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youtube video

Guide of How To Fill The Trade Mark Forms

alright hi again attorney Steve entre.and we're back licensed pecs law.California in Arizona we take federal.trademark cases and copyright cases.intellectual property nationwide alright.in this video we are going to be talking.about the getting a trademark without.hiring an a lawyer okay so a lot of.people want to come out of the gates a.lot of startups they want their.trademarks but they're not going we had.then the attorneys want like fifteen.hundred bucks or two grand and so this.video really is about how to get your.trademark to apply for a trademark.without an attorney if you're in that.position so let's just go the trademarks.is basically a federal this is a federal.registration system okay so there are.state trademarks you can register to get.state trademark protection in your state.most states that I'm aware of have a.state trademark registration system but.really the granddaddy and what everybody.wants is these federal trademarks these.are gonna give you the nationwide rights.that's what a lot of companies are.looking for especially just getting out.of the gate wanting that protection that.they can sell nationwide okay and this.is for your goods or your services you.can get a trademark for your products.you can get a service mark for your.services okay so what I'm looking for.actually is a I'm gonna be going for a.service mark to describe my services.from my law firm and I'm looking for the.name the first name in legal services so.one of my branding techniques that I use.on facebook on my live videos and.elsewhere is attorney Steve comm the.first name in legal services and so I.want to go get a trademark for that.today so what I want to do is just go to.the USPTO that's the Patent and.Trademark Office click on your trademark.button and if you want to search it's.always recommended that you first do a.search just to see if there's anyone.else already there why would you plot.apply for a trademark if somebody's.already there you would be wasting your.money okay and once you file these.things you can't get them you can't get.your money back okay so let's just go.the first name in legal services and.let's do a search and see if anybody has.that so I searched I don't see anything.there.I feel pretty comfortable now I've also.done that which you haven't seen I've.also done what I just call a common law.search searching around seeing seeing.what else might be out there but I.didn't see anything so I feel pretty.good that I can get a service mark for.the first name in legal services which.describes my services.we are the first named attorney Steve.calm ok so what I'm gonna do is I'm.gonna say fine I feel good about that.I'm gonna go get that trademark so.here's how I do it ok so go back to your.USPTO click your trademarks button go.apply online now this is T's and there's.different ways to apply but I just come.right here to the t's ok and you have.your t's reduced form regular form T's.plus form now you can see here the.classes of goods and services here only.225 and it goes up from there.the t's reduce fee form if you have a.long description that you want to get in.there this is it's better to go this way.I just filed one for example for.clothing and because I had hurt you know.shirts hats hoodies you know all that.stuff I put it in here with a with a.with a special description of the goods.ok so but I'm gonna go for my purposes.I'm gonna go right here it's 225 per.class of goods and services and we'll.get to that in a second but here's all.you do click on this and this is gonna.pull up the page read everything on this.page I don't have time to go over all.this for you this is quick and dirty but.read everything on the page they.understand what's going on and for me.since I'm an attorney filing this.application I'm gonna get right into it.yes if you had a previously saved file.that you were working from you could do.that but I'm just gonna go continue so.that's easy page 1 owner of the mark is.gonna be my law office right there so.you type in the name of your law office.or whoever is gonna own the mark and it.could be a corporation in my case it's a.corporation could be individual it could.be a partnership joint venture you could.just be a sole proprietor doesn't really.matter get that in there if you're a.company you may want to consider.corporations and we can help you with.California and Arizona corporations but.once you select that get your state in.there this is going to be California.okay and then you're gonna have your.street address so we're just gonna use.our our office address there up in San.Francisco California and you can do your.zip code do you zip code there and you.can type in some of this is.pre-populated from previous trademark.filings your phone your fax the items in.red are required you have to have those.these you do not but these can be deemed.as helpful if you have a website you can.put that in there if you want and I'm.just going I'll just put for now I'll.put the attorney Steve calm I've got my.email address in there so bingo so now.you're done with two pages okay check to.make sure everything's right you want.this to be accurate okay so check to.make sure everything's right if you say.yes that looks good go continue down.here at the bottom okay so now you're.down with two pages you're working your.way through here okay.owner of the mark corporation whoops.you must specify through one or if you.make an error you will see this up here.at the top which is good it just alerts.you that there's an area you must.specify through one of the four check.box DBA also known as the actual name so.here whether these problem is I.accidentally pre-populated that I did.not want to do that so I'm not I'm not a.DBA I'm not also known as it's none of.that so let's just keep it at that