hospitalization rate.school-aged children do not spread 19 to.others.with the above in mind i think the only.conclusion that the boise school board.should reach is.in line with the testimony of dr robert.redfield before the house select.subcommittee on the chronovirus virus.crisis.in that testimony on july 31 2020 he.said the following.i don't think i can emphasize it enough.as the director of the centers for.disease control.the leading public health agency in the.world it is in the public health.interest that these k-12 students get.back to schools for face-to-face.learning.open the schools if you will not then.you are complicit in the societal and.cultural habit that you will unleash.fear cannot be determined.the determining principle facts and.courageous moral action should lead you.to opening the schools.for the good of families and our great.city i'll now read the testimony of.christie putz.hi i'm christy putz and i have a child.entering hillside junior high and a.fourth grader at cynthia mann elementary.we are very proud to be part of the.boise school district because it's a.strong.because of its strong history of.equipping students for high achievement.our plea with the boise school district.is to continue the forward-thinking.education with in-person school.and online learning to accommodate the.complex needs.safety and progress of our children.pediatrics official.journal of american academy of.pediatrics published an article entitled.coven 19 transmission and children the.child is not to blame.in august 2020 sharing studies that have.shown children are far less drivers of.covenant transition.transmission excuse me than adults we.know children are more emotionally.healthy and academically thriving when.learning.in person with instructors and peers to.keep us all safe we fully support.wearing masks.social distancing as much as possible.insanity and sanitization of at.and is a great opportunity for our.children to be re responsible citizens.as well.we also greatly appreciate the community.and business businesses establishing.requirements towards these standards.as you know the state's total coven.numbers are one percent of idaho's total.population.and it ada county coveted numbers at at.one point six percent of ada's total.population and unfortunately boise city.data is not readily available.however given the smart protective.planning i am certain the boise school.district is establishing.i believe our children will be safe at.an in-person school or online.and both options are absolutely what the.boise community needs.if there is a concern about possible.litigation due to anyone who may become.infected.i recommend and would be willing to sign.a waiver stating i would not litigate.against the school district if.the child is attending in-person school.and becomes infected we greatly.appreciate the leadership of our.community and on the teaching staff at.boise school district.and for our family we strongly believe.that in person school is best for our.children.and giving people the choice for.in-person and our online school.will allow families to make the best.choice for their individual risks and.needs.thank you lisa um we'll now go to.raina sharif after that we have lampshar.leslie leslie lampshaw i'm not sure.which one that is.adrienne del rocco shalina.ramak sharon and cat olson.reina um hi my name is ronnie sharif and.i am going into fourth grade at william.woodyard elementary.and i'm in a spanish immersion where.doing online or.in doing spanish online will be really.difficult for me.and i really want to be back with my.friends and teachers thank you.thank you thank you.thank you for testifying the next will.be lamb chair leslie.do we need to do it anymore.leslie sorry your name is flipped on my.list.you hear me i can hear you your video is.not on yet.okay i'm still working on that oh there.we go.got it hi there you are.so i'm a mom of two young daughters.um one that i just recently founded out.over this well spring break i guess.if that's what you really want to call.it is autistic um with intellectual.disabilities and adhd.she she broke her laptop because she got.frustrated.while she was with her her dad at his.house.um and then my other one is four with.some type of.disabilities i'm not sure what yet but.she's got uh testing.tomorrow and thursday but the online.schooling for these two.is not beneficial due to the fact that.they are so young.i do have an autistic child i also have.another disabled.daughter so and i also work.two jobs and trying to be a teacher and.a full-time parent to both of them plus.an 18 month old.that i have to chase around everywhere.um is not beneficial for.me as a parent or them because they.don't get the attention they need from.their teachers.and they it is crucial for them to be.around their friends.and to be able to socialize with other.students.their own age and not have to worry.about.if they're going to be able to like last.year my kid didn't even get to graduate.kindergarten before.hitting first grade because she's.hitting first grade this year and.that was kind of something she was.looking forward to because she did.graduate preschool.but she was not able to graduate.kindergarten and now she's going into.first grade at liberty.and her little sister staying at uh.garfield for preschool.unless or her testing comes back that.she needs to be in special ed.but either way having the online.schooling for these two is not going to.be beneficial for them.one because my my autistic kid did break.her laptop i don't know what she did.but i did send it to their dad's house.because he had more time on his hands to.teach them than i did.and i got it back from his house and it.was broke um.i don't know what happened to my other.daughters i've had but half of it's.missing.um so these two are not even.a candidate for online schooling at all.so having them back in school would be.beneficial not just for me as a mom but.also for them as children.because they are so young and they do.need to be around.other peers and their teachers to.actually have that visual learning like.i had.when i was growing up i never had an a.laptop or.online schooling none of that um and i.grew up in boise.i went to every boise school that we had.here and.still didn't even graduate.thank you leslie for testifying.next adrienne uh del rocco.hi everyone just a moment.you're still on mute there you go hello.okay.there you are uh thank you all for.enduring the.tremendous pressure and stress that i'm.sure you're all under in service of our.boise families.in this time of incredible flex and.uncertainty.i'm a parent of a third grader at.roosevelt and a former.boise school district teacher at east.junior high with nearly a decade of.classroom experience.i want to make the point that it's we're.in the situation.due to the lack of action on our.national state and local levels.and and now you guys have to handle it.and i i'm sorry that it's.gotten to this point in that so many.families um are affected because.we haven't done anything up until now i.was planning on reading you the.testimony i.gave you all uh friday but it already.seems like my words are already out of.date.so much has come out in the news in just.the last four days now.from research showing how young children.can carry the virus at higher rates.to super spread our summer camps to.daily warnings from epidemiologists and.schools in other states.state stating that schools are not.prepared to open.in person safely our understanding of.covid continues.to change at lightning speed and i.applaud your efforts to start.online however i am pleading with you to.actually commit to online learning for.all boise schools for.a full semester or at minimum the first.quarter.keeping teachers and families and their.employers in limbo by reevaluating the.cova data every two weeks.will cause nothing but harm to our.children's education and let alone.families stability.any school teacher knows that students.thrive on a predictable routine.teachers can observe a drop in student.engagement after just a three-day.holiday weekend.and imagine the effects on learning if.students and teachers are going to be.expected to go from online to in person.possibly every two weeks i want to make.the important point that although in.person education.without a pandemic is ideal for.children's learning.in-person education with a pandemic in.the background and constant.interruptions going on and offline is.actually going to produce.low quality education outcomes and high.anxiety for everyone involved.although many say that the healthiest.place for children is at school there.are many other ways.to feed students combat child abuse and.offer child care for our most.vulnerable students without opening.schools in person.full time we can take a yes and approach.to both caring for our neediest children.and protecting our community from covid.through remote learning.as reed bradbury said action is hope.there is no hope without action.and i urge you to take action to.continue.learning online for the full first.semester so that we may have hope.for the future of boise thank you.thank you adrian.next we have shalina in cat olsen.then samantha race david.denharton shalina.you're on mute just a moment you're on.mute.can you hear me now now we can thank you.yes.thank you for letting me speak at the.meeting.um i have two children in the boise.school district one.in high school and the other in.elementary school.by now you've heard from local health.officials from central district health.um and have probably read the latest.report from the white house um.we're showing ada county in the red zone.uh and i'm glad that you are.close to the decision to um start the.school year online.and i hope that is what will be decided.by the board tonight and to that end