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this is the toughest test yet though and.this is probably the best team in the.country they're going against what.Jacques Martinez yesterday said against.Florida State the challenge was scoring.is the Seminoles have the best defense.in the country the challenge against.Kansas is to keep the Jayhawks from.score this broadcast been brought to an.HDTV by LG life is good.the officiating crew Ted Valentine has.had six final 40 Green.[Applause].the cancers in the light controller.[Applause].Keef Mallis is filing a VCU comes out in.an aggressive man to man defense more.Kansas attacks inside immediately that's.their strength when they're at their.best ignores twigs the guards have.grateful spacing we can all shoot the.ball is the team that gets good shots.every trip down the floor minute silky.father so many folks on the day of the.night against Richmond most only five.points six rebounds not just two of.eight as well the Marcus.[Applause].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].the boilers been a DJ hailing up to stop.Marcus Morris Peters man.[Music].two times now.turns it over laughs good morning stars.[Applause].babe.[Applause].[Music].33 assists six he stepped out Marcus.borrows going baseline.[Applause].now take a look at Kansas using that.passing angle Morris ceiling skiing on.the post up and Kansas has such great.great spacing because the ability to.shoot that three-pointer and their.guards are all great pulse fever so.that's what makes them so efficient.together.[Music].a disputes.her suit from the field which leads the.venture and immediately begins at this.rate our curators Marcus Baris calls.they had shot 52:51 at 38 percent and.their great passing team as.right there again.right off the bat Kansas trying to tell.VCU inside.the first shot we thought about monkeys.this is what kids has been on fighting.off a blitz tickle first home has been a.spooky behave Tom they won it by 20 that.was right there reverse monkey running.redick's gonna play a big role here barb.because he's got the size to deal with.Juarez Taylor.in his foul but Javonte retic is a key.guy for this club because Haley just a.freshman not really ready for a game.like this and Redick the only reserve.player on VCU on that front line that.could deal with the size and strength of.the Morris twins.key for Virginia Commonwealth the.three-point shooter they lit up the.other night in social media updates and.the course of the gold miner.I fought an iPad with an NCAA mark.madness I'm denying act for the tears go.to mmod got a ciear.[Applause].the six for seven the other night.against Florida State from three wall.that's how PC must apply.really push the ball in transition it.because that's what they'll get - it.looks against his Kansas defense those.two things purchases of his last 12.attempts from three-point line that's a.bad sound because he already picked up.the one talked about his importance in.this game you have one player you can't.commit the silly foul so far from the.zoo there comes the other hot shooter -.VCU.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].Marcus Morris off to the quick start in.six bones and a rare turnover for joy.although social handed.that's gravy Nixon really the potential.stopper for this team in his boarding.Tyshawn Taylor three points you get from.Nixon.[Applause].good job I for judicata walk.[Applause].[Music].muskie.[Applause].[Applause].together through mark you say yes.and it's right there.well stuffed by Reed.[Music].[Applause].Morris such a complete player bolted to.the floor Marcus Morris the big 12.player that you're showing it at both.ends of the court.let's take a look at our tournament.summary how about Brad Stevens partner.team defeating Florida and overtime.yesterday to make it to a second.straight bottle fourth and others Kapil.welcome at new conscient a huge team.fourth final four in the history of the.school nine consecutive win the last 19.that was that was an amazing game both.those games were terrific UConn.weathering that storm early against.Arizona and then when Derrick Williams.got into foul trouble really changed.everything the guy who really impressed.me more with Jeremy Lamb the freshman.with his shooting down the stretch I.thought he was the key guy for UConn the.trivia Commonwealth and those astronauts.we was over at 27.[Music].a fairly strong player 240 pounds and.the head to the lightest to Thomas.Robinson just get checked in play very.well.I think he's a key guy for VCU tonight.he's a leading scorer and rebounder but.it was just okay the other day I mean he.didn't have a great game against Florida.State and Shaka Smart told me yesterday.Fox Keane was a little out of sorts.pride in himself and he was going to be.extremely motivated to play against.Kansas today and they need a big game.[Applause].the entire Ottoman have their travel.right here man I think most of those.medics came early against Boston.University I mean it's been smooth.sailing it's apparent early as the.Shawntel of misses the three ECU is not.backing down these guys are here for a.reason they're gonna give Kansas always.a handle.[Applause].to get it down low I think they got a.three-second call on Markieff Morris and.say the Rams have done a nice job.adjusting after those first three.possessions when Kansas got the ball.inside with ease they made a nice.adjustment Shaka Smart has more weak.side players packing the lane it's going.to be important for Kansas to do what.they do which is swing the ball from.side to side and knock down some.three-pointers otherwise that lane will.be closed for quite some time here.[Applause].picked off totally recovered I was a.part of tapioca hot had the other night.the father's Park 400 counted well that.is out burgers.his first and with the clock stopped VCU.will pick up full this is what they like.to do pressure.Daniel Marvin you look at Kansas as.scheduled you look for a team that maybe.plays a similar style Missouri that Mike.Anderson felt for crushing.24 times.in February as this time Marcus Morris.scores against that press but that.Missouri game I think watching tape.releasing game Thompson head that they.can bother Kansas with that cohort.pressure and we'll see if that's the.case.this is the first time that these two.skills that ever been as even a driller.from downtown now keep in mind to only.one day to prepare.I thought Kansas having full days to.prepare for Richmond who's at Princeton.