and.let's try to continue again okay so now.we're on the next page now they're.asking me what kind of mark I'm applying.for if you're doing a logo and all that.stuff you can click here special you can.also get trademarks for sounds people.don't know that a lot of people don't.know that but like the intel sound do do.do you know you can your any any kind of.sound mark that's distinguishing your.goods and services you can get a sound.mark for that's pretty cool if you think.about it so think about that this is.your logos but for me this is just a.standard character and I'm just gonna.put the first name the first if I can.type it that is the first name in legal.services okay so that's what I want you.can preview it here.the first name in legal services like.yeah maybe I'll just capitalize the I.while I'm at it you know so we'll just.we'll just do that the first name and.legal services okay that looks good.that's what I want that's gonna be my.trade Markus should we call it my.service mark a same thing when you get a.trademark or a service mark you get the.R with the circle on it that's what you.want okay so that's what we're going for.now if you have an additional statement.to add sometimes you have this happens.quite a bit II actually you have to.disclaim something like let's just say.you're trying to get the word amazing.legal well you'll have to disclaim the.words amazing you'll have to disclaim.the word legal and you would just come.through here check the box and you would.just come in here this is important and.a lot of times I'll see applications.that are rejected or you'll get an.office action letter from the USPTO.because they'll say you didn't disclaim.the word legal you can't be that you.can't have a monopoly on the word legal.what are you thinking so but because.mine's a phrase the first name in legal.services you know I should be good on.that so I'm not gonna I'm not gonna go.with that so I'm just gonna put the.first name in legal services no.additional statement because it's just a.slogan and it's in its and you know if.you want like I say you know you could.put you can put this I mean it's up to.you but you so you can come here and.then maybe just to disclaim it we'll put.I'm not seeking any exclusive right to.use the word legal services apart from.the mark so that may help the examiner.okay these these once filed they go to.an examiner who examines them to see if.there's any prior marks or any conflicts.or anything out there in what we call.the common law or any domain.registrations or state trademark.registrations or looking for confusingly.similar similar marks if there's already.a confusingly similar mark that's out.there in the big world or if there's a.pending trademark application you might.not get your mark that's why it's kind.of important to search do a good search.in advance before you're trying to file.these so you've seen we've rolled.through these pages pretty quick.actually so now we're down here.to adding and again read these pages.lots of information on here there's some.helpful videos and things that can that.can help you if you don't know what.you're doing okay of course we also.always recommend seeking legal advice.this videos not a substitute for legal.services or seeking legal sir or seeking.it's not a substitute for you know.retaining a counsel and discussing with.a lawyer okay it's just general.information but I'm gonna add goods or.services is the next thing you do now.what this is basically is so I have my.my legal services and you know it what.the USPTO has done is broken the the.basically broken the business world down.into 45 different classifications and.you're trying to tell the trademark.examiner which classification you're in.you can't get a protection in every.single category I mean like I wouldn't.get first name in legal services for.clothing I mean that wouldn't be I mean.you guess you could do it if you wanted.to but you know I want to get into the.legal services category so what you got.to do is hit your ad goods and services.okay now up here I can just this is very.helpful legal services let's just type.that here so here's the different.classes now remember I said it was 0 to.45 you have these different.classifications and now also so let's.just look at that actually I'm I don't.want to digress on you but so you have.all these different legal services that.you can that you can find out some of.them most of them as you can see are in.class 45 so that's looking like it's.going to be the the the category that I.want to be in but let's see you also see.like 36 automotive Club services.providing reimbursement for legal fees.see that's not exactly where I want to.be so what you're looking for is this.one you know legal services namely.providing customized information.counseling advice and litigation.services in all areas of international.law well I'm not doing international law.so that doesn't quite fit and as I.mentioned in the first screen if you.have a custom description that you want.to use you can go to the t's RF that's.the reduced.that would been at the different link to.start with and you can go in there and.put your custom names in but so I'm kind.of looking for something you know like.this legal services namely providing.customized documentation information.counseling advice and consultation.services in all areas of and you can.special specialize your law so that's.pretty close you know saw take a look at.that and then what you do basically you.come down here insert your checked.entries so I clicked as you can see.where was that class 45 legal services.okay so you got your class 45 and you.have different things here legal.advisory services legal consultation.services like I said all kinds of.different things but let's just say that.you feel do you feel good and you say.let's let's go let's insert the check to.entries and we're right here actually