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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Completing Direct Deposit Form Combined Studentemployment Neu Online

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The Definite Guide to Direct Deposit Form Combined Studentemployment Neu

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Discover How to Fill Out the Direct Deposit Form Combined Studentemployment Neu

welcome to navigating financial aid part.of the making money moves webinar series.this webinar series has been combined.with the get savvy grow your green stuff.webinar series this is in partnership.with UIC financial aid and scholarships.office my name is Andrea Pellegrini and.I run the University of Illinois systems.student money management center out of.the billing office or university student.financial services and cashier.operations and I will be helping with.the chat and being backup but the main.presenters are gonna be you know me so.my name is Carrie Davis I'm an assistant.director in UI C's Office of Student.Financial Aid and scholarships I've been.in the department for about eight years.and I am also a proud UIC alum.my name is Dana Anderson I'm also an.assistant director at the UIC financial.aid office and I am aniline I alum and.you is right and you I have four masters.you are correct okay so we're gonna take.a look I just want you all to go ahead.and go with the chat feature and tell us.where you are logging in from today of.course we're from Chicago.all right UIC go UIC I think all right.perfect.welcome welcome so we'll go through a.few of the learning objectives we want.you also understand the financial aid.process will define the FAFSA as well as.let you know about its purpose identify.different types of financial aid will.explain how to read your financial aid.award letter and then we want you to.recognize how to manage financial aid.funding so those are our five topics.that we'll tackle today the hope is you.guys with a lot out of it to begin the.process of financing college the first.step is to apply and so FAFSA will.always be the first step in applying.early is essential.once you apply then you'll receive the.financial aid from your institution.through the financial aid award letter.once you graduate you'll explore.repayment options and you can also do.that you know while you're in school I'm.student a GED gov is the best resource.to figure out different repayment.options so that you can get a head start.for the basic eligibility requirements.you must be a US citizen or a legal.permanent resident and this is of course.to apply for the FAFSA you have to be.accepted into a degree seeking program.and you have to enroll at least half.time each semester so for our undergrad.students that will be 6 credit hours of.professional programs it's also 6 and.then our graduate programs or five.credit hours in order to receive grants.um you have to demonstrate financial.need but all students will be eligible.for at least um loans okay so does.anyone know what the FAFSA I'm stands.for please utilize your chat box anyone.what does the FAFSA stands for.okay when is the FAFSA available October.yes it is available October yes a lot.yep perfect perfect okay all right so.the FAFSA stands for the Free.Application for Federal Student Aid and.you do applied FAFSA Edie gov on October.1st of each year that's when it first.becomes available so we do encourage our.students here to apply during the month.of October to make sure that you're.eligible to receive the most financial.aid when completing the FAFSA most of.you all may already know but each school.does have its individual school code and.so you want to make sure that you put.the correct one each year so that that.particular school can receive your FAFSA.early and then you can get the best.friend into e package so what does the.FAFSA do okay so the the twenty-some the.2018-19 FAFSA collects 2016 financial.information for parents and students and.so that's your w2 info as well as your.tax return so even if a student doesn't.file taxes they do have to report any.income that they earn during the year.and so that would be included on the.FAFSA application in addition to the.financial information we do look at the.family size as well as a number in.college because those do play a part in.how much financial aid you're ultimately.eligible for I'm with this formula the.government comes up with an EFC expected.Family Contribution and that is the.amount that your family is expected to.contribute to your educational cost for.that particular year for each year that.you do the fast way you could.potentially receive a new EFC.because situations do change and so.that's what the FAFSA ultimately does.when a school receives your FAFSA they.will either request additional.information or issue an award letter.which is your financial aid offer.additional information is typically.verification.but it can be other things that can be.citizenship requirements it can be.something regarding prior educational.history or we need clarification on your.grade level and so it could be a number.of things that we are requesting but if.you do receive a request just know that.you will not receive an award letter and.so that request is complete and then if.you don't have any requests you'll.receive you will receiving an or letter.without having to submit anything.additional for us a word letters are.typically going out in March for our.incoming freshmen and then in June for.our continuing students so for.verification 35 percent of our students.are randomly selected each year so don't.think that you've done anything wrong if.you are selected for verification um.it's just a random thing and it's to.confirm the accuracy of info on the.FAFSA it's for auditing purposes by