i.wanted to make.three requests the first is um please.commit to providing a high quality.distance education to students the.reality is that covet 19.is a virus that is going to ebb and flow.and until there are therapeutics or a.vaccine.so during this time please prioritize.keeping students.safe from the virus if you have an eye.on the exit the whole time.it will be difficult to commit resources.training and support for teachers.to create a robust online program.second please ensure that equity is the.highest.priority many school services.school lunch counseling all of these can.be available on site even if.instruction is online and third.please support your teachers and staff.achieve a work-life balance.in these difficult circumstances many.local employers including boise state.micron and most recently the mayor of.meridian.have announced policies that will allow.the majority of their employees to work.from home.as you know three teachers in arizona.got sick while teaching inside a school.building this summer.with no students present and one of them.died.and you know many of the teachers in.boise are also.parents you can easily reduce infection.risks for teachers and their children.by allowing remote work and teachers.will show professionalism and dedication.to their students as they always do even.when.working remotely so i urge the school.district to be a.responsive and compassionate employer.and lastly i'd like to say that.schools teach children a lot of valuable.subjects.including science history language and.equally importantly.impart ethical values children are.watching us.as we discuss how we value lives whether.old immunocompromised young or otherwise.this virus seems very much in control.now.but it's a matter of time and human.ingenuity before it's.no longer in control so during this time.of emergency.let's work together to save lives by.curbing.disease spread thank you thank you.selena.we'll now go to uh catherine olson.hi can you hear me hello catherine yes.thank you.uh hi my name is ken olsen until this.month i was an english teacher at borah.high school.i'm speaking today to support a fully.virtual fall semester or a delayed.reopening.i appreciate that the board members have.been saddled with extraordinary.responsibility in being asked to.consider.the economic political bureaucratic.medical and social impacts of your.reopening plan i would caution the board.against relying solely on central.district health.to determine what our schools should.reopen in person i would also ask the.board to consider the motivations and.needs of central district health.as expressed by mr duke and to compare.them to our needs.the need to protect nurture and educate.our city students.given the limitations of bsd's current.plans our schools will not be safe.until community transmission is close to.zero.what i am asking you to consider before.you reopen our schools at any point this.year.is simply whether you are willing to.sacrifice lives because if schools.reopen.in person while community spread is.still occurring make no mistake.people will die i am asking you to make.this decision based on one simple.principle.if your reopening plan is not.sufficiently safe you will have deaths.on your conscience i too worry not just.about the educational needs but the.social emotional needs of my kids.many of my students were and are.experiencing food insecurity.homelessness.abuse medical crises poverty and.discrimination.imagine how much worse those problems.will be when those families and students.are exposed to covet 19..if you reopen schools in person before.you can guarantee.zero transmission you will be.guaranteeing that the virus will spread.to those families.those students their families and boys.use most marginalized.communities will suffer the most and i.am disheartened.that the board members have not spent.more time addressing this during this.meeting.i would also ask the board to consider.the teachers and staff that you employ.if you reopen schools in person before.community spread is eliminated.you will be guaranteeing that some of.your teachers and staff will die.miss roberts stated earlier that social.distancing and sanitation in our.facilities will be possible.as someone who's seen the halls of borah.high during passing periods every day.i can tell you that it is not possible.there is no way to.quickly convert our school buildings an.environment where safety.for teachers and staff are possible and.it is unfair to place that expectation.on our principles.ms roberts stated earlier that we have.the best teachers in the state.if you reopen unsafely you will be.saying loud and clear.to the best teachers in the state who've.devoted their lives.to your institution that their lives.better.the federal and state governments have.unfairly placed this decision in your.hands.they have passed the book back down to.you.i am asking you not to keep passing the.book.as you said we're in unprecedented times.instead of trying to placate all sides i.urge you to make your decision.based on what you believe to be morally.correct.i hope that you do the right thing and.vote to delay an in-person reopening of.our schools.until we can guarantee.thank you catherine.next um we have samantha rock.or roz david hertog katie ritchie.and kelly kopedek.um samantha.hi yes can you hear me yes.your video is not on there you go okay.hi all right i'm a mother of three.children in the boise school district.um and i just wanted to point out some.statistics.the fatality the mortality rate that the.wh released today.was 0.6 percent so if we're going to.close schools down for something that is.two and a half percentage points.lower in mortality than the flu.then i think we have a real problem on.our hands um.the coronavirus fatality rate for people.under 45 years is almost.zero percent and that according to.stanford doctor.at stanford university's disease.prevention.it was the chairman dr leonidas.um there's also a.report from the who from june 4th.showing that their the risk of a.an asymptomatic carrier is very rare.with this illness um and as such.i don't think our children can really be.considered vectors for disease.based on their um their study.also uh according to the cdc's own.website.prior to july 6 the epidemic had been.deaths had been declining for 10.straight weeks.cdc said that it was it will cease to.qualify as an epidemic in the next few.weeks.i'm wondering what's happened with that.um most importantly as a single parent.of three kids who are all at different.levels of their schooling.it's impossible for me to school them at.home i believe government overreach has.gone far enough.and we need to allow parents to make.this decision for their kids.teachers that feel like they would be.threatened.by um in person school.should be given the right not to teach.if they so choose um.however this decision should be the.parents decision it shouldn't.be government or um.you know you shouldn't have to decide it.as the board so i would.urge i would urge the board to allow the.parents to please make this decision.for our kids ourselves open the schools.and.if people aren't comfortable sending.their kids they can keep them home thank.you.thank you samantha and we'll next hear.from david din hertog.good evening board good evening uh thank.you president uh gregory.and the board of trustees and uh.superintendent dennis.i just want to offer on insight and and.um.appreciation for the board um i work for.a national nonprofit called the green.schools national network.we work and focus on education for.sustainability i was a classroom teacher.a principal i've had three students.three kids that have gone through.the boise school district the last one.graduating from capitol high a couple.years ago.i know this job is really tough for you.all as board members and i just really.appreciate your service.it's been two and a half hours plus now.and you are enduring zoom fatigue.and i got to have a bowl of ice cream.you all didn't um so.thank you for all that you're doing um i.just wanted to.say in my role working with schools.across the nation.schools and districts are really.struggling with what to do.and i know you've heard a variety of.sides of what's happening.but there are some really positives to.look at in this.era and what what is going on one of.them is in connection to education for.sustainability.this opportunity that we're now given to.push for more education that can happen.outside.in our natural world and connect.students in a way that.is not only valuable for them but.decreases the opportunity for.transmission i think is a great.opportunity for not only for the boise.school district but for school districts.across the country.the reality is that we'll be increasing.ventilation systems and making better.air quality for our students in our.schools i know boise district is working.on that.also decreasing of paper usage uh.decreasing of energy use.but the but the big piece that i think.needs to continue to be thought about.is this whole connection to social.emotional that.trustee oppenheimer brought up and it's.just crucial.i worry as both an educator and as a.parent of kids that have gone through.the system.when we give our teaching and learning.over to another organization like k-12.fuel ed.instead of our teachers in the boise.school district teaching our kids.the relationships that we need and know.that are crucial.and that we are now allowing 4 000 of.our students to be.taught by other folks i think is a as a.area that really needs to be closely.examined.um the other thing i would just offer is.they.this wasn't talked about but even if.people come back and category three goes.down to category two.that the likelihood of us going back to.category three is pretty high.so what some districts have done knowing.that