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How to Fill in the Common App Form by Following Guidlines on the Website?

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youtube video

Key Elements of Writing the Common App Form

hi everyone john from marco learning i.want to welcome you.to our session today um live on youtube.guys the common app is live for the 2020.2021 school year so what i want to do.is walk you through how to create an.account and how to get all set up.um with that i'm just going to take a.moment and make sure that i am live on.youtube that i can see your chats as.they're coming in.as you see me let me know what's going.on.uh where you're coming from whether.you're applying um to college this.fall um i see a few of you coming in as.you come in.go ahead and press that like button say.hi in the chat.if you're watching this after the.stream's over post your question we're.happy to answer it.so guys i'm on the common app website.and when you when you look at common app.um they've made this a lot more user.friendly over the years.it's a really great chance right now.here on.august 1st 2020 to start getting.yourself set up today is the first day.that this is live so when you're on the.website you'll see you can search by the.900 colleges that use common app.some places use apply texas down in.texas so they use coalition or.their own application form make sure you.check with your individual college.for what they um particularly accept and.you can see this again on the on the.um the find a college page you can see.the almost 900 colleges that are using.this platform.so when you log in you can press uh if.you're a first year student you'll.create an account.that will go here you press all that.information.once you're logged in this is what it.will look like i made an account called.marco.john marco learning um is that's great.by the way.um to see you from texas everyone who's.coming in marco.at marco learning we provide support for.sat act college admissions and crucially.ap.exams so you can check us out here on.our instagram page on our website.but in this video um it's and my name by.the way is john.um i'm gonna show you how to set up this.application so i've.gone to commonapp.org um i got started i.made my thing i logged in i've already.kind of cut ahead of all that.and i'm here inside of the platform now.um in my dashboard and i'm going to go.ahead and get started so.i can add colleges to the list so i'm.going gonna actually add my alma mater i.went to nyu.new york university um and i've done.this before in a video on our channel so.every year i keep reapplying to this.college.to get back in so nyu is my school.that's my dream college i want to go.there.i've added this college to my list.what's great guys is they're going to.give you all this information here not.just the contact information the college.and all their social media accounts.which by the way i highly recommend that.you follow.they'll post updates here on the the nyu.admissions instagram page with.information about what they're doing.for early decision common app they'll.profile individual students.um and tell you about um details there.so follow these colleges on their social.media sites.they will give you the deadline so let's.talk about this for a minute i'm going.to zoom in here.early decision at least right now and.things are changing every day.early decision is uh november the 1st.2020.um and the.early decision 2 is january 1st 2021.and regular decision is january 5th 2021.so here's what this means.early decision means you are entering.into a binding agreement with nyu.that if they accept you and they'll let.you know around december 15th.you are definitely going to go to nyu.early action means.when you have a chance to apply early.but it's not binding the way early.decision is you're not required.to go there kind of no matter what early.decision two.isn't a pretty unusual not a lot of.colleges are doing this but this is also.a binding agreement that if nyu accepts.you let's say around.april of 2021 you're definitely gonna go.and this.is how most people are applying um and.probably a majority of every college.class is determined through regular.decision.you apply let's say that first week of.january or february you get indicated.you get information by.april and you make your decision by may.again.just as a pair of parentheses around.everything i'm saying guys is.covid19 is disrupting all of this so.um you know the rules keep changing and.we'll keep you posted on our channels as.as best we can and that's where again.by following their channels you're able.to see.oh right not only will i follow nyu's.um admissions portal or their their.their twitter account i'll ask you turn.on notifications as well and that will.help me.um so for those of you just joining.again i'm john from marco learning i'm.giving you guys a tour.of the brand new live today august 1st.2020.common app for this year so i actually.haven't even seen this yet.inside of you know what they're doing i.added the college to my list my college.is nyu.i get all this information that i have i.get what they want.what other college questions and.supplements they have we'll get into.that later.so um this is here let's start the.application let's start the common app.and um i've called myself marco john.learning.um so my name is marco learning let's.say um.and i put all this information here this.is pretty straightforward.have i used other names um they do offer.male and female and then uh if your.gender identity does not fit into either.of those boxes you can describe that.there.i made my birthday not my actual.birthday april fool's day 2002..um and so far you know jake's just asked.a question is there anything different.from previous.weeks on the common app website there's.um nothing.that i've seen that so far that's very.different