so.legal services namely providing.customized documentation information.counseling advice and consultation.services in all areas of now you can get.narrow and you could put you know.copyright law all areas of copyright law.that would give you really more specific.protection but I'm gonna put.intellectual property law that's what.I'm gonna put pain so we're just gonna.add that actually we're gonna remove.that okay so you have that there okay so.we have our class 45 we have our legal.services okay.and that's intellectual property law.that's what we want to do let's see.let's just do but let's open it up a.little bit more because sometimes I do.different cases I'm gonna put business.real estate and intellectual property.law since I also do cases in these other.areas okay so what you're gonna do there.so you have that and you are going to.you are going to insert the checked.entries now you can see what it's done.okay so now we're on the next page the.basis for filing page okay we'll talk.about that a second again little helpful.videos here if you want to do it if you.want to go and add more classes and.goods or services in other words you.want to be in additional classes besides.45 maybe you wanted to get back in that.other one or maybe you wanted to get.into the educational class or clothing.class you would go back and add more.classes okay but I'm fine with this and.again you want to just check it okay I.got my class legal services this is what.I'm doing advice counseling consultation.services in all areas of business real.estate intellectual property law okay so.I'm narrowing it down there so somebody.wanted to come in and do this in divorce.law well maybe maybe they would have an.argument that there that it's different.but there would also be an argument that.there's a likelihood of consumer.confusion which would allow if my.trademark registered would allow me to.try to oppose somebody else's.registration of the same mark so but I.like to put it in the areas where I.practice I like to be specific and say.this is what I do and if you're in.divorce law do I really care if you say.you're the first name in legal services.and divorce law you know not really I.mean I'm not I'm not competing with you.I'm not concerned that our our clients.are going to be confused okay so let's.get down so now we've got our trademark.we have done that now let's see what.else we have here.okay so you're gonna do the section 1 B.now they're actually I should just say.these are the two main ways that marks.are registered there's foreign marks.here but let's not concern ourselves.with that either you're actually using.this mark in commerce now or you're.intending to use it so intent to use is.what we call the 1b filing that's for.the startup companies and they're saying.well I'm just starting up and I but I.want to preserve this so we can go and.put a lot of marketing and put a bunch.of advertising we want to get some.investors you know let's get our.trademark.so this would be your one be filing if.you're already using it in commerce.that's interstate commerce between at.least two states then you can go do an.intent now so what I have if I go to my.my main website you can see that I have.this this is my main website you can see.that I have this here welcome tourney.Steve calm the first name in legal.services so I'm using this on my.internet which is accessible by all.states and countries so that's basically.being used in interstate commerce so.we're good with that now so let's do so.I'm actually using the marks let's do as.section 1a actually using the mark in.commerce now let's click that button and.I must have already clicked it so let's.just go continue whoops no I guess I.didn't so it's sometimes you got to play.with this a little bit so I'm using my.mark now okay now it's asking me you can.see here let's just and again you got.your videos up here instructional bases.blah blah blah if you want to add more.goods and services just go here okay and.again if you wanted to customize this.you would go back and use the t's reduce.v RF okay and then you could customize.it but so I've got this you know fairly.well customized now what they need is a.specimen since you said you're using it.in commerce they want to see a specimen.so I go okay let's get you a specimen.from my computer let's choose a file and.I'm gonna go to my downloads and I'm.gonna do the first name in legal.services there's my there's my JPEG and.that's just a shot at my home screen.okay that's all I'm doing.so I'm gonna attach that any first name.there it is my JPEG I'm attached that.and there it is you can see it link.there so you're good right now you're.going to want to return to application.and you see your file as attached that's.what you need to make sure that your.file is attached and it's asking you for.a description this is an example of.using my slogan on the home page to my.legal website so tell them what it is.and then they want to know the date of.first mark used anywhere anytime the.mark was first used and I've used it.some some prior times to this I and you.know I don't know the exact date but.let's just say I know I was using it in.the month of October so I'm just gonna.use that date and I believe that's also.the first date of use in commerce so.I've been using this for about you know.about a month now so I'm gonna just go.actually it's not 2013 let's check your.dates as I said always check so that's.when I've been using the mark in.commerce okay so we're doing that we've.got this so we've got our classification.we got our description of the goods and.services we got our 1b is our filing.basis that's intent to use okay and.we've got we've got our specimen.attached we've got a description we've.got our dates of first use so now we're.going to assign the filing basis down.here okay.so now you got that and again they tell.you you have to make sure the