we do want kids back.as much as possible is to bring students.back.for a short period of time but then get.them ready.to be fully ready for even doing better.in a virtual world.and thinking about what dr paquette said.earlier.i think is a is a great way to.thank you david appreciate your.testimony.um katie ritchie thank you for the.opportunity to share my thoughts.tonight i am a substitute for the boise.school district and the parent of four.children in the district's elementary.junior and senior high schools.i agree with separate statements.recently released by the director.of the center for disease control and.the american academy.of pediatrics which strongly advocate.that all policy considerations for the.coming school year.should start with a goal of having.students physically present.in school the aap states quote.the importance of in-person learning is.well documented.and there is already evidence of the.negative impacts on children.because of school closures in the spring.end quote.it is my belief that the educational and.social impact of continued school.closures.will be visited more severely on our.low-income children.our ell students and those with learning.disabilities.i am thinking of the impact on all of.our schools with an.emphasis on our district's title 1.schools.virtual learning is simply not a good or.fruitful option for so many of these.families and kids.in the spring we saw how children.struggled with online learning.we saw how working parents had to be.absent from virtual learning.due to work schedules and we saw many.kids struggle alone.i know the district says that this fall.will be different.and the online curriculum will be more.rigorous which is wonderful.and appreciated but the parents will.still be at work.the learning disabilities will still be.present the financial and emotional.insecurities have not gone away if.anything.they may now be magnified the lack of a.kind.and loving teacher or school counselor.putting physical.eyes on a physical child each day will.be sorely missed.despite how they may be categorized by.government policies.schools are essential they are more than.places of learning.though the importance of that role.cannot be overstated.they are tied to the threads of a.functioning and successful community.the aap also states quote no single.action or set of actions will completely.eliminate the risk of transmission.but implementation of several.coordinated interventions can greatly.reduce the risk end quote.the boise school district has shared.plans for these coordinated.interventions.i applaud their efforts i want our.teachers and staff to feel safe.as a parent i will support and respect.the district guidelines and my children.will wear masks to school.our elementary school parent group has.also pledged support and funds to assist.where needed.i will continue to substitute at the.school opening up my availability to.better help the teachers and staff.should they or a loved one become sick i.appreciate the district providing an.online option for parents who are.uncomfortable with sending their kids.back to school.those efforts are important however.policies to mitigate the spread of.covid19 within schools.must be balanced with the whole health.of a child.and the known harms to children thank.you.thank you katie appreciate your.testimony um.we'll now go to kelly culpitic.joel hickman jenny lingle and jamie.richmond.and we we just have about seven.more to go board members so we'll go to.kelly.hello i'm kelly kelly how are you.um i just want to thank you uh president.uh gregory and trustees and.superintendent.um i just retired from the boise school.district i worked.in the district since 1993 at whitney.and longfellow.hidden springs and recently the last.eight years at taft elementary.um i am very much in support of the.virtual learning.model i jotted down eight different.people.that i thought had really good points.about extending that virtual model to a.longer period of time.i think that the most concerning thing i.have to offer.having gone through teaching online this.past semester.um was that teachers do need time.to train and become comfortable with.the process um when i i just retired may.22nd.so when it happened.there was this rush to to quickly try.to adjust everything that we were doing.uh to an online format.so i think a lot of what people are.suffering from.is that post traumatic stress of what.that looked like.and i'm very confident that this the.school district.the administration has prepared teachers.to be have a more structured.classroom face-to-face like format.my concern is that there is still a.tremendous amount of anxiety.with teachers i i'm speaking for myself.i'm not speaking on behalf of the the.union or any other teachers.but i can say that it is it is extremely.scary.that i would be expected to be a pseudo.health care professional.i'm already teaching a variety.of situations in my classroom as was.mentioned by the.many people that have talked about the.concerns they have for their individual.children those children are in my.classroom.and i have 22 of them and i just.recently taught second grade for your.reference point.and so i completely understand what.they're saying but now.i'm supposed to be a health care worker.so.i sat down and looked at the cdc.recommendations and i just looked at.one thing hand washing i thought well.what would this.actually look like because i'm i'm.trying to help my colleagues.figure this out because i'm so worried.for them and if i have 20 students.and it's approximately 20 seconds and i.have to monitor that according to the.cdc.you should be monitoring whether the.kids wash it will take seven minutes.so during that seven minutes i do.have to somebody's texting me way to go.it's a teacher i have to.monitor that they're watching correctly.i'm.thank you kelly your time is up we.appreciate your uh testimony.we'll go to joey hickman.there you go joey go ahead hi sorry i.just lost my document that i had all.written for you guys so.um real quick just kind of you know.echoing what some others are saying is.that.you know i feel that since the beginning.of the coronavirus.all the kids have just taken them back.have had to take in the backseat.and all their interests and needs have.just.been mute and and we're still kind of in.the same.situation where you know last year they.said remote learning.there was a lot of unknowns and you know.everybody was really scared including.ourselves.and since that point nothing has changed.the school district has made.zero attempts to my knowledge to do.anything other than.pander and continue to just placate us.all that you know school's gonna be back.in session.and then you know we hear tonight that.it's you know already sounds like the.decisions been made that.there will be no uh you know.school until we get below a category two.well.how do we know that we're going to be to.a category two spread level in two weeks.and two months and two years.nobody knows that so at some point we.have to assess the risk.and i believe that as parents that you.know we should be given the choice not.not the school district.but the parents and if that's not the.case then.where's our tax where's our tax money.going to come from.you know or why can't we get our tax.money back so that we can try to go and.attempt to you know provide our children.with.some type of a decent education we're a.young family.my wife's a nurse i own a small.mechanical business in town so we don't.have the ability to.you know teach or you know work from.home or help.help teach our kids during the day.because my wife works nice.i work all day and to us the online.school is.is uh impossible you know as such.because.you know our son suffers from adhd so.getting him to pay attention.in a classroom is uh is a good day.and at home would be you know it just.wouldn't happen because.we wouldn't be here to be able to help.him with it and.last year i heard a lot of talk from the.board tonight that.you know you guys would be trying to.help out with.you know places that we can send our.children world where was that helped.last year.and it wasn't there and then again we.continue that you know the ymca.well we can pay the ymca i can also pay.a private school to teach our children.like.this is what our tax money goes towards.is paying your guys salaries and making.sure that.you guys are prepared for things and i.understand that this is something that.nobody's ever faced for sure but.the federal government has has allocated.50 billion dollars.to the to the idaho school and.what what are we doing with it from what.i can tell nothing other than.creating a you know placebo online that.you know.for for elementary kids and so like i.said i really hope you guys can.thank you joey appreciate your testimony.here.we'll now go to jenny lingle.hello young children who attend the.boise public schools a kindergartner and.a second grader.i also work as a nurse in the boise.school district at garfield elementary.school.i want to say thank you to all the.people who've been working around the.clock to find the best possible.solutions during this time.i know you've been criticized from every.side.you're only human and none of you have a.magic wand to make this magically go.away or a crystal ball to see which.decisions will work out best in the.future.thank you for creating an online.education system that is ready to serve.the families on our community on august.17th.today i want to speak to the situation.of families who cannot choose that.online option.for their kids because the adults have.to work or the community needs those.adults to work.because they perform an essential.function or their child needs in-person.instruction due to special needs.these children have to go somewhere on.august 17th.the boise school district