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Notes on filling the Cciedu Transcript Form

youtube video

Get Your Cciedu Transcript Form Signed In One Minute

what's going on everybody welcome to.another video thank you guys so much for.watching today I have something very.special for you guys I'm gonna be going.over all my transcripts and these are.gonna be my transcripts from grad school.I graduated 2017 with a Masters of.Science and computer science it took me.about two years to graduate so I'm gonna.be going over all the classes I took and.by basically all the grades that I got.for those classes now as some of you may.know my undergraduate degree wasn't in.computer science it actually wasn't even.anything STEM related so I actually had.to take classes for about two years.getting those undergraduate.prerequisites that I needed to get into.the grad program so I took a couple.semesters at a junior college Santa.Monica College I took a couple years at.Cal State University East Bay and then I.took the GRE and then I finally got into.grad school so I'm gonna be going over.all my classes that I took they're in.chronological order and I hope you guys.enjoy the video so let's just start with.the first one so initially when I.decided to go back to grad school I was.actually living in Southern California I.was a bank teller at Bank of America and.I was taking classes while I was working.just to kind of see if I liked it and.it's something that I really wanted to.pursue so the first course I took was.actually an online course called.internet programming and I took it all.the way it's already been like six years.which is kind of crazy summer of 2013 it.was like it was like you know basic HTML.CSS JavaScript it wasn't really anything.too crazy it was honestly really easy.but yeah I got an A in that class then.going into fall 2013 I took C++.programming and I got an A in that class.and I took calculus 2 and I did not.actually do that well you see this w.here that stands for withdrawal so I.took the first midterm didn't do well at.it on it at all and had to withdraw from.the class so while I was taking this C++.class that's really when I found kind of.like my love and passion for programming.and I knew at that point that that's.something that I wanted to do finally.spring 2014 we did a assembly language.and I got an A in that class.now this assembly language class was.actually based on a book called the art.of assembly language by Randall Hyde and.it has like a subset of the x86.processor and basically like simple.the x86 language where you can actually.teach it in one semester so that class.was pretty rough but I mean I got an a.so that was good all right so at this.point this is when I decided to quit my.job and move back up to the Bay Area and.pursue this full-time so the first class.I took was actually calculus two you.know I needed to get some revenge from.what happened previously so for this.class I like studied my tail off I knew.that like once if I could get past this.class I knew I was pretty good and I.ended up doing really well in this class.I got an A so that was like kind of like.a weight off my shoulders.just cuz I didn't know I was gonna go.because I didn't do well the first time.the following quarter and by the way the.Cal State East Bay was on a quarter.system versus Santa Monica which was.autumn semester so I was actually able.to get a lot I was able to get classes.done a lot faster in the quarter system.so I took the street structures or.discrete math this was a very.interesting class because it was a I've.never taken a math class that was based.around computer science but it's a class.that I really enjoyed I got an A in that.class moving on to summer I took PLC or.programming language concepts got an A.in that class this class I didn't really.like that much and honestly was because.the constructor the constructor the.instructor was it was like one of those.constructors that you have where she.doesn't really like teach you stuff she.kind of just talks throughout the.lecture I actually like need to like.have like things that I like can.understand like instead of just someone.talking to me about whatever I think.initially got a name so that's good.moving on was fall quarter of 2014 this.was the first time I had a full load of.classes so I took data structures and.algorithms got an A in that class.elements of linear algebra got an A and.intro to probability theory got an A in.probability theory I remember I was.going into the final needing to get like.a 93 or something to get an A I really.didn't want any a minuses and I think I.like barely got it and so yeah I got an.A in that one as well.all right moving on to the next quarter.I took computer architecture this was a.class that I was pretty nervous about.just because it was this was a class.this was like the wieder class in the.school and had like the hardest teacher.teaching it.and it was actually pretty challenging.but I definitely like push myself to do.well and got an A in this class I can.actually got a eight in all these.classes intro to systems programming.this was like I love like Linux.programming and I love like Linux and.like getting into the nitty-gritty of.things and this class really did that so.I really enjoyed this class here.moving on to spring quarter 2015 I took.software engineering one I got a B+ in.this class which I was pretty pissed.about our project was like you're just.getting a team of six and like build.whatever you want and we build this like.super cool game in unity and the teacher.was like this is like the coolest.project I've ever seen in this class and.gave me a B+ so I don't know what.happened there and I took operating.system is another awesome class that I.took this was but maybe one of my.favorite classes that I took here and.got an A in that one and then summer.quarter I took automata and formal.languages some people might know it as.theory of computation and I had a lot of.fun in this class as well so after that.I took the GRE or the Graduate Record.examination and I got a 151 on the.verbal and a 161 on the quantitative.which is the math part for computer.science they don't really care about the.verbal reasoning so I barely studied for.this part if you look here I got a 151.which is 51st percentile for the.quantitative