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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Filling in Ohio 532b Form Online

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The Definite Guide to Ohio 532b Form

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Instruction of Ohio 532b Form

well the first thing that happened was.in late 2012 Kim and I were discussing.with the commissioners the fact that.there has been a lot of recommendations.a lot of conversations with licensees.like yourself and the Ohio Association.of Realtors and other stakeholders about.proposed ideas for modernization.updating changes that needs to be made.to our section of code which is you all.know is final revised code 4735 so that.conversation led to your commissioners.agreed to convene a task force special.group of licensees and others from.around the state to we're going to.address these issues.this has been brought to our attention.so to us as the Commission in the.division it was really important that we.gather a great cross-section very.representative picture of the diversity.in our licensees across the state so.what we did was we brought together 17.real estate professionals from all.different types of brokers different.practices and you can see on the slide.commercial industrial residential small.offices gold sole proprietor brokers to.the broker who have a 25 branch offices.and multiple brokers with that company.educators especially with regard to our.free licensee.and hope licensing educators it was.important that we hear from now because.part of the conversation that has been.ongoing was do we have enough education.do we have a right education instead of.that was critical to you to business as.well We Energies manager owners in.particular we have a couple of members.through our spouse or or business.partner with the broker is the broker.they themselves are either a salesperson.or an unlicensed / owner of that.particular corporation as most of you if.not all of them already help it is have.many many many licensees who are not.real remembers about a third of the.licensees right now in the state of Ohio.are non realtor members while the.realtor organization Ohio Association of.Realtors is one of our major.stakeholders and in a group with whom we.work very very closely consistently and.constantly they don't represent all.licensees so again it was important to.us that we got the representation from.at least one or two a mindful spoke so.to that in and we're going to ask mr..kiler - what - also chime in here.momentarily but today January of 2013 we.can be this task force besides from 17.members and I know that I have at least.one in the audience who I'd like to.recognize great rapchak is here and he.was one of the commercial folks.who was with us do I have anybody else.who's on that task for them to see.anyone else Eric so Greg and 15 of his.colleagues made up that task force along.with pens written our vice-president.legal counsel at OE R gives well.physician counsel and myself as.superintendent and this reviewer was.there very regularly to make sure that.we were staying on track and towards.what the Commission wished for us to.accomplish so January is when we kicked.off we met in at least monthly until.October and about mid to the end of the.month of October 2013 we did included.that we were able to come up with eleven.recommendations that we had to present.to the conditions for proposed changes.or updates to our suite 4735 our real.estate license law in December 2013 the.chairperson of task force many of you.know her carry painter from the.Cincinnati area and I sat down at the.Commission meeting and presented to the.commissioners our report and.recommendations now as you can see from.the slide of this up right now there.were only nine of those recommendations.at wet floor work and made up the bill.that we know as hospital 532 through the.process that the OER takes any proposals.that are out there for legislation and.they run it through an enlarged.legislative committee and and onward and.upward through there.of Directors review and approval support.non John support and I boil that nouns.is it's the simplest simplest step it's.a pretty involved process that they.prepare through at any rate there were.two recommendations for our original.eleven that day and they agreed with in.part but they felt that they needed to.be modified somewhat and we'll talk.about those in just a few minutes there.are times that those two that did not go.forward that become part of hospital 532.positive specifically with property.management.those were pulled out and have since.been put past with a new task force at.one of which kimsen in my chest and we.can talk about that later so the.Commission approved the nine to go.forward.lar was a huge help to all of us in.getting that legislation shepherded.through representative Ryan Smith for.food well file very small rural rural.area became the sponsor of this bill and.we talked a little bit of about what.took so long.you can see we started work on this in.January 2013 and as Greg and others of.um in worth no we didn't get the bill.passed into length in January 2016.and we'll talk about some of the the.elements in this bill that caused some.of that delay so we got the bill we go.forward.we have it passed by both chambers of.the legislature here in Ohio and.Governor Kasich signs it into law and so.90 days later which will be April 6 it.will go into effect the reason I got the.slide up is because this is the.enrollment page from that debt bill and.it looks like it's pretty cool does it.look like there would be that much in it.there is there there's a lot of meat in.there especially for brokers but for all.of us so looking at how many brokers do.we have in the room today great great.great great how they fail people.fabulous how many if any unlicensed.folks who may be assistants or otherwise.excellent I'm glad you're here.absolutely I get here so curious in my.point as we've gone around the state you.may not be a broker and they think that.there's really not much in the bill that.you need to be aware of or know but we.would encourage everyone sales people.like to really study this with us today.and know what is in here and what.changes are taking place because well it.might not directly affect you it does.tell you what your brokers makes and.should do and it also will address some.of the things that we talk about.frequently with the Commission where.sales people need to be more aware of.what is in their license law with that.I'm going to turn./ - Kim I'm differently wealthy with the.division says 2013 and what we're going.to do today we're going to go through.the slideshow is going to take you.through two statutes with each section.in order so as we get over the public.you're saying the trouble comes it's a.different sections are the length you.repeat some of the things that we're.saying us because law but we're going to.start at the beginning of the session in.the beginning of any basket you define.definitions so there were some changes.to definitions with a 47 3501 number by.somewhere here and you can see by the.screen which one her new verses which.were the revised the new ones have the.letters later you can see that.admissions you have to make a way to.reference settles in the statute so.we're going to go ahead and start with.the first one here there was a change to.the definition of institution of higher.education now in position of our.district definition that means that is.where cream licensure courses are taken.for sale people and workers are taken as.an institution of higher education.this was revised in an effort to clean.up what constitutes an institution of.higher education and to account for all.of the accrediting bodies that are.responsible for accrediting these.institutions and approving the courses.that are taught 411 journal all the.volume is related to forces and setting.forth of people that are here unlicensed.art it is important to understand.because this was a big contention within.the bill as we went forward and things.that has to be started over and.negotiated and get out of in this is.simply to clean up and to clarify that.the division does not oversee.pre-licensure providers right that's why.it's important to know who your thirty.fives are and exactly what.which is an institution of higher.education brand-new definition within.the statute principal broker and before.a trivial I mean definition said license.to the bumper over being directing the.operations of the brook successful.definition until April 5th of 2017 there.are no simple brokers are the workers of.records in the state of Ohio all brokers.are created equal all workers are.equally responsible but it wasn't.uncommon for me to pick up the phone and.call the brokers and say I will look.first in our life to database and I will.people there's four or five workers.versus all apologizing to a broker and.this is be an advertising issue I wanted.to discuss and the person they honestly.I'm sorry I where wherever it is in here.for our principal Clark burgers in here.so there's no but agreed to talk to.right now well there's five brokers.there so until April sixth of 2017 all.workers are created equal except you.will be later the company has to have.one principal broker but you have more.than one principal broker okay you can.have multiple workers but you must have.at least one affiliated with the provost.and associate brokers which is also.living definition if an individual is.licensed as a real estate broker but.does not ask the principal broker or.manager level by tzatzi so this is.opposite the workers who serve have the.experience and the education to be.coddled reversed one who maintains the.high/low broker but responsible for.debating that.the brokerage it could be somebody that.is due because I'm over or maybe it's a.living in this works really hard and.then a broker for many many years.handing over purchases here let anyone.take a little teasing about somebody.else handle this and that's where the.physical growth will become expect.credit eligible course that is exactly.like the service education what this.means is that was pretty licensure.education to Peyton the courts must be.credit eligible so if the court I.believe abortion is not credit barren by.the laxity institution of higher.education I have to be able to obtain.credit for that course and that is the.only way that forces on a path towards a.free lesson education of course must be.credit eligible and many times we'll see.people that will think 120 hours the.pre-licensure education and then what we.do the meditation towards their.bachelor's degree or there are generally.its degree and those were community.credit hours hold up again collections.of all the identification that everyone.except the applicants to receive coming.into this profession distance education.is a huge change within the statute.courses now after april 6 of 2017.whether they're pre-licensure courses.both licensure courses or continuing.education courses maybe take it online.so what does that mean does that mean.that will April 6 2017 - so who's.providing this versus no idea I think.the statute will allow so this course is.to be taken online but it's going to be.up to those individual providers of.institutions of higher education to.prepare and provide those courses for.applicants and advertisers such that.people.we're going to take them but the factory.will now allow them the source of.containers a month since was you heard.the superintendent speak about.representative Ryan's death.this is the big issue for represented.Smith so this constituency wasn't able.to travel two hours to go to an.institution of higher education at the.classroom and these courses it was cost.prohibitive it was too far away this is.something that's going to help.individuals whether they're in the.military or otherwise too far away from.an actual classroom VSU.to be able to take a class Aloha.all right there onwards and upwards we.are going to talk a little bit about.name reservation is how a brokerage.company is named currently if you are a.broker and you've been through setting.up a new brokerage you're probably.pretty familiar with the process of.making sure that that whatever name or.possible name it is that multiple mates.that you may be contemplating for your.company getting those approved by see as.the division I eat the superintendent.and also under am comfortable talking to.a by felton third person that I will do.that multiple times today so forgive me.the workers name reservations become.even more important in House bill 532.for a couple of reasons.first and foremost the first two bullet.points that you see on the screen right.now already exist and they make up the.litmus test if you will that needs to be.applied when an individual applies for a.brokerage or company's name they exist.currently in Ohio Administrative Code.all right.so Ohio Administrative Code me.affectionately.as rules all right those are the rules.that really underpin or amplify what we.find in the statute a lot of times and.you'll hear some later in fact we're a.little gives you the finer details of.how in fact a statute is to be.implemented or carried out so so the.first two points here were actually.taken out of rule and put directly in.the statute and what those say and what.what we currently do right now with.named reservations is this I have to.determine that number one the name is.not too similar to one that already.exists and is in business in the state.of Ohio and the second written step is.it can't be likely to mislead the public.all right so those are already applied.and believe me when I say that it's.becoming more and more difficult to.determine just how far apart names have.to be we've got over 3600 brokerages and.growing every day here in Ohio so so.that becomes a bit of of any job to make.sure that they're not too similar and.overstepping now in the past it hadn't.been an issue because who didn't have.the Internet we didn't have the internet.all of the advertising where if you know.pedicle residential Realty was down in.Cincinnati and had it real estate.services up in Northeast Ohio Cleveland.area that the two probably never.overlapped much because there was is.that global approach to advertising that.has changed everything all right the.other thing and I'm great actually.if to to a point that's not on this.particular slide when someone is looking.to establish a new brokerage and