statements.are accurate because you know you know.they have to be accurate or you're.you're subject to cancellation they're.also if you're doing the 1b which is the.intent to use notice here I'm doing the.1a which means I'm actually using it if.you're doing the 1b you have to have a.bonafide intention to use the mark with.all goods and services so when you make.that big laundry list of all the.clothing things that you're gonna get a.trademark on with your intent to use and.you say I want to make this incredible.clothing line with every piece of Beach.beat can't be careful because you there.needs to be a bonafide attention to use.the mark on all goods and services and.the examiner could require that proof by.the way so but that's it so you're.getting that set up so now.continue if you have an attorney doing.this which is me then yes I would do you.know I would do my name you can add this.information in and you know street.address I could add all that in again.I've got my firm in there that's PC.sometimes you gotta kinda mess with that.so we're just gonna do that check your.address is city state zip boom check.your emails and then really all you're.doing down here is check to authorize.them to the USPTO to communicate with.you so do continue so we got an address.right hit continue your work in it okay.so now you're getting down here you're.trying to register this on the principal.register where you want to be so just.check everything looks good looks good.looks good here they're gonna ask you to.add a secondary email address I'll put.my wife sometimes she'll be on there if.I need it so again so that's it you just.double-check everything looks good phone.number right continue now as you see I.only picked one class and that was that.legal services class 45 so I'm seeking.the service mark in that area okay 225.is the fee I mean I'm using the t's.online so that's 225 not too bad right.that's us all I'm paying for a trademark.okay so signature method I'm just gonna.do sign directly right here.I'm gonna put this you really just kind.of put your lips kind of just put your.initials in the brackets there see I'm.using those brackets you put my name.there's my name pre-populates my phone.and then click on that you'll get your.date 11 116 so that's really it read the.declaration you're signing this.basically saying that you all your.statements are true that you're being.honest and accurate and then you're just.simply going to validate okay oops I.forgot to see you again they put some.time so I forgot the signatories.position and I'm just gonna put attorney.forgot to put that in there.then I'm gonna validate okay then you.get to this page you're just about done.you're just about done here's your.chance to check what you've done you've.got your input go ahead and take a peek.at that and just go down and make sure.this is informations accurate once you.submit it you may have a hard time.changing anything okay so we got the.mark then I've got my slogan there the.first name in legal services make sure.that looks right the mark consists of.standard characters without any claim to.particular font style color size or.color I don't care I just want the name.and then I'll figure out how I want to.use it there's my address phone number.got a website there just for reference.corporation in California here's my.international class 45 here's my.identification.we got a section 1a filing it i've been.used anywhere at least as early as ten.one and my first use in commerce is.about the same date I started using at.the same time and my specimen okay so if.you got all that in there you got to be.feeling pretty good these are some extra.areas where you can translate and that's.one of the screens if you've got to go.back if you're using someone's name.image or likeness you got to get consent.so but other than that and I've got my.disclaimer no claim is made to the.exclusive right to use legal services.apart from the mark shown I can't be the.only person that uses that alright so.you got all that down looks pretty good.I got my T's plus all right so let's.just go back and I feel good let's just.check the mark one last time the first.name in legal services looks good let's.go back and here's some other things.that you can look at but I really don't.focus on I give a second little email.acknowledgment there you got to put your.email in a bunch of times so there it is.boom boom boom looking good in the hood.and then you come over here if you've.read and understood the pay is again.read these instructions don't skip over.them just because I am I've read these.so I'm not gonna read them again but.take your time read everything in here.okay and then really once you're done.with that click that box pay submit pay.submit okay that's gonna take you to a.payment page.okay now if you're registered in here.you can sign in I just pay as a guest.bought up being hit that get in there.I'm not gonna do this page for you but.you know that's it you're gonna put your.credit card payment in and wad up being.bada-bing go that's how you file a.trademark people that's how you do is it.that's how the big fancy lawyers do we.all go through this page so there you.have it never let it be said that you.can't start your business on a.shoestring budget.get your corporations get your.trademarks protect your intellectual.property and if you need help where are.you gonna go attorney Steve calm the.first name in legal services thank you.all I hope you've enjoyed this video if.you like my channel like my videos give.me a subscribe if you've got any.comments give me some comments feel free.to share this video on your social media.networks and I hope you guys go out and.kill it in business make millions baby.have fun do what you love and fire your.boss just kidding that's one of our.jokes fire your boss and start your own.company okay take care everybody turn.you Steve out.