it's just now it's available.for this year's cycle.so as i'm looking through this guys this.looks just like the video i did last.year so far.with all of this information i can.choose whether i want to talk about my.religion.it's an option i can choose whether i.want to talk about u.s armed forces.status.my hispanic or latino latina latinx.identity.racial questions these are notice the.only red asterisks here is.that you've completed this section the.way that you want to so your religion.your status with the us armed forces.your gender your your uh ethnic identity.your.your race all these things are really.your option.to talk about how you like so i kind of.save this as i move along.i must describe where i was born and the.city in which i was born so i'll add.that information in.pretty straightforward i will all talk.about the number of languages.i'm provision in so let's say i speak.both english and spanish.i would identify that english is my.first language.and that my second language is spanish.and that i can speak.read and write in those languages so.pretty straightforward.talk about my citizenship information i.am personally a u.s citizen and i would.put in my social security number if i'm.not i'll fill out that accordingly.jake's asking do i recommend providing.optional information.it's really up to you that's what's.beautiful about this jake is this is.your application this is your chance to.say to colleges.this is who i am this is what i would.like for you to consider about me.um so this first part of your common.application your profile.pretty straightforward i'm kind of.skipping over it because there really.aren't a lot of questions.sometimes students who um.who identifies more than one ethnic or.racial category ask me what to do about.this.sometimes students are like am i.advantaged or disadvantaged you fill.this out in the way that you feel is.honest and accurate for you.and know that it's optional and there's.not not too much pressure on this.the common app fee waiver remember you.may qualify.for not having to pay for common.application fees check with your school.counselor.if you qualify for waivers for the sat.or ap.exams um if you have free or reduced.lunch if you have qualified in that way.that would be your chance to um through.your counselor to kind of find out what.you're eligible for.um it's great to see you peter welcome.mike should you apply to multiple.binding colleges mike you can't.um that's one of the things we were.talking about here with colleges.very often these are called restrictive.programs so early decision or.restrictive early action.you can only commit to one institution.but you can check their individual.policies.on their website and make sure that.you're following that through.colleges can talk to each other and.colleges have revoked admissions letters.when people are.are are doing this you might you are.asking in an innocent way.but if you accidentally sign up for.three early decisions and the colleges.find out.that can be a breach and your hopefully.your school counselor will provide some.guidance on that and remind you not not.to.um you know to break any of those rules.even by accident.so i'm back in my comment out i filled.out like my profile.my information my family information um.i you know this is personal information.but they require.it i have to talk about my parents.marital status i have to talk about.uh who my parents are where they went to.college all of that information.um and and part of the reason this is.significant is your parent your.one of your parents might have um.attended um the college you're applying.to and that can be a key part of the.application it's called legacy status.some of you you know when you're filling.out your financial aid forward.which is a separate form it matters.actually.what your parents income is and all of.that um.your education so so there's your.profile in your family that's just your.personal information i don't want to.spend too much time there let me know if.you got questions.um yeah and jake the um two things real.quick so cheesy nacho.is asking what does binding colleges.mean binding.applications are ones that require you.to attend that college if you're.accepted that's early decision.almost always is what we mean by this so.early decision means you are.bound to attend you have to go there you.can only apply to that one place.and then for jake yes colleges can.communicate with each other.about applications and remember that.these are being filtered very often.if unless you're a homeschooler or.something else these are being filtered.through your um your.uh high school counselor and i work as a.high school college counselor.at my school and i don't let students.apply to multiple places early decision.it's part of our.code of ethics as part of what we do um.as college admissions counselors is we.make sure that.everyone knows what all the rules are.we're all playing by by fair game we.don't want anyone to have an.unfair advantage in all this and.remember guys just because you're.accepted to a college.that's not necessarily a binding thing.you can have that revoked as people.learn the hard way this spring.when they posted racist stuff on social.media.or violent content the ecologist can say.this is.you're not welcome as part of our.community if you're bringing violence.and racism and things that are going to.disrupt what we're.what we're doing um and i'll leave gavin.your question about scholarships.to the side because scholarships.generally are just a separate.process as is financial aid so we're.going through the common app.um the um so i fill out the family.information i fill out this education.information.i need to actually add my school that i.that i attend.um and actually i'm gonna do this.actually here it is northern burlington.county regional high school that's where.i went to school.um yay and