I got a like I said I got a.161 which is 76 percent off which I.actually think has gone down because I.remember when I took it a few years ago.it was more like in the 81 82 percentage.so I think the scores have probably.gotten better since then but yeah I mean.161 I was thinking about taking it again.because I had done better on the.practice test but I was just kind of.like I was just like burned out at that.point I've been studying for it for a.couple months so I just decided to send.it like that and the cutoff for my.school was 158 so I knew I was okay.there all right so that gets us to what.we've all been waiting for in this video.is when I was actually in grad school my.first quarter I took two courses design.and analysis of algorithms and.artificial intelligence.now this algorithms class I actually.didn't have to take it as a requirement.I voluntarily took it just because I.hadn't taken any formal algorithms class.and I felt like I would be behind if I.didn't do it and add some extra.bandwidth here so I decide.to take this class kind of just for fun.and it really helped it further down the.line it was my first time getting.introduced to dynamic programming it was.just really like a there's a really good.class for having like an algorithm and.then trying to implement it with.programming so it was a lot of it was.really good like practical experience.there so I also took artificial.intelligence that quarter which was you.know not honestly it's kind of like the.easy class at Cal Poly there get hard.their AI is not the best so I got an A.but you know didn't really learn that.much in that class following quarter I.took intro to networks and I also took.this class computer support knowledge.management networks I got a b-minus in.this was really like the first course.that I struggled with in computer.science and I think the reason I.struggled was because there was no like.textbook or anything it was more like.the teacher just had slides and he was.just kind of like talking out to us and.I don't do well in those kinds of.classes like I actually need like a.textbook to like go like study versus.just like someone talking at me spring.quarter I took mobile app development.and a kind of like a current topics.class in network and web security all of.these classes were awesome got an a a -.mobile app development this was actually.an Android app development which I kind.of wanted I Oh s but they flip every.quarter and I just happened to get the.one that was dealing with Android.however actually did really enjoy a lot.and it was actually a pretty challenging.class and I'd learned a lot this other.network and web security this was like.pact with network and web security stuff.like we were doing stuff based on.cross-site scripting cross-site request.forgery basically just different types.of web and network attack so it was like.I could just like make a video on that.callosum that course was all right so.starting my second year of grad school.and Fall Quarter I took.artificial intelligence this is actually.the grad version if you see 500 course.here those are all grad four hundred is.like a senior level so I took a I got a.B+ and then I took thesis seminar and.thesis 1 which are just the clot name of.the classes that you need for starting.your thesis.I also took this soccer class just.because I needed an extra unit for to.get my grant which actually made a lot.of friends in this class so it was.actually nice taking a non engineering.class following was winter quarter.I took computer security which was a.grad level course which was basically.like reading scientific white papers.every day and if you've ever read one of.those papers you know how dense they can.be like a five page paper can take you.like hours to read so it got pretty sick.of those pretty fast I also worked on my.thesis.more if you don't know my thesis was.about security in the Android mobile.operating system.I also took a weight training class.again because I needed to get that.Fannett financial aid and I was already.going to the gym at the time so I was.like I might as well get credit to go to.the gym so finally was my Spring Quarter.this was probably the hardest quarter.that I had because I took the languages.and translators which is basically the.part two of programming language.concepts this class was really.interesting because we developed a.program that takes two code bases and it.like it's basically like the detect if.someone was cheating the next class was.theory of computation to which it had.been like a couple years since I had.done theory of computation one so this.class was kind of a struggle at the.beginning but I definitely you got a.hang of it and then again I took thesis.three which is more development on my.thesis so as you can see I've had been.doing really well of my GPA ended up at.a three point one or three point eight.one two so if you look down here you see.that there's Spring Quarter 2017 and.winter quarter 2018 well I actually.didn't defend my thesis until about.almost a year after I graduated so I had.to take this extra like class that you.have to pay for just to show that you've.been like continuously enrolling and.this was the quarter that I defended my.thesis so that's like on the date of my.degree that's it says winter quarter.2018 even though I walked this summer.after spring quarter so if you look up.here it says Master of Science conferred.March 23 2018 graduated with honors with.distinction and yeah that's basically it.all right and that's all the classes.that I took as you can see it was a lot.of classes but I did have everything.planned out beforehand it was like a.four-year plan that I had all right so.that's gonna do it for this video thank.you guys so much for watching please.like and subscribe if you haven't and.I'll see you guys in the next video.[Music].

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Cciedu Transcript Form FAQs

Note answers to listed questions about Cciedu Transcript Form . View the most useful topics and more.

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You can request a transcript online at Get Transcript . That should be easier and quicker than filling out the form. Otherwise any US tax professional should be able to help you.

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