is the most.qualified prepared place to serve the.children in our community.particularly children in grades k-6.what other institution our community has.been preparing for the past five months.to educate children feed children and.care for their emotional needs.what other institution has bachelor.master and doctoral educated teachers.ready to teach children and help.children who've fallen behind.catch up what other institution employs.registered nurses.who have been working all summer long.combing through all of the available.scientific data.in the u.s and the world to create.protocols and procedures to bring.students and staff back in the safest.way possible.what other institution has registered.dietitians developing food menus to keep.our children nourished.while modifying those memories to occul.accommodate all the children with life.threatening food allergies what other.institution employs master level.counselors.social workers and psychologists trained.and ready to help our children with all.of the trauma.and upheaval they have experienced what.other institution has staff dedicated to.sanitizing buildings throughout the day.and in the evenings what other.institution has large buildings and.outdoor spaces.to distant students and staff as much as.the boise school district.if schools do not open for in-person.instruction on august 17th.elementary age schools will be forced.into overcrowded day cares.that are under prepared and.underqualified to educate feed and deal.with our children's emotional needs.if parents cannot afford daycare and to.be clear daycare is.over a thousand dollars a month for two.children and that's jfk that's just your.standard run-of-the-mill daycare.so if they cannot afford that.grandparents and other family members.will be tasked with children's education.well-being.while being in a high-risk category for.covid19 themselves.even worse for families that cannot.afford the high cost of daycare.and do not have family support in town.children will be left alone or left in.precarious situations while their.parents have to go to work.i know there is no perfect solution in.this situation every scenario has.potential risks.that of all the potential places young.children in our community.could go the boise school district are.the most qualified and prepared.let's give our.thank you um jenny for your testimony.we'll now go to jamie richmond and then.veronica.then caden reimer and we'll end with.rosa mckee uh mickey.mary rosenberg and ike stafford.jamie okay i'm jamie richmond a proud.hawthorne hawk east hornet and boise.brave 94..thank you board members and.administration for allowing the public.to testify at this meeting.since when did social and emotional.health trump physical health and life.the social emotional health needs don't.matter if a student gets sick and dies.remember the ages of people at schools.range from five to sixties maybe even.seventies.i'd rather have my daughter struggle and.grow with virtual classes and be alive.and healthy.then go to school and get sick and be in.pain and suffer for months and have.possible lifelong issues induced by.covid or worse die.some of you mention your kids who are.bsd students i'd like to know.how many of them were infected with.covid19 at a boise school.prior to school's closing last spring i.had two.and we let the district know of the.girl's covet infection my two daughters.a 14 year old senior.at boise high and a 12 year old ninth.grader at riverglen and they both attend.tvmsc.they were infected with covid before.schools closed the first symptoms.occurred on march 2nd.they were incredibly sick sore throat.cough vomiting diarrhea headache loss of.smell cognitive issues problems.concentrating.covered toes unable to walk red.bloodshot eyes flushed arms.immense fatigue and they are still.suffering from covid manifestations.and we are fifty nine hundred dollars.into their medical costs out of pocket.two er visits and eight doctor visits.and ct scans and they have been a pin.cushion.and continue to be poked and tested.because their blood work is showing.markers of long-term immune.issues due to their covet infection they.also passed kova to their father.never had a fever not once maybe now you.can understand why i'm really disgusted.at the recommendation to start schools.in person anytime during a pandemic.it isn't worth any teacher student or.staff getting sick or dying.when boise schools can have a virtual.learning experience.don't let any other student or staff.member go through what my girls did.just because they went to school trustee.wrote my daughter is also a boise brave.senior.this year and i'm sorry your brave.struggled with the virtual format but.i'm sure glad he's alive today and.wasn't infected with kovid.at school like my daughter my brave.student personally sent you an email in.june letting you know of her infection.and she would be just as willing to talk.to you now as she was then.both of my girls are fearful and i'm not.joking here.that they will lose some of their brave.grizzly and tvmsc classmates staff and.teachers to covid if you open the school.before the pandemic ends.please immediately remove what i read on.the boise school district site today.under elementary.slash emergencies the boise school.district's primary concern.is for the safety of all students no one.will ever be able to convince me that.one life is worth being lost so that.schools can open.not a staff member not a student not a.teacher.thank you jamie is veronica there with.you ready to go.she's in a separate room now okay.she should be on.veronica you're next.hello can you hear me we can hear you.yes.wonderful your camera's not on if you.want it to be on.letting me turn on my camera.it only has audio settings on here.um i will go into my mom's room.okay veronica now you're on mute.one more try let's just a moment okay.go there you go can you hear me now yes.wonderful.my name is veronica richmond and i will.be a senior in the fall.thank you board members and.administration for allowing me to.testify from the safety of my home.we are hosting this meeting online why.safety and out of courtesy for these.parents and the members of the board.why can't this same courtesy be extended.to these same parents as well as.students teachers families and all of.the communities that would be exposed if.school reopened.yes it would be nice for me to have my.senior year in person yes it would be.nice if everything was normal.and yes it would be nice to keep almost.everything the same except have tape on.the floor and a couple extra bottles of.hand sanitizer.unfortunately this is the real world.reopening schools is a lazy and.comfortable choice for those making the.decision.will lead to immense pain suffering and.loss of life.for everyone else in the community you.may be thinking that she's over.exaggerating or it won't happen to me.and you would be wrong the greek phrase.pandemos means all people.and the pandemic affects all people.nobody is immune.students get it and spread it the.science supports staying home how do i.know.my sister and i were both infected with.tobit during march.while school was open and we spread it.to our father who's in a more.vulnerable demographic so for all the.people who've stated tonight that.students don't get infected.and don't spread it i am evidence and if.you do not believe the face on my screen.you shouldn't be making this decision.and legally it isn't our fault.when we infect others once school.reopens according to section 512 of.title 33 in idaho statute.the board of trustees is legally.responsible to close school on order of.the state board of health and welfare or.local health authorities.in order to protect to protect students.i mention this because the board has.been uncharacteristically oblivious and.naive.blundering through this as if they.aren't at fault but they are in fact.legally responsible.the trustees are as brian ames told.idaho ed news on the hook to maintain a.safe environment for students.and sending your kids to school during a.pandemic can be a death sentence i would.like to end my testimony with three.fundamental truths.number one people will die because of in.person school.i hate to be the harbinger of this truth.but it is the reality.whether it's students teachers staff.faculty community members.friends health care workers or family.members lives will be lost.number two the board of trustees will be.legally responsible and the district's.insurance has stated that they will not.cover.any lawsuits number three it is not.worth it.the risk of covid outweighs the risk of.anything we've heard.people cite statistics that the numbers.are low but the numbers are still there.nobody can convince me that in-person.schooling is worth even a.single life lost anxiety will only.increase with the fear and.uncertainty that in-person school.creates and if our friends die from.in-person school.mental illness and suicides will.skyrocket the.virtual school may not be perfect but it.cannot kill you unlike in person school.i along with health authorities.scientists students who don't want to.die and parents with any concern.at all for their lives and their.children's lives urge you to vote to.keep.schools closed let's live through this.and then.enjoy in-person schooling.thank you veronica um we now have uh.two left one is kaden reimer.and then rosa uh mickey.i can hear me yes go ahead kayden.so i'd like to start this discussion off.by saying thank you for allowing me to.testify at this hearing.my name is kaden reimer and i'm an.incoming senior at capitol high school.a major worry for the school district is.liability for the students.if a student were to couch cover 19 and.potentially pass away from this virus.the school district would not want to be.liable for this however by having the.option