it adds automatically my.c-e-e-b.code three one zero two five two in um.and then i'll add the year i entered.which would have been.uh fall of 1997. um.and then it's not a boarding school i'd.fill all this out.if i attended more than one high school.because i transferred then i would add.that information.if i took dual enrollment or college.credit courses or community college.courses i would add that there.so pretty straightforward i'm just going.to keep moving along until i see other.questions.the and i'll just take the two questions.i'm seeing.you can apply to multiple early action.schools that aren't binding that is true.you can do that.and cheesy nacho the uh the where we.find the info for binding will be on.each individual college's.website so as i go to my colleges i just.want to check the information.on the college website and look at.undergraduate admissions at nyu.and they'll talk about you know.infrequently asked questions.and how to apply that's where i'll learn.my answers.every college controls its own policies.colleges uh sorry come back here a.colleges can do.what they want with their policies they.can make up whatever rules they like.so i'm here in the education tab the.ceeb code which is my normal.uh code for the high schools.automatically applied so don't worry.about that.i've added in other high schools that.i've attended i've added in colleges.where i've attended.i've added in my grades um and here you.know let's say my graduating class size.there's about 220 people.um and let's say i'm not sure what to do.now this is scary let's talk about this.for a minute.i'm talking about my grades in the.common app there are 220 people.in my grade in my year there was an.exact.ranking for class rank and if you don't.know your numbers for this.you can go to your college counselor.and find out and if your school does not.rank then you just say none.um and i can say okay gpa.so let me take one step back um so class.rank reporting they may give you an.exact number you are ranked number five.out of 220. you are ranked number 138.out of 220. um.they can also be done by decile quintile.and quartile.so don't worry too much about this but.they may tell you whether you're in the.top.25 they may tell you whether you're in.the top.40 they may tell you whether you're in.the top.10 of your class if you know one of.those numbers.and you've been given that from your.college admissions counselor your school.your guidance counselor.then you enter that in so i'm not going.to get too lost on this but i do want to.say.that they are specifically asking for.this and if you have class rank.they're going to ask for it if you don't.you can say.look we our gpa scale reporting.is on a 4.0 scale and i have a 3.78.and it is unweighted gpa so lots of.key terms here um and again what they.are the.graduating class size is the number of.humans in the 12th grade with you this.fall rank reporting.is whether they give you a number like.number five out of 500.or they rank you by percentages top 10.percent.whatever percent and then um.the gpa which i'll say.they require let's say you require your.gpa here weighted means that they're.adding points in for honors in ap.unweighted means that they're not doing.that so that's how you fill out the.grade section.of the common app and i'm gonna look at.some of these uh.questions here yeah okay good so guys.let me know if you have any other.questions.for those of you joining i'm john from.marco learning and i'm walking people.through the common app because guys.it's live today august 1st.2020 we have access to common app uh for.the 2020.2021 school year cycle and yes that is.hard to say 2020 2021..um you let me know in the chat if you've.got questions if you like what you're.seeing press the like button.subscribe to our channel we are going to.be putting out lots of great content on.how to solve these problems.and talk about deciles quintiles.quartiles and the rest.um okay so let's go to.current or most recent year courses.so what i'm going to do here is list all.the courses i'm in in my senior year of.high school let's say i'm in six.we do a semester system so fall semester.spring semester.not a trimester system which would be.fall trimester winter trimester spring.trimester.or quarters actually my school did.quarters but the classes could be list.by semester.all here i'll add in let's say my course.is.ap calculus a b.and i can add in that it's advanced.placement if that's applicable as it is.and it was a full year course my second.course.would be spanish for and let's say it's.not any it's just a regular course or.college prep depending on whether you.use that.dual enrollment this is something that's.english.honors ib you see all this stuff if.you're in new york it's regents.they give you all these options if you.don't if it's not an.honors or ap or accelerated course just.press regular or standard i'm in regular.spanish four.that's a full year course and i go down.the line remember your school counselors.and teachers can help you with this.but just follow your own instincts and.listing the courses out.um and let's say i'll just do another.one which is.uh ceramics okay and this is a.regular course and it is only for.semester the first semester.and i continue to fill this out one.um question i've just gotten here two.questions real quick from mike.can i apply to a binding school and.other non-binding schools.depends on their policies but yes once.um so long as you're not applying to.multiple binding schools but definitely.read the details for each individual.college carlos is asking will it hurt my.application if the school does not rank.no many schools do not rank and fadi is.asking i'm a rising senior should i add.the classes from.junior year to the classes no this is.only for the current the ones you're.taking this academic year.this academic year for almost all of