[Applause].was found touch foul on now the game has.turned because of the pace and VCU now.has the floor spread they had gone to a.smaller lineup with multiple three-point.shooters and skiing if he's knocking.that one down Marv he becomes a major.matchup problem for Kansas because he.also has the ability to go inside as we.saw earlier by digoxin Josh so you.talked about the Kansas oven.[Music].[Applause].that was first information allowing just.36% pretty heel is followed Sophia will.go to the line and think it may have.been he was skiing yeah I was skiing on.that post move all right I think Elijah.Johnson got him coming down to help on.that double team.so Johnson picks up the foul.Florida State head coach women Hamilton.so ECU hits every really tough shot some.from the party - maybe on NBA range we.give them credit they deserve credit.because as we saw our Florida State's.defense is amazing.we may think it's so difficult but I.think what makes me see tough to score -.to guard is not only the three-point.shooting that they possess but the way.they execute the cut so hard and with.such precision who makes these control.great movement and energy none of that.offensive execution and it's where is.the defense out.[Music].[Applause].the lands of PC alien Cantor's hereby.for the autograph.to the bottle.[Music].where is Vince you finding this energy.he was 36 hours ago that they had.time the tortoise take a look at shock.of Smarties it's like six on five he's.another defender out there getting his.club fired up we'll see if they can.sustain this type of effort that you can.see smarts strategy here he's already.going to his bench he's just trying to.plant possession by possession time out.to twenty mountains to take this kind of.effort hits the three making it a 74 one.for VCU Brandon Lau's out.welcome back to San Antonio the VCU Rams.with an early 700 thanks to more.three-point shooting a three for seven.today and.throughout this country.display of marksmanship from outside.Shaka Smart steam and look at the.numbers nine against Ysidro.[Music].defense just incredible numbers and.overall they have outscored their.opponents in those four games actually.including today by 69 points from the.three-point line the other hand Kansas.just four well they're trying to attack.the pressure but bad decision here from.Taylor who was so good the other night.against Richmond.and right into that established position.of the defender I think Jesus is Roma.[Applause].what they're facing with ECU they spent.all week getting ready for Richmond in.that half-court style.the three-point line to the Kansas.[Applause].Ezeli.Morningstar Thais Curtis Martin.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].territory by myself for the fact I'd cut.that I got around long shots.remember we talked about in the open.bill self said we've got to get those.50/50 balls BCU a very active team.[Music].we gotta by Soviet youth Bobby happen.[Music].[Applause].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].but I like his aggressive claim or he's.going right.whoa.shots and now the Kansas fans trying to.you know largest contingent.and turns out what quite well you this.problem what's why it looks in there.Kansas doing the right thing going back.inside where they had all that success.early on but they're a little out of.whack right now ECU of seven.welcome back to the Alamo dome Kansas.trails by seven it was in this building.three years ago the Jayhawks won a.national championship Tyrell Reed was.part of that team in fact his four-year.record 132 at 16.his father Stacey is a former coach and.teacher to the four-year absence hope to.be at every one of those games he's been.at all 152 wins anxiously waiting hoping.for 133 which would tie a song between.Betty a as the winningest college.basketball.he's also an American artist Markieff.Morris on the charm it's number seven.Marvin and I think they're thrown off by.this pressure from VCU we talked about.the Richmond minute Jeff they're not.Richmond played exclusively matchup zone.in the halfcourt Kansas could move.freely get the ball anywhere they wanted.this is a totally different style the.speed and quickness and the pressure of.this VC defense has really bothered.pings his largest deficit.I am logged on to the boss commission.that Lucas accesskey Jaime Skeen showing.the entire repertoire to tell her the.first half the second three and AH they.have really stretched out this Kansas.defense he's got shooters all over the.floor with the small lineup.[Applause].the call to miss the kids his portion of.the crowd and he didn't say anything no.it sure looked clean Steve how about.Virginia Commonwealth in the midst of a.22-4 long but not shot Bob well six of.17.we don't have necks again but this is.where Kansas has to go.sorted out the game but they've got.Marcus Marcus Garcia's 10 points 10 of.the 12 Kansas points.[Applause].the boardwalk.[Applause].so to get a penny more and a foul on.Kansas.that's a tough call.the Kansas fans have favored.they're these he can read those ups.whoops he said you got to be kidding me.they switched the pickin law and that.leaves Taylor on the bigger man.he's got that right arm and I think.that's what the official saw he had the.right arm around the waist a little.contact self didn't like it he was close.second foul Johnson.Church.that's a big fan because Tyshawn Taylor.his Kansas is best defender particularly.in the.against Joey Rodriguez who is the engine.to VCU.[Applause].this is my before look at the point.reverse execution.pork because they cut hard they space.the floor and they shoot.first does about the range the one.people.[Applause].no surprise.[Music].[Applause].cages.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].unbelievable three-point shooters for.VCU and they fall back in his anus.[Applause].[Applause].fear took back distance speed in the.pace.[Applause].almost another opportunity for Burgess.to make it free and steady tries to.drive and travels but this has been the.story for the whole time.spacing the floor knocking down shots.putting pressure on the defense what a.start for the Rams.arts take a look at our game summary and.the key number the VCU 6 of 11 from.downtown and Jaime Skeen with 13 points.JB Steve mr. basketball for the state of.North Carolina following it out standard.junior season and high school played two.years at Wake Forest and then made the.transfer to Virginia government and.Shaka Smart told us yesterday that he.really thought scheme would play well.just because he was disappointed in his.effort the other night and we talked.about this the guys in the studio talked.about this earlier the three-point.shooting absolutely the key to BC I.don't think that anybody could.anticipate these eight early turnovers.for Kansas.