the.government and so it's something that.every school has to do the completion of.this if you are selected is mandatory.and so again you will not receive an.award letter until this is complete and.processing can take several weeks and so.we encourage students to turn in those.documents were requesting right away so.that your your file can be processed and.reviewed way ahead of time and then our.quick tip is that in order to finish.verification quickly and to ensure the.accuracy of the FAFSA overall we.encourage our students to use the IRS.data retrieval tool the transfer the.information directly to the FAFSA and we.do know that that information is 100%.accurate and so it is one of the best.options on that FAFSA okay so moving on.to the electronic award notification we.all award letters are going to be.electronic once you are a continuing.student that's the case at UIC we do.send paper award letters to incoming.freshmen or transfer students but once.you've once you've been at UIC and I.believe this is the case for all three.campuses Andrea correct me if I'm wrong.but Elektra award a lot of award letters.are electronic only which means that you.either log into UIC student portal or at.the self-service system at the UIs and.Urbana campus we are going to go through.a breakdown of how to read your award.letter because I know it's a lot of.information and it can be a bit.overwhelming so we're going to kind of.do a line by line breakdown of the award.letter so you know how to read your.award letter and figure out you know.what if anything you're going to have to.pay okay so on the award letter you'll.be able to estimate your costs view and.accept any financial aid that you're.offered and you can also make changes to.your award letter if if you want to.request changes any grants that you're.offered as you can see are automatically.going to be listed as accepted so if you.have any grants or scholarships on your.award letter you don't need to take any.further action in order to receive them.we're automatically going to pay that to.you loans or federal work-study will.always be listed as offered meaning you.have to decide whether or not you wish.to accept them and you can also choose.to take a partial amount and that'll be.listed in the award summary section and.now we'll just break down the three.sections individually the three sections.are assumptions or need calculations.cost of attendance and again the award.summary so starting off with the cost of.attendance the cost of attendance is.going to is comprised of several.different items it's going to include.your your direct charges from the.university which are things like tuition.mandatory fees and tuition differentials.does anyone know what a tuition.differential is has anyone seen that on.their award letter before we get a lot.of questions about that if you have any.ideas.can type it in the chat box okay a.tuition differential yes student money.management you are correct the tuition.differential has something to do with.your major right Pedro that's also.correct different departments have.differentials meaning that you may be in.a program that has an additional charge.so at UIC s campus the College of.Business has an additional charge as.does you know students in LA s science.program so some some programs do have an.additional charge beyond the base.tuition rate so if that applies to you.that will be listed as a tuition.differential on your award letter and.then it will also list the mandatory.fees for indirect charges that are.indirect costs that'll be things like.books and supplies transportation those.are items that the university does not.directly charge you for however we do.want you to you know budget for those.expenses because they may come up so.again this is just a breakdown of those.direct and indirect charges the indirect.costs one of the biggest ones is usually.housing if you're not staying on campus.if you're staying on campus that'll be a.direct charge but if you're not staying.on campus we know that you still have.housing and personal expenses so we.include that in your cost of attendance.so that you can budget accordingly now.there's several different things that.can impact your your your cost at UIC as.well as your a diligent eligibility on.the Urbana campus this is listed as the.financial need calculation I believe at.the UIC campus it's financial aid award.assumptions and that's things like your.class level the college that you're.attending within the university whether.you're going to be full-time or not we.do always assume that students are going.to be full-time unless they tell us.otherwise so when you review your award.letter you want to look at this section.and if anything is incorrect such as.your enrollment as full-time or your.major or your grade level you want to.know.by the financial aid office so we can.adjust that because that can affect how.much you're being offered in financial.aid or your cost of tuition and fees and.also the expected Family Contribution.does impact your financial aid it.impacts your financial your need-based.financial aid but we'll get into that a.little bit further in a moment so the.expected Family Contribution is.information that the Department of.Education uses to come up with the EFC.or expected Family Contribution they.take the student and parent contribution.so students if you did work in 2016 for.your 2018-19 FAFSA you need to report.that income we do look at that usually.it doesn't it you know if your income is.fairly low as a student and you're a.dependent student it generally does not.impact your financial aid but it can so.we need you to report it your expected.Family Contribution will stay the same.regardless of where you end up attending.because this is something that the.federal government calculates