wanting.to reserve a name one of the most.important things that I can tell you is.the main test certain that you get that.name approved through the divisions.first before you go to the time and.effort and the expense of going to the.Secretary of State's office and getting.it filed there we'll talk more about.that momentarily all right sir without.those two points from rule over and then.there's new language and this new.language says that actually a brokerage.if they wish may have possible doing.business as names are a DBA so how many.of you currently who are brokers have a.brokerage with a a DBA a few of you.alright so this opens up a new door and.the new the work of that is open is.multiple doing business as names for one.particular legal entity all right and.we'll talk about that in detail in just.a second the key is that just as you.currently do if you only have one DBA.you must advertise using that DBA and so.if you have multiples you have to make.sure that your advertising is the.correct one all right so what what.before the under Canada order to detail.for implementation going to be with.regards to of reference that chooses to.have multiple DBA the first let me.gotten explain two things the title of.this slide and others that you'll see.today is policy.all right policy for now because we have.to be able to write and have enacted.those rules those details that are going.to amplify what now exist in Revised.Code 4735 we do not have time because of.the time that is involved in.promulgating rules to get those in place.before April 5th the what we have to do.in the absence of rules right now is I.have heard of policy in consultation.with the Commission alright and so the.first thing is a most passionate rather.of 5gb a may be requested and helped by.any particular brokerage well I think.once I explain to you what the for are.that we've thought of that my properties.of a brokerage may one think you'll.search understanding what the.application may be so we thought helping.a brokerage may want a residential DBA.they may want something that applies to.a commercial section of their company.they may want one for property.management for instance and they may.want one for a holding company all right.and as I have finally been saying as.we're on the road we see here one to.grow on.because we don't believe that we.particularly thought of every possible.scenario so here's the thing how do you.think a quick example of why a brokerage.may decide.to employ multiple DBA but they may want.to do is under that one legal entity.umbrella has Petitte real estate a LLC.whatever they determine they may.actually want to have different.divisions of a brokerage with the.different DBAs so that they can actually.advertise that hey we're headed.commercial real estate a group headed.fully company we're Pettit residential.Realty so that's that's the example that.has been used and we discuss why in the.world would be ever permitted multiple.doing business as me I will tell you.that there are other states that already.pruned at that alright so one for a.short process of policy for now is that.you have to do a separate form for each.DBA if that is what you would like to.have for your brokerage more importantly.you have to set up a separate trust.account for each one and I think that.makes sense probably to all of you in.this room the one thing that you don't.want to do is probably have an overlap.on trust accounting for earnest money.deposit and that type of thing the other.good example of why you'd want separate.trust accounts is you also don't want.your clients to be confused if they're.writing of the private chat to property.management or but playing a pink.depositing funds for repairs and updates.to their properties that you're managing.you know what's that.that too commercial real estate or.Pettitte holding company it's a little.confusing so those of you who have BPA's.currently shows up on your license when.you just decide to have multiples that.will show up on an addendum for your.license and that's going to show up just.like multiple brokers right now we have.more than one broker in your company so.that's how that works.here's here's a seat next to the left.point here if you decide that you want.to apply for multiple DBAs for your.company there has to be some commonality.so remember in my example I use Petitte.real estate so the name Petitte probably.is what's going to recur through all of.those DBAs that I applied for there's.got to be some common threads now trust.me this is not a black and white box.that we can put things into with regard.to multiple DBA and with another session.that I'll talk about you know in just a.little bit so if you're thinking about.doing this please feel free to reach out.to Kim to me we will talk through this.with you and work this through if you.are a broker and you're a realtor member.and you end up being a principal brokers.and you have direct access to Peggy Lori.through the Oh a our legal hotline as.well and and we all have been fielding.you questions and we'll continue to do.so and we're here to help you or through.a little and won't be permissible so.don't hesitate do what to call us on.those and so I have just a moment ago.about making sure that you file with us.first before you file your letter.incorporating your Articles of.Incorporation while you're here LLC or.corporation officers and everything else.for you keep laughing Secretary of.State's office please please please make.sure that you get your name reserved and.approved at the Division we have and.this is true we have had a couple of.brand-new brokers lately in tears on the.telephone because they have consulted.with an attorney who doesn't necessarily.practice specifically real estate law.and and by that I mean real estate.license law as well and they have been.counseled to go to the Secretary of.State set up their business here's the.thing if you're not already aware the.Secretary of State's office have a.completely different set of criteria for.approving business names in Ohio then to.a specific profession or occupation and.so as the Secretary of State's office if.we have the numeral 1 Realty as bad says.that example because we don't like.trivia drill day but the numeral 1 real.estate Services Inc versus om e real.estate Services Inc they will approve.both of those if you're the broker at.the brokerage with the name numeral 1.you sure do not want somebody else.around with oh and E 2 1 because it's.going to be confusing and I would not.actually a proof that for that very.reason because it would be confusing to.consumers all right also those.pre-licensing courses as Kim mentioned.now going forward we must very.specifically the credits eligible if you.are already a broker depending on how.long you've been licensed in the broker.you may or may not have had to meet the.post-secondary education requirement but.currently in the Revised Code there is a.requirement that you have to have two.years two years of post-secondary.education the biggest points that I.would make here is that today.a lot of folks have interpreted that as.meaning that you have to have an.associate's degree at least in order to.apply to become a broker that's not what.the statute says and that part has not.changed that's clarified it says 2 years.of post-secondary education that could.come in the form of I came this close to.a feeding my associates degree as a verb.requisite two years I just did not.complete my degree program or you could.have two years worth of all sorts of.other education that is accompanied by a.substantial completion certificate going.forward those two years of.post-secondary must be credit eligible.and they can be either classroom or.online to qualify so how could we have.that.internally operationally at the division.is that once we have how to build by.surgery to in effect my staff point you.have to look at transcripts certificates.whatever it is that is submitted with a.broker application and determine when to.those classes take place once you.actually take this problem and which law.with in effect now that might be a.little tricky and we have somebody who.sort of straddle so to speak old law and.new law but I learned we'll look at.transcripts certificates make sure that.you meet the post-secondary education.requirement and that you've got the.broker specific courses like HR and.business management that you need and.we'll go from there also big thing for.brokers who are currently brokers your.comp licensing stays at ten hours.obviously you who are ready your.licenses brokers have either had that.for you or grandfathered in but post.licensing was implemented all right so.let's talk just a minute more about.exactly what credit eligible mean I.think you covered it very very well that.I also think that this why sort of.encapsulates the entire philosophy.behind the clarification that came out.in our discussions as a half horse and.were eventually caught off ID here so.they have to be taken that 120 hours.have to take it for credit or they can.be taken not for credit the key will.remain that they have been taken at an.institution of higher education and that.they are eligible to be converted to.greed eligibility toward your degree.program if some they down throw somebody.chooses to finish a degree those are the.keys oh yes I will take this credit.philosophy well thank you the credit.eligible that's strictly for licensing.and not continuing and that is strictly.for free licenses absolutely thank you.thank you.alright so here is the new pyramid of.licensing as it will stand effective.April 6 and we'll talk about how you get.there all right we'll talk about that in.just a few minutes but with that.principle brokers now who has since said.are primarily responsible for the.operations of the brokerage management.level licensees and I don't mind telling.you that I have a little bit of.difficulty wrapping my head around the.fact that we already have a principal.broker we're going to have another layer.of broker here in a second but a broker.can also be designated as a management.level entity he'll have trouble with.that one at first but that is in fact.what may happen and of course.salespeople can be designated as a.management level I can see associate.brokers on the other hand are those.brokers who are either I like to explain.it this way you're either on ramping and.you're a fairly new broker and maybe.other brokers in the company want to do.some mentoring can get your toads and.the deepest of the pool the boredom they.push you in and so you're not going.management responsibilities but you're.still broker by licensure all right so.that's associate also Indian Austria for.those who are getting towards retirement.perhaps although I still don't know.a real estate licensee broker who's.actually retired several of you are good.example sitting here in this audience.today but if and when somebody wants to.not have the responsibility of the.day-to-day oversight and be 104 spot 100.percent rather responsible for what's.happening in the brokerage that.Associate Broker is a great designation.doesn't change the way you have to.advertise at all and you still retain.the right decision you are able open you.are just not a principal broker or a.broker with management level.responsibilities all right and.affiliated sales people and again sales.person may be a management level.licensee all right going to turn it back.over to camp so 43081 is a brand new.section for 735 okay.and what I'm going to tell you is what.this section does is take all the pieces.from portent 735 which say what a worker.is supposed to do and puts them in one.spot okay so first thing we need to tell.you is that come April since the 2017.all active workers will be converted to.principle.I'm saying that not only talking.overreaction everyone said that because.nobody else is reacted so that's going.to happen you're going to be able to.designate to your principal workers are.but for that beginning date everybody.who's not networkers going to be a.principal broker and the reason for that.is as opposed before right now the way.workers are situated all workers in Ohio.are created equal that are equally.responsible this is the division the.opportunity to get your deputations in.and allow us to update our database and.allow us to visit a debate set up the.weekend designates who is the principal.program is an Associate Broker have.April 1st.between April 1st and June 30th they.oversee find out the brokerage that.before we send those out the brokerages.from prices have 11m self control of the.twenty or more or who has more men.branch office we do that because that's.how you review your brokerage license or.your branch licenses okay now in 2016 we.said erosion tussin to every workers.regardless of the size and we did that.because we needed to update trust.account information as you're all aware.you have a worker Jeff have a traffic.app if you're operating the property.management business you also have to.have a separate property management out.there is help had not been updated for.musicians and someone first set up their.company for the division however long.ago so we set about 2015 will repeating.that process this year so April 1st.every broker it's regardless of how many.people are and it will receive a.brokerage assessment now doesn't mean.you're going to have to pay money what.it means is.after the la foret de Souza's hurtful.brokers are through your associate.brokers are through your management life.disease are and each workers going to.have to have a personal broker at least.one and obviously if you are a sole.proprietor with one rubber says that.brokered is going to be the principal.broker they may want to know how we are.going to notify the decision of the.change from created a form and that was.that so looking at the bar because.changing the license license level.presentation complete sections one three.inches and the personal broker must.certified on the second page you will.see walking circles where the principal.broker is choosing for that particular.licensee whether that first person will.be a principal broker Angelo hotel.person expand your level longer.Associate Broker for a third person as.for the principal workers going inside.and there's a certification taking the.opportunity and every one of these.classes that we have put on to say.certification on any form the country.position is incredibly important we take.that very very seriously a worker is.certifying wonderful