[Applause].Markieff Morris at the live is a 68%.free-throw shooter the finals called him.check out the Powerade higher for point.performance working the system to get a.peek into the science behind prominent.success see your two minutes let's see I.ain't got time the season that.prohibited copyright.[Applause].with losses at five of the previous.eight games season father Marcus bonds.to the line what did the tournament.starting with the with the first thing.that as we have touched on a lot of.people around the country who were.surprised that they made it to the top a.lot of criticism but they have responded.and they have take better and better.throughout this tournament as it's gone.along let's check it with quick a two.major changes after they had that.tailspin in February when he got the.team together coach Mark said listen.February is over he took a calendar out.and he burned the month of February he.said we are starting anew he also.changed philosophy he had never played.his own defense before he said we're.gonna try it it worked in the tournament.has been very effective so far here Rock.a very effective with props if you know.he might want to take the March calendar.and frame it.[Applause].so with the basketball.[Music].[Applause].the rest of the work the team two years.ago his bonus it.he's from $9 Florida said over the the.parts of the film has paid Anthony Grant.had left for Alabama and then after.being stories to the new head coach shot.the spark deep decided an eternal that's.a good ending travel pretty good.decision because he's flying with its.cell has been pop this entire tournament.and it got it rolling.back at the Alamodome San Antonio Texas.bar fabric Steve Kerr Craig Sager.[Applause].second chances those want the 2009.championship that's part of the problem.there Barnes really struggling.Regas it's a little too excited in.transition and throws in a way that you.look at this Kansas team where we talked.about how balanced they are and how.efficient they are what they're not is.explosive from the perimeter Taylor is.the one guy who can break break down the.defense but they don't have a wing.player who can really just get a shot.for you anytime you need one so right.now they're struggling as their guards.continue to miss shots became easier to.cover for VCU.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].just amazed by the energy and the hustle.every play watch veal here he sees the.shot go up and then the immediate box.out goes up and gets it there's the foul.but they just placed so hard and you'd.think they'd get tired but they continue.to execute through that fatigue a little.on the foul toby zeo not a player who.spends much time with a lot only four of.sixteen in the course of the season but.just getting there is is big for VCU.emini even if he misses you're drawing.fouls or kansas deeper into the bonus.and then you're allowing your defense to.get back in transition transition you're.made of.[Music].the Commonwealth is filed for five at.the line would call funded out of his.Florida State they have their.difficulties alcoholic.pity he usually defended him killing.ruthlessly this this somehow veal gets.two for two.and you saw the look on the faces of.Robinson and more as a moment ago.they're just absolutely shell-shocked.five minutes to go in this course to.pass.Tanja's down by 16 never gets it inside.[Applause].himself about Keith Mars once the time.the Rams racing down.another three in a row and Friday night.here is Morris way on mark.from straightaway comes up with an Nate.or mist BC you will run on you and for.Kansas the Jayhawks are a team that can.play fast with in this game it doesn't.help them to play at a fast tempo it.plays into VCU's hands Kansas can't.afford those long range threes from from.Moore's they've got to continue to pound.the ball inside and game kuku control a.tempo here.away from the Paul McCall is very they.got Robinson holding up scheme and.that'll send the Rams back to the.free-throw line.make that number three Thomas Robinson.for instant analysis and highlights have.every tone of a game you can log onto in.si.com Jamie scheme goes to the line.speed all week changes has heard talk.about the relative.[Applause].those men are festival hearing about.last year's second round loss to.Northern Iowa.the food about the death for the neck.started at the beginning of the.Parliament even bogus as salty as inhale.[Music].the competition and the very early in.the game this appeared to be relatively.easy launch and through those periods of.touching the handlebar as a shock as.smart as pointed out on a number of.occasions I think the toughest games in.the tournament if you get all the way to.the final floor the first one it's.another one from downtown he is four of.six coming down that three-point line do.you believe this storm it's an 18 point.lead for Virginia Commonwealth over.Kansas.Kansas be patient to do that plenty of.time left in this game himself at upset.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].for three-pointers already.see you hands trying to shock the.country.[Music].coming up on AT&T at the half Greg.Gumbel Greg Anthony Kenny Smith and.Charles Barkley will preview the East.Regional final between.North Carolina and Kentucky they will.talk live with Butler head coach Brad.Stevens and star Shelvin Mack about.returning to the Final Four for a second.straight year plus a Naismith watch.presented by AT&T that's all coming up.on AT&T at the half Marcus Morris Apple.ID he has been the offense for Kansas.ten points in all big 12 Player of the.Year how about the free-throw shooting.for Kansas you don't think they're.rattled they're 2 for 9 now which is.they're not a great free-throw shooting.team.68% on the season but you don't expect.those type of numbers from a team like.this plus the shooting just nine up 27.from the field.virginia commonwealth up to 50% now 12.for 24 they've hit 9 of 15 from.three-point land.planet love Zell celebrating his 22nd.birthday today in a very happy way of.the first half can you imagine the scene.in Richmond right now.it is rahzel off the double just flip.spun up Bri gets it ahead this Taylor.will just check back in on Keith Morris.father shots a bit off.Rodriguez for three.