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The Information Guidance for Handout 11 Sample Letter Of Acknowledgement Appendix 22 Letter K State Department Letterhead Date Ksu

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Guidelines with regard toHandout 11 Sample Letter Of Acknowledgement Appendix 22 Letter K State Department Letterhead Date Ksu

good afternoon everybody uh about we're.about 12.practices into what we would still.consider fall camp even though school.has started we're still into fall camp.doing a lot of our installations and.um still our double reps trying to.evaluate an awful lot of players out.there.excited about the progress that we're.making we're still.a ways away in my opinion from being a.a real seasoned team right now but we're.getting good work in and we still have.you know better part of two weeks before.we play and uh i'm excited because the.the guys are practicing hard and and uh.learning and and continuing to improve.so.uh looking forward to some football here.in september.we'll go on to friction yeah hey coach.uh.just a little house cleaning how many.players have tested positive for covid.during your recent testing.um i don't think any in the last few um.but i think uh with all the students.come back we'll see how we're going to.be.i think every institution is worried.about that over the next.few weeks to a month with all the.students coming back when will that next.testing period be for you guys.uh right now we're every wednesday okay.who are some true freshmen that are.really standing out for you right now.uh offensively i would say uh deuce.vaughn.is uh really stepped out as a running.back.um will howard uh as a quarterback and a.number of young offensive linemen.they're doing a good job.uh but those two in particular on.defense.um you know we have some defensive backs.you know.defensively we don't have that many true.freshmen are probably going to.help us but there's a couple of.defensive backs and the two defensive.ends from the kansas city area.felix and nader doing a nice job as well.thank you so much derek.yeah coach something that hasn't been.discussed much.is that you do have to replace your.starting punter from last year.um i guess what is the progress of that.and what do you kind of expect it to.look like.on the opener of the season good.question it's kind of a work in progress.devin was such a dynamic punter for us.and uh jack bloomer right now is.competing.with we hope would be ty zentner but ty.has been.a little banged up and we hope to have.ty back.either the end of this week or first.part of next week.to be able to compete a little bit more.we're we're replacing an awful lot of.our players on punt.as well within our shield and within our.front.line and so it's been something we've.spent an awful lot of time on.it's still an open competition uh at.punter and so we'll.play it out over the next few weeks and.and see who ends up being the guy.i know we're in fall camp but obviously.with the restrictions on recruiting.that's really.impacted how that has kind of gone for.you guys and all across the country.what are some of the kind of challenges.with that or has there been any.positives with the way that recruiting.has gone as well.there's a ton of challenges more.challenges probably than positive.simply because you just don't get the.the face-to-face.interaction whether it's kids coming to.campus for an unofficial visit kids.coming to campus for.for camps uh the fact that we're getting.into.playing some games in september and.they're not going to be able to come.visit the school so.in that respect i think it's difficult.for all.student athletes when they can't get on.campuses to get face-to-face interaction.on the same respect i think we're doing.as good a job as we can as far as.reaching out and touching all those uh.recruits as often as we can.obviously taylor bratt and chuckwell we.do a great job.of keeping us up to date and then as.coaches.using our social media platforms and.texting and calling when we can to.stay on top of it as best we can.kels.hey chris good to see you as always good.to see you.um have you had any additional players.inform you that they want to opt out for.this season.in the last couple weeks we've had we've.had a few.and like i said we're going to support.those.decisions um and then uh we got to move.forward with.with the guys that uh are are going to.participate and play but.we'll rest assured we've supported those.guys and we're going to continue to.supply them with.the the stuff they need from the.academic side of things to the.mental health to athletic training.whatever it may be.you know it's probably i would think.it's going to slow down.even though you just don't know simply.because the ncaa came out and said this.year really doesn't count.and so uh when you opt out in a year.that doesn't count then.you know we really got to make sure that.we take care of those guys.okay can you share with us who those.players are no not right now.okay um that was actually going to go.into my next question just mentioned it.but how how do you plan on handling all.this extra.extra electricity ability knowing that.any senior on your roster could.conceivably come back next season.something that we have not dove into yet.uh i know it came out on friday.and we mentioned it to all the players.on on friday afternoon.that hey this is coming down uh with a.kind of a a.freeze year uh but we were still.learning more about it ourselves as.coaches.and i think we have to let this year.play out for those guys to see how many.games they play.you know the seniors are is it is it a.full season do they want to continue to.to pursue football some of them are.getting degrees or already have degrees.and potentially have jobs and so.it's something that we know we're going.to have to handle here.uh later in the fall but it's not.something that with all the things we.have going on.with trying to finish up what we would.still consider fall.camp we just haven't spent a lot of time.on it.john yeah chris.just to follow up on that with skylar do.you have any kind of a feel.for where he might lean as far as that's.concerned.not at all and having brought it up.simply because his focus.i think is as well as every other senior.is on playing this year.and not worrying about something that is.you know.in your in your control but it's so far.away that i think a lot of those seniors.are saying hey let's just.let's just focus on on this year and.play as much football as we can and so.once again we haven't talked about it as.a staff.at all because it just came down on.friday and we had practice on saturday.gave the