so once.we've determined your cost of attendance.and your expected Family Contribution.then we need to determine what your.financial need is and that's how we.figure out how much you're eligible for.an aid so we take the cost of attendance.and we subtract that expected Family.Contribution calculation that we get.from the Department of Education and.then we have your financial need so just.to give you an example with real numbers.here if your cost of attendance is.twenty four thousand five hundred and.this would likely be a cost of.attendance for a student who is not.staying on campus and living with their.parents and then your PFC or expected.Family Contribution is five hundred your.financial need would be twenty four.thousand dollars that means you could be.awarded up to that amount in financial.aid in need-based financial aid so again.this.the section that only applies to.students on the Urbana and on the Urbana.campus where it has a need calculation.section it'll show you the cost of.attendance EFC need and list any outside.resources on the UIC and Springfield.campus it will say financial aid award.assumptions but they're more or less.giving you the same information okay so.we have a few more tech questions we.want to know if anyone knows what types.of financial aid there are available to.students anyone different types of.financial aid map grants yes that's one.grants scholarships loans yes okay and.then do you all know the difference.between I'm merit as well as our need BC.difference between merit in these base.aid.okay so we'll go through a few different.types of financial aid and then we can.go ahead and clarify what the difference.is between the merit as well as a need.basis okay so there there are two.different forms of financial aid so it.can be Gift Aid or self help the Gift.Aid is given to you so you don't have to.repay it it's awarded it could be.awarded based on need or awarded based.on marriage and grants scholarships or.waivers are included in that category.and then for self help there are loans.as well as federal work-study so for the.loans of course they have to be repaid.on federal work-study you do have to.work to earn that money and so when.you're looking at your award summary it.will show up as both gif aid as well as.self health aid and then they will be.typically separated so that you can see.what's being given to you and then what.additional funding you may need and what.options are available so in looking at.this award letter you'll see that what.falls under the gift aid are the Pell.Grant map grant and UIC excellence grant.and then what falls under the self-help.aid would be those loans that are.offered at the bottom the 7 unsub so for.the gift aid for the grants it.definitely requires a FAFSA is based on.financial you need and so that's where.the EFC comes into play it can come from.a few different resources and so the.federal or state government or it can.come from your academic institution and.so here you I see we do have a USC.excellence grant and so that would fall.under that the grants that are available.through your specific institution and so.it could vary by school and the.scholarships are waivers those are based.on talent affiliation academic merit.which goes with your GPA your your.grades your acp score you know how.rigorous your curriculum was in high.school so it can be based on a few.different things and sometimes it is.based on need as well it often requires.a separate application process and so.those are typically not just given to.you you do have to apply for them and.they can be competitive but they are.great opportunities to pursue.so the federal pell grant that one is.awarded to eligible undergrad students.and again eligible is italicized because.it is based on financial need and you.have to be pursuing your first.bachelor's degree and so if you come.here you already have a degree under.your belt you wouldn't be eligible for.any of the grants so they're offered to.maintaining this grant again you have to.complete the FAFSA every year we will.stress that I'm just so that you know.it's not a one-time thing it's every.single year I'm available October 1st.and hopefully completed during that.month of October for the Pell Grant is.limited to 12 4 times semesters of use.and so if a student does come to school.part-time then they do have a little bit.more than 12 semesters to utilize the.full on the full Pell Grant it's up to.600 percent which is six four five years.no sorry.six yes 12 full-time semester the.maximum award for 1718 was five thousand.nine hundred and twenty dollars I'm in.order to get that maximum you have to be.a full more credit hours if you are less.than that then your Pell Grant is.prorated the next type of.is the F seog grant again a what is the.undergrad for showing their first degree.your EFC for this particular grant has.to be zero and so if it's not zero you.wouldn't qualify the funding is very.limited so not a lot of students receive.this particular grant and the maximum.will war for 1718 here at UIC was $1,000.another type of grant is some map grant.it's awarded through the state of.Illinois and you I stack this time as.the eligibility so some students may not.be eligible for Pell but could indeed be.eligible for a map and so they use a.different criteria to calculate who is.eligible to receive that one um you must.have your FAFSA file by their deadline.and so the thing about math is that they.don't tell us a deadline until about one.or two days before the deadline is here.and so for this year.the deadline was Publicis February 27th.and so if you completed it before then.and you're eligible then you will.receive the map grant the maximum award.for 2017 2018 was four thousand eight.hundred and sixty nine dollars and then.for this particular