us.will begin august september.and continue to may june of 2021. that's.what they're looking for.i'm taking six of those courses i fill.that out i move.on then i have a section on honors.yes do i wish to report any honors you.know i will.nerd right so one of my honors now this.is tricky.they don't mean honors classes and they.don't mean activities.honors classes will be on your.transcript and indicated in the classes.honors um activities uh the national.honor society you could put as an honor.or as an activity but there's a space.for 10 activities elsewhere.here what i want to do is put in the 9th.grade.spanish award okay which is given to the.top student.in my school for spanish performance so.i'm going to add that there's five total.spots another honor i could say.is uh silver medal at.the um in javelin.um silver medal in javelin okay i won.that in the 10th grade and i won that at.states.i didn't i'm like look at me i did not.win like any sports awards but let's.just say i did i won the state.silver medal in javelin right make that.clear.that that's there um and i'll add.another honor i won.the let's just say i won i don't know a.bronze the olympic bronze medal.in fencing um i'll add that that's.another award i won that last year.in my spare time and that is an.international award.now don't feel bad if you don't have an.olympic bronze medal in fencing i don't.either.sometimes you want to as you're.brainstorming your list of honors you.want to think of.everything that you've done whether that.be a school award.top one of the top five kids to win an.award.for best something or other um a state.award certainly these are very.impressive if you.if you ranked um as a clarinetist in the.state.orchestra um or you were in a regional.contest you won the county.fair at the uh 4-h club any of those.things.you could even put you know eagle scout.awards.here which are earned very carefully.through the boy scouts of america.anything that is and now notice it says.related to your academic achievement so.let me clarify actually that doesn't go.here that would go in activities because.these are academic achievements.um so wait sorry actually yeah that.olympic bronze medal will go on my.activities list.that's why it's important um as you're.going through to make sure that you're.putting the things in the right places.right they want academic achievements.and and as you're drafting things up.keep logging back in.and shifting things around academic.achievement goes here oh i have my.bronze medal i'll.actually put that somewhere else um so a.couple questions i'm getting here as.well.do scholar athlete awards count if it.factors in.gavin an academic component then yes.um and notice by the way ninth grade and.before what you earned in the sixth.grade doesn't count.so you put awards here um.right so i'm sorry if i am i understood.i'm sorry if i'm saying your name wrong.i think i did under.misunderstand your question you're.saying i think you misunderstood uh i.meant.the courses i took junior year or the.courses that i will be taking senior.year so.this spot up here is for courses that.you are taking.in your senior year if you are currently.a junior.you are not filling this out for a full.year um so i'm not.sure yeah it's only your classes for.senior year you do not fill out junior.class ones.um so in the honors you focus on.academic honors keep brainstorming in.that list for what you put there.indicate the number of community.programs or organizations that have.provided you with free assistance so.if you work with an organization that's.going to.help you with the application um the.boys and girls club of america or.a program focused on on helping you you.can.add that information here future plans.career interest guys this you can.definitely say.undecided you can definitely say.other and then specify what you mean by.that uh you can definitely say hey i.want to be a teacher.or i want to be a scientific researcher.don't feel bound by this.as if you have to get this right when.you start out if you aren't sure just.please put undecided.and if you're not sure about what you.want to do put undecided here.no one at a college is going to be like.oh my gosh he doesn't know what he wants.to do as his career.rejected she doesn't know whether she.wants to get a master's degree she.doesn't belong here.these are just optional questions for.you to answer.as you see fit um good so again i'm.hoping i'm answering any of your.questions for those of you who are.joining i'm john from marco learning.and we are going through the common app.and we're applying to college people.because it is.live as of today august 1st 2020. if.you're watching with me live.go ahead and let me know in the chat.what questions you've got if you're.watching after the fact.add your questions as a comment in the.comments thing and we'll answer them for.you.so back to my application guys i've.gotten through the profile which is.filler.the family um i've got through education.which is uh the high schools i've been.to and my grades academic honors.i've got to make sure i get that right.um my testing.now couple things there's a lot to say.about tests i'm not going to get.too deep into this we do a lot at marco.learning about tests.check out my videos that i have for.s-a-t-a-c-t.should you still take the s-a-t or a-c-t.what do you do.if you do not have um.any standardized test scores don't worry.a lot of colleges have gone test.optional and that means that it's.for in many cases it's an option for you.to apply to a particular.uh college with an sat or act you can.send the official score reports that's.required by colleges you can also.self-report.so i'm let's say i'm going to take an.s-a-t.let's say i took one i want to.self-report that.and i'm going to add this to my list and.i'm going to say.um i have one.passed sat report.say yes let's say i don't plan to