staff off on sunday.reconvened with practice on monday it's.just such a blur right now with.uh the amount of practice and meeting.time that we have.with ourselves that we it's not an area.we've hit on yet.after having some time to watch him now.in a handful of practices.what is the ceiling for what briley.moore can really add to your offense.well bradley's going to be a definite.impact player for us.this year i think you can tell his.exceptional physical skills whether it's.blocking the point of attack running.routes.he's gained the respect from our older.guys really really fast.just because of how he works uh and uh.just the fact that he competes on every.on every down so he's going to help us.it you can put him down as a tight end.you can flex him out you can put him in.the backfield.really impressed with his ability to.learn what we're doing.uh and so i'm excited to see what kind.of year he has.appreciate it thanks beth.siren.coach thank you for your time i'm.curious um.the the protocols that you put in place.you talk about the students coming back.and that that's.what everybody's kind of uh worried.about and there's plenty of videos out.there on social media of kids and.not having the best behavior what what.what rules do you lay down.uh to your guys is it like nothing.nobody leaves.you know how do you try to uh you know.keep your kids safe when.maybe on a lot of campuses there are.things going on that probably shouldn't.well.it's it's going to be difficult there's.no question they're still 18 to 22 year.old college students and and last.saturday.was really the first night we had off.simply because we were in.we were in camp mode and we had a lot of.things into the evening but.last saturday and we talked about it as.a staff we talked about it with our.leadership council we can't practice.every friday and saturday night.for the whole uh semester and so some of.that.you have to put on the leadership and uh.we've told the guys you you have to.avoid large gatherings you have to avoid.groups of people.whether where people are not social.distancing and they're not wearing masks.well you can't really say well is this.is this one okay and not okay.guys you guys know what we've been.preaching and what our docs and athletic.trainers.have been preaching as well you have to.avoid the the bars you have to avoid the.large gatherings you have to.avoid anything that would put yourself.or your teammates in in jeopardy.and then you i know you mentioned the.recruiting and i know it's really early.uh but have you seen any signs there was.a lot of people uh maybe a backlash when.the big ten in pac-12 said that they.were going to shut down and not play.that.this was just going to crush them in.recruiting right so if they're going to.get crushed in recruiting those kids.have to be.going or at least looking somewhere like.i said i know it's early but are you.seeing.any kind of residual effect from their.decisions that suddenly.there's a wave of players that are now.open to you that maybe weren't before.yeah i haven't seen it yet.when you could see it as if they did.open up recruiting and somebody would.come to a game of one of the three power.conferences that are playing to see a.game day environment even though it's.not going to be a packed house.as opposed to not being able to get on.campus to some.to a school that's not playing i mean.that that could happen.just on the flip side it could happen in.the spring where they're playing games.and bringing people on campus and we're.not playing games so.i i think we'll see how that landscape.landscape plays out with the ncaa of how.they're going to allow students.or student athletes to come visit.schools that are playing.and then what they're going to do in the.spring as well and then just real quick.one more.on the offensive line you've always had.a great tradition.throughout your career of being able to.pound the run and and that starts with.the guys up front.you're having to replace a number of.guys can you just tell me what the.kind of the mindset is or the theory or.how you instill that that even if you're.not a returning starter we're still.going to run the ball and be effective.well we have a really good defensive.line to go against.an exceptional linebacker so they're.getting they're getting.sharpened every day as far as going.against great competition.and uh we're gonna have eight nine guys.that are gonna rotate in and play.until we can find uh and maybe.get the five or six guys that are that.are going to be counted on for the whole.year but i've been really pleased.uh with all the guys up front coach.riley's done a tremendous job.noah johnson who's a senior uh that's a.center for us has kind of been the.leader right now.as far as uh being the vocal guy but i'm.excited because we have.interchangeable parts at guard and at.tackle with probably.seven or eight guys.mitch yeah coach um.white hubert mentioned last week that.he's taking his courses online.do you have an exact number or maybe.even an estimate of how many of your.players are taking the classes online.this year.we were going to kind of let the guys.decide that over the first couple weeks.of class.and i know a number of them especially.the older guys.have gone to just strictly online there.are a few older.older guys that maybe will go to a class.see what it looks like see their comfort.level because there's a few classes that.they really want to attend.and if they feel comfortable that.there's not many students in the class.or social.distancing you know we've encouraged.those guys that.that's okay to do it i think we're going.to find out an exact number probably in.another week as guys.finish getting their classes locked in.because there's some changes always in.the first.two weeks of of of classes with.adjusting times and adjusting schedules.so.i rough estimate i'd say 70 percent of.them are online.nickelback uh what does depth chart look.like in that position.right now at nickel is that what you're.saying.yes sir just the last half it uh will.jones.is doing a really nice job as a as a.redshirt freshman he's put on about 25.pounds and.done an excellent job of just learning.what we're doing.being more comfortable in the system tj.smith.a true freshman is playing there dj.render a senior.is playing there ross elder is playing.some free safety as well as some nickel.so we're kind of using ross in a couple.of spots.i think we have really good competition.everybody has a different skill set.but you know will is a tremendous.man-to-man coverage guy.and learning how to do some of the other.things so we have competition we have.some depth there.and also uh keandre thomas