[Applause].two and a half the man in this first.half teller had nowhere to go they.surround Wallace and finally Ganges fix.a perimeter drop a prepartum.but I Roley he's going to have to be.more of that as his Selby and.Morningstar because he Cu has been.packing in its defense as it anticipates.Kansas going inside.[Applause].how much last touched by the Jayhawks.fans is trying to pick up its defense.you see the hustle from Selby and it's.going to take that kind of energy and.defensive effort and then to slow down.VCU Barrios thais just checked in came.on for Brandon Rozelle so feeis and.Rodriguez who has the ball in the back.court this scheme scheme on the drive.off a double-team ball was deflected out.last touch by Kansas theists came in and.made some important shots against.Florida State the other night this is a.lineup that Shaka Smart will go to theus.and Rodriguez both point guards and he.likes to have them on the floor together.at times to deal with defensive pressure.likes to have Rodriguez at the two at.times so theist will take over the point.and does not want to see Rodriquez in.foul trouble as he was the other night.shot clock at five.scheme look at the blanket but too.strong.Bill Self has decided to switch ball.screens now with his bigs out on the.perimeter against Rodriguez now that.takes away the penetration but it.creates mismatches inside and skiing is.gonna have to take advantage.teller on the spin whoa.that was an intended pass by Markieff.Morris may have been deflected went.under the backboard and will beat Kansas.ball I'll tell you what our veal has.done a terrific job here remember Redick.got those two early fouls and veal has.stepped in and done a nice job.defensively against this bigger Kansas.team.[Applause].three this play by Rodriguez tanto.played by Nixon Markieff Morris being.able to capture on the back top here.cell d4 three and it lands in the hands.of scheme of Virginia Commonwealth.I like the patients from Kansas though.they're starting to play how they should.play as Chaka smart wants a timeout to.make sure his team closes out this half.the right way you're watching the NCAA.Tournament on CBS.[Music].the Division one women's basketball.championship continues Monday on ESPN.number one see Tennessee battles number.two seed Notre Dame in regional final.action at 7:00 p.m. Eastern for more.information on matchups and game times.go to MCA dot-com.the Commonwealth has led by as many as.18 nuts for to give in three minutes.Fang well spoken with that print porter.by his father look like Markieff Morris.got him on the arm on that fade away.let's take a look.and this is why skiing is is so good not.much contact there he may have pushed.him a little bit with his left arm down.at the hip second personal on Markieff.they see you six of seven up the line.Jimmy's speed averages 15 a game he's.the leading scorer for Virginia.Commonwealth he's also become a very.good passer out of the double as we've.seen here the first half to shoot the.three and can be very effective down.whoa it's so.at big these days in college basketball.who can step outside on the on the court.make a three or go down low that type of.versatility is what allows ACU to run.the sets that they do that prosper by.Nixon a very aggressive player Stevenson.about 15 points too much his season.average the job defensively by the Rams.we don't drive and he's fouled in his.hip and will go to the line and if.that's on the veal I believe that's his.second we'll see if foul trouble becomes.an issue here on this front line veal.and Redick both with - Burgess as well I.wanna read a good free-throw shooter 81%.for the season shot - smart setting.Brandon Rozelle back out on the floor.loma bradford burgers bogus quiet to.this point at the spectacular game.Friday night they'd have hit a three.earlier Friday night 6:30.[Applause].performance 26 points in coconut be able.to drop and that was coming off 23 last.weekend against Purdue when he hit three.out of four threes so he's been on a.roll.third great sign for VCU to have this.lead without Burgess for those playing.well in the first half.are up by 14.20 seconds.[Music].birth is so good put the top as we saw.about game-winning pass attempt and time.runs out in the half submits it matter.that I hit on that free at a stunning.first half here is.and a rare scenario Kansas trailing at.the half.[Music].[Music].smart held up this club and looks like.the all is in order and we go to Craig.which mikan-san otário we're VCU needs.Kansas 41:27 Marv Albert Steve Kerr and.and Craig Sager and I have a note here.that is astounding this is Kansas.largest halftime deficit ever in an NCAA.Tournament game you have to go back to a.game against Indiana in 1940 they were.down by 13 well there's a reason they're.down because VCU is doing everything.that they wanted to coming in and Bill.Self look at the numbers is what he.talked about yesterday defending the.three PC with nine of them already to.5050 balls in according to our.calculations there have been nine of.them those loose balls.Kansas has only gotten to three of them.and then handling that VCU pressure.eight turnovers for Kansas and the.guards are shooting to 413 five moments.ago Craig Sager caught up with Kansas.head coach Bill Self.well coach is studying score too many.what is your team have to do to turn it.around in the second half well we got a.guard and we got to get back in.transition and you know they shot the.lights out but we we didn't guard them.obviously didn't defend the art very.well and they had us on our heels the.whole half then we got to get back to.playing inside out and getting the ball.the twins and having them live.Thank You Man where's pants is only 10.of 32 from the field 2 of 11 from.downtown and bad foul hood 5 for 12 for.the Jayhawks and Markieff Morris has six.of those eight turnovers so I think Bill.Self is right they got to get the ball.inside.barely got this stuff.DJ hailey starts the game using nice a.cameo stays in for couple another ten.starts the second half and he gets on.the both have urges less than two points.per game so really smart just wants him.to come out there play defense and give.him a few minutes easy pocket for.Markieff Morris 11 points for more Keith.11 from Marcus Virginia Commonwealth.ball.