take.it my highest score.let's say it was a 550 on verbal.my um i'll put in the date which would.be.let's just say august 1st uh.2018 whenever i took it i'll put in my.highest math score i got a 570..let's say um i didn't but let's just say.and i.put in uh august 1st.2018. so this is pretty straightforward.put in my essay score.and same thing and now i've added in my.sat test results into the platform.um and so the question um you're asking.is should i self-report.i think you can or you can't it's.completely up to you about whether or.not you do it in addition.to what's required and here you can add.in ap exams.ib predicted scores whatever you've got.this is a place to organize that.information.and we'll do some more on this because.we do so much at market learning on.standardized tests that we'll talk more.about this section.but it's pretty straightforward they.will get your official school reports.anyway so you know i would fill this out.very detailed and very accurately.but they're also going to get that.information it's like your grades.they're going to get that on your.transcript as well.activities i do have activities to.report look how nice they've made this.this looks exactly the same as last year.so far as i can tell.and let's just say my activity is debate.which is something i did.and let's just say i was captain of the.debate team.in grade 12 and i was.um uh let's see i'll call it varsity.captain.because it's a sport uh varsity captain.and then i'll say i was.jv captain junior varsity captain.assuming they'll know what that means.in grade 11. and those are my two.leadership positions.um there the organization name.is uh i can actually just write debate.club.um please describe this activity so i.could say.first speaker award.at new jersey state um.finals i can say uh.max 150 characters is not a lot of room.guys so i got to be super.sure it's okay if i do something like.this and i do.this for new jersey instead of nj um.and etc then i put this in and i did it.9 10 11.and 12. um timing of the year i did it.during the school year not during break.i did it for an average i got to be.careful here guys do not say you did.something for 18 hours per week for 68.weeks a year like.be honest about this probably debate in.high school.i spent about two hours a week for about.20 weeks a year that was a major.commitment.but it's not you know uh crazy and let's.say i would i do intend to participate.so notice how i filled this out.i identified the category i put.leadership positions that are shiny.i called the club something and i put in.my my award here i indicated the number.of years i participated.how often i did it how much time i spent.and i'm there and then i can add.another activity real quick um just to.the questions that i'm getting in the.chat here about.self reporting i think this coming back.to testing for one second.when you're t when you're reporting your.tests guys it just makes your.application.easier to see all at a glance if you.have these test scores that are good.in terms of super scoring and all of.that just follow.the instructions of what they've given.you notice that they had said when i.filled this.out um that.i think when i just had filled this out.a second ago.they um they were talking about your.highest one and which date that was they.were almost asking you to do to super.score.here's another great thing guys look at.this view testing tutorial.and common app actually has on their.channel.something that breaks this down it's not.as fun as our little video you're not.gonna get your questions answered but.they explain what how to find the test.policy.information they talk about you know.when you're applying to the college.what to do there and.answer some of your core questions you.might have about this.so this is here as well it's called.testing tutorial and this is in each.section.notice this view the activities tutorial.so they'll hopefully get ahead of some.of those questions.so that is your activities you continue.i recommend guys that you put your top.activities at the top.you can move them up or down depending.so notice i said debate is my second.most important activity and i just.swapped it.and then i can put my more important one.which is art club.and what i did there so you list your.activities in the order of the most.impressive.sustained and important activities first.rather than just.randomly um and that will give colleges.a real sense very quickly of.what your application's about this kid.does art.debate and let's say lacrosse.right um and that that's really where i.want to start.i can put in all my other clubs as i go.through.and maybe i was student class president.like that goes towards the top.maybe um i was youth group leader that.can go towards the top.i was involved i was the editor in chief.of the school newspaper up towards the.top.i did dance part way in ninth grade and.quit that goes towards the bottom.um i have family responsibilities that.were very significant.that goes towards the top i had family.responsibilities that i kind of phoned.it in on.that goes towards the bottom so again.sustained engagement.leadership positions success your real.passion.those are the things that help move up.these very important.activities up or down depending um.so that's the activity section of the.common app let's keep going.real quick and i'm going to be very.quick about this we're doing we actually.have several separate things.um on our on our channel about.the personal statement i'm going to show.you what those are real quick just so.you know.um so that's me live that's very meta.and let me go to real quick to our.youtube channel and then just go.marco learning that's not it um.and when you're here you'll see that.i've got all seven common app prompts.which i'm i'm talking about five common.mistakes people make.um we have the covid19 question.do i still need