that orbit accurate.that they reviews the form and they meet.we have situations where we'll receive.work with in addition where a worker has.the transfer reactivation occupation.with is a brand new application for sale.for specific exam the broker has funded.days before sales person so what does.that mean the decision that means that.broker signed off on it has no idea what.still person added soon afterwards.mandated it later those pumps come back.they immediately had stopped in the.front desk or through the mail.they atlast and they go back to the.rotor saying this certification is.important this one's even more working.out with an incredible broker or more.than one person will grow.and they are going to be super visually.responsible for the activities of that.brokerage okay 27:35 I suppose you play.always one there's also these that are.scattered throughout chapter 47 35 the.Administrative Code and the canons of.ethics and puts them in was bust and.there are 14 duties and what the section.says is that a principal broker shall do.long haul okay what's the world.krischell oversee and direct the.operation the brokerage and that's.pretty obvious that there's a definition.and that's what's principal broker or.control ropers or when we recycle for.doing simple brokers are going to be.responsible for complying with the.officer departments workers are already.responsible but you would be surprised.how many people are thought to say I had.no idea that I had have a physical place.of business in the state of Ohio can I.just have a virtual office and ORP a lot.now you must think a physical place of.business in the state of Ohio and you.let the recognizing the Sun does that.mean that you're acting or conducting.business up as your homes you couldn't.put a business card on your doors no.that's not what these days about kind of.time and many people vision I had no.idea so again bringing these sessions.together complying with the fair housing.requirements of course is an obligation.of the principal worker and as you can.see there in 4735 16v 4735 103 and then.the Administrative Code how many of you.saw Segrest hours webinars that she put.on regarding to town selectors many of.you okay well after the webinar we got.many many phone call saying let's move.the fair housing there's there's some.you know language service culture we.promise.say that we will let everyone know no.there's nothing new and she was just.reminding everyone of the bear housing.required.but it was really kinda COBOL forgotten.simple that was a new coach merical.thing that needs to be done.a purple horse or must properly and.timely for you or groups or franchises.is that what you're talking about with.the brokerage assessment that is the.principal brokers responsibility this is.a broker's responsibility net so what.happens if the brokers assessment is.ever seen by June 30th the entire.brokerage is suspended all of the sales.people regardless of the number of them.are suspended bad does happen.well I've had situations where we didn't.know it.we didn't realize and then the entire.brokers defendants a critical rotary.system.oh yes sir.Hey yes the person was you are a sole.broker you have to do anything with very.very separate.yes you need to send that back in to us.okay sorry.thank you a personal broker must.maintain election the brokers you.affiliated life you have a one second to.get your life everybody every question.thank you.the tiny of a broker license on deposit.what do I need to do you would favor.you're a broker sizeable deposit you.don't need to do anything because you're.not billing it was appropriate right the.forger buddy's been active well then.you're the broker would be receiving the.borage assessment and would be.determining some would be the principal.broker or the associate brokers is.responsible for filling that out and.experts have worker determines that you.are going on this weekend here we can't.hear her question her question was what.does she need to do she's an accurate.salesperson she has the records items on.the closet.so her question was what does she need.to do what I think is she doesn't need.to do anything for over because the.central broker will be filling out the.form and sending it back to the.principal broker determined that she is.a salesperson will begin Associate.Broker that the Box does that principal.broker will check and send back in that.will be a decision made by the after.broker for the company.so do I understand that you're.automatically an Associate Broker if you.if you have it on deposit if you have.your sale if you have your broker's.license on deposit and you're a Salesman.you just referred to if you're a.salesman and he checks the boxes of.Associate Broker now no you're okay.what I can say is wrong charging sale is.your sales person you are helpers and.reference licenses inactive if you are a.person if their determination made by.the broker the active broker for the.company that you are going to activate.your brokers license and it wants to.make your principal broker or designate.you as an associate prefer that is a.decision that will be made by the.principal broker for that healthy so.here's the thing thing this ought to be.done in consultation with the broker if.you've got multiple brokers then you.need to be in contact with them and say.okay let me know who the principal.broker is going to be and then we need.to have a conversation about whether I.seized my broker's license on deposit or.whether I activate it and become an.Associate Broker do you want me to be a.broker at management level licensee it.truly was.in consultation with your principal.broker that conversation has to be had.if you are currently a broker on the.posit so that did that clarify.a fertile river was also properly.returned terminated barbecues licenses.now in the past couple weeks I've had a.couple phone calls were also broker they.said well I returned this individual.license because they couldn't pay their.mortgage okay sure no problem because.you provided copies of certified letters.that she sent to salesperson advising.them because their licenses get active.and how they reactivated as required by.the rules.oh well no I couldn't do that I've been.attacking all these sessions in one.great so that everybody realizes the.responsibility of the broker and now the.principal broker and the father Reserve.advisement senator sample circled over.to file with the traffic at requirements.eyes are found in forty thousand 3518 a.2015 point uh twenty-six.preserves and general workers trust.account 27 is referring to property.management trust now that one is.required and then forty thirty.thirty-five 1824 into records even.requirement maintaining records.transactional values for three years.yeah I've been at multiple times where I.have to keep my records for five years.or seven years there may be different.reasons keep record for longer periods.of time but for purposes of Licensing.off for purposes of 4735 and - required.there's a permanent record.prepare the freezer simple Rovers will.be responsible by brokers are now for.developing and maintaining written.custom policies and sounds 27:35 two.people work in 47 35:56 workers.population to paying affiliated.licensees is required.4735 18 831 says that an affiliate sales.person must be paid in a reasonable time.or executive accounting but as to why.are not being paid or what why her.suggestion evening that is how does the.claim that we receive as a division of.every can imagine.generally overseeing licensees to ensure.they provide services within the area of.competency are working with other.affiliated licensees who is common.that's out of the can currently now is.going to be found 42 the 35 point only.one now we talked about that allows is.it on the road as well and what does.that mean well if you have a real person.that is only done residential works and.there's as well I want a commercial.looked at out I think a commercial deal.or me to make certain and principal.brokers responsibility they sort of that.person is competent and comfortable with.handling that transaction or that.they're affiliated is working with.someone else who has handled such.transaction and are using simplify.couple of people said well you have your.law degree right so though I should be.able to text you in the middle of nine.that never happened and and ask you to.come to my house tomorrow and draft.level or T can you take a look at the.intellectual property Sabrina that I.want to enter you know everybody has an.area of expertise because we have a.license service that's their only.they're comfortable with doing in for.everything that that license would allow.them to do another thing that I said.along the way.somebody's confident and more light here.is important and worth it in my opinion.it's a matter of conveying to the.mobility licensees that it is a place.today I'm not sure how to do that this.is my first time where I've into the.system and making sure that Ericsson.open line of communication between the.various licensees and the worker and.everyone's comfortable with say I don't.know that I'm ready to do that.particular transaction right now maybe.you can help me are cooking with someone.who had to experience it here ok circle.where is also responsible for.establishing policies and procedures.4735 18 834 procedures that would not.permit or cover to compensate unlicensed.activities also in 47 35 points the.prohibition on compensating and.unlicensed individuals 37 35 point 15.where our advertising rules are found.and of course there are some in the.Administrative Code as well now I would.say that in my experience with the.divisions of half four years I would.exhibit in frequency is on a cycle we.can set up our own section for somebody.just to handle habitation calls in place.if you have a very very good job to link.to each other and say hey did you see.some of those items I wanted it Little.Ice Man this person's Facebook post so.that you can take a look at it and tell.me if it's comply the prices all I owe.is not and I want you guys to take a.look at it so this is just a reminder.that a broker is responsible and a.personal broker now is responsible for.the advertising for the brokerage again.always have been but including this in.one spot now one example that I haven't.asked you weeks is where somebody said.any milk.and was asking some questions and they.were not I see yes they were fine and in.the bottom of their email it had the.brokers photo and aroma and the.brokerage shake ok so I'm looking at.other people are you with Appleton so I.called the broker and I said have you.seen this email this is person 130 was.an unlicensed differences or doesn't.work for me see we're sort of their.sales person you're responsible to the.advertiser this advertising that's going.out under your brokerage name is this.leading and very well to be misleading.to your consumer that we get a.that you delegate that this person is a.licensed salesperson or broker with your.company and you know take a look at that.our having someone's very well be.confused and it very well could lead to.a citation or some sort of discipline it.needs to be done and he's working in an.unlicensed assistant as much now.principal brokers may have by management.level duties to other agencies right but.before assignment of duties to have to.make the designation of the person is.going to be a management level there are.person or broker and that process of.that designation form that I showed you.earlier and how to make that designation.and take this person's giving a.manageable first and I'm going to apply.the lady's a broker may be a credible.broker for more than one broker but.there yet a perform atavism broker may.be a printable broker from Waterland.brokerage fee.I can't be the first of the world over.at company a an Associate Broker.accompany me if I want to have to be a.principal Robert one will help you happy.a critical brokers well and being the.clerk will borrow more than one helping.employees who require.as a superintendent or that habit now a.couple times with the statute you're.going to see a reference to the.relationship between the worker and.their affiliated licensees and whether.or not the ability is licensee is a.salesperson very to the employee or.independent contractors okay what we're.saying is that in this section nothing.in 4735 point LA one is to be construed.as saying that that relationship between.the broker the salesperson must be.conservative creating an employee.employer relationship or the dependent.contractor relationship that is entirely.a business decision of the brokerage.okay now the reason is here in my.opinion again is because one of the.factors that you look at when.determining whether or not someone is an.independent contractor or what an.employee is controlled and when we have.in hierarchy section of the code that.says the principal broker shall do all.of these things the principal worker is.responsible for the company I think but.a lot of people all right so a holding.isn't being given a flinch went in said.that thing about a principal broker or.Vulcan company signing pianos works for.you over give committee discipline but.we're going to talk about that and so.again this applies and encompasses our.titled policy so this is specifically.set out to help everybody understand how.this.eh at least until rules are science.we're going to deal with companies where.a principal broker request to be a.principal broker or multiple brokerages.and Tim already told you each and every.brokerage company has to have at least.one principal may you have multiples.absolutely if your brokerage company.already has five principal broker and.operationally organizationally you.determine that all either still going to.be fruitful said absolutely that's great.you will each I continue to be one.hundred percent responsible for what's.going on the next thing is fifteen they.noticed was in the time so let's say.that you do start out during the kinds.of brokerage assessments are sent out.and you determine that only one broker.in the company is going to function as a.principal broker and six months down the.road you change your mind.you've got fifteen days from the time.that you designate the other four to be.principal broker to get notice into the.superintendent that that has happened.that they've changed their designation.that form that can show you earlier that.is it looked we're worth we were he was.looking at Betty wait rediculous