we'll be.talking with him for the first time.today i believe.what can you tell me about keandre and.how has he been able to rise up.he's done a great job he's a really.competitive young man.uh excited for him that uh he's taken.the challenge.to come to k-state to to help our team.to help himself.uh he's he's in the mix he's going to.play an awful lot for us.a real vocal guy he's a physical corner.he gets his hands on guys he's a he's a.good size young man probably close to.200 pounds 190.95 pounds so we're really excited about.keondre joining our program and he's.going to have an impact this year.adam coach i.know johnson mentioned it as oppressor.that with the inexperienced offensive.line he's.not afraid of it and he's happy to have.a group of hard workers out there to.go through the growing pains together.would you agree with that and are you.excited to watch this offensive line.grow together.well there's no question that noah makes.the.group have a lot of fun he's the guy.that has all the energy coming into.meetings and he's excited to practice.and challenges guys and.uh i know that all those guys want to.prove that they uh.that they belong that they can play at.this level that.that we won't miss a beat i i know that.we lost a ton of experience and it may.take us.a little while to gel uh with us with a.brand new group of offensive linemen but.i'm excited about the athleticism.uh amongst the group i'm excited about.uh uh.the physical style of play and the fact.that we have.you know at least eight or nine bodies.if not ten that.that really are getting a great look and.i know that coach riley wants to give.everybody an opportunity.so that we can build more depth and have.more guys uh through a long season.and the two senior linebackers elijah.and justin how.are you seeing their leadership spread.throughout the defense.well uh for sure justin's the the vocal.guy.and uh he is again that brings energy.every day and gets everybody else.excited.and eli is a workman he just he does his.job and you can tell when eli's on the.field because our defense is just that.much faster there are some plays that.you think.well they're going to be a good gain and.also there's eli and it's a tackle for a.loss or.uh you know somebody looks like they're.open and eli can close the ground and.get a pass break up and so um.both of them are doing a great job both.of them are excited about playing with.each other and they elevate our defense.max.hey coach i'm sorry if you've already.been asked this during camp here but um.curious just are there any unique things.that that you guys are doing.in in practice or in your locker room or.in your building.um that you just haven't done before in.camp to kind of get ready for.what's going to be a really unusual.season.everything has been unusual uh every.we're using the visitors locker room as.well as the home locker room.so not everybody's together unless we.use bramlege we don't have a team.meetings we've only had a couple of team.meetings.when we left we lift in groups of four.as opposed to just offense and defense.it's four groups it's a lift in.position meetings we're using the west.stadium club.because it's bigger areas i mean there's.nothing that's been normal about.about this camp and the guys just have.to overcome the adversity.the practices have been as normal as.we've had.but other than the practices there's.nothing that's normal you know when you.go up to eat and.you get in line and and you know.somebody's serving you as as opposed to.you.serving yourself in a buffet line and.you have your mask on and then you go.sit with your position well maybe i.wanted to go sit with a quarterback i'm.on offensive alignment well you can't do.that you sit.just with the old lime and they get.tired of each other probably but we're.trying to do all those things to.mitigate the spread and mitigate the.virus and so.it's um guys are probably getting used.to it.doesn't make it easy it's just kind of.our new normal.is that different for coaches too that.have done the same thing every year.yeah we're just once you tell us what we.got to do one day.we can be a creature of habit for the.next two or three weeks on it and um.and that's just become our new.adjustment to things and.you know you just you got to go find.somebody you don't know where you're.going to find them you better look at.their schedule are they group a lifting.they group b lifting are they group.c or are they which locker room they're.in where's their meeting room you know.our wide receivers are up in the west.stadium center so.also and i need to go find a wide.receiver it's going to take me a little.bit of a hike and so then we've adjusted.all of our time.usually you go right from a special.teams meeting to position.where we have to add 10 minutes of.travel time and so everything's been a.little bit different.got time for a couple more kels.with uh justin and elijah on defense.these are two guys who've known each.other forever can you.see a special bond when them with them.when they're on the field together.yeah they communicate and they uh feed.off of each other.and they ask each other questions it.probably helped.eli that he had to play the mike.linebacker position all last year where.justin has.has been been accustomed to that they.can.help each other figure out how we're.going to fit a play.as a run games example but uh i i just.think.there's a great comfort level for each.of them to have uh you know.their friend out there a teammate out.there that they've known for a long time.and they're excited to get to play.together.and if i can what what was that first.practice like when you got justin back.after such a long wait did you.instantly tell the impact or the.difference there well from a vocal.standpoint without question.i know that justin being out of football.as long as he was and missing spring.ball.you know he's got to work himself back.into football shape and work himself.back into.seeing things because you just don't see.pictures and things come really fast and.so i i've seen.i'm so excited for him when he first.stayed out there.i was like boy this has been a long time.coming not having spring ball he was.you tell he was just so excited and so.blessed to be able to say i get a chance.to play football again.but i've seen over the last probably.four or five practices.the impact he can have as a football.player.because he's starting to get his legs.back underneath him he's starting to.gain strength in his knee.where he has more and more confidence.and and as he does that.it makes us all better because when he's.playing at a high level.makes our def defense that much better.