grant you do have to.be at 15 credit hours to receive the.full amount and so if you are under 15.credit hours the metrans will be.prorated now we'll get into forms of the.self-help and so there's the federal.work-study where the pay is funded by.the government for the own campus as a.student must demonstrate financial need.this will we do like the encourage.students to do because it is rather.flexible and it's a great way to earn.money on campus the money does not go.towards your bill directly I'm you are.paid like a regular paycheck and if you.choose the bias towards your build and.that's up to you loans they can come.from different sources and so they can.be federal loans or they can be private.but the federal loans are the loans that.are offered through the FAFSA and so.private loans would require a separate.application outside of the university.both must be repaid in full with.interest for some of the loans I'm after.leaving school.work-study to request it here at the UFC.you do have to specifically request it.on your award letter and so we don't go.just by your request on the FAFSA once.you receive your award letter there will.be a text box for additional information.where you have to request it and then we.award it on first-come first-served.basis I'm for Urbana and Springfield you.do request it directly on the FAFSA and.if you're eligible I'm it's included in.your award letter again most positions.are on campus with a maximum of 20 hours.per week they are flexible with your.class schedule and so that's one of the.biggest perks as opposed to get in the.job outside of campus that may not want.to work around your class schedule.because school is your priority it is.the students responsibility to find a.job and so once you receive work-study.I'm per your request either again on the.FAFSA or the award letter specifically.for UIC you have to seek out employment.opportunities so for the different.resources for Urbana they have the.virtual job board where you can look up.positions for Chicago we have simplicity.and then for Springville there's career.connect and again some of those.positions a lot of them will be.work-study but there are also other.positions available they don't require a.student to have work-study so it's just.a good resource for all students even if.you don't qualify for work-study.necessarily okay moving on to the fun.stuff we're going to talk a little bit.about loans hopefully I can demystify.some concerns that students have about.loan federal student loans just to start.off I kind of want to get a sense of how.much everyone knows about federal loans.can anyone tell me the difference.between subsidized and unsubsidized.loans and if you know the difference.please type your answer in the chat box.these are the two different forms of.federal loans you may be offered on your.award letter anyone.okay well you are about to find out the.difference then so there are two forms.of federal financial Direct Stafford.loans that we will be offering students.they are subsidized and unsubsidized.Stafford loans now the subsidized loans.are need-based which means that not.everyone is going to be offered a.subsidized loan you do need to.demonstrate financial need on your FAFSA.the benefit to the subsidized loan is.that there is no interest on that loan.until you leave school so either until.you graduate or below or fall below half.time for unsubsidized loans those are.not need-based and they do accrue.interest immediately so that's what.unsubsidized means it means as soon as.you accept that loan and as soon as the.loan disperses I'm sorry assumes the.loan disperses it will begin accruing.interest so that's what it means to not.be subsidized both of these interests of.both of these loans for undergraduate.students for the 2017-18 academic year.have an interest rate of four point four.five percent which is low compared to.lots of private loans for graduate.students graduate students are only.offered unsubsidized loans and that.interest rate for this current academic.year is 6% now these loans are both.fixed interest rates and by six interest.rates I mean that that interest will not.change for the life of the loan so if.you took out a subsidized loan this year.with an interest rate of four point four.five percent three years from now when.you begin repayment on the loan that.interest rate is still exactly the same.the federal loans interest rates are.always going to be fixed however the.interest rate for a new loan that you.take that you take out may change so for.next year for example the interest rate.made just before present so we don't.quite know what the interest rate will.be for next year.we usually find out in June or July.repayment on both of these Stafford.loans begins six months after graduation.or falling below halftime so once you.leave school or fall below halftime you.have a six-month grace period before you.need to begin repaying loans during that.grace period no payment is required and.the subsidized loans do not accrue.interest there are borrowing limits for.federal Stafford Loans this is just kind.of a chart showing the borrowing limits.for dependent undergraduate students so.dependent undergraduate students are.generally people who are 23 years old or.younger and as you can see the loan.limits increase as you become an.upperclassmen there is a maximum.borrowing limit for for all students for.both undergrad and graduate students.dependent and independent and this is.just a breakdown of those differences so.for dependent students you have a.borrowing limit of $31,000 and federal.loans if you do the math that's about.four to five years if you're borrowing.full you know the full amount that.you're offered so we always encourage.students to borrow conservatively.because some students end