to take the essay to.your act what to expect on it is the sat.over which is a really interesting.question um.and so those videos are there for you to.kind of walk through this.the other thing and this is super.important we're going to post this.actually it's in our the description on.this video already.um which is our free study guides so.when you go to marcolearning.com.on our website guys we have a 17-page.guide.for this so when you go under free.resources.and you go to study guides.we actually have guides that are free.for the s a t.a c t and college essay and when you.download this.college essay and i'm already logged in.so i just download it right.we actually break down what the purpose.of the common app essay is.how to write about covet 19 all the.prompts that are for this year.samples with commentary on what's going.on and what that person did well.to two samples then we talk about five.common mistakes very similar to what i.talk about in the video.and then we show you how to take a.mediocre introductory paragraph.and upgrade it how to take a mediocre.body paragraph.and then how to upgrade it and a.mediocre.um tick tock uh paragraph yeah hopefully.hopefully you're not wasting too much.time on tick tock i don't know if you.guys know but.there's uh the president trump has said.that he wants to ban tick tock in the.united states as of maybe today.um and then how to revise that away from.tick tock.and then we also give you some exercises.you can use.and you can just type your responses.here to talk about all that so that's.there for you guys.definitely check this out um on our.website the link is in the description.this is going to help you with this key.part of.the application so um you fill out your.personal essay you understand etc.you fill in you can just copy and paste.or upload it from drive.you do it there is a question here about.disciplinary history.have you been in trouble um and you need.to talk about that here.by answering the question and then.additional information now notice.this is where they put the covid19.question there's 250 words you can add.that here.you don't have to talk about it if you.have nothing to say.um in particular about that subject um.and.you know you can also add more.information here i think.just as a general tip and for those of.you just joining again i'm john from.marco learning.i hope this um is useful for you if you.like this video press that like button.say hello in the chat ask your questions.i'm going to stick around for a few more.minutes and answer those for you.um but i've given you a very quick.overview of the new 2020.2021 common app um talked briefly about.filling out your profile.your family your education remember that.under education under honors unlike what.i just said a minute ago you don't.actually want to be putting your sports.honors in there just academic ones.your tests which you can choose to.report or not um activities which you're.going to rank you have.10 spots for now the essay and this.additional information.people ask all the time should i add in.my resume should i add in my novella.should i do add all the stuff.be careful about sending too much junk.to colleges.they're asking for what they want here.um.and they're going to tell you what they.want um so people who.send them 53 extra pages in a box of.cookies.um are kind of overdoing it sometimes.and super sky you're asking when should.we fill this out i would say.if you got time this afternoon it's.august first just create your account.go to the main page get started.fill in create an account fill in that.information as a first year student.right pretty straightforward get.yourself all situated and you can keep.editing this almost like a social media.profile um.and then you're ahead of the game rather.than like hey everyone it's december.31st.let's you know happy new year let's.create a common app page.um and to carlos this question is a.resume too much.uh hang on sorry a resume is only too.much if there's if there's nothing on.that resume.that's that's unhelpful um so so you.want to make sure that your resume or.whatever you're attaching an additional.information session.says something meaningful about you um.and if you're if you've done something.with.your own um summer job that you've run.or.you have some credentials that are.helpful do that if you're going to cover.that all in the activities section.anyway.school activities then the resume isn't.particularly useful.so guys are there any other questions.you have we've been at this for now for.about 40 minutes.um i'm gonna encourage you post.questions here on this youtube video.dm us on instagram we are live on on.marco learning's instagram we are very.very active um one of the things you'll.see on our instagram.page is um first of all just put this.breaking news up for those of you who.are ap.students there it set.of is exams in august if you had a.problem submitting your exam.yours so there is the college board has.added a fourth set of dates for the last.week of august if you had problems.uploading.that is a tick tock i post it to my.instagram account that i'm talking about.on our youtube account.so definitely stay in touch with us on.social media we have memes.we also do information posts about a.variety of different things.so this is um there for you as well.remember this guide to the college.essays on our website on the free study.guides page there's also free study.guides for sat act.and your ap classes so guys i hope that.our quick.overview of the 2020 2021 common app has.been useful.please be in touch with us at marco.learning we always want to help you guys.get ready for college and get through.this whole experience as best you.as best as you possibly can um so like i.said be in touch with us.let us know what we can do to support.you and we're happy to answer your.questions.have a good day everyone.

