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Steps of Customizing the Business Registration License Application Santa Fe Santafebiz

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registered in Jamaica so to.avoid this what the company's office is.Jamaica does is to offer a name.reservation service now this service is.not free but it seems out at that time.what happens is that when you are.reserving your name the company's office.will search its database to ensure that.there are no names that are close to the.one that you are choosing and once it is.that they find that your name is good.and you get the green light then you can.go ahead and reserve the name no there's.two methods to reserve the name or the.time periods you can reserve it for 1 7.days or to 90 days to reserve it for 7.days it costs $500 to reserve a company.important 90 days is 3,000 American.dollars so it all depends on when you.plan to register your company then you.can go ahead and select your reservation.period now you can reserve the name.either on the company's offices website.or at their Kingston or Montego Bay.branch now there are two types of.businesses that you can register Jamaica.one you can register business name or.you can incorporate a limited liability.company there are some costs way.different to set up our business name it.cost you $2,500 to register or a.partnership know what our regular.business name costs 2500 if you're doing.a partnership and you have more than.five partners in that partnership then.the price increases to $5,000 now.business names tend to need to be.renewed every three years so you're.going to need to pay attention to that.once you register a business name a sole.trader basis then when you're.registering you will notice that once.you get by the documents the credentials.for the business is not much different.from your own.so it basically takes your TR and so on.to register the business so it's pretty.much you are the one trading and so it's.going to.Jamie trading has Jamie writing or.something like that the partnership on.the other hand because it would have.more than one person's it would normally.get like its own tRNAs own credentials.to operate for a limited liability.company it goes you based on the same.process as registration for business.name the only difference is that you're.going to click some other buttons plus a.limited liability company needs a half.and Articles of Incorporation when.you're doing a business it costs you.24500 to in cooperative but there's a.kicker here if you pay only twenty four.thousand five hundred you are not going.to get the copies of the Articles of.Incorporation now if you plan to open a.bank account you're going to need the.Artic side cooperation huh to be honest.if you are going to incorporate a.limited liability company it makes no.sense you do double right.you're still going to need to pay an.additional $1,500 to have the Articles.of Incorporation printed and certified.so you can go to the bank and give your.bank accounts and so on so right there.you'll notice that the entire cost for.registering a limited liability company.is twenty six thousand dollars so what.as I said you can see OPA twenty four.thousand if you're short on cash but.then you have to go back to get the.articles if you want to get about cocoon.italia tidy alright.personally I think it's just best to go.near one time get everything over with.when you pick up the documents you get.everything all at once because company's.office always have a very long line and.I would say just get it to about one.time just with the company you're going.to get like full new credentials.everything the company will have its own.NIS TR and everything so because.companies limited liability companies.are basically occurs under themselves I.said this before in another video where.if it is that your company's like the.directors are your company feel.you as the owner is not acting in the.best interest of the company they can.actually get the court to get you all.the money to the company where I'm put.in the position we're just another.shareholder know what I'm going to do.guys I'm going to go to my computer.because I'm going to show you all the.different forms that you have to fill up.and there's a couple of things that you.need to take into consideration when.you're feeling these forums oh all right.as I said before I'm going to show you.the entire process that you need to go.through in order to incorporate your own.company no I'm going to switch over to.my computer here I'll show you the forms.and so on and we're to get them alright.as you can see here I'm already on the.company's office of Jamaica's website no.the website is or C Jamaica comm know.what I am going to show you guys here.are the forms that you need to get in.order to incorporate the company and so.on now you have a lot of forums users as.you can see there a lot of forums we.have like a hundred and eleven entries.as this arrow right here but we don't.need all of them to start a new company.so what I normally do is just come here.and filter my form by the group now we.have new business or new company depends.on what you want to do as I said you can.incorporate a business name or a limited.liability company now when you're.incorporating this you're going to need.the forms no normally what I choose are.the fillable forms because these.documents I think it's best not to put.your handwriting on them unless you're.right very good.right for me how about you chose your.writing so I'm going to tack up.everything so I know I'm gonna just use.the fillable forms and don't and just.only put my signature on the forms.alright so you can go ahead download the.fillable forms and fill them out because.as you can see here this is same.business registration form for new.companies and business names super form.no remember I said that incorporating a.company and starting a business.it normally starts out the same way.because this form right here is the same.form that you fill out to start the.company and the business name.the difference is Articles of.Incorporation.so here I've already gone ahead and.filtered it again by new company no for.the new company as I said the other form.is Articles of Incorporation now most.companies are limited by shares and that.is the one I would say to incorporate.that you can incorporate by different.stuff you can incorporate by guarantee.and so on but the regular company to.incorporate is one that is incorporated.by shears all right and see right here.we have the CMB RF form this is a.fillable one this is non fillable one so.for the non fillable you would have to.go ahead and write it up okay know what.i have up here is a very first form this.is a PRF form the one that I use.register a business name as well as a.company and partnerships know the first.thing you see when you pull up this form.are the instructions