by parents for online school.this can be easily avoided by having the.parents sign an extra liability waiver.if they wish to send their children back.to school.another major issue in this year is the.amount of substitute teachers that are.on the staff.the people who substitute are mainly the.elderly who substitute because they love.teaching and love the students that they.teach.with that being said some teachers may.not want to want to return to school.these teachers should have the position.the option to sign up for a substitute.position the main question in returning.to school is how do we prevent an.outbreak.with that question in mind i don't.believe we can prevent every single kid.from not getting club 19..however the long-term effects of not.going to school outweighs the short-term.effects of kids going online.as a student i witness firsthand the.lack of motivation that every student.has.for doing online work and with family.members who are teachers.i know that online work is much more.work for teachers than in class work.and if you will indulge in me for a.minute i'd like to speak on some of the.selfish reasons.i have for wanting to return to school.as a student athlete with no school.intern means no sports.with no sports means i don't have the.opportunity for scholarships.i may or may not get to go play at.college or get the money for playing.but i'd like the opportunity and not.look back at myself when i'm 40 or 50.and be like what if.what if covet did not happen but it did.and if there is one thing that this.pandemic has taught us.is that we need to be adaptable we need.the ability to change and cooperate.based on our surroundings and what is.going on.every adult has something that they'd.like to look back on and say.maybe i could have done this differently.maybe i could have changed the decision.well that choice is being taken away.from us during this discussion.we don't get to choose but we want these.choices are made for us.but we put the trust in the school board.to make those decisions many of these.lessons were.learned from going to school the ability.to social and think for ourselves and be.problem solvers all started when i first.started learning and going to school.the effects of going online just this.one year justice 1 will be felt for.generations to come.i took government and economics through.fuel ed online this summer.and just like shiva i could google the.questions in the entire test with.answers would pop up.i spent almost 20 minutes three out of.five days out of the week.i remember one thing that i learned this.summer however i'll gladly take the.straight a's that i got.as a student we are the future my.parents always tell me that going to.school is my only job.and essentially they are correct i need.to show up on time and do good in my job.to be paid with a diploma at the end.just like nurses and paramedics and.firefighters are all essential being a.student and going to school is essential.as well.all i ask is that we don't think about.the now if we were to go online and the.winter rolls around and the weather.limits us to not going outside and.getting a break.we'll be able to leave our homes not.even go in our backyard mental strain.that has been put out on my family's.relationship is astronomical.right being around your family 24 7.thank you cayden i appreciate your.testimony.i will now go to mary rostenberg.who i believe is on the call go ahead.mary.president gregory.yes go ahead let's try again mary.i think the wrong person has been.unmuted this is rosa mickey.oh thank you rosa mickey i'm sorry yes.go ahead i have the name wrong no.problem.no problem at all so good evening board.uh thank you.president nancy gregory and.superintendent kobe dennis.thank you for your dedication and giving.the public the courtesy of testifying.so i am a parent and i teach fifth and.sixth grade orchestra at three.elementary schools in the bsd.i am proud and fortunate to work in the.boise school district.unfortunately covid19 has impacted my.family and i felt it necessary to speak.george exactly contracted covid19 a half.years ago.george is a 43 year old hard-working and.he's a dedicated father to our.three-year-old daughter.we weren't committed to be diligent on.preventative measures.but this is a very sticky and ruthless.virus.george has been debilitated for 3.5.weeks.he hasn't been able to work his most.recent ct scan revealed large.concentrations of the virus appearing in.his lungs.he has blacked out due to extreme.coughing george is being monitored from.home as saint alphonsus boise.did not have an additional bed for him.gratefully.our daughter and i have been quarantined.at my family's home for 22 days and we.show no symptoms.i do not want anyone to have to endure.the same battle.he is currently fighting alone covid19.impacts everyone differently.and it needs to be taken seriously.children can spread the virus as.evidence supports.i worry about teachers contracting the.virus and being debilitated for an.extended period like george.i am asking the public who want to.resume in person to not treat teachers.and our children like we are expendable.i ask the teachers will not be.expected to return to in-person.instruction until we have adequate.training.and accommodations for distancing.procedures and safe plans for lockdown.drills during this pandemic.and yes our boise teachers are.incredible they're amazing.some recognize at the national level for.excellence in education.and music education we are more than.qualified.to teach with the same quality and.passion online than we are in the.classroom.i'm pleading for you to commit to online.learning for all schools for a full.semester.or at minimum the first quarter of.school where teachers with children have.the option of working from home to.secure the health.safety and budget of our family thank.you for consideration.thank you very much thank you rosa.for being on the call we do have one.last um.uh caller ike stafford.thank you can you hear me and see me i.can hear you but not see you.if the administrator would allow me to.be seen i would appreciate that.yes there we go thank you thank you.um president gregory trustees um.superintendent dennis thank you all for.uh your service.and for your patient deliberation on.this most difficult.topic thank you also in particular.trustee oppenheimer for your appointed.questions uh.to uh address issues surrounding those.who are for lack of a better term some.of our underprivileged students.and also before i share with you my one.point that i'd like to make.i'm terribly sorry to hear the stories.of those of you who have struggled.personally with covet 19 and those of.you who had losses i'm deeply sorry for.your experiences and thank you for.sharing them.i have several children in the boise.school district in elementary school and.junior high.i just want to make one point most of my.points have been iterated very well by.others tonight.one point is that the desire or the.objective.to have virtual school is aimed to.protect.a segment of society that is.particularly vulnerable to code 19.complications and and also death which.is really serious and very very.important.but i think we also have to concede that.if we do online.or virtual school that we are also.exposing a different vulnerable.population.to a different set of dangers.and let me just speak briefly about.those i feel they're very uncomfortable.but i think i need to.to share for example what about our.young people who are.being physically abused or those who are.being sexually abused.or those who are neglected those who are.developing mental illness.those who are considering the worst of.all.alternatives even suicide.the good people of our boise school.district are usually our first.responders to those.children obviously if we're at.in virtual school then.their ability to help these children.get the resources they need to be.protected and get on the way to healing.it's gonna be very very limited.so which segment of of which vulnerable.population should the boise school.district be.aiming to protect and.i know it's not possible i would love it.if the board members.could all the trustees could all take a.ride and through some of.uh our neighborhoods where these sad.occurrences are more regular.and get a feel for what's decision.should be best and finally i just want.to say.thank you again for your consideration i.make one point and i recognize there are.so many points.to be made and i support your decisions.and we are praying for you and.thank you again for your goodness and.your consideration.thank you ike um and that concludes.those who have signed up to testify we.appreciate the.the diligence of our patrons for staying.on with us and our board members as well.and um at this point we are going to.give our board members a chance to have.a five-minute break.um they've been in their seats uh since.probably about 6.10 and so.5 minutes and we will be back.oh yeah.how we all doing.so um.uh we've concluded uh public testimony.and um.are now prepared to uh.consider a motion and then to go into.deliberation as the board.if this would be discussion among board.members only.and but board members are are allowed to.you can access questions to kobe and.lisa if you need to.so um are we all back on.good thumbs up from everybody i got it.from dennis.okay okay alicia's there.okay good um.so we have before us a recommendation.from the administration.and um i would entertain a motion.and based on that motion we can proceed.to deliberate as a board.president gregory this is david trust.trustee wagers.uh president gregory i'd like to make a.motion um i moved.the boise school district open school in.a virtual setting on august 17th for the.week through.for the three weeks through separate.through september 8.2020. this would