that.right so support that she showed you.four changes earlier that's important.you would use then to designate as other.individuals as principal brokers at that.point in time 15 days what up as we'll.talk about a reminder here for a moment.well have you dozen 15 days when we.change it anybody they can just.everybody shy your address you're going.to change your address home or business.the brokerage address especially your.home address because after you get.notices that so if you say that you've.been getting notice for us and white you.because you've moved an even times now.alright so that's there 15 days if you.trust if principal brokers may only be a.principal in multiple companies we had a.couple of questions come to us about.what if I decide to being Princeton.broiler at one company and they want me.to be an Associate Broker over at.another company well as not what have.four five thirteen permits and that will.not work so a lot of the details with.regard to this area are yet to be.determined and we're getting a lot of.really great questions along the road.that are going to help solidify some of.the implementation policy that goes.along with this before I go over this.slide I want to just tell we have a.question yeah yeah I'm sorry hold on.is one of the main reasons for that for.multiple being a burglar multiple.brokers so you can have holding.something if at times I original - that.the great segue to my example actually.literally very quickly sir give the.example when we talked earlier about.multiple doing business at DBAs under.the same legal umbrella same brokerage.umbrella in this example you may.determine that for various reasons you.want to make sure that there is an.absolute Chinese wall of fire wealth you.will between two or more companies and.the great example is that let's say that.I have tenets residential Realty and all.the five ciliated licensees are going to.be independent or they are independent.contractors all right.that is one business model that I'm.running so then I've got a presence.company that is Pettit Properties LLC.and there I employ people they are my.regular employees alright.and I do that for a number of reasons.first and foremost the two separate.entities is most intuitive assume for.liability separation reasons and then.also the difference in the operating.structure the structure what I have set.up for how I am or have not employing.people is another great example good.question yes sir.all right great excellent yes thanks for.that question that's the exact example.that means and offerings to help sort of.illustrate because because it's not.uncommon for when you talk about first.multiple deities and then principal.rubbers were multiple brokerages that.everybody sort of post their heads like.why would we do that a little bit too.great examples of why you would make.that differentiation so along with that.broker serving for more than one.brokerage it is absolutely essential.critical that proper disclosures be made.because even is the example of one being.property management or let's say.commercial or the other or residential.you can't probably immediately come up.with an example of how to do whatever.you know overlap or that you have a.situation where you've got transactions.that touch those of the same time but.another situation that can happen and so.especially is maybe the holding company.relationship where exactly referring.somebody to the Residential Brokerage.so that is where number one if you're.going to go with this massive structure.operationally then you need to make.certain that all of your affiliated.licensees and others understands that.there is that relationship and the best.way to do that is first and foremost.through faith faith conversations but.also through your brokerage company.policy.all right so if you if you would.normalize how you're doing things is.that impetus is a principal broker for.company a and she also serves as.principal broker for company me if you.memorialize that in your company policy.and you make sure that when do people.come in there give it a copy and company.goes over it with that you get their.acknowledgement of excitement and.hopefully they've read it then you've.done your part.as a broker periodically with everybody.in your company to acknowledge that yes.we've looked through again here are the.new things that or to change items that.have gone in there and hopefully.everybody's read it but use a broker.have yourself covered they've made it.available an exact establishment that.you've shared it and that you anticipate.this person acknowledging receipt has.actually associated it's going to have.to be information that this clothes on.agencies disclosures all right now we.say those of you who are real remembers.you have heard text and word Garland's.universe convicts you can't change.anything you can't add anything to the.agency disclose your present state form.okay just like property disclosure form.and that's true but this is a one-time.that until we get a new agency.disclosure form out there and available.for all of you to use if and if you're a.principal broker or you're with a.principal broker who is principal in.more than one Pro courage and that's.already been applied for and approved so.you're up and running under that at the.structure then you need to make sure.that you're disclosing that on agency.disclosures regardless of whether or not.you're running into what would what you.would consider a dual agency situation.it still has to disclose all right if.you want to do it.or if you want to add it to the existing.form somewhere.for now we're okay with that we are not.going to have a problem with that the.bullet point about affiliated.relationship is they're not in a RESPA.context but more along the lines of I.own a residential real estate company or.any company and I also have a home.inspection company that type of business.affiliation context needs to be applied.here and so that needs to be disclosed.as appropriate to any parties it could.affect and I've already talked about.including it in your brokerage company.policy all right so real quickly before.the break we're going to go over a few.more slides here and again some of this.is going to be repetition because now.we're looking at the criteria to apply.for sitting to be a salesperson and a.lot of this duplicates what's already in.the brokerage requirements in seven in.this twenty seven thirty five point O.nine so again as of April 5th distance.education can be used for pre-licensing.I will tell you and they former educator.and talking through this and interests.chef noses too as we discussed what.credit eligible pre-licensing courses.look like they they're not the evokes.theirs they're not Cee.they are going to require interaction.you still going to be separated from the.instructor or faculty member of.time and space probably but you're going.to have if any of you is taken online.college-level courses they typically can.be considered a little more difficult.than attending is a classroom so from.our perspective it's going to be very.interesting to see how this all plays.out with these courses that are.available for free licensing as to.whether or not somebody's able to.complete or once to complete all four.online whether they want to take going.class and of online or or how this all.shakes out so.we'll be keeping an eye open for that.all right same thing goes as far as.successful completion we'll make that.determination dependent upon when the.individual actually took the classes.right and what law was in effect and at.that time appears the big change and.this is a change that we heard from the.request for a change that we heard from.many many brokers almost every educator.and a lot of tell people as well believe.it or not so they'll be able to take the.post licensing online it's increased.twofold it will move from ten hours to.20 hours all right here's the difference.that can average right now is basically.set out in curriculum by the Commission.cost and by the Commission and so in.forward twenty hours in the backing it.says it doesn't need to be limited to.the particular topical areas that it.absolutely needs to include things that.that to many many of us in the.profession believe is kind of lacking.right.now in close licensure by touching on is.talking about and getting into a little.bit commercial industrial short sales.foreclosures are Rios land contracts of.property management is a big one federal.and state programs like our own Java.program for first-time homebuyers many.many of our great new life disease don't.even know that that exists for their.potential clients talking about the.economic conditions at that point in.time and and how those affect how you.doing what you do want to be a baker and.also Sidhu sharing responsibilities.what suggested in the salesperson as an.agent of the broker do it as an agent of.that point so all of that and how is.intertwined and how it works together.alright so here's the hola stars have.questions investors in for twenty hours.from the date of license or when they.submit their application to the division.if you would do me a favor and hold that.is actually a Q&A that we have on the.slide here's a very good that way for.that so we'll cover that in just a.minute another great question and one.which we will answer salesperson.licensing also for pre-licensure so I.pay on this slide your answer is.we talked about the fact that they have.to be credit eligible courses so for.non-credit courses often offered through.a purpose proprietary school through a.community college for instance they.don't actually have the hundreds of 20.hours built into a a degree program such.as a real estate program or a business.program but there are freestanding.courses and there's no college-level.courses but they're not for credit their.offers not for credit so if they're.going to do that and it's not going to.be part of an accredited program they.must meaning the institution to offer.them what get approval from their.appropriate accrediting entity and each.college university schools have an.entity that gives their blessings to.their courses in your program they have.to give approval from that crediting.entity prior to offering 120 hours all.right.beyond that that accrediting entity they.have any questions about what is.appropriate to be content curriculum in.that 120 hours they may ask the.superintendent to review those with them.and determine whether or not they are.sufficient all right I hoping that that.does not happen.but we shall see we shall see adverse.there were two sections two places and.how about 30 - someone discussed the.relationship between a broker and a.salesperson so this is the second place.okay has its own separate section 47 35.pointer and I want sis alone nothing so.what it says is that real thing.or sales for real a salesperson for.pornos a dealer and foreign real estate.salesperson may be associated with a.brokerage as an independent contractor.for an employee and that all set.47:30 5.10 is the section of your advice.so that gives the Commission the ability.to create rules the four hundred thirty.five point one their most efficiently.about reasonable rules in these areas.since we have the new area they've had.the added that position in order to.allow the Commission to adopt or rule.and we talk about those in some times.where we currently have policies in.place which the superintendent have gone.over some of them one there's additional.authority position without rules with.respective parameters from multiple.deviate to invisitech parameters where a.principal broker deserves a principal.broker for multiple brokerages there's.likely the ability for the commission.for that rule to allow for law for.continuing education who are contented.commissioned me to let the.superintendent a whole separate file.that will talk through that but what we.have found is that many people that will.attend in position because something.will just come and stay for the Whole.meeting enjoyed say I wasn't so much.today I haven't seen the process in the.beginning of the yet whether it was.discipline or whether in an application.or whether or not it was someone that.was on the agenda because they had.applied to each licensing courses and.they were there to be approved for that.and the whole thing this was the.greatest rate but as a teacher the.commissioners were what they did it.because better understanding for what.happened and that would've came from and.then the rules without think about.official.so that rule for standard for post.licensing courses and what I anticipate.is that these days this rule will be.very very similar to the rule for.continuing edge as you find in a role.currently in fact I think it's going to.hear that.since your Woodruff we run them like.them to president Gillard please I.wanted to make sure to hombre that.president killers are able to give you.perspective on what we've covered in.this first half especially since I look.looked right over him and didn't give.him the usual opportunity to talk about.hospital 5:32 and what we went through.to pinkier okay first of all nice to see.all of you and yes I did step out for a.longer than the appropriate amount of.time so I will not end up you missus.continuing education in my second half.of this I made so been shocking like.four or five rounds two minutes I think.the one things important mission.standpoint is why we went through the.three-year process to put this through.what we see from the brokers especially.is somewhat of a lack of connectivity.between brokers and their individual.self or like Indies where the broker.thinks latches the light indeed he.doesn't he's supposed to do we have no.responsibility we're selfies the person.on the other hand says this is my broker.and I do what I want I hear one more.time that's just when we've done it for.the last four years in front of me you.know and the people that I hear that.from gentlemen loose advices writer from.Isaiah because just because you've done.something for years has nothing to do at.all and the rules that were supposed to.follow this is important to not on.myself.but David Paul Terry and.carry poet who are on the Commission we.started this process we thought it was.it was beneficial to go through this.exercise to update our broker structure.in other office the thing that I noticed.is that camera and invention people.would say they're brokers and they.didn't understand that they had that.responsibility whatever