[Applause].4329.VCU the team that won 27 at 11 coming.into today's holding foul against Kansas.is the first on Marcus Morris.non-shooting foul this is only the.fourth time this season of Kansas has.Marty Stein with the blonde.and he rejected a little off the handle.really good defense from Haley and also.steam coming over from the weak side.just staying high with their hands and.not fouling then put this deficit the.countess's come back from this season to.wind as we talked about this tournament.Winston steel sailing this is the.biggest challenge that these guys will.face mentally.collegiate career everything is on the.line.this Kansas team.what official was about to call the.three-second violation and I believe the.other one about to indicate a foul I.think it should be a three-second.violation and yes yes look that's the.fall we see the comeback wins this.season I mentioned Colorado biggest.halftime deficit overcome this season.mid-january against Nebraska Kansas with.only two losses at home against Texas.back in January.Kansas State amid fitna that the less.the Texas the school record 69 team home.court would sleep as Taylor is ever.destroyed and a community Kansas.contingent hoping that this is the start.of a burst every possession becomes so.big and while I think Taylor is really.huge for this club as scheme steps out.and way off on the three the Taylor has.the ability to could break down that VCU.defense we have that foul trouble I.thought that hurt Kansas in the first.half shot clock down to six.Rodriguez Boston Marcus Morris this trip.by mixing good foul by Nixon not letting.Morris get that lien there's a look at.Rodriguez and this is why Taylor is so.important he can put a lot of pressure.on Regan Rodriguez and put him into.positions that he's not comfortable with.Nixon public should have found in a.little bit earlier to put him to free.throws coming for Morris.the crowd is pumped up they're hoping.the Jayhawks are too.[Music].I'm out of the 2006 regional final in.Washington DC.George Mason demonstrating that at.number 11 seed from the unheralded.conference could make its way to the.final for the heap you found him in.overtime for denim groans 3/4 off the.mark and now Virginia Commonwealth.trying to top that taking November 11.seed from the first floor to the final.gun.remember that 86 LSU team with John.Williams Rickey Blanton he shot.everybody and then the other four Neal.Athletic Conference team that made the.file or if the Elite Eight was Dave.Robinson's Navy team back in 86 and they.were not able to to get all the way to.the final.Jim Larranaga statements of George Mason.becoming the second 11th seed in the.history of the NCAA to make the Final.Four.LSU did it back in 1986 a brown.played that matchup zone because a ton.of Defense confounded everybody Loris.missing.if you reach new ball boy let's see how.much is left in the tank.so hard this has been such an emotional.that's part of the first happen here in.the early moments of the second now.makes his home.[Applause].[Music].most of the oil we could have jumped.into Taylor because he got him off his.feet on that pump fake and that would.have been tailored third foul.last touch by and retic Virginia.Commonwealth plus one field goal the.last six minutes 45 side Kansas has.really picked up its defense they heard.Jacques Hart just before half-time he.said that the games can be decided on.the boards and say we have to rebound.better.[Applause].[Music].three guards set towards the point of.Morningstar this is what Bill Self.talked about play inside out and they're.putting a lot of pressure on this PC.the other side.[Applause].the lead is down to seven.closest.Kansas has been since it is 1510 file is.called as Bradford purchased made his.move.Morningstar that is his first.and I think Kansas has done a much.better job on scheme here in the second.half as you look at the shooting numbers.we were struggling to find the who.pretend since that start but schemes.work down.first half to Morris brothers really.being physical with him here in a second.the carnival hit until shooting foul did.not get that car.[Applause].gorgeous watch part matters now.activity doyle offensive fire while we.talked about it this is how kansas has.to win this game.inside.[Applause].[Music].the steel picking up the defense tailor.going the other way.Kansas getting back in it and a.technical foul has been called on the.head coach jock his spark for the right.back.[Music].welcome back to San Antonio a Seminole.run by Kansas and now a technical foul.on Coach Jacques smart who did not like.the call against ed Nixon that is the.first technical foul by coach smart all.season long.also unhappy he was looking forward in.the act.foul prior down to that and try to stir.his team up I don't think he got it for.anything he said it was the way he ran.out on.Tyla read of 81% free throw should have.just been gluten follow shooting for the.Jayhawks 6 of 15 out of 17 16 from the.line meanwhile for Jacques smart he's.going to go back to his smaller.it's a much better shooting lineup but a.much smaller lineup and can they deal.with Kansas inside with this particular.very interesting.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Applause].- ten.[Music].this turn but work Ilana this stuff is.able to change up and storm one of the.best offensive possessions we've seen.from Kansas and now.they're forced to clean out for VCU.that's not dirty scheme came up haben.[Applause].but I think the balls change sides of.the court three times during his.possession that makes the VCU defense.move and Taylor with the land this time.Virginia Commonwealth gets it inbounds.unanswered points by Kansas.18 fell by 14 at the half and a foul is.called.it is our Morningstar that's his second.better believe Bill Self got into his.team at halftime because this is a club.that had not given up 60 points in a.game in this NCAA tournament got 41 in.the first half alone so they have picked.up the energy big-time.Rochelle played by Reed.furgus met by the double and a father in.assam Kansas they got Morningstar and I.think Burgess is the key guy here for.VCU as they try to score and break down.this Kansas defense scheme has been.bottled up down low the guards are.giving no space to Rodriguez the Burgess.can get his own shot let's see if he can.get something going here that was number.three and Morningstar for Jaime Skeen.they got the angle inside and most of BC.use execution is designed to try to get.him penetration angle whoa nice trap.leading to the surface.more cute Morris.[Applause].on the phone we're gonna pass here the.penetration of Morris comes in helps and.then the dunk for skiing and maybe this.will get skiing going because his post.ups have been difficult.