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Common App Form FAQs

Here are some questions along with their answers to clear up the doubts that you might have.

Need help? Contact support

Do military members have to pay any fee for leave or fiancee forms?

First off there are no fees for leaves or requests for leave in any branch of the United States military. Second there is no such thing as a fiancée form in the U.S. military. There is however a form for applying for a fiancée visa (K-1 Visa)that is available from the Immigration and Customs Service (Fiancé(e) Visas ) which would be processed by the U.S. State Department at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy overseas. However these fiancée visas are for foreigners wishing to enter the United States for the purpose of marriage and are valid for 90 days. They have nothing to do with the military and are Continue Reading

How can I fill out Google's intern host matching form to optimize my chances of receiving a match?

I was selected for a summer internship 2016. I tried to be very open while filling the preference form: I choose many products as my favorite products and I said I'm open about the team I want to join. I even was very open in the location and start date to get host matching interviews (I negotiated the start date in the interview until both me and my host were happy.) You could ask your recruiter to review your form (there are very cool and could help you a lot since they have a bigger experience). Do a search on the potential team. Before the interviews, try to find smart question that you are Continue Reading

How do I fill out the form of DU CIC? I couldn't find the link to fill out the form.

Just register on the admission portal and during registration you will get an option for the entrance based course. Just register there. There is no separate form for DU CIC.

How do you know if you need to fill out a 1099 form?

It can also be that he used the wrong form and will still be deducting taxes as he should be. Using the wrong form and doing the right thing isnt exactly a federal offense

Can I change common app after submitting?

Not sure what you are asking here. If you submit an application for early admission, one of three things happens to it. You are accepted and if its an early decision application, you are committed to that school. If it is an early action decision, you can still apply to other schools. Two, you are not accepted early and your application will be considered during regular decision admissions decisions. You can not change your application. It is submitted and the decision on your admission still hasn’t been made. Three you are rejected and your application is no longer considered for admission. If Continue Reading

How much does the common app cost?

How much does the Common App cost? Common App costs millions of dollar and I do not think they are up for sale. If you mean to apply to colleges through Common App it costs around $60 (varies from one college to another). Some of the colleges may not charge you an application fee and some others would give you discount / offer code to enable you apply free.

What is the difference between the Common Application and the Coalition application?

Both are platforms to apply to multiple colleges through one application. However, you should NOT assume that means you only do one Essay for all the colleges. Most colleges have their own prompts in the Common App/Coalition. It does allow you to request letters of rec from one location and lists your extracurriculars in one location so it can save time that way. Depending on your school district, there may be advantages to each type of application. For example, if in Texas there is Apply Texas, which allows you to apply to all the state colleges in Texas in one application, so neither Coalition or Common App are needed. If you attend a high school that uses Naviance, then Common App may be a better choice because they integrate with Naviance. Finally, if you’re looking at some schools (Like the University of Washington, Seattle) that ONLY allow Coalition, you won’t be able to bypass the Coalition. All this to say, do your research. Look at what application method the colleges you’re interested in use, so you can choose the platform that works best for your situation.

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