no this is saying.that here we are application for new.companies new business trnn is DCC and.so on no this shows all of the acts and.so on that this form speaks to know.under that we have the instructions no.it says this form should be used by our.customers when creating either new.company or a new business name okay so.one thing you do guys make sure you read.the instructions for these things when.you are filling them out because here.it's going to even show you where you.need to fill out depending on what.you're going to do so this is when.you're creating a new company you need.to fill out form 1a 1b 1c depending on.what you're doing no as I said we would.normally do companies limited by sheer.so we would fill out a form 1e to do a.company limited by shares when you start.the form if you notice right here I.can't really enter anything on the form.I need to tell the form what it is.trying to do so these are the only two.things that I can select so what I'm.going to do here is to select whether I.want to incorporate a company or I want.to do a business name now when you.select one of them then that is where.you see how the pharmacy so once you.select what you want to do you can also.select a type of organization whether.it's a government organization and.not-for-profit or other know.not-for-profit organizations there are.two ways to actually do them you can.register with the chart of organ there's.a charitable Society they can register.charities with or you can do them.through the company's office all right.but we normally click other because.we're doing for-profit entities now.after just like a commencement date and.so on if I had chosen company here then.I would have to select whether it's a.private or a public company right here.but let's select company for no now I'm.going to select a business name and so.on okay so see right here I have to.select what I want a public or private.company normally public companies are.listed on it Jamaica Stock Exchange so.persons can go ahead and buy shares in.that company no not because they select.privately running no means that the.company will always be private if you.decide at some point in time you want to.have your company listed on the stock.exchange you can go ahead and put in a.new request for it to be transitioned.over to a public company alright no this.these forms are pretty simple so here we.have the name of the business or the.company so this is where your name.reservation would come in so it's like.the name that you want I can select me.if I had selected that no if you want to.you can put anything as I said just.ensure that a reservation came through.because you don't want to fill out the.form saying that you sure no one took.your name but then when you go there you.have to do it all over again all right.so just make sure you do that.reservation guys so you have your name.your company name I fill out all these.no once you have your business you have.to have an address this is where you.fill out your address and so on so it's.pretty standard what you're going to do.is you have your address here your.mailing address you're going to also put.your actual business location which.can't be the same as your registered.address know the registered address is.normally will keep all the business.documents and so on see you are to.design corporation incorporation.certificate and so on so that's a pretty.basic stuff right here no this one here.is will you choose what it is that you.do with your business so find boxes it's.pretty straightforward what you're going.to put in them all right.no number of directors the reason why.this asked for number of Directors here.is that the form is pretty intuitive.because if you put two directors what is.going to do is only free up two slots so.you can't enter a third director once it.is that you choose to you can only.choose two slots so if you're going to.enter a five persons make sure you put.five persons here so that way the form.will open up five persons because see.right here none of this is openness yet.because I didn't tell it how many.directors I'm putting in now when I top.down see right here is tell me that.she'll is required for individual.directors exceeding poor so once you.have five you're going to need to fill.out another form now the other form is.pretty much the same thing as this right.here where we have director some.proprietors it's just on another sheet.because this she can only have four at a.time.he can't go passport all right so you.put in your name sex and so on address.telephone number for the person you can.also select if this person is a company.secretary no if you don't select this.person's a company secretary then later.on in the form you're going to need to.have a company secretary named an XD.depending on the type of business that.you're opening you're going to need to.show like a professional certifications.and so on so like if you are a doctor.you need to show all these professional.certifications to show them that right.here so field are professional you're.going to need to show your certification.so whatever for a doctor they will get.your certification from Medical Society.of Jamaica and so on and I think it.expires like annually or something like.that so you put that information in here.and also provide that certificate from.them to show that you are a registered.practicing doctor in Jamaica before you.can incorporate a company to do medical.services or something like that all.right so as I say you go to the farm in.a pretty standard stuff guys are you.pretty much need to do is to read this.one right here there is I stopped and.this is because not only persons can be.directors you can also select companies.to be directors now when you select a.company to be a director you have to.fill out their information here select a.classification at a company and so on.but for all purposes as persons as small.business owners guys we normally don't.have a company that is a director so we.can pretty much just bypass this portion.of it all right this is where I told.that if you didn't select someone as a.company secretary then you're going to.have to enter their information right.here so this is we enter your company.sector normally for a new company you.can select multi directors to be the.company secretary GCT registration now.in Jamaica currently if you're making.over 10 million per year then you should.register for GCT but if you're not going.to make that you can't go ahead and.select no here because once it's not.past is threshold then you don't need to.apply for GCT is when you feel that.you're going to pass a 10 million dollar.threshold in a single year that you.would need to register for it GCT you.can also get your TCC so once you do in.a new company you can apply for a TCC at.the same time and so on now here we have.one of the directors sign in the.declaration because