How to generate an electronic signature for the How To Fill The Trade Mark Forms online

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How To Fill The Trade Mark Forms FAQs

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Why don't schools teach children about taxes and bills and things that they will definitely need to know as adults to get by in life?

You Don't Get The Premium Channels Because they are not the children of the School nor of the State, they are citizens. While it is necessary, it is not done because YOUR family should do this for you, should be making an effort to understand how. The assumption that school is to teach a person about the immensity of life is ridiculous and one of the ways that society leans on school (government) rather than self-empowerment. You get what you pay for. If school is a free public service than you can’t have the premium channels. Now that omission might screw up the usage of those skills but schoo Continue Reading

Do military members have to pay any fee for leave or fiancee forms?

First off there are no fees for leaves or requests for leave in any branch of the United States military. Second there is no such thing as a fiancée form in the U.S. military. There is however a form for applying for a fiancée visa (K-1 Visa)that is available from the Immigration and Customs Service (Fiancé(e) Visas ) which would be processed by the U.S. State Department at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy overseas. However these fiancée visas are for foreigners wishing to enter the United States for the purpose of marriage and are valid for 90 days. They have nothing to do with the military and are Continue Reading

What would you do if a perfect stranger stopped by your house, gave you a bag containing a million dollars, said to you, "Take it, it's yours", and then walked away?

I'd think, "Wow, finally, here's that million bucks this guy owed me from 3 lifetimes ago. Sometimes karma isn't a bitch" Then, I'd take it straight to the bank and have it checked for authenticity. If its real, I deposit it. If not, toss it. Then, I pay it forward, I give to all of my favorite charities. I've got everything I need. People are hungry and have no shoes. Research needs to be done for diseases that kill children. Animals need food and shelter, people devastated by natural disasters need help. I'd give every dime of it back, as easily as it came to me, and with great joy. W Continue Reading

How do I file a trade name in Louisiana?

The easiest solutions that I've found:Use a wildcard to match the filename for deletion. Find the file's i-number (inode) with ls -i and then use find . -inum <your corrupted file's i-number> -exec rm {} \;. You can also do find . -inum <your corrupted file's i-number> -exec mv {} <your new file name> \; to move it somewhere else first, before deleting.More tips here: http://books.google.com/books?id=tDDb5zRoONwC&pg=SA13-PA24&lpg=SA13-PA24&dq=deleting+file+with+control+character+in+name&source=bl&ots=wSd6SmiD4R&sig=1xBQA4N-O9TOHukzJ--xBaagCXQ&hl=en&sa=X&ei=pT1gT6O2HeqKiALj7-2iBA&ved=0CGs Continue Reading

How do I apply for a trademark?

A trademark can be any word, sign, symbol or graphic that you apply to your company, goods or services to distinguish them from those of your competitors; for example, a brand, product or company name, or logo. The trademark serves as a badge of origin for your business and its brands and products, and can consist of words, logos, images, slogans, shapes and colors, or a combination of all of these. A trademark protects your brand. The brand is how customers recognize your business. This is the business's livelihood. Without trademark protection, another company could use your brand. You can pr Continue Reading

What is the trademark filing fee?

The USPTO won't accept an application without a filing fee so don't expect to get a registration without paying one. I agree with the other answer so no need to repeat that.

How long does it take to get a trademark?

US LAW: The whole process takes at least a year. It can take longer if your lawyer has to respond to office actions. It can take longer still if someone files an opposition during publication. But if all goes well, it will be anywhere from 12 - 16 months.

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