up being you.know five years five and a half years in.order to graduate and if you're.borrowing your loans in full that entire.time you can hit a wall where you can no.longer borrow you know and that's hard.if you have a semester left and know no.borrowing eligibility for independent.students the loan limit is a little.higher it's fifty seven thousand five.hundred for all undergraduate students.you have a borrowing limit of twenty.three thousand in subsidized loans we.definitely encourage that you exhaust.your subsidized loans before taking any.unsubsidized loans if at all possible.because you're not paying any interest.on those loans until after you graduate.no interest accumulates for graduate.students.the total borrowing maximum is one one.hundred thirty eight thousand five.hundred so grad students are no longer.eligible for subsidized loans so that is.going to include your undergrad and grad.loans you can't hit any higher than one.hundred and thirty eight thousand five.hundred but you will not be offered any.subsidized loans as a graduate student.unfortunately for.parents of undergraduate students who.are dependent parents may apply for.what's called a Parent PLUS loan.parents apply directly for this loan at.studentloans.gov student loans gov has.an application for parents to apply.parents will need to have an FSA ID.which is what they use to sign their.students FAFSA PLUS loans also have a.fixed interest rate the fixed interest.rate for PLUS loans for this academic.year is 7% parents are completely.responsible for this loan so parent.cannot defer payment to the student a.lot of times parents ask if they can.eventually transfer payment or.responsibility of their loan to their.student unfortunately they cannot do.that so if they will always be.responsible for this loan they can.however defer payment until after the.student graduates so they can either.choose to make repayment immediately.after taking out the loan they can begin.repayment or they can defer it until.after the student graduates the loan is.contingent on credit approval too so if.a parent applies for a PLUS loan a.credit check will be run by the.Department of Education and parents will.be notified immediately if it was.approved or denied now very similar to.the Parent PLUS loan there is a PLUS.loan option for graduate students.it pretty much functions the same as the.parent loan however there's no separate.application required for graduate.students the FAFSA is their application.this is also contingent on credit.approval if for any reason a student's.credit is denied because a lot of times.for graduate students you know.especially if you're young you may not.have felt that much of a credit history.you do have the option of getting an.endorser or cosigner for your loan and.again for graduate PLUS loans this loan.can be just reap Ament for the loan can.be deferred until after leaving school.once you accept a loan on your award.letter there are still additional.requirements that you have to complete.so this is something that a lot of.students forget and then they wonder you.know why hasn't my loan paid well you do.have to complete a master promissory.note and online entrance counseling I.know on all three campus.the award letters mention that you have.additional loan requirements once you.accept so make sure that you know make.sure that you pay attention to that.I recommend completing these.requirements as soon as you accept your.loan so you don't have to think about it.again.the master promissory note is just a.short contract stating that you'll begin.to make repayments on your loan when you.graduate and the entrance counseling is.a tutorial about your loan and they can.both be completed at studentloans.gov.and financial aid disbursement will.happen after you're charged for tuition.and fees so that usually happens at.least 10 days before the semester starts.no sooner than 10 days before the.semester starts and then we will.disperse your financial aid it usually.takes about 2 to 3 business days for.students to receive any refunds if they.it you know if they're going to get a.refund from loans or grants it usually.takes about 3 business days before.students receive it through direct.deposit and I do recommend setting up.direct deposit for your account because.if you wait for a paper check from the.University it will take a very long time.so direct deposit is nice and quick you.get it within the week of disbursement.plus it goes to your permanent address.not necessarily your campus address so.if you are from California it could take.out even longer to get a paper check.great that's a good that's a good.clarification yeah so it's just it's.it's really recommended at this point.that you just do electronic direct.deposit because you'll get it so much.quicker we always recommend that.students track their borrowing you don't.want to graduate from college and have.no idea how much money you owe or how to.make repayment so the national student.loan data servicing website or nslds is.where you can view your whole loan.history this is really helpful.especially for students who have.transferred because if you've been to a.few different schools you know all your.award letters aren't in the same place.so it's hard to keep it can be hard to.keep track of your borrowing history so.if you log into nslds you'll be able to.see all your federal loan borrowing.history it will also show you any.federal grants that you've received if.you click on the loans on this website.you can see exactly who your low.service there is loan repayment is made.to a loan service or not directly to the.Department of Education so it's good to.identify your loan servicer this website.will also show you any interest that's.accrued on those unsubsidized loans that.you've taken out so it's