they were the.principal broke they're just broke it is.what it is you were which were but.people want to use as a marketing tool.yes I'm a broker so the associate.program is important.for clarity and then who is responsible.for one so I think the reason we're.doing these three Cee regarding around.this is because we we want to use the.education research font in order to give.back for the individuals who have given.in to it those prizes freezy in order to.have this go round and stay friends to.each of you so it was important to us.and over the last seven years and i've.been on the mezack if you went to five.meetings you would be shocked at what.some people are industry industry.believe this professionals job I'm sure.none of you in here will ever see you.again because we're trying to educate.yourself that you'd be amazed that will.come in front of us and what people.think is should be standard practice and.are any treatments definitely incorrect.hawkish so again thanks for coming I'll.answer any questions which may have as.we go through I fought hard for this to.get this passed at the shows.it's important for our industry to be.seen as professional we are.professionals the professional industry.we should be seen that way we should.treat ourselves that way which should be.seen from the public power so that's the.reason that these are so hard that kind.of where we stand any questions how many.of you who are licensed prior to the.time that there were posters and seeing.requirements whole bunch of you so that.means a lot of sentences there were some.questions regarding action just to.clarify what we what we covered with.regard to see the new 20 hours for.salespeople that is now the chunk of.Education that has to happen in that.first year after licensure and again.we'll talk a little bit more about that.later but somebody didn't even have to.worry about that so you're probably.trashing your head if you haven't had.someone else close to you who has been.required to fulfill that requirement.it can mean anything to you so I.appreciate that question the other thing.that I want to say to you not only is.the superintendent but as a licensee is.and well is what brokers we know that.you cannot be in hold and be over the.shoulder of your affiliated sales of.every minute of every day that is not.what what the broker responsibilities.are about as president Euler said they.are about requiring the general.oversight and making sure that our.workers know that much of what is in.those 14 days are things that you need.to educate your affiliated licensing on.they need to know what your.responsibilities are and how you.going to fulfill those responsibilities.be it through your brokerage company.policy your own internal training.program any of that like really what he.didn't say was that if when a.salesperson have a complaint filed.against them and it is up and they come.before the Commission the conditioners.to a last one I think Thursday are.almost always going to ask you know what.your brokerage company policy is on this.issues are you aware of it actually.in one instance Miss Taylor attacked a.salesperson licensees do you even know.what the company policy is in the manual.is it online how you get and they said I.have to no idea what you talked about.that was a little scary for the.commissioners and that's what they're.talking about.we understand that you are not doing it.over your salespeople every day it in.particular with regard to advertising.when we talk about about hydrations and.advertising it's like trying to be aware.tell your salespeople hey before you put.anything on Facebook and we talked about.that later.here's what you've got to do and by the.way you have to have permission system.and by the way somebody in our office is.going to review if we don't do your card.and other browsers your electronic.signature blue the format for you and.somebody it was office is when you.review it for you before you can use it.because we want to keep you out of.trouble and.conceit so that's really what we're.talking about.all right on the worktop word let's get.back to some education questions and.issues because all of you who are.brokers currently maybe management level.agencies either currently or in the.future after April 6 are probably going.to be and have been asking questions.about what is this new broker.responsibility course I'm hearing about.well here it is it is a new core.requirement in the law and here are the.folks who have to take it and then we'll.talk about with all right so if you're a.broker if you're going to be a principal.broker if you're going to be a.management level slightly broker.inactive or active and we'll explain why.in a second you have to paste this new.broker responsibility course if you're a.broker on deposit all right.you have to take this course management.level like me I talked about brokers and.sales person who is designated as a.management level A to Z must pay this.course all right the good news is this.bar bullet which is that does not in any.way change the total number of hours.that we have to take as real estate by.disease it is still a grand total of 30.hours every three years.all right at will not change now here's.where I'm really glad that I buy the big.strong little podium and that hope is.those of you who are out there who might.be affected by this next slide our.article way that you can throw things at.me or at least I have to.throw carving at me because this core.requirement also affects our licensees.who are brokers seventy years of age and.older.alright let's talk about the ways of the.losses right now right now and I'm a.broker and I'm 72 years old and I'm.active I have to take the three core.classes all right I don't have to take.it once I only have those nine hours if.you do yeah you will have 12 hours as.often is an increase and so sorry.representative the purpose is you're.laughing all right now you're going to.have that rubber responsibility course.all right if you are an inactive so your.rotary particles is on deposit all right.you still have to have just in just one.course the way the law was written and.we believe in conversation with a a are.at this point that this is an intended.consequence and can I hope that everyone.else you're wounded Arbus you're going.to them well we did this and so now.inactive or on deposit brokers currently.do not have to do any continuing.education going forward until it unless.we change it you will have to have one.course totaling three hours you need.exists no matter who you are you may do.it online once it's available and.and earlier about the online courses.providers are in the midst of developing.needs and getting them ready to put out.out there for all of you to access but.once they are you can take it in class.you can take it online and entirely up.to you it may be taken either way.alright and this is the only increase in.total number of hours is for our workers.on deposit all right in and wiggle a bit.better know what the label in that.course will be like for a walk or as.it's simple right it will be it will be.it should be something along the lines.of core broker responsibilities well as.we know now 14 of them broker.responsibilities something along the.line and if they entitle it differently.they will have to put on their label.that this meets your requirements for.the new core group score alright and.remember all management level licensees.have to take this as well all right so.here's when here's when and how to.Quebec shoes.now this is really a big grace period.all right the big grace period is that.if you are currently a broker is.required to take this you will be.required to take it in your C cycle for.three years I hope that begins after.April 6 all right so let's say that.right now your your next renewal date is.May 15th of 28th.between now and 2018 you are not.required to take this you'll be required.to take it in your cycle that starts.name 1628 Dean.alright management level licensees are.going to be required to take it in their.real cycle the next one that starts.right after they're designated as a.management level licensee so let's say.that your designation happens in the.brokerage assessment that Kim talked.about earlier somewhere before June 30th.we get your references paperwork in that.says that an tenant is now management.level licensee all right I am not due to.to review until now I forget actually.I'm not due to review now until March.5th of 2020 so that means that I do have.to take it I'm not required to take it.until they hold absurd March 6 2020 all.right wow that's a long time to have all.of those responsibilities W is duty and.not have to take this of course the last.comment down here.and I know that Miss Taylor and.president dealer Commissioner Taylor is.imprisoned Giller or sitting over here I.put down that's what our conversation.was the Commission highly recommends.that you are a broker or management.level agency that you take this course.as part of your current cycle if you can.all right you don't have any additional.on horse to get to your 30 it can be an.elective this time around all right.maybe you already have you know 30.hours and you're ready through to remove.that time get it in your next cycle but.if you're not going to be renewing until.you know 20 18 19 20 please consider.taking this course ahead of time because.I said just about aren t us spent enough.years especially with it was that.assessment of who is the president of.the Commission says if you get in.trouble between now and then for.something there's a broker.responsibility and as you can become.before the Commission.step to the beat his first question and.taking advantage of new cork or ship.alright enough on that okay they hear.the fun one and I love this because came.to the Commission one one month last.year and says what one thing you 5 think.about offering continuing education.credit if somebody comes in cyst a guru.a commission meeting all right and they.says we let that idea that's a great.idea how does this work have you.conditions work working in and I said.well first and foremost the first bullet.point your rough and chuckle out loud.because it may help as all right you're.not allowed to be a party to a case on.the agenda all right it's not the.respondent all right you may be a.complainant as a licensee or not.licensed person but you cannot be a.respondent who is there and potentially.going to be disciplined by this mission.and as personally Giller said earlier we.know that everybody sitting in these.sessions we are preaching to the choir.so I'm going to go soon.one of you would be able to come and sit.through this alright so if you have to.attend the full meeting and while Kim.nor I would ever say that well you might.want to look at this month versus is one.amazing to probably be about six hour.meeting as April might only be a three.or four-hour meeting we're not going to.including one that way but you can draw.those conclusions yourself by getting on.our email list to give you generous to.the Commission maybe that way you can.look at it when it's sent to you and.because they all look pretty short Genda.maybe this is one that I could fit in my.busy busy day and would like to come.spend time with us like any other core.course you can only use it as korloff.was recycled but certainly you can use.it as an elective if you need more more.credit hours alright so I said that you.can get on the email list and we'll.share with you towards the end our.general email account already have it.let me show you and I know that some of.this is a little bit difficult to see.for pitbull.yep all of us right if you go to.company's website going to be written.professional licenses have enforcement.tab on the left here and down in the.very right you can click on the real.estate commission scheduled for 2017.submission press their schedule entire.year in advance and you'll be able to.see the entire year schedule there and.determine whether or not you might want.to come to one of the meeting.preparing so that is pretty simply.linked up with up there and of course if.you're not familiar with our website.there's a lot of other good stuff there.including as I mentioned that we're.going to find out this video eventually.and our ma cubes when we're finished.with with all of our sessions all right.moving along 47:30 5.18 is where all of.the possible license law violations are.listed out those are what showed up.isn't when a license plate is asked to.have violated if I brought that in clear.the charge notice because that that.individual shows 4735 probably in point.one eight and what section they are.accused of allegedly violating so we.have a brand new one right now there are.37 37 other ones there.alright this is the brand new one that.is there and I'll explain to you a.little bit about how this came about.some of you may have a very good idea.was once we go over this having active.and they broker without the authority to.act as a broker for having impeded the.ability of a principal principal workers.to perform any of the duties that we.went over earlier any of those 14 all.right and they are in 2008 one or.impeded the ability of a management.level licensees to perform that.licensees duties as they have been.assigned for delegated alright so here's.why this came in the beam and the folks.at OE are if he's called all the time.got a few and we found out that this.type of things have been happening.across Ohio and awful lot and that is.that.let's review for a moment that you don't.necessarily have to be a licensee in.order to own an open ariel estate.company alright.so happy or you can be a bad person not.ultimately responsible for what's.happening in that company and you can.own and operate your own brokerage all.right so what has been happening in some.instances is we will call or sue the.broker who is in that company will just.reach out to us or Peggy Lori at AR and.say I'm asking to see the trust accounts.financials I'm asking to see the ledger.for a property management operation and.the owner or owners aren't giving it to.me or I'm telling them that this is how.we have to advertise and they're saying.other than enough this is how we're.going to advertise and I know that if.they it will do it that way it is.absolutely a lifelong violation and they.feel like your hands are tied because.they're being told sorry.you know own this place you're just the.broker and that is not going to fly.anymore so in some cases this could be a.charge