also include.suspension of all extracurricular and.co-curricular contest.contest until central district health.removes the category 3 designation.and i think we would also follow sic.athletic regulations.do i hear a second.uh trustee gregory maria ii.it's been moved and seconded to um.accept the recommendation from the.administration to approve the opening of.school.in a virtual setting on august 17th for.three weeks through september 8th.that would include suspension of all.extracurricular and co-curricular.contests until central.health removes the category 3.designation.and following sic um regulations or.decisions.um as monitored by our superintendents.i now open for discussion.trustee oppenheimer thank you this is.beth.um first i.want to sincerely thank.everyone who has submitted comments we.had.over 800 comments and everyone who.signed up to.testify today and we all know that this.is a very.complicated situation and.we are all learning as a community and.as a working parent of a student in the.district and a community member.i want nothing more than our.students in the district and um to go.back to school.to for in-person learning i also.understand the impact that virtual.learning and online learning has.on working parents or children with.special needs and.a variety of different uh very difficult.situations.um you know i always look through the.lens of and.someone was on tonight testifying i.always look through the lens.of the single mom who is a nurse of a.first grader.and child care is a real issue.and without public support to support.those parents.to access child care is.is real um i also look through the lens.of families with children with special.needs.and the social emotional development of.our children and the.and the mental health of our children is.really critical to their success.um you know we know that domestic.violence is up and child abuse is up.and our kids need to be in the school.to be in health and safe and healthy.environment and.for many of our kids the only.opportunity for them to get a meal.um is is in our schools and i do want to.give a shout out to our boise school.district.who has been able to offer meals to our.families who need it during this time.um i also look through the lens of our.teachers who.i know so many of our teachers want to.get back just.to their kids i have a neighbor who is a.second grade teacher.and i talked to her the other day and i.said how are you feeling and she said.she is scared to death but she also.knows that she wants to get back.to her kids and she's worried for.her safety but at the same time she's.really worried.about some of the kids and the families.in.in her class but at the end of the day.we have to balance the safety of our.kids and.and our teachers and our community and.it's a balance of risks.which is really an awful awful situation.to be in.um as a community you know.we had all summer to.get these numbers down and and to get.these numbers into a safe place that we.could.offer online learning or in-person.learning.and get our kids back into school but.unfortunately as a community.we were not able to do this and i will.say that.i am begging our community i'm begging.our parents.our businesses our community members to.do the hard.work right now to get these numbers.under control.so that we can open our schools in.person because.i want nothing more right.i always reference jim everett who is.the previous.uh director of the ymca and he would say.let's line up 10 kids right let's line.up.10 kids and you choose which which kid.doesn't make it.and i don't want to be the person to do.that i don't want to be.in this situation where i choose which.kid.gets infected and which kid might not.make it because they're infected.um this is a very very difficult.situation.and it's very complex and i get it.but we also have to look at our health.districts.and we have to look at the.recommendations that we have from our.health leaders.and do what is right for the safety.of the health of our students.and our teachers and our parents and.with that i i will be voting to support.virtual.online thank you.thank you trustee oppenheimer uh other.comments or questions trustee ron.yeah i had a legal question for um.dan skinner if i could ask him um.i'm just just from a legal perspective.we heard some testimony tonight and it's.a question i've asked if.you had a scenario where um.you know you may have a teacher who may.have forgotten to put a mask on.or didn't wipe down a table and a.child or student was infected.and then went home and infected the.one of the parents and god forbid.something.you know terrible happened to to one of.those parents.who would the district be legally liable.in that situation dan.uh yes president gregory trusty brown.can i be heard am i being.yes thank you um trustee rohn uh the.short answer to that is yes the boise.school district.or any other school in idaho could be.held liable um.just to kind of take you through a brief.walk of the law on that.you know idaho code gives us an.affirmative duty to protect the health.of our students.we also have an affirmative duty under.33 512 to exclude from school.uh pupils who have contagions and also.to follow orders.of uh central district health uh the the.current guidance from central district.health is not an order it does not tell.us we have to close it is cast as a.recommendation.that because we are in category 3 we.should not be having in-person.learning our own policy takes the.statute a little bit further.policy 3431 states that we should.consult and follow.the recommended guidelines of central.district health so we do have an.affirmative legal duty in general to.protect the health of our students.we also have an affirmative policy duty.uh to.follow the recommendations of central.district health so either of those.items could be used to prove the boise.school district liable should a student.get sick.and either themselves be injured from.that sickness or carry that to somebody.else.that student would have to prove.causation that it was linked to us the.the some um act of of the boise school.district personnel exactly as you hinted.not wearing a mask not following cdc.guidelines not following central.district health.not following our own uh plan that we.have put together for resuming school.once that does happen.um stepping that to the next level a.couple of different things we could do.students could sign releases uh that.waived any liability for the district.should they get someone sick but if that.student got somebody else.sick it would not take care of that.third party's claim.also the legislature certainly could.pass.some sort of shield or liability for.school districts it's my understanding.that they might take that under.consideration in the next few weeks.so that could cover us the last point on.this i would note is that our insurance.company.has indicated to us that they will not.be covering any liability.related to the pandemic they have.expressly excluded that from coverage.so if there was any liability any.judgment entered against the boise.school district it would come out of.our general fund rather than from our.insurance companies.uh with that i think that's just kind of.the broad sketch of what gets us there.but yes the district could be held.liable and i would stand for questions.any clarifications or questions for dan.president gregory i do i do have a.follow-up i just wanted to.speak to the motion uh if i could thank.you dan.thank you yes thank you dan for that.clarity.um you know i just want to say that.um there there are no winners.tonight and uh you know we.where we're whichever way we vote.there you know they're going to be.unhappy folks out there.but i take my.responsibilities as a trustee very.seriously.and one of those responsibilities is the.safety.of our students and our staff and.um even if one teacher.god forbid again worst case scenario.contracted coveted and died then that.would be.that would be on me for the rest of my.life.and i'm not ready to take that risk.i think the risk is way too high right.now.and we as a i agree with that that.we as a community need to get the.numbers down and that's.that's not just that's all of our.responsibility.so that we can open our schools safely i.think we all.want to i don't think there's any.question there.so i will be supporting the motion.thank you justin other thoughts.from trustees trustee don.i just had a point of clarification uh a.question.for for kobe or or lisa.um if if we were to do this.and we started virtually and two three.four weeks whatever we we go back and a.parent.is not comfortable.uh can they go to online school what.what's a parent.do uh then.are they yeah i'll just stop there can.you help me kobe with the process if.if uh if they stay virtually and then.three or four weeks we decide to go back.and they're uncomfortable what do they.do with their kids.kobe uh president gregory um uh.make sure i'm unmuted here president.gregory and trustee doane.it's it's exactly what um deputy.superintendent roberts talked about at.the beginning.um this situation we cannot provide.everything for everyone in this.situation.so if we're in if if a family is.struggling.with how they're going to go about.planning for.the school year um and there's any.chance that they're going to be.uncomfortable with returning back to.school we would advise them to enroll.in the online program from the get-go.um the the people that are.that will start virtually have to be.willing to come back.into our school system once we get to.get to a place where we can be.in person and um and so i think that's.the answer to the question right now um.i would encourage those families.if that's where they are to go ahead and.um.and enroll in the online system by this.friday.other thoughts.and gregory this is dave