good to.familiarize yourself with nslds and the.web address is right at the bottom nslds.IDI govt as a few reminders of the FAFSA.is available on the web at WWF PD that.gov you want to apply each year.beginning October 1st the month of.October is always going to be the best.and then watch for emails from the.financial aid department we don't send.spam so anything that we send is going.to be very important the UIC financial.aid office in particular we have to.shout us out to the Student Services.Building at 400 with Harrison Street.we're open Monday through Friday from.8:30 to 5:00 feel free to walk in.anytime on to access questions and then.the other financial aid offices and they.have their particular websites here so.if you want to find their location you.can just visit their websites yes thank.you ladies if you guys want to get.credit for towards the borrowing badge.which is ran through University student.financial services and cashier.operations student money management.center you can take the quiz that we.just put in the chat at godot you.illinois dot edu slash mmm financial aid.quiz this is a borrowing badge eligible.program if you complete two more.borrowing badge educational activities.then you will get the digital badge.which you can put on your linkedin.portfolio your website or wherever you.want to put it online you can show it to.potential employers and we know that.more and more employers are looking at.financial stability as a measure of.productivity in the workplace so any way.that you can show that you're.responsible with money can help you land.a job we're also wanting you to stay in.contact with us.UIC off.of student aid and scholarships yeah.financial aid and scholarships financial.aid yeah you got it thank you thank you.financial aid and scholarships they have.a Facebook page the student money.management Center is also on Facebook.Twitter YouTube and Instagram so you can.check us out lots of places we send.updates on new events we're doing or.partnering on like the one we did today.with UIC financial aid and scholarships.as well as contests and campaigns that.we're running so we had several.questions in the chat that I want to.make sure that we address one of the.questions was about cost of attendance.and taking in to consider and into.consideration in variable expenses I'd.to get this student to elaborate a.little bit on that but I might have.missed it I'm assuming that this is.referring to direct costs and indirect.costs yeah so and even for indirect.costs there are there can be variable.expenses so as far as direct costs for.from the university though those tend to.stay the same unless your major or.something like that changes what.indicates that your major change is you.know we will take that into account in.your cost of attendance if something.like your living expenses change and.they're significantly you know more than.what's listed on your on your award.letter there is what's called a budget.adjustment request which means that we.can review your personal documents you.know to see what your rent is and what.your personal expenses childcare is.often an expense that a lot of students.have that obviously isn't reflected on.your award letter if you show us.documents showing that you you know pay.X amount per month in child care we can.certainly increase your cost of.attendance and therefore your.eligibility for loans and other forms of.financial aid did that kind of answer.your question or or no yes he said okay.good care elaborate oh sorry.Andrea to elaborate on that what is.there a forum for students to fill out.if there is a special circumstance that.happens with their parent like losing a.job or something like that yes and just.to answer the question that just showed.up in chat.yes cost of attendance it comprises both.direct and indirect expenses so if those.indirect expenses on the award letter.don't reflect your personal expenses and.you feel you need more money there is a.forum called the budget adjustment.request on our website the financial aid.office at UIC we we have a forum section.on our website and it has a budget.adjustment request I'm not totally clear.what the policy is at the other two.campuses I know that they will entertain.budget adjustment requests I just don't.know if it's by foot you know where.their forms are located going for about.I think it's called a special.circumstances forum at Urbana and I'm.not sure what it's got is Springfield so.got it but they all you know they're all.asking for the same information for.example if a student you know 2016 was a.while ago at this point and that's the.information you're reporting on you're.1819 FAFSA if a parent has lost a job if.there's a death in the family.if there were you know very high medical.expenses that's actually called a change.of financial situation in that case we.want to you know review the improve you.know we may need to change the.information that was provided on the fat.or change we need to take the new.information into account to change your.expected Family Contribution which would.make you eligible potentially for more.aid so that's a change of financial.situation which is generally special.circumstances the budget adjustment.request is when the items in your award.letter cost of attendance no longer or.don't accurately reflect your your.financial situation such as the living.or personal expenses budget does that.make sense it's sort of two different.situations yep and just to clarify we're.looking at direct and indirect expenses.the only direct expenses that you'll.have from the university are your.tuition your fees and if you have a.differential that depends on your major.and then if you.our Fannie's campus housing you'll be.charged for worman room and board and so.when you're looking at your