against and unlicensed.visual alright it also should assist see.division and the Commission in the.direction of the situation that we've.had over last few years with what we.call and I know some of you refer to it.as well and they print a broker.situation all right they've got a broker.because in in our Florida nine out of.twelve months have no idea what's going.on and somebody else is left in charge.who is not a broker in most cases and so.we're dealing with that all right moving.a lot to three thousand thirty five.point two three so there is one other.interesting section that was included.with regard to what happens with.pre-licensing education and this.particular section states that in the.reverse of an education provider in.their accrediting entity acting.superintendent to review courses and.make a determination as to their.sufficiency this is when we're notified.that there's an issue with courses that.are being offered for pre-licensure and.i as the superintendent.reach out to the ohio department of.higher education and ask them to take a.look at it let's stop for just a second.and many of us in this room do not know.this agency and the ohio department of.higher education we know it as a board.of regents all right you name for them.fill the chancellor as the head of any.but the thousands of that agencies new.new title so at any rate so this is.division of real estate my co and the.Chancellor spoke can put their heads.together the Chancellor or I may request.additional documentation or information.from that institution which also talked.to students who have taken the courses.at that particular institution and we.can review for content their curriculum.and come to a determination of whether.or not it is sufficient to meet the.requirements in 4735 yeah this could.already happen a referral from the SU.percentage it could go to the park to.pursue higher education what this.changes a division for me specifically.is that now when I ask for that review.or their input into whether or not these.meet the definition of credit eligible.for instance it's saying that they're.going to assist us in that and then.together we're going to get to the.bottom of it let me give you an example.we have gotten calls over the years.about pre-licensing courses being held.in someone's basement we've gotten calls.about pre-licensing and courses being.held where actually no students are.there and it's true inventories and.certificates are issues and up until now.the superintendent again could make that.referral to apartment higher education.but there really wasn't any any.requirement for that agency.soon to take that on even though they.wanted to vengeance business impassive.alright let's move on this is an.interesting one and I know that Kim has.been reading right out of the statute no.while she's dealing with something else.I'm going to because it because it seems.to be as when you went over this a.couple of times already it certainly.seems to be clearer to everyone if we.talk about it directly quoting from the.statute and then taking the conversation.from there so this is about the release.of earnest money there are still four.conditions that are in the statute and.at least one of those have to be met all.right and so what it actually says right.now is this and I'll paraphrase the.first part that when there is earth.money deposited in connection with a.real estate transaction that money is.deposited into the Berbers trust account.and a robust shall maintain that money.in trust it accordance with the terms of.the purchase agreement until one of the.following happens and the first one is.confirmation of the transaction.transaction closes okay that's simple.that one simple the second one says the.parties provides the broker with right.now as written instructions that both.party was fine and they're specifying.how that money is supposed to be the.first amongst the parties okay pursuant.to those instructions the third one is.the broker receives of happy of the.final court order coming.or how to disperse or the fourth one is.it sits there for two years and it.becomes a playing fun all right so.here's the only thing that has changed.and as Tim likes to say this is really.her slide is one word in that entire.section changes and it's the words.separate so number two now said that the.part of the parties provide the broker.with separate written instructions.science by both parties that held the.broker what's going to happen to those.funds should there be a dispute the.reason we've added separate to that is.because so in so many cases maybe some.of you have heard this some of you may.actually operate this way right now.is that in fact what you're depending.upon is the contract language alright.the language in 24 is specific to.whether there's a dispute though about.the way things have gone with the.transaction or anything in the contract.that may terminate the contract a.separate written instruction I eat most.of you are probably using a separate.release form all right so that was.something goes a little sideways and.there's a dispute about what's going to.happen to the earnest money you got that.written instruction as to we both agree.that F is going to happen to the earnest.money all right.I'm going to turn it back over to.[Applause].okay sorry I had to step out.so for three 5.51 this redefinition but.it's fine contemporaneous offers and.places superintendent did with the.earnest lighting provision I minded this.helpful that we went to ask the actual.staff squared language found in forty.thousand 3551 contemporaneous offers.means offers the purchase or lease on.behalf of Chua were clients represented.by the same licensees for the same.property that the licensee knows as.though or has reason to know will be.taken under consideration by the owner.or the owners representation during the.same period of time so couple things.about that definition we've had some.questions about that are they're very.interesting.what if so really what you're looking at.where you have buyers engine is.perceiving when compared to offers for.two separate clients that that large.snow is going to be considered by the.seller at the same time okay so before.presenting that offer you are now.required for those 47 35 65 to disclose.so there are contemporaneous offers to.reside that these offers will be.considered by the seller order.authorizing and at the same time and.give the individual potential buyer the.opportunities and seek new.representation should they want to get a.referral to another agent and the.statute says that does not violate.confidentiality provisions to any client.for electricity to advise and or.potential buyers the contemporaneous.offers now it also says that you have to.provide this disclosure in writing.that's given people kind of writing I.talk to you more about well.certified letter is to tell licensees.are sending Alexis back to the state not.tired.certified letter this requires in.writing is that could be an email it.could be a test I'm not telling you that.I'm advocating one particular way over.another I'm simply saying there's not a.specific requirement outputted right now.what is the timely disclosure can't be.done in writing you need to pick up the.phone and help them one firmly an.accession allows for that as well.because the requirement is at this time.we're done so what the division would.recommend is if you are making such.disclosure verbally that you are then.going back to your office or whenever.you have the opportunity to have the.ability on your smartphone to send an.email say hey if it's perfect you work.on evasive disclosure to you of this.particular temporary offer.you're not disclosing this terms of the.offer or the other potential buyers.names.you were just closing in there there's.another offer so be considered the same.time and that you are too fast.representing that client couple things.that have come up and I think that we.included is the of a cubes that are.going to be put out by AR and also by.our office for the customer where if.you're an open house is not a client.that they customer what do you need to.do okay how does that get handled the.statute specifically does clients okay.so it's really important to look at the.specific language of the statute and.that's why I read the definition.directly to you and encourage you to.take over.yes that we are going to cover many.scenarios you can and the frequently.asked questions around this illusion.have lots of questions just a good thing.that we're able to be flexible or we.those I think this is well enough be.able to export I thank you for answering.what use be handles out there all right.so real quickly here from education.specific nice value that we actually.this is for for educators definitely in.those who can make that one that one.session but this is information that.again we think it is valuable for.everybody have do we have any changes.educators and II hope licensure.instructors anybody like that ok all.right so freeways moving courses we've.covered those well enough post licensing.courses just to let you know the way.that those are approved is going to.change and the fact of the matter is.that right now if someone wants to offer.the 10-hour post licensing course the.provider the instructor or instructors.have to come before the Commission and.have approval for that now going forward.they will actually meaning the providers.will actually go through the big.processes that they go through for.getting continuing education proof and.apply and we will review it and work.with them into.really and the different tennis will.either approve it or being provided or.I'll deny it.and this isn't a denial like the other.thing that the superintendent denies.that those folks have the right of.appeal and they can still go before the.Commission and get permission to to.offer those is the commission of piece.fit all right I guess for me brokers and.the reason we do all this with all of.you who are already licensees is because.first and foremost brokers you may have.new people coming on they help people if.you're a team leader and just have a.friend that you're bringing you to it's.it's really important to know these.changes so that you can help those.mountainous something that they have to.have so still 10 hours for our brokers.and we may increase the 20 hours for.salespeople after April 6 and apparent.the approval process that will actually.be promulgated through rule all of the.details so they have to go through all.right continuing education the.three-hour of core course for brokers.and their responsibilities will go.through the exacting application process.and any other type of ee does currently.and those requirements are set forth in.4735 point oh seven point one four one.and then again the finer details and how.to do it will be set out in dual and.then again ultimately bottom line is.going forward in real estate world all.education may be obtained by distance.education through an online source all.right so if you're in question asked the.question earlier all right what.determines whether a UI can be have to.take the parent.or 20 hours post sales course top the.data white stairs the statute is very.specific that out of the David licensure.a new salesperson it has 12 months in.which to successfully complete the.system hopefully future requirement so.now just the hours are changing all.right so here are a couple of examples.into presov exclam explanatory so Mary.gets her license issues on March 28th.she clearly is before the April 6.deadline so she'll have to complete 10.hours of post licensure all right here's.the thing now she may decide within her.first year that she wanted to take all.20 hours and that is absolutely fine all.right.that's more than what is required what.she must do since she came in under the.old law so to speak is she must.statement in a classroom setting she.can't take it online.all right how his license on April 6 so.here's where a lot of people are going.to be tripped up and here's where a lot.of people are going to be confused and.then ultimately probably angry with us.is because they're going to take their.exam and they're going to pass it on.April 2nd or 3rd report maybe even the.fifth but they're not going to use their.license issues until the 6th or maybe.even scenario after and so the date of.licensure is what triggers both.licensing so Tom's would be required to.take 220 our course.all right II then may take it either.online or in a classroom setting all.right here's another questions that.we've heard quite a few.leading up to these questions and that.is exactly how this bill going to affect.the idiom question that is that are on.the exam for prevalent entirely to be.tested is when all right so the wedding.is the in your heart to enter and that.is probably the earliest that new.material will be tested would be Jew all.right likely a little after that the how.is a bit more involved but here it is.sort of in the Reader's Digest condensed.version our testing vendor takes our.outline of Haskell 532 therefore all of.the old questions out of the database of.thousands and thousands and thousands of.questions and they look at the new law.material and they'll do the thing for.rules once we have this promulgated and.they develop new questions all right.there is somebody sitting at the testing.vendor called a psychometrician all.right that's a long term or they know it.all the Internet's.of what exactly makes a fair and good.question for tests all right and so.they're going to work with us to develop.new new material new law questions and.those questions will fit into that the.test the exam that they'll be preached.pretest they're called pretest questions.they're not scores all right so every.now and then is maybe even happen to.some of you who are more literally.licensed you may have come out saying we.never covered that one question I know.that we never have covers material in.that one question well it may be a.pretest question first and foremost it.did not count against your score if you.got it right it didn't count for your.score but it was helping us measure.whether or not that particular question.before we put it into the regular.database whether it was too easy too.many got it right or whether it was too.hard.too many people miss it and we need to.have it just right so that's what.they're working on so we covered also.532 what's new what's changing and what.what form of course being without the.reminders provision okay