[Music].so here's Bradford Burgess 76%.free-throw shooter making his first.appearance.come on said that 1201 concluded off the.previous basket the other night.Bradford Burgess with a 26 point.performance as you seen out of 15 he had.a fair house six-foot-tall had that huge.bet against Purdue prior to Florida.State.[Applause].and go to the track I like it warm in.Kansas wasn't able to attack it but be.same trying to exert its energy again.and Rodriguez is going to get called for.a foul but you when you when you're.facing what he see is facing with this.storm coming from Kansas you have to.punch back and I think the bucket and.now the pressure his smarts way of.trying to get his club the momentum has.five.to the pace line and the file is called.that's again it's Rodriguez that's a.second so two quick ones for the point.guard Joey Rodriguez that Miletus gear.for your team at the official scorer of.the NCAA find great boots merchandise at.ncaa.com slash shop.[Applause].I love the only Jayhawk to start every.game this season averages see you from.Bullington Kansas.[Applause].look at the extension on this Kansas.defense far they've really extended out.to about 25 feet the first half he seen.was getting a teacup.but grew here by stealing on the one.biggest I might get the bolt head yes it.counts the basket counts.well take a look obvious call the ball.hits the backboard and then the block.comes and that is what's on Rodriguez.correct that's three thousand about a.minute's time and you could see.Rodriguez was trying to move a shot a.very smart play on the drawbar behind.Taylor he saw my witness was there and.tried to cut her way down meanwhile.Darius Theus will come in for Rodriguez.and the see how he handles this Kansas.pressure.[Applause].Kansas to really continue this pressure.game three-point play football channel.heavy lead is not a coup by virtue of a.17-2 three Kansas.[Applause].stealing took a chance he stepped on the.line I think Morris on the steal.Markieff Morris when he comes down as.he's trying to make that outlet pass his.foot hit the line take a look that was a.dangerous pass as you said Marv right.here yep good call by the official right.on.[Applause].and trigger Commonwealth crack.possession.yes.running the poor enough to have real.issues at Fox over the other night.picked up a third.Stu.all he gets the call.[Applause].Anson's taught that scheme that first.off goes the other way that's on.Markieff Morris is gonna take a look on.the pulse beat Markieff that's what's.harm that could go either way.they kind of.leaves in a little bit with his hip.right there at the last second that's.just one of those balls that is tough to.make as an official with your VCU where.are you going to find a bucket here they.haven't had a three-pointer since about.the three and a half minute mark of the.first half.Kansas doing an incredible job on the.outside professor foul is called off.that jump shot on steaming and it's on.Marcus Mars that's his third his twin.brother Markieff just sat down after.picking up a third and John Shelby let's.check it out is this a three-point.territory oh yes and so that's three.fouls each on both Morris's and Thomas.Robinson so Bill Self's will have to.shuffle his gigs here.minutes three shots for Jimmy's scheming.and he is seven of eight at the line.72% free-throw shooter coming in.[Applause].the one are between changes and Virginia.Commonwealth and ransom to the final.four to go against the Bulldogs of.Putnam become off over triangle.yesterday against Florida and they could.chew three appearances than the Final.Four shocking just an incredible.coaching job by Stephenson to lose the.best player and Gordon Washington so.Marcus Morris women's on the floor.before the hits.look at Shaka Smart telling us he get up.get up he's trying to get that momentum.back defensively as he finally gets a.transition.[Applause].hi.[Applause].[Music].look at this play from feeis giving his.club the bucket when they needed it.the most in transition winding his way.through the defense and gets that.floater to go teammate Rodriguez loving.it.let's take a look at the game summer in.Kansas up to 42% because they have not.missed a shot in this second half a six.of six at the field led by tyshaun town.on his four before they've done a better.job of getting the ball inside or.pounding VCU's interior defense because.they're playing this smaller lineup at.times they have turned it over however.four times.Kansas has another that the pace.definitely in their favor Marcus Morris.just two of six on the floor with the.plea Phi's good brother Markieff picked.up authorities he's sitting down.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].Marcus was 15 points.eight minutes in to the second half.Cantor's trailing by of heading as a.team now looking for.reserved hope Irina point.- what am i shocked Toby vo a junior out.of Savannah Georgia plays about 10.minutes again.[Applause].[Applause].Morris is checking down chances hooking.you for the file do not get them.together Robinson what a sequence back.and forth.[Applause].the old sucks the purple.[Applause].Jaime Skeen with 22 points and it's.right back to 9 incredible sequence.there looked like Kansas had a layout.that one in winds up being at 3 in.viscid BC you suddenly what a life breed.with brooms the probe he's going on kept.alive by Shelby.so they shot Robinson with the rebound.and he's taller is such a huge edge.physically for Kansas down low but what.playing small does for VCU is it allows.them to go outside and stretch this.defense out schemes inside out.combination has been incredible today.he's got 22 points and seven rebounds he.played all 40 minutes the other night.against Florida State he'll play 40 here.unless he fouls out how long theists.Robinson up along Thomas Robinson only a.52% free throw shooter making his first.appearance Taylor taken out by Bill Self.oh yes.Taylor Rodriguez the VCU point as the.game is intended for Haley who just.checked back in not a good pass the.first level gonna throw it to Haley.gotta go up high he's about six ten but.secondly he's not the guy you want with.the ball he's a freshman not a school.not gonna do much living down there so.keep moving the ball on the sale that's.kept alive.good job by Haley battling Robinson down.there so that Riga.Oh biologic Johnson.those cancers look like something that a.fire while theists didn't recognize the.situation it was 5 on 4 because Robinson.and fell down at the other end watch.this on the sidelines just barely.staying in bounds but Neela Robinson.didn't get up say he's trailing the play.but theist tries a little pick and roll.pass in transition and Robinson is.trailing Stu stepped right into that.interception foul down through July of.Johnson just 9 of 15 at the line by the.course of the entire season great.coaches of all time in basketball at any.level.