award letter.those variable expenses you're not.charged for those you're not charged for.books you're not charged for a.transportation you're not charged for.personal expenses those are just.different things that we come up with.the college students I cost that they.may incur but that's not something that.you would see reflected on your.university bill again if you're not.standing campus housing then that'll be.tuition and fees if you are standing.campus housing then you'll see tuition.fees as well as a room and board it's.important when you are budgeting for an.entire year of school to consider those.variable and invariable as someone said.earlier expenses and variable expenses.are usually lifestyle choice related so.if you can save some money for one year.of school living with roommates or.choosing lodging options that are less.than what you might want personally that.can help you save a lot of money on.school so it's important to consider.that factor 2 we have had some students.that chose to to live a little bit.outside their means and funded it with.loans and like we were talking about.earlier there are limits to how much.loans you can get so you want to be.careful there someone just put in a.private chat is it too late to search.for jobs for federal work-study um nope.at the UIC campus no you can certainly.still you can if you've been offered an.awarded federal work-study you can.certainly still look for jobs on campus.departments like hiring students with.federal work-study.earlier we also talked about prorated.can you explain prorated yeah so.prorated means that um you'll be charged.pretty much a fraction of the full cost.or you'll be credited a freshman of the.full cost and so for instance we're.looking at the Pell Grant and so when.you are twelve or more credit hours.you'll receive a hundred percent of your.allotment but if you are only nine three.eleven credit hours you'll receive 75%.and then if you are less than that you.can receive 50% and so that means that.you're just going to get a percentage of.your full allotment depending on your.credit hours the Pell Grant is twelve.credit hours you get the full amount but.the map great specifically is 15 credit.hours and so when our students are.enrolled in only fourteen credit hours.they'll see that they'll on receive a.hundred and sixty dollars less than the.full amount and again that's because.this prorated and so if you want the.maximum than 15 credit hours each time.um would be safe anything less than that.you will see that it's a little bit less.of the Matt grant that you're awarded so.we got two more questions the first one.is what is the EFC cutoff for grants.so for map it's around we don't actually.have the 1819 cutoff for do you know I.don't think we know the Pell numbers yet.three thing again do again but it's.around five that in the five thousand.range for a Pell map can be a little.higher it's usually in the six thousand.range for map and again you know if.you're in that five thousand range for.Pell you're probably not going to get.full Pell you're going to get a small.percentage of the Pell but up to about.five thousand dollars as an EFC you can.still get some Pell and then the.question about study abroad yes.students can use financial aid to fund.study abroad you do have to work with.the Study Abroad Office on your campus.because the charges show up a little bit.differently if you're studying abroad.sometimes the charges are not billed.through the university it's billed.through the study abroad program so it's.kind of it's different with every study.abroad program and I'm.the policies are different on each.campus so you can absolutely use your.awarded financial aid for study abroad.you just need to work with your.financial aid office and your Study.Abroad counselor to make sure that.you're you know following the proper.procedures did that answer that question.it looks like it all right any final.questions for us so we'll stick around a.couple more minutes don't feel obligated.to stay we have one Oh someone said this.was awesome so don't feel like places to.go or things to do thank you so much for.joining us today and answering in the.chat being really active with us we.really like it when people are active on.our webinars we will be making the.recording available later this week.along with all the resources we put in.the chat and Kerri and Dana think of.anything really insightful to add to it.we will also be packaging that and.sending an email to everyone that.registered today sounds great.what is CFC again expected Family.Contribution and it's determined by a.formula that includes the parents and.the students info on their financial.information as well as the number in the.family and the number of people in the.college that send at home and so that.determines what your family is expected.to contribute each year towards your.education and that calculation is made.by the Department of Education so that.the EFC is um it it's gonna it's going.to be the same no matter where you.attend if you attend UIC if you attend.loyal you know at any school you're.going to have the same EFC because the.Department of Education determines that.okay.all right there was a question in the.chat I'm not sure if it was answered if.students can fun study abroad anyone oh.yeah we did address that one so if you.think of any questions later that you.would like us to get answers to you can.email student Lenny at you Illinois edu.and we will try to find the answers to.your questions obviously we will direct.any UIC specific questions to Dana and.Carrie we're gonna go ahead and shut it.down since there doesn't seem to be any.more questions going on but again feel.free to email us if you do think of.anything later and.

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