go ahead dave.um.it it it's the impossible choice.um but we have to make a choice um.i value i value our teachers i value our.students.i value our community.there's there's no answer that will make.everyone happy.but the value of in-person.education for our kids um.it will affect them mentally it will.affect.families physically if we don't allow.that to happen as a choice.in the future now is not the time to do.that with our current spread rate.i feel strongly about that and that's.the community aspect of what we need to.do is.i mean what i feel like i need to do as.a trustee i have to take.all the information that i have.synthesize it and come up with the best.decision possible.and using that information.my choice right now would be to you know.postpone the opening of school i'm glad.we give people choices.i think that's very important that we.have the online option.but we also are striving towards.in-person.education because we know that our.teachers.they will do the best job of educating.our kids in person when it comes down to.it but we also need to keep them as safe.as we possibly can.one thing i do challenge kobe and lisa.and.the cabinet to do is is to allow.flexibility on a school-by-school basis.rely on the creativity and the knowledge.of our our principals and our teachers.and our staff.they are great problem solvers um and.every school is different.and i know you're doing this already but.you know.let them create their own world that.within our constraints.but make it safe and make have them.serve their populations because we have.schools with very different populations.and those those schools require.different.you know different things to handle and.and those we have professionals that's.what they do.you hire good people and you let them do.their jobs but you keep them safe at the.same time.and i i know we'll do that and i'm.excited about it that that.we will work really as hard as we.possibly can to do it i'm not excited.about the decision.um but i will support the motion.president gregory uh trustee don.i just want to echo that point that that.they've just made about uh about the.creativity and.and the schools and the individuals and.the classrooms and the teachers.you know sometimes as a board or you.know we try to make.policy and and everything be the same.district-wide and i i just think that.each school is different each building.is different each.classroom is different and uh giving.them a little bit more.flexibility so i won't i won't belabor.that point other than to support it.and then uh i do have one question uh.for kobe that.uh just just asking your thought process.or i know you guys really wrestled with.this and helped me get.is it best to just in a recommendation.um i struggle with should we just do it.for the whole semester.right i mean going on and off or on and.off and every few weeks and so.you know on one hand i i enjoy the.excitement that we have an opportunity.in two or three weeks to get back to.school.on the other hand um you know would it.be best to just.make a decision today for the entire.semester.so i know you've already wrestled uh.with your staff on that can you just.take me through through your thought.processes the pros and cons.there kobe president gregory trustee.um doane i i i really appreciate.your question um.we we've had a ton of conversations.around this.issue whether it was for a semester or.for a quarter or for.six weeks or three weeks or two weeks.and the bottom line is i think that any.of those are.options um that that are available to.the board of trustees.our thought process behind the.recommendation was truly.around this the um the conversations.with the.health care providers that we've been.talking to.that said in or if we were if our.community will do the things that are.included in the um in the.recommendations and the orders from an.s county-wide um standpoint.that we should see some significant.changes.to our transmission rates over the next.four to six weeks so it as opposed to.um pushing it out until the end of.october which would be the quarter.um instead of pushing it out until the.end of.december which would be the semester our.our goal.truly has been that we want our kids.back.in school with our teachers doing what.we know.is the best way to educate our kids.but we have to do that safely so by pro.by by.pushing it out to september 8th we.really put ourselves in a position.of taking advantage of of three weeks.online.for five weeks of potential community.transmission change.data if that makes any sense so that's.really was the focus of the.um of the recommendation um i think it.does provide some.hope also to our community that we can.get ourselves back.into uh in school and and i just want to.i want to reiterate some of the things.that you guys as board members have said.wash your hands wear your mask and.social distance.if we can do those things and they're.things that every one of us can control.this is not a political statement it's.just the facts.if we do those three things then we get.to do what we all.want and that is get our kids back into.school.got a little bit on my soapbox there and.i apologize.madam president one more uh follow-up.please go ahead.so i was a little confused on the motion.uh when it comes to.extracurricular activities if i felt.like uh.i'm unclear on are we uh.are we suspending them until the sic.decides because i heard two things that.it was the cdc.and the sic which.guideline are we going to follow because.i'd rather i'd rather follow.when the sic and the principles get.together and make a decision.that that that's when we do it but so.i was unclear on the motion i want to.get some clarification on the.on the uh on the motion.um thank you uh and.uh trustee wagers would you.care to clarify and or uh counsel with.superintendent.um i'll i'll try and clarify and.um i'm welcome to be corrected.but i i think we should follow sic.um recommendations on that because they.will be following central district.health.category categorization so i would.i would amend my motion to that i yeah.thank you i like that it just i was.confused because i heard cdc then yeah.and i brought in whole things.good point and i just wanted to follow.sic and.you're right sic will follow cdc but.which is it then.so yep thank you for that clarification.um any other comments.uh president gregory yes jessie greavey.um.i'm really not gonna say anything saying.anything that hasn't already been said.um to me it was.it was uh the the emails that were sent.to us.were passionate.really reflected both sides of where.people stand on this.to me i think it is important to the.goal of getting.students safely in person in schools.i'm very grateful for the fact that our.administration has worked so hard to.create this choice.for online and in person and i.feel strongly that we do follow the.guidance from central district health.when it comes to the category.um as far as when we are going to have.our students.uh be in school in person so i would be.following the recommendation.president gregory yes trusty sd thank.you.i i too won't say anything probably.that's not been said already by my.fellow trustees but i do want to.acknowledge all of the all of our.patrons who submitted comments.who wrote very heartfelt emails who.testified i greatly appreciate their.candor their passion and their concern.for our students and our teachers and.our staff.i will support the motion but i don't.want to minimize the impact this.decision.will have on single parent families on.parents who both work and and can't work.from home.for this uh hopefully short period of.time.and particularly the marginalized.members of our community.unfortunately there's just no.good choice here but i do believe that.the weight of the evidence supports us.waiting until central district health.and the.medical professionals we're consulting.with.tell us that it's safe to bring kids.back face to face.thank you trusty st.yes beth one follow-up question i.apologize um.uh kobe this is a question for you and.also for lisa.so should this motion pass what would we.expect or what would parents expect as a.follow-up.in regards to how to navigate the.uh virtual learning platform.that is is proposed in this motion.president gregory trustee oppenheimer um.so.we obviously will get out information.right away to parents to make sure that.they also know what their options are.for august 7th and choosing one or the.other.um then we will we have a lot of parent.information.i'm sorry can you not hear me that's.better.sorry um we also will have a lot of.information available for parents and.helping them.support their their students virtually.uh and teachers.will reach out to parents as well as to.their.the students so i know we have um.but we're actually going to be sharing.with our parents what the teacher.expectations are going to be for.elementary and secondary so they'll.understand that and see.what they'll be you know in in charge of.versus what the teachers will be in.charge of.but we'll we will do a lot of reaching.out and a lot of communicating with our.parents to help them as much as we can.in this.hello president prairie go ahead thank.you.so just to be clear parents.should expect communication from.the district level as well as their.individual teachers so if they're in k.through 6 they would expect.an email or communication from.their home teacher and then in junior.high and high school.who would they expect to get.communication from because obviously.they have.a lot of different teachers so would.they expect an email from each.individual teacher of each individual.class.or um how how would that work help me.out.so president gregory trusty oppenheimer.you're gonna have to give us a little.bit of time with that because we've got.to get staffing figured out.so we