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My senior year of high school, I suffered a pretty nasty breakup. I thought she was the one, her mom thought her daughter couldn’t end up with a country boy and moved her to San Diego on two weeks notice. Now I have a gorgeous girlfriend I’m very happy with and haven’t been in touch with my ex in a couple years. This is the situation between the African American and Republican party in a nutshell. They split, it went ugly and now there’s no need for contact. African Americans (As a whole, there’s potentially a million exceptions to this rule), don’t like Republicans (to be fair, we haven’t give Continue Reading

What are some things I should try before I turn 25?

TRAVEL EXPERIENCE LIFE . LEARN SOME NEW ART FORM.(Drawing, Painiting , dance etc) MOVE OUT OUT OF YOUR PARENT’S HOUSE AND LIVE INDEPENDENTLY. (This will be a whole new experience for you.) Learn more about YOURSELF Do something you have never done before Go on Adventures!. Try conquering your fears. (Like if you are have the fear of water, learn swimming , go scuba diving) EARN. (earning your money and then giving it to charity is the best feeling . Even better, try buying your parent s something from the salary) GO ON A SOLO TRIP. (Travel abroad. This will help you experience a new culture) Learn to b Continue Reading

What are some great study tips, for those who feel they do not study properly?

I have a son and I know how fast the study environment is scaling up. Don’t worry about how to speed up. Just pull up your socks and follow these amazing and simple methods. 1. STICK TO PRINT Google and other eLearning media are advantageous and compact, however, examine propose that customary books despite everything have the high ground with regards to contemplating. A few specialists contend that embracing intelligent propensities like looking over, clicking, and pointing upgrades the scholarly experience, yet over 90% of understudies surveyed said they incline toward a printed version or prin Continue Reading

How does one get invited to the Quora Partner Program? What criteria do they use, or is it completely random?

I am not entirely sure. I wish I knew who exactly invited me, because I am also curious as to why. I enjoy producing content (only answers thus far), and my answers get views and upvotes. Does writing thought-out answers generate a green flag for an invitation? Why am I set apart? When I am scrolling I pass on questions that seem like trolling to me. By this I mean I actively click the pass button. Does Quora create a log of this behavior? Does the person/people inviting me somehow know I do this on a regular basis and think(s) I have better questions they want to persuade me to ask? I recently m Continue Reading

What did the teacher in your high school get fired for?

My Spanish teacher (Elmer) was also coach of the school track team. He was not Spanish himself, but he had a special interest in helping the many Spanish males in the school, who were mostly struggling to get passing grades. He was unorthodox (and offensive) in his attempts to “relate” to the Mexicans. He would, for example, openly announce that anyone in the Spanish class who joined the track team would automatically pass Spanish (and maybe even get an A along the way). My (future) wife was a straight A student, and she found it very difficult having to pour hundreds of hours into that class i Continue Reading

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