the word of.Haven opportunities to remind over sales.people in this room situations that.commonly heard energy-efficient and come.on get to the Commission September 29th.2011 came a little people all said 4735.2071 said that a licensee may not act as.a dual agent it's a licensee is a party.to the transaction I learn individually.or through a partnership or a public.corporation whether or not they are.purchasing the property or selling the.property so so well of course we all.know that well not everybody knows that.they comes up as often as last meeting.it was uh private I mean kind of yet.I'm a jewel agent but I'm personally.involved in the transaction so it's.worth taking the opportunity just focus.on the reminders type and rearing.now I don't get a lot of license Nihal.unless someone is really angry.and people get angry when our life is.hit suspended right so what people tend.to forget him.and if I were to get licensed today as a.salesperson that on my first birthday.after my life is your day I have to.renew my license people forget that.despite the fact the division says the.letter and tell some of that and reminds.them his attitude to have taken to.negotiation but you have to renew your.life including her birthday people.continually get suspended for that very.reason and then you get names like wolf.gosh of a public records request or.movie online and I'm being ready to do.business with this person is your.license is suspended wife their license.a sentence it didn't fail to renew and.one job so hard to forget so we're.telling you so perhaps that can be.shared again with new licenses that are.coming into your brokerages so they.don't forget that because that's causing.the big problem are they've got you know.they want to get accomplished and then.they have to hear from the process.reactivating their life second part if I.am an active salesperson or inactive.salesperson and I if I will reflectance.this week by continuing education is.still do on my birthday remember I don't.get opt out an additional three years.because I change the status of my.license for going to a salesperson to a.worker does not change Mike and his.reputation renewal special.new brokers directly number at the.brokers exam and out either new broker I.what I want to do the violations have to.let the division know what your.intentions are with that new credential.you want activates a broker's license do.you want to keep it inactive here you.intended to stay with the company you.are with are you opening to do brokerage.so the division needs to know how to.handle that one so locate the brokers.exam and now has this credential if we.do not hear from a licensee within 30.days the broker's license will.automatically speak and activate now it.doesn't apply the licenses issued on the.30th things in Africa we're not going to.send noises down there may be a massive.stamp on it but it will show up on the.divisions database and on the e license.enter as an inactive license and it will.be up to the broker then to determine if.they want to reactivate and go to that.process of filling out transfer.reactivation applications and hey.genetics except to activate intercourse.occurring the $25 fee you do zone we.talked about me painting files we.stopped a 4735 18 a 24 files need to be.maintained for 3 years that includes in.the Division I communications via email.attack so someone said look I do all my.communications with my client via Tech.and now the lies and says I can no.longer go and split the box to download.all this test what am I going to do I'm.not sure we're hashing a lunchbox.anymore finding provider because those.tests that are going back and forth have.to be maintained because they're part of.that transaction and it was a property.management person who was taxing back.and forth and understand that that this.is.progression where they happen quickly.and for what that instant communication.right what their life would be when.they're represented they want to talk to.someone but from the division.perspective that has to be maintained.now email the division does thought that.is hugging that you can't maintain your.documents in an electronic format and.for that you have to be given a paper.format but if you're going to print out.emails and put them in a paper box you.just please add the attachment okay.don't forget pronounce your passion.because if a complaint is filed we say.you give us all the documents and you.send an email as clearly shows that it.had an attachment you don't have it it's.going to be a problem right so we have.to make sure that we say that as well.and that happens to be like well I don't.have you caption anymore I no longer.have access to that 30 quick question on.the test if we just use texting for.coordination of appointments doc IDing.meeting as long as we don't use texting.for the contractual details we don't.have to keep that right yeah do you not.I mean that's what that said okay if.someone were to complain that you had an.unauthorized access to a property it.might be something that you would need a.tax and coordinating hey I set that up I.have a permission to be there just about.okay so I understand what you're saying.but others are other issues that could.arise okay now all this part we talked.about ESA's of your system all right now.yeah advocate resources the more that.you have an electronic system us Oh.like if you do and a lot of them use.corner place documents and then it saves.a lot by diseases you know through and.see.and national audit you can go through.and see all the documents are maintained.now we have someone also talked about.that if you're using a program like that.and you prepare a document and send to.someone also they need to change the.change right over just like if you would.a word document you're going to have to.find a way to save your original.document and then you got room with.changes also to something else too very.much because it has been a very useful.tools that we found for some like the.beef and we want some backup say you.know everything right here in one spot.all the time and show you how it flows.we saw what first went where and half.social media we talked about advertising.how inclusion bit sizing is one of the.greatest areas where we see complain.texting Facebook tweet blogging.following the other types of rules make.certain that you're taking a look at.what's going out and the information is.not misleading just they know what.brokerage you're filling in with that.people prominence is taken care of all.that needs to be part of Facebook post.is that the way your advertising course.and without the lol Facebook be for.people in Ohio they will just happen to.be one of my friends river the high.school would check out this property we.should Rovers information I'm getting a.link to it so it's really important to.take a look to make sure that all of.that mutations following the requirement.supporting 735 electronic signatures the.division itself of that product in.general documents and of course a lot of.them in transactional government however.I'm here to tell you what an electronic.signature is not in a time stamp it is.not a stamp or piece of paper that we.have tell who put it there what I got.there thank you.music well you know my blessed signature.on that piece of paper maybe not but.isn't it more likely that it is just a.rubber stamp someone else could think.that I've put it on their stamps.Ottomans are not electronic signatures.they will not have the verification.boxes either around the signature or on.a separate document if we receive the.adoption of getting a piece of the notes.back and asking sort of a signature and.an updated date the broker or self.versus another superintendent talked.about 15 days notifying how does that.this nation change for becoming the.principal broker or tell you you're.going to be an Associate Broker or.management level licensing another one.in there several 15-day requires the one.of them that we see a lot is the 15-day.requirement of a life do you notify the.superintendent simple ideas exhibit of a.felony or a crime of moral turpitude.so once committed convicted is the.sentencing date hey when one has seven.that doesn't mean that we will get a.whole did you know zones over than I've.got them both thank you we'll keep an.eye on that however until that person is.sentence that 15-day requirement is not.going to take in what happened in the.light features not survive superintended.within 15 days of their sentence the.superintendent may suspend the license.of the licensees higher is as a.superintendent to revoke the license of.the licenses that have changed in the.division however the department needs to.understand it even if superintendent is.nullified and the person license may.remain active that does not negate the.fact that under 4735 18 a the Commission.shall the support of licensees was been.submitted himself in depth all games to.finish.the opportunity Rd wiggle room that is.required so they are two separate issues.great we wanted to touch on and I think.we go through these fairly quickly.presenter and there were these next two.lies.bring to ask mr. Giller and his tailor.to come on up and join us and have a.little discussion I'm going to apologize.those over here for close to the front.because I know that the podiums of what.blocks your view of those of us at the.table but we've got microphones on the.table and I think we're going to have a.little discussion and do some Q&A as.well all right so what's the touch on.the closure issues with regard to any.differences between commercial.industrial and residential something the.insurance and I probably could hear the.microphones in the tubular right now.we've got plenty to say on this point.the beste matter is everything that.we've covered today highs approach to.every part of practice of real estate in.the state of Ohio right now it's all.covered no matter what your practices.but specifically these are some things.these are four things that that we get a.lot of questions on in the world we get.some complaints on so it's material fact.yes.everybody everybody cut to this clothes.does not matter what type of property.this does not matter what part of.practice you are in in real estate the.fact the matter is if you're aware of.material act is your duty to disclose.that agency disclose.absolutely every transaction has to have.agency disclosure and I'll touch on that.a little bit more in just a second.consumer guys that is the only part of.commercial the where commercial is.exempted okay.commercial transactions no longer.require the consumer guide the agency.relationship can be given to the parties.all right that's the only part a couple.of years ago that was exempted let me go.back to agency disclosure in light of.that here's the thing there are any.number of parties but a good example.lately somebody said to mr. Bueller well.that's really nice that the Commission.is the division of real estate are.saying that commercial transactions have.to have an agency disclosure when we do.business with the Department of.Administrative Services or with the.Department of Transportation all the.time and they refuse disguises or it's.no different than refusing to sign the.consumer guide or any other document.when you have a party notated make a.note that they refuse to find and keep.it in the transaction file again like.you electronically are copy we do not.hear where the other cuts and agencies.opposers is still required for every.type of transaction the last point that.I want to make on this slide is about.use controls and the way the gas come up.recently is that surety guys who have a.parcel or parcels of land that are zone.commercial or industrial to whatever.levels and you have a residential mainly.practicing residential real estate.licensee so says I get any of this.enclosures because the person living on.that property so of us is so its own.commercial I didn't have to do that okay.use controls as kids then they matter if.you matter.so it doesn't matter how to vote if.you're working on a residential property.for instance that that in all of that.cases properties you have to do the.consumer guide you have to do everything.then all right.so how does another question in the back.yes sir.on the consumer guide is it no longer.required for land or multifamily of four.units you greater house that would be.correct.it's no longer required yes consumer.guides oh yeah.so the consumer guide is not required.for transactions even if they are land.or multifamily at four units or greater.how do we rewrite that I think up.correct it comes in suggested it.successes over four units or bare land.yes let's look it up here was just so.long that you grandpa.otherwise but for land it is it is.required it is required.thank you sorry if I walked if you look.at that I couldn't remember all right.you talking to the mic please.agency is required for families with a.atlanta's are ourselves the stable.particle really competing but for.residents and leaving others premises if.arrest for music report is returned for.more facing effects what was the lesson.was about Lisa Lisa's for 18 months or.more it is recorded it is requirement.well it is required because exempting.the short term basis with it.what if you just say what were the.people care about there so go ahead if.there's an estate that involves several.hundred acres and has a large residence.on it which would be nine thousand.square foot with it and it's being sold.but it's also a trust so I think that'll.take care of it and it's being sold as a.commercial or yet to commercial this.but looks involved and how is it being.sold at commercial of the Caressa we.output was a resident and it's being.purchased for active does anybody live.in it not right now okay.could they live it now we did yeah it.still it ain't they'll have to have a.consumer guide your little beautiful as.it is did you just say that the consumer.guide is required for commercial leases.longer than 18 months so I said I said.that it is required for the lease of.residential premises if there were more.lease agreement for a term of more than.18 months thank you.okay and we have a total disaster.question thank you.as of a bracer I have a situation where.people will use the auditors and states.land-use classifications and subbing and.this is terribly wrong and can get you.in deep trouble.a Residential's a classification may be.commercial and rural classification for.the auditors purposes may be a.commercial