will have we're closing um you.know.our online um on friday and then we're.staffing over the weekend and once all.of our class lists are solidified.they would elementary of course would.would expect communication.to come from their teacher there.secondary i think what the plan is for.our.in-person schools is they're going to do.much like they did.in the fall i mean spring excuse me in.one.period like per school like maybe it's.the eighth period class at.the junior high um teachers will reach.out so that every parent does get.contact with a teacher.um but we will be sending out.information immediately.you know tomorrow to let parents know.what their next options are.does that answer your question yes thank.you great.so um i wanted to just address one.concern.that has been raised and those are those.um.families who are on the brink of.uh disaster or uh in peril.because of this decision i would.remind and encourage them that we have.community schools.in strategic places across the va across.the district.that have resources and.please reach out to those and.it is my confidence that.our principals know who some of his.families are and.will be reaching out to them.so that we we don't want families.falling through the cracks.that can be assisted by our community.schools and the same with our counseling.staff our counseling staff are very.accessible to principals and teachers.and.parents can reach out to the counseling.staff in their schools.and get guidance uh this.is kind of a call for our community to.be aware.of the needs of of the children.and families in all parts of our.community so that we can.weather this together until we get to a.more stable place.i will be supporting the motion.recognizing that.it is a choice between um.you know that has split our community.that we have.many choices as in terms of virtual and.online or.in-person et cetera and pleasing.everybody is going to be.impossible but finding a path forward.is possible and if we move forward.positively.virtual and law online can work.students can be engaged parents can be.assured that the district is doing their.very best until we can get them.back in person and hopefully teachers.will.be able to see that we are.mindful of their situations as well and.we know that our.our staff has our our students.interested hard as well.so um i want to say thank you again to.all those who wrote to us.um your letters were very impressive.and we appreciate the respectful tone.and.um the passion that you have for.education.and that is one of the wonderful things.about our community.is that we value education.and have a high expectation for our.children that they can get a good.education in boise idaho.so thank you very much um.any further comments.president gregory i'd like to just.quickly this is lisa i'd like to confirm.that.jennifer henderson has been on our call.all night long and at 7 30 in the.morning we have a foundation meeting.i will guarantee you a focus of that.foundation meeting.we'll be talking about that our need to.make sure that we are accessible and.have resources for the families you just.spoke of so i just wanted to reassure.you of that.thank you and i wouldn't be i mean i.wouldn't be surprised if people are.have noted those in testimony and a.letter who have reached out with dire.circumstances to.meet those needs so thank you very much.and thank you to our foundation.supporters and members.um in our boise foundation who have done.such a tremendous job.since march and have prepared to also.continue in that effort to care for.those in need so if there is no.further comments i would um call for a.vote.all those in favor of um the motion.as stated by trustee wagers and seconded.by trustee greeley.say aye should we do a roll call.president gregory.um i'm happy to do a roll call i can see.everybody but let's have sharon call the.roll.trustee gregory aye trustee.oppenheimer aye trustee wagers.aye trustee down.aye trustee este hi.trustee green aye trustee brown.aye motion passes.thank you very much um are there any.further board superintendent comments.president gregory not to uh um.but i just want to thank the board for.your guys work i know how difficult.this is so thank you very much.um and i wondered if uh board meeting is.necessary this thursday.i might i haven't even thought about it.to be honest with you i don't think so.i think that going we'll keep everyone.posted about next week.yeah my motion's coming but uh i.i was curious about the board meet the.regular board meeting is that next.monday.still six yep okay okay then that will.be our board meeting for next week.uh president gregory motion to adjourn.oh sorry.sorry just very quickly i just want to.say thank you to heather calkins who.jumped in today.and helped us run.so thank you we appreciate you.i've heard she is a gym to work with.thank you very much heather.please proceed second.it's moved and seconded to a journal.this in favor say aye.hi hi hi thank you.correct seriously.yes i hear you but nothing is good.evening yes you can go ahead and start.great good evening everyone and welcome.to the.lianchai school board meeting today's.date is.august the 4th we are meeting.partially in the aqualina howell center.and some of us are meeting in our homes.due to the.coved 19 virus we're happy to have you.with us this evening.our opening item calls for the pledge of.allegiance and we're going to ask.superintendent hannah.to lead us in the pledge of allegiance.yes ma'am madam chair if you would.please rise for the pledge of allegiance.i pledge allegiance to the flag of the.united states of america.and to the republic of which it stands.one nation.indivisible with liberty and justice for.all.thank you uh miss woods.would you please read the changes and.additions to the agenda.madam chair i'm sorry i'm not prepared.for that.all right that's okay um i happen to.have them right here.the changes and additions are as follows.item one um one.1202 fsu challenger learning center.reference only number 5570.add additional documentation number two.add item 19.03.michael and susan dell foundation.actionable insights grant.this item had additional changes that.were made.before it could be placed on the agenda.item three.add item 19.04 the superintendent.recommends approval to advertisement.amendments to 8450 communicable diseases.for a public hearing and adoption on.september 8.2020 the information for this item was.recently finalized.and ad item 19.05 the superintendent.recommends approval of the.2020 2021 regular school year calendar.amendment.this information for this item was.recently finalized.a little approval of the changes and.editions stacking.it's been moved and approved questions.all in favor let it be known by state.and i.it passes thank you sorry superintendent.spotlight superintendent are you ready.tonight for that.none this evening madam chair but next.week we are going to have us a spotlight.all right okay we will receive it then.how about.recognitions do we have recognitions not.this evening.no ma'am reports to be heard from the.district advisory council none.student district advisory council none.and the title one advisory council none.um reopened leon county schools updates.i think that's where we are.yes ma'am me and this podium are.becoming very.very good friends over the course of the.last several weeks but.a good evening once again board members.and members of the viewing viewing.audience.i would like to give an update uh to our.reopening plan that you all approved.at our last board meeting i would say.this is another example of what our.hybrid model.will look like in the in the coming.school year with you know some of us.being here in person.and others remoting in i do want to.take a moment though to remind everyone.we've had a number of you know emails.and.and phone calls and people pleading with.us about the.the the openings or the not reopenings.of our school but i just need to.to remind everyone that on july the 6th.commissioner richard corcoran department.of education.issued emergency order 2020-eo-06.and in paragraph a of that emergency.order it says all.schools open upon reopening in august.all school boards and.charter school governing boards must.open brick and mortar schools at least.five days per week.for all students and we have heard.there's some folks out actually in the.front of the howell building tonight.um i think maybe their their actions.need to be directed we didn't ask for.this order.we are implementing this order or.potentially risk.losing tens of millions of dollars in.funding of our public school system.and we are all responsible fiscally.responsible.fiduciary responsible to uh ensure.to the safety of the the funds that we.receive from the state of florida.department of education and from.the office of the the governor through.the fefp.so i just felt like i needed to remind.everyone of that executive order.that was issued on july the 6th and.those of you that.tuned in to our last four hour board.meeting you saw where we.voted the board voted on the reopening.school plan.it was unanimously approved we have now.submitted documentation to the state of.florida department of education ms.gregory.did that before the deadline on july the.31st.upon reviewing that plan uh the.department of education.will uh you know hopefully give us a.thumbs up or if we need to make some.adjustments.as to how we can receive full funding.for all 100 of our students in.uh in the october fte period.if we are denied if we had denied.ignored the request ignored the.emergency order again we would have.risked only receiving.partial received partial funding as.completers through the virtual program.which means we would have only received.about five thousand a little over five.thousand dollars 55.

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