you're going.someone to sign the form correct yeah so.somebody has to sign the form guys and.then once you put it in you have someone.else file because normally not the.directors for the company would file the.form so who supervised file in the form.for you they will put all their.information including their TRN now this.is right here that will put all the.directors so if you notice right here we.have one two three four five slots open.but we still have three slots that we.can't select that's because we chose.five as the number of Directors that we.will be using for our company.no that's a pretty standard soft or near.company secretary information here again.and their IDs and so forth now after you.pass this section there are more.information down here one of the things.that you need to pay attention to at the.bottom of the form not in the.justification if you notice here you can.only choose a certain name or you can't.choose certain names like Chrome.you can't choose chrome it has to have.an e at the end can be just Chrome or.royal it has a van yet and also but what.I want to show you guys is right here.certification table depending on what it.is that you're registering your company.to do you need to know if you need to.provide additional support.so for accountants they need to show.that their license with the public.accountant support and they need to show.all their certifications now as you see.here you have architect legal attorney.law barbers banks beauty therapist and.so on so there are a few of them that.you need to take into consideration when.you do it see physiotherapists.radiographer and so on.so make sure you read this part and.ensure that whatever business you're.incorporating you have all the necessary.license and so on submit to the.company's office if it falls in one of.these categories next we're going to.look at the Articles of Incorporation.now I told you before this is what.differentiates a company from a business.no articles have in cooperation you're.pretty much going to pop up what you put.on the regular form over here but you.just gonna have a couple of different.things and I'm going to highlight them.in this form so we're gonna choose our.new in cooperation here and so on the.name of our company which we already.have the well this you only choose a.justification if it's a you can actually.leave it blank no you choose the type of.company your core business that's what.your company is going to do but it's not.normally restricted so even though you.choose your core business here you can't.venture off into different aspects apart.from your core business no as I said.right here comp in telephone no these.are your Articles of Incorporation right.here you need to tick the box that.pretty much relates to you and then.submit the form with the ones that you.want to use when you're incorporating a.company limited liability company with.the shares you have to select the amount.of shares that you're going to have in.the company.so this is what you do right here you.tell that moment assurance that you want.so you can see you want 1 million shares.or 10 million shares it all depends on.what you want to do guys and you can.also break down the amount of shoes that.you have so you can see that you have.ordinary shares or preference shoes we.already did a video about ordinary shoes.and prevent shares I'm also going to.leave a link to that video in the.description below so you guys can go.ahead and watch it after you watch this.one so you can get an understand of what.ordinary share is and what preference.shares are no right here we have.restrictions so you can be sad.restrictions because a private company.you can decide who you want the shares.to be transferred so whatever it is for.this one here they have given you like.on an example so it says directors must.give consent to the transfer of shares.but you can make it whatever you want.it's all up to you at the end of the day.so just go to you guys and as I said.majority of this is the same information.as we had put in the first.one for register and business name or.the limited liability company so it's.all going to have the same thing but a.next thing that you need to look out for.is right here beneficial owners know.this is where you're going to tell who.actually owns the companies now it's.normally one of the directors for a.smaller company so you can have them so.you put their name their address their.nationality their occupation and you're.also going to put how many shares they.own one no remember all depends on how.much you own show so much control you.have over the company so for a smaller.company if you don't want to issue out.all the shares to yourself then I would.recommend having at least 51% of the.company between 51 to 60 percent of the.company ensure that you always have.control so if you go through you will.notice even in this form you can have.companies CC particles of subscribers.who are companies so here again we can.have companies owned in other companies.because as I said before there are their.own persons at the end of the day so.after you go through the form you can.see where you need to fill out and so on.and then you just pretty much finish it.off right here you have to have the.person filing it again with their.information and you have your director.information right here with the email.address PR and your name and everything.your company secretary needs to sign.right here and so on.so these are the things you need to look.over for when you open in your own.company guys so these are the forms that.you have to float and such if you need.more information guys you can actually.reach out to because I normally feel.these are forms out for new businesses.and so on but you can also go in the.company's office website to see if it is.that the information that you want is.there just reach out to me so thanks for.watching guys if you enjoyed the video.please hit that like button subscribe if.you have.subscribe and as always thanks for.watching.so even though I showed you guys these.forms and so on you can still join the.companies of this website and see how.everything is there and just get.yourself comfortable with the.information on this side alright.[Music].

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You cannot fill the application form again with same registration id . if something is going wrong in that application form then you fill another application form with new registration id. but you cannot give the ssc exam with both application form. you only once give the exam at one registration id. if you take the exam two types then SSC CANELLED your candidature. and also you debarred from SSC examination further for 3 years.

I have created a registration form in HTML. When someone fills it out, how do I get the filled out form sent to my email?

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