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].at 5050 bolt will self talked about his.VCU team not very big they don't block.shots but they're extremely active and.quick chased down a lot of those balls.hitting three-pointers they did it in.the first half not here in the second.nice purchase one for Virginia.Commonwealth as they come one but after.Kansas was able to cut into that.14-point deficit at the half 47.while Marcus and Markieff Morris.back on the floor.you know transform.they're also a portal.st. Anthony's hi VCU goes back to that.stone Morningstar.can't get the three to go trailer.Jamarcus bombs that's what Taylor was so.good at the other night against Richmond.penetrating and finding his bigs inside.further sister Patera 8-point be see you.later.Nixon watched by Reed steam trying to.set up our there's other get such a.scheme.[Applause].the job defensively.- sucks.[Applause].some Kansas extending all the way out.every player had the ball and at least.see you up by 8.thank you Greg Jim thanks Paul Kellogg.getting ready for that one.UConn and Butler waiting the winners.from today Kanzi is able to get within.two points at 4644 on that three-point.play Tyshawn Taylor but he Co has come.back.or Shaka Smart has gone to the zone.defense because of this ultra small.lineup that he's using because he knows.which his only hope to score right now.against this stifling Kansas defense so.that zone he's gonna last for some open.shots like that one for Taylor but.Kansas has to knock him down.I'll have 14 on the shot clock.let's go to close well Butler in the.final four second year in a row we just.took the phone call them to talk to Brad.Stevens he's in his office by himself.taking notes and breaking down the film.the players every day.okay glad wants to study it all without.any interference another turnover by the.Lambs.they see able to get hunter he sees to.quit the team there's no question.particularly with this lineup fancies.gets a 25 where's that speed 14.turnovers by the joy at being a little.tired I mean after that game against.Florida State less than two days ago.they handle handling the pressure today.against Tyshawn Taylor you see the.turnovers by the half rodriguez has to.be fatigued just under six and a half.remaining second half rodriguez this.plane that loan and yet kansas can't.take advantage they're missing shots and.VCU somehow coming up with the rebound.my pleasure here comes Taylor.read this.[Applause].Marcus Morris came out of nowhere to.block that shot that was incredible a.beautiful little backdoor feed from.Burgess to Rodriguez and axioms Markieff.Morris who made that block crowd wanted.a goal ten but it looked clean foul.committed by Nixon he now has four.needles now five of seven at the line.that play right there it kind of tells.the story for Kansas we'd had an open.layup he should have finished that that.should have been a three-point play.instead he misses the shot this is one.of two.as a result VCU maintains at seven point.lead.an 11 seed Virginia common was trying to.knock off.Jesus 5/7.[Applause].[Music].we bonded by Markus boss so the Juarez.twins are parked on the floor.Kansas warned for its last seven shows.after they hit their first six.yes while the twins are the the best.players on Kansas but hi Sean - Taylor.is the most important because of his.defense is pressure on the ball and his.ability to break down the heat sense.like he did like that that's a follow up.to the air ball in his last two tear.that's cutscene when you shoot an air.ball and you've got the confidence to.come right back.that's gutsy like that who has 11 pounds.part of his hip Rodriguez the grabber.bird wisely decides to Lisa.[Applause].Pontus balls.[Applause].let's check the line every school I.don't know Morris with 24 I will have.that shot from reach state out.[Music].make it easy to go from outside.[Applause].protein Lou bonds for Marcus bars less.hunger.[Applause].6354 contribute our mouse tracing what.robotics deflected out.it'll be VCU born for what a play by.Joey Rodriguez navigating his way.through that defense in finding the open.three-point shooter ECU.lit its away from the pilot for.[Music].back in San Antonio where Virginia.Commonwealth is looking to pull off an.enormous upset over Kansas soccer.smart youngest head coach remaining in.the tournament and as we discussed the.other day one of our hottest names in.college coaching well his players had.said they feed off of his energy and.they're going to need every bit of it.here in the last three and a half.minutes they have competed so hard not.only in this game but against Florida.State the other night.and they are right there on the verge.but Kansas is going to come out of heart.and for the Jayhawks they just can't get.anything to go from the perimeter to 417.from the three-point line.Morningstar is obviously desperation.time here for the Jayhawks they call it.a tie up the possession arrow in the.direction of Kansas so they maintain.possession there's plenty of time I mean.three and a half minutes doesn't sound.like a lot but but it is it's your.Kansas you've just got a vacation get a.score get a stop then you're right back.in it but you can't panic you've got to.take good shots.[Music].[Applause].coming up on three and a half laverna.shuttin hands.[Applause].the hotel this is wedding still able to.find attached vouchers.back to the bigger lineup with Redick in.and he's not much of an offensive threat.[Applause].[Music].I didn't get a shot here they're.excellent with their execution I would.look for them to go to either skein or.Burgess they won't tell you whether.that's six-foot I'm a freshman out of.Rick's and Sam.Morningstar his first field goal missed.his previous five shots.[Applause].[Music].as twins each have three files Rodriguez.everyone a downtown save go men's of the.hints at burgers.