zone or a residential zone or.whatever but it is not the arbiters land.use classification wider words were.never spoken at thank you for that that.absolutely absolutely and that's really.the basis for that that bullet point and.the conversations that we've had around.that bullet point are the bathroom.matter is that you cannot always have on.what is in the the auditors records and.you really need to be aware of what the.actual views or attendance documents.know we're talking about about the the.question with regard to the residence.that's vacant right now if it could be.if it's inhabitable that's that's the.key yes it's a residential unit.the beings inhabitants are equi alright.real quickly anybody in here ever had.conversation with Kathy Clark and our.large licensing manager made sometimes.you get questions about posting.paperwork the weather just real quickly.we have a lot of time paperwork is out.of date the great example I'm going to.give you believe it or not is about two.weeks ago we have a salesperson.application come through the front desk.and it has been completed but by the.applicants and by the broker Simon dated.in September October last year.apparently they're not all that.passionate about getting into the.business right away but because it made.now to make sure that things are timely.dated the things are out of date the.brokers writing before the affiliate we.actually have had the situation where we.have found out that a breach basically.has one broker that broker is very very.busy right so in and out a lot so what.they proposed I just made a pre-flight.stack of white application and they were.recruiting the folks in their office.manager who's not even a licensee was.just handing without and having people.fill them out and apply to be a.salesperson and of course they're dating.their signature appropriately and is.quite way after the Brewers doesn't work.a complete informations are wrong or.missing being the content these are all.examples of things that pulled up your.paperwork of if and when they commit and.once again I will acknowledge that.mostly in expressions we are preaching.to the choir we are all doing it.correctly but it.it bears repeating you can case of proof.proof your documents before you send.them in and last thing I'll mention is.falsifying documents now I usually say.and I believe I truly believe that when.this happens it's done with the best.intentions because something needs to be.filled out completing to deliver to the.division maybe reactivation or one of.your licensees maybe a transfer into or.out of your brokerage and it's not done.and the person who needs design things.is not there and so somebody else fills.it all out on this that is not going to.work all right then just not going to.end well in something that needs to not.happen president Giller.miss Taylor would you like to join.Commissioner Taylor can you give us your.perspective indoor thoughts about videos.videos and photos without Commission.what what have you seen lately.hopeful that culture talk about throw.that your life excuse you're at war.voice I'm gonna scare lucky thing is.help I wanted a new one Zambia on.Commission and I am a lawyer not a.realtor so it's been really a wonderful.learning experience for me in any way.but with respected cameras and wildlife.pictures what we're seeing is a nice.collapse by this is Davis Peter Berger.or Silver's we make it there cut you.know it takes a shortcut they may be.someone alone in the house need a house.the person holds out a camera starts.clicking away you might be on that house.looking like that you kind of click by.you they can create very problem but it.might if it shows up on somebody take a.look at their circulation.doghouse so I think you know I call.shortcuts as we see people that are.licensed for long time and because of.family learning table funeral with what.have you they kind of cut short on their.review of documents or.rules and it's a long time they do.somebody reports in the intro and one.other thing that is important is Ruby be.advocates for new lessons here take.tests and it divided and get your.sponsoring broker now reflect on where.that spawn zero prism began well I'm.amazed a lot of the applicants to exams.how to validate I mean serious felony.fraud forgery and when we see that we're.thinking you know surely if they check.the box.the brokers broken without.questions and there was a reason why.they until you despot decided to spot.them.well I think in our collective opinion.speeded up the broker should be there to.explain why you sponsored some in our.films or maybe read the reason but.otherwise we're thinking this lit by.with robberies and found situations and.all these things reflect on the brokers.and.at the sponsoring a candidate a lot of.the problems that you failed native.comes in in in front of the Commission.or is a broker taking ownership of what.happened there I mean making sure that.they're reading the compliance manual.there's a lot that I think that you get.larger entities and lots more sales.people it's hard to keep track of.everybody but bottom line is that steady.roll that you're doing and that's reason.receive people estate they kind of go.out on their own and do their own thing.and that's when Trump starts to happen.effort and if you have anything you want.to add on the videos photos open ask you.president builder to talk about what.you've seen over the last of the years.and continuously.with regard to lockbox issues it's a.amazes me I don't sell houses I've never.sold a house not one house I use a.licensee to buy out of my house when I.bought my personal residence I'm a.commercial broker I just focus on.commercial land development apartment.Indonesia but what amazes me is how many.people are willing to give up lockbox.code to their friends to somebody who.because they can make it there on time.and things happen our job and our.responsibility is to trust that someone.gives us in there being a house but.that's provision we're supposed to be.providing people when we go into those.homes we get we're willing to take give.out a lot box because itself is not all.business some of them and then take.whatever comes of that on chance you.don't commit did you lock my culture.I feel something from the house until.after Stannis possibly a box that will.issue so I think those are some of the.things that we're seeing and mr. Taylor.said you know I would sell houses on.Facebook and on Twitter I hear that.stuff my kid threw it I don't know what.it is be honest with you to hurt those.parts but it's making me of how many.people go into a house take a video of a.house think it's okay to turn on.Stinnett and put that video on youtube.and then the person finds what my house.on youtube I think information for that.and next thing you know they're in front.bucks.I take a fairly strong position on that.problem I think a fairly strong position.on most of the things that people can.change and so that and I also blew this.search or indicated all of these things.I just have been broken since 20 years I.understand the responsibility in the.relationship between a broker.salesperson however I also believe in.more responsibility and and guidance.that should be given by the broker when.the sale first comes in front of us if.you think as a broker that's an isolated.independent incident from you during.garage first thing I think of is someone.or apps you've been in and on to that.broker right lost years that's the first.thing I think of the first question I.ask because if this one individuals.doing this without know.as a consumer guide how many other.people on that operation are getting us.and guides so if you think of the broker.oh that's just the salesperson earned.into the contractor relationship always.remembers and it's in a contract.relationships a tax question an.employment question have no nothing to.do with the broker from real estate.license and responsibility and so I look.at that I take that very seriously and.it is the first thing comes up and.something severe is is happening this.owner what I don't know what the broker.do about this where are they in this and.then state city right there to say well.we are are going to audit or have start.an audit on that company so when you.think it's separate it's really not so.unless I'm just one within my so I don't.and I think they've cut either was you.off so I'm good ask you actually to talk.about your perspective because the.bottom bullet on his wife is not.cooperating with the division and both.of you a lot of other commissioners have.a very very strong opinion and you made.that wrong opinion no through your.decisions when somebody ignores a.request for your day during an.investigation doesn't respond to the.notice that they've got a complaint.against that response maybe it is with.subpoena that sometimes I would think.we're just get you up to.wrong on the wrong foot because.Commission is quasi-judicial and and.honestly the real estate department.close they are wonderful and they know.their stuff and they're trying to help.you sort through a problem and get to a.resolution they're not trying to pin you.up against the wall or arm you know.probably make their issue it it's.solving a problem reporter two.complaints though and your best interest.to cooperate and I will also add from a.legal perspective if you if you hire.legal counsel which is sometimes.probably not a bad idea.make sure that your lawyer has the right.attitude as well yes there's the lawyers.that come in and they act like they're.in a court of law and it's not same.thing and it has to play very heavily.and the way things everything takes.last-minute part of your actions human.being but respected it in terms of what.we wear into the incident commission.meetings as well as your baby these are.a lot of things that have an impact away.humans your professional any stress and.access profess well even in this field.my position I think you can come figure.out from water said before have no.tolerance for that so if you're not.going to participate in the process you.should be laxity dizzy is a right to.make your living at this is the process.that we all have to go through another.rules and regulations or things you.agree to there's things we agreed to.licenses and we make our living at this.so if someone appears at issue it will.issue right it a mistake fine.participate if you don't participate.it's simple I've no tolerance that I.would always move to revoke the license.it just because that's my position when.you're not willing to participate in the.process and also look at this Larry.now.3 vs importantly one probably has no.sensation if you have that situation.today that any males are important.concept and then another short term I.have resolved the problem respect the.house you know when they can be oakley.habits we want to look at something but.if you need an aspirin.go back to your office and read it will.be coming and taking that elicits tons.of talking about right now and similar.like several of them test should be.sleeping in the bed or nap in the bed.near there and also if there's trash or.what you see is trash even there the.owner the house may not think it's trash.so no one thought we had selling this.thought Tom can have a garage sale.they're piling things up in the garage.and they picked up one small item that.got them in front of us and as a there.was a complaint that there was a staff.and advocating I will because more yeah.because as most of you know what are a.lot of sellers utilizing now Cameron.nanny-cam.everywhere so absolutely that is been.the fact what commissioners thank you.very much and I'm going to keep you up.here but we only have 5 min as well and.I know that they're all going to their.senior sources the code for for CAE I.know I know how my work what other.things I want to mention ginger is.quickly team things are not work for.doing so leaders of teams and what their.licenses broker are not brokers and.we're having issues all direct santa.scream on the be the other day as well.okay so the direction of the companies.indulge and not missing wait for a mic.ask if there has been any conversation.about requiring the denominator is.whatever the team to be a broker that.has come up a few times around the.states right now so I'm going to get.that before too terribly long we're.going for some other things to amend is.the lengthy one ultimately will seeing.what whether or not that can get.traction I think that I probably.rightfully speak or at least most of.this mission and as certainly for myself.the Minish to say personally me that's.that's the way we will that's the way to.do but we'll see how that second.ancillary trustee as one less thing I.want to mention so I give you your.course code people you have any other.questions and that is because up until.about a year and a half.two years ago the law stated that the.only applicability for an employer.trusting within the event that a sole.broker died passed away and we needed.somebody to wrap up the business of that.particular broker all right so we have.the details underpinning these canons of.ethics violations that we've held here.if you want example if you want detail.under any of our graphs or statistics.please let us know we will give these to.you there is a public domain all right.which staff that you give us attribution.but other than that these are all the.things that not only might there be a.forty seven thirty five point one eight.eight charge but they could be charged.separately just under a canons of ethics.violation and so there they are so any.last questions yes sir ancillary.yes and actually I thought that it was.so available on the website may have to.search for it a little bit but it's.there if you have any difficulty getting.to that first and foremost I would say.that our general email which ashley-pitt.Kirra mainly is web real at com4.commerce dot state dot o h us and you.can email us there and the appropriate.person will get that and we'll walk you.out with whatever your question is or.whatever you need all right.and if you goes web real at home state.that Oh H that us all right and we do.tweets so almost on Twitter confirm them.all right and I want to thank our.commissioners who were here with us.today pretty much across the board we've.had commissioners woke up while we've.been on the road and it's been great I.think you should all know who they are.and have a chance to hear from them.

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