[Applause].Cantus comes away with it there's terra.little football the Troy Hawks want to.go again then I won't get it but there.was a frog tracking down that long.rebound and then hitting Rozelle that.opened three that might have been a.backbreaker.in Kansas coming back with some hustle.all day to get the the second loose ball.now Taylor try to knock.notice that is his third touch on teller.a 73% free-throw fit on the one foot.here today they lose this game Arkansas.is going to look back at their overall.shooting from the line and from the.three-point stripe they just had the.touch and you wonder is the pressure.when steps in the Final Four visit get.to at the finest 14 free throws.and also the pressure of playing a.decisive underdog once again a team.that's playing with house money.wanna roll over since they got in 63-57.[Applause].regatta two minutes to play.[Music].[Applause].Berger's who combined for the winning.basket Friday night against Florida.State Kansas switched on that plane as.Morris gets in for the hoop and Bill.Self's gonna get a call or get a timeout.but what a playful Rodriguez following.that switch knowing that verges had a.smaller man on him look at this fine.[Music].you see the rundown it's two timeouts.remaining for Virginia Commonwealth.Kansas with one time up VCU ten foul so.Kansas in the double bonus over the way.they have been shooting free throws that.may not be a big deal but it has come.down to this in what would be an.incredible upset yeah minute-forty I.think it's in the interesting to see.here if Bill Self decides to foul or.play it out because it's only a two.possession game but you know a 1 in 1 is.so much more difficult than that double.bonus and Rodriguez missed some big ones.the other night against Florida State.reflected out with about 35 remaining.and regulation if you're gonna foul foul.right away don't let them run 20 seconds.off the clock before you foul.[Applause].soon.double up an account.furgus picked off.next to him huge possession for County's.Keith Morris.he gets the timeout.sport play by Jaime Skeen he lied about.his back called for time there could.have been a foul on two occasions right.there and then right here wants to lean.in from steal from scheme but nothing.there he gets the strip and once he.calls the timeout this has been a likely.story that of development.it was a 14-point lead for Virginia.Commonwealth earlier and 18 point lead.Kansas made Iran they got back into him.and then Virginia Commonwealth came to.him.[Applause].[Music].this has to foul.[Applause].now the foul they tried to get a trap in.the backcourt first and that's.understandable that as soon as the ball.have poured you got to get the found.that's what the self is talking about no.penis he was trying to indicate foul.yeah I'm sure they talked about it.during the timeout.so Rodriguez will go to the line for the.first time he had his struggles at the.line.I'm Friday Don this is one for.Joey Rodriguez who on the season is 82%.75% in the tournament and remember one.and one not two shots.hey watch free throw the senior Joey.Rodriguez 66-59 Virginia Commonwealth 56.seconds to play.[Applause].we backed off the line he didn't stay.with it.ciao - how to pee fluffy buns by.Rodriguez unbelievable story here Marvin.can they hang on if you're Kansas.quick 2k5 deficit and if the defense.reacts the zone defense maybe you find.an open three but they gotta go fast.[Applause].by Nixon and he has found.[Applause].unbelievable.41 seconds to play look at the for.shootin by Kansas 36% not able to hit.the 3 2 for 17 from downtown and.remember what Shaka Smart told us he.said the other night against Florida.State it was about somehow finding ways.to score but against Kansas it's somehow.finding a way to keep them from.converting this is the most efficient.offensive team in the nation 59 points.and they can't buy a basket what a job.by vceo first occurrence at the line.today for Mixon a 75% to set up flex.free thread and this the back end nixon.hits the first an extend to an.eight-point lead time running out on the.Jayhawks did anybody have VCU claim.Cutler in the basket that's what I.wanted.in the final four and others have fellow.in the white house Marcus Bose has been.[Applause].off for a while Mars this is one of the.most shocking upsets that I think we've.ever seen in the NCAA tournament even.though VC has played so well nobody.could have expected this Kansas team to.get knocked off at Rodriguez will head.back to the line is he's being helped up.by Marcus Barlow's and I take that back.I said nobody could have expected it I.think Shaka Smart and his team expected.it maybe this contingent.raucous for three days insanity.while it's the double bonus for both.teams they touched on this earlier the.two previous number eleven seeds to make.it to the final four can you imagine the.scene in Richmond were hidden pal on.campus then the bars across town it's a.city of 200,000 people amazingly having.two teams here in the sweet 16 along.with Richmond.[Applause].that students in his office continues to.watch what the Bulldogs for weddings.the words of Virginia Commonwealth.10-point lead tonight school timeout.taken by Bill Self will be back to San.Antonio in a moment.[Music].welcome back to San Antonio.relied on this man to get to Houston.next weekend Jaime Skeen just an.incredible game we've seen him do it in.and now he's battled on the boards who's.been the best player on the floor in a.game today that features the Morris.twins Thomas Robinson.so under sized and you look at what.they've done that have doubled five.different major conferences they're.ready with the checklist.next up The Horizon League.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].and out of 15 seconds between quarter by.Selvi metafile with eleven point eight.remaining.berg just got a little shaky there with.the fall.almost made things somewhat interesting.that scheme just adds to his toll about.a double double 24 points and 10 boards.committed by a little of of Kansas.scheme.and faked his weight of line eight of.ten at the bottom of the Double Fantasy.was two shots.24 points for stealing this season.Richmond beat VCU in their annual.crosstown rivalry game Kansas then comes.to San Antonio and beats rich Ramanath.drum so by theory of association you'd.think that somehow this had again.[Applause].but course it doesn't work that way and.you see the devastation on their face.their scheme go to shoulder see the.tears coming from Peter Marcus and.Markieff and you wonder will they be.back the juniors undoubtedly would be.pretty high picks in the NBA Draft.particularly difficult for the Jayhawks.after that second round the country last.year at the hands of Weldon Iowa that.have a remarkable performance together.[Applause].seconds.[Applause].[Music].[Music].you.

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